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Man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery shooting speaks out


The Georgia man behind the video. That shows the shooting. Death of a black jogger wants his name cleared. Ap Correspondent Jackie Quinn with the story. I had nothing to do with William Roddy. Brian was listed as a witness to the shooting. Death of twenty five year old jogger Ahmed armory in late February but civil rights attorney Benjamin crump and others allege he may have helped pursue and chase down the victim and if so. Brian should face charges to. I'm trying to get my life back to normal and it's been smeared. The police report says suspect. Gregory McMichael told an Roddy. Attempted to block armory but was unsuccessful. Ryan's lawyer is Kevin Goff. Who also spoke with W J? Tv was responding to what he saw. Which was someone in the community that he didn't how being followed by vehicle that he recognized outside prosecutors been appointed to review the case.

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