In The Draft Show - Kansas NASCAR Playoff Race!


Pick up the latest fire extinguishers and smoke alarms from Kibera alarms come with lithium ion batteries that a last for ten years exactly the right time to start you need to replace your home's old fire safety equipment every ten years in other words toss at ten then started and the best place to start the Home Depot seriously how many times has this happened in the past like two or three years I wanNA say at least four or five times where a race gets rained out on Sunday I know it's going to happen that way died there's nothing I can do to stop it which is the Poopie part right very bizarre back for a couple of days and right now it's in the back for a couple of days section I swear I have the bird flu possibly malaria maybe even West Nile well at least you're consistent yeah totally part the worst part about this whole thing is that for the first time in weeks NASCAR was on the main network yes and they're going to be on the main network when we kinda switched to winter even though we don't have winner here now you're but I'll get this cold right and then I'll go through the whole process of the cold and it'll be over and then it comes we ended up getting a phenomenal finish we didn't know it at the time that we were going to but we ended up with then you retroactively go back and you think oh my gosh if it hadn't been and then you've got this audience that was tuning in early for Sunday night football that maybe they used to be Nascar fans are like screw this it sucks the Sports Dataman and then they turn on the TV a little bit early for their sons football because the you know the afternoon game is over and they see craziness at the end of Talladega and this wild finish and they ignore the fact that Lau y'all want allows Doing his best Harry Carey in maybe they had the sound turn down they were just watching it then they come back on Monday and we get this amazing finish and nobody sees it it's it's been a bit but we've I don't just like there's nothing that anybody can do to stop weird finishes at Talladega what a fund race that happened on Monday nobody for consol man I mean and welcome everyone in the draft with Wilson and was I'm Wilson here in Sunny Southern California meanwhile right across the Internet give me a little leeway because the cold is still lingering you down with the sickness every every year this happens to be right around right going to watch it anymore and maybe their new fans are like I love things hitting each other a love dudes and pads just slamming into each other sounds really bad when I say it that way this weekend is while they're going to be on NBC for the cut race but it's Kansas man it's intermediate track who gives a crap it's just gonNa be the same racing that we've seen all year long we get to Talladega such a wasted opportunity especially seeing how this race ended up playing out yeah but I mean so I think it was a whole God who wasn't Ryan Ellis said that you know if we start at this race two or three hours earlier when the head army had are beautiful studio of the dakotas version two point zero one Mr Scott wise what's going on there was man we talk for a living I know well you gotta give me great finish and then all of a sudden you get new fans from it but instead the freedom rain and it's not that NASCAR could've done anything about the rain it's not the rain is not their fault but it's just it shouldn't have to be that way NASCAR shouldn't have to rely on just happenstance that honesty if they were better at you know I don't know doing turn down the TV sound yeah turn on the TV because they're like I can't deal with this and after five minutes I five minutes I've ever seen NASCAR LIKE I can't deal with this attorney and they see the so you know and they keep pushing the question the start dates further and further and further into the day which is stupider and stupider and super because you run into Sunday night football right and that was the worst any kind of marketing they wouldn't have had to rely on the crossover or hoping that people were waiting for America's best pre game to come on in the mid like oh no it's racing and that'd be I know and they needed to do it again because Monday night a bunker is pretty terrible dude soccer I don't watch that much so it's bad you're not missing anything good hurry cool the callers anymore money seven different levels of replay and we're still arguing about effing refs dude well yeah because the replay shows one thing and so so heartaches everybody there is no instant replay in Nascar when it comes to going below the line if there had been it would have been pretty close the head of officials of refereeing tells the referees to say another thing that's the by the way Joe Tests story is not that good really we needed to do that who knows what you would have seen back then because I know what it was like in the Infield at Pocono and I know that Talladega is like three times pocono would have been a borderline call when it came to Ryan Blaney there because you got Ryan Newman random and get some front rambling gets the push he's coming up the inside Torello Rico I wish I wish they would have a moment ineffable well the different networks can't nobody need to hire him because Monday night football burger and Arlen yeah and booger is like yelling he was yelling I was so mad he was yellen last week and I could care less could care less who woman in football the story is of the Infield so I can't even imagine I would like to go to Talladega once just to witness the infield but really back in the day Israeli when you ten years ago tonight and he's like going off about the refs the refs the refs I'm like you know what Dude you had sixty forgiven minutes to keep the other team from scoring more points when you hear about the refs though that is a big point of conjecture for the for the NFL Right now oh man the rest because ride the sixers leaving the door open but then he tries close it a little bit and then it looked like blaney putting tires on the line but it certainly looked like he was forced down there as well it was it was definitely through those who watched it yeah I I will give credit to the Talladega fans because there weren't a whole lot there to begin with but the Jordy of them did come back for Monday yes I mean Talladega the stance aren't the big thing the Infield is obviously is man like honestly it is yeah and there's more people wanna go talent like honestly there's nothing called pocono nights if it is probably a Raunchy movie so there's a reason Dr George to recreate Greece token like hell no don't do anything Joe Buck is that who it is Joe Buck now he's Fox he's baseball football I tell whoever's doing it and then then the somebody Lugano did and make it to the end of the race than it is to have the huge you know point fall that those guys had and we'll talk about here in a minute when we get all the way back to the front how by avoiding the big wrecks right and then he ends up finishing second or third something like that then you've got Lugano who gets caught up in uh-huh so good for him I guess yeah I mean it's it's what can we do and then Joey Logano who just you know he his car looked like literally the pair of them pulled a Jimmy Johnson just tipped off the big one yeah I for one 'em all about that Bass and say you know what concert duct tape afterwards yeah that was the thing okay so you had a tale of two drivers there you have Denny Hamlin goes a lap down at one point then he centered pretty damn good race for him yeah I think so you know venture gaining something you should have gained the first place and both those guys Alex Poem could have been a little bit smarter in that it was just the stage to yeah and he owned it he owned at that point he said he said it was his fault I'll go with you but you're going to get wrecked and then the six pack dolphin them that made the ending even more exciting because there was that little bit of almost contact there it was it was a good time for all Iraq and they'd satellite duck tape the car together with like a roll of crap somehow he goes back there and is in the lead pack at the end of this thing and it's up eleventh which all things can on twitter why am I not getting America's Pre Game I love Dan Patch right exactly exactly yeah I think it's thereto and APP but still Torri is to Rica doing the trick at the playoff picture yeah no I mean obviously you got any means necessary kind of situation and that's when you look at you know Lugano doing what he didn't and a couple of them sparked off the big yeah so I mean it's it's a situation where I don't understand why it was it was a it was a good race you had to too big too big ones Yep was the Alex Bowman one and they said that they're going to talk about protecting the playoff drivers and rather than team orders there's GonNa be manufacturer orders which I think is just completely we're the opposite of William Byron Compare William Byrom Win Stage Clint Bowyer Windsor Stage those guys both get caught up in wrecks at the end would it's far more important to do at Hamlin ought on the other hand so I think it's a bit innocuous it is stupid that they're trying they're suggesting that the race being manipulated the special I such a big deal about it and so so the big thing is I guess the manufacturers telling drivers an Chevy specifically because they gathered two guys in during the rain delay talk to him when things got underway on Monday and we talk about something before we get into the playoff picture and surprise finishers how sick of you were about about the whole Chevy win and those guys raced it all the way back you're not gonNa Tell Ryan Newman Okay you've got to give up the lead for another four drivers not going to happen right dom yeah like I mean you're taking the racing out of racing down also let it be known that three Chevy drivers finished in the top ten petr drafting wise exactly yeah you know I was I thought they were making too big of a deal of it on TV with one exception if they tell those guys that's her off because if they weren't then you know Ryan Blaney would have been pushing you know Ryan Newman to the Orion Uma would have moved over and allow Brian blaming to go by the kind of stretching you know the situation think about Jimmy Johnson with allied allied came on and they took over that car and they're not paying a little bit to be on that car and Jimmy Johnson has driver at that point so if there were gonna be consequences like if a Chevy guy pulls out a line and help support guy then you're you're gonNA lose your sponsorship or you're GonNa have money doctor something like that win but would piss me off if it was confirmed is that they were suggesting there could be consequences if you didn't help Yeah Chevy driver or four driver or Toyota the need for manufacturers to stick their nose into it I understand they have a little bit at stake here it's great but at the same time like if you want your cars better don't put a pointed nose on them in and one in four ever how would they feel if Jimmy was in front of a line of four or five Chevy's included William Byron that included you know if they bring them all into a room and they're like Oh man you get this you know you gotta help each other out you got to help each other out you got to help out the playoff drivers kind of CBS counted Canidu- she but at the same time like you can say whatever you want once you get to the final lap as we saw you know once you get into final Talladega like NASCAR needs all the help they can get right now what you don't want to say okay guys go out there manipulate the race but the thing that would that that was speculation winless streak with them on the hood I'd be pissed if I were them yet especially with this new sponsorship model that's come up which I don't know if we're gonNA talk about later but eh oh I know right and the stupid meeting and I can't believe it end up with the list man now I want to make sure so annoyed by that by the they should do is maybe Is Maybe limit the access that the manufacturers have with the drivers over like say you know you know the sponsors who are actually putting much more money well a decent amount of money into it than the manufacturers I can't say much more money because I think the manufacturers also have it there but like at what point do you feel bill so yeah hopefully hopefully they were not suggesting were threatening the drivers with with sanctions if they didn't surprises when it comes to the playoff driver segment winters like assembly and Byron boy and by Ramon Right before the rain came on Sunday and then Clinton won the second segment a break like that like you have to stay in your car or you know the you know I don't know something like something along those lines a play by the team rules or anything like that and the big thing is what does what Ken Nascar do anything about it nothing I was just thinking about that do you think they should should yeah oh I didn't put it on the list do they announced more details of it well it looks like one company is going to be part of that first and we'll talk about that yes we that's bs because that is like actively moving the racers actively manipulating the race right and that's the thing too is like sanctions in it looks to a casual viewer it looks like Chevy pulled all their drivers in to the room and told them that they needed over to get back on the track and many many guys because I'd probably helped him out a ton yeah yeah so so yeah those were the the big yeah I mean now that they know at this point I think that they have to be cognizant of that that it could happen again and so at Daytona Talladega if there's of self or dumb yeah yeah if the idea that is stupid because I mean at that point why are you even re and how do you think sponsors feel about that too I know the do you think they should in a situation like that in the future because they didn't know right they didn't know that this was going to be a thing now that they know do you think that in the future a second ago if that were the case and afford had T- mortars Blaney Newman what do you do Lugano in there but but because send dylan that it right that included Alex Bowman and he let those drivers go by and then helped push them to the wind because of that he didn't break his L. and blamed it was like ground man at one point it looked like he started the move and there was like you know what I'm going to pull the kiss laskey on you if you want to keep coming down you're GONNA get wrecked if I go with you Johnson that he can't win the race he has to push William Byron to the win instead it's like no I bro Bra Bra I got seven titles I think you need to pass things I think you need to limit restrict where they're able to go in the garage after the race starts you you have to almost make it a cold who fix the outcome of the race and that's good for anybody no no when you say fix considering last week was the was the ping gate you know a decade ago Richmond how was that any different how is that different than telling Jimmy stoppage in play then everybody's to each driver can talk to their team or go to their haller but you can't have like an active meeting now you see I mean that's that's a hundredth anniversary of the black socks oh was it really yeah so I mean you have to look at that too the Nascar we take it seriously given the fact that we had but that corvette looks pretty bad ass so they're talking about that that's pretty funny but yeah I mean you almost have to make it like NC double a. recruiting yeah like you can only do so much or else you're in if you have the opportunity you need to let Alex Bowman by you need to let William Byron by you need to let chase Elliott by and then you need to push them victory KNOB era Chevy but it's not all right for you know for Walter Bracing right so anyway you get you into mucky territory especially in the playoffs that's silly though I did love the Chevy drivers don't talk about saying they're talking about the new Camaros Quebec new corvette whatever shows us by the way and I'm not a corvette gone so let's talk about surprise finishers because I found this I thought Larry because you're looking at Talladega you always have like some weird guys in the top ten right emerald my mind is no different than a Chevy executive Senate standing in a room saying Jimmy or to any of the other Chevy drivers that aren't in the playoffs relation of rice. Yeah no I agree I think that should be a thing yeah so not because I think that any of those guys can have a real impact on the race tip Nah not for me at that point Chevy guy gets fired I mean I don't know maybe NASCAR does need to step in there at first I was like baby serene on trip that wreck their one see now here's the thing we need Europe it offered a Joey Logano get loose on them and then trip them all career for four years right yeah I bought him it's just like what are you doing when he wasn't even the one that did it you know right so how's it all right for the second best finish this year his best sixth in the Daytona night race ty dillon his third top ten of the year is other to Daytona five hundred win seven ty Dillon Tenth Ross chesting twelfth to Thirteenth Castle Fourteenth Fifteenth so sort of looking at what they've all done this year Michael McDowell's fifth matches his best finish of the year which was also a fifth in the Daytona five hundred coral joy seventh he your driver in terms of all this garbage why are you doing this about white play my guy like this yeah and somebody who thinks that you know thinks that might be a bit exaggerated the were or your and I thought it was hilarious all the sudden it was like maybe these aren't surprised these based on the stats I'm looking at there's no surprise at all here one they survive true to all these small teams only prepare either they prepare to cars for the entire year Shea Tony Parker Congressman ties his best finish of the season in the Daytona five hundred so it's not none of these guys are surprised when you look at it that way God they're making such a big deal out of it and I didn't like the fact they had nothing to talk about so that's all they were talking about and so I was getting sick of it but now going back and thinking about it a little bit yeah there's to me there's there's very little difference Advani but again between saying something like that which out of it or not and what happened emerge Mond you know that killed Murray treks is I and then Michael McDowell we know we know how well front row motorsports has run true and they've won their true I Dunno cordless Joyce driving for anymore twenty and the poopie category Boyer twenty-third Kiss laskey Twenty Fifth Corrects twenty-six Byron Thirty Third Bowman thirty seventh big ASS frigging spoiler on the back of that damn thing so so those your surprise finishes not much of a surprise at all in the playoffs things go fast the team that that that team right there tied Dylan the GEICO team always as well of course car and then it's a it's a tape space car with the weird the weird the weird spoiler in the back it looks like it's going to electrocute some flies in and then we're guys went over down to the top fifteen started writing down these guys who were not your playoff Dr not guys you would expect to be in the front of any kind of racial Michael McDowell death coalition the owner of the only time they ever do the same guys always are the ones that do well that you wouldn't expect the same guys are two things I'm there's something different between those two though now of course not yeah I mean same time on sister Helena driver to spin out so somebody else can make it in the playoffs is Larsen was twenty-ninth good thing for Larson that he had the win in his Larson was thirty nine thirty ninth rather good thing for Larsen he had that win in this back Foyer Blaney and UN Byron Boyer Bowman Both Pick Larson I picked both race winners so far so you have haven't you so that's good because they went from being a top ten car to being outside of the top twenty in terms of points I will say this I My second list of elimination on a night race Ross chastain tall second best finish of the year is best finish Daytona five under Matyszak same thing his best fish tonight race Lemme castle same thing his best finish else things were a little bit more interesting only three playoff drivers finished in the top ten blaming who wanted Hamlin Third Chase Elliott eighth then between eleventh and nineteenth you had joey Logano and his duct tape car eleventh harvick seventeenth Kabul nineteenth below the outside of the hey tony a former restrictor plate race and then our car Yup so April third car and a road course car sorry Byron and Boyer winning the segments having the cars I mean that was a huge huge hit as we'll talk about here in a second to their playoff hopes this is terrible health house doing pretty you still we all went we both went three B.'s but I went blaney and you went I went Byron thank you save then we get into gray area all right in seventh break his last get by twenty eighth Joey Logano eighteen then the cutoff Oh God the forget spoiler is almost as big now as the frigging car tomorrow spoiler I thought you were going to Johnny car- it's almost as a know nothing could be I'm in have won races and because of that now the sub we got some big named drivers like kind of on the bubble here we have every we have the Chevy content again today's the day for Dick and saving a kid a fire safety equipment now at the home depot more saving more doing us only knock it that he could pull out here and not have to worry about it but for someone like Bowman simply buyer especially for Boma Boyer those guys winning the segments having good cars worried about him he's up forty one points I mean he'd have to you have to crash I really has to start each should be in yeah Kevin Harvick up thirty six point six on Alex Bowman eighteen back Chase Elliott twenty two back Clint Boyer Twenty Four Back William Byron twenty-seven back like you said had Ryan Blaney not won this race move everybody the points back for William Byron something like that well if Blaney doesn't if he doesn't win chase Elliott's five back oh there you go he was in he was in the thirty three car archie seeing Hillary I don't know which one that is what the the tide Illinois's thirteen summit corey a forming good thing I'm winning in the race's purse per se but if Ryan Blaney hadn't won that one had a lot closer cuddle yeah and that's the thing that up one and you've got boyer bone rather in Chase Elliott four points back you know boy or six points back and so at a lot closer cut off and then on top of that it definitely jumbles things up blaming having won both blaming an Larson having won that race to guys below the cut line Blaney seven back and then boy in Byron Yeah they're bowman above the cutoff line by five points yeah so you'll be you'll be in really things will be a lot more interesting going in Oh yeah sure going into Kansas and you would think that these drivers below the cutline winning would make it more interesting going in the Kansas but has actually made it less interesting but when we look at this list inquiry was in the thirty to thirty thirty today go fast then ty dillon of course in the German car yeah Germain car so I mean all these cars just prepare to cars let's see you do that because they knew knew there were screwed let's look at that so Kabul fifth right now as big as the one on the back of Johnny Piece Karma is insane my God he could he could race it the Talladega probably finished fifth yeah now it's going to be bizarre being below line Bowman who's been very consistent this year below the line Byron there you go foyer this not as best track Kansas even though it should be I mean I are any of those guys because there's some solid drivers v Raith Busch Harvick Kozlovsky Llegado but you still have chase Elliott very capable of isn't scored in Talladega finishing second scored forty four points now there is some stage points in there obviously and then the finishing points only a couple of stage points though so if let's flip it around if chase Elliott was that driver that finished second score forty four points that means to I mean eighteen points is a lot even with stages eighteen points a lot if if chase Elliott were to win both stages and Lugano of them I think Chase Elliott probably has a better chance to do it then all of them I almost almost think I to make twenty two points race he's a little bit better there but he's also you know he hasn't finished below fifteenth since Twenty Sixteen Fall Race I'm looking at Lugano in the Elliot v we go down the line Boyer Twelfth on average finishes and go down a little further whereas Alex Bowman ears and then who's the other one Byron Byron William Byron Thirtieth William Byron's done I almost think that chase Elliott needs to win or you need some massive help from Kozelsk in Lugano I guarantee all these guys are win win or go home was to Joey Logano at this track so I mean he's not a model of consistency when you look at Brad Kozlowski to he won here in the spring finished sixth in the fall you know he it's almost like he used all his good starts at the stage one towards the end of that so I mean I think impasse Joey Logano races way in Lugano would have had to finish seventeenth maybe not maybe not undoable but that's still that's how big deficit does not look big but that's how big it is and Joey Logano struggles here a lot mean he finished mid pack all of his racists here in one of the top five top ten's he leads the pack of average finish a Kansas since two thousand seventeen bowman's way gone but that's because he had a crappy car those poop years with K Yeah William Byron at Forty Second Alex Bowman at twenty in the spring race here finished eighth and third last year twenty first and thirty seven to two thousand seventeen so it's really hit and miss when it comes vic three winds here ninety nine ninth-place finish average well he's first overall Jimmy Johnson third because laskey fourth chaser points so he still has to finish two spots ahead of Logano after all of that now if chase wins I two segments within the he probably has met a carton Llegado you'd probably will finish too ah I will say that right now not his best track but it's not just about those guys gaining points on each other it's about them gaining points on Llegado and Kazlauskas nine twenty eight twenty two point one three finish yet it's GonNa take some doing I think of of them chase Elliott I think has the best chance he has one here before sure yeah because but the thing as Lasky are among active drivers regardless of races Brad Kozlowski Kevin was outside of the top ten for the first two stages chase Elliott's still trails by two points at that at that yeah yeah Trista trails mhm chase Elliott's second he's once he ran tumor races he has a win here really click boy a twelve point two oh finishes in the last kind of kind of you know if I were if I were Lugano I wouldn't be racing the track or the other competitors erasing those for guys is what I'd be racing uh-huh absolutely you have to you almost have to it's almost like it's almost like a champion for race so let's look here I'm looking at then chase Elliott going out there and winning and that applies to everybody below minute almost pause bowman to interesting almo I think it's all winning in honesty fourth Talladega was Was Erica Merola thirty three points right now the point got jumbled up because Lugano's corners Shona Points I said second was wrong they'll read it's going to yell at me he was eleventh You know so if you had scored the forty four points and eleventh because all stage points it doesn't really matter it doesn't matter maybe I know he has to keep it clean but he's got it he he needs to win or if you stop five and he's got the second he was second in points he was eleven on track because of sage points but there you go that's the other thing too so Llegado was actually hope that Lugano has a pretty Poopie Day llegado needs stage points and that's the biggest yeah yeah he needs you have we got a couple of points there's no way there's no aetna south and nothing being attached to the the Nascar series as a whole which I think is perfect I don't think you need an entitlement sponsor activate anything I think that this is genius because you can get more people in a tier system and when you break it up into segments and have themes to it Geico big name has sponsored a couple races has a car out on track it's big exposure for them so I mean why wouldn't you have a tier system with this time since seventy one nascar won't have a title sponsor connected to the title Really Nascar is going to break down the season at the different segments they already gimmicks Ken work if you need to save a dying brand and NASCAR who dying dying brand exactly so how do you bring it in anything about it yet so tell me what you tell me what you found out so Adam Stern Nascar insider the only person reporting Askar anymore but essentially finalizing a deal there's so that's pretty big in terms of having a tier system which we talked about in months earlier Bush Nascar goes West and premier partners presenting rights to them no brand will be attached to the NASCAR Cup series name and teams will be able to land competitors as spots tell me they haven't updated the site that'd be a riot no they have he's Oh abu coffins on their co co owner of chip Ganassi racing appoint what Chase Elliott does unless he wins the race going to be interesting could be a fun one yeah checkout NBC for the rain out Schechner in a minute Joe Gibbs Kendrick Rob Kauffman chairman he's Charon Richard Petty Penske Roger Penske Jack Rash Bob this is the Mike Joy can't be bitching and complaining about it yeah exactly plus once they're already in there and they can also sponsor car probably at a lower cost because the the UH analysts say I I say maybe lower cost because who knows what NASCAR IS GONNA do in terms of cutting the teams into this what does this sponsorship going to cut into teams and if you know like Eric Enroll let's say he finished four these scored thirty three points then you need the twenty three thirteen ten point so the so then that means that they haven't done anything look in the avenue bag car numbers here three in the eight eleven eighteen nineteen twenty fourteen forty one oh that will make Geico the first company to sign as a premier partner in the new cup series sponsorship model from Your partner the first one that got duped into the lavine Levine virus that's it Yeah Nascar has not updated any of their stuff by the way do they start her other other than the board member paid this is where the the race team alliance comes into place if they were existent well they they have a website so yes no that's good I'm glad for that that's really what they got together for was just to make a weapon so anyway I don't know I like the idea this kind of sponsorship I think to your sponsorships okay I don't I don't see it as a big issue especially if you're letting people have the number of the eight so that's nice yeah go figure to thirteen race organizations with three hundred sponsors and one hundred five hundred no no would have to finish all the way down twenty six twenty eight thirty th and that we have to have a major issue these guys gotta go out there and they gotTa Win Joe Carter they still have the two thousand eighteen upcoming events though his last stand tag Schechner Jody H Scheckter talk about tags if you're leading teams pluck these sponsors as well if they want to give money to it I I don't I don't feel up a big big situated oh my goodness the of before we talk about it if Goodell Ron Devine still part of this who are we who are the board members a senior Wilson Gallery from who who we are you can tell us hasn't been updated because not only is Ron Devine in there I was looking at it sorted by points but let's go to say whoever finish fifth so over okay so it's sad it's bad it's bad examples because they Michael McDowell so forth that's right he did move over to you Nancy didn't he thinking Chan Time Ago Yeah Board members board members urge childress the Thirty Day test trial that turns in the recurring subscription if they forget they forget to Kansas exactly Yep Yep here here's the fun part in next year I tap on target Yeah Yep so employing somebody just not somebody who's paying too much attention somebody forgot the other parts of the path what what are they doing in two thousand eighteen now they they still have the Fan Festival two thousand eighteen nice that's awesome one to twenty two hundred forty eight eight eight six seven everyone's in there yeah it looks like everything's everyone's clean it has furniture row guys in there too yep furniture Oh dudes including Cleaning the owner Barney visser good old barney visser that's right Yep Yep showed you stop in the news what do we do keep it truck it can I can bring up the sponsorship thing because I because I don't know you're saying this I I like this idea where you segment the races up and give a championship to the highest finisher of that segment Oh God there's Ron Devine Oh and a couple of UK racing people yeah well here's the thing Harry Scott's dead and it has had a couple rocky where there are twenty seven different awards all name for people you've never heard of before but I'll have incredibly elaborate trophies but but that's season because I mean people get caught up in Iraq and then it's like okay so Michael McDowell gets points and he didn't do crap and then somebody who wrecked out sport that's true you're talking to any handling one time and get his thoughts exactly exactly which by the way sages are the dumbest thing when you get the Talladega and Daytona sites that's it do you think the same is still on the website what's that you think what's his name is still nora was signed up I will find out right now 'cause already typed in reese team alliance Surigao tear sponsorship get ready for that fun that'd be interesting to see who I'll say announce to explain that shit to people that's goes west with Geico so it's the GEICO Cup no actually enough if you look behind them that that picture was actually taken under on the on the fiftieth lap of the five hundred yeah it was little really considering Cole custer in the background a little bit not too much I'm not too surprised but there are actually people back there let's take during the Daytona five hundred riot race team alliance DOT COM everybody good for him one year it seems to be their Mo that's sort Haas always doing when you're deals why not there one year deals no no because then NASCAR's going back to Coco also it's Coca Cola Cup no no no because then NASCAR's row coursing it you know what they should do hold on got taken out through no fault of their own had a really good car but then their points aren't nearly as high and that's what the whole idea of the point system is with the segments and crap is reward people who were better when the GEICO leg of the race to Geico trophy would be awesome like you get you get different trophies make it like soccer where there's so many different championship cups everyone wins earlier in the race yeah somehow even more than the people who were better late in the race anyway man clipboards coming back to the fourteen next year mm-hmm and also Brian Francis there Oh look Brian Fran Trenton Center all cooked out is that that was significant because they made a mistake I mean Alex Bowman a mistake he's got more points while she more points right shouldn't the more points made a mistake you took ten cars somebody L. as soon as the driver realized what had happened that he he found the nearest ditch and drove into it nope that wasn't him Oh sorry as soon as the hauler ricky stenhouse junior he's going to J. T. G. Dorothy with their flaming trucks in twenty twenty it's a multi year deal I like when you're deals make you perform it exactly it's everyone loves a contract here so there's that I don't think I'm surprised by that or you I'm not surprised by it ace is he yeah poor throw Harry Scott's in there oh my gosh poor here he's got an and there's there's the the Guy Scott were seventeen so eighteenth nineteenth twentieth They got they got the Shears they got on playoff cars next year that would be that'd be pretty impressive I wouldn't go to Vegas and put money on it but I'm just saying they very well could buy you can make a lot of money if he did floated we will see the seventeenth seventy-six sky they ask was how do you forget that God it's three guys but we also found out that Jimmy Johnson could could be deciding his future within the next four to six restrained drivers swap drivers. I think it's GonNa make any damn difference for either team maybe well maybe Chris Bush said before I think Chris Pushers willing to learn from Ryan Newman Ricky Stenhouse is thick as a brick. I'll think it'll make a difference for either one I think I think I think I think rouse racing could have drivers found out that ricky stenhouse junior was going to be their new driver they probably pull over to the side of the road and let the truck on fire they set set off fireworks in the cab because I don't even think there's a puppet for that no you're probably not it opened five hundred to one yeah it'd probably be thousand one months the hell no hell Kinda he was asked about why not just say you know what I don't know he was you factor in the xfinity series with the rules changing with drivers not being able to go in there as much as possible obviously they're able to go ahead and Yeah I think perform we're GONNA do segments for the season now and then you get bonus points for the segmenting apply a big GEICO trophy you get a big gecko trophy he was asked about it on a podcast and apparently involves like like like Berkner somebody like that I don't even know and they were asking him about it and he was like why because if he doesn't perform this is where like the sponsorships not going to stay with them sponsors could be like listen he he did give some details on ally sponsorship the allies sponsorship is independent of him and so they re upped and they basically came to him and said listen we're going to absolutely I think it's a good for for him to reset and do everything you need to do and now he's in a pretty decent car k-league is a pretty decent credit to Ross chastain saying all right what am I gonNa do here as I'm GonNa stop paying for rides at least at the highest level going to take a step back and prove to some people I can no one was start out yeah and then the was before he declared for points and I don't know if that gets on the stats are now but one way or the other eight top tens three wins he's in the playoffs still he has a chance good thing or bad thing but it's a thing it's good for the organization yeah and I think it might be bad for Jimmy for the car you want to drive the car we won't have you drive the car if you don't want to drive the car that's fine we'll keep sponsoring the car you you do what you want our decision is not going to be contingent on you mm for Kim Racist and that's what he did he still in the truck series playoffs he's won three races and that was three races I don't know if that they they count the one that was thrown out a little bit better I think it's almost like a neat motorsports thing where he's GonNa pay his way that way and get in there and Jason things rattling cages And then so we know about the we're telling Jimmy is that like you know were sponsoring this car for you it's your decision whether you drive it or not but I think that they're also since it's independent when the championship what happens he gets onto a full year contract and the ten car and now he can attempt to do the same thing extended the level and if he does he deserves to get a cup ride up in though is what he shouldn't get caught up in is the Mark Martin disease that I'm going to be part time for the next five years maybe I'll come back fulltime but maybe and that they're not connected with him because I think that then if he starts if he continues to be as garbage has been it's at a point what else do we got here. Russia's stained is going to calibrate fulltime in twenty twenty that that's where the hauler guys were so excited they ran off Golick crap and they swerved right off the road obviously if you signed with a team you're bad things are gonNA happen to your whole exactly he's going to drive the ten car in the extremity series you know this is where it's just like yeah no maybe maybe Jimmy not the right driver for us maybe that maybe we haven't made the right decision and yeah maybe we should just go jimmy out of the way or maybe sponsored another car could you imagine if they sponsored if they said you don't WanNa switch we WANNA WE WANNA go on the Ada car Yep a pretty much would it be bad if Jimmy at the end of the year said this is it or twenty twenty is going to be it how impactful is that for the sport because is to be so when you then take another longtime multi time champion out of the sport is is the damage already done or does now you've already you already have Tony Stewart leaving and Jeff Gordon leaving somebody who Jimmy said he's GonNa Talk to when he decides what he wants to do it does leave the door open and a couple of things that Jimmy was asked about number one how long how long you keep racing and he was like well I still want to see so you had some big name drivers a lot of people dale earnhardt Jr. leaving a lot of people pointed to those drivers leaving as being part of the reason the sport isn't what it used we're paying in cash each year what what what is happening here and that way the sponsor may be has little influence about getting go ahead and talk him out of driving ever again I don't know I don't think that it's as negative as you're thinking but months ago that he's really interested in running indy car road courses courses not ovals and I think that that I mean it'll be okay for him to do I what what he shouldn't get called he comes back for a hall of fame and that's it I don't think he has any more connection to the sport after that he's got family he's got his mountain biking thing he doesn't own a team per se like Jeff leave and leave knowing that it's not my problem this is this is not a problem it's you know who's problem it is Nascar for not getting a marketing team that can build up these younger drivers talk no but they were Stewart's still has a hand in junior still has a handedness Jimmy Johnson's guy who I think can can once he retires from NASCAR in a way that gets people engaged no you have a point there because he's far less engaged on the broadcast side on the team ownership side than all of those guys you mention can say that now it'd be nice if that's true but are they going to go ahead and actually follow through one that remains to be seen I think it's much more of a volatile situation that is that it could potentially continue the kick the downward spiral back in the motion against this things have stabilized of late I don't think it matters were there it is they were just trying to celebrate they're like Oh my got seventy seventy six guy that set off some fireworks trunk on fire so they really traded I won't because that the that never works it's true it's true and then you're like a mentor liaison takeover the ride 'cause you're better so that was mackenzie that's really what was the downfall Trevor Bayne totally so in could you push a younger guy out of there let me ask you this love desire to race right now so want to raise two three years down the road I still gonNA WANNA race but I don't think I'm GONNA WANNA run every race then he reiterated what he said a couple they would even be involved in the You know in the operations at Hendrick like Jeff Gordon is going to be once you know once Kendrick ultimately retires mommy awards NASCAR has that or they would if they actually had team sports like baseball has to what are you talking according to Chevy they do is Gordon and Dale Earnhardt do Tony Stewart. They're not in the booth like Gordon and Earnhardt like it it doesn't seem like he has a total connection to Nascar and he can yeah but I mean it's not as if they're not as vocal as the other I think again this goes back to NASCAR marketing nobody nobody looks at him as being anti sport or any anti NASCAR or anything like that so but yeah that wouldn't be a negative thing would just be thing and I don't know that he by the hell not it's it's a cushier Gig Fox I think it does though I think Jimmy leaving would impact the sport fan base wise at least a little bit because he does have a lot of fans look at those guys do you see it changing at all Alex Bowman has one top five or has three top twenty and it doesn't seem like he he's comfortable in front of a camera but like in life I think he's a good marketing tool that NASCAR hasn't done Jack with same with Ryan Blaney he was like when I'm done the office goes to Jeff Gordon he's going to run the place as it should Yeah Jeff Gordon has been sitting under that learning tree long I know right exactly so why are you not Marketing Ryan Blaney more why not Marketing Chase Chase Elliott's at least in commercials for little caesars he's like very he's very dry wooded purse and and that's a that's not a bad thing it's just thing I it's just him not not wanting to devote extra time to something that you know might not yeah no he's he I mean he'd linger forever with the whole part time deal but once he was like Oh cam out then that was it he was like I'm not going back to the tracks screw this I'm done I think so because it's not like Jimmy's going out on top I mean if he raises any decided okay let's stewarding go out on top junior and Gordon still owns part of the forty right exactly so I think part of the twenty four as well I think he does I'm not mistaken yeah and and you know I mean we're Kendrick has come out and said it former finally did decide he was done then he was done you got into like a coaching gig but you know he's around but he's not around as much as I should be it just suit that might not be him that's not his personality now and you know somebody who somebody who would kind of blame him for that thing that the thing about Martin because once Jack with him true even with Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin and Mark Jerks year these guys out in front will call doesn't want to denny as like a wet in kit and still you have to make that rep blanket put them in the dryer make them go out and then enjoy but blaming is a bit confounding because the guy has his own podcast and this is your wake-up call people the new track phone wireless now your in control see terms and conditions and track phone dot com electrical wiring caused the fire when they arrived back wheels or burned off the trailer and the holes on both sides nice so we'll see what this instant gratification so yes he has one good season then they're going to be right back into position they were this year again yet for the Gibbs team now obviously if he performs on the twenty team the questions are going to be like what were you put him now right because everyone's about so according to the forty two forty seven Haller at the I twenty four Mile Marker Twenty seven near Columbia Illinois call came in at twelve twenty only get the prize for trying the hardest to not have to have to race this weekend right not have to go to Kansas exactly and then all right along with the xfinity news of new drivers and stuff in earnhardt is going to be racing the rest of the affinity series not Jeffrey right he doesn't like you don't see him in adds a whole lot no go it's bizarre I honestly don't get what the hell the problem is with me Eh stop puts him in April that's true that's true Harrison burden is going to drive for Joe Gibbs racing in the uh I think Harrison shows a lot of promise he showed in the truck series L. You should in lower divisions as well I think it's a it's a great move for him and a great move for happens I'm sure they'll run this weekend I mean Hell Calix though you're gonna run this weekend they try the role the damn thing so right exactly yeah do a barrel roll yeah they crashed off to the side we will get a full refund you got already caught on fire in the way of kid new four fire trucks about twelve to fifteen firemen responded spent two and a half to three hours working on the fire self season autographs really not what's the other one Kerry Kerry Not Billie Joe Bob Excuse me the Kansas to exactly you got Kelly racing they're holler drove off the road when they found who their new driver was going to be right and then -actly exactly she's looking at guy's pants hey now hey man so yeah so we'll find out what Jimmy Johnson's get at six months ghetto come on Venditti series next year he'll take over the twenty car that's being vacated by Christopher Bell WHO's heading to Levine family racing in the ninety five I like this I think is a good move yeah I think so too in their markets really just Kinda like chasing that's it and then chase has that hooter at hooters worries like Whoa look at those wings look at those meaty things they'll senior junior senior Jesus Christ Bobby Dale Bobby Dale Earnhardt so this last week named Blade Blade Blade that's awesome I will all dude I wish I were named Blade Doing Yeah Wade Wilson Oh yes sure with jt Joshua racing probably guys in the car they're not clear we'll if a wheel bearing going out or he's going to drive the rest of the earth or what to think about it and be a motor sports height life sciences are in the car lest you think that this is a new earnhardt bursting onto the scene and radio voice please please do they say things get better with age and I couldn't agree more as I sit reflect on the eight year anniversary of the partnership between thirty one was the third one was rick ware racing in the Talladega garage electrical short started their all their own fires big shot and they put out quickly yeah so Schumacher homes and the earnhardt collection and more importantly my friendship with renee in cary I realize the same words I would use to describe them are the same Christians about motivation there but the elements of an earnhardt collection home from this website Oh great things are ahead he he's already thirty two years old yeah it's it's a very carrier in heart situation who is going to happen it would happen already everybody well yeah towards I would use to describe the elements of EARNHARDT collection home all family oriented and inspired by nature what his father so he can't use the earnhardt name no he's just Bobby Dale now he's going to be Bob Exactly River Ricky Bobby is really what earnhardt collection dot com yeah I guess they can use the name Oh they got it back I guess they did do you WanNa say this in my profession many inspired by natural outdoor patterns many inspired by the Earnhardt family xactly crashing into the wall at nope answered and inspired elements like a door sliding doors there's nothing more authentic and real incorporating wooden beams in your home similar to the lays jemma fouled list of haulers that went off and bought fire or ran off the road you got your if you if you will claim your killers that killer but slade you'd like bad ass man names were daughter basis and provide ceiling height making the space feel even larger family tested products are a must with an active household money boots and one in our so bobby and Jeffrey or brothers they have a half sister named Kayla and a step sister named blade kill is a very it's a very like two thousand name why why is the step sister legged family members utilizing strong Gerbil flory throughout the home would be a must have the earnhardt collection home a perfect option would be the luxury vinyl tile or L. if someone were to ask me today to build an earnhardt collection home myself there will be a few design characteristics I would be sure to include that would feature those same authentic family teams the new Charleston earnhardt exposed beams provided architectural detail like unlike any other when installed in an open concept home they can help you nights Jeffrey's brother so care carries his dead I guess the RBI didn't specify the carrier in Heart is his dad. Okay all right all right that's fine I guess are Jones is going on see you later Eric Eric Jones is gone he goes Hendrika wants a championship kitchen with a large island would be essential element timeless white cabinets with textra tiles raise the ship lap trim and sheiks stainless steel hardware blend together would be back with the wood beams again extend from the great room to the kitchen with an earthy tone flooring providing an inspirational by Ackley so what's what's his what's his earliest he's so he's the eldest grandson of Dale senior which makes him Dale Junior's nephew this is from the earnhardt collection homes of course it is oh look at that yeah Bobby Jeffrey also have a subsystem killer in order to sued in several of our home collections home kitchens are a central hub chips between them God the major life changing accidents between them God it turns out family including blade are one of the great all American families just like the values wrapped around the earnhardt name there is something very distinctive in an earnhardt collection hartness stepsister named blade lead his awesome. Why don't you name a kid blatant looks like blades like the older of the it does definitely raise some a place where families gather and traditions are made and that is no different for my family it is the go-to gather spot for US similar to the design of the Charleston earnhardt kitchen and open I don't know what it is about Kansas he gets all up on there but a nor do I know who hyatt something services is height life services something like that is that like just the hotel who knows oh VAT LV is highly durable and scratch resistant making an excellent option for heavy traffic areas is available in several unique colors and designs home althetic family oriented and inspired by nature those same characteristics are also true of Rene End Kelly sincerely hi sunset exactly in the forty goes over the forty six Johnson wins the Avi great fantastic Oh man okay so here all the haulers that blew up this week elements designed lovie complemented by the natural light from the walls of the windows until the sweat drops don't wait wait what renee carry their entire keyboard combed Bobby Joe Right it's easy to say well obviously the Dale Earnhardt in their else knowing it stops the questions right there yeah exactly fourth enrichment thirty-first in Kansas then last year twenty seven the Kansas thirty fourth in Texas and he's back at it again in Kansas or something about Kansas me they love it I think he's starting cans ass I think he is thinks with her saying I think so you go Bobby Bobby Dale do cleared Oh wow okay was he got into one

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