FOF #2774 Adventures in Forced Feminization


The gender is so ingrained in us that whenever we see those lines blurred or broken it can be quite a thrill as much as people love drag. It's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing with gender today transvestite Dominatrix Tamie Vodka House joins us to talk about her adventures and forced feminizing people or fun and Proft plus being part of Sharon needles and Alaska's house of haunt in the early days before they all got on ru. Paul's drag race why cross dressers loved to walk in nature and sneak peek at the new trauma film. Kill Dolly Kill. We're any vodka. House plays a transgender dominatrix out for revenge. I'm Fausto Bernas. I'm Mark Mullen and this is feast of fun feasts. The fund is made possible because of the support of fierce fabulous abuse people like you become a member and listen to fourteen years of amazing podcast at feasts the fun dot com slash plus or put a tip in our tip jar and make a one time donation at feast fun dot com slash donate. Thank you for your support Hello is this Amy Vodka House Aria interested in your services. Have you ever seen a pro down before besides my mother no in fact what are your physical and the most no limit well. I don't know what you mean by that. How much pain can you take how much well I've been doing this podcast for fifteen seasons now. We're we've done more interviews with Sharon needles than any other human being we can handle it can handle some pain well then. You should be just fine. What's your budget. Well much to take hard. Well then. Maybe you should talk to Sharon needles. I met ACTU- actually an event that Sharon was doing at the Andy Warhol Museum around Christmas time you're how about six foot five and heels and you look like Zsa Zsa Gore on steroids. I was three hundred twenty pounds girl. Wow now you're a little slip of a Bosnian bitch rich at one hundred seventy pounds well. That's a transformation yeah. Let's honor and fifty pounds but I did it a good old fashioned way just crystal meth crystal meth diet portion control. It works every time. Gall did the body transformation sort sort of inspire you to go into this direction of transforming other people through gender yeah well. That's what I do for at. I gotTA keep my girlie figure for work. What inspired you original transformation. I was really unhappy and unhealthy so I had to change something so I divorced my family and then I got a dog started hiking and I didn't even know intermittent fasting was thing it's just something I did. I decided you know what you're going to stop eating at five five. PM and that's how I live now. It's been over three years so eating. Hatha cake at two in the mornings not ah I eat everything chocolate cake anytime of day but nothing between five PM and five am bill but like a pig for most of the day. I just don't eat after five the M. and it works. It's magical. I imagined that your calves are gorgeous though because big girls who lose weight they've been carrying tearing those the big body for so long that it's kind of trains your your legs and muscles are very muscular legs yeah it. Kinda did end up looking like that's how I got. It all covered in Oh. That's hot while you live. You live in Pittsburgh and see your hiking all those mountains too so yeah to Don. My sister's called one of those ridge runners yeah. Pittsburgh is nothing but hills bridges university or dive bars. What's the queer scene in Pittsburgh like from the times we been there. We seen fights breakout. Ask things can get priddy ENTAT's well. That's Kinda Day. When drag was on here have no. I don't do it anymore. Now now perform all the time in her room and private session out cows with first time crowns amy. How did you get into into doing transformations for cross dressers as as a profession to happened. I got better at makeup and then caused. Rescuers started coming up to me. Oh girl you look good really do my faith and I always did it as a side gag especially while I was in college I is the bartender dressed up and drag shows and that's when I figured that I can get straight guys to do whatever the fuck out when I looked like a fantasy creature. There was this one sometim. Some guy was giving me head in a parking lot and I was like I'm sorry dude. I have to Piss and it was like just let it go baby. I was like Oh okay well. I guess charge for this in his mouth polio right and so the water sports kind of lead you into wanting to became a professional no exactly well. I started while once I was done with cool. I kind of quit drag at night started in hospitality. I got a job and I was managing hotels for two years and I was making decent money but I had no fucking time to spend it because I would work over sixty hours hours every week and it was depressing so I thought like this has to end like this. That's life I wanna live and corporate slavery the and look the certain way 'cause you're. You're addressing as a guy. You were wearing a suit terrible hours a week and you just like I could just be beautiful woman. Even social life was all the flight attendants because they had a contract with airport like I had no social life my life so you were checking them at your checking into into the hotel and be like all the you're in room three twelve. I'll be into see you at two. Am encrypt the Matz now. Aren't you afraid of getting caught by like the management and stuff like that or did you just change change into a different costumers management. I don't need a follow. The rules made the rules. NTT NTT two men enter two men come in my mouth. Oh you want to speak to the manager. What do you got to say that got which came first like the forced feminization or the female transformations because part of your thing is like you know you have a couple of different hats. Do you have a couple of different dungeons right so as you can make men up as women and it's you know what session is about places have different setups whether it's a medical who play whether I'm GonNa do. Are you a nurse. I can't be for the right price vodka house. I actually an certified full bottom. Doesn't I find mental workout. I was just GONNA working AIDS Clinic Falana. Somebody who is to draw aw blood and so are you giving them like sailing solutions. Are you like drawing blood like a like an old fashioned barber. Are you pumping up their testes with food. Scrotum with saline up Kroto infused on yeah mostly. It's just about the station but anyway well. I think it's Delightful Antoinette. You know just Mondays in the office which came I was at the dominatrix kind of stuff or was it just was that the forest feminization or was it was because I was doing some work but I was wasn't charging what caused aw that's what it is 'cause i. I started. MTO TENNESSEE DOT COM which microbes dress makeover services remember back in the day when craigslist had personals the Fed up with my hotel business said you know what let me pose under M. T. and T. T. sure mail for Trans and transfer trans or transfer re-translates. These girls can find me posted cosmic or services and then I got so many responses and eventually I realized I can just do this for eleven so I did that for a couple years but what I didn't realize all the time like when I would do makeovers and photo shoots photo shoots ended up me putting them into the bondage or into some kind of media fencing and eventually I got higher. It's makeover on the married couple. Oh hired me and she happened to be a professional dominatrix and then I come to realize like wow we basically do the same job but I'm like charging fifty bucks an hour refer these photos makeover photo shoots and where she makes like three fifty college what it is and what it is and of course there are no translate nature says around so. I'm pretty busy now. You were telling me that you know when I was talking to the other day the you were saying that movie portrayals of Bedia Sam for the most part very overly exaggerated. I think it is because I don't know house like I'm very casual with everybody. You know a lot of people. A lot of people come in very nervous. I always tell everybody just used fucking worse. Tell me exactly what it is as you want and they're they're scared or embarrassed so you know we're just act like France and figure out how much they can take and go from there. So what is it that people don't get or what the misconceptions that we have based on seeing bondage scenes in films. It's not presented in a way that can movies you bitch and a latex barking orders at somebody beating. Ama- for yelling at my dog or like that that doesn't happen in a real life yes usually people just want to be in bondage people like to be story forced to come in bondage where they have no control over what you do to them or public humiliation Malyasian sessions where he basically just take them out if I cross dress them and make them get out go to these men they never been crossdressing kind of everybody in here they are they hire me and I take come out and make them get out of power to buy cigarettes at a gas station are taking them to bar so it's simple as that to me. It's like just something I do every day these the people it's outrageous. Tell me more about taking them out into public spaces. I want to hear about what that's like for you and what it's like for them. Well offer me. I kind of had to simmer down on my party. 'cause you know you're in charge of these people's safety and I only really take them to gave bars like if I take cross dressers I used to take them only to gay bars because these type of places where you'll run into other girls and it's accepted there will be no problems like I'm not China Trailblazers. I don't WanNa be the next try to the other news. 'cause people often. I get emails. Slick this long time. Somebody message me like. Oh my God you do accompanied out in. I'll always wanted to walk around the park and around the stadium. Let's take pictures sopping. That's I do not have death west you. I need some muscle for hire. I'm happy to come down there and help you out as you know it depends you know some people do that like that's part their process because you're dealing with a lot of people that are on there on that gender precipice right. Some of them may kind of think of themselves as trans or they only want to be transfer our that afternoon but for some people this is their first steps out into becoming a trans woman and taking those steps out in public for them can be a very exhilarating and very powerful kind of thing and we learned from one of our listeners in the UK that there's a there's a shopping mall and like aspects. I think it is in the UK. which is there's a woman there who not a lot of people how to be a woman and like part of like there's her school is to send them to the mall and they've got to walk around the mall all as a woman? I got those but I got many people to some people. I did have some clients that actually did. China says I had clients who it's purely just sexual thing being like there. Was this one that's a few times a month and first time he came first and second time he came over like he he she always wanted to stress but he didn't know what the hell he would look like he would wear anti secretly but he can overfull makeover and he wanted to dress really conservative first a couple of times and it was just awkward and then he decided he wanted to suck some dead so he made a profile on fat life and and and now her name. Amos TV slot on their friends list she she take addicts out of your mouth now did you tell did you train train her yeah right out of your own. Joe To dress conservatively. Are you talking like a business suit. Yeah 'cause I just wanted to look like a proper lady and now now now see how gangbangers like if you go under her profiles. Oh yes the month ahead of them. Girls these girls have me make mouth and they just have different guys. Come on over and you know load Queens so it's definitely different for everybody and so it seems like you're sort of creating space for people to explore not just their sexuality but their own gender as well yeah that happens too. I definitely had excu that transition. Eventually it just like they didn't know what the hell. They're going to look like something they do that. I took them places outright accepted where not meet other girls and they made friends and they're out all the time and and they started hormone replacement therapy it's from there so you sound like the fairy godmother and mother to a lot of trump's teach my of all this and I do think I do. I teach makeup the transgender conferences. I just got back from Fort Lauderdale the Comfort Charleston Conference in on this actually in Erie which is where you're from Gary Sisters. Yes leary sisters. You know I've met people from all over the world. I've met people like when California and other places when they find out from area all my God the sisters were very formative in Mike coming out as a transfers. I'm like yeah but you grew up here. In California. They're like yeah but they were very active in forums so people would visit the forms and that's how people got a lot of information formation back in the day because you know there's a lot of you know not much information to God at wherever you could and so they really they really respect and look up to the to the Erie sisters well. It's still around and it's still popular. It's it's not a data student out of the conferences but you know it's a good amount of girls which get together I. Why did their makeup on vendor floor. I I and a lot of these conferences I go to. It's a lot of same girls gone all around because usually these are like businessmen businessman Dan. They're married have their businesses on Bombay escape from reality so they just go different places. I've got the same people all over the place eighth amy. I'm interested in knowing. Why do you think that so. Many first timers are interested in being out in nature her and I go to website like mask on dot org which is a kind of an interesting idea a lot of cross dressers they want want to wear plastic masks and prosthetics to sort of femininity and one common thread in a lot lot of the photos is that they're all hiking in the woods that I didn't know that they go hiking when they come over to Mika and driving around just feel feminine in a car but I've seen people in full latex masks and it's usually because their wives are don't want them to shave their beards were shaved their beards and they just put on a latex of course can be comfortable but I've seen people do it but I'm wondering if there's a common thread here with people all sort of who are in the closet especially. LGBTQ people who explore their sexuality at force reserves for a lot of us. We we live in an urban environment so to me. It seems like a very interesting thing to be walking heels in a dirt road in a park that is not cute but I guess there's this idea of like. The physical space becomes a form of liberation for what is going going on in their mind and in their body well. I guess you answered your own question that I'm not that familiar what they usually just take them off but if you're wanting them you're always guiding hiding them away from dangerous situations but part of the result they want to go into places that they're very familiar with or comfortable and eventually declined swingers club club and since then. I've just been taking clients. They're like oh you wanNA suck some. Dick while that's like the easiest job for me I just sit in a chair and beat them with the crop and making Dexter Glory. Ooh Just went up and then just drop them off in the middle of nowhere. It'd be like I'll put you up in an hour now. Now I been asked our band man's now I do not do that. There are things that I do not do. Why wouldn't you abandon somebody if they really wanted it if they really wanted how no 'cause but if something happens to them will you're responsible for their semi yeah exactly do they want to walk around and women's panties out like you know at the at the truck stop on the ice seventy nine and it's like well. We like to think that the case ace but gender non conforming people still in the eyes of the law especially in non urban environments or non major cities are very vulnerable and someone like you. If if your your client got harmed or hurt they would be your life would be in trouble. Yours your own safety. We in trouble while it's not my business isn't that because bad reviews like wildfire. I don't know they say like when people sell drugs and somebody dies from overdose and the dogs. Do you have to stop because so strong like amy so reckless. She'll take you out in the middle of nowhere and leave. You could be right. It could be a real selling the you know as long as you have fun with it well. That's the thing it's like. You're one you're. You're advocating for amy to put herself herself and her clients endanger and it's funny as it. Is You know I've been in situations where I've been in half drag or cross dressing and just going to a AH GIG and I parked my car and I'm going into the club and somebody outside is like gutter well. At least they use the right Pronoun- terrifying. You're like you know because you're all alone and you're trying to run and heels and you're just like it's like God what happens if these people catch up to me right now is the period gone all the time and eventually. I learned that it's apparently illegal to take it anywhere where they serve alcohol. Kahal which is like the only place where you might actually need it so there was this lunchtime girl tiffany cuts hiring for a company to outings occurs time. She hired me. I mean I realized that my purse and I was like we took her car. So this page met me for the very first time you don't know me and I'm like girl. I need your car keys then he might kind of your car and later her story but I never thought of it from her angle so here she is cross ah stress for the first time in a bar by herself gave this bitch her car keys because he has a gun and for all she knows I laugh at site eight and stuff with your name on it so I'm thinking you've probably try to some degree. Do you ever get any negative reactions when people find out what you do mm for work while it definitely hurts the dating life of course being fetish worker. It's Kinda hard for people to stomach. I think I could people day. Do you ever do much like hide in that part of your existence from them. No no not really it is what it is and I've been attending more kink in meeting my like minded people so people and I thought about like dating other sex workers and I recently started met this. Guy he's a SEC for Catholic school. He's not going to judge this could work and he told me she's into Cam. AM stacks and I didn't know like Oh you have sex not a camera. He's like no seldom drugs than Dennis. Pell like Oh God what drunk going to work. He said he mixes de Molly. I think I don't know it's usually a t g and e the through his uh-huh. Yes I will have non girl. I have a mortgage on a dog that needs Mesa. Don't fuck around with that when you're dating people you dating as a a boy or are you dating as a T. transvestite grow out sometimes but it's usually for money right. Do you get better dicky's a girl or better because a guy. I only top so that doesn't matter okay. Listen breath and straight guys always let me do whatever I want. Recently I got my Dick. Oh Yeah I had my okay tend to be well. I always always dress Kinda. Salvi steps to make upon and all these women's clothes are still blurred nowadays amy can you tell me about like the first time for some people like the level of excitement and energy that you see in them when they see themselves as a different person in the mirror. That's my favorite part like the way I used to have my process studio setup. I heard a big mayor but then I took down because these people don't WanNa see the process they just WanNa see the end result and that's like the best part of the like. I remember seeing with native the American guy I've never seen a native American person in my life in person and he was fucking. Gore Jesse look does it because maybe like five nine ended. Registan break down to his ass and it has makeup and he was going to use his natural hair is here and I told him you just. GonNa look like yourself. Let me put on a wig on inside. Put Him in a red hair. I dressed him up like he'll so scared. At first and then he left dressed then that happened so many times like they're so excited when they see what they can look like like the spirit part of his culture. I suppose I'd healthy so so there's a little bit of a different some people they walk out as a girl and they had oh my yeah. They're different. Can't people trust me different. People come for different reasons. Sometimes they parked so far away intentionally from my plate so they would walk and be seen walking back to wherever they are and I remember one time just came. All the way from Denver stoned as fuck so you know I did. He goes out comes back. I was like ready to go walk my dog and he comes back on my car's well. Where did you leave it there but that's my neighbors dry way so we had to go to impound get his car Dr. was he still dressed as a girl took full yeah. She got the whole fantasy Hyundai. They can tell you stories trust and believe. Are you WanNa hear the wildest live there. Was this one time and you cannot make this setup. This guy's job title is tennis ration- analyst Yeah. He's a hacker and basically bank pays eighth them to test their system. I guess that nobody can hack into bank. Whatever so his wife and kids away and I remember it was Monday when he came over to Sienese Genie's were a makeover and it's so funny when I dress them up for pictures they pose normal in awkward and dresses you put them in a lingerie girl. It's s up. Yes asa really until two days later on Wednesday. He calls me up and he wants to go out but he wants to get some. Dick so you know I do to make over take pictures and he can control of histone so I make good reiner profile. I took him out to blue moon so he's having drank. Emit all the curls. He's having a good time while I'm lining up dates for him for the rest of the night. I'm like fucking pimp. I'm sitting in a car waiting while this is. I've got an banged out by ran straight dudes. One of them was like a coke dealer which I'm still friends with but the next but the next morning she called me up. I think I gotTa Aid Santa Monica. Well don't worry. I'll take my slept clinic so like I took him to you on the post the poster so yeah it's like it's a one stop shop full therapist girl you know where to go to find all the south and so I met you guys. Come come in. They just want they want to address but they're not going to leave like that at all. What's that like for them brought upon for they want like if it's play session they just WanNa be feminist. Look some guys don't even care about makeup. They just WanNa be putting Ronda ray or brine. I'm Tanis and be tied up in bondage for everybody. There's a the two same clients. Everybody's in it for different rates nounce. Everybody's like some people just want me to cross dress mentally then the room by themselves to have a date themself self money for me like I do nothing. I'm watching TV downstairs while this just land what herself when you date yourself. You're always like disappointed. You didn't put the deal I duNno. D- right. I never do that too much work so back back in the days. When you were a drag queen and Pittsburgh you are a big part of the house of haunt Sharon needle and Alaska Thunder fucks seen the Blue Almond bar. Oh Yeah we were the original bad girls like Beckoning Hausa crack heads. What was the scene like when you share needles is in Alaska started dressing up drag. Yeah we'll start it together and it was back then doing drag not cute like today today every fucking bitch. Let's put on a wig in a second. I'M GONNA go to open stage. Gaul like back then. We were just freaks outrageous. It was punk-rock ourselves girl. We would have protesters because we will do politically incorrect said the action nowadays. That's it would not fly. Let me tell you what kind of things things you guys do my there was this one time when Sharon in Alaska draft Twin Towers and dad's. It's raining men on nine eleven yeah that's pretty evident at the time but we used to do shows in a way that it was like a whole production like we would rip off a movie or something like. I remember one time we did wizard of Oz. Saron see was a arisen but actually so it was a Santen and I was a transsexual ten woman and at the NC give me a heart and I'm like Oh. It's ticketing explode. It's now wh- kind of what kind of alibi you have for when Sharon's house was set on fire. Dr Welby were at pride one bed hat and Mohair house used to get fucked up all the time girl from one time. I was driving car in the city side on somebody but he threw bricks through my windshield because they're trying to get her and we will come back to their house. I ought to know about that. We all went to court and got a restraining order on this like crazy social justice worried or by group like following the surround and harassing us such shows and spray paint her house throw ads so this is something that happened before anybody he got on drag race is that you guys were sort of guessing the envelope and trying to push peoples buttons by doing things that were more and more outrageous and people in the the community responded by not just protesting but stocking some guys and throwing bricks through Sharon needles home and we never visited visitor original home that almost burnt down but people said it was kind of like the add ons family house spooky and weird and full of old ship Eh and lots of all over the place and then Sharon move to another place that had this huge basement and that's really sort of where the the Golden Age of the Blue Moon developed -veloping where everybody got on drag race and you know the rest of her story yes. Do you miss those days while I would never want to go back to my twenties because because sometimes I'm surprised at how the even alive like I mean if I had this wisdom. If you WANNA call it that and be back down and be young again be twenty-five against Serb girl. We did some wild set with crazy 'cause part of it is that you guys were like friends and you want you love each other and you wanted to impress each each other with with the more outrageous idea week after week those shows well the miss the most is just like both sitting around getting our makeup on before go onto the GIG and gigs role. They spun other than the drag is just so much work. It's cheap and unless you've been on drag race. Don't don't make said like girl. I'm not leaving my house for like what drives those be like fifteen hundred dollars then I charge hundred just put makeup on and then I charge our late. Fuck look what happened with the burning down. Sharon needles kitchen. Somebody tried to start a campfire. That's what it looked like on yeah. I don't know what they were doing girl. They were here in Chicago in her house. Then we got a call the you know it was really serious and very terrifying for them. Yes yeah imagine. The landlord wasn't happy about it either well. Maybe they were to move out finally get the house top. Getting vandalized Sharon was saying that her original home was possessed much like the poltergeist diced house to Cathy spirits out of it and there's just kidding it really he was because when we were moving there stood out Randy Alaska in one room and there was a baseball bat in the other room and there was nobody else in the other room the next thing you know you hear that baseball bats is banging on the wall like it was wild so that helps definitely was possessed. Why are goes so eager to harm. I'm human beings in movies and if you've ever talked to people whose houses are haunted. The ghosts are never been nine nine interested in watching today. They're like you know drag queens on crack their life. You said so the bad about me. I'm going to get you you up with all these reality. ATV shows with drag queens and competitions and instagram accounts in Youtube and social media are changing the way we think about gender under is are we in a golden age of some kind. I really don't watch drag race at all. I stopped watching season's going. I know there's another one Dragulescu Terry's. He's trying to get onto but I've never seen either. I don't know but I know drags. Those are Rupert Knowledge. There's so many I used to everybody because there were not many of us in Pittsburgh right but no it's so many girls all over the place but it's very safe it's very all audience appropriate national more idea that by dressing up as a drag queen you're sort of like shocking people and not the system now. You're sort of like the going in this direction of fetish and bondage and role playing and gender playing is sort of massaging keeping crossdressing arcing exciting for yourself. I mean that's what I do for work. I really don't do drugs so it's anymore. It's not appealing to me. I don't have that like pitch to do. I'd like creativity like I can't wait to do this on a stage. It never crosses my mind but I get to dress up quite a lot and I still have my social media going. I am but it's everything is just work related. It's nothing that I do for fun. I don't just wake up like now. Let me take two hours out of my day to save my body on put on. It's not a thing. Do you ever work with women to gender play I do I do work with women have married. I'll so far have thirteen married opole. Wow that's your like a piano teacher but instead of your John Panties yeah a little bit of everything thank from Broederbond women role discipline women depends of sometimes they bring their husbands like it's very different honestly some I have couples that both got makeover and they have reservations they go get their dinner and I have couples. Where woman wants to make her husband cried? Economists Alexi gets off onto heaven can be feminizing usually dealt. Bring another guy to occur in front of him or something silly like everybody's. NFL Wow I'll have a recession the place sometimes it's it's. It's not just the I it's the guy it's the wife and then somebody else to at my place now at my place. I'd prefer to only work with fifties. Elliot's vacation and organization or I'll do from bondage or corporal discipline I don't do groups like it's hard to work with too many people to Max what they do afterwards like a lot of times I mean I'll take them out to the Bedia Sunderland than to swinger clubs though they'll have their own seem fair but I got ready for it or introduce them to other people in the lifestyle. Amy You have a good time tation. That sounds kind of like Yvonne Ivana trump up with Bosnian or I'm from for me. Go Slavia Slavia N. Yes I'm just like melania trump of fetish workers. MHM be passed by Christ be transvestites it said after the show Slovenia's right next to Bosnia's varies neighborhood right well yeah. It was a hold on country before my mother sees. He's an well. Actually my parents divorced. My mom is that she lives in Dubrovnik Croatia. My father is Bosnia but he's here. Do you think you could make mark look like Mike Melania trump of course just girl maybe next time I'm in Pittsburgh. I'll take you up on your services. Well maybe next time onion. Pittsburghese Greg is top helping a neighbors actually see me out nothing accusing mark of doing being a helpful neighbor. I'm just GONNA go. Helper neighbor fans a lot of time visiting men's watching bird watching I'd she's a bad girl sisters the Sarah our sisters listen. You're one of my one of my favorite reasons to visit. Pittsburgh is to see you know. Listen listen to go crazy antics. You haven't Alaska's not really there anymore. Yes she's in. La with cross country road trip. There's a video on Youtube. It's called Cross Cross Country Cross dressers when her and I took a pass key Pittsburgh to La Hilarious in drag some of its way that yes all the major cities like where we stopped and spend tonight. I'm like Oh my God. How `Bout in Oklahoma City we we spent the night in a cruise East hotel. It's called an in an I'm pretty sure would the only way to check in with goods but it was in and Oklahoma City the meth capital of America yes and then in Austin we while Deva timeless. He decided to be still okay but we did every drug that was in the market. She just wasn't drinking booze. I was drinking for both of us like soon as we walked was already here as soon as already on drag race so like everybody knew who she is and they put us in a VIP textiles and US bottle. I was drunk Astrid. Go go dancing up on a deejay booth. I look at her giving me side. I I'm like okay. Garlic ahead with your sober s anymore. Somehow we ended up in amateur stripper contest no Phoenix Arizona. It was a fun time you guys everything was really knew and you guys serve got to take your friendship and the newness of that celebrity on the road and just experienced things from a whole different perspective got old real fast girl like Alaska was able to just go too far with her friends and have a conversation because people come up to her. WanNa Take Pictures WanNa bother her been annoying visit. Is it in the times we ever hung out with Alaska. It never was more than you know five people or so and it wasn't like a line of one hundred people. Both of you know like drag on you. See People like it's like three or four hours and it's one hundred dollars to meet any drag queen. That's been on Rupaul drag race and and you know for some people it's it's so exciting to see this this folk hero to some degree you know but the thing that impresses upon me especially with drag grace. UK is don't I don't have an accent none of them have an accent and they're so mediocre inter- you know like if you look at Sharon needles personality compared to in some of these drag queens in the UK it's Pales. It's it's like a very grave. What does the word that the British people US Milk Toast to narrow restrain they sick. I'm not even people I knew even interview and I'm like does the audience even want to know about these queens. It's like it's just so bland. That's why I'm turning to things more like Dracula and other sources of of camp one key. The stuff is just it just seems to me like I don't WanNa hear safe drag Queens. I WanNa hear drag queens that are thinking about stuff and rebelling and pushing being the envelope. I don't I don't WanNA corporate. CEO Drag Queen. I want a punk rock drag queen yeah your thoughts but a drag concern but a drag on. I can mention what that airs Oh. I haven't been to one but I'm going next next year for Sir. I think the Drag Expos Conferences are fun as long as you stay out of the lines and wear era costume and interact with people because there's all kinds of really interesting people attending the events working some of the booths that don't thought aw I'll be in a get up for that. What movie are you in Kelly Kill. It's a trauma near the punk rock musical. I got to play a tiny gang later. It's amazing and it's called kill Dolly Kyle. It's produced by trauma entertainment the company that the talks toxic avenger around all day and you played in the movie I place last Sorella the transgender woman again leader and conveniently playing yourself. I am yes I really am. I remember we showed that movie. Half of what's UNIN VEGAS all the special effects and murder scenes. We're done in a studio and Allah's taken sits fell seriously. I was up at four thirty every morning. Even though I wasn't shooting my scenes that make up on but then I realized it's control. My like people are just there. I mean basically encouraged to be monsters wasted and the second can have I decided to be Lindsey. Lowe hand on the set so buried Thursday her like fucking like on a way to our location in the North Indiana and win Amac. I was already you know on Grindr China lineup some hookups I made friends with people in bottle south across the street so very first day on the set on three hours late wasted and I have pictures on my phone that I don't even remember taken and elastic churches blurry grabbed. They passed out in my for four hours so second time around around. I was a nightmare so I'm excited to see it too because I don't remember much of that blackout. And when do you think that's GONNA come out. Well we you wonder we see that thousand seventy and it's been a while. I feel like by the time the movie comes out. I'll be like oh girl look. I was so young at yeah yeah. It's supposed to come next year sometimes twenty twenty. I guess what's the name of the film kill. Dolly Kill Kill Dolly Kill me off from Cali deadly to the first one here. Watch it deadly to is the first one or wait. Dolly deadly as the as the first respond yes so this is the part two and it has nothing here and now it does not no. It's not about like a radioactive Dolly. Pardon impersonator who comes back to that sound great pits that idea next time around right working on other projects amy vodka. It's always good to get a big drink stiff drink. A view shot down. Take a shot well. I'm glad you're enjoying. I will see hill. I'm in Pittsburgh my dear or or if you've ever come back to my place based I wanna see it does and maybe if you need some muscle to escort you and your dates out in about I'll be happy to don't volunteer people look at me and they're like Oh. You're so tough you could beat me up but he's got to wrestle and I'm like it's for sure forgotten class when when you're sort of like pushing the boundaries of gender her people just ascribe all kinds of power to you that you don't necessarily want or have and then you just like look. I'm Amy Vodka Vodka House. I'm just a human being with vulnerabilities needs and desires. I'm not wonder woman. I can't I'm a fantasy. Crete's shoes to some of these guys. I make people's dreams James come true by making them feel good about themselves because that's really what that is about. It's about emotional release exchange of power and may the force be with you amy the force visitation. That is the real thing to do you have to because that's the one of my that's one of my favorite. Kinds of things is forced to administration where it's like. They don't really want it but they secretly do yeah well. It's tarts starts off like they're all writing. A sub sub stays in the head space as they come in like they sit on the chair can move doing makeup and I asked them the question and so it's it's started before. David realize it started moral rights so much for talking to us and Sharing Adventures as the cross me a professional cross-dress a yaw just a sweet transvestite style. We'll see you soon. We'll talk later all right bye-bye. Amy Vodka House lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ania you can visit her on the web at Amy Vodka House Dot Com. She's sweet transvestite so sweet. TRANSVESTITE PITTSBURGH ADDS a little why I'm so glad you know I was kind of waiting to have her because she was going to be in this movie and I was just I wanNA talk to you about this movie but the movies movies are getting delayed daylight and she kept telling me this craziest stories. I've just like you've just gotTa. Come on the podcast and talk about you know your lifestyle. What is it that Lindsay Lohan Plan and you like. You've spilled more than more boos than Lissouba. She's drinking. It sounds like Amy Vodka House earns her name. Oh Oh for sure and in the process of making this movie they're like we should have hired. Lindsay Lohan instead well from what I understand. They originally wanted sharing needles for sharing needles like this is my pricing Christ we can't afford that. He's like I'll do it but like she said she was sober for the first part of it and then I'm going minutes. Start drinking and that's all went downhill so it's so tempting when things are going your way you want to celebrate and go like yeah. That's that's that's a time when you stand back and breathe and just let it take the moment. Let it roll over you. You know who doesn't want to kick back with a white wine sangre. That's been flavored with mangoes and strawberries and a kiss of peach sounds delicious. I WANNA remind folks. Oh so we can't do this podcast without your sports plus member yet sign up today at least two fun dot com slash class because your contribution to this show is what makes this show happen. We're also on patriotic on yes there and maybe it will throw a little extra photo of amy on the paycheck on now. Tamie will send us. Oh my God. There is a blur parts of it. I have to the Patriots fans. Say could be any beautiful woman like if you could would it be Malania trump or like why would it be Malania try. They would make the least of the person that's so now our like if I were to be forced Ame Emmy Vodka House really really was a cross dressing good which fairy godmother and she said I'll transforming for it one night into your most beautiful woman you've ever dreamed of being just like me except with maybe breasts bigger booty and if you WANNA look like who Linda Carter at her prime as one while with the ability to dodge bullets for the irritable edible out syndrome when she was spinning wasn't pretty. I like the classic looks like you know Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Oh like young Elizabeth Taylor yeah not diamonds now her third husband in Elizabeth Taylor's good yeah yeah Marilyn Monroe skirt being lifted on by great. She's very much up. Marilyn Monroe's very much a cross dressing icon. Oh for sure for a lot of people like ooh. Let's go to the candy shop in the skirt blows up and you see the goodies underneath the candy well well. We WanNA thank everybody for listening and remember you can be anybody you want to be and you can also pretend that's what's so great about your imagination is is being able to see the world through another person's eyes and explore your identity and your gender identity and your experience you can be anybody you want to be and just because you're in adult doesn't mean that playtime is over fearlessly. Be Yourself Bye bye bye aw.

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