Mason and Ireland HOUR THREE


All right time for fast-track. Mike Trudell information. We do this every day at this time. I get questions for Mike. He's got him for me. We they don't necessarily have to be about sports fast track. It's sponsored by Rex Rex's dedicated to helping homeowners save using game changing technology a full service experience and no middleman Rex's cutting agent commissions by seventy percent to get started and unlock your savings. Visit sell with wrecks dot com. All right, Mike. We always start with the ceremonial coin for we just had Michael Thompson on heads. Michael feels guilty about not getting his wife. Julie something and does something unexpectedly nice for her on Valentine's Day or tails. He does absolutely as he would say Nutting call it in the air. We all love, Michael. But you know, that's going to be tales which have to be honest about this one. Oh, yeah. It's tells doing anything you can go first or you can defer. What do you prefer? High will defer fouls check. Okay. The hickam. Okay. Here. We go. KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken announced it is testing a new Cheetos sandwich in selected restaurants at locations in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. Here's how KFC describes this quote made by coating a juicy hand breaded extra crispy chicken fillet was special Cheetos sauce and placing it on a toasted bun with male and a layer of Cheetos the Cheetos sandwich, we'll give you a blast of crave. -able Cheetos in every bite and quote. Are we this desperate in our country for Tito's are you in and out on the KFC Cheetos sandwich? See I'm very intrigued. Yes. That's that's interesting. I will at least try this. Why like anything spicy, Greg? Are you in or out on the Cheetos KFC sandwich looking for different answer for minors something? Well, no know. No, no. I have no like Doritos taco from. All right, Mike. Why should pretty good, Mike? Why would you try the Cheetos sandwich? I like Cheetos like chicken sandwiches was what's to go wrong. What's the problem? It just see if it's not good. They'll stop eating it. But that sounds interesting. I I have one thing to say to you. I hope Kristin Andrews is not listening to you right now. You will be shamed. By the Lakers nutritionist when she finds out that you are eating a Cheetos KFC sandwich doesn't sound that bad for having a piece of cake is worse than having a Cheetos chicken sandwiches agree. Can't. Disagree more awesome. We'll try it. I don't know if I'll mix I don't know if I'll necessarily drive the KFC looking for it. But if it comes my way, or you're listening to k SPN, Los Angeles. So my wife was at Disneyland the other day twins and a young woman walked by her wearing a pair of Jordan's. So first of all respect Jordan's reviewer. Coming Jordan, shoes, Jordan shoes. Michael, Jordan sneakers. Yes, Jordan's are come on. For people. Don't you Jordan's are becoming even more superfluous as as the years go on they're becoming bigger and bigger more. People are wearing on people like me that wanted them going up are now going back and buying them. And there's an additional market for women that has been growing and growing. However in this case, John it was raining at Disneyland. And my wife noticed that this woman had what we're essentially shoe rain jackets over her Jordan's. Okay. They were clear they had a snap. They went up over the women's ankle as my wife's telling me tells me, and they were basically like, you know, if somebody comes to your power pro plumbing, guys come into deliver an air conditioner, and they come inside. They put the little booties right there visa, but they're clear you can still see the shoes. What do you think about that? First of all, how do I get some brilliant? If I have on like, really nice, dress shoes. And I'm walking in the rain, and I can just snap on clear protective covers for my expensive shoes done and Mike the part you left out about. Jordan's being all over the place now, and the fact that you have a couple of pairs and you've liked him over the years is they're they're actually expensive. They are. They're not they're not used to buy Chuck Taylors for six dollars. When I was a kid, and I was all excited. I would put him back in the box after but these were converse. Chuck Taylor low tops. All right, Jordan's, depending on the kind you buy can run you north of two hundred bucks. I want your sister your starting at two hundred. I mean, some you can buy some for twenty thousand. Okay. If they're the limited is this woman was any making fun of her. No, no, no, she she was just she just had never noticed it out in public before. And I have not seen this. I think it's going to happen more and more. But here's like my issue is so any actually got me a pair of Jordan's for Valentine's saves, very it's very nice of her. I was going to wear them in today. But I looked outside as said no way, I'm not wearing these. So I wore I wore like some some be level of my shoes from Mark day the now, but so southern California allows you to. To wear your Jordan's. And you're nice shoes more than other places. For example. If I still lived in Minnesota, I don't know how many times a year, I would even be able to wear my shoes when you get home. She gets on me for this. I'll get baby wipes out in the back of I would not get on you about that. I don't know. But I don't think it looks particularly cool to have essentially bags over your Jordan's. Maybe not. But but don't you want to in the in the long run you want him to last and some people resell them, right? They they buy. Yes. But if you're gonna resell them, then you should wear them at all and in sort of retain their perceived quality for me, I I love Jordan's. But I want to wear them when I buy them. I don't know. I just I don't think I could go as far as wearing the baggy to the shoes. But but let me know at my Trudell if you're into that if you think that's going to click on I'm curious I used to play a lot of pickup basketball put a three or four times a week. And I had a pair of Jordan's that I really light. But I played so much that I wore them out so Mike I went to go find this exact pair. I think they were they. Jordan fourteen. So I think he's up he's into the twenties now, but this particular pair, I I didn't necessarily love the way they looked just loved the way I played in them. And I felt I could not find them for a reasonable price anywhere. And I literally went online googled it found some guy in southern California. And we met like you like two guys cut in a shady deal under an underpass. We met in Elsa gun. No. And I bought these Jordan's for one hundred bucks and still have Viggo. But that's how hard these were to find an what what that my eyes to was there. Certain collectors like you say that will pay top dollar for these especially if they're in mint condition. Yeah. It so I don't blame that woman with the plastic covers at all is growing and growing if you're looking for if you're looking for the best selection of Jordan's, and you want to actually go and see them in person riff, Los Angeles, L LA. It's downtown Jeff is the owner fantastic Thompson and Trudell show. Yes. Coming to weigh in on sneaker deals in in this case. So you mentioned him in that in in this whole conversation that anti-gatt you appear Jordan's for Valentine's Day. I got Lisa. I've mentioned I went to growing wild the flower shop in Manhattan beach, and I got Lisa this really extravagant thing for Valentine's Day, and she got it. And she was really touched. And she said to me, do you know what you're getting? And I said, no, she goes spaghetti for dinner. You know, she does do a lot for yourself. Even a card or something spaghetti for. All right. Mike a student at the university of North Carolina at Greensboro found a man inside of her closet wearing her clothes after repeatedly noticing. Her belongings had been misplaced or missing. She finally figured out. There was a guy living in her closet. The student says she thought she had a ghost. She consistently locked her door. There was never a sign. Anyone had broken in? Finally. She heard a noise in her closet and said is somebody in there and the guy answered yes me. Turns out Andrew swat furred had been living in her closet for weeks. He's suspected of breaking and entering as well as identity theft, larceny, possessing stolen, goods failing to appear in court in connection with previous cases, he's been arrested and the girl and her roommate are moving out of this complex a few questions here. How long could somebody be living in your house without you figuring it out more than a day? You think? Microphone just fell near there is one. So I don't have a big house. There's one room in our house. It's three bedroom house. There's one room that I rarely go into like the guest room. Right. And they're like we keep stuff in there. I was like some of my. Your mom or your sister? They come out. So it's it's next to the boys room. But unless they're going in there to run away or hide or something. I I may not go in there. You know, more than times a week. There's some I think you're forgetting though, it's possible. If somebody just stayed in that closet, only in somehow like manage to creep out at night to like, get some food or something. I it's possible. Somebody could go a few days. Do you think that's true? Even though you have a dog. See I have a loud. Yes. That would bark and make a big scene dog is is an x factor would definitely notice. This not have a dog. That's one. Point. Troops out the guys like wearing her clothes, and he knew her schedule. So when she would leave he he would leave any new and she was coming back. So he would be. Yeah. It come back with the guys arrested. She's moving there's a there's a a an off duty police officer one time came and spoke to a group where I was at. And he said dogs are actually a much bigger deterrent to criminals come into your house, then alarms. Okay. Another question for you. When is the last time, you changed your locks have you ever done that or the locks the original locks from when you like bought the house original. Okay. So we just changed ours. Recently, just because we hadn't done it in a long time. The other thing is do you have a ring doorbell? The shack owns got one for any for Christmas ended up taking it back. Okay. And so you your home security is basically, Lila, we've got security system. Okay. So that helps us sometimes activists sometimes not, but yeah, usually active. What's what's weird to me is that and I live in a gated community. If I didn't have the dog I have. Room. Like you were describing earlier where I think that guy could camp out in there for a couple of weeks. Musician, by the way questions. What's your address? Johnny. You're trying to get somebody to actually I have. I have I've armed security outside of go outside of my house. It it it that story creep me out. I'll tell you. All right. You're at that. Well, try not to have any anybody come to my house now. All right, John is you can't have a dog the dog ended alarm system, as you know, John Manchester, United my beloved. Yeah. And yeah, I might I adopted him after you just United fired the former manager Josie Marino a few weeks ago in name d-, former striker Ole Gunnar so skyer ole-ole as the caretaker manager. This will call it in interim interim essentially the care they went on a tear. And so they one there. They went ten ino- with one tie in his first eleven games just ripped off a great stretch before they though in the champion lead. Disappointing loss yesterday to pair Saint Germain. However, it got me thinking John who is the greatest interim. This is easy manager of all time. I haven't answered a local answer. And I'll be curious if it's the same one. No, this is the answer is Steve Fisher. Okay. So Steve Fisher was an assistant coach at Michigan. And they in the late eighty s and word leaked out that Bill Frieder the head coach at Michigan had accepted a job at AirAsia state effective at the start of the next school year. So Frieder was going to finish his job coaching this Michigan team, and then leave at the end of the year to go coach at Arizona state. And then Fisher they both him Boeckler the old coach was the ethic director, and he had that famous line. I want a Michigan man coaching at Michigan. I don't want some part time or coaching our team in the tournament. So like right before the tournament Schimdt Boeckler fired Frieder and Steve Fisher. Came in and ran the table won the whole thing that was with remedial Robinson, and Glen Rice and those guys then so Fisher, they can't fire them like like, I think gunnison might get the Manchester United job, don't you? Because he's been so good Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Yes. That guy. He's he's been so good that I think that that in Manchester United is like one of the most famous athletic teams in the world. He may they may have to give him the job because he's been so good Fisher won the tournament. So they couldn't fire him. And then he went out and got the fab five to go there. He's got Chris Webber and Jalen Rose's. So that's my answer. I think the answer is Steve Fisher. Well, all right. I will I will pitch this. I'm not sure if it exactly qualifies, but Pat Riley figure about how Pat Riley came into the Lakers situation. Right. So what do one coach goes out Riley, essentially becomes Stu lands at the time was chick Hearn's color, man. They brought him down from in. So toss starting as an assistant. But then the next. Year. Dr Jerry Buss goes up to Jerry West and says, hey, I want you to be co coaches and Jerry West basically says well, and that's at a press conference I will coach with Pat for a month. And then it will be his job and Showtime the rest was history right now. Of course, they'd already one once they'd get the the the rest of Showtime, and because it was like eighty one eighty two and he goes on to be the coach until nineteen nineties. Would that qualify? It's you as caretaker. So then then my answer is Pat Riley. Yeah. Sure. It's great answer. And the you know, the weird thing about that was. Jack McKinney was the coach of the Lakers any went for a bike ride. Anywh some a car hit him. Yeah. Tragically and and Paul Westhead replaced him. And then west Ed got in a run in with Magic Johnson. And magic said I don't wanna play for this coach he doesn't he doesn't coach defense or whatever. I know what the problem was. I don't know if it was officially said that. But it was thought it was thought that he and magic had different philosophies. Yeah. But you know, right after that is is how Pat Riley was born. Then he ran say, okay. We'll be back with more fasttrack in exactly two minutes. Mike Trudell information. I'm John Ireland ESPN LA. All right. More fast track. Mike Trudell is in for Mace. And I am up fast chat. Okay. Mic the era. Zona cardinals have the first pick in this year's NFL draft. They also hired someone, you know, well, cliff Kingsbury to be their new head coach right back when he was at Texas Tech. Jack Kingsbury famously said that he loves Heisman Trophy winner kinda Murray so much that he would quote take him with the first pick in the draft. If I could end quote now Murray is committed to football over baseball and hired a guy named Eric Burkhardt to be as agent burkhart is also Kingsbury she's agent both Adam Schefter and Kirk herbstreet are suggesting that the cardinals could trade twenty two year old Josh Rosen after just one year and draft Murray to be their quarterback. If they did go that way, they could probably trade down and get more picks since most draft experts. Don't think Murray will go number one. They think he could go in the top fifteen but a third of them now. Now, I want to be fair to Kingsbury, obviously, if he was the head coach at the cardinals he wouldn't have said that publicly about Murray he was trying to do it saying nice thing about the Oklahoma quarterback that played in his conference. Yes. So I don't think that you can hold that quote against cloud. It's like what coach is always nice about that. Yeah. Let's say you run the cardinals. What is the better option? Stick with Rosen and used that pick to draft another physician the cardinals kind of need everything or trade Rosen. Get a couple more picks and kind of Murray QB, what would you do? Oh, goodness. I mean, this is a tricky situation because I do see how Murray would fit in Kingsbury system, which you know, people think that offensive -ly run-and-shoot and all that kind of stuff that all they do is throw it. It's really not the case. There's a lot of running involve the defense is so spread out that there are a lot of gaps for the running back, and especially if you have a running quarterback. I mean, that becomes even that much more. Interesting Rosen, obviously isn't gonna run much right? You you saw him John. Great UCLA. He just kind of drops back. But my tendency just like this NFL draft, you have Nick Bosa. Okay, edge rusher. Best player in the class is ridiculous. And then you already have Patrick Peterson. And all pro defensive player and their defense close in Peterson together could be really good. Then you you have Josh Allen, right? For out of Kentucky that the a lot of people. I was ridiculous in the Quinton Williams. Is that right that isn't defensive lineman from Alabama? That's just on Stor. And it would be tough for me. It will come to when Rosen's seems like be a pretty good player. It will be tough for me. To not take one of those three ridiculous defensive players and try to have a bit more of a balanced roster, then to take the risk of trading diagree with you. And if I were the cardinals, I would take a serious renovating Tonio Brown, you put Larry FitzGerald on one side and in Tonio Brown on the other that gives Josh to really good weapons to throw to. And and you know, they already have David Johnson. Who is an all pro running back, then you're onto something. Now, you got something going, I'm with you. I I would hang onto Rosen and and draft one of those defense Chaco, I think that's the right way to go. But we'll see. All right. John. David Stern was recently on a podcast. And to summarize he essentially said that that if Collin capper Nick were in the NBA instead of the NFL he would still have a job and just that statement at its root. And there, you know, there's some of the quotes there started talked about how mock mood A rod new roof. Chris Jackson Jackson. Dual right wolf basically had did a protest through the anthem stern ended up finding him. And I believe he suspended him for a game. And but but he went row went on to have a career. Well, they they eventually because they reach an agreement that allowed him to stand for the anthem with his head bowed in prayer. That was basically they agree so stern handled. It progressively in figured out a way to to sort of acknowledge what what Abul roof would believed in and still was able to make his protest in his own way. So, but do you do you buy that premise, do you think that this is a problem unique to the NFL in the or do you think this is just a bit of a shot across the bow from David Stern in the NBA over to the NFL? No, I buy the premise. I think that if Colin Kaepernick was doing this in the NBA that Adam silver who is the most progression progressive Commissioner in all of sports would've nipped in the bud right away. He would've called in several different players, and he would have said all right guys. Let's reach a compromise on this. And he would have got it done. As a matter of fact, Ramona has. A report on ESPN dot com today that the NFL quietly reached out to Adam silver to see Viet any interest in changing leagues, and maybe becoming the NFL Commissioner because these are the types of things that silver heads off at the pass. I do think that there would be more room for disagreement. And let's Mike let's face it the NBA as just a more progressive league. Yeah. By a lot. They have black ownership. They they have, you know, the head of the players union and the vice president or two elite players the players all actually not only they actually like Adam silver. Yeah. Which is which is the most common thing in in every other league. So to me, I think that that it probably would have been worked out. What do you think? I think so too. I don't even think it's close. I think that that's been a tenant of the NBA for years of sandy behind its players and letting them express themselves, and it's been one of the reasons why the league had more success now is that like the NFL is struggling as a business model. So I guess the way that they've done business has has a from a bottom line perspective worked, but from a public relations standpoint, not even close. Yeah. And. I think that well, let me just put it this way. I don't wanna rip any other league. I just think Adam silver is the best Commissioner in sports. And there isn't a problem that I don't think he could handle I think that whatever comes up no matter how ugly that he's so smart that he would handle it. And I wouldn't have said all that stuff about former commissioners. But I will bet him. It's just think the guy gets it. It's hard to picture another lockout, you know, you. And I went through two of them, you are employed at the time. I was in the one in the nineties I was still in high school. But then the one I was under the twenty eleven when you were twenty eleven and that was that was scary. That was that was rough all of the business that wasn't coming in. It's hard to see anything like that coming up with how well the league's doing good, Adam silver, ever become just Commissioner of sports and have vice Commissioner, no below sport yet. It's a good idea. But on the outside that is interesting. That's an interesting thought. Hey. Hey. All right. Tom Brady told Michael Strahan last week that being called the goat greatest of all time makes them uncomfortable. Brady said he would rather someone criticize him and that criticism motivates him more than praise but is Tom Brady the goat. The greatest player of all time. Let's each name a goat in the major sports and see if we come up with the same name, Greg. You can do this too. So I'm going to count to three and on the winter when I say three I'll go one two three say the name of the person that you think is the greatest of all time in that sport. Now, let's guess beforehand. I have one two three four five six seven sports, Greg. How many times what we all say the same name? I think you've seven sports. Yep. Four. All right, Mike, how many? Well, I'll say three I think it'll be more than that. I would be five. Okay. Let's try it on the first one. All right. Why can sabotage this now? No, no, no. But I've just just doing it as a social jokes just disobey right about my three. That's true. But don't you answer? I'll be honest. I'll be right. So I'll say one two three and say the name, I sport is basketball one two three Michael Jordan. Okay. All in all in unanimous. Okay. Football one two three Tom Brady. All right. We're two for two. This is this is where it gets hard baseball who K. One two three bay willingness. Yeah. Would you say, okay? So to Mike I wrote Babe Ruth or Willie Mays. I was deferring to my father on this one. Who told me that is amazing Babe Ruth was that the fact that Willie Mays was also the best defensive player he ever saw an had the numbers. But yeah, that's I haven't agreed to be on all right hockey, one two three Wayne Gretzky. Yeah. K we're all the same tennis one two three. Serena williams. Caterer inches. So that we had difference. You guys went Federer. I think if you look at Serena's dominance on her side versus Roger Rogers, great. But Serena's the greatest tennis player of all time, she is been so insanely dominant that nobody else. No one will ever catch Michael beat her. If you're still listening, Michael Texas tennis player of all time is hose, Michael loves both. I think John Hewitt, but if I were to say if I were to if we're going to qualify it and say women's gay men's game. We both would have said Serena, you would've said federal. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's, but but I think Serena's the answer I don't think you should be penalized. Just because she she's a day if in their primes Serena verse Federer who wins if they played each other just virtually yet played each other no federal would win. But, but I'm seeing that Serena is she like, she's one something like, you know, thirty majors. No, right. I just I just think it's you can't you can't group the games together since they don't Mendome play women. Let's do golf. Okay. One two three. Tiger Woods right everybody. That's a Jack Nicklaus. Oh, did you. Yep. Yet. Which is I wrote Jack Nicklaus. Tiger woods. Nancy it. Okay. So that's three different. And the last one greatest coach of all time. And this company's everything this is any sport, you can think of professional college. Whatever you want to name it greatest coach of all time on three one two three John wooden everybody. Well, yeah. So we had argue with wooden. We had one of you guys said four four was the answer. I said for four was the answer. We were the same unfold different on three. Don't what's interesting if so people now will I've heard this a lot lately, it makes sense, but calling Bill Belichick the greatest coach, you know, in basically ever, he's twenty six Super Bowls. Jackson wanna listen Taito? Why are wiser forgetting about Phil Jackson land? And you went to thirteen finals and one eleven time different groups of players. Yeah. I three hundred players. I'm completely with you. I'll chat last one George. Don't forget about Phil man. I mean, Phil legend, John. So I was I was driving to target yesterday. Okay. In my wife was playing something on Spotify. And it was like, Honey what is this? And it was our 'Grande the song was break up with your girlfriend to come. I'm bored. Okay. I just wondered what is your kind of want to ask Michael this too? But break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored. What does that title imply to you, John? What what is our Yana Guerande trying to say? Day is with a dude and she wants to hook up with them. And she wants the dude to break up with his girlfriend. So she can get with them. That's my that was my assumption. And my right. I think so, but it's just as she's saying that she just wants to get with him. You know, once in this is basically her because this is all coming up. This Pete Davidson stuff right right to the degree that I'm up on the Arianna 'Grande in the Davison, of course, from SNL. What was the other song, Greg? Well, she had a hit song. Which is thank you next or something on you neck next. We'll cheat a hit song with Jesse gain and Nicki Menaj called bang bang. They use it in Cadillac commercials now. Okay. And basically the gist of that song was. I will. I will teach you things when you get with me that your girlfriend doesn't do John. Do you think do you think it's a good message for the fellas out there that they should break up with her girlfriend, you know, to to go and have a have something occur with Arianna day? And then and then you know, just sort of move on. No, I don't think it's a good message. But I think that any guy would break up with his girlfriend if he could get with our Yana Guerande, by the way, amazing are Anna Grandi story that came out this week when Arianna 'Grande was a kid like a little kid. I she grew up either in Florida or Carolina, she grew up somewhere in the south, and she was a huge her parents used to take her to hockey games. Okay. And she got hit in the face twice with hockey pucks. Thanks and the picture that showed like Google this, Arianna 'Grande. Zamboni. Okay. So the. Team basically said because they felt bad that she'd been hit twice with hockey pucks. As like a four year old accused jitney towns age, they put her on his bony and somewhere in a newspaper this week. A writer went back and found the picture of four year old Arianna 'Grande writing on Zamboni with the whole story about how she was a big hockey fan as a kid, and this is like before she and it's a picture of her waving to the crowd on Zamboni in a Florida Panthers game. I just I just go. Yeah. Yeah. Does not look like, Arianna 'Grande. Well, I'm sure she's you know, once you reach a certain status, you can pay for improvements if you know, let's not necessarily imply any paying just a dissolute. She's got like really curly hair. Yeah. And he looks at your kid. All right, but Emec includes the Grandes segment, and that also includes fast-track back with more stuff next ESPN LA, Mason, Ireland show might Trudell is in for Mace. And we'll do a little purgatory coming up at the top of the hour. I just saw Freddie prints running around here. Can we get Jake? We get some in continually sappy love songs the comeback to for the rest of the show. We could maybe like maybe like some Chicago. Are for me to say, I'm sorry possible. Something like that, Jerry. What do you think, you know? So there's a backstreet boys fan. My wife likes Adele, like most women. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. And and I said to her the other day, you know, you realize that every song Adele sings is about being wronged by a man every single one most seems. Yeah, I mean, no, she's got some happy upbeat songs. I said where in the even in the happy upbeat songs. She's talking about out. How how you know? They're all about heartbreak. You seem I think you seem to be mostly right? John ydstie sick talented, but they're all about heartbreak. All right. So we started the show by talking about what? And this is seems to be a hot topic on all the ESPN talk shows that Luke Walton it was reported yesterday. By Brad Turner, the LA times and others that Luke will finish the year as the head coach of the Lakers, and Mike, and I who around the Lakers all the time and full disclosure. We both worked for him. We felt that way for really long time. Greg you're saying the other day when you were hosting Lakers raw that the number one thing that everybody was doing and it was an ugly loss to Atlanta was calling for Luke's head, right? Yes. Everyone's calling for his head just not just because of the loss itself because of everything over the year where he's saying their their thought is that his rotations are bad. There's no offense of sets whatsoever. They can't play without LeBron. And there's all these injuries are all coming onto him. Okay. There's several things about that that I disagree with. But the number one reason the Lakers are in tenth place right now. The number one reason is injuries. And I know nobody likes to blame injuries. But LeBron James Mike has never missed eighteen games in his career ever. So when all of us at the beginning of the year made these predictions, I predicted they'd wind forty-eight games. Which is why I've been running around here saying they're going to finish twenty and five to save. My prediction. Yeah. The well you saw the I wrote a whole art like my whole article at the beginning of the season sort of here's what to look for the whole point of the reason the Lakers. I thought we're going to be in good shape was because the west was going to be so tight that the team that had the advantage was the one who star never got hurt and the Lakers in that sense. Had the best percentage chance of that to happen because LeBron has literally never gotten hurt before. Now, there are two other players in the west that never get hurt. Once James harden ones, Damian Lillard. And so I thought Portland in Houston, we're going to be fine for those same reasons, but you know, in of course, Golden State has five stars. So that can happen too. But the opposite has happened. He has been hurt the the whole stuff about Luke. I I find that to have been the wrong story line also for the season and the best way to to understand that is that he had them as the seventh best defense up until two weeks ago or three years ago when Lonzo got hurt on a team that didn't have the seventh. Best defensive personnel in. The NBA and win. The LeBron got hurt. Lebron got hurt on Christmas day when LeBron got hurt. The Lakers were the fourth seed in the west, and they hammered the warriors hammered him beat them by twenty seven the day. Lebron got hurt. And after that, it's been a different story. So I think that Luke Walton deserves to finish the year. And let me preface by saying that Mike, and I are not in any meetings to talk about personnel. We d- we never ever talked to rob Pelinka or Magic Johnson about anything about roster or coaching decisions. It's just a vibe we have watching them practice and watching them play that they'll reevaluate everybody at the end of the year. But if you're one of the people that called into Brian and Andy or went on Lakers raw with Greg and started calling for the head of Luke Walton your howling at the moon. Yeah. It was always going to he was never going to be fired. But it's to their points and just to play devil's advocate. There's a lot of things that are that don't look well for. Him. I I'm not disputing that. I'm seeing that you can criticize any coach in the NBA. But what I am saying is it's not going to happen now in my opinion. Diaby let me put it this way. I'd be very surprised. I think very surprised if the Lakers changed coaches before the end of the regular season shocked thought was that now that you're going into the all star break after an Atlanta loss that this would be that time if he's coaching February twenty first against Houston. Then it's not happening at all. He is going to be what is going to be coaching February twenty first against Houston. Unless there is something that I do not know an I in I guess, that's always possible. But I think Luke's going to be given the opportunity to finish the year. That's my prediction, by the way. Lebron was asked what the team needs to do. And what they need to focus on while. They're on the all star break you'll hear that next ESPN LA metal. That's what I'm talking about. Try not to fall in love with this on the background. Jay. Yeah. This is a Peterson Tara who is the lead singer for years for Chicago. And he's eat screwed some girl over and then wrote this song. That's what he sees trying to apologize. He saying he'll make it up to her. Right. And he's the only one, but then you should know run off with that girl from the strip club. Yes. I guess what? I think about that. Pantic in that sense. Best Valentine's Day song ever is what it's hard to say Sam sorry. No. No, no. I'm just gonna you said it's hard to say, I'll make love to you. Yeah. The plus probably boy that that's a good one. Yeah. Boys, you bushman? All right. So Lakers have twenty five games left and a lot of people. I've said they're going twenty and five so that will make sure they get to the forty eight that I predict at the start of the year, but that would be if they go twenty and five that'd be a tremendous run. I don't think they need to censor DeVos's going to ask you I ask year you needed that many games just to get into the playoffs this year. I think you you think forty five gets in well, possibly I mean, look part of this whole thing the Lakers can control the like they're going to play all of these teams that are right above them in the saints other than the site bears games left with the clippers in one game left at the kings in in this. So the Spurs, you know, they they won their last game before the. Break before that they had gone. They had only won four of their previous ten. So I think that the top six teams are pretty safe Golden State Denver Oklahoma City Portland, Houston, Utah. I think those teams are pretty safe, but San Antonio is not playing great basketball. They could fall out more the clippers. They have incentive actually to not make the playoffs in terms of keeping their pick. Although I do think they would love to make the playoffs at the Lakers expense. So I don't expect them to quit. And then Sacramento, I think Sacramento has been a great story this year, but they kind of get everybody's be game. The Lakers get everybody's a game. I think that shift some as the playoff mix enters into more prominent. So LeBron was asked the other night in Atlanta. What is the team need to focus on mentally during the break. Here's what he said. All you gotta do compressive away from the game for a little bit. Those guys have a lot more time than now. We'll be right back into it in two days. But we'll just skip fresh get your eyes get your body's, right? Come back with the notion that we you know, we will make playoffs so Mike. How would you answer that question? Where do you think the focus needs to be when they take the court again a week from today next Thursday for these final twenty-five, what's the most? If you were making a checklist of things that the Lakers need to focus on what do you? What do you think that the top? Well, I think if you're a fan of this team, and you've been watching them, you know, from afar and trying to go about through in do all of the things. Do you have in your daily life? You look at them. You think wait a second. They have the Brian James they're twenty eight and twenty nine th they make the plus what the heck's wrong. It must be the coach. Yeah. You get you get to subtract eighteen games that LeBron didn't play in from that. Well, okay. But that's that's my point though. That's if you're really paying close attention and your following it everyday. And if you are like like you, and I are it's not that hard to explain why the season's gone, that's it has between injuries between all of the stuff at the trade deadline there. I can I can sort of explain for the most part why the Lakers are a game under five hundred what I think is important to remember is LeBron James, and we said this earlier in the show he is going to ramp things up after the break. He always does he on a given night when when he wants to be he is still the best player in the world. And I just think they're enough nights. The Lakers have against all of these teams in the west. And by the way, they've won on the road, Golden State. They won't add Oklahoma City. They've won at Portland they should have won at Houston. There are fifteen when Lonzo hurt his ankle. They've won. They've do. They win at San Antonio. That was here they lost. They lost its Santoni this year. So they won that Sacramento. Like, they're they want. Dallas. They've they've basically one they've won a lot of games against western coverage teams that they're going to be playing against and the Lakers are going to need to win that game more than those other teams. They they just are. That means something in the NBA it it's not easy. But it means that you like they are going to have to bring a different level of effort, and guess what? After the break. There's no more excuses. There's no one else wants here about the trade deadline anymore. You know, no one wants to hear about all. They've got time that stuff goes out. And I think one push comes to shove in that context. That's when you do want LeBron on your team. And so I do think that there's there's enough ground to be made up for them to get into the playoffs. And I think that they'll make it. I I would say that the one thing that stands out to me that they've got to do is. They've got to get back to playing team defense. They had a click gambling for a lot of Rondo gambles for steals LeVine. And sometimes they get them. And when they get them at energizes the team, but I think you have to almost get a bunker mentality to pay attention to those numbers that you read earlier in the. Show when they used to be seventh and team defense. And now they've dropped a twenty eighth. I mean that's fallen off a cliff for the for the three period rushes to everybody. Dial in getting Lonzo back will help. And and again, I don't think they're going to get Lonzo back Thursday. No, I think Lonzo is probably a couple of weeks away after that. But you got to play the games are scheduled in here. Come the Houston Rockets. A really good team with the best offensive player in the league coming in here. But Houston went into Minnesota last night. Minnesota beat them. So, you know, they're beatable. Right. So I think that. Yeah. Of course, and the thing that you just mentioned if you want me to isolate one thing that the legs have to do to get back to it. Of course, it is defense. Of course, it's the energy and effort, but I think that LeBron is the biggest factor even in that. Okay. And it's not like if LeBron comes with playoff LeBron approach and not that he's going to do that every single game. But the majority of these games if LeBron in the first quarter, you can tell John watch watch the go back and watch the Miami game. This. Season when the Braun is on it and focused and comes out aggressive that is a different team and the rest of the guys fall in line. And I do I do think you can put that pressure on him because he is the best player. I think that that's what's that's going to make the difference. It's not going to be because the young guys all just sort of galvanize and figure it out you it has to come from the Brown in if it comes from LeBron down. They'll be okay. All right super cuts Lakers fifth row. Friday promotion this happens. Tomorrow, the price pack will include a super cuts fifth row seat to the seats. Two of them to the bucks game on March first and autograph basketball chairman's clubs passes super cats gift card. Here's how you waiting. You got to answer all five of our pop quiz questions on Friday. You get. So you gotta listen every day. And you gotta listen closely fifth row Fridays is brought to you by super cat. Save time checking online let super cuts get you game ready. Visit super cuts dot com. Do a little purgatory next donnas here. Freddie Prinz is running around here. We'll get those guys in here. ESPN LA George would. Into your head. Best Valentine's Day music is. Oh, man. Anything motown? I feel like is pretty good one. I'll make love to you boys to men. I mean, Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder words, no more Al green beyond this like, you know. Hey, let's stay together or something, you know, but not not not boys to men. Yeah. I mean, I I mean, I'm not that much older than you. But I just feels like that's way, more romantic than boys high school in the nineties than boys to men for. Sure. Yeah. Trudell? But I think you yes. Yeah. Yeah. I was early nineties. So we've been talking a lot today about a lot of different things. But I want to get your opinions on a discussion, we had have you guys heard about this that, you know, the whole pro golf tour is in town were you listening when we were talking about this tipping situation. All right. So I'll reset it for people who weren't listening earlier met cooter who's in town this week and playing it revere. And by the way, they're back on the course at revere. They had a rain delay. But they're playing right now they resumed at one thirty. So they're back. Dozens one of the physical, therapists, they're taking care of the gopher excellent. So mad could worthy appointment or day. Not there. But we're these in Maui playing somewhere, you know rate. Yeah. Exactly. So Matt Kuchar is a pro golfer who went to Cancun, and he was playing in a professional tournament and his caddy the guy he normally uses was unavailable. So Cooper hired a local guy some Mexican guy that we knew the course said cut a deal with them said I'll give you three thousand dollars for the weekend. Which is a good deal for this guy. Didn't make a lot of money, and he's I'll tell you. What if I do? Well, if I play, okay? I'll I'll give you a thousand dollar bonus you four thousand and the guy agrees to it. And they got to set deal. Well, couture plays out of his mind in wins the whole tournament one point three million dollars. So nice check it is in and he gives the guy five thousand dollars even more than he said he would give him because he did really well, and the guy starts talking about the other caddies in the other caddies say, you know, when you're gonna win tournament. If yours regular caddie you're supposed to get ten percent. If you're filling catty you're supposed to get five. So five percent would be sixty five grand and ten percent would be one hundred twenty nine grand. And so the caddy says to cooter, hey, you know, have a little something for the effort. And Cuccia says I'll give you fifteen grand more give you twenty grand to get you to shadow cash and the guy says, no, no, no you're supposed to give me like sixty five. I don't want that, Freddie. How should couture have handled this? Okay. And Michael wants wants it put into the equation that this guy ratted couture out by going to a golf magazine and making this public the first thing I was going to say as I heard Michael Thomson, and I rarely disagree with him. You'll take nothing like this. I am from the Vince McMahon school of business, which is if I offer you this much money once we have a deal, that's the deal. Vince McMahon used to have pro wrestlers who on the day of the pay per view, say wrestlemainia would say you'll may go out there. I want one hundred thousand dollars cash and he's now held hostage by this. Right. And what did he do? What would man do? Well, he would pay and then that person's next match Vince would use a wrestler that they use the term Hooker, which is a guy who's gonna hook. If you and wrestling you legit you. So the following Monday night, raw whoever held him hostage on the Sunday. Paper view got more bar over by gentleman named Mark Henry who was the world's strongest man at the time. He was Vince is like main guy. So I agree with Michael on this. Well known thing. Yes. A well known LL wrestling all part of the wrestling circles, there's bands that fans knew that knew all that. Pretty pricey. You would stick to your gun now like could and could you by the way says he has thinking to his gun now he has dealt with this way wrong. Okay. Like for me, sixty grand to buy that kind of good press when you just one one point to pay the sixty grand. But this guy did him wrong went public. They already had a deal. He already offered him more. And once the guy heard like, hey, man, you should try to get a better deal because we would get a better deal. Then the guy's like, oh, hey, you did me wrong, man. I want more. So I get where he's coming from. But I'm with Michael Thompson on this one, George what do you feel Kuti coocher handle this wreck cheapskate? Okay. First of all this probably a language barrier here. Okay. That we're dealing with. I said something that was very nice, Mike. What was the thing? He said about for. He basically said paraphrasing. This guy makes two hundred dollars a day. He should be happening. Two hundred dollars a week saying that Jason state them. The deal is the. I think both guys along with Saddam who choose a cheapskate. He probably took advantage of a guy with the language barrier issue here, and who's probably again only make it two hundred dollars a day because he's working at some resort golf course. And I don't think it was. I don't think it was a day. I think it was a week. I think it was two hundred dollars a week. Okay. So okay. So he took advantage of the guy in that situation. And then the people around him like, so how much is he paying you? And and when he tells them they're like, they're looking out for the caddy's, the caddies are looking for the caddy. So I don't blame. He knew that. It was five percent. Okay. He was trying to be a cheapskate. Like he knew what the parameters were for a regular. Okay. Now. Let me let me play devil's advocate and go back to a point ready made the death. I I agree with you going back to Freddie's, Freddie, stand. Take advantage of the Mexicans and cathode George Lord had cooter stunk it up. You're listening to say thank you had. He played poorly and missed the cut and made zero dollars. He still would have paid that guy three thousand bucks. He would've would've taken the hit. So could you not make the argument that cooter just cut a good deal? So let me ask you a question if he gets a in caddy on the PGA tour and misses the cut and make zero dollars does that caddy make zero dollar? No, he makes whatever they negotiated. Upfront. That's my point. Okay. Well, then that's kind of deal. Hey, I'll give you three grand this weekend. You catty for me? And I missed the cut. I'm still giving you three grand. Okay. So I then I win the whole tournament. Right. But that three grand that changes things, you didn't you didn't not only make the cut you won the whole damn thing. So all of a sudden that arrangement is is null and void as far as I'm wanting, Mike. He said was could you goes, I sleep fine tonight. And I'm going to sleep fine in night. I would not sleep at night. Freddie guy would have given him the sixty five K and a good night. Good luck charm man, made his life, by the way, we have double Ramona on TV right now we have run around the horn on one TV on sportscenter Keith Olbermann on the other fish, come on ramonic- probably won't be sleeping as well. Tonight. Now that everybody's ripping him this being achieved there's enough gas in the vehicle to transport four Bank robbers being get away location. There are now five that is not the deal. One guy has to leave what the Bank robbers do. They sat up fifth guy threw him out because they knew the deal, then that's all that's all the other point that I wanted to introduce to this is what if this guy's really bad caddy. And you didn't help we just went through a win. Just got a tweet caddies. This is from Michael gab law. I think I get boss Mike, put your name caddies are paid that much because they know they're golfers tendencies there strengthen weaknesses this guy. He just picked up carried a bag and gave him yard. But even Fillon guy who doesn't know the guy still makes five percent. I think both inter true. He should have paid the guy. But it also sounds like he didn't necessarily contribute a ton to couture. We don't know that we don't have the largest I'm assuming that he knew the course, I I think that you, you know, so you get the course that's a good point his home course, whatever Goldman is because they're about to go down there. Again, you know that golfers going to give him a ton. Never plays going to be Michael's point is going to look like for Hiram knowing that this guy can't keep his mouth shut. If someone doesn't like Kucher, they might we said it's like the drew Brees thing though. Right. Where remember where he he ordered takeout? Yeah. And then some. Oh, some whoever twenty bucks when order two hundred bucks for the food. Tweeted it and whatever I don't know what to do when I do take out. Do you guys tip? Yes. Twenty percent. Just because I don't ever get done dirty like, right? No matter what it's twenty. Sameh nobody and I will tip just because I don't want the I'd ever I was like, I don't want the deadspin five bucks. Donald lead thing. Like ESPN is bad Tipper in this argument with Michael says that if he gets bad service, he doesn't tip, and I said you have to your Michael Thompson. Yeah. Bad services nothing to do with it. He goes no tip is a reward for good service. And I said it doesn't matter. You're not than I am. It's not worth the bad press. You'll get and I think I finally won him over Michael's actually genders Michael time, his generous because it becomes the headline there reads Klay Thompson father is mad at the end of the day. I think Michael just wanted to have the argument. He feels no shame though. But but I mean, he this year, especially he's been taking people out to dinner left. And right. He took all of us out to dinner, twelve of us, basically. I want to take my mom out. Like just last one of my parents will come to town, right, Michael? And everybody would come is the only time he would leave the hotel in the obviously since my dad's passing. It's Cindy is gonna come up to Boston. We're and take her out, and he paid for like fifteen people at this night. He had a great line at the dinner. He was introducing. Cindy, Mike's mom to everybody else. And Michael goes, hey, do you guys know Cindy, she raised two beautiful kids and Trudell? Yeah. Good line, George. You mentioned Ramon was on two different TV's the reason Ramona is getting a lot of TV today as she broke a story this morning. That was interesting. She says the NFL went after Adam silver. Yeah. And he Sean has said that before and that they tried to get Adam silver is she doing stealing keys breaking. No, no, no. No. No. But key, I agree with you Keyshawn story. And Ramona's taking the credit right now, it's like a year ago. Well, so, but what was interesting, but strays Adam said, he's not he didn't think about it. He's moved past it. He's hispan- his whole life at the NBA is going to say it the NBA. But unless it's something like morally wrong, I much money would it cost to let me sleep with your wife. Nobody's gonna do that. But this to change leagues. Everybody has a price. Right. If they came to him and said, Adam look, we're at league in crisis. We're the richest league in the world, we'll pay you a billion dollars to be the NFL Commissioner doesn't have to do it. I mean, they're not gonna Bill. Right. Just trying to get enough. It were six billion. Came out. I'm trying to like could Cadel made wet like forty million. Yeah. Yeah. Like if Freddie gave him the I just watched the godfather if they gave him an offer he couldn't refuse he'd have to do. It all goes back to wrestling for me the million dollar, man. Ted diaz. And he was humiliated people in the crowd with a hundred dollar Bill and make them do and people would willingly do it. And these weren't like setups. This was like live. So anything could have happened. But Vinci's philosophy was everyone. Vince McMahon created the character of the million dollar, man. Ted db from down, south, rain and said, I have a gimmick for you. It's going to work you have to sign with me. I can't tell you. What is till you signed and Ted dibiase. Trusted him. It was like. Yeah. Okay. And then boom the million dollar man was born that said there's a number for everyone. Like people have said, you know. Oh, you're not retired. You would do this. You would do that. If the number was stupid, then. Yeah. Okay. Let me of that. No. And then a stupid number. I think would have to be over one hundred million dollar, right? Let me push back on that the when you have a certain amount of money, and I'll introduce these supermax contract and the NBA that the whole purpose of that was so the guys wouldn't leave. Well, guess what guys? When you can make two hundred million. You don't care as much of its two hundred thirty four million. But then so. Yeah. But then so they're making money out outside. But my point is Adam silver is making multiple what it is. But he's making multiple millions of dollars tens of millions. Everybody loves him the players Levin. The league is going up and up and up and up. Right. Like there's to me that he's happy. There is no that's the kind of thing where he doesn't need any more money in the NBA would give him more, by the way. If you needed to do to say, here's the NFL's offering. Hey, guys. Look, I want to say, but you know, give me an extra ten. Yes, sir. Please. Where can I send the money? Oh, use Kellerman. As an example, I was visiting with max earlier in the year and max is a New York born and bred guy, but he loved living here and he loved to an African drive here. He loved living here. His one of his girls was born here and. He got the proverbial offer. He couldn't refuse. He got an offer to go back and be one of the hosts I take and they just pay them so much money that he couldn't say, no. And I said I said so you ever coming back. He goes time for grit every day that I turned it down, and because he could have made enough money here to be happy. So maybe George there are things more important than money. So to your point, right? Like one of my closest friends in the businesses, Dan laboratory who for years was trying people are trying to steal him to leave Miami move to LA moved to new he and he's never left. And now he's got a kingdom basically SPN eventually said fine. You don't want to leave the kingdom there. And that's what he's done. He stuck to his guns. And he was an he's now kind of reaping the benefits. But yeah, he always he always told me don't ever take a job solely because of money. Yeah. He's right. All right. More purgatory coming up next ESPN LA.

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