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Support for this podcast and the following message come from frame bridge. They make custom framing easy and affordable frame year. Art in photos at frame bridge dot com or visit their new stores located on fourteenth street and Bethesda row. Get fifteen percent off your first frame bridge. Order with code NPR. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. The Pentagon is disputing a series of claims made by Iran about its donning yesterday of a military drone above the straight of Hormuz NPR's David welna reports in a statement tonight, they also conclude are included corrected map of what the Pentagon says was the flight path in what's becoming something of a war of words. US central command spokesman disputes, Iran's claim that an American spy plane with thirty five people aboard was flying near the down drone, and that it too could have been shot down for invading Iranian airspace. The spokesman says American aircraft never left, the international airspace, about the straight of Hormuz and noted that the spy. Plan can only carry a maximum of twenty eight people. He says the US failed to find any debris from the down drone because it was scattered widely amid high winds and heavy seas NPR's David welna. This supreme court is throwing out the murder conviction of a Mississippi man who didn't get a fair trial when the state blocked potential. Jurors from hearing, the case NPR's Ryan Naylor says the high court also struck down his death sentence. The men Curtis flowers is an African American who was tried six times for the murder of four people in a furniture store in each trial. The prosecutor in the case trying to block African American jurors from serving all told he's truck forty one out of forty two possible African American jurors Justice. Brad Kavanagh wrote the majority opinion saying quote the numbers, speak loudly justices and Gorsuch, descended. Thomas writing that lawyers for flowers. Presented no evidence whatsoever of purposeful race discrimination, by the state flowers is currently on death. Throw. It's possible Mississippi could try him a seventh time. Brian Naylor, NPR news Washington Spain's supreme court sentenced five men fifteen years in prison for raping an eighteen year old woman. It took place during the country's famous running of the bulls festival in two thousand sixteen the men call themselves the Wolfpack and filmed the attack on their cell phones. Lucia Benedetti's has the latest to lower courts head initially sentenced the men to nine years in jail for the lesser crime of sexual abuse. That verdict sparked outrage among women's rights groups in Spain prompting its own metoo movement, and a review of Spain's rape loss. Prosecutors had called on Spain's highest court to upgrade the conviction to rape. The defendants had also appealed, the ruling saying they were not guilty because the victim had consented on Friday, the judges ruled the attack could be classified as rape, which was aggravated by being committed in. Group for NPR news. I'm Lucia been visas in Barcelona, Wall Street, lower by the closing bell. The Dow down thirty four points at twenty six thousand seven hundred nineteen the NASDAQ down nineteen points at eight thirty one the s&p five hundred down three points at twenty nine fifty. This is NPR news. The Trump administration is going ahead with plans to deport Iraqi nationals who they say, face persecution and death of return to that country serve Swick from Michigan radio has more. These Araki's are part of a court case that challenged their plan, deportations many have criminal records and standing deportation orders. But they say a rock is too dangerous to return to, they won temporary victories. But lost their case on appeal. Now, it appears the government is aggressively moving to deport them attorney, Sean to drive a represents twenty Iraqis from the case three now face deportation in the next week, it's like a death sentence to be sent back there and the US government knows it, many of the Iraqis are the Christians, they say they face likely persecution, torture, and death in Iraq for NPR news. I'm Sarah Swick in Detroit. California. Governor Gavin Newsom says he will give financial help to the state's major utilities that are dealing with results of destructive wildfires but only they agreed tie executive compensation to safety performance. The proposal unveiled today is meant to stabilize California investor on utilities, and protect wildfire victims PG, the largest of the three investor owned utilities filed for bankruptcy in January and faces the possibility of billions of dollars in costs related to fires blamed on their downed power lines. Crude oil prices higher by the closing bell gaining thirty six cents and the day at fifty seven dollars. Forty three cents a barrel, on the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jeanine Herbst. And you're listening to NPR news from Washington.

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