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Seven six nine hundred seventy two seven one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange coming up on this episode of the entrepreneurial you after having three children and being a part off I think I'll work in culture especially since I have a background in tech on. My job was primarily technology work with macy's systems and technology in Atlanta at the time when I started to feel like very overwhelmed I think if I had been diagnosed at that time it would have been picked up that maybe there was some onset. Depression happening in life already. I don't think most persons are aware off that way it's initially status was struggling in my marriage and I wanted to create a fresh start and so I decided. Hey let's pack up and move the entire family to Jamaica which we did right around the end of two thousand eight and then in two thousand nine things in my life wide. My career continued to expand and grow by then I was VP software development company. Everything as in my life a snail's unslinging on very miserable ammos happiness comes from living as you need to as he wants to as your inner voice tells you to happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of you think you are supposed to be. Shonda rhimes. Hello Hello Hello. My people form community. How are you today? I really trust that. You're having an amazing time because I am. It is episode one fifty seven L. The entrepreneur podcast and today's episode as with Stacy Hinds Know Stacey is shown summation strategist working with a multimillion dollar investment company where she focuses on leading the project management office the technology and marketing centers of excellence and Championing Leadership Development and culture. She's also the founder of epic transformation and E-learning and consulting company which specializes in serving businesses and business leaders with strategic thinking and planning services grown dead in creating radical shifts in culture and leadership to build collaboration across teams and enable lasting organizational impacts. So I am actually looking forward to talking talking stacy today about the fundamentals of an epic transformation. Welcome Stacey thank you so much had got really happened to be here and thank you so much community for for welcoming me into your space. I don't take it for granted and I'm looking forward to this. Come to prompt station awesome so so before we dive into what we're about to talk about. What's your favorite thing about being Jamaican That's a great question. Actually what I like about being Jamaican especially since I'm What would be considered a Jamaican immigrant? Because I was born here in the night and left and went to the US. Where I spent most of my life and have just recently returned. I love that we are so tiny so relevant everywhere in the world. I love the world's affection for Army Lila. Yeah so in other words let me put it in Jamaica pilots right Willie Catala. Yes yes being a positive that Taiwanese. Yes yes and just me and and literally you embodied that. Because you're not you're not quite so a big person you know in body physically or your fatigue and all of that so and you come with a you know at dose of Awesomeness and amazing this. That's a new year going to unleash enough later as we develop our conversation. So let's talk about the fundamentals of an epic transmission Let me just kind of you know. Lady atmosphere that prompted there is no greater person to talk about Transformation than you I know of your story out that'd be that'd be story has been published in the papers here. Jamaica's well but for those who don't know and you know you're being introduced to them for the very first time. Give us a glimpse of why you think I would say that you know you are the transformation queen. Yeah I I think the main word that embodies my life experience really is epic in context of transformation. Because something epic is just really grand. You know and I I think I had a relatively normal life growing up and I was born to a teenage mom actually and easily just integrated her family so my grandparents and my mom and her brothers and sister raised me and my my dad lived in America and eventually I went and lived with him at university. And you know a married my high school sweetheart and I think I was on the path that we are. We being society to become a expects for a young woman you know and I was happy on that path. Had the dream of the whole Senate kids picked on picket fence. You have the American dream. I did actually lived it out to the point where it became a nightmare. A nightmare looks like is just After having three children and Being apart off I think a working culture especially since about grown in tick on my my job was primarily technology work with macy's systems and technology in Atlanta at the time when I started to feel like very overwhelmed you know I think if I had been diagnosed at that time it would have been picked up that maybe there was some On that end depression happening in my life already. I don't think most persons are aware of that way. Initially statistically I was struggling in my marriage and I wanted to create a fresh start so I decided. Hey let's pack up and move the entire family to Jamaica which we did right around the end of two thousand eight and in two thousand nine You know things in my life while my career continued to expand grew by then I was VP software development company. Everything else in life of spells on slow staying on the very miserable. Almost I felt like I was really excelling workwise and then in areas of Nov even spirit tragedy that got lost my connection with source with my source with my kids It's been as much time with them and I certainly wasn't having fun Healthy Fun after about a year so being in Jamaica. We were the company that I came to work with was acquired by a Canadian company which was the whole point in our all. These tech companies now are going for acquisition. You know so that we can grow and become the next Unicorn and so a Canadian company acquired awesome and we had to move to Canada and that was right around twenty twenty nine in twenty ten. I feel that by life okay. So let's pause there so you you packed up and you came back in twenty two thousand eight at the end you end up. Two dozen needs to Jamaica and two thousand ten you had to move to cannon the and this you move from the US to Jamaica and then by To Canada so right hold on the things that we can impact there but Let's let's continue this story at those points into very clear. You know connecting all those dots. Yes and I appreciate that because for me. I think I talk about it. Like it's just a well known rights right literally moving entire houses and people that in all things out but what happened in twenty ten is that as I came into the New Year knowing that the company that I had just moved to work with was now being relocated. I was head of that relocation team. My marriage had accurate started to fall apart asked for a divorce and then changed online and said I want to separate region so by the time we hit March I was Separated from my now ex husband. My husband and I was actively company working even more hours than I was initially getting the team and my family ready for transition to Canada and remember that point so then at one point you talk a boat You know living the American dream or perhaps the nightmare because no I'm thinking you know maybe we could perhaps term this discussion when your dreams become a nightmare. Yeah but anyway keeps yes. Oh Gosh to even though I would say that the break up with my With my ex was was very traumatic actually on the experience of it never experienced anything in sight of that magnitude. You know and I somehow I didn't stop to think abode myself in all of it just felt like. Oh what I need to keep going and I now have three kids right and you're in Canada steel. So yes I want you to take us back to. When you came back to Jamaica this is this is actually before I got council so this is still twenty ten. I'm in transition showcase Honda. Okay under in April. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Respond to be moving in In June and So that of breast cancer on top off separation and relocation me in what I now know was an extreme. Don What's sparrow? It's like that moment where I considered a life collapsed because I everything that I knew to be true about. My life had fallen apart and now I was physically falling apart when things fall apart. Okay yes and not what? This really cool What I consider it cool now because I tried some really crazy things to make sure that I was going to stay alive because I was deathly afraid of dying in particular because of my children it was listenable and more votes. I don't want to be my kids because they didn't sign up for this relocating all over the place. I didn't sign up a mommy and daddy splitting up and I certainly didn't sign up a mummy dying. You know so I was. I was squared faced with that and the fear of this had me in. Its firm grip on this. I tried all different urban medicines. I did you urology which is drinking. He I travelling. Okay Yeah it's a it's a thing. I tried different types of supplements and eventually I was. My doctor. Said that the council was moving are growing at a very rapid rate. And they wanted me to everything. That was mentioned Chemo to the radiation wants me to to the drugs and I was afraid of that too so I came up with this store that I was gonNA figure my way of blending the parts of medical traditional therapy with my own version of that and so hooked up with a a Vegan nutritionist in Atlanta and I spent three months with him being liquid Vegan where he would feed me. He would make my food. Mostly juice is at soups and so I went liquid Vegan for three months and during that time I also did radiotherapy and other types of therapy like acupuncture and deep meditation. Schon all kinds of things I did at by then. I was now moving to Canada so I was literally like while I was in Atlanta going through treatment. Moving Yours leaving your movie interviewing new team members to meet me in Canada it was I was still working. It was the kids. Were you know with my mom at this point? Because they couldn't stay with me I wasn't capable of taking care of them and myself and And so I ended up being separated from them for like six months because I then went to Canada. I was in Canada for three months and I was then at. That point is when I slipped into depression all right so depression because depression just doesn't happen You know like that. It's a series of things that in my ex experience an estimate because I I recall just even last last Last year when towards the end of the year like first of all over time. I've always been depressed. There are moments. You know depressant stuff but I I kind of knew how to manage it. You know manage it with my personality. Manage it would shifting thinking positively and all of that stuff but towards the end of the year when I just decided. I'm just going to be started doing less than I was. Just going to be and and still. It was like a wind into this dark dark please because I was not doing as much as I was and so I was in touch with my emotions and make it was. It was just so dark I I mean it became really miserable. No talk to me. I boats being in a in in that state of depression. I mean you're you're thinking about moving and you're interviewing FA job when you're moving you're interviewing for jobs. You're GONNA be going back to Canada at your children. You're you're worried about them because you know you're fearful that you're going to die and you WANNA leave them. Those are natural on concerns. That and and I mean genuine concerns that you have. When did you realize that you became depressed? And what you thought. What is that you thought that would of lead to depression? Because it's not just any one thing right. I was one of those persons that denied my mental illness. And when I say denied it meaning that I didn't even consider the fact that I was crying every single day in hiding it alot red black thought. I was working hard and moving. You know going. Through a divorce so What my my doctor In Canada sent me to see us. I package on honest and why and when I got to my first appointment. She said to me. The only reason you're here is either because he you you're gonNA leave. You're on pills to treat your mental illness or I'm going to admit you to the hospital. And so when she said that I bought that was like you have got to the lady. I said there is nothing wrong with me. Denial and At the end of the first session which left me crying as as I had again. She diagnosed as depressed and And I begged her. Let's try the Freudian Poss- off therapy outcome as often as I need to address. Joel wants to get medication because I'm doing so much other stuff. What is cancer a? Don't want to think I want to put anything else in my body. You not let's let's try something else and she said that she would give me a month of the want the psychiatry at she would put me on sleeping pills and if that wasn't shifting me if she didn't see where my conversations were shifting particular direction then she was going to have to take other action so it came up with that agreement and then. I saw her for about a year and and didn't end up putting me in the hospital or on any addition on medication other than sleeping pills so mental illness for me was Was a shock and also a big learning. I gained so much appreciation for that type of therapy and for mental illness. In general because it was a really poor stigma that thankfully there is a lot of light being shed on. It is very poor. Stigma are on persons who are mentally ill and our won't being treated for that and so there was a great deal of shame for me in. I didn't actually talk about my mental illness and really just now between last year and this year top a lot more about mental illness as a component even off critical diseases like cancer because it really does create so much hardship in your life. That almost natural result is mental. Illness as we say Jamaica Mystic Opin Rate Here so mental illness. Why do you think there's just a shame that's associated with no so for example you you had cancer and you you went for treatment and that's okay you know that's what we do? We have heart Challenges we go on. We get our hearts checked out but when he comes on to a brain what is why. Do you think there's such a stigma associated with that With mental illness. I just think because over high we have not we not really cultivated an acceptance of persons. That have a sickness of the brain are of a mind and so most times because I think persons may not have been able to readily accept them in in society. John Because you're not quite sure hope depression or anxiety or psychosis going to show up and so because you have some extreme cases of mental illness like psychosis where people actually can hurt people. Are they just start acting crazy crazy in public? I think there is a shame with you. Know controlling that and putting the person out a ways that you're not seeing that where there wasn't really so much empathy and compassion for for what could be considered an embarrassing way of acting are being. It's almost like well. You should be able to control that part of annual Miss Ray and whenever we kind on the fence something we have a tendency to just write it off off yes absolutely so so yes so that was my mental at the start of my mental illness journey and what ended up happening as a result is that I started to pay attention to myself before. Then the EIB with everything else happening I really wasn't paying attention to myself on paying attention to the thoughts that were going on in my mind all right so no 'cause you're kind of segue into where we're going to get. Which is you know the fundamentals of an epic transformation. So where are you know and I mean because we know based on you know the end of the story is I mean just put it out there? Of course you know you're cancer free right and all of that and your as a matter of fact let me just ask you to share your own story where are you know where are you know and then we can just go into what what it is that you think led to to the place. You're at right now. Yes so where I am. Now is first of all mentally healthy and stable I'm also cancer three yes. I'm happy to say that I'm a hundred and thirty two pounds because at the time when I was sick I was like a little bit over ninety pounds and eating well again. I'm not particularly if I choose to eat that way than I do but I stay away from a lot of different types of foods. That aren't healthy for you in any regard and I'm very successful. I'm actually doing a lot more than I was doing then. I work with great company as you shared earlier. And I'M A chairman of a couple boards director I've been recently enacted the president of the Computer Society. Here Mike Kids are thriving. It's been it's been ten years. This is actually my ten year. What we call the cancer verse three but my ten year since diagnosis and so my daughter. My youngest was two years time. And she's now twelve and my all three of my kids are doing very very well. My son is in school in university and my other two daughters are here with me and I'm officially officially divorced for years now. An and thriving. I'm doing much better and financially stable. I have a new partner that and building a whole different kind of relationship with a have a network of amazing persons that support me that I can. I can lean on whenever I feel like I need additional help. Have a wonderful circle of friends including new Hanukkah people that are like minded forward saint goes and I have my own company where I get to recreate the tools at us to help me shift my life for individuals and also using some of those same tools to help me work with companies are looking to achieve greatness and it's no accident that it's called epic transformation. Breads are so in order for experience at epic transformation. Because you know speaking no listening to you share. Its share your journey yes. I'm inspired buried and everything and others listening to be inspired by but and it it kinda sound like wall it was just like from eight to be and it was like an instant transition and transformation which. I'm sure it wasn't right What are some of the fundamentals even as you share with Parsons that you consult with and companies that you consult with? How do you move from a place of darkness? Sandown an in that Rut into transforming into being transformed into the life that you want to live the life that that gives you joy because it doesn't make sense here just getting just You know like you're you're on a hamster wheel right. So what are the fundamentals of having this epic transformation that we all want? Yeah well at the core off any epic transformation is you were the individual. I think we we really take for granted how critical it is for us to self audit and to ensure that we are observing ourselves both mentally and physically and coming from that of the Sean is self awareness right and I believe that without that self awareness transportation is not possible so self awareness happens first and then from the space of self awareness. It is creating a vision for the person that you want to become the life experience. You want to lead and when you're creating that vision is not just about putting Papa John. Because he wouldn't even need. Ib John Boarding. Shelly is not is not is just one way of doing it right. But it's really getting your mind programmed around what that new person and that new life experience could be so even if you're upset and stressed when you are in that upset and stress are that contrast experience you want to try to immediately think of what would I like instead initials shift. So you're into misery. Know what misery is what would I like instead and it's not to try to. I want to be happy nor get more grandmother. That goes clear. You're not happy right so what I said. If you're laying in bed all day long will just be great to be able to go outside. You know. Just some low hanging That are the instead of what I have noticed is what I would like and doing that. Type of radicals focus every single day. And it's not that you're GONNA be joyful every single day. It's just that you know that something else. Other than despair misery Darkness exists is at its at knowledge that it's there and looking towards the light always looking towards the light so let me pause right there and ask questions for those who perhaps all live. Every known is darkness. They have no idea what light looks like. You're always in darkness. Then that's what you know. And that's what you even become comfortably Do you even know What is that you that you want? If you've never experienced anything other than that that rotten darkness in dismal state that you're in so the way that I like to look at that is if you haven't experienced it for yourself you are definitely comparing it to something. So what is that thing? Who is that person? Many of us who are stuck in our we see other people we observe other things whether it's through social media through Tv shows or through the just being on the internet or through talking to other persons and seeing what their lives look like. So I don't believe in fake it to make it necessarily but I do believe in spotting a mentor or spotting an opportunity that if somebody else can have it having the knowing that I can have to believe that. Initially you could just eight okay. Hanukkah has this show amd stock wrote. I don't want anything else. What darkness annot handed guy talks to all these people? But that's that's not me. It is taking that first step in your mind it to save but what. I'm using somebody else to model the what if even if you have been to experience it for yourselves so it intrinsic in that argument you've made is that really no money isn't island. We actually need each other so you may not be able to even identify. We're just having a conversation because for me. I recognize many things that I'm doing. Even this very podcast is as a result of a conversation. There are so many things that happen as a result of a conversation. You know I remember having a conversation with Leandra boat going all digital. This is not really We're at intended to go. Because it was supposed to be business regard you know other business ventures but anyway It took a turn started focusing digital took a turn when I spoke with Ingrid for example. And you know let's go online and we have this whole online discussion thing about you know going on nine so it again. What you are saying. Stacy is that it is important to get other people involved. Don't think that you have to do it alone. I like to say you can't call yourself by yourself. Provided very solid very true right and I am everything is possible. Everything is because we are in our world we're experiencing everything we're experiencing the darkness we're experiencing tremendous light and it is in that space of knowing that everything is if my darkness is possible. Light is also possible fifty. I don't believe that the time you can believe ready gone and honestly we could have this conversation for Ian. Because is right up mysteries you know talking about transforming the mind because I s where you start. It has to start in the mind. That's what you know. That's that's where you I identify you. Come up with an idea. Somebody asked me the other the hallways. He's I'm able to do all these things. And and so on and and what it and then as it listen I it starts with a decision. Right it's Disa- John for me. Once I decided to do something once I discuss an emmy that Israel to do it and then followed by. That decision is the fact that I'm the first action. Because you can decide you're you're gonNA do something and not acting on it. That's totally different ballgame right so it's very important That we we we we. We take a decision and take the steps. The first step to to get it done know again. I just want to ask you to close off right here in terms of what I didn't ask you about you. Know the transformation and Song You WanNa share for you do however or after whichever way you want to do it but I also WanNa get from you because your stories on the Internet. It's on you know you're gonNA Google wherever you find you find Stacy Hinds Eerie your larger on your right so so There is something. I won't outlaw for you to share. That is not available online. That you Would BE WORTH. Why sharing so you can rebel share that as also also share you know something about epic transformation that you think could close off or condensation okay. Let's unpack right. I know I'm thinking for sharing that. He he's he's up everything I say. Do not do in an interview. I'm doing okay in terms of just closing epic transformation talking about focusing on you first making sure that you're observing yourself being president of who you are being mentally and physically coming up with that you know what's next the that is on that story of who you want to be and then you know you brought across in terms of taking action on. It's it's taking action. What doing so from a place of joy and not trying to force things because when you try to force things you put yourself back kind of us. Was THIS SEAN OFF. stress and so. It's IT'S DOING. It's taking steps on your action. Movements from a place of knowing that everything is possible. And from a place of joy and fulfillment and not falling back into. Just doing what you think you should be doing because everybody else is doing it but really finding your passion and knowing you can be working in a police off of Sean. I think one of the things that you want to see a ball online is just how much I surrender on an ongoing basis to achieve things that I want and what surrender looks like Hanukkah is letting go of things that don't serve you. I think part of that is not readily available when you look at. Somebody's picture are watched their videos. Read there by Your Cedar. Bios is how much they have to give up along the way and the I have truly lost friendships. I have lost passion projects or given up things that meant a lot to me that I was very attached to in this journey of being more connected to my authentic self and the soul that surrender component is so important for us to recognize that you can you can have. It's all what not all at the same time. And so being able to surrender lawyer self balance in which ever way it comes to. You is something that people may not readily see about me when they look at all of my different things on. Yeah epic Stacey Indeed Ethics and. I am grateful that I get to know you. I'm grateful that I know you story and see how it has changed you for the battle because win live and lemons. We can complain. How sorry to his or we can make a refreshing glass of lemonade and cookies and Belch. Yes so ever really inspired by store. I'm inspired by you. And what you continue to you know to achieve and one of the things I like about you to stacy is that because while we. We advocate for entrepreneurship. I'm a big entrepreneurship advocate and quitting your job to start and so on like the fact that you you are not everybody's one first of all not everybody's miserable in their jobs not everybody wants due to quit their full implemented starts a business and you've shown that you can do what you want balance and you can still be gainfully in you know employed and happily employed while you're doing undecided. Doing your side hosts loon the things that you WanNa do and still Find Joy in all of that so Kudos to you and for showing that there is in fact a different way you don't you don't have to decided to one or the other. You can actually do both if it serves you. Well then fine. I love what you talk about. Surrender to that you know. surrendered to the things. That don't serve you and because one of the things that we have to close Omega one one of the things that I think we struggle with is the ability to let go of things like you know we are so used to conflicts and this could be a whole another discussion on there. I mean who you are right but anyway so we're GONNA clue right here. Stacey down thank you so much for joining. I know that you have some giveaway. I think you have a balance blueprint for or committee and I want you to share that. Also want you to share hall purses me you know find you on social and so into contact with been contact with you so unsocial which is the easiest way to find me. I am on all platforms. I'm unlinked in at Stacey. Hi. I'm on both facebook and Instagram at I am Stacey hines and that's an e y h of the s and you can also visit my website which will point you in every direction that you need to go to. Stacey hines dot com and then you can listen to me on my podcast which I'm going to have to bring you over to come over on me interview. You call the balanced lady boss Duluth. Yes at that's where we talk about all things that really support women in leadership you know whether you're an entrepreneur business owner or you're working inside of an organization we talk about how to make sure that you are approaching your career in a way that promotes life balance mental stability and overall will be and is a blueprint. It's it's geared towards doing. Just what I talk to you about. Get a self audits. I remember we talked about that. Audit naturally has that audit in there where you can kind of check off on. See what am I? Doing that is helping me right now. In my life. Transformation journey and And then it gives us on tools that you can use to move towards becoming more connected to your authentic power and you can download that at balanced boss movement dot com forward slash blueprint that's balanced boss movement dot com forward slash blueprints. Awesome sauce. Thank. You thank you. Thank you so much. Stacey hines thank you for sharing your story and sharing with Sharing with us some tips on how to transform. You know to move from Mediocre to to a very high level. And that's what we all want. You don't WanNa stay at average or below average. You want to move up. Yeah level up is what we want to thank you. Thank you for having me. Thanks so much guys for listening and thank you my performer for tuning in to this episode with Stacy Heinz. I look forward to connecting with you next week. In the meantime my new book. Podcast power the quickstart guide. It's launching and eleven. Your brand is available for purchase on Amazon at Bit Dust League at the I. T. Dot ny slash purchase podcast? Our you were born to win to be a winner. You must plan to win the expect to win.

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