Bash At The Beach '99


Hey It's gone right Thompson and you're listening to eighty three weeks with Eric Bischoff Eric. What's going on man? How are you? I'm good you know I reviewed his show. You know getting getting set up in my research. WanNa be prepared for you because I know you always do your work work and I always wanted to mind so I went down to a local junkyard track. I try to put myself in a right frame of mind so I was walking around the junk yard. That's about eleven miles from my house and it's not about forty acres now just walked around early this morning with a cup of coffee smelling the rusted metal twisted tin all the mashed up vehicles just to put myself in the right Emma Myers. I'm ready for you. I guess we should tell everybody we're covering bash at the beats nineteen ninety nine and there is a junk yard invitational match. That's real is a square peg around whole or what bash at the beach in a frigging junk yard well if you don't get how do we <hes> let's go ahead and jump right into it. Why don't we bashes the beach? Ninety nine went down on July eleventh of course in one thousand nine hundred nine at the National Little Car Rental Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida believe it or not a drew good house here we talk about W._C._W.. Ninety nine almost in a in a sad depressed state but that wasn't necessarily the case here eleven thousand three hundred ninety seven fans and they're gonNA pay a really good game four hundred forty four thousand chains as another seventy one thousand dollars coming in on Merch total folks in the building thirteen thousand six hundred and twenty four fans and we're coming off the great American Bash now pay per view which we just recently did show on the summer of ninety nine you know and I know we've talked about this a lot but the summer of ninety nine Eric Bischoff is burn out and and some of the creative in W._C._W.. Is probably suffering from burnout is welfare to say oh you definitely in it really is evident here you know and I was thinking about this. Is I was prepping for the show and trying to anticipate some your questions but you know it was so profoundly clear in watching the show that there was just no real direction and I'll say before we get into it. I know we'll break it down. You know matched by matches we always do I look forward to that but you know from a macro view or a wide angle view if you will it just you could tell that there was just no direction you know it was just like a collage of stuff and you know she was just didn't have feel you know I. It's almost as watching some gone okay well. If this would have been a nitro it would have been a pretty decent episode of Nitro but in terms of it really it delivering that special pay per view feel and that one moment that you you you realize you're only going to get these kind of moments on pay per view and that's what a pay per view should do it should give you that one or two or three just really unique special moments and this one didn't deliver any of that everything just felt now and none of it was horrible. I guess you know some some. Some of the matches were better than others. Of course they always are but none of them were none. None of them stood out either. It's just all okay in their own respect so as it was really evident that creative was just all over the map in there was no real creative direction or vision. One of the things that we should talk about is is what's happening with the viewership of Nitro you sort of compared this show to Nitro and we'll look at say ninety eight versus Non Ninety eight peaks W._c._w.. And Ninety nine we're on a little bit of a decline. We're not quite yet to the two thousand level but this is Eric's <hes> sort of the end of the line I guess before we talk about the number specifically. What was the main if your head if you had to give an elevator your pitch to an advertiser how would you describe W._C._W.? Demo and we've talked about I guess we should explain. We're about to go in the weeds here a little bit but whenever someone selling media there's trying to sell oh you advertising. They'll always find a way to framing all were number one in our demo. Now you know how granular you get on that can become sort of nonsensical our number one in the demo which is fifty four year old cat ladies who live at home in rent <hes> and drive a Toyota but usually it's men eighteen twenty four men twenty five fifty four women twenty five fifty four. What's what was the target demo that W._C._W.? Serve the best men two thousand five fifty four for sure even at this Simon. You know we talk about how W._C._W.. Really began to deteriorate after nineteen ninety eight and it. Did you know no doubt it started. Gradually you know it started as a gradual Joel slip by this point July nineteen ninety nine. We were to free for all in two months after this pay per view almost to the day <hes> I guess on home basically fire sent home is a very nice way to say it sure but I got fired on September tenth nineteen ninety nine just about two months after this pay per view so that should tell you something and and again put that in context as you just said you know we drew whatever it was eleven thousand paid thirteen thousand people in the building four hundred thousand dollar gate seventy thousand dollars in Merch. You know those numbers that just about anybody today would go wow that wasn't a bad weekend tickled you know and and yet I got fired two months later so it again just just to kind of put this era in in perspective but in terms of demo the demo the audience. We really didn't start losing the audience. We lost it in volume. You know obviously I ratings weren't as high as they have been in ninety six hundred seventy eight but the core demo remained pretty consistent. There was just less of them so instead of having you know two and a half million I'm picking numbers out of you know the air here. I don't know what they were but instead of having two and a half million viewers between the men between the ages of twenty five hundred fifty four you know we may have had one point seven million so the the numbers as a gross number would definitely deteriorating the demo was holding up pretty steady and let's explain why that matters because you know there are certain demos that advertising agencies because most of the advertising that's happening on televisions coming through agency. They cover it certain Demo so they'll say oh well our product really speaks to women twenty five fifty four our product is really aimed at men twenty five fifty four whatever the case may be there are certain demos that are viewed as being more valuable <hes> real estate <hes> more valuable eyeballs because they're going to be more apt to go out and spend the money and so that's really what this comes down to. When we talk about a dip in viewership we're talking about ad rates we're talking talking about <hes> the potential <hes> sponsors for shows and as those numbers dwindle so do the dollars associated with it so in nineteen ninety eight <hes> your average viewers <hes> for a nitro product are five thousand one hundred and fifty four thousand so pretty strong five point one million ninety nine three point nine so pretty substantial more than a million people who were watching have left? There's very few wrestling programs that a million people see today <hes> specifically raw and smackdown and nothing else fair to say yeah fair to say and that you know and that was roughly. Let's call it a twenty five percent <hes> decline in audience sister around the numbers the the critical part of that is back in ninety six seventy seventy eight. The increase in our audience came primarily not from the twenty five to fifty four year old demo which was still our core. Don't I know this gets. It's confusing. If you haven't spent two years in the advertising world all these germs and in the concepts are a little bit confusing but you are our core. Doma was still twenty five fifty four but the growth that we were experiencing ninety six seventy seven hundred which is why were able to attract a lot of new sponsors. The growth in the audience was in eighteen to thirty four mail them out now the eighteen to thirty four your mail demo was a much more attractive who've demographic or age group for advertisers why because they spend more money you know eighteen nineteen twenty twenty two twenty five year old men spend more money socially there a lot of them. Are you know they've got their first jobs or fresh Shutt- college. They're buying new cars. You know they're spending more money on clothes whereas you know a twenty five to fifty four year old male is pretty much set in their ways and their wives actually control the budget so that young demo that we lost you know that that that one million those one million viewers that represent the deterioration you know ninety nine from ninety eight was primarily that younger demo so even though it was only twenty five percent decline in total audience it represented probably about a forty percent decline in advertising revenue because those eighteen to thirty four year old males even though they didn't make up the bulk of the audience. It's an advertiser would be willing to pay rather than spending and again. I'm picking numbers arbitrarily out of my head. I don't remember what they were but let's say males twenty five to fifty four years old we were selling. Let's let's call it ten dollars thousand thousand meaning forever thousand one thousand of those viewers in that age group that we could quantify through <hes> Nielsen and advertiser would pay US ten dollars for every one thousand of them well for an eighteen to thirty four year old Demo Komo in advertiser might pay US eighteen to twenty two dollars a thousand so even though it represented at twenty five percent decrease in audience it represented a much more significant decrease in total little ad sales. Just did I explain why you hit a home run and that was one of the best segments we've ever had on the show of explaining the way television revenue matters and <hes> yeah. I hope a lot of people were paying attention to that. Let's briefly mentioned didn't thunder and Saturday night and then we'll move on from this discussion in ninety eight. You've got three point seven million viewers for thunder. <hes> you're averaging three million and ninety nine sort of the same story on Saturday. You're averaging two million viewers viewers. No this is a thinker acted <hes> Saturday night stand the test the time baby in ninety eight. You're averaging two million <hes> in ninety nine. You're averaging one point nine nine so those <hes> those are your heart cores. They're gonNa Watch wrassling anytime comets on T._V. and they're they're no matter what you said something a minute ago Eric that I don't WanNa get too far away from before circle back because I thought it was pretty insightful when you said hey you know what <hes> this show eleven thousand fans four hundred forty four thousand dollar gate seventy one thousand and Merch you made the statement these days that would be a good weekend of course we're talking about a three day strikes or Friday Saturday Sunday how show loop whereas you just this did this one show here but yet two months after this you would find yourself yourself out of a job in a weird way sort of a victim of your own success right. The expectations are so high based on what you've achieved that now anything less. It's sort of like if you bring home all as on your report card when you fuck around and bring home a. b.. You're in trouble I honestly I didn't get sent home because of lack of performance you know I I know that's not the narrative and it would be very easy for anybody. You know whether you have an agenda or not it would be very easy easy for anybody to kind of look at the total picture when you're not in in the loop or part of the process and say oh well the numbers were going down. They were losing money or not doing as well as I should have been doing <hes> also let's get rid of Eric and bring somebody else. That wasn't the reason I guess I sent home because I was a Dick I guess at home because I was fighting for something I believed in. I didn't really understand the nature of corporate mergers or takeovers as I had no idea that at Turner was giving sent out to pasture neither to Ted here here here no there but it was true. I thought I'm going to draw lines San and I'm going to push this thing till it breaks because when it breaks the Antenna GonNa sit down and eighty percent of the time I'll come up with need to come out well. I I was picking fights with people I should have fights with you know I was naive the inexperience and unsophisticated in the ways of dealing with AH situation like this and is bad judgment I I I went into battle. Not Knowing the Army I was fighting. I thought I was fighting one army and waiting one and I prepared for battle as a result of what I thought I knew without knowing I was. I I really had an entirely different battle going out on my hands in the way I conducted myself. Was You know I set myself up. You know it was my nature at the time and again lack of experience and being naive. You can't call out the you you can't publicly embarrass people who are on the board of directors. I should say board of directors on the Executive Committee. There were people that were you know two doors down from Ted Turner and I was I was calling him out just like I would anybody else who I disagreed with in. I would not necessarily do it privately and that's why I got Saddam and the fact that in Harvey Every Schiller you know we don't we talk about Harvey. A little bit harvey was a tough dog. You know he was a colonel. In the Air Force. He had a very military way of conducting his business. He built his entire infrastructure in his staff <hes> in in a way that was you know there's a lot of similarities between the way he you know he operated as an officer in the Air Force in the way he ran his office and I liked it by the way I had no issue with that at all. I had no real issues with Harvey and actually I don't want. Let's say there was a mentor menti relationship there because that would be over exaggerating it but there was an element of that Harvey would let me go off the reservation as much as he felt I needed to to to be me but when I started getting a little too close to the edge or it looked like I was gonna come off <hes> he real MIA seventy down. He talked to me but he would do it in a way that you know he was. He was mentoring me in his own way. Harvey Harvey he he was reading me. He knew I was at the end of my wrote. I was I was making it yet. Bad Judgment Exercising poor judgment in the way it was conducting my business. <hes> just the stress of it. All you know there's a difference between talking to me in ninety seven ninety eight. I was on fire. I couldn't wait to get out of bed in the morning I just I hated the leave at night. I you know that guy. You know that Eric Bischoff was fun to be around even if even if you really want to it was still it was a positive thing most of the time not all the time but most of the time by one thousand nine hundred nine I would walk into a room and it was like I was just breathing fire and in not in a good way so are we saw I think each you know he sent me home in September not that this is not about that but two months after this pay per view I think he sent me on. You know thinking that if there's any way to salvage this Guy <hes> I gotta get them the Fuck Outta here 'cause he's burning. He set himself on fire at this point. You've you've been pretty honest on this. Show about sort of owning up inside boy. I fucked that <hes> boy ship handled well despite way and things like that I mean you learned a lot of lessons in this venture and you've had a crack to do that. You know not just with W._C._W.. But with impact is this like the most <hes> well rounded and maybe grounded in humble and <hes> resilient Eric Bischoff the about to go back to be that has ever been in the wrestling business well. There's no doubt I have you know so much more experience good and bad then and I had at this point I mean that's undeniable. You know teen a can't really count that <hes> that was it was kind of a one off situation more than anything else I wasn't. I wasn't involved in corporate at all. I wasn't involved solved any any decision making. I really didn't interface with anybody. In fact I made a I made it a point not too you know I was. I was invited. I remember never forget what time Dixie called me up and again. Let's put this context. My contract was basically as a consultant. I I wasn't required to be in the office. I wasn't required to take part in any conference calls. I wasn't involved or required or ask to be involved in any of the decision or financial is certainly not nothing financial financial but in the end of the operational elements of teenage that was just not my thing I was there to look at the formats you know try to make his trying to make as much sense out of them as I possibly could. I couldn't hire I couldn't fire. I had authority over anybody or anything other than the influence I had creatively and that basically was either people agreed with it or they didn't nobody was I didn't have creative control of anything thing. I wasn't antibodies boss so just to put that in the context but nonetheless because I am who I am it during that period of time once I kinda got into it I got into it and I'll never forget Dixie. Call me one day. She goes well. You know we have our weekly Conference Offers College Janice Carter and you know we want you to Janice wants you on that. Call in it. Just Rub me the wrong way and I said now I'm I got stuff to do today. I didn't but I just didn't want to get involved often. I didn't want to interface with management team so that that's a separate one off kind of situation but clearly the experience I had it turner primarily and and subsequently you know I I work with networks is now I have for the last fifteen years and a very very high level. You just learn you get older. You get wiser and sure I'm more well rounded now and have a lot more experience so that's for sure. I think my outlook is a lot different now than it would have been twenty years ago. My goals are different now than they would have been twenty years ago so it's I don't say it's better Eric Bishop but it certainly much different one art when needed to take time out right here to tell everybody about blue dot com of course you're in the loop on this. I mean everybody in wrestling is talking about it. 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I'm pulling for you so let's talk about <hes>. What's in your favorite newsletter? At the time <hes> they melted right Hogan was smooth and has delivery was excellent. He's recapping Hogan's appearance on the June. Twenty fourth edition of the Larry King Live show Hogan's there for the whole hour and there is a little bit of controversy coming out of this because <hes> Hogan says the wrong thing <hes>. I feel like that's it's been in the news more than maybe it should have but here he's saying that you know he got the name and the he sort of hate it big and wrestling win his name change and this persona changed and he was only making one hundred twenty five dollars a week and sleeping in his car and he's probably talking about working for Jerry Jarrett in Memphis there but then eventually he's no longer terry the whole boulder and now he's Hulk Hogan and that's because McMahon wants him to have <hes> sort of an ethnic name with the idea being that there's <hes> Bruno San Martino for the Italians and pay Joe Morales for the Puerto Ricans and cheap Jay strongbow for the Indians and Hogan mistakenly says Ivan Punky for the polacks and he comes under huge criticism from the Polish National Alliance and of course. I didn't mean anything by that that no was racial slur whatever the case may be but it's it's the first time that we see <hes> w._C._W.. SORTA having to figure out how do we navigate this for for Hulk because he's never been in this spot before he's always so polished and then you know in this free form conversation of an hour he says the wrong thing does Turner I mean this is a turner property. He's on C._N._N.. This turner sort of say all right. How do we address this? How do we handle this? What's the response yeah? There was a reaction corporately to it was clearly a you know a mistake. A bad mistake in there was was internally a discussion with public relations okay. How do we address this? You know ignore it. How do you how do you make how do you mitigate you can't make it go away? Get back but how do you mitigate it and make it is least damaging as as you possibly can and particularly in Turner Broadcasting at the time keep in mind you know Ted Turner you know Ted. Turner was a easy to work for his his leadership within Turner Broadcasting was such that <hes> you know he it's safe things off the cuff I mean he was he was the mouth of the south. You know he was that guy everybody every time Ted Turner Jin interview whether it was because he won a yacht race or because he was talking about C._N._N.. You yet no trouble getting microphones refunds because you never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. He was his unpredictable as anybody in wrestling <hes> at that time even he was crazy some stuff he would say and do his antics. Were you know legendary and that's why so many people love working for him. He was out out there. He was an entrepreneur's entrepreneur but there was one there was one thing that he was really really adamant about and you learned it early on once you became an executive Turner Broadcasting is you were never never ever to the word foreigner its international right. It's not foreign sales. It's international sales. It's not our foreign business opportunity. It's our international business opportunity and it was surreal. It was a real issue in you would be chest. You'll get away with a lot of stuff. You can come to work you know for corporate meeting where Bermuda Shorts Flip Labs Hawaiian shirt and and you probably get away with it you know once or twice. But if you uttered the word foreigner or foreign in the context of Turner business you you get pulled over the corner and he'd have a conversation with somebody so I think the the the reason that Turner corporate a- aside you know generally it was the wrong thing to do but I think especially internally at the time everybody was overly sensitive to what Hog said and they felt like just addressing it you know was the best way to do it. I also WANNA mention that <hes> this this Larry King interviews worth going out of your way to see because there's so much stuff covered you know he's talking about thunder in paradise and you know how he I blew up and Vince McMahon promoter but then he starts to talk about how he's referring to the W._w._f.. Triple lex porn and he's saying that the W._C._W.. Method is GonNa win in the end. He says that you know people like himself and Bret Hart working together or they're gonna make wrestling suitable entertainment for children again and they discussed the Owen Hart tragedy entity and a sable lawsuit. Even you know Jesse Ventura and the rumor of there being a union he helped knicks it. There's a lot of stuff discussed here but the thing that that stood out to me <hes> was when they talked about Vince let's look man Hogan said I have a lot of respect for how he's taking care of his family as far as businessman his theme of ride the Horse until it drops shoot than eight the horse. I don't agree with heck of a line there. What did you think when you heard that one look all aw is in haulers has been a is a showman he he's he's working? He's in he's says things he said things especially back and in a way that he thought would advance the cause and he was fighting for it was fighting for W._C._W.. Whether whether it was accurate or one hundred percent true or one hundred percent the way he felt he was doing what he felt. The company would want him to do and oftentimes the judgment was off you know and I can. I can tell you for example in referencing in how the way W._C._W.. Was GonNA conduct business. The way versus the way W. W. F. was at the time you know at the attitude era and all the extreme kind of maturity and stuff that they were doing. He didn't believe that I guarantee it needed I I sent it to do. I was advancing the company line. That was the corporate line the corporate line the mandate not not suggestion not offering not hope the mandate was this is what we're going to do. Advance advanced the cause and we were forced to as much as I promise you last week I wouldn't bring up the meeting in July nineteen ninety eight. That's what started we we were told. This is how you're going to do it and this is what the company's going to do. Go do it and part of what you heard. That interview was all doing what he thought. The company wanted to do something else that he thinks the company wants them to do push this presidency angle and when it comes up on Larry King he tries to take it seriously and he says that <hes> there's people at Time Warner who wanted to run for president and when Larry Sort of pushes the issue he says it was Eric Bischoff who's pushing them to do this and he said he never committed to running but then he said he made the announcement that he was running Jay Leno and then Larry Kinks will can you make the announcement on his show which is Kinda Fun <hes> king him go back and forth saying in. I don't know that you'd be able to the beat debate. People like <hes> Al Gore against US something like yeah I'd have to be brought up to speed and he pushes flat tax and keep saying putting America first but just for a minute here he's trying to sell Larry King on the idea that he's GonNa around for president. That really tells you everything you need to know about. The rest of the interview does not know the funniest part of this is and he yeah he got Alex and here's another thing and I I wanna be really careful about what I say because it can be misinterpreted misinterpreted so easily you know with social media in the way people react to things and social media. I'm I'm ultra careful about what I say sometimes and this is this is one of those cases because I know so well well and I love you know his intentions are always good almost all the time and that we know him coming out saying he was going to run for president. I had nothing to do with that. That was him he just got aww jacked up in an interview and got excited he sometimes he's like a little kid and in a good way he gets himself so worked up in. He's he's like a fifteen year old kid Christmas morning. He just he so excited cited or ten year old kid and Christmas morning any so excited when he's on his interviews and stuff will come out of his mouth just any won't he's not thinking about it. You know prior to saying he doesn't he doesn't show up on a set with why can't wait till they ask me this and I'm going to say I'm going run for president sometimes just spontaneous combustion and then if it doesn't go well now that was her bishops idea. Eric wanted me to run for president. I can assure you did not exist the Okocha that he should say he's going to run for president. That was a hawk. Sorry sorry hoaxer he did that all on his own wasn't discussed ahead of time. He just thought hey this'll give people talking and then you hear about it after the fact no no we we did talk about a prior it just came out of his mouth and it was like okay. How do we make this work? She's now the cats you know can't put the horseback in a barn as they say out here in Wyoming and probably everywhere else all right horses out now. What do we do ours are going back into barn? So how do we make this work. How do we make the most of it but it wasn't like it wasn't premeditated? Let's put it that way. Let's get back to the newsletter. meltzer would right doesn't seem like everything is falling apart. Well then this rash this week be any different from any other. The masterpiece deal has turned into a colossal joke and may have already fallen apart last week in New Orleans masterpiece yet making demands W._C._W.. For more limos and more perks trying to renegotiate negotiate contracts showing less than zero respect for Bischoff and then the next morning one of his bodyguards were was arrested at the airport for carrying a gun. I felt like we've heard of story about that gun here on the show yeah for all of the listeners who thought I was is making that up there you go. There must have been blow up because late last week it was said that both his and Dennis Rodman's appearance for the July fifth Georgia Dome Show were in jeopardy both were still being advertised as of the twenty ninth June but nobody seems to know for sure whether we're not going to appear. The latest inside word was that P <hes> was through with W._C._W.. But Seoul is going to be at Nitro and it's GonNa start distancing himself from piece since he was the one who was a real wrestling fan out of the group and <hes> their reports that swale signed a one year contract for four hundred thousand dollars. I was said to be not all that much less than what Jericho was offered and there were also reports that masterpiece was getting two hundred thousand dollars per appearance parents on Nitro. Chatting up was masterpiece making two hundred grand per parents. Let me I put a Meltzer's nonsense and context ninety percent of that is bullshit and there's no no way dave would ever know because he didn't have access to anybody that did like always this. This guy would rely on second third fourth fifth hand information anybody that would acknowledge anything that he felt like he wanted to write if he could find somebody even if it was a janitor to go yeah who knows that's what I heard well then David report it as a fact Jay was never in a room in any of my negotiations with masterpiece to to be able to with any authority or credibility which clearly has none at this point <hes> at that point. I should say in eighteen ninety nine. I don't think he hasn't he now but I could tell you for a fact. He was never in the room or near anybody that was and I'm Mir real certainty didn't ever relationship with master P so again that was dave wanting to write something in in finding some you know the enhancement talent that happened to be in the building at the same time as us who did his best to cooperate corroborate what they wanted to write <hes> so ninety percent of everything you just you know attributed to him was nonsense that being said masterpiece was never long-term deal. It was a it was a short term program as was Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman was never going to be a long-term player so does suggest that you know the relationships deteriorating and things are falling apart as bishop getting along pitas respective Dennis Rodman's on his way out guess what that was a fucking plan along so in the context of it all is what irritates me because it distorts the reality of the situation now in terms of what P. was making. I don't know you probably know better than I do because you keep ax you keep records of all that stuff or have access to it. I don't keep that Shit I don't have you know all the old you know. Contract payouts that I know floating around out there somewhere in the Internet <hes> I can't tell you off the top of my head. If it was closer now it'd probably was there was a short-term deal with a very high profile vile athlete who by the way and talent and entertainer who we've talked about in a couple of weeks ago was one of the most prominent players in the entertainment at that time so it's not like those numbers were completely off the charts at that point they were if you compare them to a fulltime Russell Yeah there could be an argument you know from Chris Jericho or somebody else that was making that amount of money today. Why should this guy come in and make something close to what I'm making when I'm three hundred sixty five days a year and he's in and out well because motherfucker fucker he's got to grammy albums and all the things that he's just on which by the way you haven't done yet this year so you know it's not always apples to apples? You know people like to think it is people you know suggested it should be sometimes but those people aren't in the entertainment business <hes> so it was what it was but I don't remember what he was making at this point. I really don't okay we gotta take time out right now to tell everybody about brand new sponsor here on the show that we've had a lot of fun with and <hes> I'm excited not all about it. Of course it's man's caped their number one when it comes to men's below the bill grooming and manscaping offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels. This is real life guys. <hes> a package showed up at my house. I wasn't exactly sure what it was. 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In nineteen ninety nine so a lot different than what people or led to believe in Seoul according to this <hes> same documents show that he got a first year salary of three hundred fifty thousand dollars and then a fifty thousand dollar signing bonus and his contract would be <hes> terminated in September so that's the reality talk three a little bit about you know. Obviously I had some contact with him. I worked with him. He had a great look he he loves the business because of his proximity in the rub Ab- that he had with P. was viable <hes> as a performer as an entertainer <hes> and we thought that he might have some potential so it was a risk that we were worth. We've felt was worth taking it. It added some diversity to our Rosser which we needed at the time and again you know more than anything is proximity to master P and now we also anticipated that should it work out with him and he actually take to the business and really commit to it down the road we could look forward to some further support from masterpiece whether it be in music or appearances or videos whatever <hes> those are all things that give you a distinct advantage in growing rolling in developing a newer talent. He wasn't a young town but he was a new talent so yeah it was a calculated risk and we took it. Let's talk about something that blew my mind all right at this week meltzer would ride. Jimmy Hart has made a proposal to Book W._C._W.. Saturday night talk oh building the show around only young guys trying to do Memphis styling with gals guys who aren't on Nitro to give them experience talking and doing programs although at this point Kevin Sullivan is still in charge of the show and there has been no format change that's an interesting idea making Saturday night more of a memphis style show and putting Jimmy Hart and Control of it yeah we ultimately did that and Jimmy. Jimmy did a great job you know as you pointed out in in terms of the rating and look by this point by nineteen ninety seven Saturday w w Saturday night was an afterthought right it just was on a list of priorities it was you know down towards the bottom of the things as you thought about on any given day right because it just kinda ran on its own the expectations from the network. Were easy to meet it. You know give us a show you know as long as it's a reasonable show look at the history three of that show. It was the oldest show you know in W._C._W.. Turner but it was never one of those shows and you could get lost in the ratings because back in the early nineties when there were fewer households at had access to table you know the percentage of people watching was higher so it was really easy to yeah but they got three ratings yeah but that free ratings solo only represented one point five million people or whatever I don't know what the number was but you gave my point you can you can allow numbers can lie very euro. Allow you to light to yourself if you're not careful. The point is that from a corporate point of view <hes> my bosses the people I answer to W._C._W.. As long as we kept it fed and watered uttered in a didn't die we're good it served its purpose. It had very little budget allegation. <hes> it had very little resources thrown at it. There was almost no promotion given to it. It served its purpose in its audience <unk> as you pointed out singly held steady no matter what we did and we did have a lot of talent that needed television time. You can't learn what you need to learn in power plant or even on the indy circuit or in W._C._W.'s case on the House show circuit sometimes because it just word of the people in the arenas oftentimes for those types of shows and more importantly there was so much talent. You couldn't put everybody on the House show tour even if you wanted to so it was Jimmy's idea and look at what came out of that you know Shane helps you know that's Jimmy Hart thing you know three count that was Jimmy Hart so much of that young talent Alan Jimmy Yang Jimmy Hart so many of those guys those young guys that were coming out off of you know W._C._W.. Saturday night actually went on to become pretty significant talent down the road. Some of them still working in the Industry Industry today so I think I sometimes tongue-in-cheek knock Jimmy every once in a while because he'd never found red light on a camera he didn't love but at the same time he was very passionate very committed. Did he worked like a dog. You know whether his ideas were right or wrong wasn't because his intentions were one hundred percent honorable in good any worked his guts out so yeah there was conversation about it but we actually at one point. Did it masters GONNA write W W signed twenty one new wrestlers in recent weeks the developmental deals ranging from three hundred one thousand dollars per week which toddlers W._C._W.. For three years but the company can basically cut the wrestlers at its will besides Shane Helms and Shannon Moore another sign was Jerry toot who has wrestled Jersey indies as hell raiser and a six eight three hundred plus. That's going to be the wall by the way the wrestlers art work security at the NITRO 's and go to the power plant five days per week week. There's a lot of criticism since the power plant has turned out so few wrestlers and basically hasn't on its own groomed anyone who would be ranked as a good worker. What do you make it a criticism of the power plant uh-huh diamond yellows page? Sorry coughing got something second my throat. I gotTa go gag up meltzer <hes> bullshit. You know I'm not going to suggest we cranked them out like you know cupcakes. We didn't you know the power plant was the best we add the best approach we had at that time we weren't working with any independent. You know rustling organizations to Detroit to try to develop talent <hes> we did the best we had with what we could but yeah there was some decent talent that came came through there or out of their DP and and <hes> Bill Gobert bring two of them that are the highest profile but there were others. There were other wrestlers at had learned somewhere else. Perhaps that had to relearn <hes> or get better at least in the power plant so it it definitely served its purpose Hashtag Fuck Dave Meltzer. Oh my gosh why does he deserves it okay. I'll disagree all right her Shane Douglas Signs W._C._W.. Around the same time what can you tell us about Shane coming in any memories of working with Shane or how the deal comes together again he reached out. I think he had a relationship of Kevin Sullivan. That was the catalyst for it <hes> or at least how it started <hes> and I you know I I was I knew who Shane was in new of him with his relationship with W._w._f.. When he was there as the wasn't either Genius Dean Douglas Dean Douglas but he he was like that schoolteachers right yeah yeah that was my first memory of him <hes> the word? I heard I heard you know I didn't know him at all wasn't totally familiar with his work other than what I saw W._W._f.. On that was way earlier <hes> but the word I got from most people is that he was a great entering talent and a a great talker well. That's all you gotta go. Tell me to get me interested if you if you're a great worker you you can work the Mike. I'm yeah I want to talk to you and I I like chain right off the bat still do we so cross bass to this day and I got along along with them right off the bat easy to negotiate with and we brought some baggage no doubt but it was relatively easy to manage man. This is a fun quote here in an article in the June twenty-fifth Fort Lauderdale sun-sentinel on Sentinel by Alex Marvez of Awa. Now Eric Bischoff admitted W._C._W.. Fell Asleep at the wheel after the W Gimmick rain its course and blame the W._W._f.. For changing audience expectations for their current problems quote the W._W._f.. Raise as the bar in terms of expectations of the audience in a way this company has decided we're not going to compete with. It's an audience who really doesn't care about advertising and long-term business growth all they wanted to be entertained shocked surprise and have something to talk about Tuesday morning when they go to school or work. I think a lot of people <hes> younger wrestling fans think Alex Marvis just popped up out of nowhere when he showed up in a w but the reality is man. He's been writing about wrestling for decades AIDS. Yeah my Go-to here is you did a lot of stuff with Alex. How did that relationship come to be? I mean you weren't just passing that interviews back in the day but it seems like you always had add award for Alex no well he he wrote for a legitimate newspaper Miami Herald I think at the time <hes> and yeah if there was there was a writer who was covering the the industry from a legitimate newspaper <hes> I would do my best to make that interview work. Take advantage of it whether I liked what they wrote or not you know in Alex's case <hes> <hes> I don't recall whether I had a strong feeling one way or the other at the time <hes> ah generally didn't like wrestling journalists you know just now. I don't know I guess when you're in the industry and you've got people who are constantly writing about things things and getting them wrong. You know some of the Times most of the time depending on who you're talking to <hes> it irritates you but at the same time you realize that at least they're covering it and let's try to take advantage of it you tailor your interviews accordingly and the things that you said accordingly knowing that depending on who you talk to turn your words and make it sound like you said something you didn't say or you didn't say something you wanted to but whatever but yeah I I did interviews with Alex because it was with a credible <hes> newspaper. Let's talk about the <hes> go home addition of Nitro on our way to this pay per view bash at the basis at the Georgia Dome Ajaz Twenty Five Thousand Three hundred thirty eight fans nineteen thousand four hundred and fifty six of those paid an incredible gate five hundred ninety see four thousand seven hundred forty five dollars. Even though that's a huge number it's technically the smallest audience that you'd had at the Georgia Dome and this Nitro is the first time that Bret has made an appearance in W._C._W.. Since the tragedy befell Oh and heart and <hes> this is a special show a tremendous video on breath and you guys are GonNa talk about his career in the death of Owen and narrated by Mike today it gets a huge ovation in Georgia dome and <hes> at set the stage for his return mentor dry according to those live the reaction was very strong although W._C._W.. has had problems with crowd mocking and this shows no exception and it wasn't as impressive on television but heart was clearly not ready to be put in front of the public's talk about his own career. <hes> obviously are pretty emotional deal here. What are you remember about him? Coming back and you guys deciding put together a video package and <hes> just how this this whole return came to be. We talked about it. We didn't force them to do it. We didn't pressure him to do it. It was totally his call one hundred percent his call if if he would have said I'm not ready to do that. We would have said great. We'll we'll do it when you're ready if ready. If you don't ever want to do it we don't we won't ever do it. This was not something that we weren't. China split in fact that was super <hes> sensitive to the because I knew there'd be criticism from from people if you know we suggested strongly that Brett to it or or pressured pressured him to do it or made him feel even if we weren't strongly suggesting if Brett did felt like he was doing something he wasn't ready to do then we would be set on fire by the audience you know at Lisa peripheral media for asking him to so that was you know whatever you know Dave May or may not have been trying to imply in suggesting that he wasn't ready to be in front of an audience talking about his career. It was one hundred percent his choice. I I I two at that point into this day have nothing but respect for Bret Hart. We may not see eye to eye like I said before we're we're. We're probably never going to break bread and in hang out but you know my respect for him hasn't changed despite our personal issues and I was really respectful of this situation with Brat so it may be you may have thought he was ready. It may have been a little harder form than he thought it was going to be but it was choice. Yeah I do want to mention that Brett wrote about this in his book. He said that Eric asked me to fly down and meet him in Chicago on June twenty-fifth talk about where I was at it will still nearly impossible offering even think about getting back into the ring but as the days past I realize it wasn't right for me or my fans to let Owens tragic death be the end of my career. Eric had been incredibly kind after Owens death telling me to take all the time I needed and it didn't WanNA leave him. In the lurch either at the meeting hulk is friendly and tells him he's anxious to finally work with them in the fall and you talk to him about maybe putting the world title on him when he was ready and <hes> he finally makes the decision to to come comeback. You guys shake hands content. He's GonNa show up at the Georgia Dome doing entering interview and he says Eric told me I could say anything. I wanted to wrestling fans around the world for the next ten days. I thought about almost all the time <hes> I really didn't know what I'd say. Maybe it would be goodbye but then when he walked into the dressing room with Georgia dome he said all the boys got up from the chairs one after another offer their condolences and in that moment he felt more support in unity from his wrestling family related did from his blood siblings and a lot to him when randy savage gave him a hug with tears in his is saying brother. I'm so sorry and everyone's offering condolences or trading fun owen stories. You know Randy's their hacksaw crush. Brian knobs lots of guys has who were friendly with all one and then it was time for him to do the interview and <hes> he says even on his way to the ring he didn't really know what he was going to say but he was just GonNa shoot from the hip and it would be straight from the heart and <hes> it didn't do any gimmicks. There's hitman shades. There's no rain gear. There's no hair jail no leather jacket and he just wants to come talk to him. He doesn't really you know make a big promise. He's just sorta being honest with fans and saying he's GonNa take some time and put things in perspective and thank you for all your support and if this is the last chance I have to say this. I WanNa tell you how much I appreciate a you and thank you very much and thank you all the wrestlers in dressing rooms all over the world and it's sort of a happy moment when he comes back through the curtain. What'd you think adheres I almost almost started to get them right now? Listening to you recap that you know sometimes in this industry when win it's real. It's so special because we we become desensitized because of you know it's scripted. The characters are over the top the storylines her over the top everything that you see integrate way. I'm not a man that's one of the reasons wire this industry has sustained itself for as long as it has the audience loves that but they also become desensitized to it so much so that when you have a real moment however big or small and this is is obviously a major one and in a very <hes> heart felt one with a real human tragedy in real human emotion it it it takes people buy it takes breath way because they're they become so desensitized by everything they see in in this industry on television weekend in week out that when you do slip something in the door that's real it changes everything the thing for them and it actually brings them closer to the talent. It brings them closer to the business because they realize yes these are larger than life characters. These are people. I probably deep down inside wish I could be. It's aspirational in that regard. You of the industry is in the characters in it but every once in a while when they break character and they talk about who they really are and how they really feeling it can have a profound impact on the audience and I saw it on again I I was laughing. I think I was going to try to do with script something for Brett that would have been insane in so against anything I believed in at the time and even to this moment. It was like okay whatever happens out there is going to happen and it's going to be real and it's going to be it's going to be honest honest and if it's honest it's going to be good and it was so good because it was so honest it nobody was exploiting anything. Nobody you know as you pointed up Brett pointed out about you know. He's still didn't know even when he got another ring. He didn't know where he was going to end up. But at least you got out there and he touched people he touched me. You know I don't WanNa talk about it anymore. 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He doesn't interview in the Miami Herald on July ninth with John Patent and there's lots of ground covered including you know he had an offer from Vince McMahon but he had already shook your hand and agreed to your term so so he was a man of his word and never considered it and he knew couldn't let us kids watch that show and you know talks about different things in wrestling with thing that stood out to me is when asked about if W._C._W.. Wanted him to stop wearing the trench coat after the Columbine Columbine massacre. He said he didn't want to do it anymore. And he told Bischoff that and Bischoff agreed. He says he's looking at wrestling two and a half more years before retiring <hes> those are the two things stuck out in this interview specifically columbine in Bonn happened on April Twentieth Nineteen Ninety nine and for those of you who don't remember a couple of kids went to school and Colorado or trenchcoats and had automatic weapons and just mowed kids down these days where unfortunately much more familiar with school shootings but this was really the first major one like this and <hes> it got the national conversation going for the first time and because they're wearing trench coats. I never really put that together but sting did what are you remember about. The trenchcoats situation well the you know. The media made a really big deal out of it. You know that was there was a focus on how the kids dress and you know. They had the kids <hes> working memory here. It was a while ago but the kids shooters in columbine shooting all were very goth very dark. You know they they had that kind of crow look to them. <hes> not that they were certainly not emulating relating staying at the time or the character crow from you know the the Bradley movie but that that Goth character I mean it was prevalent in music. It was prevalent fashion and it happened to be the you you know fashion choice of these shooters these kids and it was really the media spent a lot of time focusing on that element of these kids because everybody was trying to figure out. How could this possibly happen who were but these kids how could they be so you know twisted in dark and in in broken to to do something like this that was so nonsensical almost abstract and one of the things that they focused on was the music they listen listen to the clothes they wear and it was so much attention on it that I think justifiably and rightfully <hes> became sensitive to it and I agree with you know it was that was really the beginning? You know you know ninety six thirty seven ninety eight the Internet was a pain in the ass by ninety nine. It was becoming a factor. You had to think more about it now today. With social media you really have to be careful the lines you have to walk down to be pollute. Politically correct and safe are really really narrow lines and you and you constantly have to be aware of the jokes you you try to make echo the sense of humor you think is you may think something's funny. It's one of the reasons I don't try to be funny and social media number one. I'm not funny. I'm the funniest human being in the world but you know humor is lost in one hundred forty characters tone in intent is lost. I may type something you know. I don't even right you know like <hes> text messages that I think are funny to someone. If you and I are going back and forth about something I won't joke with you in a text message journey email because even though I'm trying to be funny you may read that when you're having the worst moment of your life and the way you interpret that could be entirely different than the way the lamented at least if you're in a room with me you can look at my face. Listen you know I'm trying to be funny. Even if I'm not but if you get that email you know the worst you know minute of the morning when everything else around us going bad and you look at an email where I'm trying to crack joke but you don't get it it can go bad fast soot but by April after Columbine you know mid nineteen ninety nine now especially going into July nineteen ninety nine. The Internet was becoming a much bigger factor in what we're doing so we were all kind of. I don't want to say overreacting but possibly we were acting properly or we were our intentions were proper but we weren't really sure how to react to. This thing called the Internet because it was becoming a monster. Let's get to bash at the beach. <hes> we're finally here. This is <hes> yeah quite the show is going to be a tryout match before the Cameras Start Rolling some Florida independent workers there <hes> and then the show opens with Tony Shivani Bobby Heenan and no Mike Today instead they throw to mike tonight who's still dressed in his Hawaiian style shirts sorta on theme for Bash The beach but he's not at the arena in Fort Lauderdale. He is instead ed at the Junkyard Getting Ready for the battle royal which meltzer would say it was poorly promoted on television with rules that weren't even formulated until the day of the event yeah <hes> we'll talk about it. Let's get to the first match ernest. Miller is going to be taken on disco inferno eight minutes and seven seconds the stipulations for this master serious and everybody knows that Eric loves his steaks and you've got to have stakes guys have to have an issue gotTa have motivation to win and something on the line and what is it here well. The loser will never be allowed to dance W._C._W.. Ever again now that you make you make fun. They can't wait for you to defend this but do you know how much that Matt Miller Ernest Miller love that part of his gimmick. That's tremendous as great. Add it but it's just I want the title Bill. You stole my girl. You can't dance anymore. Imagine if you said to read flare. You can't say well. You can't do that anymore. M._R. Wait wait wait. Hang on one district. Say I'm not going to do it again. That was horrible. Let me try. Just give me a second year momentum. That's a voice the exercise <hes> Oh there you go. I was a bad I love it. That's almost as finest when you and I did. The sting a few weeks artists Miller and disco eight minutes and seven seven seconds thankfully Ernest Miller wins so grateful with that too Sonny Bono has the ref distracted at one point and this gives Miller chance to put on his red dancing shoe and kick this go on the side of the head <hes> after the Pin Shivani says the stipulation that the loser couldn't dance has been removed and disco can still dance Afristar yet okay now that it's over never mind the stakes yep next up Rick Sonner. I'm letting off a hug why next Rixon and it's going to pin Van Hammer as van hammers on a fucking pay per view nine hundred seventy nine again four minutes fifty one seconds Rixon it retains the W._C._W.. Television title it's Shivani is pushing Van Hammer as being a great young star is like thirty nine years old here. Ah Ah deliberating it. Just this wasn't good Rick Steiner. You know very capable but it feels like everybody tried something with an hammer and nothing ever took now that the dog just never learned how to hunt it it'd be it looked like a great hunting dog. It may have looked like a field trial champion at one point in everybody wanted to go hunting with that dog but bad dog couldn't find his own ass with his nose. It just couldn't hunt well. How about this next one? I know you're excited about this one. We've got the United States Championship on the line. Dane blincoe is going to be challenging for that have covered championship and he's trying to see if he can best the champ David flare now early in his show we you know I said you know if this would have been W._C._W.. Saturday or did not W. W. Saturday if this would have been a nitro it would have been a pretty not great but a decent nitro. If this match would have been a NITRO match setting up a pay per view I would be I'd be defending the hell lot of it. I'd be putting it over because it the match would have gotten eat ric flair would have gotten heat. David flair would have gotten heat now. You've got a he'll U._S.. Champion you got a young guy. David flair that the audience relies the only reason he was in that spot because of his father which is instant. Did he anyway so there's a lot of reasons why this match would have made all kinds of sense for television leading to pay per view. If on the pay per view they got his ass kicked indeed Milenko would become the U._S.. Jam then it would have made perfectly good sense in that creative strategy that booking strategy would hold up today in today's environment. It would hold up but that's not what we did. We delivered that as a pay per view finish in it. Just when I as I said earlier on there was no creative vision. There was no leadership. There was no direction this this is a perfect example. Tori Wilson is back in David's corner and <hes> the just saying well. I guess they're seventy. Two hours with Kevin Nash must be up and <hes> the trouble with that is David one the match and she's still left voluntarily so that wasn't really a steak but we mentioned it is I guess Giovanni Forgot <hes> Meltzer would say Malingco actually did probably the best job of his career and carrying this to a negative one-star match <hes> he got David in the cloverleaf but aren't Anderson gave referee Johnny Boone the spawned Buster Malingco in kicked and slammed Asia and put her in the Cloverleaf Charles Robinson is gonNA pull boone's red shirt off and put it on and then Rick Flair Hits Pelinka with Shoe David penzone after the match Anderson Stops Malingco into the ground and the owl negative one-star so you're using to tell story not very competitive pay per view match. It is what it is. It's nice to see <hes> the brother-in-law get in the win on pay per view appreciate the payday no problem after next up cone and Ramos Stereo are going to be in there with swollen B._A.. And <hes> they're GONNA win. An elimination match over the rap is crap crew. It's Kerr haning Barry Windham M._k.. Two WYNDHAM and bobby junior there go fifteen minutes and the crowd believe it or not as sort of a fifty fifty on this <hes> they get a star and a half a sort of is what it is at ends when Ramos Junior jumps off Swale L. shoulders with a splash onto Kurt for the pan right at that fifteen minute mark. What did you think I think the music video setup leading into this match was one of the funniest things I've watched since the Russell rock rumble video by the AWA? Have you ever seen that. They asked US tremendous. Oh my God I just encouraged people. Go Find It W._W._e.. Network go find it muscle rock rumble. You'll trust me. You'll be glad you did you can thank us all later. Google machine specifically listened for Nick Baugh clincal boggling probably the show steeler of the whole rap he had he had a game but are they call it like when you're good rapper. What are they call that could spit bb spit spit? I love that Oh my God but yeah I I it just correct me up. It was so funny the funniest part if you go back could find this if you go back and watch this particular pay per view on on the network and you see the the music video setup to this match and I'm referring to get a Lotta Barry Windham on drums. There's the man did not have an ounce of rhythm rhythm in his body. He's he would have been. The worst drummer in the history of drummers is a good thing. He was a great wrestler in a great athlete and a Super Guy because he could not he could you could not have taught that men out of play drums but it was funny as Hell Kurt Hanif was was in his element he loved it. He was at a blast. It was a good setup. You can knock it. All you want a match. You can knock the match. All you want. You know Dave Meltzer one start all you want but the fact is the audience founded entertaining you oh you did get a fifty fifty split the audience which is the the most you could possibly hope for half the audience wants this guy to win half the audience what's has decided to win. Gosh that's like perfect sorry but it is and the match itself really what given given what we had to work with. You know these are celebrities that a lot of these guys didn't know how to work in the ring but I thought it was good match better the good I thought it was pretty great that the setup was great at the action was great. Rates are bounced around and make it look good and Brad Armstrong or B._A.. In there to help <hes> in that regard as well I thought it came off really good. Stay tuned at the end of the show will play the wrestle rock rumble for area while not Easter egg on the end today show. You're GONNA need it. After we get talking about this junk yard battle royal. It's a thirteen minutes and fifty seconds. It's a hard core battle royal in the Junkyard Yeah <hes> it's not mentioned or hyped beforehand <hes> but the winner is going to become the first hardcore champion and they don't have <hes> a championship belt the next day instead they just give the winner a trophy but they will have a bill eventually really it's done in a junkyard. The cars are neatly set up. There's a few fires lit for lighting with. There's no real professional lighting so it's very very dark got a helicopter circling around. There's a bunch of wrestlers here. <hes> no one was ever really announced and the rules are the first person to climb out of the junk yard over the fence is going to be the winner but the weird thing is nobody tries to comment so there's that but there's a ton of guys here ear <hes> silver king was all bloody from deep shoulder wound that needed sixty stitches to close <hes> la- Parker's running around in jeans instead of his usual outfit Hack is GonNa wind up hospitalized and suffered a separated shoulder and a possible neck injury. Hugh Morris needs stitches in his hand when he goes through a windshield machi whipper catches a concussion. This is basically everything that was wrong with brawl for all just in one segment. It was a real look sometime. You're GonNa have a hardcore match. Let's make it real what Oh my God. I can't believe you really pretending to isn't that the whole idea behind wrestling as it's supposed to look real but not really hurt anybody yeah well if everybody's leaving like it's a fucking war and they've got permanent nerve damage. It's feels like credibility okay ability. It's like here's what they love is. Russell's get hurt. Get stitches or you know they're getting all staples and ahead. What's the first fucking thing they do? They post them on social media like at some kind of badge of frigging honor which is a complete hundred eighty in what you just said but the first thing these guys oh give me up getting staples in the back of May look at the I'm getting my niece owed back on look at me. I got my teeth knocked out here. Look closely. We'll get a better shot. Everybody does it so yeah. They got hurt. They got busted up but it gave its credibility are hardcore title that little sheet metal saw blade you know with hardcore champion painted on it by hand meant something you bled for that trophy. You you you gave for that trip. You put your body on the line for that trophy. Hey let me get your opinion on this. So there's a couple of weeks ago. <hes> game changer wrestling G C W put on a show Oh in a backyard and it was called the backyard or and so lots of restaurants participated and some of them use gimmick names but these the trampoline they used a Kiddie pool they had all the light tubes and doors and scaffolding. A dude jumped off a fucking house. It was wild on your four that right and that's what you're saying here about. This junkyard better all sorts of the same thing right no. I'm not saying that at all. I if I didn't see the the match it you're referencing so it's hard for me to comment Madonna but if if if it's anything close to what I picture Bay senator description no I'm not saying first of all. Those guys are professionals. They're they're just a bunch of idiots. Were probably out drinking too much cheap beer and he said hey. Let's do do this so the completely different scenario you know hacked silver King La- PARKA FIT Finlay won the damn thing is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the sport my opinion you know <hes> and one of the toughest human beings on in the face of the earth in my opinion so these are all credible people here in W._C._W.. That participated in saying that a bunch of fat ass drunks. It's throw themselves off a roof into a Giddy Bul big difference this thing according to the observer cost one hundred grand to produce account bullshit right now and nothing he writes his right Conrad. It's been almost the year and a half. Were coming down to come on know. How would he know how would he know that nobody nobody and Turner Finance called him untold that he probably heard it from sub some enhancement talent that we hired locally you know who probably heard it a bathroom so dow no no? What's what's the reason you guys didn't do this again? I mean it feels like it was a home run. No I wasn't a home run. This is so great when you go that that hand painted saw blade meant for some mets planned for that you earned it yeah well. That part is true but that's not the same thing as a home run. Look okay kidding aside. I'm trying to have some fun with this because there's not much else I can do. I can't deny it happened. I can't pretend that wasn't there. You know I can't claim Amnesia so I'm trying to have fun with it but yeah the hardcore title was something new we were trying to establish it. <hes> we went to an extreme to do that. It was a unique idea. I mean what else we are. We going to do have a bunch of fucking guys beating each other with Goddamn Cape Pans in the middle of the ring. Sorry seeing that a million times by nine hundred ninety nine so we were looking for a different way to highlight the unique nature of a hardcore match by being is unique as we possibly could. That's the real answer what was worse in your opinion the Chamber of horrors where you guys electrocuted Abdul the butcher I didn't do that that was not me. I was dusty Rhodes by by the way. I'm not arguing that I'm just saying happening W._C._W.. All right okay or this just. Wouldn't you say you guys that infers that I have somehow my fingerprints ron clear. It wasn't okay my apologies when in W._C._W.. Did the electrocution of dual the butcher what was worse this or that I would say the Abdulah electrocution because at Lea- here I on something I don't even want to have to defend for God's sake. You're just you're you are worsening three. You really are because you 'cause you suck me in you guard down. I start feeling like we're going to have fun. Where something and did you hit me with a left? Hook in the dark from out of nowhere pisses me off when you get away with it because I know what's coming and I try to defend against. I can't stop it but at least Oh this is gonNA sound horrible. I know I'M GONNA listen back to this. Got Got Stop but the electrocution of electric Yutian of Dula was farcical. Nobody nobody believed it was happening. There was no reality to it. It was just an over the top crazy storyline wacky finish. That's it now this hardcore bash by virtue two of the injuries that you felt compelled list rubbing. My face was very credible and believable very real so therein lies the difference. I can't believe I defended I can either and I can't believe that got sixty stitches near like it was believable. Oh yes. She was sick. Why didn't want him to get sixty six years? I didn't say I did tell those guys I. Why didn't you know I was the agent for this? Damn thing and if I was I was it okay. I want you to go out so you need sixty stitches. You need the break a leg. You need to get your face torn off and hey fit to do you mind about losing a near. No Work for Mick Foley. Come on give it a try. I didn't do any of that. Just he's guys put themselves out. They wanted that sheet metal saw blade with they wanted that set me up. It says Jimmy Hart's here trying to direct traffic. Who was the agent for this? I don't remember I wish I did. Do you know who deserves the blame for this shit idea. I'm guessing game pending on somebody. This is the type of match Kevin Sullivan felt most comfortable with of all the people in in the office at that point i. I'm just guessing if anybody razor hand said I'll take this would have been given. I don't know that it was but that'd be my and then we could slam the mother fuckers on a car windshield Eric. It'll be great. Luck the guys in it. We're you know now. I wouldn't say that would be true for like the park and silver king. I and I don't know whether they love this kind of thing or not but stack certainly did Steve Regal is in this. Oh aw I'm so sorry Steve If you're listening I I should have apologized profusely when it happened but I'll make up for next time I see you go. Let's get to the next match. I'll let you off the hook. The Jersey triad diamond else pays Bam Bam bigalow and Chris Canyon going to retain the tag titles against Crispin Wa Perry Saturn so it's three onto a tag match but you know whatever I guess three and a Half Stars probably the best match on the show. What once they you yeah I agree it was a great match sensibility or or logic aside it it from a work rate <hes> point of view and at a site with point of view? I'd say it was definitely the best match are on the card <hes> but again I at best it's it's a great T._v.. Match. I can't believe this happened but next up. We've got a boxing match and mill mills. Lane is the referee and if you're I'm not familiar with boxing. Mills Lane is probably the most famous boxing referee of all time <hes> he had a television show judge Mills Lane. He was <hes> memorialized forever in the M._t._V. Celebrity death match. Everybody knows who mills lane is and that profile was raised even further over the whole Mike Tyson Holyfield ear-biting situation so we're GONNA go to Roddy Piper boxing match again except in this time it's not Mr T. is buff. Bagwell and meltzer would say this was bad but could have been worse. Actually Piper did a very good job of doing work. Boxing and Bagwell's also better-than-expected Piper didn't even appear to tire at forty eight years of age even with those big loves bagwell tired but not that the pointing couldn't perform and of course lane comes out walking the judges robe and then takes it off reveal the referee shirt the pillows <hes> I mean gloves loves are huge and <hes> yeah it gets half a star SORTA. I don't know I guess it seems like a good idea on paper but the execution maybe not so much you can use your imagination Judy's he's going to be involved and we just mentioned the bit about Holyfield Tyson will judy is GonNa buy pipers here and I guess they had to do that. Since Mills Lane is here and <hes> eventually judy is going to chase flare around the ring after the match make heads tails of this one buddy I mean the best part of this was the interview that Mills Lane did with Mark Badin prior to the show <hes> 'cause bills character. He took it seriously and so did mark so that that was the most interesting part of this whole set up to me was the interview that Mills Lane did with Mark Band and prior to the show once and every time racy rotties entrance always get goosebumps <hes> so that was great when the introduced Judy I was like Oh please don't know stop now because it it just it just took it down like ten notches and then the match itself you know we talked about this. When we covered <hes> W._W._e.'s remember the name of the show that we covered last week but bad boxing bed boxing and it's never gonNa look good you know worked? Boxing is like really really bad comedy. It just doesn't work in this just didn't work. There's entertaining. I guess gas it was almost like a comedy spot yeah next we've got randy savage teaming with sid vicious and they're going to take on sit and Kevin Nash but I do WanNa bring up controversy that came to light with randy savage wjr on the way here <hes> there's a little bit of heat because randy savage gets carried away and slap story Wilson and violently throws Gorgeous George down and apparently currently the executives of Time Warner the brass so to speak are there live at the Georgia Dome and they are not happy <hes> according to Meltzer these antics were not laid out by the booking committee that was now planned apparently Tori didn't I didn't know she was going to be slapped. <hes> Meltzer were sort of freestyle that savage and George probably knew what they were going to do but they just smart and anybody else up and it was tremendous heat on savage to the point that they were all told to go home rather that appear on thunder and <hes> it was a bad look especially in this era where we're being very safe and very critical of what the competition's doing an hour portraying domestic violence but we've still got an advertisement event so we've got to deliver that. What can you tell us about the savage controversy before we talk about the match? I think the way it was covered in that report was exaggerated not that it was not act not that it wasn't true. I won't say it's accurate. There was some truth to it. <hes> there was an issue in in there had been multiple issues leading up to that not with Randy in engorge Georgian Tori but across the board there was constantly standards and practices issues <hes> that we were beating challenge with <hes> and and trying to find our way in trying to find out what we could do and what we couldn't do still delivering a product at the audience had become accustomed to so yeah it wasn't issue there was some there was some controversy there was some conversation with standards of practices and you know we address at the best we could but it wasn't like you know nobody. Nobody reached for their. You know termination papers you know nobody called the their lawyers. You know claimed breach of contract or anything like that. It didn't escalate that much. It was just an internal issue. Let's get to the main event. Michael Buffer is going to claim here that this is the first Tom in history that the W._c._w.. Title as ever been put up for grabs an tag team match so it's a tag team match where whoever gets the pin is the champ figured out. Let's let's let's let's. Let's let that one hang in the air for a minute. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous because it is on the face of it. It's like well that makes no sense. There's no logic in that which is true however ever on the other side of that as a storytelling device in a way to catapult into a new story a myriad of potential so I didn't like it. I don't like it listening to it. I didn't really dig it watching it but I understand why it was done. Let's just put it that way even though I even I think it was a wrong thing to do. Sometimes you watch something and you know it's so wrong and you can't figure out why in the world somebody would do something so wrong like there's no possible reason anybody could have convinced themselves. This made any kind of sense. This is kind of like that. Only I understand y particularly when you're fighting so hard to come up with story and you're you're you're looking for a way to come up with lightning in the bottle in an angle that all of a sudden can make sense and you gotta start somewhere that now somebody's going to you know two guys. Somebody's GonNa lose that title. It may not be his fault. It may be because his partner <hes> didn't do what he was supposed to do or when he we're supposed to do whatever you can use your imagination could figure out a book that match but as bad as it was illogical is it was in many respects I at least understand why they did it well. Let's tell you what's going down here. meltzer would say stink nominal crowd reaction Nash got only slightly better in the fans were chaining for Goldberg Gorgeous. George GonNa Wander over into nashes corner eventually. You have an idea what's going to happen here. George is going to get in the ring and give Nash a low blow but her first low blow came nowhere close so Nash doesn't sell it and she freezes so he's standing there and waiting and she finally does another one acid said the body slam nash drop them in the wrong position making an even harder for angle to hit the elbow for the pen but he did and then Nash and staying shake hands after the show goes off the air in front of the crowd so staying is <hes> the the taxi partner of Kevin Nash and their shake hands at least for the live crowd but randy savage just beat Kevin Nash. He's your new world champion and the next night and <hes> Nitro Jacksonville. There's about eight thousand and fans hundred twenty three thousand dollar gate savage is going to challenge anyone but Nash for a title match and Hogan comes out huge face pop and accepts and then savage says anyone but National Hogan and gene says I can't go back on your word so it it it built something fine because in the main event we've got Hogan beating savage to win the world title sid does Iran in Sids pounding on Hogan and then it's a reveal. That's a No uh-huh dehumanize staying comes in after said it's just a huge mas but nash is going to grab the Mike Co Promo on Hogan and challenge him for title match at Road Wild and we're off to the races that Nitro by the way got a three point four five rating raw got a five point nine nine overall. That's the story of Bash at the Beach Ninety nine. What did you think the main of it would? You have done anything differently with that. The main event was a mass just a complete cluster. <hes> the the working chemistry between the people involved in that matched. Wasn't there <hes> not a single on any one of them because it's I it was a group effort but you know one of the things I notice <hes>. I'm not sure I noticed that I <hes> low blow by Gorgeous George. There was one where she came up behind Kevin. I'm not sure if that's the one you referring to when she he kind of nut shouted him from behind it was like the worst nut shot I've ever seen in my life. She actually looked like she tried to sicker thumb up his ass more than than anything else it was like from a distance and kind of just barely hit them and you know he had to sell l. that just look. It's just it was horrible who is and that was just one thing yeah. There's no way I can look. They just had no socially redeeming value whatsoever. <hes> what would I have done differently I would I would have kept it to a one on one. I would have built a story that would have been one on one story you know in retrospect kept all of the the camouflage camouflage the outside interference with people that really weren't capable of doing the job kept that to a bare minimum <hes> or or not at all <hes> and try to better story with two people and identify a personal issue to to make it at least feel like it mattered. If you had to <hes> give this one a ranking where would this fall bash at the beach nineteen ninety nine who on a scale of one to Jan yeah or or we'll do the MELTZER thumbs up thumbs down in the middle thumbs down yeah eighty two percent of the readers of the Observer said the same thing thumbs down only nine point eight percent thumbs up eight percent thumbs in the middle best match. It's unanimous unanimous on Saturn against the triad the worst match also unanimous <hes> Roddy Piper and buff Bagwell. I love this one and <hes> I'm sure you didn't even love revisiting it but when this one's over we've had so many great moments that we celebrated with W._C._W.. And I know that you had just be half odds and beers all around for some of those shows but probably not this one. What's the what's the mood coming out of a pay per view like this? My mood was if I'm not wills up by eleven twenty seven. I'm going to be hot. I I got out of town as quick as I could. Look everybody. The I think for the most part when you come off of a pay per view like this even when it's a bad one there's enough adrenaline to get you through the night. You know it's not as it doesn't feel as bad when you're done is probably should have <hes> but I think in general across the board the tone leading up to this prior to the pay per view and certainly after it just everybody was frustrated. There was this there was no. There's nothing that got people excited about not anything at this point and you still got the show show must go on. You still do it well. I've got something you can get excited about and that's what we're doing next week here on the show and essentially Alana once upon a time of an anniversary SORTA. Hey here's what I'd like to do. Our upcoming shows you WANNA take guess or we're going to be doing next week. I couldn't even imagine I like it and it's always a surprise for you. Well here. We go next week and <hes>. I don't know that you're going to be super excited about this one but maybe who's going to be something different. We're GONNA look at the invasion. Pay Per view two thousand one and went down in the W._W._f.. Of Course W._C._W.'s closed now buys a lot two thousand one one but the invasion is probably the most talked about angle in wrestling history in been fantasy booked all the actor mags for decades and it's finally going to happen here it's W._B._F.. Versus W._C._W.. What did they do? What could they have done what my Eric have done differently? That's a home run fun Kinda show. Don't you think here yeah and again. I didn't watch it. You know what I mean. It's not like I'll I remember watching that. I this'll the it'll it'll. It'll be the first time it's ever happened but I watched it at least for me we're going to do I don't I don't remember you know I didn't even talk to anybody about it so this this is really virgin territory for me and I haven't been a jerk joy in a long time. Leave it out. I'm I'm leaving that one alone but I'm not leaving that show along next week. We're going to do watch along with that. So if you haven't don't go watch the show just yet <hes> we want you to watch it with us for the very first time again. Eric hot take on what he thinks about this invasion paper he did monster Baas <hes> but you know. Was it exactly what it could have been. We'll leave that for Eric to the side but I know there's one thing I can be right now. That's going to excite you more than anything else but but let's play the wrestle rock rumble. This is thinking I'm here to say we've got the greatest Russia's in the age of age but you're not gonna Miss Me Mumble that food you on a restaurant rumbling get on breath arrived with a midnight Rutgers Sean. We love to wrestle love. You don't have to work without GonNa Pummel Digging Rock from the I'm the heat gun. That's not funny. I got my army lots of money if gun in my way Tom Malcolm Com- e- be- sorry I did Barack grumble restaurants <music>. I'm Jerry Blackwell. I WANNA get hands on the fumble. I'M GONNA MAKE FLASH WRESTLE ROCK RUMBLE THE JOHN and I've been a right a lot. I want them in a paid. Rob Can make up the rest of Iraq trumbull awful one big Scott tag team. Take on the ball on the long ball smeared those and off this is the passion kept the title Pat from. I've got the brains I'm not take the boat back into the wrestle rock rubble Tonia the day I won't be get done slapping around Scott won't be ugly by gender into abundant laugh all the way to Iraq's got a muggle but I'm not looking the littlest and went on to build a member of the loan rebel rock rumble yeah just one word from the former Chan burn a lot of fought the one more turn because somebody scored the trouble and I'm trying to get the urge to do the rental trumbull there you have it at now. You know on April twenty this at home so get your ticket to.

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