FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: The Off Day Debrief reacts to the Giants loss


Sports betting dime DOT COM provides the coverage fans need to bet with confidence every time find the best odds track key trends and make smarter bets on all your favorite sports. Check it out sports betting dime DOT COM. The following segment is from the off day debrief on the SP nation NFL show where we're discussing your favorite team subscribe to the nation NFL show to make sure you don't miss conversations like this one. Let's start with the Monday night football games. I'm going to start with the early game Pittsburgh against the giants. The steelers look good they win twenty, six, thirteen Ben Rothlisberger is back. He throws three touchdowns is all well and Pittsburgh I think it is that the rumors of Ben Rothlisberger demise have been greatly exaggerated. Skepticism about him coming into the season he's thirty years old he's coming off injury doesn't have any more. He still has three touchdowns some point, two yards per reception one, hundred, seventeen point passer rating and he's this is a nice cast around him. Benny Snell running back James Washington Doodoo Smith Schuster tastes label like you can kind of play a little bit We obviously also that catch along the sideline just fantastic. Yeah I think obviously the defense is good too. So I mean you you pair Big Ben even if he's not as good. As long as he's fine, they're still gonNA win a lot of games with that defense. I feel good about the steelers I, have them six over also I'm feeling pretty good. What about you? Look. This is the team that could disrupt everything in the AFC right? Like everyone's sort of kind of just handing the AFC either Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson like no no no this is the steelers. This is the team that could blow this all up. If ben is anything close to this consistently. Look out because like you said that defense is in Saint Saquon Barkley had six yards. If teen carries that's point. Four yards a carry. That's insane. The really good and I was saying it like heading into the season, the trackers they're you know they haven't had this losing season since two, thousand, three like the steelers are just they're good. They're good franchise and obviously Mike Tomlin did a great job with that team last year when they had nothing at quarterback and they still you know what they went eight games. And now you're back and I feel really good about Pittsburgh. Obviously you know we'll have to see them go up against those legitimate teams in the AFC before you know we can. We can certainly put them above those in the chiefs and the Ravens 'cause you know they beat a pretty bad team on Monday night football and it wasn't perfect but I still I, just I really do feel good about their outlook. And on other side for the giants like. There's nothing good to say like I'm sorry I don't see it with Daniel Johns I'm sorry and. You know the decision to pick saquon Barkley in two, thousand, eighteen I crushed it at the time you have the second overall pick in a quarterback rich draft and you take a running back and how's that turned out and Saquon Barkley is awesome. He's everything that you could have hoped he would be but they don't support him. They don't give him a line they don't give them anything and he's doing nothing for that team right now. I WANNA steal a phrase from your co hosts that you cheated on me with on Thursdays on the NFL show I at Valentine. He said new giants look a lot like the giants and yeah, they do. They're not good still who could have seen that coming Like you said Dave Gettleman, just not the brightest guy not the smart doesn't make the smartest decisions and see I disagree with you a little bit I'm Daniel Jones like. I can see it with him like there's there's moments where he does some really nice things the Mike Okay I kind of like I can see something there you know it's not like and we'll get to it later but to me like Dwayne Haskins like I just don't see it at all I don't get it. I get what they like about Daniel Jones but I mean the turnovers are just killer i. mean he the one interception he threw. down in go or around down at the to get a touchdown their second down it's second down and he's like he's getting hit and he's just lofting the ball into the endzone. What are you doing like play smart throw it away like this isn't down. This isn't the game on the line like just totally reckless decision and Yeah. But that's what you're GonNa get what they do. So that's part of the problem that's that's you know the the turnovers are just there that was a nineteen play drive. They ended it with that, which is I mean if you get a few goal. At the end of the nineteen play drive, there's value there. You're resting your defense you wearing out the other teams defense to get nothing and turn the ball over is just completely disheartening and you said, you see what there is just to like about Daniel Jones. Can you tell me what it is because here's what I see. I see a guy who puts the ball on the ground constantly and turn the ball over, and you could say look other than those turnovers he was great. But sometimes being a quarterback is all about the worst thing that you do and the worst thing that Daniel. Jones does lose his games I e because he turns it over. Yeah and if you know this is kind of almost like Carson wentz discussing near to where it's like you know you see the high points in your tantalized by those. I mean I just thought he had some really good passes and game when you give them clean pocket and he's back there and he Can Sling it, and he can throw with accuracy. Just the tools are there, and if somehow the giants can coach those turnovers out of him and they might not be able to be the might just always be there and that's an issue but it's like it's the. If you know if they can just do that. There's something there. There's talent there to work with and. You. Know they might never reach that point but and look you know obviously I'd I'd rather not admit this. I would love to make fun of the giants for for Jeff Indiana. Jones, I did when they did and I would love for there to be nothing there. But. I just think there is there's something there. Maybe it's there, but I don't see you. He's got to win me over and I'm definitely not there yet. I feel like he's got a lose you. So we're on opposite ends of that spectrum. Good. Make sure you don't miss our next conversation by subscribing to the SP nation NFL show wherever you get your podcasts. 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