Big Brother Canada 7 | April 25 | Thursday Eviction Episode Recap


The. Hello everyone. And welcome to rob has a podcast. I'm rose terms. John. And I'm here tonight to recap tonight's double Vic vixen episode of big brother, Canada, seven and joining me to give you everything everything you need to recap. This vixen is is a mon- doing on. Hi, so happy to be here. It's my first ever recap show. I was gobsmacked asked me to come along. So this is great. I'm happy double has happened. Maybe weren't some of the best results that people want him. But we're gonna get through it. It's okay here we live in. Yeah. Double visions, always a sad time lately. And we're here to help get you through it. Also with us tonight is Kirsten how you doing Kirsten I enjoying while. I feel like I now have this spot where I get to come in on the sadder recaps, really walk people through it. But I just want to say before we start don't want to bury the lead. It is incredible. That we got on prime time television talk about the situation with indigenous people and first nations people in Canada. This is not happen twice on the season. This is a major deal is not something. That's normally talked about even in schools, and I am so happy, and it's so incredible. That Damian was here to be an incredible representation of people. I just wanted to say that first off the bat, and if you're in Canada, and you see a readdress hanging in a tree that is for the missing murder indigenous women and so look into that. So sorry. Well. Well, you know. Was it wasn't that? We saw the package for Damian tonight in the same episode that we see him leave. I thought that was a strange decision, given the Damian was alternately the person that was more likely to leave than anybody else in the double. I was wondering why they hadn't done this earlier. But you know, at least they got it in their person. Yeah. Exactly. It was just in the Nick of time. I feel like they have probably wanted to do this for much of the season. But having Damian win the veto was a really great time to do it because I had a little bit more of him on the show. And then we got it in there before he was gone. So at least we got that. And also Damian girlfriend is so beautiful. She is. She is what jam what a FOX. Figure I figure this this little package here like dependent because I mean, there was this trunks strong possibility that he could be the one ago, but in the event that he doesn't go nice celebration episode for Daming in the event that he does go. It's like a nice sendoff. So I guess he kind of works. Both ways. Yes. Yeah. Eventually the the Dame family package. So that's what we saw. So we saw I the first person was SD than Damian was the second person to leave. Let's talk a little bit more about Damian and his legacy here. Ultimately did not really accomplish. I think what he wanted to in the game in terms of his strategy. Although as Kirsten pointed out definitely accomplished being role model and really like setting an example for for for his people and everyone that that looked up to him. In the package like little little boys talking about like, Damian was my here, which was cute cute. And and betrayed by Dane is. I think the big big headline here Dane ultimately wins. The double of h we know that he was planning on throwing this competition, but it was a crap shoot one. And he he wanted and so he had to be the one to put Damian on the block and Damian was not happy. He was not an is face really set at all. It was most of the season. I really have not had too much for the employers of his caliber because it's like Kay. If you're not gonna have if you're not going to be in control of the game. If you're not going to try and grab your destiny by the rains, like then whatever happens when the game happens to you by looking at him and watching him fight like comes to realization like oh my God. Is actually happening this personnel. Put all my trust in is actually going to send my ass out the door. The first time the entire season that I've been all and Amy and like damn it. Like, you're really about to go out like this. And. You know, he's he's a good guy. He's just not a good big brother player. So I I don't agree. I don't think he was ever in a situation where he got to actually learn and get those jobs like first of all Canada. This is your fault for liking him too much. I'm excluding the pretty boys like from the first update where we talked about that is just been in the back of my head like the butterfly effect on this. I'm making yesterday. Exactly. Even when the house are talking about the the crazy theories. That's when you know something's gone wrong. And like I do think Damian has every single skill that you need to be good at this game. But he just couldn't get in with this day one alliance, and he just could not break in. And then anyone he was able to have a working relationship with also couldn't get any traction and kept going home and one after one after one just losing any opportunity to get anything. Right. And I think that in a future season if Damian's brought back because he's a fan favorite. I think he'll. Extremely dangerous if there's people he's able to work with I just think that the circumstances here depraved one. Basically every competition anything they didn't win was controlled by them. So I just don't know where he was opposed to get any traction other than not being the first one in and getting to be in the alliance. Good. Good. Yes. Yes. We did. We did get the the crap shoot h competition. Finally, more crap Schutte kind of competition. He means very good at pool. But unfortunately, the oversized. Q. Not not good. Not good did not work for for Damien. But at least you had a chance there. And then we didn't get an another interesting veto competition. It's different from the usual run back and forth. One where they had to get all of the balls out of there like jar. I guess. Damian was not very good at that one. Either. Just struggling so hard even to keep the door open. I think that even though it wasn't a confined space competition really suited a bigger person. Like, you could also see care really struggling with it. Right. Yeah. I would have thought we would be good at it. Because he does have a decent amount of body mass. And he's a drummer. So he's used to just like he's his arms or that kind of motion. You're trying to have too much rhythm. Probably when he wasn't able to just like move it as fast as he had to Anthony didn't need any grace or anything. He was just moving fast. And so obviously, that's winning strategy. There you go and Anthony wins his first competition all season long atom loses the first veto competition, ever by seconds. But he's still lost it, which is definitely interesting to know. I think we're finally getting the variety of competitions that we've been looking for all season long. We're starting to finally get some new winners in Anthony. And certainly could have been a new winner in television h had Dane not accidentally wanted. But Dane accidentally winning something that should be talked about here because as we talked about he didn't want to win. But he did win Damian's mad at him delus- Damian's vote because this is particularly brutal for Damian that he Adam Dane had been trying to convince Dame into vote ST out all week long. I. Saw a Dane give Damien a look on the couch right before the vote. I don't know if this was the final look or anything. But it definitely looked like a. It's not happening and Damian being and then Damian goes in he votes against ST on the advice. I imagine of Dane Dane, telling him you have to do this for the boys. Otherwise, you'll be a target. He does it. And then Dane himself. Still puts him up still has everyone vote him out now in the exit interview with Orissa he was like I want to say Dane, but I don't wanna say Dane, I guess, I'll say Dane, I don't know. I feel like the door is definitely opened here on that. Well, he is still saying Dane right now, he might later be like, you know, what screw that guy. Yeah. So I after the trauma of going through and Eddie, double vision. I was like screw it. I'm not gonna subject myself to waiting until the show happen when the rip the band aid off. So I read this blows as they came out in the seven spoilers account said he they tweeted. Yeah. Damian said that he would vote for Dane, even though he was the one that got betrayed or he he he was one of betrayed him. And I was like all right. But the way that it's actually panned out and what he actually said to the really does make it seem like, yeah. I mean, I'm gonna say Dame now because that's what for this entire time. If it wasn't going to be me, but I'm pissed this guy. So once he gets to that jury house, and once other people start filtering in a bunch of other he becomes influence if you will have to say, it might not be as clear cut. So. Yeah. It was it was a really it was a bad situation for Dane to win that Asia wage, especially being that he wanted to throw and he wasn't able to do it and now Damian's pissed off. And I don't know maybe going for him maybe Estienne like like. Her being pro Dane might rub off on him a little bit. But as of right now, he's definitely looking to be a little up in the air, this this this answer to me saying Dane felt more like, okay. Who other than Dane Orissa's telling me, she needs something on the spot. I. Tori. I can't I can't figure out my new person yet. I guess Dane for now. That's how it felt to me Kirsten. Yeah. It definitely had that element of. He was being rushed which have to rush. It's not filmed live just give him a second to take a breath. But I do feel like the fact that he didn't immediately give another name means that it is a little bit more up in the air. So I think it's going to depend on what the other jurors are saying, I think I really wanna see kind of what's salmon, the salmon Corey dynamic is like because I feel like as the and Damian going into the jury house together actually will make kind of STI to say, maybe mean a little bit less. Whereas like if as he was coming in a week later, and how this information about day, and that may be mean a little bit more. So I don't know I still think things are looking pretty good for Dana. I would still probably put him as my number one to win. But it is up in the air little bit more than I would've maybe thought before this. It'll be interesting I will be speaking with Damian tomorrow. So I will get to ask him what his thoughts are after he's cooled down a little bit. And hopefully, we'll we'll figure some stuff out there. Now, I know that Sam when I talked to her going into the jury she was very then she was very much. Like, no, bitter feelings. I wanna make sure this is not a bitter jury. It seemed like she would definitely be able to potentially set the tone. However with Corey coming in right after real hot, and now SD and Damian coming into gather, I think real hot Sam might be overturned there. I think that the fact that those three coming together they will be able to commiserate together. And I feel like the bitter feelings might start to rise as what is definitely something to watch out for here on. Yeah. Nothing where you know. You're you're living in a state of. I don't wanna say ignorance she knows kind of what's going on. But it's like, you don't know that you should eat pissed at something. And somebody somebody reminds you you should be upset about this. Like, why don't you said about this? And it's really easy to get. When you're in the jury house, and there really isn't anything else to do other than to issue being called the commiserating house? That's really what it is. You all come in. There you file in there. When after one after one, you talk about your experience to the inside who you're up, then you all love, and if the majority of the jury. Is becoming sour on one particular person who've individuals it's kind of hard unless you sort of have like a hard core relationship with whomever the person in question is sort of hard back to sort of fall into that. And aided by the fact that same already probably one of move for Adam anyway, so I can definitely situation aware this this can be bad news for Dane, but I mean, I still keep going back to s d. I mean that they were flirt man show whenever you want to call it like, hey that that kind of energy can really really carry somebody's vote to the end. So we'll we'll say makes it very interesting. I'm very interested. I must say like or a season that's been kind of paint by numbers. It's really starting to shape up to be an interesting finale, depending on who makes it to the end. Yeah. I mean, I think because it really does matter who you are in the jury with somebody like SD might be leaving the house feeling like, oh like Dane tricked me, but he's still a cool guy. Like, I don't wanna be bitter. But if she's hanging out with Damien, especially if she's hanging out with Damon before she can even get into the jury house, but that's less likely. I think we'll probably enter separately. But it really depends like who who is she talking to does ST then hang out with Sam who is like don't be bitter. Or is she going to hang out with Damien? Who's like, no, I'm pretty bitter. And that kind of gives her permission to also be like, well, I do kinda feel bitter. And if you feel better, and I feel better than clearly clearly heated something, clearly, it's not our fault. It's his fault. He did something wrong. So it really really has an impact. And I think that this order of of people being sent to the jury is not great for Dane, what else is not great for Dane is in my opinion, this move in general, I don't think he should have won. He didn't want to win. He probably didn't try to win. But having one I feel like Dame Danes move. Here was to take his shot at Mark. I really do. I think that taking out Damian was a mistake for his game both with the jury and with his positioning moving forward. We know that we saw it on the episode and we've seen on feeds Mark Anthony are planning on taking a shot at Dane, and Adam Adam I because of Anthony, but Mark wants to go after Dane, I. If he if he has his way and Mark is a lot more capable of winning question competitions. Which are a lot more. Prevalent in the end game. And so and Damian's ally Damian is solidly on Dane side. More than anybody else in that house just voted STO for Dane because Dane told him to I feel like this was Danes opportunity to take Mark off the board. If Mark is off the board, especially if you could get atom on board to do it. Then he's still has Adam he's got Damian. He took out Mark keys now only has to worry about Kira? And Anthony at worst. I feel like that's the better move here Kirsten, what do you think? Yeah. I definitely agree with you on that would've been a better move here. But I think it's one of those things where the longer you go without moving again, something the more difficult it gets and the scarier, it will feel and so and also to Adam was right in his year railway being like doesn't make any sense. Like, we might as well just go down to it. And since Adam is is probably very likely to win the. Next age like I can see why dental own I'm gonna do it out and says I need to protect myself. I didn't even want to win this h what can I do to protect myself on the most sides to just stay in the game rate. So I do think he should have taken the shot. But at this point, it's very tough to get the, you know, the motivation to actually do that. Yes. So I can see especially in double vision situation. But honestly, I think that makes it even better of an opportunity, but, you know, having to make that call without having disgusted ahead of time is going to be really tough because he does need atom on board. If he makes a move in Adam is against it. And Adam says you ruined my baby. The pretty poise that's bad for him. Because as you mentioned Adam is playing the next h h he is quite good at the competitions. But I do feel like there was a way for him to get atom on board. And I do feel like taking Mark out of the game was probably the better move for him. I like Kirsten still feel like Dane is a front runner to win the game. Adam is also set up quite well at this point. However, I do feel like if Dane loses the game, my guests is that it's because of this move. I think this is the move that loses the game if he loses I still think is the front runner. But if he loses his I think, it's because of this. What do you think about that on? Yeah. Definitely. I mean, the closer and closer you towards the end you get you only have so many more moves where you can make. Where is he did a good one? Or it's the one that really. It's the nail in the coffin. And while I'm sort of the camp that I don't consider taking out ST as damning as maybe you to think I. I can understand why if you make if he doesn't if you lose this game is because of the fact that he didn't have more numbers die hard numbers in his corner than what he should have at this point. Especially given the fact that there really isn't anybody else to go after other than your urine airlines? So if you're thinking about going after them, you have to know that they they're gonna same thing about you. So you wanna you wanna collect as many people that you can? So that, you know, hey, another person is in my corner. I know that I can trust them that they're going to not going to vote against you put me in the block, whatever have you. And he can't he can't really say that that being said, you know, he's him and Adam have won the majority of the competition. So in his mind, it's like. It's a little risky, but I'm really banking on the fact that I can probably pull myself out of of a sticky situation if need be because who's who's gonna check me, boo. I've been winning this time. So. It's risky by. I'm willing to if if you win the game I'm gonna but I yeah. Whatever whatever eating take and. And. And then here's here's another thing too, though. I think I think that he should have taken the shot at Mark. But even if he doesn't take the shot up Mark, I think that it's still a mistake to take Damien. I think that he should have been putting in work to keep Daming around and take out Kira? Kira cure is atoms. Person. Damian is Danes person for deign to have the wage and keep Kira, and takeout Damian is not good. We've seen Kira talk on the feeds about potentially taking a shot at Dane that's not good for Dane, it's not. And he's he's taking out the one person. I Dane has. He has a house of six people, right? Final six Dane himself is not going to take Dan out of the game Adams not gonna take out of the game. Damian's not gonna take gain out of the game. And Anthony is probably not gonna take Dane out of the game. That leaves Mark and Kira are the two people that would potentially take a shot at. Dane and to take out one of the pieces that aren't in in favor of the two pieces that might. Don't like it. Then don't like it. So it's it's really is a very elegant game of of chest down to be ending in. I mean, this is why big brother is a mean as easy as it may seem viewers. It is such a hard game. Because it really you really have to think about everybody and what their motivations and their intentions, and what their best move can be not only yours, especially when there's like five of you left. So I can understand the pressure. Maybe not always making the right call. And I don't know. It's just a testament to just how how are this really is my God. I can't I I'm getting fresh thinking about it on the other thing too is I can only imagine like at this point. Now, Damian has proven that he was able to win that veto. So that makes him seem a little bit more threatening to this point CARA has still not won anything. So I could see maybe thinking about keeping them around for that reason. The other thing is care has demonstrated time and. Time and time again that they are an extremely emotion driven person. And so I could maybe understand not wanting to be the one who sends them to jury because they certainly be quite bitter about that. So I can kind of see where that comes in. Nevertheless, like might have been better to send them now. So they have a little bit of time to cool all talking bell. Who definitely be able to talk them down. So that's something else to think about too, and especially it was just what two days ago that they were losing it over not being invited to play pool. And if that's the level of emotional response to something like. Emotional response going to be like when they voted outright. So I kind of can understand like, you know, what maybe Damian. It'll be mad at me. But he's a rational person who has shown that he is cool as a cucumber whereas taking care out kind of like a grenade. You don't really know. What's there? Yes. So, but hey, cura-cures part of. That was literally so sad that just they're so excited. I'm part of something. No. But like watching. Down on. Literally was happening. Are you excited about being added onto something at the very last minute? That's not exciting that's being used. But they just have been so left out of things for so long that just any sort of inclusion is going to feel good. Now, we're going to take a quick break for our sponsors. And we'll be right back and we're back. So let's get back to the show. The other piece of what happened tonight is that we did lose ST and surprising to me. She said she was in fact, blindsided they had talked about blindsiding her with this vote. But but Dana talked about letting her know ahead of time that this was going to happen. Anthony said that he was going to let her know which way his vote was going and Dane said that he didn't want her to be blindsided on on live TV. And for whatever reason she's still was still was so. Poorest. But I do agree with what you said earlier, though, Taryn I saw that you tweeted by maybe you know, how she how. Well, she she took it actually, maybe that probably wasn't the best. I under out now. So it doesn't make me. I'm not. He was blindsided. But I'm like, she seems like she's she's she's fine. She's okay. She's gonna she's going to walk into jury and be like all right that sucked. But okay. But like what was that reaction to the pretty boy through link of all people why hurry action that like? That's what I was kinda early. I just think that when you're like really involved with somebody. It's like rose. It's like what are they rose colored glasses? You're just you're so much more forgiving, and I I just I just aren't I believe I mean, yes, she's upset. But. Oh, Dane, dammit. You got me. Dane, it's like one of those verses of hope to rip his head off like nocco directly fiv. As especially as it's like, of course, it's right before she's a victim that they throw a big party. And and her in Dane, finally make out. Internet's down. So funny, and you know, what it only makes sense for how many times Adam Sandler walked in on towards the start of the season. The one thing though, going back to as they'll make me so mad if I were Esti is I'd be like, I put your damn teeth in my mouth voted me out. I'd be so mad. I'd be toasted. If she had said on this episode Quyen literally would stand forever. If she had said something along those lines. We did see the party. They all got pretty drunk as you saw on the episode. And we saw the Damian's song played that was cool. Yes. We also got to see and Jelica on the show. I knew you'd be so excited. Karen will be thrilled. His crimefighting detective who had their cell phone. The cellphone chance bliss sports cars. I know what actually makes me feel so warm and fuzzy towards atom that he made himself like a Barbie doll like it just to me it just shows the atoms so comfortable with who he is. He doesn't care about like stereotypes, or whatever I this made me like atom allot more to be on this the whole end saga. And he's been it's less today's he's very excited about Anjelica. An Anthony hates Angelaka wants to throw her way. Anti hates any joy that doesn't originate from him giving a pep talk. Hey, I'm waiting for the Anjelica Twitter Twitter at this point. Got you should make that Amman unhelpful person gets it back and get a screen grab. So I think that's all we had. I think we there were a couple of other like funny moments here and there in the episode. But was there anything else from the episode that we should talk about it? I think that was the meat and potatoes pretty much the we cover it everything. I did like in the Damian hometown portion when his dad was like the prettiest boys, not in the pretty boys. Thank you for telling the world. What all Twitter's been saying? Entire that entire fell. So like I felt like I was there in that segment because there's so many just like you see that poster of the lady that had it's time to go. Now, Anthony or something like that. I shouldn't see that one. But did you see it was in the window of a house? We're just said back door. Dane, yes. Girl, you going to put some context on. Out here. Like Bayer playing hard on my Damian or. Yes, India me, and all the way I love it as we did see the goodbye messages for ST where Danes way of saying this was I was ninety nine percent loyal to you. But this did means something then Mark does his Mark thing. It was my master plan. He says, I don't believe he's lying. And then Adams goodbye message was I thought really strong again. So I think that's a good indication to keep track to keep track of atoms. Goodbye messages. I think that he is definitely the best at them, especially in the order that they played it. It was kinda just very straightforward. I mean, you have you had Danes sort of eating kind of being a little league had Mark really packing a punch, but you know, just not only making too much sense, even believe him. And then you have Adams flat out sailing. Hey, here's the Tesis. What happened see later on? So it really really served him. Well. It's very very factual. And and also in the way that Mark is not like, he's he's not bragging. He's not like I created a final four alliance on day one. And I was the mastermind of everything he's like, look, this is what's been happening. This is the alliance if anyone was dumb enough to not tell you and lie to you. And you're gonna buy messages, then here's my Josh moment, which I think this is this is the the right way to handle. It is very straightforward. Very factual. Just kind of like, here's what was going on your great. Elsia later, and maybe maybe could be a little nicer the lighter. But for the most part, I think this was the best probably the best goodbye message. Although I do still feel like Dane was more likely to get these vote than than atom more or whoever else. So I don't really see the situation where ST votes against Dane in the final tip. She put his teeth in her mouth. And here's the thing about marks. Again. Is that like with Mark trying to sound like it was his master plan. Like, nobody believes that. Because everybody sees Marcus Anthony's puppet. Anthony is the guy with the social game. Anthony is the guy that has the stuff to make things happen. And Mark is just his lackey. And so in Mark is like I out smarter to you person that just left the house. They're like shut up. It wasn't Anthony. I don't wanna be betting by you. I want to be beaten by Anthony. At least he's got something. I also think even if you know Mark was doing the perfect by message like, hey, really sorry to see you go. But since day one I've been in alliance of four were called the pretty boys. It's me Anthony, Ana mundane, we've been in this together, you know, because of that you had to go. I'm so sorry. Even if he was doing it like that they like shut up Mark. I don't wanna hear it for like, I just I don't I don't know how he would be able to present it in a way that people respond well to that also. Reminded me the conversation where Anthony and Mark were like making their plan together. And they're both just telling each other. What to do was very fun. I feel like I feel like marks. I feel like if Mark says something along the lines of like, hey, the reason I'm safe this week is because I have been secretly working with Adam Anthony and Dane, and it's been my objective to appear like I am the week one with no connections. But secretly, I do have these connections. I'm sorry that you fell victim to it. But this was part of my game all along. I think that's how to put everything into perspective. Because the problem with Mark is that he wants to be Anthony. And he can't be Anthony. He needs to be Mark. He needs to understand who he is and play to that. And who he is is somebody that has played a very weak game. It hasn't been strong socially that hasn't had many connections that hasn't had many competition wins and hasn't had much influence in the game. He needs to say that was part of the plan. That's part of who. I am. What's made me successful? He can't pretend that he is Anthony because that's just not gonna work. Yeah. Even when people don't have all the information. It never people are always able to tell when someone is not completely honest about. Resisting in the game. Or if they have inflated sense of the positioning of the game. Just never just because the people that most of the time the people that actually have some sort of agency in the game of big brother, and then are able to talk about it. They don't have to they're not there's nothing extensively eagerness of having to prove yourself in all the moves that you made and since day one, I did this you need to over my ass because I got here and you didn't. And that's what he sounds like. And if you really worry Anthony, while Anthony probably would still down something like that. It without natural. Yeah. Exactly. Like, Mark needs to counter the idea that they already have of him before he can put anything else in their mind. And he doesn't know how to do that because their idea of him fairly accurate. I think he he needs to own it. And he needs to own his game play and say that that's that's who I am. And that's how I played the game. And it's got me here. He can't again, he can't pretend like Anthony could be in. That goodbye message and be like look STI orchestrated at all. Because that's Anthony's game and people would believe Anthony, and they might be off put by they might be put off by. They might be like, oh, Anthony, so airgun. But at least they'd be like, but it's true. Like put it's it's he did it. And and that's the thing to where if Mark does get to the end with Anthony. And Anthony does go the route of orchestrated all of your victims. I'm the best player of all time that gives marks such an opening to be like, look, I'm just the genuine guy who I had to play with all these ALPHA's, and I'm not an alpha. And so I had to play up to them. And I had to do what I'm doing. That gives him the opening of people being mad at airgun alpha Anthony and giving the vote to underdog genuine Ernest Mark. But instead marks coming off trying to be like, no, no, no. It wasn't Anthony. It was me that took you all out. I am the alpha. That's just not the right message. Yeah. And I don't know if he would even recognize that he needed to give it in the final questioning situation and those final questions are so fast. Like, they they don't cut anything out of them like after being at the the life Anneli last year like the questions that you see are what they get. And if the audience is allowed. They won't be able to hear it that. Well, so I feel he is too late for market this point. Yes. So that I believe is all we have for you from the episode. We do have the spoilers for who won HOA JR. But make sure you tune in the the exit interview for both SD and Damian my we'll be doing them tomorrow. So they will be out at some point. And I will let you know when they are. But I am very curious to know myself, how they're feeling how they're, you know, n -ticipant ING their stay in the jury is going to be and what they're thinking in terms of who they're gonna vote for. I'm gonna have them rank the people, and I can definitely ask ST about. This how she feels about Dane. So we'll see we'll see how it goes. Make makes you tune in tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern update you on everything that happens tonight on the big candidate seven life feeds and then Sunday night, we will be back to recap the Sunday night episode of big brother candidate seven you can find me on Twitter at Armstrong Taryn, cursing, cursing at what and Amman is that Amman Adnan. Time for spoilers Stu it. Get outta here. Spoilers get out. Yeah. There's no Melissa other song. Wow. We you wanna hear this players though. What are you waiting for? You know, you're going to wait until Sunday to watch a ten minute competition on this. Listen to this boilers together come on. We go. All right. So we're in the final five we've got four pretty boys and Kira left in the game h competition, happens and cure is going to play spoiler to the pretty. They are not going to break the regains record. They are going to not make it to the final four together. Because Kira has won the Kira is in the final four Kira? You made the final four here. I can't believe curia unbelievable Kirsten. I hate that. He's ever do that again. Get. Hate you hate something that Anthony does. So surprising. Anyways. So carolina. So exciting. I. I. How? I mean the entire season the entire season. It's like JC all over again the entire season. You don't do anything. Nothing. I know on the line. You finally win something. I'm sorry. Three our podcast that Taranaki. I did that actually shows that JC was not doing nothing else season. Just being. I believe it was some kind of question competition Anthony has indicated that he threw it. But I don't think he was gonna win it. Anyway, people have people are Suming that potentially Mark through it. He apparently did kind of poorly that even that he wasn't even in second place. So I don't know. What's happening there? I don't know why people think Mark throat if he said that on the feeds, but if he did like poem like that's the dumbest, Don. Don market has to at the very least how the sons of how much danger he is in like, he got very lucky. I I'm not lucky, but it is good for two of the three people. He nominated last week or are now gone in one night, which is great for Mark. But he's not in a good spot. He's definitely the most expendable and also considered the biggest start with the question competition. So throwing h final five is. Quite possibly the worst thing that he could do really hope didn't do that. Especially especially since we talked about was it Monday turn about how this is the point where he needs to start amping it up like you have to start getting your your stuff together. You have to start building that resume. You have if you don't belong to a long, wait, the more and more that you're going to you're going to you're going to draw that you're not going to anyone equity whatsoever. And for this to be a question competition this up your out. This is Mark alleyway. Okay. No, I just it just it doesn't are really hope that he did not do this because it is to make any sense. It's actually tomorrow you wanted to go after that your own alliance entire time with the perfect time to do it some Kira and somebody else would have had to go on the block. This was this was the prime opportunity for Mark. Because it was a question competition. It was at the final five at the final five. Now, he can one hundred percent get either Dane or Adam out of the game because he can keep why at least one of them up on the block, and then he can have at least one vote to visit one of them which would cause a tie and he can break the tie to Vic whoever he wants as long as you keep Anthony off the block and even Anthony's not off the block cure is probably still not voting out. Anthony, if he's next to those very niche scenarios that probably wouldn't happen, anyway, either Dane or Adam go if Mark Wednesday h this week almost one hundred percent, and that's huge for Mark. Granted he's still probably can't win. Anyway, zil. Would open the door at the very least. But but it does not happen. Instead cure is going to win this one and Mark is in some serious trouble this week. So let's talk about what cure up might do because there are a lot of different options and a lot of different outcomes that might happen with a Kira? H O H one thing to note is that Kira has told Anthony in particular. I think I mentioned this just this morning cure has promised Anthony that if they win the next h they are not putting him on the block. They have also talked privately to themselves about a maybe plan to go after Dane before the final three. So those are two interesting interesting things to know based on those two things you might assume that the nominations are going to be Mark. And Dane in. That instance, I do believe that Adam would vote Mark out of the house. Anthony would vote Dane out of the house, and it would come down to cure. What does curious I? You know, Anthony is going to be in their in their your thing, you need to Anthony is going to be curious. You're trying to say you need to get rid of Dane Adams going to be in cures. You're trying to say you need to get rid of Mark. And it's going to be all over the place care. Kristen. Yeah. This is the potential to be a very very exciting week. I I don't really see scenario where it would be completely boring because the only truly boring outcome. This would be care going home and obviously their safe now. So the pretty boys are getting broken up. It was going to happen eventually. And I I'm just very curious to see what you're actually does. Like what they've said that is is truly what they're going to do it because like Anthony's Ben such incredible emotional support to them all season. Like is that relationship enough to overcome all of the fights that they've had in the last two weeks? I don't know. And also come down to who off care the most rape before nominations because they are emotional. So that alter will be very fun and something else to consider is that if these are the nominations, Dane, and Mark that this is the final five ever since season five where we saw this happen to to Karen, Karen, right? That. If Anthony who is off the block wins the veto and uses it on let's say, Mark, then Adam will be forced to go on the block and Anthony and Mark vote atom out, which is what Anthony wants to do which means Adam is not safe this week on. Yeah. I'm like I'm like trying to follow through innovating these you're saying in my head right now, it's sort of like loosey-goosey. But yeah, I mean pretty much everybody. Everybody needs to be gunning for this Beato every damn body. Because if you don't you go up if you win you're safe. Please edit in like the math and trigonometry over Amman's face in please I need that for my Twitter because I was like trying to follow up does Adam. If Anthony adamant Mark Dana marker on the block ADEMA wins is not gonna use it. Well, he could use then goes up and they vote out. I feel like final five in particular is very very much like at this point. There is no reason for anybody to be throwing a competition here. Even like final six two. I think but I think funnel five is when it like super ramps up the seriousness of of all of this. And that like at this point, you cannot be throwing and if you're if you're still throwing up to that point cool, you're done you have to try and win just and as Nikki points out. This is what I've been thinking that Adam wants deign to stay off the block Adam would prefer if curate nominates Mark and Anthony now cure. I believe has already indicated to Anthony that he will not touch the block. However, Adam does have a very good argument for why danger not touch the block. And it's exactly what I just said that Adam can say Anthony and Mark want me out if you take. If you leave Anthony off the block, you are letting him have the opportunity to win the veto use it on Mark. You'll be forced to put me up and they'll vote me out. And then you'll be in an house stuck with Mark Anthony. And Dane that you do not want that Kira. And that's a very good argument, cure absolutely should not put up Dane. And Mark if they want to take a shot at Dane just put up marking Anthony, and then try to convince somebody to use the veto or hope that one of them. You wins the veto like that's the better plan here if they want to take a shot at Dane because leaving this window open there, they now that they've won this final five h wage. They do have a small chance of getting down to the end. But they are not gonna make that happen. If it's if it's Dane Marc Anthony there in the end, they might have a chance if Anthony is they're wanting to take a shot at Adam still that's good for them. If you know there there are some options left open for them. With Adam in the house. But but not if Adam leaves, and so if they want to take the shot, I do think they have to leave him off the block at first Christian. Yeah. Definitely. And the other thing too is its final five now. So HOA just going to be playing vetoes again. Now, let feel like less newsworthy with Caras h I feel like they're less likely to to pull out a veto but exciting forward depending on who wins next week from wrong. But they. Incur- Adam in Dane made when they were having this whole farce final five with Kierra part of that farce final five was a farce final three between Adam Dane in hero. Correct. Yeah. And so care has also spoken to the cameras about potentially making a move on Dane before getting to that final three kind of recognizing that maybe that's not completely real and breaking show, which which credit to Anthony forgetting back in their good graces because a large part of that has to do with Anthony. They were totally on board with the Dane in Adam final three until Anthony got back in there. And now they want Anthony in the final three instead of Dane. And so that's very important. And if there is a disconnect here, it's because cure is maybe going to be reluctant to tell Adam about their plan to take Dane out before Adam would prefer that to happen. So. There's definitely going to be some clashes here between Kira, and Adam and Anthony and cure an atom. And Dane all of these people. There's a lot that can go down here in a lot of different possibilities of how this could play out. And. She's gonna have to see what happens Chris it's going to be. I think very fun hectic week of feeds, which is great. Because won't it be is it next weekend? Where we go into the accelerated game plan. We'll probably lose beats or. Finale is on. Isn't it? I. So I think next weekend is one will get the release beat up at the end feeds. So today today was day fifty five in the house usually about seventy days two weeks from now which would mean days sixty nine would be would be Thursday maith may ninth. So that probably that that would be my guess, but I truly don't know. But I do feel liked. It hasn't been announced. I would assume it's gonna get announced next Thursday. Right. And then because yes, so its final five now there's gonna be the action would what I guess being scheduled next Thursday and normally like the final four to to find. Weekend. Greater as pops up on the feeds go down. Probably have it on the Monday like on the sixth the final four fiction and we on. Yeah. So this is going to be like should say tonight, the ninth. Okay, perfect. Okay. I'm so this is going to be like the last full normal week of feeds I think it's going to be a super exciting very gripping final week of feeds. I wish I had more time to be watching. Exactly what cure one issue. They wanted them. Attention. It's going to be some tuggle all week long cited for it will win. They will definitely be invited to play pool this week. They will be. This is absolute best case scenario because if Kira left this week would have just been down to competition, it would have been Adam and Dane versus Anthony and Mark there would have been no social strategic game left to play. But now it's going to be Anthony versus Dane and the verses Adam Adam versus Mark all of these things with Kierra smack dab in the middle. And usually I'd say give it to Anthony Anthony is gonna win this one basically every battle up until this point. But had them does have a leg up because he has a much better relationship with Kira in terms of a game game lies. But Anthony also has has done a good job of getting back in with curious. So it's gonna be a tricky one. Yeah. And the only thing that would make me maybe on atom a little bit more than Anthony is just that like CARA had Anthony's game fully clocked just a few days ago. And so I don't think it'll be. Chew hard to get them back into that frame of mind, and we have seen when things do not go Anthony's way, he's a giant and child about it. And he cannot handle the adversity. So if there's even the inkling that this might not be going his way I could see anthem sorry. Anthony, Anthony throwing temper tantrum. I was trying to combine Anthony and tantrum together, not ideal. And I could totally see him doing that. And then cure being like, we'll screw you like I can't deal with this. You're going up on the block would be very enjoyable. I think to see cure like Anthony, you're very emotional player. I can't have around anymore. You've gotta go simple facts that he hasn't touched the block. And I was always so shocked when when he was in the argument with cure that he was like, what do you think? I haven't touched a lot. Your shot into the heavens. Why don't you? You know what? I mean. I though, I'm, you know, I think that that's that's that's that's a very always strong arguments used, but then he was like look they haven't felt the pressure of the block yet just throw them up there. And we'll see what happens, you know. Yeah. We'll also depending on the Lao? Like, I know that, you know, Dane, Adam and Kira all how pretty strong understanding of big brother and knowledge of the game. I wonder if they know I'm fairly certain everyone who has won big brother Canada has either never thought the block or if they were on the block they didn't get a vote against them. So. That's something that I could see them using to take Anthony out there too. Yeah. So thinking about about not only what care might do. But what is curious actual best move? If they want any chance of actually winning the game. I do think that getting Dana this week is their best move because Adam wants to take into the final two. If Dane is out of the house. Adam would then have to choose between. Anthony who is really been had a rocky relationship with for a while. And Mark who he's not Superfund of at that point, the pretty boys of already been broken up to some extent. And he's always wanted. Dane, he's never considered Mark or Anthony. So he might actually consider taking care to the end. If that's if there's any chance of him considering taking care and with Adams still in the game, Adam might protect them and Anthony still is probably going to be gunning for Adam Mark still going to be gunning for Adam that leaves curious eighth toward the final three leaving Mark in the game is also vital for cure. Because I think Mark is probably the only person that they can beat. And I do think you're it can be Mark. So that. It's also important because I think Mark is the only other person that might go home this week. If it's not Dane, so I do think that Kira somehow getting Dane out this week is vital. I think the way to do it is to put Mark Anthony on the block, then either talk atom into using the veto if he wins because I think animal probably Dane if he's up there anyway, so Adam winning it's a wash either way Dane winning. It's a wash either way Adam or Mark winning the are Anthony or Mark winning. They take themselves down you put Dane up on the block, you send in home. Or if you win you take one of them down you put on the block, you send him home. I think that's a great resume builder for curate protects Adam and puts them in the best bought moving forward in the game. If Mark goes home. I think I think they're in some trouble here on right? Yeah. I would I would say that's probably the best of we got up at the BB met. Put the put him on the art keep them off the block replace them out of there. Hopefully, Anthony and started gunning for one another, and it could work out in the sense that, you know, either Anthony Adams the wanna go home next. And then that leaves you and Mark with the one the better, the ones that are probably the most prepared for the mental competitions with all the questions and stuff. Hopefully, you win one of those one of those and then bring you alone because they don't wanna bring along Anthony go they might not be able to beat them or you win. And you get rid of Anthony because you think you can beat Mark. So there's there's chance, and I forgot the other part of what I was thinking about was that if it if it does come down to Dane versus Mark at at the end of the week or Dane versus Anthony, you know, that that Anthony and Mark will be campaigning to get atom on the block, you know, that even if they don't get atom on the block, they will be campaigning to send Dane home against what atom ones, and it'll be. A battle between the two of them. There's going to be a lot of bad blood. They're really going to start to not like each other. And that only increases the chances that I think that Adam without Dane in the house is more likely to take down to the end. Especially again, if curious Anthony's been pushing real hard for you to go this week, Adam what? L? So I this is the best option for them if they can pull it off, obviously relies on a lot of external factors. They need to think nail the initial plan to make sure that Anthony and marker on the block, and then they have to hope that Dane or Adam don't win the veto breakers. And Dana I would say are the chalk picks for most likely to win the veto. So they'd say very risky very dangerous plan that is going to be high high reward if it works out, but it's risky. That's why I think it's the safer plan to leave off the block in the first place anyway, because then, you know, you're not facing them off necessarily, exactly right. Because then if you went it's like, well, it's fine. He's on the block anyways. Like, maybe he'll use opportunity to to use the veto to get rid of someone like whoever's off, the blogs. I guess Adam probably I can't remember he was on the block and the situation anyways, Dane wins. Like he then could use the veto too. Take back the power for the week. Which is also interesting the less exciting. But yeah, it's it's going to be a nail biter. I think this week to. Really screwed him up right now. I feel like he would have been also a really good choice on who would maybe have one this. There's h like Jane isn't terrible at the questions. So loon on Twitter said just just now posted the Dane is ranting alone in the storage room about how the voice let him down because if he had been playing time he would have been able to win it. I assume he was answering the questions in his head going along. So so Dane winning that double h h. While I originally thought it was one of the least exciting outcomes for the night turns out, it was probably the most exciting come for the night. So it's not good. It's not good. The both the and again, I think the choice of target like I said, yeah. If taking goes home this week, I think it's tireless down to the move. He made in the double of action. And then even if he doesn't go home this week. And he loses jury VO I think it might be down to the movie made in the division. And even if he goes home later might be down to the movie made in the double vision, why creating the cracks like a crack defined crack in the pretty boys tonight. What have been huge for Dane? And the fact that he didn't do it is not good now that he's still again, I still think he is a front runner. He's in a lot of danger this week. But as we talked about their five people playing in the veto competition two of them, Adam. And Dane are by far the more likely people to win the competition. And I do think that. If either of them win depending on nominations. Danish probably safe because if Danes on the block at take him off if data's not on block adamant use it if Dane is on the block or not on the block and Dane winds safe anyway, so he has a pretty good chance of being safe this week, regardless. And then if he moves forward into the final four at this point, he is like I said probably front runner still, but but he is in some danger that he otherwise wouldn't have been in. He just lost his two biggest pieces on the board. And he lost them for Kira? Who might might be the one to take him out. Philadelphia. Is rough up here. Right. Why I think that we needed this? We needed something sun expected to happen. Because like, let's be real here. This season has gotten quite stale at this point. And it's nice to have some freshness. Oh, definitely said this like I think it was today as far as I'm concerned candidates started. Like after the double eviction this is this is the season premiere. I am you know, I feel like this is juicy juicy TV and as far as it's like strategy Armageddon. It's just it's it's really fun to watch right now. So I'll be excited to see what how this shakes out. Honestly. Because even if even if like, Dane or atom wins the veto. And it's just a Mark versus Anthony on the block. That's still going to be pretty exciting. I think like Mark versus Anthony as Anthony just like kind of puts his hand over marks is sh. Just just go to sleep closes her eyes. Here you're done here. And if Dane is left on the block at the end of the week. There's gonna be like I said a big fight between Adam and Anthony. And if if cure does make a mistake and leaves leaves Anthony off the block and uses the veto and puts Adam up there. We'll have less campaigning. I think because it'll be just automatically that that Adam is gone. But still kind of crazy right still something. And the thing is though is like I don't will not just sit down and will argue and Adam will please case. And that will also be entertaining. Like, I would maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm having a very hard time envisioning any outcome this week. That's not at the very least engaging entertaining for us to watch. Even if it is slightly more obvious, even if it's okay fine Adams going. I will fight tooth and nail to stay. And also be exciting. Enlist Djelic is help. He has a superhero on his side in Anjelica. He is going to make her ten foil veto, and maybe maybe see. He's in. He's in the end game with the superheroes. Also now that this was the two hundred episode of big the candidates. Like, Canadian content. Does not last like, I know like you guys have to go through a lot of hassle to watch the show, which I learned last week when I watched it with you guys in Philly, but Canadian content has to go through a hassle just to exist. Oftentimes, it's not very good. Or it doesn't have enough budget to really do it needs to do. And like the kid has been cancelled before like we are. So so so lucky to still have it. And for the Twitter episode to be a double vision is really cool and then the two hundred and I would be very exciting. The two hundred and I've watched them all. Yeah. That's that's crazy that that really is pretty cool especially considering what Canada has gone through in the past couple of season. So is it's nice that it's still out here kicking and Orissa. Really really pulling us through all way every episode when she announced that Anthony had one veto petition with such the prize. Oh, she's a ban on each of the fans, you know. Really? Orissa is absolutely one of us. Like, you just know. Right. And it's like to thank. So we've got two hundred two networks three houses one cancellation over one hundred players like, wow, look are we've come and thirty nine days, and that's Taryn doing the updates ever. Truly truly. Everyone is you Kate. I would have been there on Sunday took me twenty four hours to get home. I mean, the viewers so. There's still listening to your updates even if they're not watching as I people mad at me because I'm enjoying the. How dare a show that you like it's just like you're wrong. But you're allowed to have your wrong opinion. Always head. Join right now. Yeah. Nikki is always hear these wonderful people in the chat. They're always here with me. So that's that's what we got for tonight. Again. Make sure you tune into Morrow morning at eleven eastern. I will update and everything that happens tonight on the big candidate seven live feeds and then Sunday nights. We will be live to recap the episode where we'll see cures h win. And who they decide to nominate if they're gonna make a mistake, and yeah, two weeks from now finale still I can't believe already been. Whatever fifty four days. It's about to the may which means month away from the beginning of another whether season in the US, it's just it's really just going by this year. To plan. My vacation. Well, how do they? That was not -cation not qualify. Two hours of sleep. Doing the updates in of podcast house. Do not qualify -cation. I don't know. It's still technically vacation I call that an event. It was the worst trip. Yes. Honestly. Yes, it was a business trip. You go into business trip that specifically makes your business more difficult to complete. Where's the logic? Isn't that every business trip? Everybody really gets work done on business trips. I as someone who has never had the opportunity to go into business. I can't speak to. I'm glad that it was in my neck of the woods. There's a lot of fun. I had a good time. I didn't have to necessarily work. So I feel like I'm on was the highlight of the trip, but those paying. Rush. I'm sorry, Dom if you're listening or do you ever listen to this? I'm sorry. Spirit at the time to get it out. Anyways, that's probably enough inside. If podcast house was the big brother Canada house, the the pool balls would just be thrown about the house all over the place tenting the floor 'cause there's. Guess stop that. Hiding under the pool table. All right. So you can find me on Twitter at Armstrong charity fund, cursing, and cursing said what and Amman is at Amman add win and tuned tomorrow morning. Thank you for joining us. Next time.

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