Welcoming the New Year


From discoveries that help us better understand earth two missions that help a stretch. What we know about the universe. Nasa has had a memorable year. This is innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shaped future. In twenty twenty spacex falcon nine and crew. Dragon became the first commercial system in history to be certified by nasa for human spaceflight and marked the return of american astronauts launching to the international space station in american rockets from us soil. In spite of the work from home situation nasa successfully launched the mars twenty twenty mission which sent the perseverance rover and its companion helicopter ingenuity on their way to mars nasa science missions continued to uncover new discoveries about this planet. We call home including a better understanding of when hurricanes develop or the impact of sea level. Rise twenty twenty has been challenging year but among those challenges have been reminders that together we remain strong so as the year comes to a close all of us at innovation. Now wanna wish each of you. A new year filled with health happiness and memories. you won't forget for innovation now. I'm jennifer poet. Innovation now is produced by the national institute of aerospace through collaboration with nasa.

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