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Due to the graphic nature of this episode listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of emotional abuse child pornography and murder that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on December. Sixth two thousand nine snow fell lightly on the roof of Susan and Josh Powell's home in suburban West Valley City Utah just eleven miles outside of Salt Lake City. Twenty eight year old. Susan was exhausted or two. Young boys were running around the house and she was struggling to keep up. His wasn't the life she dreamed of but it was the one she had. Susan had spent the last few hours knitting blankets for her two sons. The one for her oldest Charlie had come out fine but the other for two year. Old Brayden was a disaster. Luckily she knew the perfect person to call for how it was early evening. When her friend? Giovanna owings came over. Susan wasn't feeling well and appreciated Giovanna 's willingness to help out as they make progress on the blanket Susan's husband. Josh went into the kitchen to prepare dinner when they all sat down to eat. Giovanna thought it was sweet. That Josh Served Susan her food first but she could tell. There was some tension. Nevertheless she held her tongue. Susan's marriage was none of her business. After dinner they kept working on the blanket but Susan was getting more tired with each passing minute soon. She excused herself claiming she felt tired and was going to lie down. Giovanna stayed help finish the blanket but at five thirty PM. Josh said he and the kids were going out sledding. She took it as her cue to leave and glanced back toward the bedroom. She hoped Susan would feel better soon. But that wouldn't be the case by the next morning the entire family was missing and Susan would never be found. Welcome to gone a podcast original molly. And I'm Richard every other Monday. We examined mysterious disappearances and the theories they spawned from the Amber Room to Michael Rockefeller Picasso paintings to the entrusting language the roanoke colony to the lost Russian cosmonauts. If it's gone we're looking for it. You can find all episodes have gone and all other are cast. Originals for free on spotify. Or wherever. You LISTEN TO PODCASTS. To Stream Gone Freon spotify. Just open the APP and type gone in the search bar at podcast cast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening. It really does help today. We're looking into the disappearance of Susan Powell. A mother of two from a quiet suburb outside of Salt Lake. City UTAH. Despite the Powell families picture-perfect exterior the in crisis after years of marital strife Susan vanished on the evening of December. Sixth two thousand nine. Two theories have emerged to explain what might have happened to her. Some believe that Susan may have dropped everything and run away with the lover others think that Susan never had a chance to leave because her jealous husband Josh murder. Susan Cox was a precocious ten year old. When her parents moved to the suburbs of Tacoma Washington in nineteen ninety one she was the third of four girls and her parents were used to having their patients tested the household as a whole was incredibly loving. There were also deeply religious and regularly attended a local Mormon temple. Susan's faith became a cornerstone of her life and dictated many of her decisions. She and her three sisters often played music and saying during Church Services. Her happy supportive. Upbringing helped Susan grow into confident. Bubbly Young Woman. She was extremely outgoing and her classmates knew her for her great sense of humor. She was popular and widely liked by the time she started high school. Susan had planned out her entire life. She was going to marry the perfect Mormon guy and open up a business with her sisters. A beauty parlour groomer hybrid where pet owners and their animals could both get their hair done. They were going to call it. Beauty and your beast. It was a fun youthful dream as Susan. Got Older or goals became more grounded. But she never let go of her love of the beauty industry when she was eighteen. A local cosmetology school offered her a scholarship and she sees the opportunity when Susan graduated from High School in two thousand. Her Future was looking bright. She dove headfirst into her classes at beauty school. She was often spotted around town in her car. Upon closer inspection passersby would notice a pile of practice mannequin heads strewn across the back seat. Susan's friends were always sporting new hairdos. Susan had styled. While Susan worked hard in school she was still completely committed to the church and she was still looking for a future. Mormon husband which was incredibly important in her religion. The summer after she graduated high school she began to attend singles functions. That are local temple there. Eighteen year old. Susan met twenty-three-year-old Josh Powell. It wasn't love at first sight when he invited her to a dinner party at his apartment she turned him down however a few weeks later. Susan changed her mind and took him up on the offer. Maybe they were more people. She could meet their but surprisingly at the party. She found herself drawn to Josh. He was a little Dorky but she liked his dry sense of humor. He was different from the boys she'd met in high school. He seemed more adult. Sure he'd never gone on his mission which was considered a pre Iraq for a good Mormon husband but he was in church now so Susan believed his faith was pure class. Josh was enrolled in the business program at the University of Washington Tacoma which meant he was thinking of the future. She decided to stay late after one of his dinner parties to help him clean up and wound up staying over. They talked early into the next morning falling asleep while whispering secrets to one another. He told her his parents divorced when he'd been a teenager. And the turbulent home. He'd grown up in. He wanted a tough line with his dad was not only agnostic but staunchly. Anti Mormon citizens sympathized with Josh's struggles and admired his appearance commitment to the faith. They soon began to date. After only two months Josh proposed to Susan and she said Yes while it may have seemed fast to those outside of the community too many Mormons. It isn't unusual. The couple was married in a small ceremony at the Portland Oregon Temple in April. Two Thousand One shortly after the wedding. They decided to move in with Josh's father. Steve Powell the couple one to save money after all Josh needed to pay off his student loans however the life they found in Steve's home was less than ideal the house was crowded several of Joshua's siblings were living there with their families. To and Josh's Dad was odd. He often had his video camera on hand and recorded everything. He came across even the most private moments and often without permission. That wasn't the only source of frustration. Citizens started to feel pressure. Put Her dreams on hold. Josh was close to graduating with his bachelors and neither knew where they go after he got his degree. If he found a job out of state she didn't know if she could finish beauty school but Susan told herself didn't matter she loved Josh so she was okay waiting for him to make the big decisions about their lives in two thousand two. Josh graduated from the University of Washington Tacoma with a business degree it was joyous time for both his hard work. It paid off and they were going to really start their life together but Joshua's various business plans never panned out. He lacked follow through. He got an entry level job. But they stayed at Steve's House Josh couldn't afford to pay off his loans and make rent and things were own getting stranger at home. Stephen taken an odd liking to his daughter-in-law he regularly made awkward comments about Susan's body. She acted as if nothing was happening. Only shrugging them off. Hoping he'd get the hint but Steve Only escalated his attention. Susan could tell someone was going through her laundry sometimes. Her underwear would go missing. She tried to ignore it. It might have been one of her young nephews just playing around but she could never shake the thought that it could have been Steve. Two in two thousand and three things came to ahead. Josh had considered becoming a commercial truck driver and Susan went along with him to a practice class for moral support. She was waiting for Josh's class to finish when Steve called and offered to drive her home. She agreed but on the road. He professed his love for her. Susan was floored but she kept her cool. She laughed off his advances as nothing more than a joke and kept quiet for the rest of the ride when they got home. Susan went to her room and waited for Josh when he finally got back. She told him they needed to leave. It was non-negotiable. There were only a few places they could afford to go one being Salt Lake City. Where one of Josh's sisters lived. They packed everything and left on Christmas. Eve thousand three for a year. The couple lived with Josh's sister then in two thousand four. They bought their own home. Initially Susan. Hope. This was a fresh start. But their marriage only went downhill. Josh couldn't hold down a job and Susan had to pick up his slack. She gave up her dream of her own does Matala she business accepting a job at wellsfargo. Josh was frustrated by the turn their lives and taken and stopped attending church. Susan was even more disappointed in his lack of faith. But just as the mirrored seemed unsalvageable. She discovered she was pregnant. Josh seemed really excited to be a father so he and Susan committed to making things work in two thousand five. Susan gave birth to their first son. Charley and then two years later Raden came into their lives. Josh and Susan adored the boys unconditionally but their love for one another was routinely tested. Josh was increasingly controlling. He Criticize Susan for tithing or giving ten percent of her earnings to the church. She in turn became disappointed in his lack of business sense. This was never more apparent than the time he decided to become an independent real estate agent. He'd never sold a piece of property before but he signed a contract with the yellow pages for over eighty thousand dollars worth of advertisements. He quickly lost interest in the idea and stopped paying for the ADS. It didn't take long for yellow pages to file a lawsuit. Susan worked tirelessly to bring in enough money to afford groceries for her family and work off Josh's debts. She was still a dreamer but her dreams were a lot smaller now. She just wanted to be able to hold everything together. Her life was a far cry from what she thought it would be when she was eighteen. By two thousand eight their relationship wasn't shambles. She became increasingly worried that he would do something rash but she stuck with him because of her unwavering Mormon faith in the LDS church. A marriage is eternal and unbreakable even if the couple legally divorces God put Josh in her life for a reason and she wanted her kids to have a conventional family and either way she couldn't just leave. She knew Josh would do anything to keep the boys with him. She didn't seriously think he'd ever hurt his sons but she wasn't sure he'd be so protective of her. Just in case in two thousand eight she wrote a letter and put it in a safety deposit box. She told her co worker that if anything happened to her even if it looked like it was an accident. Josh had probably done something she told them the letter would explain everything. Eighteen months later she vanished coming up the day Susan disappeared. Hi It's molly. I'm so excited for you to check out the new podcast original series daily quote. If you haven't had a chance to hear it yet daily quote is two to three minute. 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Maya could have easily grown to hate those who oppressed her. She could have allowed bitterness to define her outlook limit her future instead. She chose to love herself and allowed that love to validate her ambitions. She became an actress and performer. A leader in the civil rights movement and an award winning Memoir Ist and poet. It takes radical courage to love ourselves. We will not always succeed. We may feel discouraged when our go unmet or relationship breaks but if we can have the courage to show ourselves compassion we will always be able to begin again this morning. Take a moment to honor the things you cherish about yourself. Acknowledge the progress. You have made on your journey of self discovery. You deserve to fall madly in love with the person you are. And the person you'll become daily quote is a daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine and let it inform the rest of your day. Daily quote is a podcast original. If you're listening on spotify you can share this quote with your friends on social by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the episode. Page scrolling down to share and selecting your sharing option of choice. Remember you can find new paths to positively three hundred sixty five days a year followed daily quote free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast now. Back to the story. Susan and Josh Powell had been married since two thousand and had two young boys Charlie and Britain but their life in suburban Salt Lake City was anything but ideal. Josh was increasingly controlling. But Susan didn't feel like she could leave her marriage. They were all last seen together on the evening of December. Sixth two thousand nine by a neighbor who was helping Susan Nigga blanket the next morning Monday December seven daycare owner. Debbie Caldwell noted that Charlie and Brayden Powell didn't check in their usual time. She called Susan but didn't get an answer. The boys absence was unusual and Susan ignoring her phone even more so debbie hopped into her car to visit. Susan at home. They've been dusting of snow the night before and Moore was on. Its Way. The roads were a little slack. Nothing UNUSUAL FOR UTAH. It was bitterly cold as debbie stepped out of her car. She couldn't see that anyone was home but it was hard to tell from the street. Debbie walked up to the door and knocked no answer. She Tried Josh's phone but the results were the same. She appeared in the window but couldn't see anything. Debbie was getting worried only a few weeks before another local family had been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in their home. She hoped the Powell's had met the same fate. Debbie called Joshua's sister Jennifer to see if she knew anything. Jennifer was just as concerned as Debbie. When she heard the boys hadn't shown up for daycare they decided to call the police and ask for a welfare check less than an hour later. A squad car. Roll down the street and pulled into the driveway. The officer was polite and agreed to take a look around. He glanced through the window but couldn't see anything. He has Jennifer if you had permission to enter the premises in. She granted it. The patrolman broke a window and climbed into the House then. He came around and unlocked the door for Debbie and Jennifer. The first thing they noticed was music. It came from a stereo in the living room. As did the sound of a box fan humming by the couch. The Fan was pointed at a damn spot on the carpet and furniture. Something had been cleaned up since it was still slightly wet. He knew the family hadn't been gone long. They called out for the Powell's no answer. The officer checked each of the bedrooms. Nobody was home but they noted a few clues. Susan's purse was on the cabinet in the hallway and when they went to check the garage. The mini van was missing Jennifer new. The Powell's wouldn't just leave town without telling her first and Susan definitely wouldn't leave her purse behind. They continued to phone. Josh Hoping He'd answer and tell them that was fine. Jennifer couldn't bear to wait around in the eerily empty house. She went home where the hours stretched on still no word from her brother and his family while the clock ticked the police department put together a search team. A few hours later lead detective. Ls Maxwell arrived the Powell residents as he stepped out of the patrol car. He noticed a group of neighbors gathered outside. The neighbors. Were happy to talk to the detective. All defending Susan. She would never have done anything like this without telling them I. Her boys were her world and she wouldn't just take off disrupting their schedules. Josh on the other hand was a different story he was impulsive. The neighbors hoped that this was just another one of Josh's last minute trips that he'd simply convinced Susan in the boys to come along. They probably come home soon. Meanwhile word of the Powell's disappearance was spreading at three PM Giovanna owning the last person to see Susan alive got wind of the gossip. Her son was home from school and decided to call Josh to his utter shock. Josh answered panicked her son Hung Up. Giovanna grabbed his phone and called back. It rang rang and rang. When suddenly there was a click and meek answer it was Josh. Giovanna was square. Confirm with their questions. Where was he? Did he have the boys with him? Where was Susan? When was he coming home? He should know the police were looking for him. Joshes answers came slowly and he stammered through slightly confused. He had his sons and they were going to be back soon despite Yavuz please. He quickly hung up. It was a relief to know Charlie in Brayden were safe but Giovanna couldn't shake nagging feeling deep inside that all of the problems were just beginning two hours later. Josh called his sister Jennifer she answered but like Giovanna. She was concerned by his tone. He didn't give a concrete nation for where he'd gone and he hung up abruptly after getting off the phone. Jennifer raced over to the Powell House to wait for Josh there. She found detective Ellis Maxwell and filled him in the detective immediately called Josh from her phone and told him he needed to come home now at six forty pm. Josh drove up the street past the police cars and onlookers before he pulled into his driveway. Detective Maxwell was the first one to make it to the car from the driver's seat. Josh only stared at him blankly. It seemed that he didn't care that so many people were looking for him. Maxwell saw the two children in the back. But there was no sign of Josh's wife Susan however the detective noticed her phone on the passenger seat. He asked the Josh where his wife was. But Josh said that he had no idea he'd last seen her the night before but he'd been gone all day. He taken the boys out on a camping trip. That answer made little sense. Why would josh go out camping in the middle of the night with his two young sons? And why would he take his wife cellphone on top of that? It had been Sunday evening. Just a few hours before Josh was supposed to go to work and it was snowing. Maxwell told Josh that he needed to come to the police station for questioning. Josh agreed and trailed Maxwell's car he let the investigators know that he would help them in any way that he could but he was adamant that he hadn't seen Susan's since the night before at the police station. Josh was taken into a small room there. Maxwell asked Josh if he had any idea where Susan could be. Josh said he simply had no idea. Maxwell kept on questioning. Josh gave shifty answers. He claimed he'd gone to a place called Simpson Springs campground to try out some new camping equipment. He said he'd simply lost track of time thinking. It was Saturday instead of Sunday drew maxwell. Josh seemed extremely uninterested in helping locate Susan. He didn't show any sense of urgency regarding her disappearance. He just kept repeating that. He didn't know why she'd left. Everything about their marriage had seemed fine to him. It was frustrating. But there was only so much they could do. Maxwell let Josh go after their interrogation after all he hadn't been accused of anything at nine PM on December seventh. Two thousand nine. Josh Powell drove home again and parked his van. Neighbors later reported that they saw the light in the garage all night long and heard the sounds of cleaning by the next morning word. Got Out that. A suburban woman had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. The local news station followed the case closely two days later on December ninth. Detectives were back at the Powell residence. This time with a search warrant they were going to see if they could find any new information that could lead them to Susan in the living room by the Fan. They came across a few droplets of blood on the bottom half of the wall. They swabbed these incent them back to a lab for tests. The carpet gave up no clues. It had been thoroughly cleaned and didn't have any traces of blood. The van was completely cleaned out. Glaze were only able to find the camping supplies. That Josh had claimed he was testing the next day. The investigators drove out to Simpson's springs were. Josh claimed he'd gone with his two boys. But the harsh landscape offered no clues it had been snowing for the past three days and any tracks that could have been left were obscured. It was a vast desolate wilderness. And the police were unable to locate his supposed- campsite to an outsider. Looking in it appeared. Susan had been killed and Josh was prime suspect. His later behavior only made things worse. Josh quit his job. After Susan disappeared then pulled his two sons at daycare and on December fourteenth. He hired a lawyer claiming he was tired of being badgered authorities. Ten days later on December twenty four. Th Josh was publicly named a person of interest in Susan's disappearance it was the best that the West Valley Police Department could do. After all there was still no physical evidence. Even so suspicion was growing in the community and Josh wanted out of Salt Lake City from the sideways glances in the grocery store to the looks of judgment from his neighbors. He couldn't take it on January. Sixth Two thousand ten. Josh packed up his belongings and headed back to Washington. The police were powerless to stop him a month. After his wife went missing he too was gone and the moment he left. He stopped helping authorities altogether. The chances of finding Susan Alive diminish coming up theories on what happened to Susan. Was she a runaway in love or a victim of a tragedy. Now back to the story it had been. Nearly a year's in Susan Powell disappeared on December. Sixth two thousand nine. The authorities were fairly certain that she'd been murdered but they had no physical evidence to prove it. Their main person of interest Susan's husband. Josh Powell was hundreds of miles away. He and his two boys were living in Puyallup. Washington was the Josh's father Steve. He hadn't cooperated with the investigation since he left Utah. Meanwhile Josh and his son settled in with Steve. It had been six years since Josh's father hit on his wife causing the couple to move away but josh felt perfectly at home with Steve even better. The police attention wasn't so intense in Washington and out of the spotlight. Josh could look after his boys without judgment. Meanwhile he and Steve Tried to answer the accusations with their own version of events. They had a theory and they were going to let the media know about it. Josh and Steve said that Susan had run away to be with another man named Stephen. Coacher coacher was a thirty year old from Saint George a town in southwest Utah. They claim that he'd gone missing around the same time as Susan. Steve and Josh had Susan's diaries and claim that this wasn't the first time she lusted. After another man. In fact they said that Susan and coacher had been entangled in extramarital affair. Supposedly Susan had left to right after Josh wink camping with the boys she met up with coacher and they flew away together to Brazil coach. I was familiar with the country since he served as mission there the were shocking and completely out of character for Susan. It's nearly impossible to analyze this theory. Josh didn't offer any evidence to suggest that Susan had ever even met Stephen Coacher. In fact phone records showed that there was never any contact between the two of them coach. You're also had gone missing on December thirteenth. Two thousand nine almost a full week after Susan on top of that while he was from Utah. He'd gone missing in Henderson. Nevada local security cameras captured the last time. Coacher was seen the video showed him walking down a cul de sac in Nevada alone too many including Susan's parents. It seemed Josh was using this alleged affair to deflect attention away from himself and he'd only want to create red herrings because he was responsible for Susan's disappearance Susan's family and the local authorities long suspected that he'd murdered his wife. Even Susan herself testified to that possibility after her disappearance. The police located her safety deposit. Box the one. She told her co worker about inside was a videotape and a handwritten letter in the letter. She wrote her marital problems with Josh. And how she feared for her life if anything happened to her. She insisted that it would be Joshua's fault of you of her friends told authorities that before she vanished. Susan had given Josh an ultimatum. If they didn't fix their marriage she'd leave with the boys in the spring. Allegedly Josh couldn't deal with that possibility. Instead he killed Susan and left her body somewhere out in the Utah Desert. The evidence seemed to support this theory. A lab confirmed that the blood found on the homes wall was Susan's police. Also discovered that Josh had cashed out Susan's retirement fund and had placed a one point five million dollar life insurance policy on her where he was the sole beneficiary. However all of this still wasn't enough to charge Josh. Police didn't have a weapon. Or even any conclusive evidence that Susan was dead. The best lead they had was the blood but Susan have lived in her home for years. It wasn't unheard of for a trace amount of blood to have been splattered on the wall after a minor cut and with two small children spills on the carpet and couch were par for the course. Answers were allusive for detective. Maxwell and the West Valley Police Department with Josh. Out of the State. It was even harder to conduct an investigation. As the years passed they were unable to Locate Susan. Alive or dead since they couldn't find her. It was impossible to tie any evidence back to Josh. Coacher or anyone else but the PAO family saga was far from over in September. Two Thousand Eleven Police in Utah uncovered a suspected burial site in the middle of the desert officials in Washington rated Steve Pals home. He had a strong alibi for the night of her disappearance but they hope they'd find some kind of evidence awesomely. Something Josh had brought with him when he moved from Utah Instead. They found countless hard drives full of elicit videos and images many involve minors in some have been recorded by Steve. The police also found old videos of Steve Stocking Susan without her knowledge on September. Twenty Third Two Thousand Eleven Steve Powell was arrested on charges of child pornography and voyeurism. Nothing they found in Steve's home could be used to explain Susan's case and the search in the desert also turned up. Nothing but josh still felt the heat. The media attention in both states was back on the Powell family. Additionally Steve was no longer allowed to live with minors which meant Josh and his two sons needed to move. Josh claimed that he'd found a place to live but the court soon figured out that he was lying he was still residing with his dad. Custody was handed over to Susan's parents. Chuck and Judy. But Josh wasn't going to take the ruling lying down he went to the courts to fight to get his kids back after all. He hadn't been convicted of a crime and the government. Just take his sons away. The judge ordered Josh to go get psychological evaluations to see if he was fit to be the boy's guardian. In the meantime he was given supervised visitation rights. Josh hated that his boys weren't with him full time but he always treasured the hours they spent together. He settled into his new normal as best he could and he continued to resist the police's efforts to find Susan. By the time February. Two thousand twelve game around. She'd been gone for over two years and the case was cold. Authorities had discussed charging Josh for the crime but they couldn't find any substantial evidence to ensure conviction. They were helpless however they didn't let Josh note this publicly. He was still a person of interest and with more searches in the desert planned. They wanted Josh to sweat. He professed his innocence to anyone who asked he told them all he wanted to do was move on with his life so that he could raise his boys right. He was convinced that his sons were being corrupted into thinking he was a monster he couldn't bear to see them turned against him and to dark plan began to form well. Josh never admitted to any wrongdoing and Susan's disappearance his actions on February fifth. Two Thousand Twelve painted a grim picture of what he was capable of that morning. A social worker pulled up to Joshua's newly rented house for a supervised visit Charlie in Brayden. We're looking forward to spending time with their dad. As the car came to a stop they bounded out ahead of the social worker. She ambled up behind. The Ms Josh stood in the entrance. The two boys ran inside but before she could get there. The door slammed shut. It was locked she naught but Josh didn't open up. She immediately called nine. One one minutes later Josh's lawyer received an email with no subject line from Josh. The message was short. I'm sorry goodbye outside of his house. The social worker was frantic. She didn't know what Josh was planning on what he was capable love. No one was there to help and they wouldn't be for several minutes a moment later there was a violent blast and the house was engulfed in flames. It had blown up by the time the authorities arrived. The inferno was raging. Nothing to be done once. The fire was extinguished. Investigators surveyed the home. The bodies of Josh and his boys were found in the rubble. He'd intentionally set the fire and had attacked his two sons with a hatchet before the fumes got to them. The thin veil of presumed innocence could no longer protect him. The young family whose future had once seemed so bright came to an end. Because of Josh Powell given Josh's murderer of his children it seems almost like a foregone conclusion. That Josh had a hand in Susan's disappearance. His accounts of the night in questions seem incredibly suspect in his actions. Two years later proved that he was capable. But there's still no hard evidence to prove Josh Killed Susan or even that she's dead to this day. Susan Powell remains a missing person. No one has ever been charged with her disappearance. Thanks again for tuning into gone. We'll be back next week. Was a short gone. Bide on spotify and back everywhere else the week after you can find more episodes of gone and all other park has two originals for free on spotify. Not only the spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like gone for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker to stream gone on spotify. Just open the APP and type in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at broadcast network. We'll see next time. 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