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What soft drink was invented to solely be a mixer for whiskey?


Feigns jeff pressler the tra- revie above up here on iheartradio and i'm in the break room at the buff ville recording studio buying myself a quick soda. I think i'll grab a seat for a minute. You know while i'm pouring this. It's making me think of really great trivia question. What popular soda beverage was originally developed does a mixer for whiskey. What popular soda beverage was originally developed as a mixer for whiskey will pop out the answer when we return in just a moment starlight lounge presents evening with the progressive box move tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto with with progressive gonna finally barring that gal of yours ugo. Send my condolences this next. There's in my thank you progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts available in all states or situations in today's sparkling trivia question what popular soda beverage was originally really developed as a mixer for whiskey. Let's go to simon or the answer. How do you has rather humble beginnings. It was invented by some hillbillies billy's living in the appalachian mountains in tennessee who are looking for something to chase down there who made whiskey in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight brothers bonnie and alley hartman who ran a bottling company in knoxville spill tennessee started bottling the recipe calling it mountain dew that was slang for moonshine and they sold it in a green bottled. The drink didn't sell well while the brothers were owners say they sold it to another. The bottling company who in turn was acquired by pepsico in nineteen sixty four. Thanks for that refreshing answer answer. If you get refreshed listening to some of the greatest blueprints of all time join me on our companion show bull for bonanza and we'll create some biz right here with our next question on the truth.

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