Trailer: Join the Nationwide Manhunt for Lester Eubanks


There was a murder in central Ohio that many people still don't want to talk about the man who committed that crime once sat on death row but now he's on the run his name is less museum this map you've seen this man have you seen this man coming up Tober twenty third this fugitive cases in American history now they may be closer than ever from ABC News have you seen this man. Small Group of inmates were granted permission to walk outside prison walls his handcuffs were taken off he changed into civilian clothing writings and every turn found resistance from those who want lesser eubanks to be forgotten what they've uncovered is a case through eubanks Lester didn't tunnel out of prison or scale stonewall on December morning in nineteen seventy three he and zig needed meeting spot hours later all the inmates came back except Lester eubanks and he hasn't been seen since it seemed like no one was even looking for Leicester but recently his whereabouts have become the focus of the US Marshall Service the federal agents who track ABC News over the past year a team from the ABC News Investigative Unit Join the search for Leicester Eubanks they uncovered new leads possible fugitives the case is testing the marshalls does not enlarge running out we're going to catch up with lesser and is being urged on by those hurt most by lester and he and three others were driven to a local mall they were told they could wander the stores and were asked to return to a dead that's about more than murder it's about family loyalty a life on the run and a first hand look at how the US marshals are trying to solve one of the old crime he's had enough free time he confessed to the crime and his time is up. I'm Sunny Halston with. Let's get a full plan a astounded that this could actually happen

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