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Hey team and welcome to this episode of the epic Taboo Podcast Euro- Well. Perhaps you listen to this. Is your cooking up delicious meal. You're Parvenu your home. Potentially a workout listening to my voice. Is Your bossing squad pushups because obviously you right now. Employ being tested by on the East and West so by the ability to go to the gym which is totally fine. He's even though you time if you will you actually finding this time to also concentrate on something you don't do. Maybe learn a task or skill bay with those you care about. You know as much time to read one very interesting time regardless you go take. These is best we can. We can zoot sign up. I'm all about you will bang. Eating moving on his sleeping ride is something always continued to Bud with the resources to do Bedtime de launch. Before I continue to upset me and you questions challenges well way. Seagrams is going to be twenty. It's been doing lately. Pertain to push out as much. Genie has learned coupons at home with limited resources in terms of the grocery store. Obviously working at as well and speaking hopefully general. Today's guests is a big advocate. That I'm really plays have max today. If you've heard of Max you probably heard about him on his own petoskey someone than I ever since his very boop. Jeez foods and I learned so much from now he's already second blue jeans. Laffin you just WanNa make signs easy to understand and scientists great credibility essentially rates out. And you say we'll always it's a great way for us to interpret our language and Suspect you're maxed is easy teisal. Weeds like understanding and found a real easy way. Sold on the sand. Really appreciate what he does that. I also love his perspective. You Hilo about whether the way he lives now. Obviously all Baz new book Genius Life And we interact with relation to hormone sleep patterns. Can we talk a little bit of stuff? So if you're interested in all these guys things are really excited to get your thoughts. Actually tag US What did you learn from today's episode? Please let us know of course Always so take it away backs Neil toss bestseller oughta podcast and this legend Max Lucrative and welcome to the PODCAST felman. Thanks Dan Vere Dude. We've got on with being in a changing on the web's you would say we finally made it happen psyched to hero and it's in good time as well because you talk about a bit lighter but you'd bring you out another book on the Genius Lines will say and I were discussing upstairs in the restaurant you like. I didn't realize volume USTRALIA. It's crazy I mean no idea but I. I've never been to Australia. I have a lot of Australian friends and your would love to go. So let's make that happen and let's make it happen. Yeah for sure man invoked signing there. I'm so yes way like do some sort of event I feel people just generally a drawn to your understanding and knowledge and also you what you do. Is You do all the research everyone else. That's that's the that's what you do. I try try to put my own spin on things too. I mean perspective but yeah I mean I just think it's you know. Health Literacy is something that has been lost on younger people that were also older people. It's the same as financial literacy. It's the same as Culinary Literacy literacy so I'm just trying to like be a full on her in the fight to get people to Kinda like wake up to the way that their their actions affect the way they feel and their health long-term too and that's we're GonNa talk about today and if you just heads up guys if you get enough of what we hear about you can also hit up Max's podcasts. He talks about all this stuff all the time. So let's begin with your beginning so you're you're journalist Wedge Study. I went to University of Miami in Florida. I think you like the use of the year. Yeah Yeah The you in South Florida and I actually started school. As a Pre Med track within I ended up realizing the love of storytelling and communications and I ended up double majoring in documentary. Filmmaking and psychology so keeping one foot still in the world of science but I really enjoyed this the like the opportunity that technology when I went to school is was providing for for storytellers to to tell stories in a more immediate way than they had been told in the past. You can just take a video camera. Which now is becoming increasingly more affordable to people and unlike tell story and create a revolution. That's kind of what I think the promise of digital video like that's why that spoke to me and that ended up when I graduated ended up getting a job working for Gore who is former. Us Vice President Al Gore. Yeah Man I would love to pick his brain smart guy So he hired me basically out of college to be one of the faces of his TV Network TV network in the US. Called current TV knows a news and Information Network for young people and so even though it in studied journalism in college got training on the job immediately upon graduation it was Grad school but instead of going into debt for it like they actually paid me to be on and produce content and it was amazing. I was like twenty two twenty three and I ended up doing it for six years and so it was amazing. I learned a ton I got to work with people who in the US are like household names in the in the world. Journalism like And then six years into that. I left at work. I felt that my opportunity had kind of course and I started spending more and more time in New York City which is from here and I love my mom. I'm a the first born. The oldest child in the family and I started spending more time with her and it was at that moment. It was just so crazy. The timing of things but in in that moment has between jobs I was spending more time in New York City that my mom started to display early symptoms of what would ultimately be diagnosed as a form of dementia and It was really upsetting for my family to have to come to terms with but I stepped in. I started accompanying her to doctors appointments. We started in New York and because we couldn't really get a clear diagnosis here in New York. I mean just imagine the frustration of that like in your home that you live in New York City and you can understand what's going on with your mother's health. I mean I just wanted to like you know resonate for people because it ended up with US having to book around women's of the Cleveland Clinic and by flights you know Book Hotel Reservations and we ended up having to fly out to Cleveland. Ohio which the Cleveland Clinic is one of the best hospitals in the world and is known for taking on particularly complex medical cases. And we had to go there and it was there. Finally the my mom was diagnosed for the first time with neurodegenerative condition. She was prescribed drugs for both Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease and I didn't know anything about either condition at that point what I had. Were these prescriptions. That I then took back to the hotel room and I began googling like anybody would right. And it dawned on me at that point that my mom had an incurable condition and that these drugs had no ability to modify disease progression at all. They were essentially biochemical. Bandaids and that basically was the line in the sand at that you know became I think my my life's purpose ultimately to try to figure out why this would have happened to her. Why it's happening to people just generally you know on such a on such an unprecedented scale. And what could be done to prevent it? You know. And so that's what was the motivating force behind my writing of genius foods which is a nutritional care manual for the human brain and then the genius life is sort of progression on that acknowledging that nutritious just one part of the story. Yeah Man I comp into words how much it'd be tough to say mom go through something like that but also then How amazing is that? You looked at it as a way of going so often paper could be put in that situation and just be like. I need to just give everything I can to the situation you realize and go anita people realize as much as I can catch my mom. People need to know that there is something we can do about this. And you did that. And that's how you came up with. How tight viewed actually ride genius foods? Alanon types that process took a long time. I made it my full time job for year. Living off the small advance that I got and yeah I mean it was crazy I was i. I had no idea how successful the book would become but I dedicated myself to it and also I think the other thing about like writing a lot of people write books today. The books are kind of like they're it's like the. The book is to the iceberg for the business in. The book is really a marketing play until they promote business. I didn't have a business. I suppose book you know and and get this information out there to people and so I really identified myself to it. I worked with brilliant medical doctor to write. It is based in New York. City was Paul Gray Wall and and yeah just like night and day night and day. Chipping away at the topic and try and making sure that the concept that I was writing make sure that it was easy to read. It was fun to read that it was at times funny. 'cause I'm not like the. Stodgy professor time. I wanted I wanted to speak to my generation. Yeah Yoga is like get your act together. The clock is ticking and dementia. Alzheimer's begins in the brain decades before the first symptom so So yeah so like it took me a year or two right the first manuscript and then about six to eight months to to edit it in it came out and it was just like it was amazing into New York Times with solar. It's unbelievable I. I've listened to it as an audio book where I had the pleasure of hearing your car voice in my E-z as I'm at the gym Ron. I think that's what we get from the manic straightaway. You do get this. Super Informative analyzed well reference documentation but in a way. That's like comical. This really funny things I remember. I actually not where I live. I giggle as as he signed off so But it's also superpower because you're right. These things like Alzheimer's Mitch. They do that. Go to lag period like this. These things that happened you know use light up without even realizing at least the symptoms and unfortunately having more from them we actually know. But there's things we can do about it so let's talk about some of the things that you particularly within. That book was shocked to hear through studies. That major points in the book. I of and a Lotta people. Yeah I think the most shocking thing is that we that this is a potentially a lifelong escape events that ultimately determine whether or not you have dementia and so it still involving science. But that's why I think the impetus is on all of us to do. We can when we can to make changes that are GONNA help support our brain health as we age because once you already have dementia. There's really no turning back from that. I mean there are studies coming out showing us that we can do things. I can slow the progression. You exercise is one of the exercise medicine for the brain yet But the drugs don't really work and not to sound bleak or anything if there was a blockbuster drug that I give my mom I would give it to my mom so the but But no it's a you know. I think no matter how young you are how old you really have to consider our brains. You know we go to the gym because we want to look at her and I go to the gym for mental health purposes. I go to the gym. Because it's like an amazing tonic for whether you're anxious feeling anxious or depressed or just generally moody going to the gym like you know it's it's amazing It's also you know the best way to to encourage neuro plasticity of your brain cells And so yeah. I think that there's like there's just so much that people need to know and so I don't know ingenious foods I took A. It was really mostly about nutrition. And the fact that you eat basically dictates the quality of your moment to moment thoughts. How well you can perform as well as your risk. Long-term conditions like Alzheimer's disease and dementia. And so I make a pretty. I'd take a pretty balanced Stance like I'm very much pro plants and also very much pro animal products. So I'm like pro. Both I think of common extreme standpoint today when we have these warring nutrition factions like carnivores. Everybody's fighting but yeah. I think that the value of each are like just from the standpoint of the brain stem intrusion From the standpoint of adherents like you just can't get around the fact that incorporated both into your diet is like makes the most sense. Yeah absolutely As studies she putting the shine. I'd send you referenced. Thousand tons of ready to show that we conscious focus on versus micronutrients macronutrients animator balanced is what is effective. Is You know there's so many pathways required chemical reactions from both Veggie said man like I think. Definitely touch this in terms of plant. Specis animal proteins. I think and this is made looking just completely subjectively love to hear your thoughts on this. We he references of like gang changes and always kind of things first and foremost you know. You'll got anyone else so just listen to you. Got The secondly I think the biggest differentiator in planned production and being and you know someone who consumes ammo packs. I don't think it's having products as much. I think it's actually the amount of plants so I don't think in general. We have enough plants. So if you look at someone who eats? I don't proxy with Vegetables. Auditing is enough vegetables not plight competitive animal product whereas you could salaries Vegan that would have to consume more food. In general mattis means more plants so if we had a third study that was more plants with a little bit. I don't product. I'll be very interested to see what that would look like versus Vegan versus the animal. Kind of mentality. Yeah and those are hard to do our colleague Ben who's in Medical School at Columbia that nutritionists nutrition research is way harder to do than drug research and yet nutrition research is vastly much light less well-funded yet so Yes we went ever have those studies so you have to Kinda hedged your bets and take the best available evidence. You have warm in a hard on for Diet's going to work for you because you're right like nobody knows your your your biology your healthy you do. I mean estimate probabilities in guesses But everybody should see themselves as like an end of one experiment. That's how I treat my my approach and and I tried to make us caveats in in my book. So there's no such thing as one size fits all night. Yeah you do man. I really appreciate as well. I think I like as we talked about. Your colloquial nature is informative. You really focus on the nutritional aspects Here's what we do have bought. He generally has an impact on our make up and how we perform Off personally let's go to the gym for mental reasons. You touch on the endocrine system like Noah in also the relationship between food and the whole in Genius Foods And I think that's so apparent. I think hormonal activity is something we generally neglect when it comes to our health and wellness and particularly the Indicator of that is the most happiest day And it's often eating or just author Jim Session and that's just because you've done something that you feel good about. And it's brought on actually showing positivity towards your Ahead Ron. You're somebody who's asked me the other day like what my ideal day look like. Honestly like I feel so good when I have a day where have like an amazing workout and follow that workout. Like just one of those. I work as we feel like. Everything's grooving lake. They you know there's no pain just feel like your like your lifts are increasing. Show great and then you follow that with amazing meal that that one two punch to me is like one of the greatest things in light and the sauna afterwards ought to go anywhere you need fancy cars like Nestle's aggregate workout super healthy meal on afterwards and then follow that with a great night's sleep like an alcohol-free like great night's sleep too. I'm like just playing. Were universities playing man. That's like actually publicly talk about the activity then recovery as of the Sauna. The sleep and the food often we miss but to be. You've also got your apartment right now. You're signing in on this book. Tour is actually close to a gym to your price of food ride. Easy Hotel in New York going to say it's like equidistant. Between a whole hopefully Asian over with now trustworthy trustworthy absolutely produce. Yes in the gym and then also next to a like a dig in I'm not I'm not a fan of if they're watching this light map animal but I mean the tastes like flavors. I adding super. They're like really good Adams Adams a friend. Now he's we had him on the PODCAST He's done a fantastic job. And I just like any of these restaurants at a plant like a really push plants. There's like cannon Now I'm so happy to hear that you'll like me and I can call when you travel is wherever you sit is food and how close to a deal with is also like touched by genius foods. We're GONNA hit a break when we come back only talk more about your second So every we'll see if you haven't already as a couple of years you can say on my Graham or on the two page about how to chop an onion and maximize your saying first-hand year on the outside skills dude did you. I love the fact. You've come down to the kitchen and going holy crap you actually. The Cook could as we as we doing on the table but man. I'll cook something that is super parents or what we're both the bat. But specifically you did big fan big fan of like how you an advocate of produces yoy side. How how did you? How do you go from being like did you apply yourself in the food world? After journalism? We always been invited as your family was involved in food Yemen my my mother was a you know we believe very strongly like when I was growing up like the family. Dinner was very important laxmi mom yet so that we would all come together no matter where we were we would all sit down together dinner and choose a busy woman but she often cooked. You know we definitely all enjoyed cooking together. That was like a thing that we all dish who make cakes and she would make dishes and she had a garden. And you know she. She loves to like grow. Tomatoes and Zucchini is in light and put them into dishes like it was. It was a big thing in my house and it's awesome. At a certain point. I realized love for Health Nutrition It began a curiosity but I started to really believe that what we eat matters for our health and for how we feel and how we look absolutely and from I think a pretty young age I was pretty tapped into that and And Yeah and so when my mom got sick and I had these skills that I had amassed as a as a journalist I just decided to Kinda go all in in circle back to my original love which was health and I'd now I can cook. I don't have like half the skills that you have. Obviously as a trained chef. I think I'm a pretty good coach because of my upbringing and And Yeah I mean I think cooking. Good cooking alchemy. It's chemistry in. I mean there's definitely it's it's certainly an art but there's also a little bit of science to it definitely and I think at that. Intersection is so cool. It's so it's like you know. And so on inspiring and yeah. I don't know I I'm I'm I'm not a train so I I'm trains. Actually I kind of went indications and trying white remote like certified. That's cool but like I'm like you do. I have the family table. I loved it. It was just that awesome. You know I guess moments together and that's really cool to hear that your family had the same morals breadth really. I feel. It's just that just better hormones ring so much happiness man let's as as I'm cooking this little situation so run. I always have some really cool shorts in the pan. Just olive oil in there You'll medium so just kind of rough on chop just kind of get a little Golden Brown that the crush. Golic and we've got pretty heavy not gonNA lie alikhon anyway. Oh that's great that's good Gosh. I'm so sorry I didn't check earlier but let's let's talk more about moving on from you. What happens you will send you. I will obviously genius such a success. So there's no doubt you had on the book but what was the methodology and raising behind wanting to genius. Who Yeah I mean. Nutrition is lights. It's so important but it's one part of the story and that's really what motivated me to read the book there. There is a lifestyle component in food. But it's very in the back in the Balkans not fully slash out. The genucel is really explodes and breaks. Open all those different avenues. And a lot of values so everything from circadian biology to the relationship that we have with nature to the relation. But we have the light to the religion of that we have a temperature To physical activity to environmental toxins that are omnipresent in the environment. That sort of all. It's it's generally like an overview of all of the most relevant and actionable things that you can do in terms of your environment to feel better and reduce your risk for not just dementia but for cancer for heart disease and things like that. So did you find you like more? Casey I've done obviously had an impact on paper in the genus food aspect. This is so much more I can do. Yeah well my mom Actually she struggled with dementia for seven eight years but she passed away a little over year ago sideways. Eighteen pass from was actually not dimensioned. She was diagnosed with an credit cancer. And essentially that was another revelation on. Because you know I it's been the past eight years Looking into guide on how could affect our risk for brain disease and what ultimately ended up stealing my mom from my family and I was something completely different so it really think about the world in a different way to look at other areas where we might be able to have agency to improve our risk some of these overall health your life definitely you know whether it's cancer whether it's heart disease well and I think that in many ways my mom was the Mary in the coalmine for the Western way of life. And so you know nutritionist mentioned. It's a big hang. We have control degree of control over what we eat and plays a major role in the Lancet estimates that one in five deaths globally occurred due to diet related editions. But you know. Every there's so many aspects of modern life that who basically mutated and are a synchronous with the needs of the unanimous our requirement for some light you know ninety three percent of our time indoors these as a requirement for variation in ambient temperature most of the time we're spending call Chronic climate control. So it's like These ancient more regulatory systems that have just been allowed to gather dust and when weeks ourselves too hot to heat or cold. Temperatures cold showers ice pads crowd. Things like that Activate these ancient ways and it seems to be for the benefit of our health and our mental physical health mental health as well so these are all topics that I wanted to bring together when the genes life and every topic could easily up. Its own book. I mean circadian. Biology are hitting biology that that is when I saw reading more about that in ingenious lot like I I've read a bit about cycads rhythm obviously important. That's a more. I was actually personally intercity that myself when I was traveling a lot and understanding yet so before we go inside and it will be a quick talk a bit about what that is and the second biology. Your Circadian Clock is basically the twenty four hour cycle that dictates various biological processes throughout the day. I mean every every biological process I think is in some way at least directly or indirectly influenced by the time of day that it is and you let your brain date is A handful of inputs and the primary endpoint that your brain and body uses to date is so that it can address its processes accordingly and so first thing in the morning would talk about look. It's crucial to really important to make sure that sometime in the morning. You're getting good quality. Bright light in your eyes. Now this doesn't have to be a box it doesn't FBI right side even on an Ambien Day. The amount of that you're getting through is Is Sufficient to anchor your body's circadian rhythm so whether that means any minute window going outside to scratch Paris or even just driving through our your half an hour commute work and taking off your classes and opening up some window so that natural light floods the car. That's GONNA do a lot towards you know making sure that your metabolic engine firing also owners to make sure that your mental health is as good as it can be in so hard circadian Your Circadian Rhythm can influence Things like learning focus. Attention mood So yeah so. It's like one of these really really important things in maintaining the circadian rhythm has Equally challenging today because we're just flooded with artificial light at night so those are the things that I go into in this country which I think is a very good unbiased of course but I think it's a very good distillation of what we currently know about biology without sort of on about things. That are not sort of actionable or not fully fleshed out in the research. You know what I'm saying. Absolutely read a whole book about Circadian Biology but like I said like the devil control up ages. You know what I'm saying. I tried to do like dense. It bring it all together and make it actionable achievable in an approachable. So what was signed is jeans. Law Is Max's why of tightening lots of studies and putting it quickly abstract about what it is and giving the response of the action will think waiting to do yes. That's all no. It's it's one of those people that has those blue light sunglasses on a notch on. Wear them sometimes. So you do. Who owns very useful? Actually marry they look nerdy of course Sake Greg. I'm going to get any dates wearing them. Yeah they actually birth control. Is that right now all right? I don't know that's true man. I'm going to lower friends. Go girls and they weren't one these would then tell me about the sex life that much but you never know you never know who knows if you meet the right bio hacker just saying yes. He listens to Maxon. Oh Man I'm so the spot in interest in this this is just going up. An extra twenty percents Girls I'm just saying I should be so lucky. Then you get a possible. Get you down the avenue book to do yes. It's really something that I think. He's truly hasn't been touched in health so much yet. I think it's early beginning. And touching the tiffany aspect. If you will of what the influence that has all talk about you know we heard about blue lot and those things and even when we travel you know when I travel I really try and get back into the same day twenty four hour call as when going through so I have a routine now on travel to and from New York but I think we open that we naturally naturally just wake up to sunlight and your boarding nets. It's hard to get out of bed at three in the morning because Dunk Ryan and I think though the relationship where I'm interested to hear from is what that is in terms of the pathway towards the intercom system in a net or the phone effect so when we have the optimal we wake up in the morning and we haven't that some sunlight for example the natural lot. What does that do to some of the major front of an audience systems really good question? I mean one one great example. Is that right light? Basically the brakes on Melatonin. Production Melatonin is a hormone that isn't hauled in albums wind down at night but militants actually also a powerful antioxidant and into commentary. And it's all the repair and it's also involved in A process called Which is sort of like the Kamari method yet. Ramallah it's like when our cells clean house And it's does all these amazing things so that's why we want to have melatonin soup. Released are rains in the evening hours and this occurs naturally but What happens is bright light? Suppresses Melatonin release a pretty significant degree? And so that's why right. Artificial is in a way can actually be via this sort of indirect And complicated pathway can actually promote celebrated aging maybe even act as a carcinogen in certain context is one of the reasons why it's been proposed that night shift workers make up. Twenty percent of the global workforce have an increased risk. It seems for certain cancers so you know the fact that they're Melatonin levels are constantly being suppressed may play a role here and I think the science you know needs to explore this further. Certainly but it's an interesting offices and one of the things in alternate also does is it makes us less insulin sensitive Because we're not supposed to be at our most energetic. You know at night when we're winding down. We're getting ready for bed right. So partitioning and utilising fuels like insulin. One thing that insulin does really well is is it. Shuttles Glucose into our muscles also so that we can have energy That's less of a necessity when we're like winding getting ready for bed. Right thing is in the morning a lot of people when they wake artificially with arm clocks which is obviously a modern construct. If they're jostled awake at which point like their Melatonin levels have not come down there. Waking Up Melatonin levels are still elevated so by getting that bright light in your eyes in the morning. What you're doing. You're making sure that your Melatonin levels plummet so that you can be at your most insulin sensitive your most energetic during the day like in the morning when that's when you when you typically need most of your energy and you know and And Metabolic function to be firing on also under so. That's one way to live basically affects your hormones. It's that it it. Suppresses melatonin lousy be more sensitive Which is going to be great for energy metabolism. It's GonNa be great or anti-aging purposes And so yeah. Light has a as a pretty dramatic interplay with way her or do you just to encyclopedia knowledge man. How good getting knowledge booms ready? It's super interesting. It's so interesting. On the surface of militant we always talk bad SOM- until about recovery light to the athletes. Elia and be part of that will make sure that essere turn the Diet Essentially utilize well by Melatonin Melatonin on the index slave Guys so like if you don't get that deep sleep in trek from wrong but essentially that's you need to build a militant. And if you don't getting that's the other side of if you're not getting into slate you minimize the amount of time. Heavy and then you wake up unnaturally nearly short amount of recovery actually utilize benefited and the net. That's the flown affects essentially Catalyst in all of these lost out of these. I mean there's a lot of hormones that that that earn sleep I mean there's growth hormone testosterone. Yeah Melatonin actually has a nice like it starts to creep up like when the sun goes down. So it's it's it's released as a response to the absence of light or bright light at least and so it starts to creep up and then it kind of persists it stays elevated through the entirety of our sleep But then if you're you know and then it comes down just before we wake up and then cortisol rises actually starts rise just before we wake up calls actually energizing hormones. Involved in energy release in the body is a cadillac hormone so like it releases and breaks down energy but but yeah by avoiding bright light at night In voiding eating late at night especially like highly refined carbs carbohydrates generally generally wanna eat primarily during the day or in the post workout window eating carbs late at night. I mean it's a little bit of this is speculative but INSULIN INSULIN. Sort of oppose growth hormone which is one of the Repairing hormones that we get this sort of pulse of early on in sleep so we want to make sure that We're not eating CARBS. You know especially too late at night Carbohydrate like insulin also can interact with a an enzyme called insulin degrading enzyme in our brains which is responsible for helping. Clean our brains up of this These proteins that can accumulate informed the plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease so There are many ways to honor your body's innate rhythms light plays a huge role and then also as I mentioned. Food is an another is sort of a Secondary Time Center. It's it's primarily the time. Cetera that Your periphery or body uses time data. So if you're adjusting metabolising your body. Basically assumes daytime so that's one of the reasons why I think it's probably ideal to not eat that much after sundown which is not super practical realistic for people living today. We're not waking up with the sunrise. We're not going to sleep at sundown. The generally the recommendation that I make which I think is a cre- Reasonable and practicable practical recommendation is to not eat for two to three hours before you go to sleep So you know if you're going to bed at ten every night I try to cut off your you know your food consumption at about seven if you're going to bed at midnight in a more reasonable You know Goal they got. This is an actionable stat. Right there to let's talk a little bit more about the law specifically so he talked about biology. What else this one by the way. I'm only like back on Monday. Not I got into my kitchen. Choose upon the book so it's now Friday a rating but I'm not sure yet all good so I mean circadian biology. It goes into nutrition. There's different nutrition Principles advanced in this book. I talk about the release of nature. Temperature super important. I talk about environmental toxins. Which I think is a big topic of now. Yeah Yeah I mean. There's a whole chapter where I talk about You know compounds like it's a an phthalates and Heavy metals and things. Like that and my goal is not to like fearmongering but to just kind of get people to think a little bit more critically about their environment in the chemicals that are routinely exposed to You know I mean I'm not afraid of chemicals. Like dill is made of countless chemicals. You know so that's not it's not to instill Cuma Phobia and people but I think that throughout history if you look back there just too many examples of industry foisting a you know a molecule or compound like into the marketplace and only later we realized that it has led to unintended consequence. And I think that it's just I think you know where your health is concerned. We should take fewer risks and So minimizing your use of plastic. I think really important Being aware of like flame retardants where flame retardants are used in. Your furniture may be you know buying furniture if you have the option to do that. That don't use flame retardants You know I talk a little bit about organic versus conventional in my thoughts there You know as far as we're GONNA Chris. Conventional is sort of a you know a hierarchy like if you don't have access to or organic like by conventional is absolutely nothing wrong with conventional and You know you can rinse your produce. And that's very effective in terms of removing most pesticide residues. But it's right tip guys. Just just repeat that one. I want to rinse your proves you. WanNa raise your property. Can't afford organic. Don't feel guilty about it or visit that Richard and it was like when we go game changer. Yeah but here's the thing if you can like I am fortunate I can afford to buy certain things were getting. So if I'm eating the whole leaf or the skin appeal. I buy organic because I think that that's supporting a somewhat healthier farming system I think that the food. It's not going to be more nutritious in terms of nutrients You know the actually organic versus conventional you'll some vitamins that are hiring organic. You'll see some minerals are higher in In conventional generally Organic is going to have less than certain heavy metals cadmium and more polyphenyls and so how polyphenols Interact with our biology. You know it's not really a settled science but we expect them to play beneficial role because they're these compounds that For example Davidson cleric. Who's a zoological researcher talks about having eating stressed out plants and the fact that A stress how plan is going to create more of these funerals which actually make us more robust from the inside out because they sort of. It's really cool hypothesis that he talks about David Sinclair That this That when we eat stressed out plans like plants that have been exposed to environmental stress. Whether it's like fungus or rodents or drought that they become more robust they develop more of these polyphenol compounds. Which then kind of signal to us when we eat them that the environment is like you know that there's some like in the environment and so it actually signals to us to become more robust and resilient and so I think it's like a great It's just so cruel and on spiring you know but one of the reasons why I think it may provide value if you can to Reach for organic. You know absolutely I get that question Tom. More of I can't afford and I feel these questions. You answer in this chiefs lobby all these awesome things. We'RE GONNA go to a break as we talk about puddles as we do. That enjoys mushrooms. The young man mushrooms that France June. I love mushrooms man so good for you. I was totally thinking of what was was the mushrooms and bitter Gugans. Exactly why said it strengthens it? They strengthen your immune system and people who eat mushrooms eventually have reduced risk for dementia. So I I think I'm just gonNA carry Max around all the time because whenever eight something can be that person on my shoulder saying you're having this business this this dude so good. Morton's always learn that like mommy. Slaves Saga isn't just super tasty. The most salty garlicky on neon like this is so simple. I didn't do much man like people talk about Tom. How do I make my plants to spend more sexy body sexy sexy food right there but as you talk about food we can talk about sexy? Max Zero Because he is single. Let's let's talk a bit more about your podcast in how it relates to the Janus Law. So you get some guests on them sometimes. Talk about yeah talk you talk about a man While Zoa I love as I'm sure you do I love to. My podcast is a great platform. Dance to talk to people. Make connections Yeah I mean I primarily focus on health and wellness related topics. You know keeping a pretty high level at times been doing really deep into the science had PhD's and MD's on it. But I'm not I don't exclude people without credentials because I think that everybody. Can you really sort of your good interviewer if you ask questions learn from anybody absolutely and You know we're all on this journey together and we're all Kinda just grasping at straws meaning truth and And so yeah it's called life and I really. I really value going to do it. It's it's really well. I'm super grateful for that. That's but yeah health. Wellness stuff trying to broaden out to like 'cause you know I'm living at genius lives acknowledging that we are not You know that we we contain multitudes. Right we are. We are not singularly focused in our personal lives. So I always been at this idea that we need to be singularly focused in our in our professional lives as well. So I plan on having Comedians whose work I value on it. I love talking to some of my favorite musicians artists creators. So yeah it's kind of like a it's much broader than the book But Yeah I really I love it. It's awesome man. I think it encompasses you start to realize the podcast you can. Compass lower your personal like values in life like. I'm actually interested in a Canadian. I wonder woman you get them on. I was personally interested like irrespective the book I WanNa get. You wanted us to chat about suffering. I'm willing to learn Ryan. That's always why people say you learn about cooking. Today I learned about the Brian. Essentially and I learned how to you about fresh herbs versus what dried herbs exactly. Yeah put fresh herbs in later in the cooking process it. They go see so obviously. I is make sure you subscribe to match podcasts. Wherever you listen to podcasts like this one But also yes so the book itself matter you doing a tour right now with the yeah here to New York to impress Tv Shows Arkansas man. But it's not like a huge thing you know like I think what's cool about the media landscape today is that we can do a lot from our homes. I'm slightly bond. Do podcasts from home. So I'm excited to get back to a to L. A. I Love New York. I grew up here but it the city kind of has like a bittersweet connotation to me. Because it's my mom. Spent you know all of her life. June You know it's really. It's where I moved back to be around her and then she passed here so it's And you know my whole family used to live here in my family lives in L. A. So it's is seventy bittersweet by them but it's a great city and you know it will always have like a part of me and my family. So that's awesome. Yeah that's to do quick around them or the the Max morning tain what's maximum man. I wake up. Ip Nice that could start today test out the pirates. And then I go to In my kitchen I drink some water. From reverse osmosis water purifier. Nice Nice clean water technical in how debate y'all usually go and I'll try to like stretch next to my like windows at slide open to get that bright light into my eyes and then forcing morning you know. Sometimes I'll do coffee sometimes. Not I'm like kind of re re framing my relationship with Avi generally. I love it. Okay but I just think it's like I try not to drink it every single day because I don't want to get like dependent on it. Actually interestingly this week in New York that have been have been actually not drinking coffee and you feel okay about it. I feel great. That's about it because the thing is coffee doesn't create energy from thin air. If you're if you're if you become dependent on it borrows it from later and a really wide. Yeah and so. I've been like I've got like back to back meetings set up and so I can't afford to be borrowing energy would just rather be my baseline energy level See US morning routine often. I'll often go workout in the mornings. I love to. I love to have that morning. Festive workout Nasrin. Man That's awesome. That's that's a really cool. I love the terminology behind barring energy as well. We should probably reflect not a low low. Tom How does Mac controlled controllable. So he day is the only things that we can controller will. Tell me get really frustrated. We some of the things that we don't So how do you control the control? Remind myself that if you have a problem and you can fix it. Then why were you can fix it? And if you can't fix it then why worry about it? That's exactly the advocate. I can't my favorite if Max was a food and ingredient a meal. What would be in? Why Oh man food and ingredient or meal damn you know what I like I'm a big fan of his. Tie Soup Tom. Cau- yeah and that my I don't know if I'm putting myself in a box. It's hard not to put yourself in a box and you are likening yourself to a food. But I've always thought of that food. That food with that soup was like had all these like unique and different flavors and the balance is really what makes the food. The food the soup come alive. It's like little bits hours will bit spicy. It's a little bit sweet. It's complex it's soothing though. I feel like maybe I don't like the Tonka of humans. I love that. I mean estimated. Tom Kelly. Gosh just think you're eating. Max. I just like to take on a whole bit of absolute education. What's your do you have is probably going to be a really hard question. What is your favorite part of the genius? Life my favorite part of the genius life. I big I really love the CH- It's hard to say man. I'm just proud. Overall the synthesis of all these different ideas into one Also like fitter than genius yet is nuts. I yeah so I think it's more concisely. More concentrated more powerful guy. I'm very proud to use of course but I think this is a proud of how concise have been able to make all these different topics which as I mentioned could easily fill up their own volume. And if you have one person radio book any books it alive who would be? Oh man one person I don't know probably like my favorite musicians. Yes right now I was. I was GONNA think I was GONNA say Donald Trump right. That'd be there you know. Yeah my favorite ours. That's awesome man. Well anyone who has obviously got the genius book already wants to get Janus live on if you haven't makes you if you have no doubt that if you're someone who's been you know thinking about your mommy and thinking about your day and also think about your life in general and how you should not necessarily just better learn more about yourself. It's a fantastic. You know I guess a Prequel and the sequel to what is so important for us to understand more vassals and how he will pray and in both of she get so genius life is now is it. Yes preorder or you're gonNA order it. Rather genius life will dot com or or Amazon anywhere. Bibles and I do believe that book. Depository ships globally free here in Australia. You GOTTA GET UP EARLY. Social Handle Max. Google guys Pranab maximum tonight Dan. You'll be pulling him up now and check mound socials and learn a lot more his I as I said I bought a month and I just wanted to learn myself. So Max thanks so much. Thank you for sure.

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