BREAKING NEWS: Google To Buy Fitbit For $2.1 Billion #702


In breaking news today Google has announced they're acquiring fit for two point one billion dollars. Hey I say Google announced but actually I got the announcement from fitbit via email last night. I I guess I'm one of the twenty eight million active users over to be fair on not that active but I do. Have kind of one of the originals. I guess it's one of the early models and obviously fitbit's bring the leader in in wearable technology interesting Google's decided to acquire them at this point we talked about a few days ago digital's new initiative on digital wellbeing. And how they're trying to introduce these new APPs so maybe the fitbit technology will play into that. The fitbit wearable will play into that. Google's obviously made a few plays on wearables with limited success. I guess yes so again interesting to see acquisition and how it all plays out congrats to the guys fitbit. I've been around for. I guess twelve years now and one thing I did like about the announcement and is that they they actually sent the email out to their members they uses and there was no mention of the price. There was a link to the press release. You could find all the details of the financial transaction but really they were just actually addressing the user so to me it's a sign of a fairly customer centric focus which is Great. There was talk. Talk about how they're not going to sell the data Google and use it for ads which are probably the concerns of a mini. That many of us would probably have so there. It is fitbit being quite by Google. Two point one billion dollar valuation. Pretty big business. The transaction will probably close. I guess early. Two Thousand Twenty by the time all the paperwork. What do you reckon good news. Bad News good news for the fitbit founders but good news for fitbit uses. I think so I really don't say downside or do let me know in the comments below Eddie. Thank you for your time and I will be back again. Tomorrow so yeah.

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