AP Headline News Oct 24 2018 14:00 (EDT)


The AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue. New York mayor, Bill de Blasio says, the city will not be intimidated. Very concept of terrorism is to change us. We will not allow that to happen and explosive device was sent to CNN's headquarters in New York devices were intercepted that were sent to Hillary Clinton's home in New York and former President Barack Obama's home in Washington. Another device was sent to democratic donor George Soros in New York on Monday. This is the governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo device has been sent to my office in Manhattan. Which we would just informed about. And that device is also being hand the AP saga megani reports, Hillary Clinton is out of town. The Bob never made it to the Chappaqua house where Bill Clinton was home, Hillary Clinton was in Florida. We are fine. Thanks to the men and women of the secret service at a political event. She said, agents intercepted the device long before it got to the house here at the White House. Vice president Pence tweeted the attempted attacks on the Clintons and others work cowardly and have no place in this country. President Trump re tweeted that adding I agree wholeheartedly saga megani at the White House. John Miller with NYPD says the devices that were sent appear to be connected sent by the same person in Florida. A bomb squad robot is being used in the investigation of suspicious package at the office of congresswoman. Debbie, Wasserman Schultz, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, Russian President. Vladimir Putin warned if the US. Intermediate range missiles in Europe. Russia will have to target the nations that would host them. The stern statement follows President Trump's announcement over the weekend. He intends to opt out of a nuclear arms control deal over alleged Russian violations Saudi Arabia's, powerful crown prince said today, the killing of Washington Post columnist, Jamal kashogi and Turkey is a heinous crime that cannot be justified. This is AP radio news. The winning one point, five billion dollar mega millions lottery ticket was sold at CJ Patel store. Casey mart in Simpson Ville South Carolina. Glad to be here. You know, would attention and good for the community. You know it is. The winner is fully spend that money locally. The name of the winner is not known yet the South Carolina lotteries. Tony Cooper says he has some advice for that person, deep breath. Put that ticket in a secure location. Consult with a trusted adviser. Hey, legal adviser, a trusted financial advisor. Signed the back of that tickets. We may never know who the winner is South Carolina's one of eight states where winners can remain anonymous. The winner has one hundred eighty days to claim the prize. The odds that were broken one in three hundred two point, five million. I'm Donahue AP radio news.

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