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There's some scalping happening which makes sense too hot ticket, but go to crooked dot com slash events and use the official pages. Thank you. So there is Donald Trump sitting in that chair in the Oval Office. Everything's good right now, James comb. He's out of the way told the Russians not gonna have any problems any more Jeff Sessions, he steps out to take a phone call, and it's rod Rosenstein, and he tells Jeff Sessions that he has appointed a special prosecutor the square John all the law. The marine with that bipartisan, gene. That's right. We're talking about Robert Mueller. Jeff Sessions comes back in sheepishly explains. There is now going to be a special counsel. I wanna make sure I get what Donald Trump said back, correct? He said, and I quote, oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked. Which of course, when anyone finds out they're going to be investigated and they're innocent. Then mmediately believe that their life is over like this give me a quote from OJ Simpson in the back of a Bronco. I will say this Jeff Sessions carried a resignation letter. Every time he went to the White House. Also, Michael Kahn received a text from a Russian businessman that said stopped flow of tapes from Russia, but not sure if there's anything else, just so, you know. Anti Donaldson began chief of staff on March twelfth two thousand seventeen had notes that read quote POS in panic slash chaos. Need binders to put in front of Bodas? All right. He represents us right here. In California's twenty eighth. This is the chair of the house intelligence committee. Please welcome back congressman, Adam Schiff. It's home field advantage or in your district as I've said before I'm so proud that. You're my Representative. And then I'm not represented by some backbench. Bozo. That I got I got somebody with a gavel in their phone kind. Well, I'm so glad you're my constituent, and you've got a big microphone your hands. Thank you. So recently, a lot of Republicans on the intelligence committee have been calling for your resignation anything to say to them. Now. Yes. Read the report. It's been a sad fact on our committee now for a year and a half with my ranking Member Mr Nunez that basically when the White House says jump I'm not talking about the cow here. Because that would get applause. I'm sure when the president says jump he says how high and it was choreographed by the White House before that committee meeting a couple of weeks ago. This was their stratagem, and it's a disservice to our committee and the congress, but it is what it is. So let's talk about this report. Obviously, there's a lot of impact. There's a lot still redacted. Did anything really surprise you today? When you saw the details of the document, you know, it wasn't really so much. That surprised me we knew about many of the interactions between the Trump campaign and the Russians we knew certainly about some of the acts of obstruction. What the report did was go into granular detail about these in a way that we hadn't seen before and new instances of misconduct. But the, you know, the top line is this is three to four hundred pages of damning conduct by the president night states and people around him multiple lies. Is and falsehoods the urging people to lie on his behalf illicit contacts between his campaign and the Russians the Russians efforts to interfere in our elections in a massive way, the president's efforts to obstruct that investigation among those hundreds of pages there is not a single page that reflects well on the president of the United States. And that is not a cause for exoneration. Vindication or anything like it? It is a cause for condemnation tell you if I were on the part of your show where you do the wheel of rant. Close. But sure. Yeah. What I would be ranting about at the moment is our attorney general who I think terribly misled the country repeatedly there were as we suspected summaries of Muller's work in Muller's own words that this attorney general chose not to use he chose instead to tell a false narrative that the president wanted to put out there, and I think he used himself, sadly as the president's personal lawyer, not as the attorney general of the United States. So now that we have the report is there any justification for having released that four page summary that isn't political that isn't partisan on behalf of the president. There's no justification whatsoever. If the attorney general acting in good conscience wanted to release a summary. So that the country wouldn't have to wait for whatever it actions to take place. He could have released Muller's summary, in fact, when you look at Muller's summaries in the report there are very few reductions from the summer. So there was no reason to do that. Except for the fact that bar wanted to do two things he wanted to please the boss by pushing out this false narrative of no collusion. No, obstruction and second. He wanted to aggregate to himself before people read the report that it was his job to decide that the evidence of obstruction could not result in a prosecution of the president when it's clear that the report itself believed that those kind of decisions about what should follow from the presence, many accident obstruction were to be left to congress not to Bill bar. So do you think that Bill bar deserves? I mean, do you believe he should resign? Do you believe that if he doesn't resign? He deserves to face an impeachment inquiry of his own. I don't know what the consequences should be for bar. I do know this, and I said this ever since his confirmation hearing there is no way that this man should have been confirmed for the job in the first place and. And. For that reason. I think when they write this chapter of history, some of the most damning language will be reserved not just for Donald Trump. But for the Republicans in congress who refused to stand up to this deeply unethical immoral human being in the Oval Office that barcode addition for the job by writing that nineteen page legal diatribe, and that any Senate would confirm someone with such an obvious bias against the investigation without demanding his recusals is inexcusable, and you know, the the only people who the report reflects on in a positive way at all. And who would thunk it are the people who refused to do the president's bidding and one of them happened to be bars predecessor Jeff Sessions who refuse to ignore the advice of ethics lawyers. Then interesting that in this document know, it is fascinating that Jeff Sessions seems to be, you know, it's it's a low standard, but one of the only people inside of this institution with an eye on what his actual. Genuine responsibilities are. No, that's very true look bar when he was asked her in his confirmation will you seek the advice of ethics laws. We follow the advice. His answer was no Jeff Sessions at least had the standing and backbone to say, I'm not going to ignore. What the ethics laws are telling me. Johnny Carson interviewed a journalist who've been covering the Nixon investigations. And what that journalists said was in all the documents. And all the tapes, there's never a point at any point that anyone says this is wrong that what we're doing is wrong. And we have a four hundred page document, and there is literally no place anywhere. Unless I missed it where anyone raises a moral objection. The only there do seem to be moments when someone says I can't do that. I'll get in trouble. But there seems to be no one at any point in this process around collusion or obstruction where someone said hold on. This isn't the right thing to do. Unfortunately, that's exactly right in all of these contacts. These approaches made by the Russians this hostile foreign power and probably the most graphic. Of course, is that involving this secret meeting at the Trump Tower New York where the Russians offered dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what they describe as the Russian government effort to help the Trump campaign. What is the Trump campaign reaction? Not absolutely not not we're going to report you the FBI. It's Don jR, saying if it's what you say it is. I'd love it. And that's that's the attitude. The permeates this whole report, which is, hey, if you're going to help us through social media by pushing out, you know, divisive content or through hacking dumping, operation, whatever we would love it. Now Muller concluded that's no crime. Maybe it should be. But he concluded that's no crime. But it is so unethical and immoral and unpatriotic that all of us on both sides of the aisle should condemn it out. So it was pretty fascinating. Just Don jR, today, basically take victory lap. Because the report concludes that he was too stupid to realize he was committing criminal offenses. So let's talk about obstruction Muller talks a lot about Mohur dogs. A lot about the role of congress in this report Appelbaum in the Atlantic describe their port as an impeachment referral laying out not only a ton of evidence for obstruction, but also the legal basis for placing the responsibility in congress hands. Do you agree with that description of this report, I do agree that what Muller did was provide all the documentation all the evidence that he accumulated on these for example, ten instances of obstruction of Justice and submitted to congress and say, basically, I'm not allowed to indict if I were able to make that judgment. I could not conclude that a crime didn't occur here. But I'm not allowed to make that judgment. And here's another area where Bill bar misled the country in suggesting that that factor that you couldn't indicted, sending president wasn't something. The special counsel was considering that was foremost in in his consideration. Instead Muller said that there are remedies for president who either violates the law or is unfit for office. And it's the congress. And so this evidence needs to go to the congress. And also, by the way, this evidence needs to be preserved. So that when the president is out of office, the Justice department can't consider indicting him. Then so your colleague Steny Hoyer said earlier today based on what we have seen today going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile. At this point, very, frankly, there's an election in eighteen months and the American people will make a judgment since then he has walked that back and said he wants to see the full report, and he believes all options should be on the table. You told a man whose name is wolf Blitzer? Impossibly, but you said this about impeachment. The evidence would have to be quite overwhelming and demonstrable, and such that it would generate bipartisan support for the idea that it renders the president on fit for office. This is something we talked about back in February and the stage you've written about there's a phrase in there. That's doing a lot of work you say, and such that what if the evidence is overwhelming, but that still doesn't create the bipartisan support. Well, it's problem because it means that members of congress won't do their constitutional duty that they view their job as not defending our institutions, whether it's the Coequal branches of government or the freedom of the press, but rather as acting as an extension of Rudy Giuliani, and that's a problem. And that's a serious problem. We've had all along. I don't think we take anything off the table. And I think it is insupportable for the Justice department to simultaneously take the position you can't indict a sitting president. But unless you begin an impeachment proceeding. We're not gonna show you the grand jury material that would help you. Women whether you should bring an impeachment proceeding. I think this is why the grand jury secrecy rules have a provision that says preliminary to such a proceeding you can provide this information to congress. So we're going to get that information where to go after that information, we should reserve judgment until we see all the evidence about what the right remedy is. But on this question of the bipartisan basis of impeachment doesn't it back the question because in the same way that you're saying you can't have the information from the grand jury until you pursue impeachment. But you don't wanna pursue impeachment till you have the information isn't one of the ways that we make an impeachment inquiry bipartisan by making the case by saying, here's why we believe Donald Trump ought to be impeach because despite our sadness at the truth of it. He clearly committed obstruction of Justice. And therefore we want to get to the bottom it through. This inquiry isn't saying from the start that we can't pursue impeachment till it's bipartisan giving up before you've begun. It doesn't mean just because you want to see the evidence before you initiate, peach. Preceding doesn't mean that you're. Not doing investigative work. We are in my committee, and the judiciary committee the oversight committee. We are continuing investigations, and that may very well produce quite in addition to what Bob Muller did the evidence necessary to take a digital steps. Like impeachment. We shouldn't prejudge it. But the fact that we don't begin with an impeachment proceeding doesn't mean we're not doing the hard Spade work of making the information public. So that we can see whether there's a bipartisan consensus that this means the president is unfit for office. So that work goes on. And and, you know, add to that the mall report looked at essentially a two or three things that looked at the social media operation looked at the hacking dumping operation. It looked at the elicit contacts between the Russians and the Trump campaign. It did not for the most part follow the money. And that is what we're determined to do on the intelligence committee in the financial services committee. There's no discussion of whether the Russians were laundering money that the Trump organization, and this is leverage at the Russians are applying the president United States. And indeed one of the points that Muller makes in his report is that simultaneously to the criminal investigation. There was an ongoing counterintelligence investigation to determine whether the president to others around him were acting wittingly or unwittingly as agents of a foreign power. So we need to get that evidence. As Muller points out that some of that evidence is not even included in the report, and that also will be important for us to determine what consequences are necessary to protect the gut. And I appreciate that. I appreciate that. There is a vast amount. We still don't know that there's a lot of evidence that could change people's minds a lot of evidence of criminality. We have no idea about yet that the major investigation was limited in scope, but on obstruction, right? Richard Nixon one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon was obstruction of Justice. Bill Clinton was impeached by Republicans on perjury and obstruction of Justice. We have an a tremendous amount of evidence of obstruction of Justice. It is hard to imagine there being more evidence that would change the mind of someone who is currently saying that there's nothing there. They look at this report. And they say there's. Nothing there if the standard is that impeachment has to be pipe partisan and only one party believes in the rule of law, doesn't that mean the rule of law only applies to one party. It does mean that the system is broken of that our democracy is very much at risk. The fact that there is no longer any John McCain that there's no Baker of this generation to go to the president and say essentially, your conduct is so unbecoming of a president night. States demonstrating such on fitness for office that unless you leave we're going to have to remove you. There is no one of backbone willing to stand up to this president. And yes, that means that the democracy is trembling because we don't have that kind of check about. So I mean, the Republicans in congress Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy won't even defend Congress's most important power the power of the purse, what hope is there that they'll do the right thing. Vis-a-vis the other areas in which the president had states is violating our system of checks and balances so yes, it does mean the system is broken. But I don't take the view that if you build it they will come. I think we need to continue the investigative work. We have to hope that we can win over our GOP colleagues to see their duty rather than their party. And if they don't there isn't much of a remedy except the ballot box Democrats in the house can impeach Donald Trump based on the evidence we have right now. I I don't know about you. I'm someone who read the report today, you're UC classified information. You've been you've been deep in this investigation. You read the report today, do you believe based on what we know right now that Donald Trump committed obstruction of Justice, I do and I believed for quite some time that he is unfit for office. And do you believe that obstruction of Justice is an impeachable offense? Obstruction of Justice is unquestionably impeachment offense peachable offense. The question at the moment is is there any hope of a conviction or are. We just advocating put. Being the president through the trial in the house is the trial in of itself valuable worthwhile enough, even if there's no prospect of conviction now as a prosecutor our view was always unless you believed you could get a conviction. You didn't try the case? Even if you felt the defendant was guilty. What an appeasement preceding would mean if we bring it about prematurely before we see all the evidence before we determined. Whether we have a plausible case with our colleagues in the Senate is that it means all of the rest of our gender, our efforts to create better paying jobs for people in a higher income our efforts to expand healthcare all of that is pushed aside, and that's a huge sacrifice at the end of the day. I think what's going to matter. Most the people in twenty twenty is what we're doing to improve the quality of people's lives. And I don't think we can never lose sight of that when Robert Muller testifies, what are you interested in asking him about? Well, I'm you know, in in our committee, and I think we will differ from the judiciary committee in this. The judiciary. Committee is going to be predominantly concerned with the obstruction of Justice issues. We are going to be concerned with what we have been focused on in our committee from the very beginning. Which is this investigation began in order to look to whether the president that people around him were compromised by a foreign power and taking actions that were against the interests of the United States because they were compromised now that compromise could be the laundering of money by the Russians. It could have been Moscow Trump Tower of the president I'd states while deceiving the country during the campaign was seeking to make the most lucrative deal of his life in Moscow and one that required the approval of the Kremlin the same Kremlin in which he was praising Vladimir Putin at the time that is deeply compromising. If there is other compromise either by the Gulf states, the Kushner families seeking financing and that accounts for why the president criticized the crown prince, even when it involves the murder of a US person kashogi, if the reason he can criticize. Anybody, but apparently Putin and Kim Jong on and the crown prince is because he still wants to build this tower in Moscow that we need to know what we need to expose it. We need to take legislative steps to protect the country one. Final question. Burger King is testing and impossible burger an impossible. Walker a vegetarian. I believe vegan opera. I know that you are a vegan. Are you excited about this is currently being tested in Saint Louis is there legislation? You can introduce to have that testing period moved to vegan places like LA. You know, this is a very serious question. The others were not so much serious. But this really is you may not recall that the last time I was on your show. I did my rant about vegan burgers that are served on a non vegan bun. So the question is does Burger King use a non vegan bun because if they don't I'm going to be pissed and. And hopefully, there will be bipartisan basis to get to the bottom of that chairman, Adam Schiff, thank you so much proud to be represented by ever. Thank you for being here. One more time. Congressman Adam Schiff. We come back. We'll have our panel. Hey, don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up love it or leave. 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He's an investigative reporter for BuzzFeed news, a finalist for the Pulitzer prize for international reporting and was inducted into the national freedom of information hall of fame. Please welcome Jason Lee. They didn't isn't great. Everything's good gulag, right? Yeah. Yeah. She's a comedian and writer who has worked on big mouth, high maintenance and HBO's pod. Save america. Please welcome back metered, you hurry. Do me Trump. Great, really good. Good to be back. That's it. And. You've seen him in time traveling Bong rough night and not only starring but also a writer and director of broad city. Please welcome Paul W downs. Loophole. Hello. How you doing? I'm great. Let's get into it. What a week. So out of information came out today. I ran through some of it. I want to run through some other piece of information from the mole report that came out that surprise people, obviously, I referenced earlier the fact that Donald Trump was quoted as saying, oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked. However, we don't know how he said it. So I would really appreciate it. If each of you could give us a line reading before we start again, the quotas own my God, this is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked. Jason would you mind kicking us off? Oh my God. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked pretty good. Pretty good. Pretty good maitre. Oh my God. This is the end of my presidency. This is terrible. I'm fucked. That's that is a for years of theater school. And four thousand dollars worth of improv classes, so great. It's a lot of improv. That's a lot of a lot of improv Paul you're up. Oh my God. This is, sir. I'm. Thank you. Thank you. All. Thank you. Some other facts from the report the president attempted to obstruct Justice on many occasions. But the only reason he was unsuccessful is because his administration wouldn't follow through on what he often ask them to do. Russians recruited moderators of conservative social media groups to promote Russian generated content and recruited individuals to do things like walking around New York City dressed up as Santa Claus with Trump mask. Previous recall them, again said that the president had asked him to do crazy shit. Sarah Sanders had to admit under oath to straight up lying to reporters about top. FBI officials being mad at chains Komi Russian intelligence targeted Clinton emails for the first time just five hours after Trump publicly asked them to do it. The president asked Don Mcgann, his his White House counsel. Why do you take notes lawyers? Don't take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes began responded that he keeps notes because he's a real lawyer and explained that notes create a record and are not a bad thing. The president said I've got a lot of great lawyers like ROY Cohn. He did not take notes. And then on December of two thousand sixteen Jared Kushner met with the head of a Russian Bank gave Kushner to gives a painting and a bag of dirt from the town in Belarus, where Kushner's family, originated Kushner, got a bag of dirt. Jason I wanted to start with you. What was your reaction to the report today? My immediate reaction was like holy shit. This is a damning report, it's a it's it had a ton of new information. And I've been reporting on the investigation for two years, but the details that were revealed in this report, for example, as you mentioned Hillary Clinton's emails right after they were missing Trump tasking various officials go and find them like Michael Flynn who then contacted the GOP operative. Peter Smith the details about for example, that there's a nother fourteen for referrals judge. We know about twelve I don't yet know. Yeah. So that's brand new information and certainly with regard to Trump Tower Moscow, the level of involvement that Trump and his lawyers had which is we reported in Michael Collins testimony and just throughout the campaign. How they were trying to get this off the ground and the number of contacts with various Russian officials. And then honestly, just the the, you know, the the other part of it is the fact that the president stating that he had no involvement in many of these projects that in fact, we were straight up lies. So I wasn't so surprised by the number of lies. But there are quite a bit there. And and this does confirm your reporting on Trump Tower Moscow, and you've done a lot of incredible reporting on the entanglements the financial environments political entanglements between Donald Trump and Russia and the efforts to lie to conceal it. And what we did learn in this report is there were many occasions, which Donald Trump instructed people to lie on his behalf. Now, one of them that you've been involved in some controversy over this just a tiny tiny bit. So you reported in BuzzFeed that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to congress. And then Robert Muller's committee issued a statement with a very carefully worded denial. This has been a subject of a lot of questions. Donald Trump has tried to export this a lot of this is hinged on what it means to be directed. A lot of this is hinged on what evidence you gathered in the report, it says with regard to coincide statements to congress while there is evidence described below that the president knew Cohen provided false testimony to congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project the evidence available to us does not establish that the president directed or aided Cohen's false testimony yet you dispute that. So where does this stand? Now, we put out an update this evening to sort of explain our sourcing from January, and the reason that we stood by it is because our sources stood by. And as we stated this evening, Ben Smith auditor and chief wrote a very lengthy post on it to to sort of update everyone in our sources describe for us, and we revealed tonight that they shared some notes with us. They share notes from my goal from the interview Michael Cohen had with FBI. We felt that the special counsel was not being in that statement is quite ambiguous. We sensu. Alie feel at this point that you know, Muller statement is the final word it's the law in in terms of what he said that the evidence could not establish anything. And we know that you know, what our sources had told us which are law enforcement sources, they believe that this was essentially based on Coen's interview that he was directed to lie Muller, obviously disputes that in terms of how he characterizes the evidence. And it really for us provides a lot of insight as to what that statement men back in January. Do you wanna point out that since I saw was was published subsequent testimony that Michael Cohen gave to congress. He's noted that from in code, and it was more implicit as opposed to explicit two weeks ago. He also his lawyers also sent congress at ten page letter, essentially laying out all the ways in which Trump had instructed him encouraged him and even directed him to lie. So at this point, we are essentially saying that this is what? Muller said, and that that is kind of where it stands, right? But it doesn't seem like it just hinges on this notion of everyone around Donald Trump knows they're supposed to lie. Trump's behalf. Sometimes he's explicit. I see it's implied in their conversation. A lot of there are there are other examples where Donald Trump just turns to someone and just says a falsehood doesn't ask that to be repeated. It doesn't ask them what to line their behalf. But it is expected that they repeat it how much of this. You think is just a dancing on the head of the pen about the semantics of the word directed. I do think it's that I think that there is quite a bit of evidence in this report that makes it abundantly clear that Michael Cohen believed. He was being directed to lie. I mean, they go into the details about the length of time. He spent on the phone with the White House counsel about his testimony that if he did not if he went rogue they use that that that word going rogue and went off script that they'd cut off his legal funding. So it does seem to sort of make the case that it was more, implicit, frankly. I'm I'm kinda interested to see what the evidence is that he provided to the special counsel. During those interviews that would shed a little bit more light on that. But, but as I said, you know, we put out an update this evening, people can read it Muller did say this. We stuck by our story and our sources we spoke to them this evening. We revealed that they shared notes with us. And that's what we based our story on meet your there are some people that aren't very interested in the evidence. Or what's to come? People like Kellyanne Conway Republicans are claiming vindication from the report Kellyanne Conway said this on the White House lawn. We're accepting apologies today to anybody who feels the grace in offering them, I present you the document that shows the Democrats successes. Hi. This is the success of the Democrats in the first one hundred days in congress here. It is there's not I just want to for the people listening to this podcast. It was vicious burn. She did hold up a blank piece of paper. Meet your do you think that Republicans have been vindicated? And do we owe Kellyanne an apology? So I don't necessarily think that we owe Republicans and apology, but I actually waiting for an apology, which I will explain a lot of you are my close personal friends out in the crowd tonight. And for those of you who are you might not know that Miller is my older brother, and he knew perfectly well that I was planning on releasing a report of my own today. I spend a lot of time working on it. And it's well documented in the family text chain that I was going to release a report of my own today. And he went ahead and released his need lots and lots of time but duty on any other day of the year to do it. I'd book report that I've been working on for three months is six pages. Long doublespace about the Konta Monte Cristo. I put my heart and soul into it. It's really smart. I talk about symbols. I got sources. Okay. Footnotes? I've got a bibliography you can tell the I tried really really hard which is difficult for me because I'm fucking dumb. All right. So he puts out the report and the even contact me about mine my fan. My parents are not interested. Our parents are not interested in the work that I put forward. So it's a really hard day for me. And no one's talking about it. Okay. So I don't think we I think I deserve an apology and ask for Kellyanne. The paper thing is funny. Yeah. Rushed it. She got a good. Good burn. It was like paper like what are the democratic congressman? She's like, oh, she must have a list. Like, he's the paper. Go for it girl. She you know, a broken clock. You know? Oh. Every now, and then you're going to get that sick burn out there. And you're gonna get me ELO. She's she's bad. We hater. But sometimes you can make you laugh. So if anybody wants to hang out after the show bring me some comfort we're seeing and for those of you who are listening at home every hand in the room to shut up. Plays. Crazy, you fell wind on stage from from the hands going up, and I'm wearing a gorgeous gorgeous fascinating, and it fell to the ground from the wind of all the hands racing. A fascinating is what people wear to like Kentucky Derby or the Queen parties the real Queen. So if if you didn't if you're all wearing fascinated so we should just we h have different fascinated with a different redacted pages turned into a little a little bow. Another piece of this is William bar releasing that four page memo. I think up until today, you know, Republicans are getting sorted by journalists into kind of these two categories like truly untrustworthy kind of bargain. Basement Trump goons and serious Republicans who hold their nose who are the adults from back in the good old days. And I think a lot of people sorted William bar into that good old days category. Someone who might be dishonest in the cool normal way, but not going to lie to our faces. But it seems today we have learned that Bill bar was willing to go to great lengths to spin. And manipulate this information on behalf of Donald Trump. Do you think this will affect in any way, both of the what we learned about the way the White House lies and the way Bill bar behaved? Well, this affect the way the the reporters that cover the White House engage with the White House. I think it's a great question because I think the report lays out how to further engage with the White House. House as well as other officials such as Bill bar. No. I don't think it will change it all, and that's just based on being, you know, I'm based here in L A and kind of being outside of that DC reporting bubble which people will hate me for saying that. But it's it's more of an observation that I think that you know, you you sort of go along with with essentially what you've been going along with for for quite some time. I think more which is the sort of standard. Like, here's the press conference. Here's what they're saying. I mean last night, for example, the Washington Post published a story about, you know, the report is going to be lightly redacted, and that this was clearly coming from the Justice department or they were they were spinning. I mean, the report is, you know, a third of the report is redacted that's not lightly redacted to me. So I think that will just sort of in my opinion, kind of see. See a continuance of of the way things are what in the, you know, your your investigative journalists. You're on this story. What are the areas of redaction that you want to go after next? What were the little what were the nuggets that stuck out to you as something you want to dig into everything all of it? And let me just promote a little thing that we're doing which is we actually sued for the report I sued under the freedom of information act to get a copy of this report. And as well, I did that as well. Yeah. So we did it together. We go into civil says easier TV, I did a criminal mind was marred. And but the reason the reason I did this was. Yeah. I want people to go to jail judge reductions, you know, they need to go to jail. I just wanna out there out. You ask judge Judy for the report, I don't want to brag. But I have her number. Yeah. I did. I did. And also judge Judy for supreme court. I'm going to put it out there. Now, I think that'd be great. And I kind of think Trump will get on board with that somehow his adult mine, it'd be like, yes, judge Judy. And I think that'd be great anyway. Yes, I'm with you, by the way on shooting. But the reason that we sued for this report was because we knew it was going to be redacted and under the freedom of information act. What happens is that the Justice department now has due process. This report for us. Right. They'll end up probably giving us the same report. I get to through the lawyer litigate the reductions, we get to challenge everything that's redacted, the Justice department the government now has to explain to us each and every redaction why it's been redacted. And we get to litigated in hopes that it will be further unredacted. We also will they will be required to tell us. You know, what the harm is? If information is revealed what is. The what is the potential national security or are a threat if there is any or what would what would the harm be? And then we get to challenge that. So the hope is that we can further, you know, unredacted if you will. And I you know, I I wanna see it all unredacted. All right. And so does our, you know, so you well, I'm seeing so that I can see my boyfriend's tax. So a lot of like really important voyeur related lawsuits. The unredacted Muller report on redacted tax me tras boyfriends tax of equal value. We come back. Okay. Stop. Don't go anywhere. Love it or leave it and there's more on the way love it or leave. It is brought to you by stamps. No one really has time to go to the post office. Now, you're busy busy who's got time for all that traffic parking lugging, all your mail and packages, it's a real hassle. You're not Santa you can never find a parking spot around there. What are you Santa not Santa? You're not Santa. 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We want to get back to audience questions. I want to say that we understand. And we're very grateful that you're here. We are giving you an hour of substance and talk on our airwaves. So we can get over the FOX thing. If if you're. Okay. One of these. You said get over the FOX thing the way Tom Hanks asked Meg Ryan to get over him shutting down her bookstore. The into question if you could raise your hand here, a show of hands of how many people get their insurance from work private insurance right now, how many get it from providence charts. Okay. Now, all those how many are willing to transition to what the Senator says government runs. Going home. Got a lot of hands reminds me of when I asked people to hang out MIR. Millions of people every single. Yeah. Lose their health insurance. You know, why they get fired what they quit and they go to another employer. You're changing trips every year millions of workers wake up in the morning, and their employer has changed the journal that they have maybe they liked the doctors up people dotting the heads. Okay. So this is not new every year that what we're talking about. Actually is ability that when you have a Medicare roll it is now. Okay. Song? Just mesmerized. Speechless. I just want to say this has Bernie been on queer eye. His hair is better his hair. Look good short. And it's white. It's wild her. Do not buttoned-down. No. That was good. He looked great sharp skies ending to watch them on me a case for Medicare for all on FOX. Yeah. Well, I feel like he loaded the crowd, which is cool. But those were in Arizona and baby boomers driving there and their golf cart. Like, they usually get those were those Bernie people, what do you guys think out there, actually, I'm curious? What everyone it's an interesting debate. Because John, and I were debating this on our little positive Morgan livestream. How many of you land on the we should do everything we can to undermine the legitimacy and Democrats should not go there camp? And how many of you land on the side of we have to fight FOX by bring our ideas to them by Bernie going on FOX. Exposes people to another point of view. And maybe that's first step on on on how change things, and that's okay. So. I can't describe how quickly it would be executed. If I came into a FOX studio. We come back. We're going to place a mad libs. With those reductions. Kate don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up love it or leave. It is brought to you by Robin Hood, Robin Hood is an investing that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. Well, other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees. So you can trade stocks and keep all of your profits. 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If you're like me, you're curled up next to the pool this morning with a pinochle out in one hand, the mole report and the other, and you read it cover to cover couldn't put it down wasn't paid two seventy two crazy. I can't believe Eric Trump killed Dumbledore. But about of the third of the pages in the thing had a redaction. That means there's a lot more for us to learn while we wait for Democrats in congress to find out what a subpoena is. We thought we do our best to figure out what's underneath those pesky black bars and a segment we're calling Muller. Mad libs. So here's how this is gonna work. We're going to ask you just to start shouting out some suggestions for some of these blank spots. And then we're going to read what we've all come up with together. Okay. Everybody to shout outs. What a sociopath would say. If you won the lottery. All right, somebody who shouted out to shout it out play along. Now, I can hunt man, we're going to go with that. All right. Number two. We need what you say if you spilled pudding on Prince, Harry. You're not you're still American. He's British you spilled the pudding. Why would you start shouting British should at him because you still put? Take it off. We heard a take it off. All right next. We need the saddest thing you've heard lately. The spire fell. All right. Let's do it. Let's do it. The spire fell. That's tough. But it's the saddest thing year. It's they're going to rebuild it. Maybe not. Maybe I heard maybe not. But they're gonna they're gonna fix it up. So calm down. It'll be better by the Olympics mccrone said so all right. Let's see how he did. Jason kick us off. Page. Fifty three Cohen further told the office that after WikiLeaks is subsequent release of stolen emails in July two thousand sixteen candidate trumps said Toco and something to the effect of now I can hunt, man. Meteo here up after the June ninth meeting concluded Goldstone apologized to Trump junior. According to Goldstone, he told Trump junior take. You did that. Until Ayman a goal RAV. I Laura Laura. That's what I meant Christina Aguilera, info, call that. The meeting was about adoption all your up page seventeen. Some witnesses said that Trump himself discussed the possibility of upcoming releases. Michael Cohen, then executive vice president of the Trump organization and special counsel, the Trump recalled hearing the spire fell Cohen recalled that Trump responded. Oh, good. All right. And that's Muller. Mad lives. We come back. We'll Mark four twenty. Oh my God. The one guy that just loses. It. Don't go anywhere. Love it or leave it. It's more on the way love it or leave. It is brought to you by on running talk about your own experience with on running shoes and apparel where every day John wears constantly. I'm on their website right now Tommy's on their website right now. 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So it's on dash running dot com slash love. It on is so confident in their products that they're offering listeners a chance to actually test the shoes that means running outside for thirty days commitment free. If you're not convinced you return the shoes for full refund. Use the promo code try on crooked. Trion crooked is the code on running dot com slash on dash running dot com slash love. It. And we're back. This episode will be released on April. Twentieth which I've heard many federal criminals also referred to as four twenty four twenty. According to my dare officer is a reference to how many humans get killed every time you hit a vape pen at the movies. Yes. The legalisation movement has gone a long way over the last decade from joke on college campuses to something the entire democratic primary field believes in currently ten states have legalized recreational marijuana including Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Vermont Washington and chats bedroom because Chet believes he does not belong to any state because they can't box them in like that might dude. I also took four thousand hours of improv. But since most people on the left now agree legalisation is a worthy goal. We thought we might take a step back and look at some of the nuances in the issue. And since a lot of you at home might be indulging in this high. Holy day. We thought we'd get on your level in a segment, we're calling puff puff fact. So each panelist is going to read a few facts for those of you partaking at home Jason is going to kick off. What's good bond? Lords vape goats. How's it going out there and podcast land? Hope you getting nice getting toasty. You do my dude? But before we torch up that Hetty crunch berry Kush. Let's take a moment for token moment to recognize that legalization has been one very killer. Sash feel like I'm speaking in like some phone sex voice on. Yeah. Honestly, the best acting. I've heard in order. In my area long time. It's been real straight for the country arrests are down and states or saving millions and law enforcement costs. That's a lot of sweet I'll in skunk. There's no public health crisis. And no real increase in the is car crashes. Lots of people getting wrecked. If you know what I mean? I'm talking states raking in hell of tax revenues on dabs edibles glass and the dank est juiciest nuggets. Also, it creates jobs like mine at the new twenty four hour keys knows check it out even a majority Republicans support legalizing hobbits broccoli soup. Go on get Krispies. Fuck. I'd have to tell you. If I was cop. Hobbits broccoli. Mitri you're up. You know, how sometimes you think something is good. And then all of a sudden, you realize it might also be bad like straws heard of them. You're sick or the Dave Matthews band. Well, take a deep breath because while the bud has been kind, you know, it's not been kind racial disparity and policing. So take a look at your stained black light poster and just five with me for a second. We're chronic is concerned. It's a chronic problem in the two thousands black people were four times as likely as white people to be arrested on charges related to stickiest Vicki's. Even though both groups take fat sexy rips with roughly the same frequency and today where hairy top chef read is legal. There are fewer arrests. But when they happen look at who is targeted in Colorado. Black people are still three times more likely than white people to get arrested in Alaska ten times more likely Washington DC eleven times. Dave Matthews not here, man. And neither would it seem is Justice. Ladies and gentlemen. Please go down for the tape. JJ? Oh my God. My god. I forgot that they were coming. I forgot they were coming every coming into play. I know everybody buckle up. This fifteen minutes of just the snare drum from ants marching. Just that one. While you're up. Yeah. Let me get let me get my voice. My hi. Misunder son, not toke sky smoker. Legal we'd caches crispy crunchy and flowing like the slippery bape dunk and twenty eighteen stick industry was worth over ten billion dollars, bro. And that value is expected to exceed sixteen billion in two thousand nineteen whoa. And okay, you're muffs Bob Marley. But the economic impact is not one love, yo. The green cash from the green herb is largely benefiting white faces finding reliable dispensary. Data is like correctly dosing homemade space cakes. But according to one estimate among three thousand dispensaries only thirty run by black business owners, yo that's one percent or the probability that you'll remember in thirty minutes that you disorder Taco Bell Cantina from post mates. My surprise though. Maryland who righteously legalized mother earth's green gift last year has thus far issued fifteen grower licenses. None of the recipients were black too many numbers you still with me. Remember earlier, how police overwhelmingly targeted people of color when they were criminalised we'd in the past well as of two thousand sixteen every state that had legal or recreational Kush also banned anyone with a felony from participating in legal marijuana business. Anyway, that is FOX up, bro. These days it's slightly. That's harsh, but this gave certain we gender fires and early advantage on us a bigger head of the smokestacks, aka the good good bread. Also known as money all. There's a light at the end of the edible induced panic attack where you make all your friends leave Dodger Stadium in the third inning. Because you know for our factor. Having a stroke reality, you're just gently crying while eating a funnel cake. We might make you hyper aware of your mouth, but we'd has also made California, hyper aware of this discrimination and the Golden State gone. Chad's want to make good Oakland has an equality permit program that guarantees half of all marijuana business permits go to people who are either convicted of marijuana offenses or live somewhere with a disproportionate number of marijuana related arrests. Sort of like how you used to believe that dude for being weird within you saw him at a party and kid was Hella funny. And turns out you were both really into new Rudo. And now you bought him a bunch of Cigna Rudo swag to make all the bullying. It's exactly like that. And California has started retroactively changing people's conviction records marijuana related offenses along with a couple of other states, which if you really think about it kind of isn't that different from legal time travel. It's frigging magic like my favorite movie. Now, you see me to which we all agree should have been called. Now, you don't. This process doesn't solve the unequal access to capital or the racist policing. But it's a start just like how replacing your rita's with baby carrots when you get the munchies is the first step transitioning from sad stonier to dad's donor. Your body is an instrument. I like for real appreciate you. And the time we shared here piece, easy and busy Kush king. And that's puff puff backs. We come back time for the rant wheel. He don't go anywhere who've more of love it or leave it coming up. And as always love it or leave is brought to you by our friends at the cash cash. Download the cash you put in the code pod save or you put in the code Spencer. Or you put it in the code Spencer is not real you get five dollars five dollars goes to Planned Parenthood action fund, which is helping to protect women's health across the country and everyone's health across the country. Somebody noted to me on Twitter that hey, Planned Parenthood helps everybody is true. I've been to Planned Parenthood. You I have fought. I gotta test their you know, because he was regularly tested. And you're not even supposed to be bashful about it. So I went good for you. And I do it again because the great place, you would the point is once you've done all this and you've gotten your five dollars and five dollars has gone to the Planned Parenthood action fund. You've got an app on your phone symbolism. Easiest way to pay people back and have your friends pay you back. What's wrong with your own portable Bank? We're switching from the other apps. We're not using the other payment apps anymore. The other payment apps have nothing on the cash app. So we're switching use the code pod. Save code, Spencer, code Spencer, isn't real and get five dollars. Five dollars goes to Planned Parenthood action fund and of ad. We're back. Signed for the wheel of rant. And you know, how it works. We spend the wheel we ran on the topic. Wherever it lands. There's no time for another card. This week on the wheel. We have Uber and lift stopping in the middle of the street. We have anti Domino's pizza culture. We have Blue Wave blues. We have the Notre Dame fundraising Carl's junior introduced a CBD burger. We have the question who's Mike Pence? The avengers has a three hour Runtime and Don juniors cocky tweets, let's been the wheel. His landed on who's Mike Pence Opole was recently released found that twelve percent of American adults. Don't know who Mike Pence says. Twelve percent of Americans. Many I presume drive cars where pants manage to move through their lives without eating a poison mushroom or petting a wolf. Twelve percent of people have never heard of Mike Pence. It is worth keeping in mind that there is a way of living in America. And it's hard to find. And it's hard to make happen for you. Because here my mind two things have to be true one you have to live your life in such a way that you never hear of Mike Pence, but you have a phone, and you answer it and just listen to whatever someone has to say, including asking you questions about some people you've never heard of. And so I have mixed feelings about these people on the one in obviously, I'm furious at them. How dare you live such a disconnected existence? I mean, you don't participate in our democracy at all to have never heard of the vice president that dead. I'd zella doing a Reagan impressions as one thousand nine hundred five I became known to us because he thought the movie move long was was was reprehensible and constantly refers to people having broad shoulders. Just the weirdest meaningless expression. I've ever heard how dare you get to walk around living in America, where we're all dealing with Mike Pence, but you leave that shit toss that is a political fucking sink full of dishes. That said how cool. What life to wake up in the morning and put on your? I assume little beanie with a fan on it. And. Put on your suspenders, and your and your genes, your limp biscuit, t shirt. Just have no fucking idea about anything. That's happening anything we're talking about hit play on this show. You're like don't know about this don't know about Muller Dono about Pence Dono about shift don't know about bucking any of it. That is so cool. Let's it again. It has landed on anti Domino's culture suggested by me Tra. Well, my rant is just some people who don't think Domino's is good pizza. Because sometimes you want gourmet, and sometimes you feel bad and you want it to come to your house, and it's cheap. It tastes great. They revamped the recipe a few years ago. So there's great spice on it. And people so for the listeners at home people in the crowd are on their face reading, you can't hear it. Because only my mic is picking up my own audio. But people are people are like so excited that I'm talking about this. Yeah. There's not really ranches that I love it. I order it whenever I'm sad. And I eat it in my bed, and I eat four pieces of before I go to bed four base in the morning. I feel very very scene. Because when I have told people in the past that I to get sad order dominos, handmade pan pizza with salami banana peppers and spinach because you need a vegetable, and and I do weight for how specific this is get a blue cheese dipping sauce because it's nice. It's nice. Well, it's gusting and I'm kind of spinning you. Because the reason there's blue cheese is because there are also chicken kickers and. And I'll tell you something else major I five slices because in the morning, I don't need for slices. I can eat threes. Piece of the pie rewards is a program that maybe not everyone in the audience knows about. And I actually am the unofficial self-proclaimed ambassador for piece of the pie rewards, which means you get ten points of time you order pizzas. So if you order six pizzas, you get a free pizza. Listen, if you you didn't know this show started there were at least fifty percent of the people you're looking at right now with the dominoes up on their phone. At least fifty percent of this is clinically depressed. Let's spin it again. Do they not have been? They do. Okay. It's for everybody. Thank you. How do you? Landed on Blue Wave lose from Paul. So this is vintage I know it's old. Okay. I'm talking about the mid terms, but two reasons one I don't think people will yell at me anymore. I think it's like enough people won't yell at me online for this. And also, I need it today. I need something to remember the midterms. Never. We flip the house. Do you recall that we've flipped the house? Yeah. That was good. Right. How about this after we flipped the house? We were like, but the Senate and wasn't really enough. You know, the people that complained after the Blue Wave, I'm like, go home. What is wrong with you cannot enjoy this for one second those people who tweeted maybe, but didn't canvas right? They didn't get out there. And then they were annoyed because Trump wasn't tied up. You know, Trump's not in jail. So it's not really good enough. I'm like we flipped Orange County. Okay. Let me let me enjoy this. I need this. I need something. And I get to sleep tonight. Because I want to you know, I got the sleep sleep of the righteous, and that's my round gray. That's it. Yeah. The sleep of the people that got Adam Schiff a gavel. Yes. Got him. Gobble. Took it out of the that. Weirdos Hindus sues Twitter because of mean tweets. That's. Move over. As is a new chair in town. You know, let's been it again. I'm gonna close my combining Carl's junior CBD burger and the fundraising for the Notre Don. Either. Let's see how it goes. Listen, we've had some fun today about marijuana. We have a right. And I and CBD I get it. I'm interested in it. I see the value of it. I'm not interested in marijuana in food. It doesn't make any sense. I get fancy drinks. I got a fancy cocktail. Because it's like, hey, look at all these different kinds of this drug that we have and you can have different flavors, and as you sip, it, you have a different taste, and you have the experience from the drug getting drunk, and it happens immediately edibles, it doesn't matter what shape. It is doesn't matter. If it was in like a fun burger or popcorn or chocolate bar. You have the fun time of eating it. Then you're three activities later in a totally different part of your life and the drug takes effect. So why is this about having interesting and different forms of the food? It comes in. When you have forgotten the food you ate by the time it hits you. It's like, ooh. This weeds a candy bar this weeds a soda who gives a shit coffee. You drink coffee. You're like well. I'm awake that happened. Fast. Had a couple of sips. Wait a few minutes. Feeling perked up. I'm associating the copy flavor with the good feeling. That's how overtime I train my kid brain copy was discussing into an adult brain. That takes copy is awesome. But with we they're like putting it it's all different kinds of things while acknowledging the central problem takes forty five minutes at if you're lucky I mean, a lot of the worst stories that people tell about edibles, including the one Maureen Dowd told is eight a little you, wait. Oh, wait an hour. Eat a little more you wait a little longer two and a half hours later. Get hit by a fucking ton of bricks. Carl's junior is going to do a CBD burger, and I enjoyed their quote about it. They said it is something that feels right for the brand. We are all about innovation. Well, it's apple and Carl's junior is what like twenty five bucks for. I don't know what it costs. Jason. That's a great question. Get to investigating but. Boy that shit. It's all just a way of saying that we are constantly Daleus with different dumb things. All the time. We are surrounded by media. This isn't going to work. But one reason you might need a CBD burger. Buck. Here's the thing. The reason this is gonna work. The reason Carl's junior is doing this little bit of a, you know, a fun. What do you call it a PR stunt? You know, even though they're really going to sell them. It's April Fool's day. We're all the companies lied to us in the funny way the way they lied to us every day. Maybe that Bernie Sanders townhall worked on me too. The reason they do these kinds of sunsets. Everybody's like hungering for little bits of are divided attention. And then something like that Notre Dame thing happens in all of us. It has all of our undivided attention, and it is sad. And it is a tragedy. Everybody turns on the news. And they see this one thing and even Donald Trump because he's just a news junkie. He turns on television. He's like, I'm a firefighter now, I've got suggestions how to solve this thing. And then the fucking Parisian firefighters while they're throwing buckets of water on medieval tapestries, or like or in English Bellamy's did. And it captivates everyone's attention. Then all of a sudden billionaires the world over like, I'll be the one I'll be the one to rebuild Notre Dom. It'll be me this fashion person. Because obviously a fashion person is the only one with the wherewithal to save Notre Dom. And by the way, here's every person's vacation photo from Notre fucking down. Like you unique and memorable experience that connects all of us to this wonderful place. You went you for five minutes that you've totally forgot about that you had to go deep into your Google photos to find you might have even put cathedral in the search bar because that kinda works. Meanwhile, everybody's paying attention to this one cathedral, and it is sad. And I don't I'm sad that this beautiful old building went down. Anyway, Flint doesn't have clean water. Trump's putting kids in cages we got a lot of worthy causes we'll fix the cathedral, but everybody calm. The fuck down. And that is our show. I want to thank Paul W down to meet your heart. We have. As we have always Nancy Pelosi. Thank you all for coming out on. This mother report day, not a great four twenty. I guess and how the great night.

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