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The. Welcome to the wreck extra of right here on wild talk radio dot com. He's rock. I'm Lindsay, and yes, we're back after very long hiatus. We're back. Thank you. Every study so much for your patience. My life situation is straightening itself out. So we I'm very pleased to say that we're here and we're talking all about season four episode one of total Bellas. Yes. Yes. After a very very trying season three very heavy finale to season three the girls are back. We're in better spirits, Nikki is moving on with her life. And we're seeing all the drama unfold. We also have a new cast member. Maya Lauren Itis Johnny's daughter ver- up sister, their stepsister, which is interesting so Janis kind of taking a step back in his daughter is sort of coming into the picture. This was much more focused in back on the girls episode. Then what we've seen in the past. We've seen a lot of very big family center campuses, sort of revolved around their brother or their mother. This is now very much back on breathing and Nikki again of mckie's Mel looking for life after her ex. Yes. So couple really interesting things about this episode. This is post break up with her sister sina her ex. No longer senior. It's her ex. That's the end number key number one and all this. Yeah. They don't call him by name. I don't think they're allowed to call him out by name. If if somebody else does it, I think, it's okay. But the girls specifically the family specifically does not call him out by name. And it's interesting that generally when there with people outside of fans, and when I say people, I mean people inside WWE, they do not call him by name. It's her ex her ex specifically nother interesting thing is we do see Nikki officially move out of CENA's Tampa house. Well, see well, hold on just like her arcs. We kids. Yep. Because she's toll. She tells cameras in the car I have to turn the cameras off. They are not allowed inside the house. They're not allowed to videotape. The move out moving the place, Tampa like everything was packed. She said come get the boxes, and what have you? But we couldn't see him. And all you saw was the aftermath and her sit down interview when we're she's very emotional about it. And this is a hard thing for her because she was with him for a long time. They were together. What five six years seven years something like that? Yeah. They were together a long longtime. They were very close, and Nikki Nikki in the end decided this isn't what she wanted after all and she's moved on. Now that doesn't mean that she hates John that doesn't mean that there aren't some residual emotions there because I think they're absolutely are. I think she's still one hundred percent in love with him. It's just the lifestyle isn't what she wa. Wants she doesn't want to be on her own. She doesn't want to only be arm candy for premieres in only see him at premier. She wants to see him every day. She wants a real marriage a real relationship. That's not what she had. So she's made the decision to move on with her life with a was all about what the next up is. And for her it location of where she's living. She's tire living with very you're in a hotel. She wants to be on her own. And she has the vision of where to be and that plays a big part in what goes on with Brie as well. Right. So NICKY is living in Bryan. Bryan. Guest house Brian Brian relocated last season to San Diego specifically to be with Nikki and see her through this process. A now Necci has decided sandiego is too sad for her. It's got too many bad memories. Got too many memories. Good amd bad, and it's just making getting over the break-up hard. And she basically wants to go somewhere new. She wants to go somewhere fresh. She wants to restart her life. And she wants to get away from the memories for little while which is probably good for the healing process to instead of just wallowing in the past to just say, screw it. I'm going to cut ties. I'm just going to go do something new, and you know, part of that can be Asian part of that is also just moving on. And so she basically announces debris. Hey, I'm gonna move to LA every what doing what who to what now mind you when I say bream, Brian moved brim, Brian birdie, the two dogs all rented this house and on top of that they moved the birdie headquarters to San Diego through the house. They have the the gift house is the the office like they set up their business in San Diego for Nikki breed be there. That's what they did as they did. And they Daniel Bryan was confused when he heard about this. That's on Famer. He's like really, oh, no Bryant was like, wait. Why? Then why are we here with? With the sedan with him. He's goes, I'm totally not bothered by the session at all. And you see his is. So big. Ryan's back. It's back in a big way on this show. We'll get to the other part of it. But yeah, Bryan, Bryan is just like how did I get caught up in this? How is this my life? But yes, so and with this does is this kind of causes a rift between brain Nikki because Nikki, you know, Nikki's, Nikki, right? We all we all know in love, Nikki. And when Nikki makes the decision, that's it. Nikki makes a decision. And there isn't you could tell that there is not there's some thought behind this. But there's not a lot of thought behind this. And she really didn't think you could tell how it impacted brim Bryant. Specifically, how it impacted the rest of her family specifically that she's just going to go off and move to LA for however long. She wants until she moves on a mind you for Bryan, Brian they moved to San Diego for her. They wouldn't stay in Florida for her. They followed her all around this relationship, John to be with her to be supportive. So I can see how in there. Is it would be upset? Now, they moved their of their own accord with something that brings up which is what which is something to keep brings up. But ultimately, it the part of the driving factor of the moving there is Nikki so for her to suddenly be like, hey, I'm gonna you know off to LA for a year. I see pre would be upset. I completely because she's updated her whole life for the sake of her sister. Now her sister's like, yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna just offer while. Right. So this creates a problem the twin brand Nikki where they're not on the same page there. There was a very uncomfortable. Once it was very uncomfortable lunch. They were snipping at each other. And brief feels that Nikki need sustained San Diego to heal. Bree accuses Nikki running away from her problems running away from the past. And that at some point she is going to have to face it. And I agree with that. Nikki at some point we'll have to face what happened with John. But I just don't think she's ready to do it yet though. It's still this is a century picks up right after the break-up happens. And so she's not ready to go down that road yet. She needs to get herself. Right. And once she gets herself, right? Then she can deal with what happened like that's how you gotta do this as you can't do with what happened in. They get you get stuff. Okay. Got get yourself. Okay. I and once you're once you're okay, then you can take on anything. But she's just. Yeah. There's there is a very very uncomfortable lunch between. The girls. And then on top of that. He's a very uncomfortable dinner between mama fella, Maya Lawrence and the two daughters view that they're snipping each other. They're insulting each other. And mama bells. Like, you just have a nice dinner. And they're just like, no who's brew may her side comments. Nikki like, oh there she goes again. Now, there's something else that sort of compound ING nece stress, and that is Daniel Bryan in his infinite wisdom has officially decided that he wants maybe number two. He's ready to go. He's ready to get on the baby making these going far as by moon cycle t for Tila t t which I didn't even know as thing that Brecon takes she can get pregnant. We take the two you apparently then you get on the. The position I three minutes for something. You draw your knees up to your chest. New breed deeply for a minute to three minutes. And then I guess you get the bang on. And potentially get you pregnant. I don't know. I don't how stuff works. They're kinda joking about it. But breeze not interested in the idea of getting pregnant again because she's just gotten back into shape, and she's happy with her body the way it is. And then on top of that. Hey, guess what WWE calls? Evolution. It's fried around the corner. Yona do the pay per view. Let's go the room the girls are Murga do thing going to storyline and going back really quick to the whole baby. Number two thing. They're doing. Sit down with the prime breathe and talking about you know, how birdie was conceived, and it was a one month. They didn't try birdie king Brian said, and I quote, she wasn't the only one. Embraced just like. Oh, jesus. God. I married this bow. I love him. But I married. This laugh was the best is like you dork flux, lovable dork. He minutes sector. I got away with it. I slipped to six joke in there. I feel you know, what honestly I feel like there's going to be a more relaxed feeling to this show now because certain circumstances have changed really active though longer factor. Yeah. The Xs no longer factor. There is no more X factor in this show. So they can get away. I feel like with a lot more of the things that they couldn't if he was involved. So that's that's the really interesting thing about this. So we're gonna see the season goes, but yeah. So Bree decides. Yeah, I'm gonna do comeback. Nikki I can do a comeback together which is super awkward because they're fighting with each other. Let's pop some champagne and let sort of squash everything for now be the same page, and he's like, well, we'll try and then we kinda cut to the girls after they sort of close I kissed a made up going to Lawrence baby shower, which got bless her. She looks like she's ready to pop to helix fantastic. But she looks like she's ready to pop who's like two three week though. Yes, she was she was pregnant. There was no mistake in that. And so they do this really pretty cute baby shower Nikki in breed. Both get trashed on map on drinks. They they're drunk before. One eight one pm I respect that wholeheartedly Corfu. I can't say anything because I got popped before noon on New Year's. But that's new year. This is a baby shower. I can't say that I haven't on that too. So so in the process alcohol repeals isle wounds and the girls Kisa makeup for real were Nikki apologizes to Bree. And his like, look I felt like I didn't have to include you in this decision. And this is the first thing that feel like a done strictly for me a really long time. And I just needed to do it do it on early breath the faith thing with her from living in New York for a couple years Dicky's putting herself I which she has the right to she absolutely has to she the Nikki Bella that we saw when she started total divas all those years ago seven eight nine ten years ago. However long ago, it was and the Nikki Bella that we see now are two entirely different people. And the thing is is the Nikki Bella of now has to figure out who she is. And more importantly, she has to. Figure that out as a single woman, which is why why don't they we've mentioned she's moving to Los Angeles. Although there's one thing that kind of irritated me about that. Or she psych will know him thirty five in single with no kids, and I'm sitting here like and welcome to life. Like, it's not as bad as you think is actually kind of awesome. Especially if you're attractive enrich late just setting if I had her money in Erlichs be like, I'm thirty five and single literate. Let's go maybe anywhere. Sit feel like I don't need you to have again, I'm going to have a kid on my own. I can afford it because I'm that responsible person. Right. But I mean, that's the kind of thing that, you know, it's like that's what I was thinking is just like really it's thirty five and single, and I'm sitting here like, and and what is nothing wrong with ping thirty five single jobless y'all. There's nothing wrong with it at all. It's fine. Don't let anybody tell you different. But for someone who was already going on the path of being married and having kids. Kids that'd be thirty five single. But what she really going to have kids going to be married at least she was going to be married, but come on come on. I think we all know now that that kid thing was not serious that was that last ditch effort to make it work in. It's like yes, you wanna marry me? Okay. You're not gonna do it. Unless a promise to have a child with you fine. I will have a child a single child with you that she would end up raising on her own because he would probably want no part of it. So it's like is it really are. They really having a child together like she would have a baby, but she would be raising the baby on our own. So at that point, do you really need him to have the child or can you just, you know, get that sorted out on your own because like with today's technology. She doesn't even have to carry the baby like they could do it all through surrogate. She can do it all through circuit where she has an fertilized. A surrogate carries it in nine months, boom. She's got her own kid, and she don't even have to worry about gay. Private but. Yeah. So there's that. But yeah, there's that. So we episode closes with the Bellas preparing to make their comeback and bream Brian talk about Brees big comeback. And she's just like I just need to do this one more time in he's obviously very disappointed because he wanted to have another baby in he's like at this point. I feel like on the world's oldest father because I think he's like thirty seven thirty eight. And so he really wanted to go ahead and have baby number two in. He mentioned to her that you're thirty five third them. So for her the clock is ticking. But it's not ticking and again with technology in their level of money. They can they have options available to them. Should she not want to get pregnant again? And so you're skipping over the both part of it when you have Brigham top Brian tell him to sit down and to embrace themself. Oh my God. My god. I just I had to just. TV for just a second. But the best part and said it was in sub race of what what was very subtle about it as she's trying to figure it out Brian is embracing himself. He's such a dad like he's got the data down, Pat, man. So she Murchison and everything and then tells him the comeback, but it was the embrace himself hint just doing the SoHo bracing himself embracing himself was person perfect again dork. And then she she needs a coach again to coach she needs new finisher. He says the sterilizer, and she's like actually really good, and he's like the cash straighter, and she's like, no, I like sterilize better because you know, count, you Latian was this thing back today. Anyway. This. But I digress. Yes. But yeah, I mean, so basically Brian is disappointed that they're not gonna go hang on having baby number two. But it's like realistically in terms of how long this comeback win. You're really talking a few months. Maybe six months, amac's probably go there the three one thrown. Yeah. You know that she's not trying to have a baby. So it's like, it's really not delaying you that much. But I get it. He wanted to get on it because they had a hard time getting pregnant before. So he really wants to just go hang on that now. And yeah, I mean, I understand his perspective. Guess she sort of just did it without talking to about telling him about it's just greed to but at the same time. It's like it's one more chance for her to make the money to have another run to come back to do what she really enjoys doing. And really again get that boost self confidence that she needs because I feel I Bree Breen air kind of like every. Once in a while, we just need that little boost of self confidence in or something happens or somebody tells you something or something good the universe. You know, gives you gift where it's like, yes. Okay. I'm in control of my destiny casino. The more. I see of free the points. Like, I noticed how really kind of almost insecure. She is a lot of the time kind of interesting. So it's she just she just needs that boosts self confidence going to WWE gives her that. And right now, especially in her words, Dallas the time to be woman WWE 'cause there she sitting back on her count watching, you know, Charlotte Becky in and parole. Oughta and Bailey and ember and all these women all these amazing strong women making history, and she's not a part of it. And she wants to be a part of it. So embroiled like well, again, are you with that? So yeah, we can wait. And you go to your thing happen. We have the notion form forever Lucien. Thala girls. Nikki's ready moved to New York City, get MARTINI MARTINI for summerside weekend to have a look around. 'cause it's the first time she'll be single New York. Then we had an autograph signing two. Did you have an crush on another rest there? And she mentioned staying off Sigler the best one the best one was the girl. The girl the twelve year old who had her priorities. Right. She asked the question. Everybody wants to know where is the ring. Yeah. Sheets. Pro I don't know her name, whoever you are. Thank you for asking the important question. What happened to that? Ring in the answer is locked up in a bit in a safe probably never to see the light of day again. But it's locked. She still got the rich. She did not give it back that we know of that we know of she could have given it back since this was taped. But I think he made a very public declaration that he was letting her keep it because honestly what used as he really. Have for it other than to sell it. So it makes more sense. It's like kinda that parting gift of hero sort of thing. But yeah, thank you to that girl for asking the important question goes, we appreciate that. And what's interesting is the Nikki's like, I know I had a really public relationship. But I'm I'm ready for people to move on from it. And, you know, just associate me with me not me with John in. It's like, well, here's the thing, you know, into public relationship, you're in a public relationship for years better part of a decade at this point. There'll be no seven years seven years, your identity is tied to John whether you live here with her leg, whether you like it or not you're tied to him. And it's like you're going to have to do enough projects that enough things without him that people start to sever that identity from you. And that's the doing the shows are really good start. But the process to go through that is going to take years. It's not a minutes months. Kind of thing. It's years. And that's if she can ever get away with it because she's always now in forever going to be the one that essentially jilted Johnson at the alter that's that is that's a thing is not a great thing. But it's a thing. So it's like she's got a work really really hard shake that stigma off of her. I think she will. But yeah, it's it's not going to be an instant thing for her. But she's ready for it to be which I get I understand that completely. But it's gonna take a while. Sorry, but overall good I are very much for who season all the fanatic that will probably occur. I'm happy that this is gonna feel like a much more lighthearted season. Because last season was so hard to get through especially at the end. Because of just how heavy the subject matter was because we all knew what was coming and the way that they did it was beautifully done. But it was like there at the end. You're just like oh my God. I'm feeling so crushed by this whole thing. I'm ready for this to be over. And we're coming back, and it's more lighthearted Racine. Nikki. Home with her life, which is great. We're focusing back in or on the immediate family versus the outer family. So just makes this show to me move a little quicker like it almost feels like they've refocused the show a little bit, which is great. So moving for us. I think that does it for us. So make sure your phone with grog twits that t alive makes you follow faith will Twitter Instagram radio show that while talk radio facebooKcom while grammar and other every Thursday night ten PVC right here to number fell me on most of the social media's at Lynch word Elena stability suffer. I'm Lindsey ward. You've been listening to the wreck extra views total bells edition right here while talk radio dot com. And I swear I promise we will be back next week with episode two till then.

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