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Welcome to the fantasy football overtime. Podcast I'm your host. Jay Ski with Muzorewa's is Matt Win and Tyler. Holler back guys how you doing. I'm doing fantastic jake. I mean we've been talking about this for years. I'M ECSTATIC THAT. We're finally turned in her dream into a reality. Yeah doing super awesome. Yeah it seems like we were talking about this a few years back over a couple beverages and finally come into a reality. It's been a long time coming. Glad to hear super excited be doing this Matt. What got you into fancy football. My Dad got me into it. I actually joined my first fancy football league at age. Twelve it was a touchdown only league. I won the League and I've been addicted ever since an age twelve. That's that's unbelievable. It's great that you started that. Young Tyler. What about you? I started way back around. Twenty years ago in high school early college back when we had to keep track of stats on a big sheet of paper and wait for Monday or Tuesday morning newspaper to get the official stats salary early. Starting to show your age with the the newspaper and Talking about twenty years ago being high school. Yeah Yeah Yeah Jay Cutler you get your start. Yeah so I actually started a middle school We did our first draft in our school library. It took us about three to four days to do because we only did it before school started but it was awesome. I was hooked at that exact moment. What did your librarian seem to think of that? She couldn't figure out what six guys were doing. Yes it was a six man league. She couldn't figure out what six guys were doing the library. So Jake tell us a little bit about kind of the leagues that you specialize in. Yeah so most of what I do is typically going to be auction and dynasty are really start to focus in on that. Typically it's half. Pr's hit that middle ground with nine PC NPR. Folks Tyler about you. Yeah I tend to stick to redraft leagues Maybe with keeper to usually in the PR scoring format. And then I do like to dabble in. Dfs usually have an emphasis on GDP multi entry type tournaments Matt. I know you're not the biggest DABBLER. But what are you tend to focus on so my main focus is going to be on Keeper Leagues and Redraft Leagues? I do you know anything from to standard half point-scoring but I think that's what's going to be really cool about this podcast and what our listeners are going to get a lot of value out of is that we're not just going to hone in on one or two different leagues. Yeah that's the great thing about fantasy. Football is going to have disagreements between the three of US YEAR. GonNa disagree with us as well but one of the best parts about fantasy. Is You get to see who was right at the end of the year whether you know you thought one running back was better than the other which rookie wide receiver finishes higher. You know. It's just good to be able to get those bats and banters in with your friends like a Christian McCaffrey Taylor. Let's not talk about that one. And that's what's great about having all three of us here is. You're not going to get the same opinion on everything. are from Minnesota. We all are Minnesota Vikings fans but we have learned that through our hardships that you cannot be biased. Super Bowl yeah fantasy. Football is all about bragging rights. We're going to do whatever we can to give you the advantage over your league. We WanNa win our league and our main goal is to help you win yours while adding some entertainment.

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