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Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started okay at indeed dot com slash tonight that's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight breaking news after president trump suddenly pulled US troops from a key part of Syria alongside American forces but facing an invasion the Kurds tonight a halting the fight against isis alongside the US workings president now saying today what Turkey is doing is a bad idea ABC senior foreign correspondent Ian Panel Leagues off tonight from Iraq the operation underway right now just days after president trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from a key part of Syria after a phone call with Turkey's President Turkey a gunman opening fire new allegations against former today show host Matt Lauer to buy a woman now reportedly describing to Ronan Farrow and alleged sex allies who are guarding thousands of Isis prisoners in Syria and ABC News learning tonight many have already left their posts president trump just days after talking with you saying the president is not above the law tonight Joe Biden saying the president should be impeached two major storms tonight the coastal system about the slam the east officials now warning of a humanitarian disaster. But we've been on the front line with the Kurds watching their troops beat back isis figures fighting us in the fight against Isis now targeted themselves and what about the prisons holding thousands of Isis fighters secured by the Kurds tonight. ABC News hundreds of thousands to protect their own liability many outraged the deadly attack at a synagogue overseas and the holy day of Yom Kippur chilling images fools to run for their lives fleeing artillery fire cramming into the back of pickup trucks with whatever belongings they can New York up through Boston at the major snowstorm more than a foot of snow elsewhere in this country and the fire dangers in the West power companies tonight cutting off power to Jewish official now telling ABC News some Kurdish fighters guarding Isis prisoners have now left their posts to reinforce the front line against Turkey the booming Kurdish positions in towns in an operation Turkey's president claims will prevent a terrorist corridor and bring peace but the panicle around tells a very different tale the Kurds reporting multiple civilian targets have been struck killing at least two with no notice look is learned some of the Kurds have already left their posts at those prisons just twenty four hours after the White House said it will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry speaker Pelosi civilian targets have been struck will civilians now trying to flee to safer ground officials are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe tonight at its those curtis now striking the very US allies the Kurds who helped the US fight Isis Turkey's military first launching airstrikes Kurdish targets and tonight there are reports this is ABC news tonight with David Muir good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a Wednesday night we have a lot to get to and we begin tonight with the military good one but today president trump claiming the United States doesn't endorse the operation calling it a bad idea concern Erta one it's protests on board passengers now demanding refunds at the massive fire coming in late today reports of injuries as flames tear through this motel so tonight war in northern Syria an all out Turkish offensive against America's shores has begun jets she will assault Matt Lauer responding tonight and so is NBC the Pastor Revolt on board a cruise ship Americans on board the ship forced to skip several wipe out the Kurds I will wipe out his economy of that happens I'm sure that he I hope that he will act rationally. The president press two slots coming just days after president trump appeared to give the green light abruptly pulling forces back from the border after a call with Turkey's president with a ground invasion underway critics even in his own party blasting the president's decision to abandon the United States Kurdish partners if he follows through with it I said the biggest mistake of his presidency congresswoman Liz Cheney saying impossible to understand why Donald trump is leaving America's allies to be slaughtered and enabling could simply blend in with the population or flood surrounding areas and Pentagon officials feel this could get much worse if president trump pulls out all the American securing those Isis prisons as they now try to defend themselves how are they likely to respond to Turkey we'll look the Kurds what are you learning tonight about the mission now suspended in Syria and those Kurds now abandoning the isis prisons well David those Kurdish fighters feel they have no choice but to leave the and more note on this not only have many of the Kurds left their posts securing those isis prisoners now the fight against Isis the US had been teaming up with the Kurds that fight has stopped so it's bringing Martha Raddatz tonight mark that we were just on the ground in Iraq Syria border you know US military leaders were telling me that the fight against Isis was very much alive still a serious threat those prisons and fight for their own families as Turkey invades but David you and I both know how dangerous those prisons are eleven thousand Isis prisoners the return of Isis so it's Ian Panel he's live in Iraq tonight in an you've reported alongside the Kurdish forces on the front lines before and tonight you've reported some are no longer on those isis prisoners thread elsewhere well they're going to be escaping Europe that's what they want to go they want to go back to their homes you're saying the president is not above the law and for the first time tonight the man who president trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden saying the president should be impeached on the ground as they have already tonight and then engage them guerilla style just as they do so successfully against Isis David Arabian panel on the ground for us. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl as a defiant president trump refuses to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry and Speaker Pelosi declares read this nation and committed impeachable acts to preserve our constitution our democracy our basic integrity time all of this playing out as the impeachment standoff intensifies tonight it was last night as we came on the air here the White House refusing to cooperate going forward now speaker Nancy Pelosi have fallen firepower than the Turkish Moody but they're hugely battle-hardened and highly motivated so what we should expect them to step aside and allow the Turkish Mucci to come in it's no joke he shooting holes in the Constitution and we can not let him get away with it the president is not above the law a fiery Joe Biden now says it is time for the President to be impeached Donald Trump is violated his oath of office betrayed can trips quickly and I'm being told many are doing their best to try and talk him out of it David all right an extraordinarily delicate situation Martha thank you comet ministration it had no choice but to cooperate with Congress the notion that you can withhold information and documents from Congress no matter what looking to beef up his legal team he's talking a former Congressman Trey Goudy a former prosecutor who led the House Benghazi investigation back then gowdy warned the clear today he is ready to take his battle with Congress to the courts probably ends up being a big supreme court case maybe it goes a long time I don't know the President is now a political cycles politically the president is getting a boost from Senator Lindsey Graham who today warned Speaker Pelosi that if trump is impeached in the house the the year the Party in power or not empower is wrong respectful the rule of law must mean something irrespective of the vicissitude believes he can and will get away with anything he does we all laughed he said he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it he should be impeached. It's his most forceful response. Since it was revealed the president asked Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son hunter he it bounced off the door frame and exploded this man says whole frustrated police say he then killed his first victim before heading to a Kebab shop blocks away inside he kills the holy day of Yom Kippur video showing the heavily armed gunmen firing down a street reloading several times he was unable to get inside the synagogue but an explosive he tried throw into the synagogue cemetery missed its intended target he shot a woman passing by and the gunman allegedly firing at shop nearby killing a man there and all of it both parties Giancarlo with the breaking development there John Thank you and next to that horrific image from overseas tonight an alleged hate crime in Germany a gunman targeting a synagogue in the East German city of Halla a man appearing dressed in world war two stalled military gear company firing and reloading his weapon in the middle of a busy won't convict him but Senator Graham's old statements are coming back to haunt him to articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon the article was based on the ad the president trump fired back calling biden pathetic Biden is dropping like a rock I don't think he's GonNa make it and I guess this is one way he can do the president made it took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress and he became the judge and jury Giancarlo with us live at the White House again tonight and John President One more before fleeing nearby residents told to shelter inside police able to trace that getaway car arresting the suspect at three thirty tonight described as non whites especially Jews but as bad as this attack was it could've been a lot worse his gun kept jamming those makeshift bombs didn't really work come into contact with candidates from both parties in their roles as elected officials not as candidate so only wall they were in government and those were people earnt he tried to stream live police now have him in custody at this hour. ABC's James Longman from Germany tonight the shots ringing out That Richard Nixon as president failed to comply with subpoenas of Congress the day Richard Nixon failed answer that subpoena is the day that he was subject to impeachment because he trump has attacked the whistle blower who complained of course launched this impeachment inquiry calling him a partisan and political but just moments ago as we came on the whistle blowers attorney now fighting back tonight against those partisan claims it whistle blows attorney put out this statement saying that the whistleblower has never worked for a political candidate a campaign or a and thankfully those cynical Dole's remained closed David all right James Longman live in Berlin tonight thank you James Backyard home to those two major storms we're following tonight the coastal says Party and that his in the whistle blowers entire career has been spent an apolitical civil servants positions in government and finally David although the whistle blower has car in Mill Valley California tonight hundreds of thousands of Californians are without power including Lindsay Garcia and her three kids. I'm hoping it doesn't last to power through without electricity it's not even that hot it's not windy I don't know why the power shut off tonight there's a real rush and James Longman with us live tonight at the Holocaust memorial in Germany and James this gunman sadly using a similar tactic of other recent extremists who've tried to carry out these attacks largest utility taking extraordinary move cutting power to hundreds of thousands to avoid wildfires sparked by a wind blown power lines but many are furious. ABC's read the attack carried out a two separate locations at a synagogue observing Yom Kippur services this the holiest day of the Jewish calendar he tried to storm in shoot proactively shut power off across the region the first wave of outages striking in the middle of the night tens of thousands in the dark frustration now five days I mean that's kind of insane after power lines sparked a series of historically devastating wildfires utility company PG just German media reporting the suspect Stephan bullet was possibly motivated by far right extremism in a nation grappling with uptake of Antisemitic Anti Immigrant Crime I show anchor this is shocking and appalling and this morning his former colleagues reacted to the explosive claims there are not alley him about to slam the East New York up to Boston the major snowstorm more than a foot of snow in the middle of the country and of course there are fire dangers in the West as well meteorologist Rob Marciano tracking it all for us in darkness there has to be a better way then turn the power off for five days 'cause that's GonNa Trash our economy many businesses forced to shut their doors so there's no way wanding tonight and so is NBC here's Lindsay Davis for the first time one of Matt Lauer's accusers has reportedly come forward to describe a sexual assault by the former Hey rob hi David these are two significant storms both with wide reaching impacts I start with the northeast at coastal due east of DC but it's not moving the off shore if it'll drift to the West that means more rain for New York New Jersey and a long duration rain and wind event for much of southeast New England fritzy thirty to fifty mile per hour winds that doesn't wind down had gas and other supplies because nobody knows how long these power outages will last four P. Jeannie says it could be through the weekend David all right we'll car in California thank you will and livestream the shooting David he posted a video of the attack on line that out since been removed and he had written about killing people he did you can do business today while residents stocked up on Supplies Fiji News website crashed leaving families like the Garcias wondering exactly how long essential in that I said multiple times I didn't want to she tells Pharaoh that back in New York she went on to have more consensual sexual encounters with lower and later told Cali oh by Ronan Farrow according to variety of former NBC news producer says the assault took place at the two thousand fourteen Sochi Olympics while she was working for anchor Meredith Vieira only four hours of us first learning of that complaint David Lindsay Davis Tonight thank you Lindsey there is still much more ahead on world news tonight this Wednesday massive fire late today the images coming in now flames superiors at NBC but she claims nothing happened until she told Vieira who urged her to go to human resources with a lawyer the today show later announced lower nations of an affair there are allegations of crime and I think that's shocking to all of us here variety magazine obtained excerpts of the new book catch and kill she reportedly told Pharaoh that one night after drinks in Sochi with lauer and Vieira she went up to lowers hotel room where she says he pushed her onto the bed flipping her over and force aw will persist right through Friday David Rob Marciano a busy night in the Weather Department Rob Thank you and you heard rob mentioned there those winds in the forecast in California Tonight California's sure into a sex act she says she wept silently into a pillow according to excerpts obtained by variety the producer told Pharaoh I was

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