2019 Week 3 Recap


Round with the NFL podcast deserves to park in talent only spaces damn right welcome to another condition of the around the NFL podcast. My name is Dan Hans is joining a room filled with heroes marks tessler Chris Wesley and Greg Rosenthal. What is up belise tatum. What a day what did Chris Wesseling was just commenting on the way up here how the football was superior on Sunday Sunday of three to superior too weak to yes so okay unbalanced but much better than the sloppy play of week to the NFL and the sloppy officiating of the NFL okay you went through a lot on game pass last week. I could tell something out of you it yeah. It really increased -creased my sleep. Put Me to sell it all last week. I'm I'm. I'm falling asleep because it is eighty nine degrees in the studio today they actually turn the heat up from Thursday show so this is about survival this episode of the around the NFL podcast also pulling back the curtain a little bit. This is the the first in the history of the show and we've done about thousand episodes. The Cleveland Browns are playing on Sunday night football as we go through these games and mark how're you doing. I mean number one John. Let's start at right here raging professional. My focus is on the show and interacting with you about helping me. That's that's who I you know my. I I will turn towards the game when we're finished with our jobs here. Our jobs are the primary responsibility. I'm really impressed by that. Answer really really impressed. It's mostly trail. You're also part of the Ramle. Now you locked up the rams and you're rooting for the fighting jared Goff's. That's obligated. Look into mark soul this game so that will be going on as we go through every game that was played in Sunday of week three. You guys guys WanNa get into it I I I kinda stacked it at the top of the show in author of all the undefeated teams so we're going to go through all the teams that are entering week three three or entered week three to know and see how they fare. Let's get going with the marquee matchup of two teams the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead against the chiefs homes right foot in front of the left the homes pump pickings GonNa Throw Screen Right Daryl Williams of the block he's at the forty forty five Ed midfield by Baltimore Ravens Goodbye at one thirty nine to go in the game a screen pass of sixteen ars dialed up by big red and executed perfectly by the NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes Mitch halt to the chiefs radio network with the guy who's his version of the Hayes in the barn. go home. Baltimore Ravens Cost Yeah Jazz got banged. Patrick Mahomes iced the game with that completion to Daryl Williams Darrell Darrell Darrell Williams the final pass and another brilliant afternoon for the reigning. MVP who threw three seventy four and three touchdowns in a thirty three twenty twenty eight win over the ravens who fought a two and one chiefs now three zero and their quarterback might actually be better than he was a year ago think about that one of the best seasons ends of all time and Mahomes just playing the game at a level that no one else is sniffing. The Ravens Greg the Ravens. Get a lollipop here. I know you're watching this game and the cubicle. I could hear you Tamminen Hawn and an Hongqian about your boy Lhamo. I don't care what the draft or the assignment says. I'm watching over you so you've made that evidently clear to the bad boy. NFL media the Ravens get a lollipop for hanging around in this game but it never really felt in doubt. This was another day for Patrick Mahomes in chiefs of keep role. I'm taking that lollipop away. They were lucky to have the final score. Be This close the defense which talked to good game before this match up in terms of Earl Thomas saying they weren't gonNA give big plays really didn't provide much resistance the Earl Thomas was victimized on play where you could see Andy Reid saw tendency and see where Earl Thomas was going to jump a row of Sammy Watkins in the slot and they went over the top for Michael Hardman Michael Hartmann for eighty three yards. There was no pass rush. I I felt like more than any game. Obviously this season you could really see the missing. Terrell suggs ends area Smith because Patrick Mahomes at all day back there even even though he didn't have his left tackle he had plenty of time and I felt like they could have put up a forty burger or more. If things had gone a little differently I mean it's it's nine point six yards per pass from from a homes and you mentioned like how he has improved markedly visibly on the field and we mentioned on sky sports that they talked all off season. He's more comfortable in the offense and a Lotta Times. I read that stuff and I say I don't hope simply don't really care about those kinds of assessments in mid July or late June but he looks that much more at at home and they don't tyreek. Hill is not in the lineup right. You can't even tell the difference they have an absolute embarrassment of wet big play weapons by the end of last last year it was a one horse race for MVP and I think he's widened the gap between first and second place in the first three games this year. The difference is there was some anticipation throws throws on third down where he's letting go the ball well. Before the receiver makes his break there was just recognition of where the blitz coming from where he just knew whereas hot read was and they just had solution but the thing I really liked today was he was getting on his offensive lineman. He got on a big ready. Andy Reid for blowing the clock situation wanting running it to be fixed. He he just seems like he has such command that he's not afraid now to call some people out and he is just like a master of what is happening and the Raven and I think they could have played this game. Ten Times in the ravens just weren't up to snuff to compete in this one. They were missing Eric Fisher. They're left tackle. Siree kills we mentioned Damian Williams. They're starting running back and it just doesn't seem to matter less on McCoy sat out the fourth quarter with his injury. He reinjured his ankle. and on the other side of the ball this is the first game and you knew this game would eventually come and there's no reason to look too much into it and see it as a major issue going forward but a Lamar Jackson for three quarters kind of looked like the Lamar Jackson who struggled at times during his rookie year missing on passes. Maybe not seeing the field the way you need to certainly to stay in a game mm against the chiefs Greg Day. He missed a lot of deep throws. I mean there were opportunities to stay in this game. I don't think it was an incredible chiefs. Defensive Performance I can think of three or four down the field where he had open receivers. He missed it. I think it was three for twelve on throws over twenty yards so they were daring him to go deep. The running game was good. Ingram was amazing. Lamar ended up up getting some good runs in the second half. Gus Edwards did pretty well but he just didn't deliver it. I think it's the toughest stadium to go into and play in the league right now and and I I don't worry about the ravens at all because I just think that they're still so well. Put together and Ingram to your point. It was the perfect free agent for the right for this team name and he's fit in so I think he could have gone somewhere else and we wouldn't be talking about him week to week. He fits perfectly on the Ravens and I think we'll bounce back big time on from this and they'll probably meet again. I don't ullmark would is see earl. Thomas said that he expects them to meet again after the game the only thing in this AFC though where it looks awfully similar to last year in the beginning yeah those losses for the chiefs and the Patriots there might not be that many of them so they're already. If you're not span you're already thinking about getting by in the playoffs before we move on. I want to call attention to one other aspect aspect of game that I found very interesting. John Harbaugh coached and ultra aggressive game. What are the more aggressively coach. Games I've ever seen I don't necessarily mean that as a compliment I find it you know I I I find it. You know hanging onions that way that's respectable but they went for it on fourth down four times and they went three for four in that situation they attempted three two point conversions failed all three and when it's a five point loss and and it makes you wonder it fell to me see that he was so he was somehow trusted his offense too much and maybe not enough at the same time here's the comments from harbaugh reporters were questioning his strategy after the game and we we had a mindset that we're going to come in and we're going to try scores main points as we could so that's what we try to you know and I know I know we all felt the same way the same way we all did. We're and we'RE GONNA. Keep playing that way just for the record so when you write your article just understand that. Will you know we're going after we're in play all year. So that's the mahomes affect it is. You're psyched out a little bit knowing that you have to keep up with the chiefs and they did. They had to keep up right right a forced to punt the chiefs scored seven out of nine trips that didn't and didn't end the game so he was right they had scored. I like the aggressiveness. I mean it's not always going to work to not is pretty wild. That's one of the best coaches in the league. We've been saying that for a long time all right another undefeated team. They reside in western New York to Orchard Park. We go Joe Allen's ready to go out of the gun again. Free receivers lined up right side. There's the staff. Josh looks left. Fires left wide open by gossip knocks midfield on the run. It's fast one man trying to get another man both him down in his finally knocked out of bounds at the Cincinnati twenty four yard line. Dotson Knox brought nabbed the catch knocking down bengals along the way. What a huge play that was Jon Murphy Bills Radio Network. When the call yes tight end Dawson knocks the Josh El a pass turned into an evolutionary rock just forty nine yard catch and run set up a Frank Gore touchdown? That was the difference in twenty one seventeen win over the bengals in Rowdy Pretty Orchard Park the victory moves the bills two three zero and sets them up for a huge week for showdown against the Patriots Mark consider this bills comeback comeback another leap forward Josh Allen right absolutely I mean they're not a fluke. You know you get some of these teams that role to these early nice records and you have to look a little little deeper and wonder what they really are. What the bills though are not is an explosive big-play offense they had fifteen first downs before the bengals had had their first and it looked that way but they had elite of sixteen nothing I mean you. They're going to need to find a way to pile up points and find some more explosion Asian. I still think John Brown Coal Beasley. wordperfect fits for Josh Allen. Josh Allen is going to continue to push the ball downfield. He made a bad interstate a bad pick in this game but they they were patient enough for the to wait for the Bengals to make a killer mistake of their own with adult and interception but they to to me with Buffalo. I give them a shot against him. I really do because of their defense. They just they're gonNA hang around with teams that are superior to them because of what they can do on defense they make life very uncomfortable for Cincinnati's attack the step forward for the Josh Allen Experience came with five minutes to go in the fourth quarter so the buffalo had a fourteen zip lead in this game and Cincinnati score seventeen unanswered and that was set up perfectly. We've talked about it in real time markdown in the newsroom room. Here's Josh Allen takes over. He has plenty of time. They had timeouts and what he has to do. Now show us that he can go get the lead back in west. He did it with ease. They marched down the field and scored he's. We still don't know what you're getting. We week to week from Josh Allen and that's to me. That's the reason why the Patriots are going to be the heavy favorites next week marks right that their defense the bills defense gives them a chance and when when they did finally take the lead this is when you know Dan was saying this is a great progress check for Josh Allen and then they took the lead and marks. I said let's see if Andy Dalton has anything in his human body at this point. You really thought it was like after years Andy Dalton. Please show me something with the game on the line yeah and he and he threw an interception when the the you know what it's to me you go in three. You look talking. AFC teams in the Ravens and the Patriots and the chiefs who are looking simply unstoppable and the bengals have had is a bad of a start to the season they could have imagined after I thought a really frisky performance warm and weak one. They had a chance to win. This game and all would have required was the offense to do their part and they couldn't. It's a tough ask against Buffalo's defense but for me. I just want to see a few more like Dawson knocks. They've compared with Jeremy shockey. He is an interesting player. I don't know if I'd call him. Jeremy Shaw the field as well not sure about the off the field elements but Josh Allen. Hey that'd rebounding touchdown in a Super Bowl Jeremy shockey for you. GotTa go get slept on sometime. I like this bill. They're fun like it's the League needs more. Even if they're not a super bowl type team it's impossible not to enjoy how well they're coached and how they've lived up to any sort of offset they were getting a little buzz in the off season and they could have gone one too and we beat forget about them. It's the opposite I just WanNa know what Andy Dalton did to poor mark. I mean what he said on air is very professional. Just like you said going into this show but the invective you've sent Salton about this status and you know I call them Adeline on international I emily well. It's just it's the same old story from Andy. Dalton and Bengals fans can come at me and they're all upset that we're too negative about them but it's the same narrative over and over and you know who has a different sort. SORTA bengals this who you've invested in your in your offensive lineman you're but we do know who he is. He's good enough at at this time. Last year. We were talking about how he won three straight fourth quarter comebacks and that's why they started three in one. He was super card well. There's going to be a good team around this little pockets like that from Alden but it's just I. I don't know how what if I had Holly Hobby at backup. I might throw her into see what can happen in a game. Just maybe something different all right. Let's I don't know who that is. Who's Holly Ali Hobby. It's like a child's doll. Oh typically girls doll boy could have the doll to from what I understand why you're making eye contact with me like I don't know how Hobby Dole it. I did the real thing. It's a real around. I mean it was it was it was a thriving article a toy back in the day. Jeremy shockey that touchdown for the saints it was with the Saints yes that was they had the go ahead touchdown. He had to go ahead and touch them when they beat the colts. Okay thank you very much all right. we mentioned the new mainland. Patriots who have the big match against the bills but I they had to take care of business against the downtrodden. AFC East quote unquote rival onto the throne road of sleaze this shell the CEO back first in ten from the twenty five of all on the line. Hash Izzo motions tight sand under center parents the play pick the Michelle Creek. Go download a light up doors right to the five twenty four touchdown patriots. That's Bob Soichi of the Patriots Radio Network. We don't need to hear from you. Zolak this week so I go to disgrace last week. Oh Hey good pay kit Antonio Brown welcome to the neighbourhood kid you grow up Tom. Brady Gabriel touchdown passes including that connection with Bill Dorset and the pats didn't allow offense touch such after the third straight week in thirty fourteen win over the hapless New York football jets it was business as usual for the Patriots who rolled to three and two days after their misguided uncouth Antonio Brown experiment ended with the wide receivers release as expected. This wasn't much of a game even give the jets credit for at least keeping it from turning into a disaster at least their defense the jets offenses fences lost as an offense could be right now. They had about one hundred total yards in this game. Both their scores one was on a muffed punt and the other was a pick six by Jamal Adams. Yes I'm just happy. Jamal Adams had something to be happy about. that's where I'm at right now they go into their by it. Oh and three and hope to have SAM darnold back in week five against the eagles where they can I'm kind of regroup as for the Patriots very much business as usual they they are limited right now on offense a little bit because they have the injuries. He's on the offensive line as we said Antonio Brown is no longer in the picture. Julian Edelman leaves this game with a chest injury. I believe they did tests and it's not believe it sounds like he's GonNa be okay anything too serious but that's where they are right now. They didn't really move the ball to well on the ground. Brady started off red hot cooled off as things went along but at that point the game is already well in hand so the Patriots Take Care of business. They're going to evolve right now. They're much different than last year. I think Brady is playing lights out and the rest of the offense isn't quite there yet but he's played. He played this three game stretch. I think is better and certainly the the schedule has helped but better than any three-game stretch of his personal performance during last regular season they also gave up one hundred and five yards in this game which was the lowest us than the bill belichick era so their defense. It'll be fun to watch them against them. You know they're gonNA play much better competition but right now. Jamie Collins has been such a huge addition for what they do. I mean a year ago. Jamie Collins whispers were that he was not even trying playing for the browns so I don't know obviously they've flipped the switch on him big surprise but they're up two hundred yards to eight heading into the second quarter against the jets and I you know it's easy to pile on the jets but it's the kind of season with the way that it's going right now that yes I realize you don't have darnold in there but it's been about as concerning a six-day stretch as you could imagine for a team in in with the way the depending on this plays plays out. I wonder if Adam case gets a second season unless they unless they start to do what you'd think that they hired him to do. I mean the offense is devolving gene and you worry about a guy like levy on long over and I know I'm not again not trying to pile on but Dan amai wrong. I feel I believe earning that like it couldn't have gone on worse obviously the first three games of the season however he's not all to blame the offensive line which he didn't put together has been worse-than-expected then expected. They started their third starting quarterback in three weeks. LUKAC is not an NFL player and there's nothing if you go to New England the best defense in the league with the quarterback that's on an NFL quarterback. There's no way you're gonNA move the ball now. I don't want to let gays off the hook because in addition to the offensive line being wretched and the quarterback position being a travesty and a horrible situation for the franchise the playcalling has been bad but I don't know how much put into that because what he's supposed to do when you have this type setup so basically you hit the dynamite you push down on the on the lever. Everything explodes your season as a contender quote unquote is over you hope to get darnold back and then. I really think gets a chance to say I'm not a joke. I'm not the problem here but I think the pressures on him as soon as they get out of this guy to show something on offense and getting darnold back would be a big lift for toward that goal. Patriots opponents are Oh and nine this year right. I don't think they've been tested for two straight weeks. You can't take anything really out of these games. I've been really disheartened by Bill Belichick and I've lost so much respect for him in the last two or three weeks. The Guy who's mantra is do your job treats these press conferences and interviews like a child like an absolute child who will not take any responsibility will not answer why they signed. Antonio Brown will not answer why they released. Antonio Brown just handles like an absolute child having a fit and you won't explain why you did this. I just I have no respect left for him. Yeah the the interview. I think probably that setting off with Dana Jacobson ups and before the game is tough to watch them staring staring her down the timing of the release you know they clearly made a a smart move to get rid of them based on you know what's happened even since he joined the team. I I believe that the leak which was self serving that they did not know no the allegations that were about to happen one day after they signed him because of course you would not sign a person and given that sort of money a day before that's going to drop but the the process they went through after that fact to have him active last week was really strange and it does sound like the the text text or the DMZ Brown sent to his accuser of the Bobby Clem Co Story Great Journalism by Robert Clump. Go was basically what got him cut from. The Patriots treats because that happened when he was on it was a little gross just to see everyone from Tom. Brady on cozy up to M- the way they did after they knew what was out there and there are a lot of patriots hatred fans who I'm sure you've heard the same are glad he's not on the team anymore. It only everyone can be put in the same bundle in that. I would assume most they're relieved. I mean the lobby clip. Go said journalists is just in his jobs also getting docks on the Internet for what it's worth for outing brown for his creep behavior but and by the way I can put Philip on the field. This guy gets better each and every week. You don't need Antonio Brown the the thing with bell check with the press conferences. The Jacobson thing was just uncalled for right. I don't know what he was going for their but the fact that he would he walked off from his last press conference that came shortly before the release. It's as if he believed that because he's bill checking second because they're the patriots he wouldn't have to be answering these type of questions which should have been a foregone conclusion. If you bring this manage your building that becomes part of your experiences head coach coach and your organization it almost felt like he thought he was above that but you weren't bill your job and and I think one of the reasons they caught him as him having to deal with the Patriots Sir okay. There are a great team. They're three and they're steaming towards January again but this was not a good look for the organization. I don't care if they didn't get they don't get hit in the wallet on it and it looks like they'll be able to get out of the contract and they'll move on because they're so good at moving on but this. I believe was one thing I mean. Belichick gets too much of a free pass for treating reading the media this way because if another coach who hadn't won as much as he had treated reporters this way would be a major story. I mean you can't get away with that. Dismiss the behavior but because it's bill belichick it's part of it's baked into his charm. I guess to some that he dismisses the press this way it's a joke to most and on and on the Antonio Brown front he then fires off an array of tweets on Sunday morning taking shots at a bunch of people including Robert Kraft a reference to his prostitution arrest also Ben Roethlisberger's past issues with women basically hitting out and then challenging aging I guess the Players Association to fight for me because they team should be able to take away my guaranteed money well. Nobody's playing the violin for you know on the deleted business eight boom has because his agent probably is like you are taking money out of no one would be screen capturing those tweets your find by tweeting deleting all right. Let us move on another undefeated team. The Green Bay packers slack to the left side. They stack those two receivers devante potato tandem from forty jumping into the neutral zone pre player so it appears rainbows peak down the Dome Park West Delta Gambling Forty yard mark was built gambling the Great Wayne Larry. The for the packers radio network with call Aaron Rodgers doing Aaron Rodgers. Things Rodgers threw the Broncos offsides then delivered. We're at a forty yard touchdown strike to M. V. S. Two Thousand Nineteen breakout candidate the packers a twenty seven to sixteen win at Lambeau Green Bay moves to three and under rookie head coach Leffler Matt The flower I do I don't. I don't demand that you but I'm glad that you are. I like it. The broncos fought Owen. Oh and three under their rookie head coach. I don't need help with us on the show. Wes give a progress update on the packers offense three weeks. Three victories in packers offense is still feast or famine. It really depends just has it as the last couple of years where whether Aaron Rodgers is hitting these big plays or just missing these big plays is this was a dominant ball control attack for the broncos dominated time of possession but when you play that style to try to keep the packers off the field can't turn it over three times and Noah fan the rookie tight end who looks like he's going to have a really good career has been one of the most mistake prone players in the NFL for the first three weeks of the season he he had a really bad fumble in which Alexander stripped the ball and speaking of Alexander the story this game is the packers defense specifically the off season that Brian Gouda Kaz Tad ed the DOJ says the draft that he had last year taking gyreg sound Alexander in the first round this year he comes back with Gerry who got his first career sack and also had a fumble recovery ovary darnold savage who we've pointed out has been great so far he had a diving interception in this game Preston Smith. Daria Smith combined for five sacks today what they're big free agent acquisitions. Kotei Guti is even like that Bruce Arians out in the parking lot. Let's get let's get the pickup truck out and beers. Here's unless you're doing like the Michael Jordan Shoulder Shrug yes. He walks to the office. That's amazing wow thirty six rushes for the broncos running game Philip Lindsay ever like Stephen Take Lindsey's best game of the Year Royce. Freeman lost an eighteen yard touchdown to a bad holding Liam penalty on Emmanuel Sanders just a really bad call by the reps on that one it took a touchdown off the board and then flacco ultimately got sacked on third down in that series flacco. Do you know He. I don't think he was the primary pro the the concentration should be on their defense not on their offense. They don't have a sack or a takeaway instilled name. Shaq Barrett is eight sacks. He was on the roster last year this team zero. They almost had a golden today one. QB Hit for the whole team and the the last two weeks everyone saying well the quarterbacks getting the ball out of their hands quickly. That's not happening when it's Aaron. Rodgers the passer just for whatever reason isn't getting there but you know what did get there that goody music just to the guys and girls out there like your significant other took the mood you know trying to get them in the mood. Just kind of things going on and this is what's the magic. This is Brian Gouda cuts by the way. Yes yes twelve before he got into football. This was his trade. WHO's a hardcore German rapper. I if I'm a broncos Fan I don't know maybe we'll talk to west. Maybe turn earn this right. This experience often check back in two thousand twenty. I don't need thirteen more games of JOE FLACCO JOE FLACCO. 's issues but there's just an. I I can't imagine you can't drop them or uninspiring scenario disease and to your point your criticism or the idea that Adam Adam Gates should be criticized which I think is totally. Fair isn't found Gio the defensive version of that. This guy has a a well earned reputation as a defensive mastermind the fact that he would take over as the head coach and I'm Greg. You mentioned a couple of weeks ago the difference between going from upstairs the down on the sideline and how that changes a lot about how you do your job on game days. Maybe that'll be a story coming. I mean this have no sacks to be this ineffective on defense with that talent you wonder the margin for error is so small you know they did move the ball much better than the bears last week and they lost in that killer fashion they did move the ball and hold that much better than on the road but in the second half better than the raiders later in the season opener they have looked good for spurts but not overall and what did Emmanuel Sanders say after the game. We're in a world of suck right now. I'M GONNA World of pain the heat in the studio. This is uncomfortable but we are fortunate on. We are a thirteen billion dollar our company. I mean it doesn't help the game off camera. There is like a special does falling from the ceiling on US too so I'm not even sure we're going to get to the eighteen billion million the next game. Please second down eight at the Miami nineteen in the gun. Elliott goes out the pattern to the right throws scrape. Craik vans yell cut sales today for Amari Cooper and that was a perfect nineteen nineteen yard strike from Prescott nineteen to nineteen. We've heard a lot from him early. On the season. He's Brad Sham the Shammgod. KRLD Dak Prescott threw two touchdown pass to Amari Cooper. The also ran for a score and the cowboys they righted themselves after sluggish start knocking off the dolphins thirty thirty one to six mark. If Miami executes better in this game we might actually have something approaching an athletic contests in the second half. They did not execute and you know the desert people who set that really big number. They were right. I think Dak Prescott has raised the bar on his own performance that what we saw today. People were panicking a little bit and concerned about where he was at halftime but a year ago would have been sort of every game mm-hmm we expect from Dak Prescott. They were fine. I think you know Miami's going to not lose. Every single contest fifty nothing the cowboys were a little sluggish but they had two hundred the yard rushers in this game and dominated by the end wouldn't be concerned if I'm Dallas overall it to me you just I don't know what to take from these dolphins games. How do you Self Scout. When you go out and win thirty one to six it was not Dallas best performance by any stretch of the imagination but it went by twenty-five exactly exactly similar jets impacts like did the cowboys come out of this game healthy. They got the win. We knew that was gonNA happen. Are they. Okay healthwise as Ford well. I think they're fine. I mean it's they took care of business business. I I don't know the dolphins to me. We've already discussed at length but I don't know how you keep. The locker room engaged because you're we're trying. They had the sunniest staff they've had all year. They were down ten to six after to create they were they were up on the cowboys about fifty total yards. They had two hundred ten yards gestures and did give them a spark. It sounds like in the first half Ah yeah and then kit in Kenyan Drake fumbled inside the ten right as the first athletic ending and then that would seem to be. Let's put this tank job in perspective since one thousand nine hundred fifty more than half the NFL teams have been added to the league starting from scratch as expansion teams since one thousand nine hundred fifty. No defense is allowed allowed more than one hundred and thirty three points that the dolphins allowed in the first three games of the season since one thousand nine hundred ninety. No team has had a worst point differential than the dolphins minus one seventeen since one thousand nine hundred fifty only one team has had a worse yards differential than the dolphins minus eight thirty one and the top four that list is three expansion teams uh-huh and the two thousand nine hundred nine Miami Dolphins. This is worse than an expansion team can't happen didn't have to be the Dallas running game. Zeke who still seems to be getting warmed up nineteen for one twenty five Tony powered. This guy can play thirteen for one. Oh three and a touch. They had two hundred thirty five yards on the ground. I think that's great for them. I mean we we could see Tony Pollard in the preseason looking like a special player and someone that was going to have a role and I love how they're using him. He had thirteen carries today. Elliot had nineteen. They berklee makers coming out of their ears. Let's move up five seconds on the play clock. Quick snap frozen zone search interest Papa Papa there and that was Tim Ryan tackle this cackling and happiness and confusion forty nine forty niners radio network Jimmy G. threw a five yard touchdown pass pass with one fifteen to play and the niners overcame. I'm five turnovers including I believe three and they're red zone and the red zone to beat the Pittsburgh steelers twenty four to twenty for the niners it is their first three start in in twenty one years and and for the steelers their own three and talked about on Thursday show this felt like the type of game that Pittsburgh circles the wagons as they say in the Mike Tomlin era and find uh-huh finds a way to win and Chris Wesseling set you up because you had a good point on twitter first of all good job with a good point it happens. I'm not sure what it is yet. Twitter waiting when they traded for Minka Fitzpatrick who by the way had a big role in this game eh interception I believe he forced fumbles well. It led to a lot of discussion about how many I and high round picks on defense. The steelers have and Keith Butler defensive coordinator. You pointed out hey keith better make us work now well twice after a slow start by Mason Rudolph in which he couldn't really get anything anything going on in the first half and he looked lost he connects on a catch and run touchdown with Juju Smith Schuster that covers about ninety yards that puts him ahead and immediately really the steelers defense coughs it up then. Rudolph does it again. He takes the steelers down the field puts them back in the lead in the fourth quarter and at that point the the Pittsburgh steelers defense needs to win that game and take it home but they didn't Jimmy Jean Credit to the niners go down the field and then three zero and there's a lot of good reason for optimism in San Francisco but that stunned me that Pittsburgh in a cornered animal game with their season on their line could not find a way to take that game home they have shown the steelers have shown flashes his of dominance on defense this year for quarters at a time but as Greg has pointed out. It's only for quarters at the time in the second half of games. You're not stopping anybody and we'll from what I've seen. It's mostly the secondary. I I WANNA see how well Minka played. Supposedly he was making big plays today but they're still allowing too. Many big plays on their defense so I. I really want to see that but you're right. They have way too much town on this defense and this is an organization does not give up first round picks. They will not have a first round pick next year for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight while the pressures on you gotTA. Win Games or else that picks going to be in the top five or six. I think Devon Bush and Mark Barron who he talked about going into this game two fumble recoveries they struggled and cover just in terms of the PF square were were big time liability again Barron Barron's kind of killing them the story don't just looking at this from afar is at the forty niners do have a defense and I know they're playing Mason Rudolph struggling offense but the forty niners had the type of defense that would struggle against any offenses in right now. They've played three teams who aren't great on offense the bucks the Bengals in the steelers and you know what they've they've shut them down. They gave up two hundred and thirty nine yards today. They kept their team in it. Despite all the turnovers that is a big time change from a year ago and of course there are three and out right. It's why they're three known. It's why there's reason believe they can stick around in this thing they're neck and neck with the packers for the most improved defense in the League you're not getting last year's James Caan right now at this point now one thing I noticed and I know the steelers dealers and they've seen this in stretches where they haven't been dominant on defense this year they got eaten up by the niners ground game towards the end of this thing they were just running right up through the belly of Pittsburgh defense and that was starting to watch well. That's got to be because the offense couldn't control the clock at all right. Defense is out there the whole game and Connor had had the turning point in the game after the niners turned it over the fifth and final time on another fumble deep in steelers territory it looked like like they the Pittsburgh would have a chance to run out the clock or at least add on some insurance points and connor coughs it up which led to the the final score so you know lay on bell that guy held onto the ball and you mess him right now the steelers mills they missed the Antonio Brown Miss Smith Schuster going wean off. You know week after week. It's been the opposite I mean the Big Ben's absence. I think is going to put a cap on Smith Schuster sealing their. I mean their own three and that's it. They had add to win this game and they didn't win this game their offense look good at any point really this youth. They're pretty much done and that's it for that game. Let's keep moving this could be the ballgame hurts his back on fourth and fifteen books prompt once president comes from behind now he throws downfield incomplete complete. Sean Nelson ought to pass intended for J R whiteside and the lions will take opened on downs and this this thing is over baby three snaps we Oughta here nice doubt Dan Miller of lions radio and Eric although I must I don't WanNa correct Dan and but I will say that it wasn't so much of a great defensive play by the defensive back but he drop another killer drop when you watch it on replay Dan on Dan cried. Jj Data whiteside had the seventh most crushing of drops for the Eagles on Sunday he could not hold onto a beautifully beautifully thrown Carson Carson Wentz downfield past would've put the eagles first goal essentially at the one yard line in the final minute of the game instead it was dropped fourth-down game over twenty seven twenty four the lions beat the Eagles in Philly so I and I don't want to take anything away from the lions because they're undefeated. How about that they they gagged away week one in to die but then they found a way to beat the chargers team team that shot itself in the foot and the Eagles Kinda did the same thing in this game but there's there's something to be said for a team that finds a way to take advantage of other teams teams mistakes and that's what Matt Patricia team has done so far this year so that is my takeaway on the lions right now that I don't believe they are necessarily a good football team team and in my power rankings exercise I do weekly I got absolutely slaughtered bylines fans for putting three. NFC North Teams in the top ten and leaving the lines out of the conversation sation. I'm not going to have them zooming into the top ten this week either because I don't necessarily buy them but credit where credit's due go to Philly and beat and undermanned Eagles team well. You got the win and you deserve some day Ali. I don't know if a team in the League has gotten not lucky here but more fortunate to play in a chargers team last week in the eagles this week about as banged up as they both could be in the eagles just simply don't have enough people on on the field right now that said and I hear you dot sticking them in the top ten or anything anything I love teams more than anything in September and October that changed my longstanding perception of them now they have entirely done that yet the lions but they aren't boring getting away games they to me have been the most boring team in the NFL since I've worked here in over the past ten years and I'm not not saying they're lighting up America at this point but if you're Matt Patricia to be too Oh and one at this stage things could be a lowers yeah they lighting up America. Here's here's the thing though when you start off you know maybe not lighting the world on fire but you stack. Wednesday can get better to the lions could be a much better team in December especially defensively offensively than they are right now. I think they're a better team defense than they are. In terms of individuals stars are not really getting standout players in the one thing that stands out to me as a kind of like this Matthew Stafford better than a Jim Bob Cooter Matthew Stafford. This is the Matthew Stafford that using his big arm to throw down the field. That's being a little more aggressive can fired in there like ah we liked. We liked the cooter. It helped him out for a little while time in throws but after a while it's like you've got the biggest army in the league. Let's see and we've seen it in the last few weeks fix. This is a show show your face team to me that the lions so they were dominant for three quarters in the opener against the cardinals then gave up what twenty-seven points that's not good and the chargers the chargers are they're rolling and then two touchdowns get called back a fumble at the goal line that got the lines got a lot of breaks in that game thought of kicks in as mark pointed out the injuries to the opponent and then this week they play a really injured eagles team. I haven't seen this game yet but I really want the lines a are they going to be consistent consistently good or just taking advantage of a bad team that's the NF NFL and it's it's such a it's kind of boring point to make but there's not that much separating most of these teams the Broncos are not that far off from being two and one so many of these the chargers and Texans who will talk about later. All three of each of their games has come down to the last possession and it's just a couple little things sometimes. It's the same for the eagles you you know. The potential game winning catch falls to the ground last week. Same thing happens today. You now have a short week and have to go uh-huh play the packers in Green Bay on Thursday night and this is a team. I thought the Eagles we're GONNA start five or six or no and you're staring down one and three if you don't take care of business in a tough ask getting green bay. They're getting killed with the timing here because they are. They lost more players. Jason Peters came out of this game with illness. The offensive line was is missing multiple players the fact that they don't have Sean Jeffrey and to Sean Jackson is showing up with all these drops Carson Wentz. You love cars. I Love Carson Wentz and he played so great in this game he I loved how he played. Even though he was imperfect last week in the loss of the Falcons he deserved the much better fate in this game and L. Call tension. When you fire up your game pass not your condensed anymore markets now what forty four strokes game in forty which you know. It's a it's a wonderful product. I think it has given us some people a sense of liberty just to you know to do a Nice Chunky fifteen twenty seconds after the play ends I I like my editing on those games sparse and right down to the bone. I want those games to be about thirty one minutes. I got too much other stuff going on in my life to be spending forty plus minutes on on these games you I mean yes. There are other things I could be doing than watching. You know some of these. T. Trump's racial some of these teams why we're into watch lists territory like I'm GonNa Bounce on you. Sorry that reminds me how was hustlers. We didn't get the official review. Well now a solid solid. Give it a give it a solid B. minus yeah. That's not Oscar were they. Everyone's buzzing about J. Performance chance I like Jalen Hill Up Oscar yeah come on their multiple points in this game or the eagles had a chance and it seemed like they were going to just take over none more so than late in the game one fifty three to play the Eagles Block Matt Printers Forty six yard field goal. Try Scoop it up the eagles do run it back to the twenty two of the Lions Ryan's so and they're all set up an illegal block. Jenkins pushes it back to midfield. It was a questionable legal block. Check it out. West on condensed and forty a Darren sproles Dell's four th and five gets called back row P I and then of course our Fago whiteside blows so the eagles are in a tough way and the lions are undefeated undefeated as we will enter the last week of September who would have guessed it. I want to start an. NFL game where the wraps are not allowed to throw throw a single flag but the players don't know that the refs aren't allowed to throw it out midway through the second quarter liked us. Let's move on this will be a forty four a yard field goal for thirty four yard field goal to win the game for the Bob Pinon. The holder snap spot doc kicked on its way no way this the giants win their first game of the season Papa. WFAN with the Call Matt Gay Blewett Subas Pat's his chip shot field goal allowing the giants to escape what they thirty to thirty one win over the bucks terrible also the bucks great comeback for the giants giants and the Star and the story of this game. is Danny dies. The rookie quarterback threw for three thirty six and two touchdowns also ran for two touchdowns downs including the go ahead score with one sixteen to play giants came back from eighteen down in this game west We've been waiting to see the Danny dines play in games a matter well. We got it today. I thought he was impressive. From the opening drive through out. There was a bit of a law. probably late second quarter where the giants weren't doing much. The Bucks went ahead twenty eight to ten at halftime and then Evan Ingram seventy any five yard touchdown on the first play of the second half Daniel Jones is another forty six yard bomb. I believe on the next series that sets up another touchdown and before you know it twenty eight twenty five game and this came down to the end Daniel Jones on that game go ahead. Dr Just marching down the field was decisive decisive confident knew what to do and then you know the the prairie land opened up on that touchdown run. I believe he's the first giants quarterback ever with two rushing. Td's in two passing TD's in a game he also led them to their biggest comeback since nineteen seventy wow he's now wanna know and trailing by eighteen or more points Z. Lie Manning this is not a knock on Eli but oh and forty four and those games just how hard it is to come back from eighteen down. We now take your victory lap west. It's this is a nice world that we live in now where wes has some palpable excitement about the New York giants. I've never experienced this at all. I I would compare it to this when I was. I was going through chemotherapy and I couldn't hold anything down. There was one night where I was getting brave and I was like Kisha Sleeping. I'M GONNA go try out some peanut butter crackers like that's the best thing I've eaten in four months. I went to eat the peanut butter crackers and they were stale eating soft plaster. That's what ally hi manning watching has been for three or four years eating stale crackers every single week this time the crackers crunch run right. You're going to say that that you ate them and then you threw them up and that was like watching Eli manning dislike if someday stale every single time I'm you know what it's going to be. You see the like the suddenly the giants have a quarterback who's not athletically limited to and they kept mentioning what he can do that can't and we all know that he lies. It's an iron man and someone that if you're a giants fan you love Eli Manning the history of the guy but they've needed this for so long and Sequoia Barclay was lost in this game came to an ankle injury. I don't ankle spraying and I mean they. They thrived even without him. I thought that simply would not have happened a week ago. Go Watch that giant giants spills game and look how limited that attack was. They thrashed without Saquon Barkley in Daniel. Jones succeeded despite Shaq Barrett like launching an all without campaign on defensive player of the year. This guy has eight sacks in three games. What three sex last week I was defensive player of the week. They gotta give it to him again this week. 'cause we have four in connect game. Two forced fumbles and I think if that's the one thing giants fans probably a little bit actually they don't even care because they're riding high right now but the the one thing people worried about in the preseason the ball security for Daniel Jones and one of the one of the fumbles was definitely on him being to cash in the pocket they had to the other one was Shaq Barrett just Jack Barrett it doesn't get any brutal of loss for the buccaneers in this to lose a twenty eight to ten lead is bad enough but then to lose it and then to watch Jameis Winston throw a fifty five yard down the field puts you inside the ten yard line and you think you want it again and then to lose it. That's like losing twice that as Brian. This is the crazy thing. Arians takes a five yard delay of game penalty to back up his kicker. Who ahead missed the extra points earlier met? Gay and here was his explanation why he did that prior to the game ending Miss Bruce what happened at the end there. Would you got the five yard penalty delay what happened there. I just took it on purpose purpose. Yeah I wanted to feel. He's better better back. NFL goes easier backfire. No sense hurry. We WanNA move the ball. Put it in the middle and make it easy field Mac. Get Out of the building you you cannot miss that kick. It and everyone listens pockets. I'm always team kicker and I defend these guys and I don't think kickers get enough have credit how hard their job is but sometimes you just gotTa make the kick because so many people are affected by you on that Miss Bruce Arians on the sideline Jameis his Winston on the silent it totally changes the course of their season potentially because you can't hit a thirty four yard and if you're a coach thinks that he needs to do things like take penalties to make you more comfortable. You're not the guy you shouldn't be the kicker in the first place. I'd like to see the data on five yards further back being and easier kick. I Yeah I know because he did make for kicks in that game. I the thing is bruce. Arians is a savvy guy and I appreciate in general his brutal honesty when asked all sorts typical softball type questions but when you say this and we're all here mystified by the strategy to create a longer attempt for your kicker who who is not exactly you know Martin Gramatica Times one thousand if that was even good picker nearly wasn't great if you multiply them by one thousand it'd be great our lick thousand. I mean why put those words out there for us to dissect and everyone to dissect all week long long after a totally brutal painful loss is that honestly what areas was thinking by taking that penalty issued bed with him. He's going to tell you what's on his mind and what I'm a good example of what I'm saying like on this very show Thursday market think it was you is saying is this what Bruce Arians came back for the hope that Todd Bowles Balls is defense is GonNa take you well. Here's a game where Winston throw ser three hundred eighty yards and three touchdowns and connects with Mike Evans on this huge clutch play that should have set the season on a different course in the kick after a great win over the panthers. That's completely lost. That feels like a thousand dollars. At this point. This will get lost in the Daniel Jones Hoopla but you will not. Let's see a more lopsided receiver versus cornerback matchup probably all year then Mike Evans just taking the soul of Jack Rabbit Jenkins over over and over and over again throughout this game. It was like Craigie low trying to guard Michael Jordan yeah. Maybe no more talking Jackrabbit all right before we move hold on. I gotta here that. Oh Yeah that bucks call the Matt Gay Ms. Let's hear it it comes down to a rookie kicker wearing green and yellow shoes gene Denver off the Hash deserve better from the twenty four thirty four yard field goal the spot down tick airborne. It's long enough long enough. It is it is giants win by one thirty two thirty one what a probe decorative suspicious of those shoes to begin with all right. Let's check in with the New Orleans. Saints snap is back in the kick is away a high punt but short. Harris appealed it at the forty eight makes two MRIs off to the races the forty two thirty five thirty the Harris on the field and the saints sprite skype. I on special teams out. They harass took the punt back fifty three yards to the house. The first punt return for touch that all year Mark Weird Teddy Bridgewater threw two touchdown passes in his first start place of drew brees. The Saints beat the seahawks Thirty three to twenty twenty seven in a game that really wasn't that close Greg. This was a game that The saints showed up bald out Seattle Seattle got a late touchdown but good start all around for the saints a very strange game where the seahawks dominated in the first half but it was kind of an everything that can dan go wrong did go wrong for the seahawks. Give the punt return touchdown. They have the fumble return touchdown on a Chris Carson fumble that goes back so the saints put up fourteen points joints without doing anything on offense their punters having a great game you know pinning the seahawks way back. Russell Wilson's fourteen fifteen for one hundred fifty yards and a touchdown and they're down twenty seven to seven at the time so on one hand yeah. It's about a lot of bad luck on the other hand. When the saints came out after halftime that was their best stretch of the game offensively and defensively they put the game away and for all the talk of running backs. You know don't make that big of a difference I mean it was a huge difference in this game. Chris Karmin Carson slipped and fell three different times in the first half any lost a fumble return for a touchdown meanwhile Alvin Kamara. I asked on the Thursday so let's see an MVP type performance in this. This is exactly actly that I think he had a one hundred sixty one yards from scrimmage the rest of the team had one hundred four and so many of those were in the passing game breaking tackles after he was hit very hard including by Judean cloudy when you can run through your something special a huge win for the saints I realized the game is not as close closes the score but there was a sequence at the end of the first half where the SEAHAWKS had about thirty three seconds to play with and decided not to take time out as they were aiming to score. I believe and will Wilson hit. Tk Metcalf on a fifty four yard or that would put them in position for at least a field goal if not more and time just ran out because PK one of the smartest coaches we've ever watched coach. Football did not take time out at Tony Romo was killing him. I thought he was right to yeah Ed to timeout. It was a rough day for P. Got Hit in the field my football before the game stitches. It left a pretty big mark on his nose. They went for it on fourth down three different times so credit to him for being aggressive but the saints run Defense and we've talked about their defense stepped up in all those scenarios and and then they stopped up past that I believe Russell Wilson audible into with another one so that was three other times that they were stopped on fourth down and the kind of like a resourceful win that you liked like to see if out of a good organization on the road when you really need it. That's the I was going to say you know. Greg made the point Thursday that this is the kind of challenge that Sean Payton really loves and he digs his teeth into and that's great. They won the game because they played as a team and special teams really matter but to me. I'm looking back to the end of last year. You're still their offense doesn't work unless Alvin Kamara is taking over the game and being the best player on the field. Do you feel greg any better about their offense pence after today. No they didn't have a play over twenty yards teddy bridgewater who went one thousand nine hundred thousand seven hundred seventy seven two didn't. I don't know if he threw pass over ten yards. I don't remember it like I mean there. There was some catching runs. He didn't really need to that. They had five offensive penalties as in the first half that were not on him so it certainly wasn't on him that that they struggled throughout that first half but he looked like the same guy that we've seen the last couple of games. It's it's still early and that was only that was really his first real star and there is almost no taste. There was less tastes them hill than usual wondered about that. I was at too strong peyton probably thumbing his nose people but like I got to keep them healthy that was the first bridgewater start and he's going to have several more because he drew brees just had surgery of course but I wonder if we're starting to get an idea of teddy bridgewater experience. Whereas ceiling is that he's not going to be a dynamic guys? Hold the Fort Guy all the way because it doesn't seem like he's a dynamic type player. He's only got to start. Let's say six games you just one one on the road in Seattle if he can win three if they can win three three of those documents well skip back to all he's done right and it's his teammates that really stepped up for him. His defense making huge plays in command and I want to go watch it but I thought the concern last last week was that when bridgewater was on the field camara dried up entirely the whole offense lost any sort of dynamic traits and not the case today although as much as much the crazy thing is they had I think one of the bottom five yardage games and Sean Payton's career last week and they had less yardage. It was different the different team it was a it was a crazy. Maybe what I just said sounds completely around. I'm I don't count them out of any game. I just think they'll find ways to be competitive and I think a lot of people myself included. Who Said Oh. They're you know they're gonNA be Kinda. Just another team until breeze comes back in the south is wide open. Even this was a nice Little Sean Payton game. I got the bucks shooting themselves in Matt Gays. Foot extremely rare to PK. I'll never lost a September home game fifteen know until today what would it be. Matt Gaetz shooting the bucket but someone's foot was damaged. This was also the the first to score loss in the Russell Wilson era at home wow but he just did you stuck it out by any such as the bengals almost beat. SEATTLE seahawks Hawks Seattle had been fifteen in our home in September since two thousand ten. Did you say that did but I wanted to repeat. It's a fun little departments and credit at that's move. Dan Did that himself. He came up with that study. I've been tracking everyone there. September home games since I started this company highs in the game. Take a screen to him. Rosetto white over the girls had been fifteen since ever pass still zone sally nothing with a minute twenty five to go in the first quarter Matt Taylor Colts Radio Network with a call Jacoby percent completed needed express sixteen passes through two touchdowns in the first half including that connection to Zachary Paschal leading the calls to a twenty seven twenty four win over the Falcons Gins at L. O. S. Lucas allstate. Well Done Jake brisket lead four straight. Scoring drives didn't have a turnover closed out the game with a big completion to Jack Doyle. It's good to have some quarterback depth Greg Roosevelt. That's right. It's good to have a coach that doesn't coach scared Andy Reid and his a former disciple or not as Frank Reich. I guess it's sort of they're in the same coaching. Both called third-down passes where they could've called runs with under two minutes. It's left in the fourth quarters of their games which would have given the golf ball back to the other team and forced them to go the whole length of what they did. They called passes. They trusted in the play call and Jack. Doyle got the big first down T. Y. Hilton left at halftime. Jacoby got the ball at the end of the third quarter beginning of the fourth. He needed to score both times. Keep the ball times. He had the ball because the colts defense wasn't stopping anyone. The Falcons scored touchdowns in every second possession and you know what Jake brisket dozen the fourth quarter he scores touchdowns and he delivers clutch drive every week three three. He's a pretty good quarterback. It's not a star. He's not really even the the key to this esteem that he's he's part of. What I think is kind of team. That's coalescing pretty well. You know what it is. He's better than to hold the Fort Guy Yes. He's like right around the outline right or even maybe on on the right side of it. I think his contract extension. They gave him tells you he's better than a hold. The Fort Guy hold the Ford guys get like five to seven million a year. He got fifteen. I mean when he when we last got in our sample size with with the colts it was when their offensive line was not what it is now and it's in a better environment than it was before that for some reason the cult's Kinda and remind me of the Eagles a little bit where you know they're going to get banged up and lose players but the ship doesn't entirely sync because they're well coached front office is extremely sound and they've added added depth this team. This team had no depth under the previous front office. They have it all over the place now. They've got infrastructure when these teams play though I mean it's one sided. There's no no more there's no rivalry in the history of the NFL more one sided than Colts Falcons. I mean Falcons fans. Don't even show up. Don't even watch the game when you play the 'cause people been talking about the Colts Falcons rivalry for decades. Finit seen wins two losses. It doesn't get more one side and then that Atlanta fixed what you're doing that that's out like once every four years so that's one of the most random that Ryan twenty nine of thirty four three zero four three touchdowns one interception passer rating of one twenty-one that that all looks great but I mean I just feel like it's the same thing now. It was a strange game. Does it only got six possessions. I'm going to ask Dick and if that's a record there was one one play kneel down at the end of the first half they would if you're not counting that the only at six possessions and he threw a red zone ended up in one of them other than that and I'm tracking this day great on offense. I mean they scored because Devante Freeman ran well. I can't really Matt Ryan. They Lost Neil. They're strong safety safety for the second straight year Achilles tear. It looks like he's out for the year and I don't like the energy around this Falcons Operation Right. Now there is there. Is something going on here right. I'm with you. I think that's where Dan Quinn's. Defence needs to make a stop at the end of the game has often putting up touchdown after touchdown and they're giving up drives is Zack Paschal and Marlin Mac and Mo- Alley Cox. Those are the three guys or let's check in mark. The browns just fell behind so far have been a total pro. Oh throughout the broadcast. Does it change now. No I'll continue to operate as an absolute Perot and show emotional but studio. That's now up to ninety eight degrees. That's much higher on my list without Nicholas. Shea does I'll ask the question of the listeners are are wondering did you go to hustlers alone alone or the did simone come or no this was on our our. Friday is typically our day to do what we do and I went to see it on my own because I didn't think that awesome movie that Simone was going to be opening into opening day hustlers opening day. You're saying like going to the movies or I don't like hearing other people eat in the movie theater so I'll typically go to like eleven. AM Show in sit way up front not near any other human because when I can hear someone eating popcorn during a movie I cannot concentrate it. All it throws me completely out of my element interested. Let's move to New Zealand lap. Dataman slot. Let Dig Solo the ride on first down play action cousins who played out to the left plants the put brightman their hurry five yard touchdown cousins Adam feeling six zero Minnesota Paul Allen. Oh He's one of the Zero Troopers Jonty Matt Money Smith but I do the power rankings show. NFL Dot Com he always say zero never says six nothing. It's always zero and it stops me in my tracks. Every time bupkus so kirk cousins bounce back from his woeful performance last week in Green Bay playing turnover free football threw that touchdown pass that was his only touchdown pass of the day an easy thirty four fourteen win in over the raiders Dalvand Cook over one hundred yards for the third straight week the Vikings two and one now West a home game against the silver and black just what the doctor ordered yeah we sort of referred to this on Thursday as the recipe for Kirk cousins success. home game check now inferior opponent check. They'll not a nationally televised game. Nobody's wash three for three Mike. This has seemed like the same. DNA from the season opener against the Falcons where the vikings jump out to an early lead run the ball down their opponents throat in don't rely too much on Kirk cousins Dalvand Cook once again the focal point of this team and if there was an all pro list for September he would be the running back on it. You can do that assignment. You're doing happy to talk about it on. The pocket argued at halftime at halftime through eight weeks. It's amazing West. You've been assigned to it Monday nine. Am when they give Alexander Madison the ball they look pretty good running the ball to they're just they're a great running team when you can bring him in as a bad very close to three and if they get three zero excuse me if they could execute against green bay better. I think the Vikings are okay but I don't know if it'd be zero in the context of a renter. I don't know it makes that whole thing but west you so nailed it with the Kirk cousins thing. If those things lineup he will never lose a game. He never has lost the game and he never will the problem is the way sports and the NFL are are set up. Is that the deeper you go to the season you lose those elements. SORTA like slightly better than Andy Right. I think that's where he's always. He's been and you've made a good point the other day where there's the people who are anti cousins rex pointing at me and West sorry that you know people crow when he has a bad game and then the defenders start crowing when he has a good game. I think he has been in that same area. The whole time about quarterback eleven through thirteen depends on the what other quarterbacks are around now. There's more good young players will ask them. That's the Sui is that's where you're right but I I heard you know all the write ups and stuff that this was a good kirk cousins performance reason for encouragement and he threw for one hundred seventy four yards. Dan You want to need him and that's this is Mike Zimmer fever dream where you're just gonNA run the ball two hundred times times and but that like we're talking about situations where cousins is going to be put into one of those games where all those boxes aren't checked before the kick-off happens that the same thing with Mike Zimmer wanting to run the ball thirty times and do nothing through the air good luck. You'RE GONNA win a couple games that way especially at home when you play as well as you do in that situation but that's not how you get through a season in two thousand nineteen. I I'd be concerned. I want to give our listener mighty Gazelle credit for phrasing the kirk cousins recap from Thursday so well Wilda. I one question about the do you see any scenario where like the Guy Nice person where. Derek cars the quarterback for this raiders team next September. This experience feels like it's going south. He's a house right next door to heck absolutely I do not. I don't. I'm I'm disappointed that the raiders couldn't be competitive in that their defense just because that means if we're watching a a season worth of them not being competitive. That's just making my are or Sunday's worse. Volunteers perfect got injured today after he tried to punch somebody after the play. I don't think the officials saw the attempted punch with the League will yeah. He might get a fedex envelope but he's he's got his own deposit box for Fedex right outside his door. I feel like I've been told that. Volunteers perfect has been injured about forty seven times in the first three weeks of the season. They just like built a Fedex Kinkos next to his house to save the time I think he just moved next door to the fine police. Let's move Ivax Armagh offset to the right tight lines split Olsen in the backfield the block from McCaffrey right up the middle run free could thirty five to forty Scott Potential McCaffrey thirty twenty. He will store score ten five a lightning Bolt Christian McCaffrey Mixing Panthers Radio Network Christian McCaffrey ripped off a seventy six yard touchdown run kyle throws four touchdowns in his first start place of the injured Cam Newton Panthers Cruise Thirty Eight Twenty over the cardinals in Glendale mark this was the best case scenario for Carolina who just wanted to survive without their injured former MVP instead they thrived with Alan. What an encouraging performance on a they were. We got a couple of quarterbacks in their first starts changing the way we feel about certain teams. I love the Kyle Allen came out. He was aggressive from the start. He sent you look you could tell right away that he was just feeling good. He was in the zone. He was kind of laughing on the sideline didn't have that sort of nervous energy that you might expect from someone and I know he played well in week seventeen last year but that I just wanted to see here you know on the road. How does he come out and do it and they had more life and energy to they're passing game than they have all year and he was hitting throws the Cam. Newton was not hitting in the past couple of weeks and that it's funny that they Christian McCaffrey that was one of those touchdown that was not because of Kyle Alan but he made two or three throws in this game that we're total money sauces and I I I enjoyed watching them and I don't think you can count them him out because he's a quarterback on any level. At this point. I mean you gotta go out and do it a couple of weeks in a row but there was something nothing about his game that seemed like crippling limited minute to me at all. It was the opposite. It sounds like it was so impressive that not only will you not rush Cam Newton back but you will make sure one hundred percent when he comes back. I think because you know what we don't know with this team is there's no reason in general to rush. Cam Newton back after all the stuff he's been through the last couple of years. I would wait the perfect scenario. The way today played out. They have have that ability now to be patient. They were this was classic Cornel Corner Animal Accident Rating. They save their season the OEM three panthers team would have a lot of whispers about where the coach is going to be the next year whether Cam Newton's evening to be on this team next year all that stuff and you put all that off for another week or two. I'm a little little confused Dan. There's a caged animal in a corner dog or those two different kinds of games. You can put whatever animal you want. I Love Dogs. Don't even like the image of the matching the dog but cornered animal or caged animal works Gotcha Yeah. This is a step back to it. Sounds is like for for cuyler Murray two hundred forty eight yards of offense from the cardinals in seventy three plays so they ran a ton of plays and didn't move the ball at all well and I don we should mention Dante Jackson had to spectacular interceptions in this game and it was some of the first action where I watched column early who wouldn't say was confused out on on the field but he threw a terrible balls and Carolina turned two of those into those interceptions he's not tearing the League up that was kind of the although although it would have been a surprise to because it doesn't happen often there was that hype around Murray that he would come in and Kingsbury would come in and they'd be you know ripping people up. That's not happening right now. So now the cardinals have to do a b what they weren't last year which is patient. They let this develop as a partnership because it looks like like like Greg said four point zero yards per attempt on forty three passes this is this is a defense weak side. Gabar either the from week one on. It's actually a little bit better for Arizona than we expected. This was what we expected all right. Let's move on chargers at the Houston. Thirty four Rivers Shotgun Life Gun rivers drop firing downfield and tipped and almost intercepted. I think Texans are GONNA win. They will beat the the chargers today Marc Vandermeer of the Texas Radio Network. I Love Gigi to get dot got the they get the Texas stopped the chargers their last gasp attempt to tie the Game Shawn Watson threw for three fifty one through three touchdown passes and Jj Watt theory is heating up to the five sacks Texans Twenty seven to twenty win over the chargers who who watches game. I did Greg Rosenthal Shawn Watson. Every game does athletic things and once again he he was on fire. It's the Dow of the Sean. You all right. Let's let this brief all right. The Dow the show yeah you have to be comfortable fertile and the chaos you are going to invite pass rushers uninvite hits. That's just his style and all the things you like about the Shawn Watson Jason are because of that and be in this game especially he held onto the ball pretty long because as offensive line played better and that the game winning touchdown in the comeback were from those second level plays where he just does something he he can be comfortable with that and I think the fans have to be comfortable with that too with him getting hit more in taking sex because that's where he makes his magic. He's one Mayo Bina. I'm on Dan Side of the Texans Ledger. Disown Watson has won me over. He's just so exciting. These two teams wes. I have a hard time getting a feel for right now. Both of these teams have played to the buzzer basically basically in all three of their games so they could each three each be oh and three but I think there are some things about the Texans that we can say Whitney Mercilus another big game. Dj Reader has made the LEAP EP was a big difference maker today and the offense of I think has a chance to get better at certainly was better today and I think that's that's a big switches. How about tonsils he. How did he looked at the Bosa and Melvin Ingram who have been relatively quiet this year. Were relatively quiet once again you joining the Texans bandwagon well. I'm not there yet. I'm Jus- This is here to enjoy the shine Watson. I'm that I'm going to bring me out. Your corner type them from the beginning. The titans lost me and may have lost me forever. That's good. That's also positive and you know what I'm GonNa do as a favourite you you're in this. Devon Sawa final destination roller coaster ride ride with the Denver broncos. Nobody knows what that means off the right now. Thank you for that. That's your off very magnanimous of you but I I can't let myself out of the penalty box yet. I haven't suffered enough. That's awesome that you're definitely raised Catholic by the way there's definitely forty-seven people who get that. Devon Sawa reference I I mean a few people do seven fifty underrated movie all right. Let's let's head to Sunday night. Football down and goal from the five. This is week parade. Mayfield plus from the pocket rolling right throws to the end zone. It is taken taken away on the final snap for the browns offense. It's John Johnson with a diving pickety and zone and the rams are gonNA come all at three and Westchester Finest J. B. Long of the Rams Radio Network with the call the John Johnson the third with the interception in the end zone on fourth and goal the browns go four and out with four shots to potentially tie the game and that was it the Los Angeles Rams Twenty to thirteen victor is in Cleveland and Sunday night football. They improved to three and now the brownies. Tony's fall to one and two mark sesser should start with you on this one. we're going to get to the rams in a moment but you had trepidation around this game all week. You've had trepidation around the browns since their week one clunker against Tennessee. I imagine you don't feel any better right now. Writer's block. That's sort of how this is team feels to me right now. When you're trying to produce something and you can't get in that flow and you can't get out of your own way or relationships stuck in neutral where the just there's something gene about this team offense especially because I thought they played a lights out game on defense considering how banged up their secondary is this has been the whole season and I am concerned like at the core about a line that has not protected Baker Mayfield well but even when they are it feels like Baker Mayfield has almost been zapped by the early season experience a plane behind this line and it's it's hard to watch because last year a team team playing with house money down the stretch felt so loose on offense that you felt like they could do anything I wanted them to go play the best teams they could and challenge those teams with with what they had with Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield and even Prio del Beckham just the rest of their weapons and they are banged up but I don't really point to any of that as what's what's going on here. I think they just it's I. I'm at a loss for words to some degree because yes. I don't think it's a surprise to see how they performed on offense tonight. It's been in happening all year. I don't know the way out I don't I like your analogies and you might also say kind of like a kicker compensating for his last two misses where it stilted jilted and it feels like they're thinking about it. Think hesitant in pressure situations and Baker Mayfield not trusting his offensive line and as Greg said we're watching watching the game. He's actually scrambling into pressure not away from pressure that I mean the last play. The game was emblematic that not that they did a good job project protecting him just is that the game ended with him rolling back to his right and just throwing it up because a lot the he's county non improvising some plays in some of the players that were there you you can nitpick but it sure looked like Jarvis. Landry was basically wide open on third down slant. He goes to another he goes to the tight end on that play instead of just those little decisions at some point. You have to trust you. Write that for now. This is what this team is. The Rams are very similar. They've kind of looked the same each week where their offensive line isn't playing as well but that they get it going in the second. Half of the defense has been playing really well and that's different three now and one and two the browns offensive line continues to be an issue Aaron Donald Clay Matthews the whole front seven was getting after Mayfield who like we said didn't handle that well either and the play recalling is definitely something going to hear a lot about in the hours and days ahead around the browns. Most famously in this game are infamously. I should say was the fourth quarter four thousand nine near midfield draw call that got snuffed out after about a five or six yard gain everyone confused there is twitter was a buzz afterwards ESPN's tracking data that's the first four thousand nine running play that they've tracked in twenty years at just a head scratcher and after the game Freddie Kitchens he took ownership of it but also said it was the play he wanted had to call so you figure out that and then again they get the big interception Cleveland of Jared Goff who throws high in a pick and Baker Mayfield despite right not looking comfortable does get them down inside the ten after some completions and it also a roughing the passer call Aaron Donald and then on those four straight plays plays for passes. Odell Beckham not targeted once he was brought here west to be missing final piece guy in that offense and he had that one big play against the jets that's last week but in general this offense has not been able to take flight. I think football is so much more complicated than everybody. Sitting at home wants to admit it is but sometimes when you have the best athlete on the field used to have to take a chance and throw it up in in his direction and let them make a play when nothing else is going right. I mean if you look look at the jets game. Everyone wanted to stream the highlights of Odell Beckham with the eighty nine yard touchdown but they were struggling to get him open and make him productive in that game too despite the final score the final line for him. I really think the rams defense is doing a lot of the carry on this team and they are much better than last year. Clay Matthews at these already has more sex than he had last year. Dante Fowler has been a regular behind the line of scrimmage mark pointed out during the Game Cory Littleton has been one of the best linebackers in the NFL this year uh-huh adds a lot. Taylor rap is a hit as a second round pick they they are a better. I think Marcus Peters and to keep to Lieber playing better and to Cleveland's credit on defense. They entered this this game missing all four of their starting defensive backs and they put up a real good fight. I mean that rams warmed up as things went along. They actually ended up with two one hundred yard. Receivers is in Brandin cooks and Cooper Cup who had a huge game two touchdowns over one hundred yards but the rams had what three points at halftime that that is a pretty incredible credible to me if you would've told me that after everything we heard about the injury issues that they would get the job done going into the second half and the offense just not able to figure it out that's to me. One of the biggest stories of the young season right. Now is how disappointing the browns have been on offense I mean and it's the the problem album is because it's you know the pressure's. GonNa get amped up. They are days away from having to go deal with the Ravens who are far superior team playing in sync right now now and total respect to the rams because in the early year that they've been here there are three and they'd knocked off Carolina on the road. That was a tough game. It's not that was not an easy. Ask in go and do it tonight. I mean that's the rams have to be respected. Entirely well. Freddie Kitchens is getting a lot of grief about being in over. There's head and I feel like that's maybe projecting what he looks like they have made some curious decisions experience and lack of experience that said good coach eight has about adjusting your three games into the season. What's not it's obvious it's not working right now. He needs to figure out how to adjust whatever where he came into the season planning to do and it's a new experience for him because yeah he was he was the guy calling the plays at the end of last year but he wasn't the head coach at the end of last year that is a big difference and the the guy who's not calling the plays was one of the best players in the NFL last year and he was the guy dialing up fits magic early lists season Todd Moncton mark. It's not all bad you locked up. Grammy's yeah part of the family. I'm sure the city of Cleveland feel great about that all right. I just have a couple questions well. So how long have you lived in Cleveland in your life like Total Revenue Times. Have you ever spent there. Even I mean I've I've been there a number of times but never walk around saying look at me. Cleveland read I'm just saying how many years have you now lived in. La I've been lived in La for fifteen years. I've randomly. Maybe they're calling you home there. No traction applications locations you. They locked it up for you. Today was your official entry into the Ramle. I mean I feel passionate around that. You're a big movie guy at all sort of makes sense yeah yeah but that's nothing to do with your your big. Tinseltown Guy hustlers nothing to do with the rams. I mean Nice try Hollywood's team Nice. Try All right mark well. You're a good good sport and you did not go crazy in the studio and you were hyper professional and on behalf of the entire crew both in front of and behind the glass we thank you. I'm not surprised prized that I acted like a pro. It's good all right. We'll be back. We'll be back on Tuesday. with our Monday night football recap and then we start spinning looking ahead to guess what guys week four the trainers out the station and its role in can almost smell. London just a couple of weeks yawns left there are absolute agent and the heroes are going to London and a couple of weeks. I can't wait for that and we'll have more information on that trip but that will come down the line all right ricky. Let's get at your happy Antonio Brown's with the anymore. I'm so thrilled that had the mailman the old bus rookie holly-hollywood ah Ryan let everybody else till Tuesday yeah yeah.

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