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Previewing the First Democratic Debates; Nancy Pelosi Has No Problem With Illegal Immigrants In America


Welcome to the nose. Been new Tuesday, June twenty fifth two thousand nineteen take your country back. Okay. Tomorrow sorts of debates and on Thursday. We'll have the best debate coverage. I've written a column on Bill O'Reilly dot com. That goes over the specific questions that I would ask if I were moderating the debates, which would be good for the country if that were the case, but NBC news is five debate moderators including Rachel Maddow. The most rabid democrat in the country. I mean she's cert- ten Democrats on Wednesday, ten on Thursday tomorrow. We'll have a preview tell you who's what when where why? Vines the big dog, he's Thursday, the law go after Biden, because he's ahead. Bernie Sanders is second. I got I got a new poll Hillary. Just read you the poll, give an idea of the set of the debate is important here. A lot of paper. All right. I know I have it. I saw it here it is Emerson college Emerson college in Boston, so Biden currently it's thirty four percent of all Democrats, Santa's twenty-seven warrant fourteen Harris seven of buddhis- six K their top five so Warren really needs to go after. Donald trump. And she will, she's tomorrow, warrants going to be the attack person is going to say attack dog. But that might be disrespectful. I don't wanna be that. So Senator Warren is extreme left as you can get can't go any further left than she. We'll start with TAC. Donald Trump every second that she's on here. Now they're not going to get a lot of airtime. Ten people two hours. Thanks a lot. Are they going to tack each other only Biden, the others, useless, do that? So expect a warrant to try to upper gain. She's gotta take Bernie Sanders is stuff away from him to same crew, if you like Sanders and, like Warren, and vice versa, the most socialists, they're both confiscation people. There is no common ground anymore. And this is important between the far left and America as we know it for new it. Here's a break. Here's something interesting, Glenn Beck. Launched real estate agents. I trust convert very simple reason to help you sell your home, quickly and for top dollar selling, you're buying a home is very complicated and difficult to navigate. So they chose agents with a long track record of success market value for your home cannot be done. Done by calculation just can't it takes years of expertise to evaluate your market to price your home and so quickly for top dollar home sellers. Must genuinely like the agent. They choose the trust their home, too, and that's why Beck and his team select agents that are fans of his like you are so yet moving with real estate agents I trust dot com. Real estate agents I trust dot com. Right Nancy Pelosi wants now to allow anyone who's in this country, no matter how they got here, and how many laws they broke no matter what they did to stay unimpeded rotate. He didn't say what he was going to do. But he's the president said, oh, you know, I'll let you know when into well people broke the laws. This violation of status is not a reason for deportation. That's just not so okay, so which is talking about is President Trump. All right. Ordering is to round up people whose cases of already been decided, and there is a warrant out against them signed by a judge federal immigration, judge removing them from the country, the speaker of the house of representatives just told you that she doesn't believe that law should be enforced that she doesn't believe that anybody quote, violating status have committed a crime, even though a federal judge it's clear. What immigration law says you can't come in here undocumented and stay? You can't. But Pelosi no. Because I don't like that law. I don't like it. So I'm going to say that it's not the law, she's lying. I mentioned all you misinterpreted annoyed. A judge signed the Warren there warrants out for two thousand illegal aliens, and that's who ISIS gonna find and deport. They have warrants out, but miss bluesy says those warrants are somehow invalid, this is anarchy and she is obstructing Justice. Absolutely do it now. She's doing a fair belief, so you can't charge her. But this and add to that the Nancy Bosio doesn't want to stop anybody from coming here. And that is not an extreme position, any longer and Democratic Party. That's their platform blanket amnesty. No law enforcement abolish ice. Let anybody come and stay. That's it. That's it. Everybody in the world can come. Now if Trump is smart, that's what he's gonna make the centerpiece of his campaign because most Americans they get that. We can't have three billion people coming to the United States and doing whatever they want to do. But Nancy Pelosi would before that would favor that she say she wouldn't. But then you said, well, how would you stop it? Who we need electric high tech? This bunch of Boll. She doesn't want people detained. So we so what we have the electric tech. So what when she doesn't want ice who's going to pick them up. Please go to our shop. If you want signed copies of the United States, Trump, please, get the orders in now because we're going to be swamped in the fall when it comes out September twenty fourth now, the quick break back with the final Florida. They on Trump. Fatigue recently, I had a great conversation with the CEO of the Hartford gold group Sanford man is a true entrepreneur, I like those kind of guys looking to provide customers with the best possible experience when they invest in physical gold and silver. So right now, the Hartford, gold group is giving you a free silver coin to viewers of the no spin news exclusively, you just go to WWW dot Hartford gold group dot com. Com forward slash no spin. Or you can give them a call at eight six six four eight four zero five one seven eight six six four eight four zero five one seven, tell them O'Reilly sent you. Get the free gift. Okay. Final thought of the day. There is a report on axios left wing website, that says Trump fatigue is real. Interests and political coverage is down in America. I believe it. I think people or need a break. Not to say that Trump support is down. It's the same -ness of the presentation on cable news, cable news ratings are down as I told you and the hatred toward prison. Trump people's want to hear about anymore for what? Pick up once the United States Trump, my book comes out, will pick up because then gesture book, you'll learn something you don't know. But now I do believe there's Trump fatigue. I do believe say summer wanna have some fun. I wanna lose hate. I don't wanna have to read the tweets the president puts out. I think that's going on. But it will snap back once the campaign of two thousand twenty gets in full motion tomorrow. We will give you a debate preview and, you know, do we do here we hope to see that.

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