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Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you connect with your professional counselor L. Slur in a private online environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get Ten percent off your first month by going to better better help dot com slash nightline good evening thanks for joining us we begin tonight with the staggering claims against one of the biggest names in the NFL Antonio Brown graphic accusations of sex sex assault and rape. Here's ABC's Paula Farris this afternoon the New England patriots returning to practice amidst up firestorm explosives sexual assault allegations against the team's new Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown in a newly filed civil lawsuit his former or trainer Brittany Taylor saying Brown used manipulation and false promises to lure her in today's world and once there he sexually assaulted and raped her this coming just days after Brown's known for his raw talent off field antics scientific t million dollar contract with the Patriots today his first official practice border off all is now on whether Brown albums play in this Sunday's game and how the NFL will respond this is just the latest in a League that has been tested on how seriously it takes accusations of assault salt. This is about much more than Antonio Brown. It's about the national football league how it handled these issues and how it listens to women. Britney Taylor Miller is a young woman who was a gymnast at Central Michigan. She meant Antonio Brown when they were in Bible study together there over the years they got in contact and she started training. Ingram but in June two thousand seventeen things seemingly took a turn Brown had established himself as one of the League's most dynamic players and was coming off of his fifth career pro bowl selection as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh steelers Taylor alleges in court documents that Brown had just begun offseason training gene with her when he walked into a bathroom she was in with his penis exposed leader grabbing and kissing her without consent later that month while she was watching watching religious video on her IPAD. She says he began masturbating behind her and a jacket on her back. She says she cut off contact with him but but nearly nine months later Taylor says Brown center a message apologizing and asked her to train him again. She says she agreed on the condition that he stopped flirting with her and provide hotel accommodations for each trip but one month later she alleges that he violently raped her in his home. After a night ETA club Taylor says the alleged rape has severely traumatized her and she now experiences near daily panic attacks frequent suicidal idealization and and insomnia we know that often it can be difficult for people to come forward and she has put her name right out there. Another key part of this is Britney Taylor has said head that she will cooperate with the National Football League and that she will help them in their investigation. Brown has not been charged criminally and in a statement from his attorney denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit adding any sexual interaction with Mr Brown was entirely consensual a sentiment which was repeated by Brown's power or Egypt drew Rosenhaus who took his defense one step further. This is a money grab in my opinion. This is a money grab. Antonia will cooperate he will cooperate with the Patriots with the NFL with any investigation with the NFL PA and in time Antonio will be cleared. These allegations in the lawsuit are false. Essentially the claim is this that on multiple occasions Brittany Taylor is saying Antonio Brown sexually assaulted her as a result she suffered tremendous pain and suffering and because of that she is saying I'm entitled to Money Damages. The lawsuit reportedly catching the Patriots off guard the not issuing a statement saying we are aware of the civil lawsuit that was filed against Antonio Brown as well as the response by Antonio's representatives. We take these allegations. Gatien's very seriously under no circumstance. Does this organization condone sexual violence or assault. The League has informed us that they will be investigating today his new coach Bill Belichick and quarterback. Tom Brady tight lipped at an afternoon press conference. Okay you aware of the lawsuit when you signed. I told you Brown. I'm not going to be expanding on the statements that have already been given the fans deserve to hear a little more Wilson. The Commissioner of the League has a tool to take care of this for right now and to put Antonio Brown on the Commissioner's exempt list doesn't mean he's guilty doesn't mean he's innocent. It's paid leave basically get out of the way the Washington Post is reporting. The League is considering rain the Commissioners Exemption List George Brown at one point the NFL's highest paid wide receiver is a perennial Neil all pro Antonio Brown one of the best players in the NFL certainly one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. This man can do things that no other wide receiver can do. He's not the biggest guy he's not the strongest guy he's not the fastest guy but he's all hard on the field his in your face personality on and off the field making making him a marketer's dream. I'll take Antonio Brown please. He secured doors deals with brands like Campbell Soup. Nike Pepsi and others is the best one but moments like this raising eyebrows in July tweeting a video showing him arriving to a training camp in Napa in a hot air balloon so the word baby his antics dominating the Summer Sports News Cycle. This is a new one for US bite. Nowadays everyone here is doing better than in. Tonio broadish sidelined indefinitely after a cryotherapy mishap feet were frostbitten in which he shared an HBO series hard knocks training and I'll try and Co therapy uncover my body and got out full Bernie as if the frostbitten feet thing wasn't bad enough. Antonio Brown had another issue within days you see in the nfl they have only certain kinds of helmets that can be worn for safety issues. They say well it turns out that the helmet that Antonio Brown's wearing one that he had worn all his career was no longer okay with the league. He was not allowed to wear round sitting out for much of the preseason insisting he should be allowed to wear his old helmet than earlier this month. The raiders Peter's find him two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars for conduct detrimental to the team to which Brown responded on instagram saying you were going to Piss a lot of people off when you start doing what's best for you. Release Me Raiders then four days ago after reports surfaced of a near physical fight between Brown and the Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock Brown posted this instagram video when he found out he'd been released by the team it now just days after signing with the Patriots replete with what appears to be a picture posted on Barstool sports showing Brown with its new you quarterback Tom. Brady his future on the football. Field is in the hands of the league's investigators as Brown ups prepare to countersue. Brittany Taylor is seeking unspecified damages and is demanding a jury trial. We don't know if Antonio Brown is telling the truth or Britney Taylor's telling the truth. This is the case planning simple of listening to a woman is the NFL going to listen to Brittany Taylor. Everyone's saying they're gonNA take. This seriously are they. For Nightline. I'm Paula Farris in Foxborough foxborough Massachusetts and our thanks to Paul Ferris up next some surprising things about Mayor Pete who knew I up in our our special series on the twenty twenty contenders at age twenty tied down at work. 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We're back now with our deep dive into the personal history of the twenty twenty presidential candidates at the age of twenty those who knew them when Mayor Pete Buddha Judge of Indiana kicking off our new Nightline Series Ville contenders at twenty. It Peter has something special. You may be a little bit different. I think his reputation when we were younger was the really smart neighbor boy next door that went to Harvard. I remember him outside of our dorm with sideburns and a guitar case with a lot of stickers on it in states like these and their terrorist constitute an axis of evil. My name is Steve. I was Peter's roommate for all four years of college. He was also my bunk mate on the very first night. Five or six other of us all together all four years of college and within that group Peter was really the one who is the keeper of the Traditions Keeper of the flame. I'm Andy Frank. I went to Harvard with people at a Jewish. I certainly felt that I could measure up to the peak he was. It's one of the most intelligent and thoughtful people in College. My Name's Mike Their aggressiveness. I went to high school with eaters by remember meeting. All of his his dorm mates it's over. Everyone was Kinda. Corky or the or some guy kept the Rubik's cube like five seconds or something at some point appear acquired Didgeridoo Stralia aboriginal instrument and not only could you generate tone with with it but he also taught himself circular breathing so that he could continuously breathe in and out while blowing on the digital do which meant that he could hold this this note continuously forever. It seems it's classic Peter. He also is really under the claw game. You know the thing that comes down to pick up toys oftentimes go to Walmart and you would be. They're playing the game. Nobody could really win. The claw game perfected perfected it my name's elise king and I grew up right next door to he's not someone that's GonNa kind of be that bull in the China shop just saying something to say something Julia Chizmar but I go by the name of jewelry came to new no Peter. One eight took macroeconomics as a student. What Peter Stand out ways Cilicia panicky knew that there was extraordinary potential there as a product of the nine eleven and is a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. My own worldview is shaped predictably by life experience. building class in my town is not there anymore. Both trade towers brisk. Thousands of people were have now been attacked and when you're on September eleventh happened during our sophomore year and that was obviously the formative political moment for all of us in college there there is simply no way to accurately describing the emotion. I think he always was interested in politics always had that public service drive but then September eleventh at the level of gravity and probably level urgency after nine eleven there was a lot of hope uniting thing for our country out of this tragedy and when that didn't happen and the Iraq war became very politicized that was disillusioning for many the people in Harvard including myself and including Peter principle activity on canvas was politics which is part of the Harvard Arba Kennedy School of Government. It was a place where anybody on campus could go and grill world leader. Pete asking a question of Ted Kennedy James Peter. I'm a student at the college. Wonder how you think party is going to sort out what it seems to meeting of opposition as those differences would be clearer as the I think they are getting getting clearer as as time goes on I think that's quintessential peed he kind of cut through a lot of the noise and I think the real the real question of the day which is what is the Democratic Party if we're just the Republican party but less so realistically. Do you think this country is ready for a GAY president. There's only one way to find out. I didn't know I did not know that I did no no. I didn't know Peter was gang college. I don't think I never suspected either. He had a girlfriend freshman year. He had a girlfriend senior year. Coming out did not come easily for me I did not I have the same self-knowledge presence of mind encouraged that I see in so many young people who were here today. Nobody thought it was realistic than a gay. American could EBI elected to higher office at the time you know you had George Bush and the Republicans basically running on anti gay slogans I think at the time Peter must have felt like he was really in a very difficult place. In being gay is just another part of him like having brown hair being multi-screen it wouldn't have made any difference to me or any of our friends and it doesn't make any difference to us now growing up in south bend at that time. I do think it would have been difficult to come out as gay. I can't say that I had any friends friends growing up that came out in high school when and I were growing up in South Bend you know it was very instill is very family. Oriented very community oriented are when watches out for each other Keith. Parents are incredibly incredibly kind. His mom did a lot of paintings. Jews really generous. His Dad was extremely jovial. He would stood on the back porch. Just kind of giving this hearty laugh he was also a man of deep intellects Peter's Heritage's Maltese. His father was born. There computer went to Lord and Football Games with his dad. He was a professor there. Peter had a really good relationship with his parents and he was an only child so he spent a lot of time just with his parents having really deep sophisticated conversations. I remember him saying at a a dinner right before graduation. I didn't grow up with brothers but I feel like there's something about meeting. Someone at the age of seventeen that just really marks who you are that runs pretty deep authors described pure and five words are probably be thoughtful thoughtful loyal loyal royal boil caring curious carrying intelligence motivated intelligence capacity that funny and brother brother finally tonight the first nine eleven without the first responder who inspired the world. It's his family and friends I September Eleventh Without Him Luiz Alvarez the former detective with the NYPD bomb squad who died this summer from nine eleven related cancer her but only after the fight of his life and should not be here with you. You made me come disappearing before our eyes before before the attacks so strong vital standing shoulder to shoulder with John Stewart fighting to save the nine eleven compensation fund his testimony so a powerful drawing widespread compassion for the plight of the ailing first responders. We were part of showing the world we would never down from terrorism and now we could all work together no races no colors no politics. Alvarez Alvarez brother sitting down with WABC Stacey Sager anybody who's ever fort for the city has forty sicknesses Mrs. They're all Alvarez Spirit lives on but this year this nine eleven his loss profoundly. We think Stacy Sager for that good night America tonight the stakes are high the Democrats debate once there were twenty now it's down to ten candidates taking to the stage for one critical night ten who all want to face off with President Trump in the twenty twenty election shen but I they face each other and all of America in the most anticipated democratic debate yet who will merge the ABC debate tonight at eight. Eastern and special pre debate coverage at seven eastern. Just ask Alexa play the debate. Is there something that interferes with either happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you connect with your professional counselor and a private online environment can't schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get Ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash nightline.

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