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Now I know my email has been packed with them but before we get to that we want to remind you that the gold niche podcast is presented by SDN sports mobile from station casinos. We try to hit you guys up every week with a new episode and of course like like subscribe. Find us on Itunes Stitcher spotify. Wherever you get your podcast leave us a nice review and of course check out all our coverage at review journal Dot Com so Dave you've fans have complaints and it's hard to blame him? The golden's ended a one to one road trip with a three two loss to the Detroit. Red Wings the Red Wings. Who believe after that game still had a negative thirty goal differential to lead the league for worst goal differential and Brayden mcnabb McNab? I still have not figured out what he was doing. On the play that led to the game winning goal. Have you now. But so if you're going to bring that up let's talk about the whole plan okay and in total context because everybody's GonNa throw it on Brayden mcnabb. Yeah like what are you doing. Just just get overtime get a point. There's thirty seconds left you get into overtime and get point and maybe to ninety and nothing par part of my thing. And maybe I'll ask you this. I didn't see like glove it. Because he went after with his stick like he kikinda was trying to knock it out of air. That was a little Hollywood of of a play. If you ask me if he could have gloved it down once you commit to to that like you have to knock knocked down that park sell out right because you shouldn't be in that spot in the first place but here's a bigger picture because I literally went back when I got home. Tom and watched after the second goal for the last nine minutes okay. They sat third winger high on the Blue Line. There was a there was shit. Jonathan marches was literally so far back in the neutral zone sitting back. They were lying three across on their own Blue Line. When Detroit to have the puck they were absolutely sitting back trying to play for a point on the last shift? Riley Smith is down in the corner. Jonathan marched those like pretty much in front of the net. And William Carlson's below the faceoff dots and Riley Smith loses the PUCK in the corner. They make one pass up the board Fabri. He makes the Rink Wide Pass. So everybody sees the mcnabb thing but for nine minutes you sat back and you played for a point and then with thirty seconds left you had three guys check and below the face off thoughts So so is that system. Is that just. Somebody's shutoff. Is that not understanding the lion between aggressiveness. This and wind. Just peel back in and take what you got because to me they played they pretty much did what they had to do. In that game. And then Malcolm Sudan doesn't make save and then you have to get a point and they did it that's the biggest that's me is where it's inexcusable. And yes sprayed mcnabb makes the mistake. But that's a five-man mistake. Nate Schmitz down. There pinched along the wall to adopt point. Like why did you shut off after eight and half minutes of playing a certain way in on this one shift you just decide. Let's go for it. Yeah are so didn't exactly hustle back on that play in question either. There's a lot that's going wrong for the Golden Knights right now. Now coach grant was happy to point out yesterday that. Hey We haven't hit rock bottom as of this recording. They are nine seven and three so they have lost more games then they have one but it's still technically an improvement over last season's eight eleven one start. They are not that far out of the playoff laugh picture even though they are out of the playoff picture as a record this but didn't get to the way that they're doing it that is getting people. Frustrated have twenty penalties. They turn the puck doc over too much especially against good teams They still can't win and overtime either. And they've lost a lot of points that way. They can't be good teams as evidenced by the drubbing banged the Washington capitals handed them and now of course with the loss to the redwings a can't even beat bad teams at least on the road and they they're blowing gene leads and so I a locker room yesterday. A lot of guys just talking about. We don't respond well to adversity right now. When something bad happens in the game mm-hmm we shut down and instead of just attacking attacking attacking and that was an interesting admission to hear? Because I mean this is a team. That's had a lot of pride in a lot of confidence so far in as young existence these of in players that are not afraid to go for and play aggressively and to hear that this team's teams playing scared at times. Little bit was a little bit stunning to me. What do you make of that? I would go to the game. Why did you do what you did in the last minute then like an an? That's an understanding of of. Where's the line of of aggressiveness? And going for it. Because to me if you're GONNA say okay we have to put the the pedal to the metal and we have to go. The may have to be okay with with how that goal happened except for the mcnabb play. You know what I mean and and I don't think they can live with that so it's a lot of identity in in that regard. I don't think they've figured out who they are in that sense. No and and it's it's you know. Are you going to look like you did against the ducks and play fast. And look like you did in two thousand seventeen eighteen when you made the Stanley Cup final. And and you kind of played with the pedal to the metal. A little bit played a little. I don't WanNa say reckless by nothing to lose. You know right now. There's a little more to lose their third. The expectations are higher. Everything's different. I don't think they've figured out kind of you know look. Are we gonNA just overwhelm teams. Are we going to have to grind out games. Because I think Max Patriot guys keep talking about. We don't want a superstar team and we you have to grind out games and and that's fine and I actually give them credit on the road trip for the most part thought they grinded out game in Columbus. I give them actually a heck of a lot of credit in Toronto. Everybody's focused on the loss. I think they earn a point there. Absolutely you know like I give them credit road performance except for the penalties gave them too many chances. That's the only thing that will hold the you know the whatever and then Washington it's three two going into the third period and then then they basically got overwhelmed by the team that's playing the best in the NHL Right now you know. And then the Detroit game and then the problem with the with everything. Is the troy game kind of swings the narrative so much and if you get a point or if you get over timing to out of there it's completely different feeling than going home with zero and three of eight on the trip and everything everything like that. I it at one point. I think it was in Washington jargon was talking about how how as a coach you nitpick and whenever but we're like five two in three in our last ten or whatever it was at that point so even he recognized like yeah. There are some things that need to improving. Yeah we've underachieved but you know it's not. The Sky is falling so to speak. They don't need to go through a whole reset here. No and a lot of their issues that we've talked about of course. Penalties turnovers identity. I mean that's not you know. Need a swing a big trade or blow up the roster's genius to figure out how to get more out of the group that you have right now and I might disagree with you there really. Yeah on defense. That's fair because I'm just not seeing eye. They need an upgrade. I don't know where it's GONNA come from. I don't see it internally. It's there's they're they're not good enough right now and defense with whatever combinations are trying to put together and they're getting exposed to much back there. They're not getting a whole heck of a lot of help from the forwards. It's not that five men kind of defensive unit you know there's too many coverage breakdowns. They run basically man on man in the defensive zone. You can spot for for the most part who is kind on of responsibility for certain things you know you can see you go. I'm trying to remember which was the one dollars that I'd like March so was clearly late. Clearly that him sneak through you know so I mean there are things that you can absolutely point out in the defensive zone the forwards into help out with. But if I'M GONNA look at them objectively Vania upgrade on defense and I don't know that it comes internally. I haven't seen it yet. Maybe it's white cloud. Yeah you got got a number of guys down there. I mean. Let's talk about that a little bit because the defense is certainly going to be a talking point moving forward starting with the fact that they may dare gangland a healthy scratch. We've talked about England on the last podcasts. In how the numbers for him. We're just really not pretty and so finally they decided all right. We're we're GONNA sit him. In Columbus John Merrill has a just wail of game in Washington where he falls asleep in the first minute of the game I was I. Yeah Yup and you just was a rough game for him. So D- England draws back in and so on one hand it's probably good that glance starting to have a little bit of a heavier hand back there in terms of like are A. I'm really GonNa let you know if you play bad. You're going to get yanked on the other hand. I mean you brought it up that you think they need to upgrade. I don't think if you could go through the list of Defenseman. They've played so far this year. And say okay. That's the guy that's having a really good season season and a lot of these guys you know. We're at least relatively I guess high might be. We're we're but we are comfortable with the Blanche. mcnabb is been a consistent producer in his three seasons here or at least two season before this. He hasn't this year. John Merrill stepped up last year. Hasn't carried it over this year. Old's been fine not expecting much. That's for him. Theodore's not getting on the scoresheet. Obviously playing with Nicholas Hag. Maybe as inhibiting him there but that's certainly not working and niche commit hasn't jumped out in his first couple games back from injury at so. There's no one that you're really getting excited about on their Blue Line right now. Yeah and and I. I would go to Theodore Theodore especially you know. He's a guy that you paid some good money to and and he's starting to get to that age where you know experiencewise. Why is he's over two hundred games and I think he's twenty four You know so so you need to start seeing a jump from him and I mean obviously that first unit power play has been good when he's been out there but I think I'm not one hundred percent on this. You're the computer over over there. You can look this up. He got tacked on a secondary assist up in Detroit. I think that was his second point in the last thirteen games. Yeah something around that you know now. Now I'm not saying he should be a you know John Carlson and basically leading all defensemen in scoring but you need more production from him and I think you bring up a good point. When he's been partnered with Nick Egg you know that they're probably you know worried about look take care of our own end first and then maybe the offense in they've sacrificed? Did you know to try to take care of their own end in. I mean other than the Washington game. What they gave up one goal in Columbus to in Toronto? Three in Detroit. So I wouldn't say defense is necessarily been. They're not leaking goals so quite clearly. They're they're looking at dot in and and it's not it's not like I said they're not just they're not getting overwhelmed back there but you need to see more on the other end you need to see you need to see more production all these teams it's NHL now it was. It was talked about in Washington and and actually think we can talk about this Chicago a little bit too because the last few games Chicago System Wise and they've been very open about this. They are opened up. They were very tight defensively to start the season and they were very conservative and the last few games. Jeremy said okay. Let's go rains off last year. kind of worked. You know we have to strike a balance here little bit. But he's let them go a a little bit. I want. I'm curious to see tonight kind of what we see. And and maybe that's the one thing with juggling what he can do. I don't know system wise. He always talks about well. You know we we do what we do and nobody really does anything different but I wonder system wise if he can do something at this point and say you know. Let's let's open this thing coming up. We're so worried about being tight defensively. Let's go for it a little bit here. Yeah let's talk about Glenn a little bit. I want to finish off the point on Theodore by just saying got seven points this year. which is you know not what you want from him? Through nineteen games and four of those points. All assists came on the power play. He's got two point. Two shooting percentage right now. Now what you want from a guy who's making five point two million dollars this year. Obviously there's some extended circumstances there but we're GonNa talk about what jar glint Kenner cannot do or should or should not do with this team when we come back after some brief messages following a team you love in two thousand nine hundred can be time consuming trying to follow everything happening in sports almost impossible swirling through every APP and visiting every website on a daily basis is also impossible. That's why I subscribe to Axios Sports. The Best Free daily newsletter in the land axios sports is a modern sports. 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What I think he gets criticized for at times this year and he got criticized for it in Florida? Is he sticks with his guys. Even when things aren't necessarily going well he doesn't put his lines in a blender game to game at least in the middle of a game if he's looking for a spark he might generally does not make big changes to his lineup. He lets his players figure it out and he tries to convey to them like. Hey I have confidence in you play your game and what kind of get through it and so I think we have this conversation all the time when things are not going well for the knights should he continue to stay the course or is this one of those situations where it might be time To you know either on defense or certainly with the third line try some new things so what always worries me in. That situation is the message it sends if you send it into the blender because it kind of looks like you're getting a little desperate and you're getting to the point of are we all just freaking freaking out and doing the Jerry Maguire thing and. I don't think that's the message that should be coming across right now. I don't think the freakout should be where the nights are out. I don't think they do the whole reset thing that being said Alex Tuck is coming back. It looks like and it would be a good time. Came to do it with him coming back. If you're going to do it. This seems like all right. Let's let's see what happens. Is Mick some things up because now I guess the counter to that would be what happens if he energizes the third line the way he did that one game because that was pretty evident with him out there that that third-line elevated him cody glass. Cody Eakin that was a pretty effective line. So if you've all of a sudden feel like okay now we have a third line that can roll. We can enroll four. Maybe that opens things up for the top two maybe just filters down. I don't know but if you're going to do if you're GONNA if you're gonNA mix and match I. I think it would be the time because Alex coming back. I just don't like the message that it sends because I don't think I don't think they need a whole. You know we need. We need to try awesome different kind of kind of mentality right now. No and I would agree. I mean especially with the top six. I think you had to play it out. Like I think there's guys that certainly aren't having good seasons Mark Stone Tone and Pastas near both in kind of scoring droughts Jonathan Marsh. So I think is not having a good year so far after having not-so-good your last year but I think the third line would be the spot that you might have to make a move at some point. We'll see whether tubs 'cause I mean cody. Logan talked about after Tux. First game how much he opens up the ice for them with his speed for him. And Cody Glass and how much that helps both of their games that they have more room to operate because Alex just draws so much attention and we'll see if that plays out but obviously cody in three points in fifteen games is an area where at what point do you give. Cody cody glasses. Shot in the middle there. Yeah I mean it's a possibility I just don't know what you do on the wings if that if that's the case I think that's part of the whole issue for right now is just. They don't have a lot of depth organizationally they don't have a lot of options. It's not like they have. It's not like cody Lhasa's down in Chicago. Tearing it up and they can go. Oh let's bring the kid up. And maybe he'll inject some wife and fix the problem that he's already up he's already plenty. You know what I'm saying. Right or they're they're they don't have any other choices in a lottery guard. He's tried Brennan period. Brennan period hasn't really got hot yet and brand Perry. Even you know admitted. Ah Yeah. I'm streaky guy. I haven't really got going. You know everybody Kinda knows a secret. no six been kind of you know up there a little bit. He's been down with the fourth line. The Wall like there's nobody that they can. You know I mean what you bring Lucas Elvis up. I you know that seems a little early for him him as well as you know. You're not GonNa Sign Jack. Do out of Providence. Right now I I you know I don't think paying crabs is the the answer Based on whatever practice he you could probably give a better assessment of that is he which by the way is even not even signed or not signed? ELC L. C.. And he very much looks like an eighteen year old playing with men right now so probably worth it to get him back to junior right so I mean there's not a whole heck of a lot of options here where or they can just go like. Well maybe we'll try. Try this I think. The the mixing and matching the lines. You know throw that that's an interesting point you raise because I think it's maybe I'm overstating the whole you know. That looks desperate or or whatever because I think it's more obviously more common tactic you know in the NHL. That I'm clearly giving credit for by. I just third line has gotta get fixed. It's gotta be affixed if if it's Alex talk if it's you know something because right now it's the problem is it's affecting all four because they can't just roll all through the way that they've been the way that they've been doing in the past. And I believe our columnist Ed grain is GonNa write about that today talked to pastas about that and Paul Stephania talked about the Best S. teams. I've played on. I played less because all four lines were good all right now. You're not playing that third line much. You're trying to limit that author lines at least five on five time as much as possible and that probably changes when tuck comes back but also put it all on the third line just because because that's clearly the goat right now because I mean all the lines aren't playing well they're getting out scored five on five. which seems pretty crazy for a team with the top? Six talent that this one has right and I and to some extent. I mean the third lions largely defensive line like to in some regard. I don't know how fair it is. The judge them on offense of stuff. I mean yeah you is like production out of them but you know by Cody Eakins Defensive Center you know I mean let's let's call it like it is like we're going to talk about his scoring and things like that will you know. Let's look at his defensive production which isn't very good if you look at numbers numbers and things like I'm not going to sit here and defend them but you know to some extent it's still goes back to identity and what are you trying to get out of you know that line and and how does that kind kind of fit into the you know the makeup of the whole team and I think that's part of their probably just figured all that out and like I said I think it's affecting getting kind of the ability roll through all four of them get some flow get some momentum it just you know any time they go and then something happens take a penalty. You know they get out of whack in just then the third line comes out and over the fourth line comes out and cam break the puck out of its own zone you know. And then they pinned back doc and then it looks like they're sitting back on their heels and then they talk about it after the game because they've blown a lead hundred kind of going on with this team right now. Dr. Glenn even study yesterday's as like we are not getting scoring chances like we used to come in every four or five shifts like. We're not just rolling line after line and pinning them in the offensive. His own and wearing teams down is just not how it's going for them right now. No lot of the kind of advanced physical numbers like five on five would tell you that some of that stuff's going to even out at some point but there's also the points made that If you take penalties like you're taking penalties it's not gonNA even out because you're not going to be five on five as much as you want or when you are five on five. You'RE GONNA have jumbled blinds because you're you know putting that Marcia so patty glass trio out there which actually has been relatively effective point being. But you're not getting the lines you want. You're not rolling on the way you want when you're constantly getting out of the penalty boxer adjusting in different ways to the game. I I think that's probably the one consistent criticism that they deserve is the penalties this year because I was something the first two years that they were among the least east penalized teams in the League and this year. It's whether it's because they're half step behind and they have to use their stick charter cover and they're getting trips trips and holds and all these stick infraction you know type penalties and things or it's you know if you WANNA call him back 'cause 'cause I know it Jar Gland probably wouldn't say super publicly. But you know I mean. He said he's not necessarily happy with a few of the calls. You know hasn't agreed with every call so I mean maybe there's an element of that. Were a couple of gone against them by. That's the one consistent issue I would say for a team. That's supposed to be good. You just keep leading teams. Hang around because you're taking penalties because you're giving them two minutes on the power play and then they have the momentum after that and it's it's just been too hard to recover from for for the nights. Yeah I would say that and I mean the turnovers I in plain and simple. They've made way too many passes this year that it should not be made and I think it goes back to patch right. He's point where this is. You know a really talented team. But it's not the twenty one thousand nine hundred and Tampa Bay lightning where they can fling the puck all around the ice and they can shoot from wherever and have it go in. I mean this is a team that I mean what they say they have to. I think grind teams down on more than not on the four check. You know they can't always just play Blue Line of Blue Line knock. Even though there's some other lines are really good like the first signs really good at it but the I also really good pitting you back and cycling in the offensive zone and so that's what I got really frustrated after the Washington game we got asked asked about that and he was probably pulling what remains of his hair out because they keep turning the puck over in ways that a veteran team because this is one of the oldest team the National Hockey League like these guys have been around the block. I mean they should know better in terms of when a coach tells you. Hey make simpler passes. Don't turn it over or or hey. We can't take so many penalties stop reaching start. Moving your feet. They should be able to listen or at the very least you know from what we've heard about the locker room be able to look look inward and say like hey guys. This isn't acceptable. We gotTA clean it up. Maybe we see that response tonight. But we'll see I mean it's an interesting stretch coming up. It's you know five of the six yes at home. There's a good handful of teams that are I. Guess you know out of playoff spots are are things like that. If you're going to go on a run if you're GONNA make some hey if you're you're GONNA go on to win streak because I don't think they won more than two games in a row this year and I think the current three game losing streak is the longest of the season. So I mean it's it's been so up in like if you're GonNa get going and get on a run. The seems like a good time to do it. Because then you got a tough trip. You Know Nashville Dallas coming up you know Arizona kind of at the end of the month so if they're gonNA get going here and and that that Thanksgiving you know being in the playoff spot thanksgiving kind of magic magic marker that we've always talked about it's it's you know I don't know what the Star but but it's clearly like dots If you're GONNA hit the race like the quarter pole you need to be in a playoff spot at that point. So if they're going to get on a run here with the UH the next handful of games here at home. This would be a good time to do it. No absolutely and you know as much as we've talked about You know the nights problems or what. They need to clean gene up. They are still just two points out of a playoff spot in the Pacific actually there in the second wildcard spot right now because they have the tiebreaker. With the Winnipeg jets. I believe right now. So they are in the playoff spots. But there's still a lot of things to clean up Dave and I will keep you posted on all the goings on with the Golden Knights over the next week and into the future. We'll hit you up every Wednesday with a podcast. Remember to find us on Itunes stitcher wherever you get your podcast spotify like review. Tell us we're terrible. We'll still take it. And of course follow all our coverage at review journal Dot Com once again want to remind you the Golden Age podcast is presented by. Sdn Sports Mogul. Thanks so much for listening everyone. He's Shane we'll catch you again real soon.

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