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Making Wrestlemania 36 Work - Notsam Wrestling 283


Today I'm not saying wrestling social distancing or not we're going to try to fix WRESTLEMAINIA GRONK has debuted in. Wwe What content are you watching? Peter Rosenberg is here and a whole lot more. This is not sam wrestling three is introducing your host from New York. Here is Sam Rivers. Here we are for you that needed a reminder. Yes it is Monday. Maybe not saying wrestling. How are you going to keep your calendar up-to-date I dunno. I appreciate those of you because I was noticing that I'm listening to less podcast these days and I guess I mean people that just have different habits but for me. All My podcast. Listening happens in the car. So I have my My lineup that I go through when I'm driving around. I mean on a regular day. I'm going to ours. They're more in the car. Every day I would say on average I probably drive at least two hours a day so get through all my all my shows but now I'm so far behind on everything so I appreciate everybody. That's made an extra effort to stay up to date on. Not Sam wrestling and to those of you using it as an escape in this time of tension. I appreciate all you guys too. And if you really just listening to the show so you know what day of the week it is. I appreciate you guys to welcome to not Sam wrestling. It's Monday is the franchise show. It's not the Patriots show. If you're listening patriotic Thursday but today is Monday and that's why you're listening to not sam wrestling. Of course were coming off of Smackdown on Friday in front of a another empty crowd at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida. If you're not on the Patriot page. If you're not a not Sam Shell. We haven't really spoken since last Monday. And it's very clear the WWe figuring this out as they go as our as everybody. I think you know. I think that's something that we got to keep in mind is when we talk about wrestling the people that are really getting hit hard and the people that really need our support. Are Those independent wrestlers man if you see any independent wrestler putting out content right now click on it watch it share it. They're independent wrestlers. That are putting a youtube content. Watch it you know how get their ad rates up if you WANNA hit them up on on pro wrestling. Tease do that. Because that's the real economic hit of everything that's going on right now. Globally is everybody. That doesn't have that nest egg that everybody that doesn't have that guaranteed paycheck. They get paid when they work and if they can't work they're not getting paid. You know those are the people that you gotTa feel for and I know there are many people that are out there trying to raise money for independent wrestlers in general which I love. So if there's anything you can do to support your favorite Independent wrestlers in this moment. I would say now is certainly the time to do it. I mean you think about all the money that was lost wrestlemainia weekend not just by. Wwe But by everybody kind of The kind of follows the WWE's coat-tails down to wherever it is that they're doing wrestlemainia on a given year. You know there's nothing there for any of those people so I I've been thinking about that and just thought that you guys should definitely be supporting all that although WWe is making the most of it I saw on wwe shop. They debuted their. I wasn't there you know. Every pay per view they make T. shirts that you generally can get in the building. I think that sometimes if there are extra shirts after the event they put them out on. Wwe Shop but generally speaking. You can only get them in the building. It's the it's the pay-per-view shirt that says somewhere. Either on the front or the back I was there and they've put out a couple of t-shirts which if you're a t-shirt collector I would hope you've already purchased. I need to order already. Because I think they're brilliant it just the Wrestlemainia logo and it says I wasn't there. It says you know wrestlemainia. Thirty six Orlando Florida. I think that's great million the best of a bad situation doing what you can screw it support. Wwe To buy those t shirts because they're hilarious we will talk about Wrestlemainia and everything. That's going on around that I do think that the wwe is learning as they go in terms of Putting on the shows if you look at the changes that happened between smackdown last Friday and raw a week ago and then the changes from raw a week ago to smackdown on Friday. Because this week annexed T- wasn't in front of an empty arena. They did They did those video. There's very long video packages and I say that as complementary That were chronicling. Three of the main stories going on in annexed he right now. They took the entire two hour block to fully tell the stories of Gargano and Champa of Charlotte and Ria and of Valor and the evolution of who he is leading to his eventual battle with Walter that I'm sure that he will have I thought he was actually really good. I think that's one of those things that you can watch it anytime if you didn't see this week. It's that's a great thing to go on the wwe networking watch him and putting out a lot of content. Wwe has on their youtube channel in terms of full matches and stuff. I would imagine that they'll be adding a ton of stuff to the WWE network. I talked last week. I think about the batch of nineteen ninety-three episodes of ww Saturday night. But I think everybody that's got access to create content is making it right now. Everybody is trying to get all those eyes and ears and everybody's succeeding people need an escape. That's the best thing that you could possibly do. That's what I'm counting on for me doing. These shows and escape But as I said I W E learning as they go because of the changes that are being made you know I think that Seeing the way matches are presented and the people that are in the matches are changing as they go through these Empty Venue shows. I was very surprised to see Michael Cole out there solo again. And I'm not GonNa sit here and Kiss Michael. Calls asks every single show but I mean nobody gives us do an ounce of credit so the fact that he could run that show solo and he had Sammy's sit in with him and he had a couple of yet a couple of guest commentators throughout the show. Probably what smackdown was supposed to look like last week with triple h just being there in the beginning and then guess people filling in. I should reach out to corey graves. I hope that everything's okay. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure why he's not making the trips unless it just look man crazy stuff going on. I want to be safe. Which if that's the case that's cool too but seeing Michael do it by himself was pretty amazing. You know doing all the it's a lot of heavy lifting that I think people just don't realize so a lot of respect for Michael Call and then the big The big the big GRONK debut was a big noteworthy thing. Did well you know as Super Cheesy? Of course rock giving a lap dance to the ring post was like what are you doing man? But it was very drunk. I mean it was on brand. The whole thing was very on brand for Gronkowski. Throw out there in front of an empty arena is tough and I am interested to see how it plays out for Wrestlemainia. I've got a lot of ideas by the way we're GONNA get into this today. I have a lot of ideas for what we can do with Wrestlemainia because the latest on this is apparently according to the Internet. Wwe is trying to get ahead of this thing and is going to tape a lot of if not all of Wrestlemainia in advance because there's no fans in the audience so you know it's not like they have to worry about spoilers but Wrestlemainia is going to be taped in advance and apparently not all the TV. We'll be live going forward. I think Monday tonight raw will be. I think it'll be live. I don't know there but the rumor is they're taping a whole bunch of episodes of all these shows which I think is is smart like there's no way to guarantee the an organization like wwe is going to be able to keep making content or for the wwe to keep making content. You have to be able to have at least small groups of people together. That travel has to be open. You know I mean when you look around just over the weekend both California and New York state's got locked down if you're not an essential worker can't work if it's not an essential business. It's closed right now by law by State Law and I think that that's going to continue and I think that it should as long as this virus continues to spread but because of the way things are going because it could get before it gets better because you never know you never know you never know. We don't know what we're dealing with here. At any moment we could not be able to even do live. Shows that there's not an audience for the NBA can't do it and double as is postponed. So I think it's good that wwe's taping a bunch of stuff in advance if they are just to make sure that they're still able to get content on the air as you saw there is. I mean I've thought of a backup plan is. Wwe Can't get their content on the air. I've thought of a backup plan and there was a bit of Social Movement for this thing. And maybe I should post a couple more photo shops but it started. I think on Thursday. There is some momentum to bring back prime time wrestling hosted by triple h in the last professional broadcaster. Sam Roberts now that triple h is a member of the broadcast team. People are feeling this movement. This tidal wave of support is coming in saying with triple. H is on the broadcast team. Sam Roberts is on the broadcast team. What have we combine these two and we had them sit in and present to us? Some stuff in the candidate even be Matches from the years gone by Triple H. What'd you think about this? I Dunno sandwich. You think about it. I mean the possibilities are endless but you can already tell I think in the example that I just gave did chemistry would be there. The entertainment would be there so I mean I think I'm GonNa keep voicing my opinion about it on twitter. I think it's a home run idea. Should the wwe have TV time that needed to be filled? And not be able to do live wrestling. I think the next best thing would have to be prime time wrestling hosted by triple H and Sam Roberts. It makes sense to me honestly how you could go wrong all right. Look we're going to get right into it today because I have a special guest on the podcast and and by the way. I hope this is a big speaking. My special guest is from. Espn but Why does I think he's I don't know what he does at this point? He's got one hundred fifty thousand jobs but attack. I think he does stuff we I think. Radio show is on. Espn radio and he does stuff on ESPN TV and his wrestling. Podcasts IS ESPN WITH ESPN. But I'll tell you in a minute but I think we should all watch. I know that Wrestlemainia thirty was on. Espn last night. Everybody Should Watch. The wrestlemanias is the air on. Espn we should all show espn what this wrestling audience is capable of. You know. I think they're going WRESTLEMAINIA thirty two. Yes No WRESTLEMAINIA. Thirty was yesterday Wrestlemainia. Thirty two is this coming Sunday. And then the Sunday after that which I think is Wrestlemainia is also wrestlemainia thirty five on ESPN. So I guess while night to Wrestlemainia airs on the WWE network wrestlemainia thirty five. Last year's Wrestlemainia will be airing on. Espn which is great for WWe. You know I think we're in this position as I said you know. We're in a weird space with content. Where people need it an ESPN is included in those people. That need the content So you know I think I like last weekend. They were wearing a ton of stuff. And I guess at the last minute you know. There were rumors about wrestlemainia being aired on. Espn plus as I gue- thing. Where if you wanted to watch wrestlemainia like the way the UFC desert. You have seized pay per view. Model now has completely left cable TV in order to get a UFC pay per view. You have to subscribe to. Espn plus which I think is like five bucks a month or something like that you get all the thirty for thirty. S is actually not that bad of a deal and then you have to pay pretty much the pay per view price four the UFC show behalf to watch it on ESPN plus which is interesting. I don't know a lot of subscription APPs that have that model where you buy you do pay per view through the APP like all the models that I know are like. Wwe Network Hbo Net flicks. Where you pay your monthly fee and you get the content you know. I've been watching tiger king on net flicks. Honestly if Netflix was like if you WanNa Watch Tiger you all net flicks but if you wanNA watch tiger king. It's another twenty bucks. I would probably pay the twenty bucks. It's amazing and I'm only halfway through the third episode so far but there were rumors I think after the last stock call the. Wwe might be thinking about doing that. but I guess I guess either they are not thinking about doing it anymore or You know they just didn't sign the deal and I would imagine that with all the all the stuff going on you know everything going on right now I wouldn't think that now is the time that anybody is really signing deals. Anybody is really signing content deals. So we'll see how things go but I do and I know you're probably sitting there going like well Sam how about we don't watch WRESTLEMAINIA ON ESPN. Because I'm not trying to pay that premium for Wrestlemainia next year. Look we're wrestling fans? Let's support wrestling. What's good for wrestling? Good for US ultimately we want to blur this. Isn't you know this is? Wwe This is not trying to hide your favorite band from the rest of the world so they don't go mainstream. We want wrestling be mainstream again. The best time to be a wrestling fan was the attitude. Era The attitude era was probably even including the Hogan Eighties era. The attitude era was probably the most mainstream that wrestling ever got and it was a great time to be a fan so I think that the best that we can do is try to mainstream this as much as possible on our end which means turning on. Espn the next few Sundays and watching some wrestlemainia. And what does it really does? It really cost you. You GotTa Watch Wrestlemainia. Oh Wow so artful so hurtful all right. Let's get into what I was getting into before we have a guest this week. Peter Rosenberg is on the show. Yes it took a pandemic to bring us together but it brought us together. Peter Rosenbergs on the show. He's backing. Wwe I WANNA find out from him what he thought of of of what he has thought. I should say of the last few shows. Doing empty arena shows. But most importantly I have come up with. I took the whole Wrestlemainia card and that includes potential matches for me matches just announced including potential matches announced. This is not the Wrestlemainia card that I went through on Patriot a couple of weeks ago. This is the real wrestlemainia. This is one two three four five six seven eight nine. Ten eleven matches that have either been announced or teased of those eleven matches. I develop stipulations for a lot of them and I believe I have concocted a wrestlemainia thirty six. That will really really work. So I'm going to go over that with Peter Rosenberg and you're going to enjoy it here. He is a rare before we get into Peter. Rosenberg support for not same. Wrestling is brought to you this week by. Manscaping manscaping is the best in men's below the belt grooming. Look I understand. A lot of us are stuck at home right now. I understand that a lot of us are living in our pajamas. But look the one thing you can't do is let your hygiene fall by the wayside. 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Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Peter Rosenberg you know from. I guess I should have you know. Wwe from the Michael. Kay Show you know him from Hot Ninety seven Yup instagram live. I saw him wearing to on there. You know I wear. I wear suits on instagram live. I do everything Sam. He only breast together. Is this or the first Saudi Arabia show. That's right that's yeah it's right here in the Nazi studio for that first. Saudi show as we were. We were doing A recap of it. That's true global. That's it has to be a global event global and now Gary are again a global pandemic. It is We were recording this on a Sunday. The first real lockdown weekend of the pandemic like the if you're you're in Westchester so maybe it's the second one for you. The I was locked down last weekend last week. Yeah and that's the thing like I was taking it seriously way longer last weekend. So aren't last Thursday. I went into serious because I was living in. Westchester in Westchester was hotbed at the time. And I told everybody that serious. I'm like guys. We will not be here on Monday like you. I guarantee we won't be here but it was like what we will be here on Monday. And of course Monday comes. We are not there on Monday because as you guys are taking this seriously. I of in Westchester. It's all we're thinking about and within forty eight hours. It happened so quick. Yeah I They gave me a comrex a piece of equipment for radio people to do our jobs. They give me a new one last Friday and I knew the second they handed this to me. I was like I'm not coming back now that you now that you've given me this and Mike on Hot Ebro and Laura went in last week. I don't actually understand why now And as of tomorrow I really don't think they should. It doesn't make sense but Yeah I'M NOT GONNA lie the weekends weird. You know Saturday kind of feeling like Friday and it. Just it dawned on me a little bit more when we got to the weekend. Oh this isn't cute. My weekend is just like my weakness just here talking so all the same. I have like I have my around the house close and I have my clothes that I'll actually wear to work and not that you know. There's this huge difference but like a sweatshirt that I've got tears in it but I really like it. I'll still wear it around the house a nicer sweatshirt. I'll save and wear to work. Thank you not you know sitting here going on Wall Street. But that's when I realized like yesterday when I was like okay. I'm going to take a shower. What am I gonNA wear and I was like wait. Like it's just the around the house close. I don't that's it that's it and that's why a lot of people are making fun of me for for dressing up from live. I had I hadn't put on real close all week so it's Friday night at ten o'clock. I have an interview setup with a very important politician. Why not get dressed up? I look it's going to be the biggest thing I do all week. Yeah when you got a. Oh see on your instagram live. Where suit show some respect. Show some respect for Christ's sake. Yeah Yeah I get and for you. You get the gorgeous mega maniacs. You're and you're right. You're you're thinking about what what's the venue and it's true. You know you spend all this time acquiring these vintage wrestling shirts and like you know if you're in the hot studio that's something if you can get them Michael Cassio. That's something but like when you're at home you're like I have all these great t shirts. I need to show him off on Friday. I went out to get food for the first time. I've been cooking so much more because I everything excuse out but I went to a pizza place to pick up a pizza and I was like okay and I came downstairs and I looked over all my shoes and I was like. Yep I'M GONNA pull out to Travis Scott six is because I'm going to get pizza and it will be the biggest social event that I do probably at least for a week and people responded in kind. I got multiple compliments when I left the house wearing them and it was literally just to go to the pizza place but people. Hey you know. It's the exact same thing weighing out. What your license is now. Yes and I'll tell you this and I'm sure I'll have to have this argument tomorrow because I know Ebro to make fun of me for it. If I don't ever have anything at this point that I dress up for that is when you start getting into really depressive. Tendencies like you have to start. You have to continue to be like. Oh no I care about this. I'm going to treat this differently than I treat other. Things that otherwise. You're just a complete mush. That's true you differentiate like there has to be. That's why I like all these parents that are putting out there corona schedules that are going like at nine. Am The we do this. And then at ten am so some people are like hey. Why don't you relaxed? You just get to stay home and it's like no you have to have a life no over savior relaxing for Saturday and Sunday still right like you don't need to have a schedule. Saturday and Sunday but Monday through Friday yeah. I do think it's important to try to keep some semblance of a thing going Peter Rosenberg. You would know this better than most. I believe it was the great Kurdish Jackson. That said sunny days wouldn't be special if it wasn't for rain. That's what you know. I think he I don't know if he was the only one I think he. I thought he was the first that realized that I didn't realize that until he said it. But you know so. Be It. So of course. We're not the only ones affected by this. The whole world is affected by this needless to say wwe and Wrestlemainia in terms of timing if we could if we could trivialize this pandemic pandemic for a second and just bring it right back to wrestling. Because at the end of the day wrestling. Podcasts are an escape from the reality that we live in so if we could just talk about this in the context of wrestling to have a pandemic really hit the. Us middle of March is literally the worst possible timing wrestling. It's it's I mean. Listen again from a completely selfish standpoint. You know I I had been. I had been working on my return to wwe. Starting in. I looked recently. The first conversation was had in early December early December. Wow so you know things take time. Yeah New Year comes. Hey we're GONNA call you after new years okay. Cool whatever and then in late January early February I guess The conversation started getting. The work started getting done and the whole time was like hey will no matter what you'll be back for elimination chamber and Boom Wrestlemainia and I'm like this is so cool. I did not expect to come back. What awesome timing so excited to surprise everyone both but people who follow me but even more so the people like people like you. I'm friends with like who I'm GonNa see him but I'm back so so from US. Completely selfish standpoint. I was so excited for this week in Tampa of having a little bit of like. Hey Dude welcome back. This is awesome. So it's like a double Gut Punch not only do I lose that but you're also really losing the pageantry of Wrestlemainia for everybody. Yeah it's no matter how much we can you and I can get into what it will look like and what's good about it. What's bad about it but I think there's no way to sugarcoat that if you're at the PC and you're not OUTTA stadium celebrating with eighty thousand wrestling fans. This is not the same thing. No it's definitely not and I and we will definitely get into my breakdown because I got some hot takes and I got some ideas for Wrestlemainia but before that you talking about coming back and everything just reminded me because I've been meaning to ask you when you left. Wwe It was before the world had turned on me. Yes what was it like for you to come back and scroll through your at mentions and really because I saw them just be inundated with thank. God you're not Sam Roberts. I hope you're replacing. Sam Roberts please God let this mean they fired Sam Roberts like I feel like you have not seen that directed straight to you right. What was that experience like? I got a couple of straight sweets over time off social media for a while especially when you were first. When when you didn't turn on anyone would they turn turn on me? I simply they were like. Hey Sam. Hey Sam you come and just give your opinion right. Okay I just give my opinion and the world turned on me and I continue to give my opinion regardless so since the world turn wasn't on social media that time but when I came back I it was. It was funny to see. I really enjoyed the entire thing And I just knew what a kick you out of it and then and then when I saw that they started going live at the NFC takeovers in the arena. Always on my God. This is perfect. This gives this gives. It's so much life because honestly who are your personal you can. Yeah I mean. It's my podcast. I don't have any who who gives a shit about people curse about people on twitter not like you but if you can give me booze in the arena not now now we're so that's when it was like okay you've been breath me okay. All right just because it's angry tweets are cool but tweets or tweets. But when when when you when you start talking the kickoff shows and the booze just what you're saying that is legitimate heat. I mean that's that's not that's not turn off the TV. He'd that's heat baby. I loved it and I mean unfortunately I think once I'm back long enough people will begin to hate me again but I hope I'll gladly be the baby face to your. He'll any day of the week. I think people naturally and organically hate me and they will take to it again soon. That's possible but I do. I do like to think that I've I've helped make it a warm place for you out there and listen. I'll lean right into it. And then how do you like that? On my first thing back we have a bit of truth. I was sitting there and I told my wife. I'm like look if they just mentioned my name and talk about me every show and I still get all these people on you know online saying that they hate me. I don't even know if I have to do these shows anymore. Just kind of bring me up. A this was a great wrestling moment. So without you know giving away too much information I think those who follow you and I and and and wrestling more importantly closely enough obviously could see what that bit with our truth on the kickoff show was I mean considering. Our truth was a guest on your show last week. He clearly knows the difference between you and me. What did he was. He was literally in my house two days before you pay per view so it was amazing to see as always people who aren't in the wrestling world all took that completely at face value. It's great I love it. They they all were. I can't believe I can't believe they confuse you with the other guy. So I looked up Sam Roberts. You don't look any I'm like. He's still don't know what this is all bill whenever you get that you just go like this. I know I was really insulted by like one answer totally insults. Yeah well okay. So as we go towards WRESTLEMAINIA. We've seen a couple of shows at the performance center with no audience. Now seem to smack downs in one raw. Where heading to another raw first of all. How do you feel about the inclusion of pre taped matches? I'll say that I think it's been done first of all. I think it's a necessary thing like you know. I think that you kind of need it to break up. What's going on at the performance center and I also like that. It actually has been matches. That pertain to what's going on. I said okay. I mean it's getting really weird. I literally came on the PODCAST. I don't remember if it was this one or the Patriots won but anybody that listened to all not sam wrestling. Podcast knows that I came on and said they need to do a six. Pack Challenge for the smackdown women's Championship. And they need to play the John Cena Brain Wyatt wrestlemainia thirty match on smackdown. And then I turned on smackdown. Now's the whole show. They were like here. We just listened to your podcast and we did a show. So what are you what do you think about the about the way that the performance center shows have gone including the pre-tape Matches. So it's it's a mixed bag I think there have been things that are good and things that are bad I think the good is getting away from straight up promos being caught in the rain and matches and frankly matches just in the center of the ring with no one there. I think the more you're cutting away the The the Daniel Bryan Sammy's aim drew. Dulack backstage Things like that the Alexa Bliss. Nikki Cross Promo this past week. More of that. The better I really think that a w did a great job watching. Wwe for two episodes and being like what can we do here? And what can we do that? They haven't done And they and they made some decisions that I thought were really smart. Lading wise use it using a lot of Tony Shivani interviews like. I think it's important I think. Wwe As time goes on. We'll try to figure out. What are the ways you can do it and I do think that stuff's important I agree? I thought airing the royal rumble. A couple of weeks ago is a great idea. And I've ever idea I've ever multiple people like us hard cores that watch everything and have the network we were like. Oh my God like this is an hour and a half that I've already seen. I didn't realize this is going to be this long. But I've heard from multiple people that will turn on raw and they actually don't watch regularly. They turned on raw to see what it looked like in this venue and they came and they were like and it's also really cool that they got to watch the royal rumble. So there's a lot of people that turned around and said Oh this is really cool because and thank God. It was one of the best royal rumble matches of all time. That's that's that's the thing so you win twice. Yes I agree I was saying the same thing. I have a good friend of mine who used to love wrestling. Who doesn't watch it anymore? Who was due to watch the rumble on TV? That was awesome. Yes so I agree with you a hundred percent. And yes you're talking about one of the coolest best written most perfectly executed royal rumbles of all time so I think it worked out really well and I think actually frankly you know some programming. That moving forward is not the worst idea. We're like on a given week. You do some shows that are sort of like what you were doing on at x t with Pat McAfee or like the raw twenty-five thing that I did with graves a couple years ago. Yeah like those are not a bad idea to just be like. Hey we're going to show you some things that have already happened. We're going to talk a little bit here and there. I don't think that's necessarily the worst thing. As opposed by the way it may come to that. I mean we may get to a chance. We may get to a point where they're not able to even bring together the essential talent to do with her been doing so you'll see how you watched. How quickly the NBA went from flirting with the idea of doing empty arena. Basketball Games to being like we're suspending. The season like it happened in an instant. And that's just how it happens. There's no so you don't have control over everything exactly so but I agree with you. I think cutting away things like that is a good idea. I just think it'd be really wise. One thing I think was not a good decision. I know this may sound. It's the shoot Arrow baby. Let me know there you go. Oh well shoot arrows at the salad baby. Let me know by the way I wanted to appreciate it. The shoot era turned out to be this. Great thing on my podcast. Where basically once? I stopped working there. I was like you know what I'm taking the gloves off. This is the shoot era. It was actually one of the best things. I've I'm not good at making marketing decisions for myself. Generally it was one of the best things I ever did. Though it reignited my podcast fan based completely and guess what? I didn't do anything different than I ever did. I know I was listening to it right. And I mean these aren't especially these aren't hotter takes. These are just the takes. Is this literally as long as I better? I know but I mean it was also like when I started working at. Wwe and people were like Sam. You became a show when you started working I was like I remember distinctly. You guys called me a show before I started working like you've always been show. I've always been show you're like well you won't talk about. I've never talked about like I. I just liked wwe. And I always have so so so the funny part is so I call it the shoot era and and now coming back at this point. It's I'm calling the SAFE era really the same call. I will call things out but I try not be unkind about it. I will say this I starting the first smackdown with Baileigh. Sasha on the bike. That's what I would have that. That's not the the two people I would've been like. Here's the Mike Empty Arena. Let's go for IT I. It's just this is a complicated time. And they are still like Bailey. Still figuring figuring out who this Bailey is and like they then had a match with Alexa Bliss who basically talked quite five seconds. I'm like start the whole thing with Alexa. Bliss put the MIC Alexa Bliss. His hands like let's. I think it's a time to really think about who you absolutely trust with the Mike. Most and give them the Mike in the empty arena because everything is exposed. It is very obvious who has the ability to do it and who maybe is okay but not as good so. Bailey are improving. But I just think it's be really mindful about who you hand that might do to stand in the middle of the the arena alone. I think that I think that that's true for the wrestling as well and I think that I can as I'm watching. I can see the wheels turning and the evolution happening like you know even from smackdown to raw. I smack down to raw last Monday. It was much less wrestling on raw than there was an i Mac down and then when I watched smackdown on Friday this Friday. It's clear to me that for instance Daniel Bryan and drew dulack and the Sammy's trio like those guys are gonna be wrestling on every empty because they because they can because they're that good like there are some people who just have that and and you know. That's that's I think something that really gets built because let's be honest. Those guys have wrestled an empty buildings because nobody buy tickets. You know what I mean like those those. It's IT'S FUNNY. You say that that was that Guy Greg's our reply this week right. We talked when we talked about a w and he was like well. Let's be honest that whole roster is used to performing in front of Nobody Babe? These are people who've just indie two seconds ago. Yeah and so in those five guys that we saw Daniel Bryan Dulack and the the Shinsegae's was Aro Sammy Group. You WanNa see more of them. It's going to be a harder fit for heavy machinery. You know what I mean right like a character like Otis who frankly has been made the upstart character of the loud and clear. I mean I think the guy is Chris Farley and wwe. I absolutely love him in a from a wrestling match standpoint though so much of what he does is crowd based it gets that that could be more complicated some of those things that are intentionally silly and tongue in cheek. I don't know if they'll play the right way with no crowd behind you. Yeah I mean it's like stand up comedy like it's a different thing to do that without an audience like even when it's on TV you still need. There's a reason why stand up. Specials are done in theaters with an audience. Because to just have a guy in a room talking into a microphone. You're not gonNA get all the nuance no no exactly cutting cutting a promo on high g lie. That could be really funny. If there's no one there to laugh at it it is not. It's funny. It's just the way it is a greg and I argue a lot. Our group chat was arguing a lot this week. Because Greg was saying mania is GonNa be fine and why do you need a crowd if you need the crowd? You're Lazy Fan Elza Greg. Let's be realistic. Like Hamilton is a great show. No matter where you see it but to see it in front of if they make a Hamilton movie. Okay but that doesn't mean you WanNa see the play in front of no audience. Of course make the okay. If you're the only if you're by the way I did this I mean this is how you know that. We're getting to a weird time in terms of content producing since I'm at home more content than ever for the Youtube Channel and last night I had jess and hot dog and myself and we did a live. Watch along of cats the movie you can move yes and I mean I've seen the play right and it's an enjoyable experience. The play on Broadway down forever at the Winter Garden Theatre to watch that movie. I'm going Oh my God not even the Song Memory could save that movie and it's one of the greatest songs of all time but it was that bad number one. It wasn't even ironically like it was one of those things where I'm like. This isn't even a week in mind for content. Because it's so bad it was just like no. This is one level worse than that where you're like you just have to avoid it because it's that has and so listen stack. Greg also had an idea that I think is great. Which is that. He believes that. I'm curious what you think about this. His suggestion was they should cut wrestlemainia. And shoot it like a movie instead of trying to make an empty arena shames the entire way you shoot the matches and try to make it feel like a produced show specifically for no audience. You know that I don't know if it's possible but I think it's an interesting. They did that. I think Wrestlemainia nineteen. They shot on film and they produced. You probably remember. They produce a special call wrestlemainia. The movie it's incredible. Yeah and IT IS INCREDIBLE. Doc DOC or the move they also did they call it. It was just it was your off that one. Yeah right and so they played like the main they played like angle and and brock and they played like those matches on film and it was amazing to see not as a replacement for Wrestlemainia like wages Jason Accompaniment exactly so. I think that I would still have that urge to see wrestling at least somewhat the way. I wonder I think they could be really interesting to shoot like on my show. I said that they should not have any more matches for Wrestlemainia and just have to to our shows but then they started announcing some more matches for us so mania so well so what is it looking like four hours each day. I don't know man because edge versus randy is not official yet. But you've got to. I mean. Of course it's going to be on the show. They added Corbin versus Elias. They added the women six pack challenge like they're still and I'm assuming they're gonNA add more on raw like they're adding matches. This is turning into. I mean by my list. I've got one two three four five six seven eight nine. I've got ten matches eleven matches already so it's a full wrestlemainia to split ugly so I think it is going to be two three to four hour shows. What did you before you get in? Because I've got some takes on these wrestlemainia matches they really want to hear your thoughts on but before we get there as we get to the WRESTLEMAINIA conversation. Big thing on smackdown. Gronk is here. He's coming he's going to host Wrestlemainia. Here he comes and look I understand. I guess he's used to entertain but he's not an entertainer by trade. He's a football player by trade. He's a Patriot right. He's so it's a different deal to have this football man come out to an empty through their called right. I don't do sports for football. Okay to have this football man. Come out there in an empty building and have to be like. Hey the reason we have gronk is because he's life of the party he's GonNa Hump Ring Post. He's gotTa do all kinds of crazy stuff but to have his first appearance be with no audience not the easiest thing in the world for no no and listen. We've known they were going to use for a long time in self course it's inevitable it's inevitable. I've I've never been excited by it. I am not a guy. I don't get it I. I guess it's like asking me to understand. Why sort of a FRAT party boy is awesome? I'm I'm probably not the target demo for that. Now this is this is like when you had Two MINUTE RIVALRY WITH BARSTOOL. That has gotten squashed by the way not trying to restart it but not now it is. Yeah it's a different deal You know as my brother put you know he. This is a guy who's about fun. I am definitively. Not a guy who's about fun. I suppose but no you're not you're you're a guy who wants to break it down and get intellectual and talk about maybe the social ramifications of what's going on here and grind is really just looking for some white clause you know what I mean whereas the white claw let me home something and but like I. Just don't get his brand. I don't get it. It's like it's like a if if you can have a man like I feel like he is the essence of what hot girl summer was you know what I mean? It's just he's all these hot boys he's halfway summer. It's just a good time and most people probably couldn't pull it off as long as he has. You know what I mean like. Somehow GRONK has out survived. Grow as outsor- live. I mean people aren't doing that anymore and garage sale is but yeah but the situation. It's over I mean now. The Jersey shore comes back and it just kind of fun to watch them as old people get out of and stuff like that. Oh No GRONK. It's like Oh yeah gronk life of the Party and you're like okay if anybody can maintain it. I mean it doesn't hurt that he was part of the you know arguably the biggest football dynasty of all time. But but you're right. It's not an easy to come back now. His music is it is what it is. I think it was the last album. Fao Song. I think that's that is the last thing that Alam. Fao left behind. Was that theme song for Gronk. Yes someone tweeted me. It was like one of Naomi's songs that she turned down and And he comes out. Does this thing and I honestly he wasn't bad considering. I don't think he's talented. As a as a host rail watched him on New Year's eve think he's good I think he's I understand people put him on his to score must be phenomenal. Let me ask you this lesson but have you seen him? React to somebody bringing up the number sixty nine all I have. No you have okay all right. I love all that said. I thought he did find considering but it was just like man. What's that job gonNA look like for him at Mania in an empty arena? Yeah that's how much can we get? And how funny is it to that? After I think over a year of developing this Mojo is not a party boy thing anymore. They've completely abandoned. And pretend it never happened and just like well you know Mojo. He stays hype. And you're like I thought. I thought we stopped doing this. I thought he had like Luna Vashon marks on his face and everything that had happened over. The last year was thrown away. You aren't here to be wrongs boy now and his second and Mo Jo was like. This is what I've been waiting for this all my life. I mean in a lot of ways. You think that's sort of what they felt like about him is like he's the guy who's connected to grow and it's a shame because I do think I think joe does have talent I don't think his character is ever had what it needed. But I do think that like I actually think from a promo standpoint. I think Mo- joke and talk. I do I think I think a lot of videos and rate I've never really seen enough. That's got me excited. Certainly but I think he is a talented dude and I worry. That would mrs done. Whereas there to go with Mojo. I mean awards story where returns on wrong recurrent. Where were they going anyway? Great Grandma so what are we losing? No THEY THEY. They paired them up with someone else. That guy now goes on to win the twenty four seven championship and and bow does still right right all right. You're doing your thing. Just just be over here. You go you go ahead. I hate to interrupt but I want to let you guys know that I wouldn't be interrupting if you're a not Sam Sheldon. Not Sam chills. Are that army that follow us at Patriotair Dot com slash not sam wrestling. You may be going through appeared in your life right now where you need content more than ever if you want more not Sam wrestling content. Every single week you gotta sign up at Patriot Dot com slash not sam wrestling. 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So let's talk about Wrestlemainia. 'cause I had the hottest of hot takes for you and this has been swishing around in my head for some time For Week now and I'm ready to declare it okay in my mind. The Promo that edge did on Monday night. Raw was better in the performance center. Then it would have been in an arena. I thought Edges Promo is better in an empty building. Then it would have been in an arena. And this isn't even my hot. Take yet that's just like this is just. That was only warm right now. You're like okay. I could see that little. Here's my take. I believe Randy Orton versus edge. Last man standing. We'll be better in an empty performance center than it would have been in that wrestlemanias stadium full of people. I it will be better for the same reasons why the Promo is better. The Promo was better in that empty building because it felt more real. It felt more intense. It felt like we could slow it down. We can listen closely. You know like the old Jake Roberts ruled that you know you. Don't yeah you bring them in and you make them listen. I was able to do that far more because there weren't a bunch of people. Distracting from. It was edgy. And the camera and he was talking directly to Randy through the vessel of me the fan and that's why I was able to to feel it. I thought that that edges promo completely adapted to the surrounding that it was in and it made it that much better. I think that I think that edge versus Randy Orton. Last man standing will now be able to be like a real old school empty arena match. You know what I mean like Jerry Lawler Terry funk like the Rock and mankind halftime he like I. I think that it's a last man standing. I think that they'll be all over the performance center. I think they'll be able to go. I think they'll be able to do it all but I think that it will feel much more personal. I think that edge and Randy Orton are so good. And that's key that these two they'll be able to adapt to the fact that it's there are no fans and that we just have to act like this is a fight between two men one of whom are. Kayode the other's wife I mean if somebody are kayode my wife. I'd be serious various picture. I I'd be pissed now. I don't know physically if I could have randy. Orton did it to my wife. Could I step to him? The way edge to improbably not. I don't have the same physical attributes that edge does but the point is has those physical attributes and I feel like I feel like the. This story will ultimately benefit from the empty arena. 'cause we will fall into this match and this match will tell that story and be able to do it in in a in a very real and raw way that. I don't think would have been able to be done if it were surrounded by the pomp and circumstance of Wrestlemainia. Well I enjoy this take It's a silver lining tank which is a really like because that's looks beyond us. Yes of everything. That's going to happen at Wrestlemainia. This year the two concerns you had about who is going to really miss out on a deserved opportunity. It was the edge. Randy Orton matched her. And it's rea- Ripley in Charlotte. I think those are the two matches that to me having historical implications that if this mania turned out to be a real dud you'd be like What a shame because of those matches and for me senior versus fiend is on that list to specifically for bright. That's what that's a good point because no break. This is an important mania match up. That's a very good point. Whoever his match would have been with. I think that's a a good porterbrook. Yeah so I like that tape because what may end up happening if you're right and you are right but they're capable of making it that good. The two of them are capable of it feeling intense and looking awesome and us not noticing the shortcomings of the match. Like you said because you can notice people shortcomings if they're not incredible talents in an empty arena. That won't happen with them and it's a last man standing match. Let's be honest. They were going to be outside the ring anyway. Grant we're going to be doing God knows what anyway. But how can they go in a stadium right? Like you can only do so. Get those things in the stadium. Much like the marinas. It's not the same thing right so so it's a really good point and if if it's really as great as you believe it could be what ends up happening historically is. That's all we remember from this Wrestlemainia very possibly yes? That's what it was an empty wrestlemainia. Yes and it becomes a positive. They can a net positive. Just threw that one single match. I would like you to present that. Take the step sketch stat. Guy Greg. This week go to and remember. He's a shell too so I'm trying to love anything that's positive but I I also think it's it's a good. It's a good way to look at it for edge too because otherwise it's such a bummer. That this has happened. Yeah but listen. The truth is he. Got The rumble pop. Yeah it was going to be the biggest pop. He could get. Got The rumble pop. It was amazing Dow. He has a chance. Forget about the PA. Forget about the crowd this just about showing what he can do in an outside the ring style and they'll have that opportunity so I hope you're right and I hope it's I hope that matches amazing. Gillespie is that's the story of Wrestlemainia. It's the best story. Randy's been involved in an a decade. Yeah it's it's to me. It's my favorite thing that I've seen on TV and a very long time. I've loved what they've done. So far in terms of stories I think that and and seen a fiend are the two stories that I actually am going into wrestlemainia going. I'm ready for resolution here and that probably does trumpet. The ORTON seen Anini Orton. Edge story does probably trump. I think it's number one scene. Sinoe Bray has gotten there. By the way I thought that there I thought that their empty arena back and forth was great awesome. It was that was that was the best thing they've done in the empty arena. So far was that Promo seen on break caught on each other But the thing is it started off so weird the first episode the point the finger pointing ending five feet away from Siena but not hurting him. I didn't understand it at first. And then and then they sort of worked backwards now. I have cared about what this story. Yes so one of the things that has been reported so apparently they're gonNA be. This is the Internet talking. I don't know for a fact. None of my sources have told me this. Just the things that I read on the Internet that because of what's going on they're taping a ton of wrestling over the next week or so in Orlando including Wrestlemainia. Just so they can get it all done so they can have it all. Apparently they're going to do is what it says. I don't know if it's true but there are reports that they're going to do multiple episodes of raw multiple smack. Downs multiple annexed. He's an Wrestlemainia. All in one big shot just to make sure that they have it already One of the other reports is that this is I think this is official from. Wwe I think in their latest because wrestlemanias kind of change. I think the first press release was it's happening at the performance center. Second press release. Was it's happening over two nights and with GRONK. The third press release most recent press release. I believe is it's happening over two nights with Gronk from multiple venues. So that got me to thinking that some of these matches are going to have stipulations. That would bring them in to other venues and that's going to be kind of how they get away from the performance center someone so what kind of stipulations do you mean. I'm glad you asked because I have my list of Wrestlemainia. Stipulations for you. Oh I love I have added stipulations. Two one two three four five matches that its stipulations to. I want to hear the steps for each match that I think will help now. There's a couple that we can discuss before. I say I have my five say these are definitely what I'm doing and I have to that I go. This is what we could do but I've decided against it because of the seriousness of the matches the first of the two that I've decided against okay is you could do John Cena versus the fiend inside the funhouse or inside some type of fiend related space. However I feel because of the seriousness of the Promo last week on smackdown where really did boil down to. We're telling a real story here between John Cena embrace and how John Cena without saying the word buried. I mean the story is basically bracing because you buried me. I had to become the fiend and Johnson. Saying I didn't bury you. You buried yourself because you're complacent so I feel like that story is so serious we have to take it outside. Yeah of defeat. Now we could still add some lining. Maybe that's a match where I I wouldn't say we bring the Red Lighting Back. But maybe that's match where we darken out the rest of the building center on the road. I I'm not sure what I think I think the I think everything should be. You do not see the seats. I think it should be lit up like a stage and it looks like a dark old school. You know when you go to a house show at the guard. Yep It should look like a house show at the garden darken every lap. Except that the I. I really think you should have no matter what. And and obviously the fiend you showed we got used a weird light in the first place right. I definitely think that in that case they should have darker batch but yeah. I don't think that match needs a step now And I agree with you. Funhouse would be too. Hokey and I can handle an empty building so good that he could. He could figure out of Miami and he he's seen a will also suffer from the same thing. Seen always I mean there is a certain level of cheesiness to the way he works. That is always there But it's also balanced by the fact that he's working with Mike and one of the best. There is an in bray. I'm leaving Roman reigns and Goldberg traditional in the building because in the performance enter a number one that it doesn't have to be a long match number two. It's the universe. Wwe championship match universal title and Universal and number three. You know if you're GONNA have Roman be your universal champion. Just giving the moment in the ring. I don't think that we need to move that match. No I wouldn't have hated if their story had more. If there was more of animosity I wouldn't have aided that match in a cage or something just to protect Goldberg. It just doesn't seem that Goldberg. Has that much by the way? I have a cage match already so that unfortunately the cage stipulation has already given. Yeah that's already given to somebody else you're on the right. Track drew brock. Same thing I think drew has brought. Kim. Just being in the ring brawl give. Drew is moment if that's the direction that's going to go and I don't think it is. I think this is a situation where the the lack of crowd may dictate what the outcome is. Meaning that if we're going to give drew that moment it needs to be the real moment if it's going to be in an empty building just have just have blocked bears. Libro barrier but not in thirty seconds now not the ricochet not the Ricochet Ohio Ricocheting. Right or everyone else in basically. Yeah let let them have a a match. But I don't think there's a point drew doesn't get those same rub. If he doesn't win in front of a crowd to save for Summer Slam. I think so yeah. I don't think that's a bad idea. God we better be outside by Summer Slam. Who knows who knows Women's six pack challenge. I say just do it in. I mean do it in the ring. It is what it is. It's an elimination six pack. Challenge start the show with it. You know whatever and my final match that I think. I'm keeping in the ring although you could add a stipulation. Shane obeys lawyer. Is The cage fighter you could do. Becky LYNCH VERSUS SHANE. Obeys learned and octagon. You could wouldn't be the first octagon you've done. Lion's cage matches before. Ken shamrock vs art on the Madison Square Garden Theater. Of course and I believe they did one on raw. Maybe with Steve Blackman. But you could do that. Matching an octagon. However I think it would get cheesy I think Shayna baseler needs to look scary and fierce. Needs to look like she can get things done inside a wrestling ring. I think that match needs to just stay traditional. Yeah I think I think that's a it is a fun idea to consider but ultimately what would happen. Is it would end up looking really cheesy because now becky is trying to pretend to be a fighter. Yes yes I said why do that. Shane obeys lawyer has already learned to become a wrestler right. So you don't need to have becky pretend to be a fighter. Shayna is a wrestler. So yeah I think you'll be okay. Here's my stipulations. Some are just steps. Some are separate venues. Apparently we're getting Darin Corbin versus Elias. This match takes place in a concert hall. Well why doesn't why not? Why not? Let's do it? Let's put it in a concert hall. We're not going to have an audience. Obviously but put a bunch of instruments on the stage. Yes they go up onto the stage. They go into the audience area. They go into the bar area. You know what I mean. It could be great. Do like at the gramercy or something by the way that is actually a really fun idea. Could shoot it in a cool way and honestly and who cares about that story. That's what I mean. So why story? Exactly how fun? Use it to break up some stuff. We're going to a concert hall. Now where Baron? Corbin is who are you Elias? Who is green? He's going in the Green Room Soda. I love yes. So Ben Gordon Allies in a concert hall. I think we're moving. Aj Styles and the undertaker not graveyard. That'd be super cheese STREETFIGHT ON THE STREET. Just an outdoor on the street streetfight even if you could even do it behind full sail. You know where they have that set. Where like I think that you know I don't I think that? Aj styles versus the undertaker would have helped a lot having the crowd there. You know I think that you will not be able to get away with as many theatrics. I think that this issue has become extremely personal. I say scrap the ring altogether. Go outside do it on. The street streetfight outdoors on the streets by the way by the way. Shoot it sometime night. I'd not everything is not looks. Looks dark and cool and you could again. You have to protect the undertaker. Right right without without the theatrics without the crowd. You're now just there with a man who's over fifty who does not wrestle very often right so you got a reasonable expectations And you do it at night you had. Aj just bumping all over the place for him AJ. Chokes choke slammed through a car for a windshield. You know all that kind of involve gallows and Anderson. Because it's a street fights of course they'd be there. Yeah that's a great point Maybe tain shows up for the undertaker who is he just. Of course he does I. It's a saline is. Listen this is the best work you've ever done. The the Pan depending is doing you good. I'm using my brain. My wrestling brain is working. You could even have gallows dress up as fake Kane again. Why not who cares? Why not? Let's do it? We want no but I would say yeah. The is there in full force. Kane comes out and again gained. Doesn't even have to take any real bumps plus you can decide. When you're doing your streetfight you can use some of that. Fancy camerawork and can disguise everything like you. Don't have to show. Undertaker doesn't actually have to take bumps on concrete. Necessarily you know what I mean. You can jumble stuff up. You can go over here disguised by the way I know this sounds insane and what I'm saying will upset people. You could even use a stunt double at certain spots. If you absolutely could absolutely rent you really could like. He's GonNa take some ridiculous bumpers are being. Don't have him do it. Don't do what else do it and you could bust out other people. Besides cain other random people show up that we would pop for like. I think there's a lot of cool opportunities. That's that's a really good thought. Yeah Yeah So. That's that's where I'm thinking that I love this one. This one the more I think about it the more I love it. The more it makes sense the more it has to be done. So we saw the seeds planted on smackdown. If drew Gulick can beat Shinsegei Nakimora Daniel Bryan goes to Wrestlemainia two faces for the Intercontinental Championship. Okay obviously I think this is going to happen. Drew Gulick Beats Nakimora. Sammy's Zane versus Daniel by Brian in a grappling Jim on mats and it's a grappling match by the way. This is your best work you've ever. I mean if you're not handing me the pencil by now. I don't know what you're waiting for WHO. That's a great point. I it could be grappled Jim. It could be at a High School Gymnasium. Doesn't matter be anything you want make. It looks like make it look like Fox catcher. Put the Matt's down. You know what I mean and you can have. Now you've got drew Gulick on one side. Whose ruling on Brian like. He's a coach. You Got US Zoro in Nakimora routing on. Sami like he's a coach. Both strap singlets if you want if you want. Why not? Let's get crazy. You know what I mean. And by the way from a from a from the standpoint of guys who are able to pull that off like from an from sheer kind of you have to be. This is a time when it's it goes so beyond wrestling had your ability to be a great like acting. Performance Matters. Because if you're if you're in like a quiet high school gym you're in this unfamiliar place. We've never seen you here before. And we could hear the things. You're saying you have to be such a high level performer beyond being a wrestler. Whose more equipped for that than zombies ended. Exactly they could do that. And they're great people and they're actually skilled wrestlers especially I mean eh rustling and Daniel Bryan. All he does. He led any lives for grappling. So like let's get some grass going you know and you can still have Shinsegei and says are there to cheat and cost him the ICU. It'll let Sam fans ray in Lavar. Sure I wish I believe it should I? I think the idea of Sammy's. Am hiding behind these. Two as champions. Gregg is great by the way. If you were to go back to the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show I. I was the one who said Braun. Strowman should not sleep on. Sandy's he's the guy who's GonNa end up winning title here is is our. I suggest you were the only one you nailed. I know I'm very brave. The cage match comes into effect all right back at the performance center inside of a Salad Steel Cage Salad all the old salad salad steel. It's owens versus rollins. Of course how. Do You keep all of those. Keep the authors of pain and and and Buddy Murphy or just Murphy or whoever is how do you keep all those guys out of the ring. You build a steel cage. Now rollins and Kevin Owens can have a great match with no fans and have the assistance of a steel cage to kind of buffer. Some of that. You know awkwardness of there. Being no audience it also they have enough history in real bad blood for that to warrant a cage absolutely APPs and it makes it makes sense. Yeah they have bad blood. It's been going on long enough that we need a definitive winner and the risk of interference on both sides. They both have friends that I mean every single time you turn on raw. It's an eight man tag involving these two so I'll say this if they don't go that way and they're just in a ring okay. I hope they take all the other players who have been involved in the story and sit them around the ring win seats but with with with officials there to make sure they don't enter the match because I like the idea of just that match having people yelling outside of it. The noise the energy the screaming the the attempts to try to get in and being held back by security. I hope they do things like that just to give the feeling a little bit of ambience you we just. How many completely dry matches can you have? I think I think that would either way a cage the great way to do it but I love the idea of you're right. They're hol story is involved so many other players almost be weird for them all to be gone yet where we get to the final match announced for Wrestlemainia. You brought it up. How do you save rea- Ripley Charlotte flare? How do you make sure? Or how do add to this to say? I want to really try to make sure that this exceeds for both people. Really Charlotte deserves a classic wrestlemainia match. Rea- Ripley deserves a platform to stand on for the first time on this level. It's very easy to me varies. Charlotte GOES RIA Ripley. You have to understand your walking around here with this confidence and I don't know where it comes from this confidence that you have climbed the ladder high enough to be on my level and then re Ripley goes. Maybe I haven't climbed the ladder high enough yet. But I will wrestlemainia rea- Ripley versus Charlotte for T- women's championship just became inside the performance center. A ladder match climbing the ladder. Yes a metaphorical ladder becomes a real ladder at which plays which point. Charlotte loses her mind because she can't believe she just accidentally walked into a ladder match through her metaphors. Come on now and you get to see the Charlotte Moon salt off a ladder. You get see all the stuff and keynote here. Takeover Tampa is obviously not happening. There was a women's six way ladder match scheduled for that show sense. That's not happening. Ladder matches up for grabs. And I think that these women are the two women that should be in a ladder match and again what would what it does having all those ladders all over the place. It just adds to the ambiance. The scenery gives your is something else to focus on besides just to two wrestlers going at it which is much as we all love wrestling. The fact the matter is not every single match is meant to feel like a wrestling match from nineteen sixty eight like we are now used to many different things stimulating us and I liked the idea of a ladder matches. Well Peter After hearing my cart we've now got Roman reigns versus brock listener. I mean rumours versus Goldberg Universal Title Drew Versus Brock. Wwe championship Johnson versus the fiend becky versus Shayna raw women's championship. You've got ordained versus edge in a traditional empty arena match last man standing Barron Cormon versus Elias inside of a concert hall table. Aj styles versus undertaker. A street fight in the street. Love Sammy's versus Daniel Bryan traditional grappling amateur wrestling match inside of a grappling. Jim You got a cage match between Owens versus rollins and you've got a ladder match between rea- Ripley versus Charlotte. Are you more optimistic for Wrestlemainia by the way? I don't WanNa give you this much credit. I don't want you to feel good about yourself. But the fact of the matter is you. Add all those steps. Yeah it instantly makes you feel better. About what the show could be. Come on because it just we just need more than empty arena matches. It's too difficult to pull off if you add all this stuff in the accoutrements. The genesee batches. Now there's George there's some Fisher. I added the Jewish. You add your. There's no judge that's the problem. I'm walking on the Jewish. Yes yes crowd is the judge and there is no crowd so this is saying this is some of your best word. I truly hope that they pick up on at least a couple of these things. And you need to upload this podcast immediately because they're probably gonNA start these matches like tomorrow okay. Yeah make sure a tweet this out so the WWe sees it. This is out Monday morning. They got plenty of time. They don't Rosner 'til Monday night. Make sure that people hear this. I'll get the video up on Youtube. We'll do whatever we people need to hear this at least a couple of them if we don't get all of them right the concert hall match. Otherwise what are we going to get between Barrymore? I loved it. That's the one you're in love with like other hall. Yeah when it happened the other day it was so random grunk makes like what so why. Why doing give me give me something to make it fun. That would be fun. Or there'd be funny in that because even if they you know why why that match if you had allies verse. Baron Corbin from concert hall. That's the kind of thing they would have done. Unlike wrestlemainia twelve now even if they had a craft show that they would showed it on the street and it would have been the exact same thing. Yeah so you can do it the way you would have done it anywhere right. You don't have to worry about the fact that it's a Hollywood back lot brawl and while watching on pay per view are going to think it's amazing everybody in Anaheim is like I'm sitting in this game I can't see the screen exactly like the boiler umbro at Summer Slam ninety-six when like if you look at pictures in the arena. They literally wheeled out. Tv's that look like the TV's like back in day. When you and I were in school when your teacher would wheel the TV like those. Tv's got wheeled out so people with a laser display. Yeah exactly yeah. No it it removes so much of the awkwardness to add these stipulations. And listen you have to have faith that they're gonNA come up with creative stuff here? You Know My one concern even have to copy me. Yeah they don't have anymore because my one concern is the logic at this. Point is just get this thing done yes like. Let's get this over with and get onto money in the bank but the truth is the reason you don't want to operate that way. We don't know for sure that money in the bank is going to be in a populated arena. Now of course not money in the bank is in like May June right. Yeah who knows the longer the longer that this country waits to lock everyone down the longer this thing is going to take. It is crazy. That's the only thing that works is locking people in lock people in and people getting test. Usually you're only two options are like and my hope. Is that if it happened right now. It's March twenty second. If March twenty third they said no seriously you can no longer leave your house. My guess is that Bhai May I would probably be able to be out and about again. But we're going to wait longer than that and it's GonNa take longer than that and that people like you and I who are known to have been following the rules since the beginning. Yeah we're really going to kill ourselves because we've been locked up even longer. Yeah we've been locked up the whole time but look I'm going to have great wrestlemainia to watch and Rewatch many times over because of all these great steps now and I'm telling you this right now I've announcing this right now for you. Okay assuming that you and I are not working on Wrestlemainia in any way. I'm announcing right. Now on a zoom wrestlemainia. Watch party love it of only the hot to be invited to this zoom. It IS GOING TO BE A. Who's who has zoom watching and the thing is Sam? You probably are smart enough to have the technology that we could stream it to the world. I have to say I literally on Friday. Got My shit together. I'm ready to put zoom out on Youtube right now right now we can do. I've done it already. Yeah and and how many people can you add to that zoom? I have the premium account. So is it a hundred people like one hundred people yeah so we could come up with like the sickest watch party. Yeah to Youtube and guess what would probably be better than the one they were actually doing on the w able to hear. I think we can really execute this. Well I love that I love it. I know I I know for a fact that if they offered you sound the opportunity to be a part of Wrestlemainia they said. Here's the downside. Yeah you won't be able to see your family for six months you would say it is what it is what Yeah No. I think you know that my first child. I almost missed delivery of because I was at the Elimination Chamber that year. I don't think you know that my second child. I had the c-section the C section scheduled. So we do it on a Thursday before. I had to go on a Sunday. It was before it was a takeover. It was take over twenty five and I was like look. We don't WanNA fall into anything. Let's schedule The c-section for the Thursday. I'll be with you on Friday and then Saturday. I can you know Saturday in the evening. I'll lean. I'll get out. I'll do take over a comeback. The baby will still be here. I will miss anything. And that's what that's what we did. All in all fairness it was taken over twenty five. This wasn't any this wasn't just takeover Portland. This is a big deal. This is a big deal so so you and I will communicate about this zoom. Watch being I think it could be huge. You can listen to Peter Rosenberg. Of course every single week on the cheap podcast. Espn's wrestling podcast. Which now is a big deal because he has peon likes wrestling. Is it yeah? I know I'm so annoyed. Host in there showing wrestlemanias on ESPN and my agents reached out right away like aided if you guys do anything wrestling at this company. Peter's doing it but they're not doing any additional programming. They're just carrying the wrestlemanias straight through. So I tried my best a weasel my way you did pun intended but also yet. I've been doing TV live on my instagram Rosenberg radius. Oh I'll be doing more wrestling champion. Have you hopefully sometime this week? I'll probably do a couple of weeks able to say the word. Thank you for joining me. And we'll see you next. We'll see on Thursday of your patriots subscriber and if not next Monday here for another not same wrestling see all later. Thanks for follow at not Sam on twitter Instagram facebook and Youtube Rate Review Subscribe. This has been not sam wrestling.

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