20200508 Nicole Sandler Show - Broken Justice with Lisa Graves and Quarantine Calling Kazakhstan


following program contains graphic material including offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised. Kohl's Hanley Joe Questioning Authority daily. That could be the very reason why. Youtube is upset. They do the music. Venue here. Beneath my boys is from a broadcast. Sound Library that I paid for an ham the receipt so I bet you're happy right violation right here and now here's Nicole all right. We made it to another Friday. Welcome to it. Oh my goodness so I. I was trying to do the math. And today is either of the seventh or eighth Friday since we've been hunkering down here at home since I've been I use the royal. We allot make no mistake. This is a one woman show although I gotTa give credit to Paul leary. Paul has been helping me out trying to expand the reach of the program. So he's the reason we're now on facebook. Live we're on periscope You'll see some segments of the show exempted and posted on youtube or facebook or wherever and That's thanks to the hard work of and You know Of Paul leary. That I really appreciate so. Thank you Paul Because I you know there's only so much one person can do in a day and I am the chief per procrastinator. There's so much stuff I need to be doing and still find a way not to have enough hours in any given day to do everything I need to do. So it is what it is although I I know I hate that term. Because the idiot and the Oval Office has been using it a lot all right so we have a busy show for you today. There was big breaking news yesterday. That didn't have anything to do with the corona virus instead it shows how fucked up and tenuous this democracy or that we're living under Is and make no mistake. Under Donald Trump. The rule of law is a thing of the past The Justice Department is a joke and I. I hate to use his terminology. It's a hoax. It's a joke. It's okay but he's destroyed. Everything every norm every a rule of law in this country and so in a few minutes we'll chat with Lisa graves Lease has been on the show many times over the years she's awesome. She's one of the smartest people I know. Also the The person that I know who has risen to the highest levels within the Justice Department. In fact it was under the Clinton administration. That Lisa rose to Oh I don't want to screw up her. Her title. The Deputy Assistant Attorney General. I believe under Janet Reno and then under Ashcroft as well before she finally left anyway. I called on Lisa this morning to help explain what happened yesterday. So we'll chat with her in a few minutes and then it's Friday. It's the end of the week and I thought you know as we head into the weekend. It's time to you spin the globe and Land on another place. I've been doing a feature that I call. Quarantine calling where I call places around the planet and a meeting. These people throw a facebook group of all places called view from my window where people all over the world or posting photos of the view as the name would suggest from out their windows as we're shut in in every country or around the planet to you know try to slow the spread of covert nineteen. So today it's actually a call that I connected with on Sunday but we're going to reach out to Kazakhstan and the reason it was so special to connect with this woman in Kazakhstan on Sunday was because that was my daughter's birthday and QC don't know. I adopted my daughter from Khazakstan about twenty years ago. So we'll get to all that but before we get to any of that I I WANNA start with a song has been our recent practice over here And again I'M GONNA go back to South Africa for this election and this artist. Who I I hate to say. I discovered obviously. The kipness has been making great music for some time now. He's an accomplished musician in South Africa. And during the quarantine. He's been doing these song parodies. That are not only musically wonderful but you know are funny to now. Today's isn't necessarily funny. But I'm playing this one because For a few reasons one on huge Cat Stevens fan and t for the Tiller men was one of my favorite albums. Growing up to this. Sunday is mother's Day and although this isn't a mother's Day Song I think my mom often. On Mother's Day I lost her when I was nineteen. So my dad had to you know Become Mom and dad for me. My older sister my younger sister who was only fifteen at the time and well the kipness did one of his wonderful song. Parodies for the lockdown parody. He calls it and Well he he involves his father in it for this parody of this wonderful Cat Stevens Song so before we go any further. A musical pallet cleanser of swords. Take it away the kipness. His real name is David Scott and he's in Cape Town South Africa House. Can you hear me very well? How Things Davy? Lockton sexually told me like. Our Time's pretty strange just lex. Take it easy stike at home following. There's no place we have to go your girl several down what some TV dead me. And I was once like you on now and I know that it's Nutty to be calm when the world is going wrong. Take your time. He job anonymous before their or you will still be here tomorrow if you lose. How can I try to explain? Another day lockdown. I'll say I've spent one whole month in the same territory from the mall away to go away. You're next son. You're being strange. Sit Down Take it slowly your new strung. That's your phone. There's not much you have to go through. Allow your girl to calm you down. Relax what some T. V? Me My areas code and. I'm happy all the Times I tried to obtain the lawns side. It's hard to your rights and I agree if Mafias once but there's away way all king non king a good year for me dad likewise debut keep. Well y'all will chat soon lots of love. Thanks to my dad for doing this. Long rose The the end screen on the video said bid big. Thanks to my dad for doing the song with me. I will post the video for that. Brilliant rendition of father and son on the blog at Nicole Sandler dot com slash. Five Dash Eight Dash Twenty I again. I usually use these videos for fun for laughter and boy today. This is gave me goosebumps and I see. We've we've got some tears falling in the chat room. Yeah you know. And I'm bombed because I have written to David Scott Kipness. I've sent him for my Nicole. Sandler DOT COM email address. I've sent him from G. L. E. Mail address. I've tried to get him on twitter and on skype and and he hasn't responded to any of my requests. I'd love to have him on the show Regardless we can enjoy his music and I'll give them all the credit in the world. The kipness is the name he goes by his real name. Is David Scott? And how great was that? Sorry I didn't mean to make everyone cry but you know happy. Mother's Day and if you're lucky enough to still have your mom tell her I much appreciate her. And if you're like me and you spent many years with only a father doing double duty you can list your father a happy mother's Day to and then there are those of us who as parents are gone Anyway that's wrong is special to me and and yeah all right so we have a busy show for you today. Lots of territory to cover the four. We get started. There's a lot of news. Let me just share with you. A couple of breaking news stories things that have happened since this morning when I first recorded. What's News Well this one. I've got it sal. Yesterday we learned that one of trump's personal valets had tested positive for corona virus. Right well today. It's Mike Pence's press secretary has tested positive. Her name is Katie. And we trump say something about Katya Katya such a nice person while Katie is Katie. Miller Vice President Mike. Pence's press secretary. Who happens to be married to Stephen Miller? Sorry I don't wish on anyone but my God if some family add to get it. It works for me There was something else I wanted to share with you. let's see okay so the New York Times just broke this story. A federal investigation a federal investigative office found reasonable grounds to believe that the trump administration was retaliating against the whistle blower. Dr Bright. He was the guy who headed up the vaccine office when he was ousted from that government research agency and said he should be reinstated for forty five days while they continue this investigation. The office of Special Counsel which protects whistle blowers had quote made a threshold determination that the Department of Health and Human Services quote violated Whistleblower Protection Act by removing Dr Bright from his position because he made protected disclosures in the best interest of the American public. Unfortunately this decision is not binding. It's more or less a suggestion. That they reinstate Dr Bright for forty five days it will now be up to the secretary of Health and Human Services. Alex Agr to decide whether to let the special counsel investigate and send Dr Bright Back to Barda. So there's that Oh yes. Nothing is easy with this administration. Of course the big news yesterday which broke right before we went on the air was about the Department of Justice dropping. The charges against Michael. Flynn well you know when something like this happens. I want to reach out to an expert and so we did when I heard the news yesterday. That the Department of Justice was Dropping its case against Michael. Flynn the first person I thought of to talk to about. This was Lisa Graves. Lisa of course is an old friend and an old friend of the show and her background is just impeccable. Lisa worked for all three branches of government. She rose to deputy assistant attorney. General and the Clinton Justice Department that was under a Janet Reno. As Attorney General Yes Lisa. Yes it was definitely general win. Miss Reno was the attorney general and then also during the transition when Mr Ashcroft was the trade oh boy oh boy that's A. That's a big from one extreme to the other I think But now I think William bars put them all to shame. Can you explain to us what happened? I can it really is Amish. Ing and it it underscores just how political and partisan Bar William Bar has been In the role of Attorney General What happened yesterday? Was that the Justice Department dismissed. The charges against Michael Flynn who had pleaded guilty to Making false statements to the United States government About About a number of things but Basically you have a situation in which you have a person who has pleaded guilty He then cooperated with the prosecutors with the investigation Into others And he was You know Awaiting sentencing and then he changed lawyers and decided to try to withdraw his guilty plea There was a lot of speculation about whether Donald Trump would harm him anyway since he has pardoned other friends and allies who engaged in criminal conduct like like plan has or at least has pleaded guilty to But here you have the Defense Department You know acting in an extraordinary way to Set aside evidence and Guilty pleas by someone I. I don't know whether they're much precedent for this. There certainly isn't any precedent for it in this type case where you have someone who Was clearly engaged in wrongdoing. And you look at the interview if you have given you know opportunity Obviously to tell the truth the idea that he was entrapped. The Not telling the truth is pretty absurd. One of the most basic Parts the criminal code in fact the very first Charge in the United States. Federal Code is eighteen. Usc One thousand one which is about line to federal officers and Michael. Flynn certainly would have understood those rules. He had previously held positions in the United States. Government held positions involving a security clearance. So he knows full well that he cannot lie to federal officers who are interviewing them and he did. He plainly did He lied Them and he ultimately pled guilty fat and now he wants to get out of those charges and And trump is wanted to get out of those charges and now bill bar has again use the Justice Department to aid the political agenda of this president and attempted to exonerate. Someone like Michael Flynn. Who is who is most certainly Aligarh it's astounding and so did did bill bar basically say that a now it's okay to lie to the FBI. It's okay for a government official for the National Security Advisor to lie to the F. B. I. Certainly seems that he's indicated that it's okay for a friend of Donald Trump to light of the FBI You know I don't think that any any other to the thing I would say would get away with that and and as you point out this isn't just any person Doing the lying. This is the person who at the time had been tapped by trump to the leader on national security issues for our nation and he lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and so it's particularly egregious because is The position that he was Provided or or you know that trump was putting him into whether the position of the highest amount of trust in our country and he displayed the lowest level of ability to follow that press. Lying are To the Federal Law Enforcement Agency the FBI in this case and so I don't think it's a general rule for anyone to hit license and go and live the FBI but certainly bill bar has shown his willingness to be nothing little more than just Half who is willing to Do the bidding of Donald Trump in trying to save from friends from the criminal consequences of their of their Komo behavior in this case. Colonel Behavior that That Michael Flynn a confessed to in court. Right it's it's just it's this I've got I've I gotta think this is unprecedented. Well you know the claimed being by The claims made by Flynn's attorney Are Pretty astonishing? One of the claims is that he didn't have adequate representation when he was previously represented by Covington burling one of the biggest most widely respected firms handling those sorts of cases in the country Dow Pretty Astonishing claim on its face And then They have some notes from one of the investigators talking about whether You know in this case whether they should pursue One one charge or another charge or let him lie if he was going to lie and they credit claim. That that's entrapment. That's not entrapment The fact is is that Is that Michael? Flynn was a specific and direct questions and he intentionally chose to lie those direct questions. That's not entrapment. In any sense of the word. But that's the sort of spin being put out there by Trump's allies try to justify the other claim That that has been made. Is that the whole credit for this reputation Was part of what bill bars trying to do is to try to In Nfl after the fact exonerate Donald Trump and the people around him for their criminal or allegedly criminal misconduct Because he's a servant to this this political agenda Donald Trump and not at all in my view servant to The law of the land fill bar should never been confirmed be trained on the United States previously demonstrated when he was attorney general the last time around that he was willing to help with whitewashing a criminal conduct. He's done it again that precisely why he hired He already had done his little addition for Donald Trump and his memo attacking the Muller Investigation. And he's been rewarded with with this position at the top of the farm and he brought nothing but dishonor and disrepute the department that I previously worked for. It's got to be really disturbing to you. As it is for other members former members of the Department of Justice other You know officials. I've seen some on. Tv All with displaying Different levels of of shock and dismay I mean this is like the end of the the rule of law it seems and then bill bar that for an interview with someone at CBS. I'm just going to play a bit of it but he I don't know again. I'm not I'm not a lawyer. I've never been in the legal profession but even I know that this stuff is just wrong so here. Here's some of what he said. Our duty we think is to dismiss the case. A crime cannot be established. Here they did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage does. The fact remained that he lied well. People sometimes plead to things That turn out not to be crimes. What should Americans take away from your actions in the Flynn case today? I WanNa make sure that we restore confidence in the system. There's only one standard. Are you doing? Okay that's enough. I mean he wants to its opposite world. Did he say anything there that made sense? I mean it really is a farce capacity. Just been it's not unparalleled but he really You know is is very accustomed to making such fall face. You know bald-faced wrong statements Quite common we've seen it from him before this idea that this is an action to restore confidence in the Justice Department is actually Really designed to restore confidence by one person in the department and that one person is donald trump who has been the person that that filled bar has has made clear. He served That he really served versus the rule of law blonde country. This is a slap in the face to the prosecutors. The investigators for involved in this case idea that The idea that someone can be built just something. That isn't a crime in this case it. If it certainly was a crime was a crime for Glenn to lie those investigators and as I said you know if you read the transcript. It's very plain what he lied about. And he knew that he was lying about it at the time on. He admitted lying about at the time. And so this is really after the fact and after the fact effort to rationalize that the other part of that interview Nicole is. I'm sure you saw was When they when the reporter asked him about you know how history would get him. He responded history is written by the winners cavalier about the tree ordinary. It is extraordinary. And then there's Donald Trump who we expect to spew lies every time he opens his mouth but his statement. Yesterday was a again blame. Obama Obama the Obama administration had a vendetta against Michael. Flynn this all happened. There was no Obama Administration when this happened. Donald Trump was in office. What the Hell is he talking about? Yeah I mean you know you know I mean. That is just a note from ring sometimes. It's Obama sometimes. It's Hillary I whatever from says. It's never it's never him. Ever his people always blame someone else. That is one of the cards. He plays on a regular basis to misdirect. The fact is is that you know. Flynn was interviewed by the FBI As he was In the midst of this You know this administration. The trump administration You know and and the reality here is that for someone like bill far to be going to these extraordinary efforts to undo the Mueller investigation to try to try to take away The convictions that were You know Convictions that were made in open for it. In with the advice of counsel you know it really is an assault on the rule of law and the thing that you know is one of the things that really appalling is that when you hear Republicans Life Bill. Talk a when you hear them because pizzas on the hill Or in committee hearings. They always try to wrap themselves in the idea that they're the The keepers the rule of law. Third voted the rule of law. That in the lies eyes. Tell about the type of judges. They're putting on the bench who don't have histories of being excellent fair-minded judges being packed or cases unqualified or barely qualified for the roles. They're given because they're not being put on those jobs because they're fair-minded necessarily they're being they're being handpicked with the hope that they won't be like Bill Maher with with the hope that he wouldn't be a fair and in a fair attorney general That he wouldn't do. What even jeff sessions did recused himself when he should have recused himself. He was chosen precisely to be Endure the unfair things B The person who who who defends trump at any cost. Continue the things like. He's done this week. To basically try to protect the president protects the men around the president even when they violate the law it's astounding so at least great. So what happens now? Just because the Department of Justice said we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA stop. We're going to drop the charges or however they put it. It's still the final word lies with the judge right and this. The judge in this case has federal judge Emmet Sullivan who has a reputation for being independent and intolerant of government. Nonsense like this. Is there any hope? Is there any a possibility that he'll say Oh hell no? He pleaded guilty and he's going to serve his sentence while it part. It's hard to know what will happen In this case in part because earlier this year in January Plan filed papers to withdraw his previous Guilty guilty And so even though the decision are rest with the judge You know to decide a case like this in terms of what to do under this exceptional circumstances When you have the department that originally brought the charges withdrawing the charges that it would put the judge in a difficult position to to ignore that that effort to withdraw these charges But here you have a situation which this giant You know knows that. This defendant pleaded guilty and admitted under oath in court that he committed those crimes That he that he lied to the FBI. And so. I think it's hard you know it's GonNa be hard for any judge who Who believes in his role in the justice system to ignore which he himself heard. That defendant confessed right. He did right Ignore it just because this new political leadership at the just for wanted to all go away help to help trump And his and his buddies so I don't know what the judge will do there. There certainly has been so speculation that he could reject this effort to withdraw the charges or that he could require more information from the Justice Department before he allows them to withdraw the charges because it does have the effect of seeming to try to manipulate the US Court System. Behaving this way different. Those lawyers themselves are engaged in misconduct. I'm just saying that. The appearance an ordinary person and probably to a judge is that this is highly irregular. Yeah and there have been done merely because of a change in leadership political leadership department not because of any change in the actual underlying back. This department is GonNa be trying to use those notes about this question of whether to let let swim lie or not As some sort of weapon to clean it was entrapment. I don't think any reasonable judge would would would believe that those those notes those notes indicate that but that's really going to spend from the Justice Department. It's amazing at least graves one one aspect of the story. That's not getting a lot of media. Attention is the fact that I don't have the person's name here in front of me but I guess it was one of the lead prosecutors on this case about fifteen minutes before the news broke suddenly said pulling. I'm resigning from the case. He didn't resign from the DOJ but he pulled out of this case in a very terse one sentence statement and then this other shoe dropped Do you think we're gonNA see more of that more career prosecutors more career. Department of Justice Employees say Hell No. I'm not I'm not lending my name to this. That certainly doesn't happen before this happened last year as well where career prosecutors resigned rather than Be Used By this attorney general and his political hands to Change Course in a case that they spent months if not years Investigating and pursuing So I did join a letter. Gosh. I didn't it was this year. It's such a blurred now but within the last six months long You know over a thousand I think over two thousand other former Justice Department leaders And attorneys calling for Barda resigned because of his intervention in his actions of previously. So there may be renewed. Call for bar to resign as a result of it. But the fact is is that we have had Prosecutors in this administration resigned before because of the you know because of the Hearing on the outside of appearance of sort of intervention or the political machinations being peddled By this department which is held by Bill Bar so Lisa graves as a former deputy assistant attorney general of the United States. Your reaction to the story overall am I. Am I overreacting to it? Or is this as cataclysmic as it seems. Well I think the greed and I was very honored and proud to work with the US. Attorney's Office The The overall the overall team helping to manage the US Attorney's office with the FBI was a general counsel's office You know with law enforcement officials on criminal policy in Trying to have a more just Legal System when I was at the FCC Department working with those career prosecutors and career analysts I have developed tremendous respect for their for their integrity and their devotion to the rule of law and to be the way this administration has treated so many of these former prophets of these prosecutors including some former prosecutors like Mr Muller himself You know is really appalling. In this instance you have just the sort of normalization of the politicisation of the Justice Department. with someone like bill bar at the helm You know I'm not surprised in a sense because we seem him Intervene in ways can hit the moment. He stepped into that role And we've also seen make really other outlandish claims claiming we're in some sort of cultural war over religion he really regressive guy You know he made a lot of money working for big telecom. After he left the Justice Department when he was working for George Walker Bush He's a he's a he's a super rich guy who is a super partisan guy and he's using his post in my opinion to help donald trump in ways that are totally inappropriate under. Donald trump buddies. Like Michael Flynn in ways. That are totally inappropriate hopefully. Someday we'll have a reckoning for that and we'll have an effort to really restore companies and department but this I think To have the department intervene in this way and aid Flynn in getting out of his guilty plea. His Confession of guilt for lying officers given especially the important role that he trusted he was Holding or with seeking to hold administration to be our top now security advisor. It's astonishing and outrageous outlandish. It's absurd at the front and it really isn't a front of the rule of law it's just astounding. I'm glad I I did see it for what it is. And then it looks like next. He's got his sights set on the the current Director of the FBI. Christopher wray he's already making noises at he blames Rod Rosenstein for Ray Coming in. But we'll see what happens with that. That's his favorite tagline. This is a man who is is is trying to undo everything. Not only that Obama did but they were the results of the Muller Investigation and the Muller report. He's trying to overturn all of that too. I think you know this is going to be a really scary six months leading up to the election because he sees the writing on the wall and knows when he leaves the White House after he's been voted out of office. I'm knocking on wood. Laminate here. Hopefully they're going to be to federal agents. Waiting in the car for him with handcuffs is that is that feasible one. Well I don't know but one of the things that one of the things other things that is worth keeping an eye on obviously as you said. There's an effort by some of these right wing. Republicans you've heard line fringe of Republicans to attack drafter of the FBI. Chris if he's supposed to be doing their bidding that position to be the head of the FBI is a is typically tenure post To be nonpartisan supposed to be driven by having someone at the helm of the FBI like Like J. Edgar Hoover use his his power there to attack An investigate people who were merely engaged in In in You know concerned expressing concerns that the Vietnam War for example or trying to investigate Reverend Martin Luther King so the idea that the FBI director is not supposed to be A partisan engaged in political activities. They're directing investigations and a political is part of our sort of Watergate. Post Jaeger reforms in this country. But you see some members of the right willing to disregard that sound policy and go after Kris Who Republican along Republicans? Because he's just not apparently doing enough of Of they want to try to undo the hard work of line investigators career investigators at the at the at the bureau. I'm meanwhile you have bill bar signaling that he's willing to use the office of the Attorney General Spectacular Power of these governors in these date to issue public health order that are in line with the guidance from the best scientists epidemiologists About trying to reduce the number of deaths in this pandemic I think there's a lot of essential that could occur her by bill bars. Mac nations to try to use the weight and and power of the Roman to limit the power of governors in our state to do the right thing tried to protect people and keep people safe from this deadly disease. I often don't trust him. I don't have confidence in him to do the right thing in terms of any issues involving voting rights in this country and we know the people's vote so we are in a very difficult position coming into the six months before this election where you have key positions In the government including at the Justice Department held by men and women who seem to think that their job is to get donald trump rear reelected not necessarily to do the job that they were pointed to be happy American people. Well in my view yes and I agree. It's the these are going to be very important months going forward and we all need to remain vigilant Lisa Graves. I'm so glad to have you as an expert that I can turn to. I don't understand what's going on and frankly this is all just just mind blowing. I know you've been really really busy. you're you're getting true. North research up and running the website is there to North Research Dot Org. It's your newest venture Lisa Graves. I so appreciate your time and expertise on this. Thank you so much for helping to helping US understand the the the the non understandable. I mean it's just doesn't make sense. It is opposite world and hopefully we emerge from this nightmare. You know come November. Thank you so much. Thank you for those kind words and thank you for your listeners. For paying attention to the news and trying to do their best to To you know keep themselves safe. And we try to defend and protect democracy You know we are. Democracy is being stress tested in the words of my friend Dunking Hamble And you know the rule of law is actually pretty slender. Read in the sense that it really depends on having people of good moral conscience and devotion to the public interest to be stewards of our You know the the Poussin's of our government to protect them for future generations that we will have a democracy that's intact and it certainly been challenged in intensively by the actions of this president and by the accident of the people he chosen in the key positions. Unfortunately people like bill bar. That's just amazing. Lisa great thank you so much. I know you're really busy. Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us today. Thank you thank the Coal Lisa Graves. She's just brilliant and and her insight is so so appreciated all right. It is a Friday. We're going to run a long today. So just giving you fair warning. I'll have to Russian edit to to get down to an hour to air on progressive voices network at five on a quick for the we. We have a lot of listeners. I guess who are usually over with randy at this time because she's on live on progressive network. While I'm doing the show live at three and then I turn it around to progressive boys at five. We're working on moving my live show to five. Pm where all follow Randy. So hopefully you all can come back when that happens we just heard Randy Randy's producer Brett. I think his name is tested. Negative for Kovic and they plan on being back on the air on Monday. So there's that all right so if you're not a regular viewer or listener to the show then you may not know about this Segment that I started doing. I don't five six seven weeks ago. Now when the shut in started I call it a quarantine calling so it is a small world. After all and again I happened upon this this Facebook page called view from my window. Where people all over the world who are staying at home to spread stop. The spread of the virus have posted pictures of the view from their window. And it's people all over the world and I started contacting some of them. We've spoken to people from Germany. Italy Denmark Finland Australia New Zealand. And when I saw somebody posts from all many Catholics down I got very excited For reasons that will become apparent. Now just so you know we try to connect for about. I WANNA say two to three weeks. It's a ten hour time difference so when it's daytime here the middle of the night over there but we finally got it together. This past Sunday was Sunday morning. Here at nine. Am was Sunday evening at seven pm there and causes so Well to the magic of the videotape. Here we go my latest quarantine calling segment to Kazahkstan and joining us on the Line Chopin Prim Tova Print Petrova. Am I saying correctly rheumatoid and you are an Almighty Khazakstan which I got to tell? You is so special to me right now. First of all. Thank you so much for joining us today. I've been doing a feature on my radio show where I'm calling people all over the world to see how they're dealing with the pandemic with staying at home and shelter in place so I definitely want to talk to you about that. But before we get into that she'll chopin. Is that how you pronounce it? It's frightening escrow pan. You are in all Mika's extent and I was there. Twenty years ago to adopt my daughter who at the time was about eighteen months old and now today is her twenty first birthday so thank you so much and I will tell her and on my mind. Today is a woman in Kazakhstan in Almaty. Who left this month old baby girl on the doorstep of a private home obviously because she couldn't take care of her and this little baby was then taken to a baby home. Eventually the one in Caracas stack where I went and met her and adopted her In October it'll be twenty years but today is her well. We re days or twenty first birthday sometime this week. We don't know for sure the exact date but so my thoughts today are with that woman who vary unselfishly gave her up knowing that she could find a better home so It's so special that I'm connecting with you today. So tell me how is what is happening in Kazakhstan with the the corona virus with covert nineteen. Is it very widespread there and what? What precautions have they taken there? So in comparison with European contracts in the United States real more or less better because we use Bay Asia inexperience of immediate lockdown and phenomenal. Now they have thrown three to five hundred cases and less risk a one percentage of cases. Simone it's twenty five people who died so aid relatively much much breads have been. Your grace are doing in the states lot better. Yeah so the Minister of Health Day took immediate measures to walk down. I bic CDs and then the whole country so resident at home absent from March fifteen. And we. Yeah we tried to do not any social distancing rare in Moscow mouse ankle grocery which to go grow subtle s not make every day we used to go and rice fraiche shop so we tried to plan accordingly and gold wants to be. So it's it's it's very turned in because role Ingress Stein. You've thousands. You're like hawks degree. You'll like to socialize drinking sequel. Care there and they have bigger families. Grandchildren children grandparents. Expensive Generation Oprah social lives in. It's all these people are more struggling. Ryan Yeah Been. It's it's raining it's cold. It's fine to sit at home. But then it's like sunshine in screening blasts amine fruits wonderful area and it's really colour usable side and they have told me you have they you know when the the lockdown might be nine might let up yes so preliminary we have planned for. May Eleven soon so people. Yeah very hopeful that it's very late. It's come in and some businesses will be open but it won't be like immediate open for everything so we review. Vip schools will continue to be doing online schools and universities and colleges. So I guess they will finish this spring semester online and there is there against the agencies wherever we have to take responsibility of if they have to be in the office people rebel. Why people think if we still can be can work from home so it's when you live in. We speaking that in some ways will be better by what forecast states may be in default. It's within your break. So people are thinking how they can it prepared to the low down in the red. Yes we're having the same discussion. Now now let me ask you. This APP is testing available. Widely in Kasichs. If you feel like you're getting sick are you able to easily obtain a test? For Covert Nineteen. Yes some for free. If you saw on the group risk if you have money oil your elder all you have really lake symptoms. Gave it for free. Full Emergency David tape here but if you are feeling cable you wanted to double check yourself if you're suspicious if you're having if someone full heavy in and so then you have to pay crisis year. It's available now. What happens if you get sick? What is the healthcare system like in in Kazakhstan over here? We're we we have a very primitive system where we have to pay for private for profit health insurance from a big insurance company I it's it's it's a very flawed system what it what kind of healthcare system is in Kazakhstan. It's a for free so if you'll I get fast at any are positive though they'll Utah currently in full two leaks and we'll do bizarre double checking with facing and then it's euro bold treatments. The they tried to choose the best purple they were. They will get the Chinese protocols European ripples and they concern them may Schnur Protocol. So you'd get crease fishermen treatment free treatment and now now what about on forget the forget cove? Forget the corona virus. Not that it's easy to do but let's try for a moment on a just say that was a year ago and you. God forbid came down with cancer. What what happens then? Do you just go to the doctor. And you're taking care of yes. Four dyal misses you can get tested for free And then off for the juries up and like a least that they have so. If you wanted to get surgery for free you have to be signed and from from. Sometimes you have to wait. But it's still possible to get a free juries. Okay if you go like them ational protocols and you have mining or gaping for using the goal to South Korea Germany Some people traveled to Russia is not available in local street of. That's all part. It's paid for basically out of your taxes. Yes yeah see. We don't have that here. It's kind of nuts. Have you heard about the the American healthcare system? It's a for profit venture so that you need insurance and it costs a lot of money like hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month to be covered and then when you go to the doctor the hundreds of dollars you pay each month doesn't cover you. You still have to pay what they call co pays so in addition to what you pay the insurance company. You also pay the doctor. And that's after you meet what's called a deductible so the thousands of dollars you may pay over. The course of a year still isn't enough in some cases like in my case I have to pay two thousand six hundred dollars out of my pocket before the insurance begins paying and so for people who get really sick a lot of people go bankrupt because they just don't have the insurance coverage or even people with insurance the Co pays and deductibles are so high that they still lose everything just because they got sick. It's kind of crazy. We are going to introduce this biggest way. We have a volunteer insurance. Like my on employee. Employer getting me. It's like a social package. But what are they trying to introduce? Here is mandatory insurance. Well is what I'm sorry. What kind of insurance like Mondadori mandatory mandatory insurance. Cut It out of those hall working. It's magically will be deducted from salaries well yet to become very Yeah it sounds like the amount of money is not make everything right but still it sounds like American. Capitalism is creeping into things over. There sounds better without the system. So I'm a chopin a permanent ova. Your your English is great. Can I ask what you do for a living? I worked for their Columbia University Global Health Research Center Central Asia. I what my my students Mortgage the Columbia University School of social work in the to your diploma. Two thousand nine and I drained the Global Health Research Center of Central Asia which is based in all my regional office in Muncie Osei Gregory files nine and since dance. I worked here dip into Juneau director. One eight studied in Columbia Columbia. Social work with here in my bread. Grounds in pharmacy in medicine will be combined this knowledge and the worthy long honorable capable nations core vulnerable h. e. t be transmitted infections. Your Work People Buffet. Chevy people are using a drugs and be you need. See a commercial sex work of so they have four hundred. Wow well that sounds like a very important job. So good for you A lot of people you know when I adopted my daughter and I would say my daughter from Khazakstan it. Isn't she adorable? She is and I can't believe she's twenty one today a couple of questions on a Kazahkstan. Shutdown international adoptions or at least adoptions to the United States after you know I adopted allison. Do you know what the status is now. Do you have any idea the adoption programs they are and the baby homes the orphanages like the one in. Caracas tack where she was. If it's still even there so what? I know it's a showdown wins. Remainder of auction brought. It's open for a while ago now. It's morning throwing van. Probably you up to take Ellison twenty years ago it was all paperwork and Communication Bradfo on for some agencies. She is much more electronic it would Iran can will online in. Its life will some day to line so every child who's laughs. It's a maternity house or would to them Home Office held a baby home. The baby home. Yeah Each baby home in ever seats available online. The registered this baby and everyone is like available immediately online outlets Corrupted now like you cannot finish Bats we know they have business people who are very social social responsible and they feed that some young ladies who would pregnant and they think that it's bad to have children out the Fed love not to be married for the community for children in order for them to leave China. They gave them the second chance and they called it. Houses mom walls of Rome. It's absolutely convert by business. People on on time you can leave. You can come to this home for mom's issue a child yet. -rageous they leave their literal. They leave for at least one. Yeah they take care psychologists nor says Dr just adjustable stay here get free leaving three treatments and free food and people will take care of your child so for this year women can raise could child trying to get the educated. All get Joe Ryan on to Market that's a great program and I look. My heart hurts because I wonder if a program like that had been available for Allison's birth mother if things might have been different now You know my daughter in every sense of the word. She couldn't be any more my daughter if I had given birth to her. She is my kid but I my heart hurts for her birth mother especially today dead like I said. I'm thinking about her from the moment I woke up and wonder if a program like that was available. Twenty one years ago. If things would have been different it's chance for young ladies. That's great again. We don't have programs like that over here. I think it's a shame. Oh God I'm like crying and I'm sorry and it's just it's an emotional day for me. Obviously and Allison's inside sleeping or I would bring her in year to meet you So my mind is just spinning in a million different directions. So back then again. It was twenty years ago when I adopted her. It was a October twenty third and twenty fourth of of two thousand and the the the culture was sort of like it was here back in the fifties where people didn't really adopt babies. It was not very common. And that's why there were so. Many international adoptions and as I said Alison was a foundling. She was left on. Someone's doorstep in the translation is described as a household bag with She was wrapped in a blanket. She had a little hat on. She had a bottle there. Were some things in there with her. And obviously mother left her on the doorstep of a private home hoping these people would take care of her. I have the address of the house where she was left. They called the police she was brought to the hospital and then the baby home but I was told by our adoption coordinator. A wonderful amazing woman named Goliath. That when somebody in 'cause extent does decide to adopt they will often feign pregnancy for nine months or they'll adopt a baby and move to a new town where people don't know. The baby was adopted here. Unlike the nineteen fifties that was the attitude and people didn't there were kids growing up. Who didn't even know they were adopted. Our her adoption is part of our story that we told since she was very very little. You know. It's it's our story how we came together. Have ATTITUDES CHANGED? Their on the last twenty years or twenty one years or is adoption more feasible to people who live from Khazakstan business huge difference. Yeah I guess. This is what's Different Cultures in Yob -solutely agree beds. Here it's used to Enin many special area and even a normal area. It's very high secrets with tell the child in anyone else that the child is adopted but in almost one hundred percent child is getting all someone friends or relatives. They'll tell the Kyle he or she was active and it's so painful surgery allies than your old enough that your parents like until a mild winter co parents. Brian and it's a huge barrier. So it's still in big child is logged on the one year or maybe like around one. Two years parents tried to hide. Did the child is adopted because we are not raised Means it's like a special program to teach parents that it's fine to tell you your child your biological mom learn how to be. A MOM doesn't matter for a whole Via is wonderful to four zero abidance in some cases says those families who wanted to adopt children from two houses in all the church child allies in maybe five older child been bathed. They know no. Yeah right right. Bill Sun Symbol MOMS or ladies score in their forties that educated. They have a job but somehow they didn't meet someone they didn't fall in love and they wouldn't give him. Rubber sill was very productive. Shall maybe they'd get your didn't five nights Donna. They tried to doctor tried to right well. That and that was my case I was. I was approaching forty twenty years ago when I adopted Alison. I was a single successful radio person back. Then things have changed and I'm a lot older now but that was exactly my story and actually my heritage is Russia and so I was originally going to go to Russia right when I started. The process was right when Vladimir Putin was first elected and one of the first things he did was closed. Down International adoptions and so the agency I was working with kept sending me things and nothing was right and then one day they said. There's this little girl in Kazakhstan that you need to take a look at and they sat me her information and a video and I it was immediate. I just like Oh my God. That's her so I knew so. Your country has given me the greatest gift in my life. So Nice to meet you especially today. Nave visit Ukraine. Just let you know what comes. Oh thank you and we may take you up on that one of these days when the virus clears and my finances are in better shape but absolutely chopin. Tova to meet you. You know look. I'm not a fan of facebook. There's a lot of bad stuff but but it opens the world to us. And that's how we connected in this room view from my window facebook or that's so incredible At such a pleasure to talk to you I thank you so much and I hope we can stay in touch and one of these days. Connect you with allison when she's awake and and you can meet her. I'm sure she would love to know somebody in her birth country. Hey she she's got. She's got dual citizenship. So you never know one last question for you. How are things over there politically? I mean you extent as I said when I adopted her. There were people who would say. Where's Kazahkstan they had no idea. It is such a huge nation that obviously split off from from Russia when the Soviet Union broke up. How are things politically? What caused extensive relationship with Russia? Like these days we are neighbors by are politico siblings so we are trying to be in between jobs like Russia and China Russia is Allen North Neighbor China. Our East neighbor trying to dance between that. Say Our territory. Yeah so are very and we have our whole trade union Kazakhstan and Russia members so the actual friends because Round basile I have a legacy of Speak Russian languages Russian Facet Right Gossip Monger Sunken Russian language of console. If you travel to perfect star you can easily use Russian language which I did the Bolshoi's bus CBA. I remember a few things does on you. But yeah amazing because we mix of our Central Asian for big have caused says Big is like silkroad legacy Illo the Russian food and because urine sample Soviets War gration of Korean People Korean people forced to only fresh parts of eastern Fresher by stallion incubus forceful I the the Stein and they have of Korean school so full busy its rowdy eight. Need time tree followed one hundred school if here different religion so it's very easy to win socialize driven nature veto again US hiking. Hide Wolf Hiking INVINCI- this winter Fouls in and slow Borgen. Just forty minutes authorizing from Here oh I think I visited it. When when Alison during our waiting period there was a fifteen day waiting period after court till we could get her papers and leave so we did that. We did a little bit of sightseeing. We did go to the beautiful ski resort very very steep mountains Yeah and we were there in in November and December. So it was. It was pretty cold and I live in Florida where at the time I lived in California so I'm used to the side but I would love to come back and visit one day. I'm so happy to connect with you and I know Alison will be overjoyed so I will share this with her and and stay in. Touch Chopin. Tova thank you. Thank you so much. What a pleasure. This has been safety car. Thank you alison guys. They save in investment will have a wonderful day. Thank you you too and you to stay safe by buying. Yeah oh how did just that debt? Obviously you can tell moved me again that we've recorded that Sunday morning both Sunday morning here in the US. It was Sunday night in Qasr extent. We had been playing tag for a couple of weeks because we were ten hours apart. And we we leave messages for one another and we. We'd set up ten times to talk and it didn't work and so you know. I woke up Sunday morning. Not really thinking we were going to connect and sure enough we did. And how special was that so another addition of quarantine calling to end our week as we said hi to Kazakhstan. And maybe we'll get back there one of these days and allison so with that we're done for the week wonderful weekend. Do something good for yourself. I know it's hard sometimes when we're all stuck inside but try to do something good for yourself all right. I know I keep having to tell myself to do those things too But this is all we've got. It's our help so take care of yourself and I'll see next week right now. Not Planning on doing the show Monday but anything can change. You never know so. Check on facebook and twitter because we do it all post something there and not. I'll I'll see you Monday or Tuesday. Have a wonderful mother's Day and if your mom you're lucky enough to still have your mother in your life be sure to reach out and you know. Send our love as well all right. Have a great weekend. Everyone until next time stay safe.

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