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Global warming fuels tree-killing bark beetles


I'm doctor. Anthony License and this is climate connections. It's a good time to be a bug and a bad time to be a tree. That's according to Jeff Hickey of the University of Idaho based on aerial surveys. He estimates that since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven bark. Beetles have killed more than five percent of the first area in the western United States and global warming is likely to make the problem worse. Hickey says that drought in the Northwest. Leave trees stressed and more vulnerable to attack. Meanwhile rising temperatures can make the Beatles more numerous for Mountain Pine Beetle which is the most damaging of the bark beetle species in western North America. We expect warming to reduce beetle mortality during wintertime warming also speeds up the development of insects. So that more generations of the Beatles can be born each year and like something out of a horror movie when more beetles emerge at the same time that can Mount Mass. That overwhelm a trees. Natural defenses temperature will allow populations to synchronize within a stand emerge and move to the next three to attack more successfully so climate change could lead to even more bark beetle outbreaks in already stressed Western forests. Climate connections is produced by the Yale Center fern buyer mental communication learn more at Yale Connections Dot Org.

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