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You like podcasts. Right whether you listen occasionally or can't get through your day without them. There's a great app you need to try. It's called stitcher. Stitcher is a free APP. For IOS and ANDROID. That's really easy to use from classic favorites favorites. Too New. Hit shows from Oprah and Conan O'Brien as the best of true crime like cereal and my favorite murder. Stitcher is home to all your favorite podcasts. Visit STITCHER DOT COM to download stitcher for free today. And now it's time for inside Conan and or change Hollywood podcast. Hello and welcome. Hi Mike Sweeney writer Conan show. I'm Jesse Gaskell I also right around the Conan show Conan at home now. Yes we're still employed. I think we had a brief hiatus. What look like. It was hard to downshift weeks. I gear into park right. I faced a different way in my Home Office. Mix things up and got a whole new perspective on life. How about you? I started taking a picnic blanket out into my backyard and putting it down to pretend like I was Xetra nicking. Yes that wasn't protect your business. Yeah I was a child. Look nods sympathetically. Guess whatever you need to do. All of my neighbors have been spending so much time outside so like one side. Has I think some sort of home gym set up that involves mostly like banging sticks against tires and then rolling tires up and down the hillside loud grunting and yes and then the other neighbors have a baby that I think they are sleep training on the porch right now great. Yeah outside if we're going to go through this everyone's GonNa go through it. That sounds like a living hell and decided my passive aggressive way of fighting back with to play my music. Like six those ballsy. Yeah I now. Your dog must must love that. You're Randall. Think like you fall in love with her and to be with her and now she doesn't leave me out of her sight for one thing. I if I go in the bathroom she follows me in. They're completely codependent. She's at my feet open. I I went and got eggs from Linda. Linda Wardrobe Department. Oh that's right. It was just veteran of the egg. Pickup saying she said that you were on the list ahead of me so I had to wait. Until you got your. I think she tells everyone that up. Now Alta Dena. It's very far out into the Angeles National Forest. It's at the base of a small little mountain range. Yeah as it as an excuse to go for hike good was nice. And how did the eggs enjoy the hike to picture picking them up? I mean she lives on a crazy compound up there. It's it seems like a place maybe. Manson looked at yeah was little high any celebrities. Exactly it's you'd have to kill Scientists from JPL which is anywhere. Well should we start the show? We have a guest. We recorded this. I think that people will probably understand but we recorded this before. The pandemic of the pandemic was just a glimmer. Just a twinkle in the president's I so Kristen Schaal we got to interview her. I think you'll become aware of something very funny at the beginning. Which is that she seemingly thought she was being booked for Conan's podcasts. Right which I guess has more listeners. Yeah it's the word more popular but anyway by the very end of the interview. She was almost starting to come around to know she was great but it was. I love the way it started. So here's Kristen. Who Else is doing this? Just good. I'm Justice League stars pro for podcast. We do but we recorded later. So how does it go there song? There's also like there's a great fanfare. It's kind of a knockoff of Conan's team saw meet Casio very pleasing to the ear. What's this podcast called inside Conan? Okay cool but he's not no no inside the Conan Show. Bayton switch getting these two. Is this the Cohen? Show that the Coenen that was like number one no yes. That's one all sorts of awards and accolades by millions. See would have to. He does so you thought you were going to be on. That pod can visit. I've never listened to his analogy. You but it. Clearly he does interviews probably. Yes sorry I just wanted to call your call your manager now and complain early. The vital have anybody. Okay great true. Do you not have any rather aged agent. Uta till what's CONAN'S PODCAST? Called his called. Conan O'Brien needs a friend. Okay so that's the one that was in all the. That's the when you turn down to be on this. Yeah agent your agent wave food store. I gotTa have the doctor later day with exactly view that this nestle but yeah we know. We talked to people who usually our guests on the show. Who have some connection been sort of the Conan family for a long time? That's me another another awful question but important but not really how many people listen to this podcast through the roof where we were like number eight. I think that was exciting. That's pretty good. We'll be number eight again because how so is 'cause CONAN's podcast? Where is that at million number? Why it's up. It's number one. I mean we're not metrics people tell you all about creativity and then just making things people like them. That's great I all about that is way. Yeah but listenership is very passionate. Oh you don't have to serve on this one and you know what ever asked me to do is I would say no do have to sell the I feel. It's touching it's going to be touch and go the whole way could leave Your Capture Code on your outer cut. This is a for me more comfortable because I get nervous about podcasts because I started talking very freely and then drive away and realize that a lot of this is better. Secrets are safe here. We're offering you see harbor inside cone. Yeah this is my speed yet and if you don't like any cut it out. Yeah that's what they say that's that I don't know I don't listen listening so kristen you're on the show later today. I am going to the on the CONAN. It'd be on the show. Amlie designed tell. I didn't tell family they don't know where you are right. And it's knuckle air tonight. Yes renaming this podcast questions with Chris. Oh my God more questions this great to have my own show defray you I know I actually do get curious about other people have on your show. See anyone anyone and everyone I would. I'd take mall. Yeah we'll know fantasize about it. I bet it's not show Biz people. I bet it's like Monica Lewinsky. I've I've even Fantasized about the guests. I've only be sitting at the desk. Oh Yeah isn't that discussed? It's just me and my fantasies. That's so gross. Totally took out the guest equation. I think that's where it starts though it's got to start with you the hose and then yeah just down the road. I'm starting to think you do have what it takes to be a late night host in probably not. It's probably not gonNA happen but maybe on the next version of QUBE I. You're already planning on the PODCAST. The Pie the podcast is a good intro to right. Maybe you guys could have your own show. Oh no this is as far as my aspirations. Is that right to be working on coin? And you're just your yeah. We're on the and for a while. How can you never wanted to step into the CONAN's job? I think I'm just a natural submissive. I don't know I yeah I don't really have. I don't think I see myself that way and I'd rather not because if I tried and failed that would be too much vulnerability own my gosh. That's a lot of vulnerable great. Your I think you'd be wondering where no one wants to just saying that because we're on a microphone great. I mean when i started going i was doing standup. I was happy actually to start writing stuff for somebody else. That was that was more rewarding than I thought it would be really know why well. I like to shoot added things so that that process I really enjoyed had no is like a different way of getting laughs. And there is still the awfulness of things not about things bombing and everyone just avoiding looking at you. So the the rejection. The bad feelings were all still there but when things went well a team it's more of a Tan and that that was all it was all this whole different skill set. That was fun to learn. Did you stand up to see I just for about a year so no we need a new head of bomb? You we all know. That terrible feeling bomb only happened every day instead of every Lynn. You give a jobs coated and you don't know if it's GonNa work or not and it doesn't work. Does that feeling exist. Bigger lesser when he takes the bomb of the. I think it's kind of the same a lot of times the jokes I thought he'd love. Nobody likes and then the joke that I put on at the last second and be like no one's GonNa like this. That's the one and I had the same feeling. Stand like it's very how about you 'cause you continue to do stand up to you how long we segue. Don factor the goods train target. I probably doing it off and on lately heavier like twenty years. Wow Yeah and you're right. It's sort of a reflection of what's going on you know personally and professionally in my life and my twenty that like this is what do yeah. Yeah you must love it because you still 'cause you're so busy with so many other projects a lot of people would be like okay. That's sorry I don't have time to do to doing it. Yeah some people would say. I'm not doing it. I mean I do it every Monday night. Because we actually have a long Rennie. Show right. Yeah that's still doing your show with curt brown alert so like tonight. I'll be doing it and I've been able to come up with some new stand up. Finally that's really dumb but it makes me laugh and it's coming out easier. I think I've sort of been wandering around the last almost ten years eight years doing stuff that's like I'm not GonNa it's not GonNa do surreal stuff. Sure I'll talk about my life. It's so much easier and then I have been doing it and it's not it's not been good. It's not been great but also I've been doing it at hot like I haven't been touring I haven't been like really doing stand up and as soon as my daughter gets a little bit older. Which is soon she she turned to. I think I'm Gonna I told my husband like I'm I'd like to open it up again but that means I'll be gone more right night twenty on the day when you have a nanny or need care but I have to be gone at night relating to be good to hone it and make it good so I don't know in my twenties. It was great. 'cause 'cause of a place to go at night but didn't have a ball and chain didn't have a goal like a right stand up about about being a parent or what's should angle now. I yeah like written stuff about breastfeeding just like so much. Melk juice all over her face. Oh yeah it was good. I had to get out I. I hadn't miscarriages. I was talking about that but that was kind of leads us a tough less funny but I was just trying trying to reflect my light. You were working with what's going on. It's been okay. It's been okay. I think it's hard to find stuff that really works with people who don't have kids people do. I don't know I don't know it's hard so I'm not working on it. That much. And then he could have said out loud. I think yeah I think you you have that rare quality of like you're you can go up there and just sort of trust yourself. You'll figure something out only only to this little strong to this. Yeah this little this little theater that I've become comfortable with for fifteen years. Yeah I mean it's a real crowd and it makes it is a real crowd. Yes and they enter in La. We might as well tell people. Yeah we're a great life show it is. It's a small little show we have the best producers Joel and Mandy and they put up. There's so many good comedian comes. That's the thing it's just like an analyst. You can march him up a cliff. Their reality show there is just moved to a new venue. Yeah every keep coming back and you're all good it's like there's always someone on hot tub every Monday. We do it every Monday that I haven't seen before and I'm always so impressed. You know the future might look bleak knowledgeable bleak for comedy guys. 'cause there's so many funny funny awesome comedians coming up right now. People do say that that's true of like you need sort of an oppressive for art to flourish. And I think there was not a lot of art being made under Obama. So why would I make fun of anything so Kristin do you have a routine for when you're GONNA do a like a late night appearance? No no I'm GonNa talk to Conan and I'm still a little unclear what we're GONNA chat. Okay this is the first time I've been a little more like Loosey Goosey with code 'cause 'cause we had that the superhero thing. The summer last year it was a comic for COMECON and it was very improvisational. And I'm just like well. Maybe we can do that tonight. And if I'm wrong I just won't tell my parents so it was amazing. Yes 'cause cone in like turns on his improvisational buzzsaw when he does a remote. He's just on and you were there when you shoot at. You're right on with them and just hilarious. Oh you hit the arch nemesis planned rallies as exciting. Yeah do you guys still have my cost to go to? We have it back. We'll see how this interview no I. I don't know maybe you up in the bedroom I mean how expensive was that? I don't think you can get to my private parts. Its iron four figures probably yes it was L. That's a big discount. I think discount advertising comecon the year before or two years before Conan got a superhero outfit made by people make all the Batman iron-heads or and last year. I think Levi macdougal one of our writers great idea let's give Conan a nemesis arch-villain and don't know who pitched you it was like the per let's say Levi Levi all the credit we can ensure correction if we're wrong and everyone just was like. Oh my God so we were just praying you reveal. Like how good are you? Kidding style is very very free. You're just a child. Yeah Yeah but I was still pretty free. She you're breastfeeding was okay. So you didn't have to worry about. Oh Yeah but based on your routine referred to your uterus your baby house baby how I loved. I thought that should be the new medical term term and I had to say. I think that I got that a little bit from Tina fey because we were shooting thirty rock and she just had her second baby and she had just gotten her period and we're also enter the C. Which is like Oh God and I think she said this abandoned baby warehouse still F- from Tina Fey. But have you as matter? No I would wonder if you'd be friends because the world is still small. It is a small world I I met her back in New York on the show a couple times in New York. I'd love to meet early days. But no one's introduced early days of television comedy senior and Phil Long. You know still to be on thirty rock. Because she was a hero is a hero but at the time it was like the you could count on two fingers. The women who had their own shows that they ran and were stars of and I know I can't think of the name probably a little bit. I Love Lucy or at least she owned part of it like she's a little bit more than the jars. Yeah and so I was like all I can have that tooth. It was very exciting but I was like I would always talk so loud round. Her was on area. Was there ever went away and then Even though she was very nice then I was it. An enemies governor's ball party for that is probably guessed for rich or somebody for the daily show or something anyways riches your husband a husband who will on the daily sorry. Yeah accounted for for. She was like Chris and Kristin and it was Tina fey and her husband their daughters had gotten into gravity falls so the fun because I feel like they were a little bit fanning out for me back. I use of the face started talking loudly around chapel on just a human being. Oh God I was a mess. You get recognized just for voice roles because you do so many voice roles do people here voice without and going. Wait a minute you sound. Just like yeah. It doesn't have been allowed but it does happen in an. It's fun I think. Sometimes parents will try to get their little ones to be like that. So unsure look at me like exactly like no. It's not because that's also animated and this is a real person whenever you know. Your parents are forcing you in like. If they discovered on their own they probably love it. But when your parents some? I've met voice over people. I mean you're known for on camera work that you don't have this issue at all but their there of what people only do voice. Who when you meet them there this sector. The second thing they'll say to you is they. Start listing all the shows. They do voices for have you. Have you ever run into people like that or is it just made you mean because they want you to know who they are because they don't know one? Yeah recognizes him. So I haven't. I haven't met those people okay. Well they're out there but God bless him because you know what like those are the people who are holding up the world and Tell Them? They decided that they had to get recognition like yeah. That's all changed a lot. I'M GONNA call out specific but these are a list actors when you see them. Onscreen their incredible. And then you hear them in the movie at it's a dud line. There's no life in the voice it's like the closure is in it. There's life in the voice without the face than put on. If I killed this movie with this a lister right. Your favorite voiceover work. Do you like if there's a group together or do you. Do you end up having to do it like going recording. Ah By yourself it's almost always buyers fell. The director will be there. You'll be sometimes they'll read it with you sometimes like just read it over and over for Bob's burgers though is very unique. Show that we all record together fun so great. It's great it's a most of us live in New York and Boston but we can use an ISD online and call in and we're all doing it together on Wednesdays Salah Times you're on different places but still recording at the same time. Oh it's really great. I if you want that on your animated show get people who don't work that much. Hey we don't want it anyway. Yeah because when you have done projects where it's just you alone? 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That's light stream dot com slash CONAN for an additional discount. I'm going to spell it out for you. L. I. G. H. T. S. T. R. E. A. M. dot com slash CONAN. And that's con an. You should know that by now. Ooh I love this part. You get to read really fast. Subject TO CREDIT APPROVAL RATE INCLUDES ZERO POINT. Five zero percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and offers subject to change without notice visit lights dream dot com slash CONAN. For more information. And what would be your ideal thing. You've mentioned a couple of things you mentioned. Maybe wearing to host a late night show Wanting to star and produce your own Sitcom what would be like with on Your Vision Board. Well I've got the man. Well I would brealey. I really would like to have like some version of like a talk. Show thing I was. I think that would be fun just to get the hair the makeup to to deal at the what. It's going to be animated. I know I know it's fine. Guess I could so that would be fun some nowadays. It's all in my late forties or something. Maybe I could do that. Because that's when women are really hot as older they get the more visible they are the more wanted So I'M GONNA wait. I'm going to earn it. You know and then yeah. I'm developing a show that I'm really excited about that kind of like a live. It's like kind of inspired by pee. Wee's playhouse it's a live action show that is tailored for kids but Adult hopefully will love to and it's got too much really hope it goes We turned the scripted with my husband and I wrote it returned to all last week. So you know I wanted so bad. I'm not I'm not GonNa get it and then the other thing. Yeah and then show this developing shows but I got cast in show that I'm excited about Friday. Yeah it's a movie Hugo. Do you have kids? You have kids do but his early twenty five twenty talk mature the like if it's based on these kids books called the mysterious Benedict Society. Yeah I haven't heard either but I'm going to study. Hopefully they're short Harry Potter series. You follow kids. Mainly it's the kids but I am one of the adults and Tony Hills one of the adult. Oh let's are you a good person or a bad person? I'm a good person and I'm a good person. We PILOT NEXT MONTH. If we can own right just like can we right? Because Event Corona virus speed so scary like I like like here to promote a movie. That is supposed to come next weekend. That's it is there month because of Corona. Gosh all this only a month I like. That's James Bond back seven so my movie moved to James Bond Slot. Take were like you know. There's going to be a lot better. So we'll see we'll see the future's bright bright as it got guiding and developing shows and stuff. I would love to see something. I made happen like a written couple pile. A few pilots in movie scripts. But it's rare to see see it. Yes Yeah Yeah Movie. Scripts especially seem. I just read a of books about people went through trying to get a movie. Made the really decorators. It just seems like an endless. Yeah I don't I don't know how it happens anymore right. Yeah but it's cool and it does when you mentioned writing with your husband. Yeah how do you often write together or all time for the? That's that's wonderful rare that that works. I think it's because he's better than me at ready and I know it typing and your life chair growing paper planes. Yeah he's he's always because I've type before and then he's gone and re reworked. It was like okay. You Sir do bill parameters during the day like no discussing the project while we're making dinner or any wide open like you can just started. Yeah it's been much clutch wide open. I think the the idea is that we work on together for me are just always pleasurable stimuli gear to me is is just gives me life life sometimes. It's like what are we doing in this world. Yeah and then you can talk about this idea that story the then it's like I don't know it just feels. There's an endorphin appeal excited. I also have a problem to were. I don't know about you guys but I as soon as there's a new idea I am like it's like a drug euro. Gosh this is so good. I love so much news like telling everybody about it and then like one day later. It's an old idea that one work and I think that's part of a big reason. Why don't have any I really? What's so hard to commit to one idea to you because I love the process of having idea but then actually having to follow through that idea is the party. That's the I I don't like the work part. I see myself enjoying the Premier. Everyone at the next day on your your sleeves. Yeah Oh yeah. It's like here you pitch an idea and you're kind like pleased on picket police because the second then it's like people laugh at your idea. Yes way so we didn't. I didn't really catch this work so you you're saying that crystal. You felt bad when your ideas. When you're jokes bomb that Conan says I mean you to the things he says that you write are winners feature so night is healing like afterwards is it. Are you just like or do you feel less UK because you didn't have to be in front of the AIDS? Oh Yeah it's it's I mean in front of the crowd I mean if you're bombing it's it's it's twenty twenty well and there's the Nice thing for Conan is the if he didn't write the than he kinda can separate himself from of it really bombs can shit on Joe. I've heard of do you. That under the hidden right lose and then the audience is back on his side again and so then he'll get a huge laugh and then even if I was the reason for not getting the laugh in the first place I still feel partially responsible for right. You can still. Yeah I saved your ass. Sorry about your failures sir. Interesting is interested like for me. I wonder if I would feel I would feel worse. If a job gave someone bombed I just went and took it right. I right you know you. Could you throw yourself on the grenade? Yeah maybe whoever delivered the joke yes there you go. Yeah that's the thing here who that's that's mainly what the shows for. You probably always have great crowds at at the shelter. We do but we also have a regular switch. I'm I'm I'm slowly coming around to because I've been able to write some new material there every night because otherwise be doing the same material Getting it better and better and I'm always like conscientious like God Ryan Listening. Nice in a very good audience might Zuma ice coming every week. I got rest actively aggressive. Someone should talk to right nihilists. Coming up I'll eating it at the did you ever. GonNa eating it now. Let's talk a little bit about when you were first doing. Stand up in New York for started yet and there's a show called eating it yet. I think as Marc Maron and Janine Grotto there was Lamar at the at the is no longer there. It's condos visit the East village and you would pay seven dollars but you would get a drink ticket for a free trade deal. Yeah and there's this tiny room and that's I was just missing arc and I was like. Oh no like what do they do? I don't think I can make it here when they stumbled into this show and it was like all the is like the perfect comedy room for me because those alternative guru and your they're trying out new things and it was like Eugene Merman and Jon Glaser and Todd Berry John Benjamin and David Cross this all these white guys and I is like. I'm going to stay in New York and I went that show for two years and just stood in the back and watched. And let me add really. Didn't talk to anybody until I finally got up the mirror to like give them a tape to jeff singer and singer producer produced. A how cool. Yeah so we're you simultaneously doing open mics other places. Yeah then I would deal with my said at surf reality Which was facebook. Show and collective unconscious. Which was the Reverend Jen show? And in the pit of the Peoples Improv Theater to it eventually will lead to really getting the career revved. Up was a started. A room called the hot tub show with Curt Brown alert and people at the People's in theater Monday night. And that's when I had to we were booking Michaud to which is the hardest job you can do. It sounds like a traffic cop with everyone's schedule and meet everyone but it made me lake instead of leaving eating it right away. I would stay and I would Chat up Demetri Martin and find Michael showalter and just as many white guys is like and the yeah and then and then I'll sudden they're your friends and yeah they're your show their show. You're doing standup many nights a week. And you're getting better at it and was this right out of college moved to New York and yeah I I went to New York right away. Yeah it was. I was watching it and doing it and yeah it was hard it took a while it took a while to get clicked in and really start. Doing we're doing it in. La was simultaneously. I mean I had like my fingers in all the pies because I was doing Improv and stand up and sketch team and like also right trying to write sitcoms and stuff at night so it was. I was just trying to see what was going to maybe stick. Yeah what was strangling. Enjoy the most well. I ended up really. I liked the joke writing part of standup but I hated performing so was yes. I love the feeling after performing when you just get to eat hot wings and during mirror in the Mac. What a great Cli- wings. I guess we would because I did a couple of shows that I owe West when there were some book shows when theater was still open at home. Yeah then we'd go to big wings afterwards and hot wings. I mean. I don't know that feeling. I like even tonight for a little bit for Conan. I only just had this lake. Not a doom and gloom feeling but just like a bit of a serious Paul. I'm not quite myself are doing a stand up show. It's not a nice feeling. You're about to come incredibly vulnerable stressful and stressful. That's not happening till the night and I. I really do feel stand up as a total day. Ruin her yeah. I especially if you're doing it once a week like every Monday Tuesday I would start threading it. Yeah yeah and I don't know if that goes hasn't gone away on me I wonder if now like like touring stadiums. Is it like? You're you know that you're so good that it's fun like when does it become? It's fun when I'm doing like why would I go on stage and I'm doing it right because there's no but leading up to it that whole day it's like no but it's also a muscle right so if you people playing giants they probably are doing it every single guy and then he has to make it to go away or you get you feel. Yeah you're like oh I know this feeling you know what I thought this feeling before in the show went fine. Let's feel this right now. Yeah that's near speak. Yeah well you have to have her on and ask her about it. We will yes. Yeah great we'll get back to you. I think you met Conan for the first time on film only God in his document in that documentary about his life tour Conan. O'brien can't stop. Yeah probably how you're in the movie. I think were friends with Reggie Reggie Watts. Whose Opening Act. Yes and you drop by and I gave him a crocheted ice cream with a face on it than a woman and I'm getting her knee. She crocheted penelope princess. A pet style for me It was my web series. Yeah and she's so talented and very difficult to crochet. Face yes she's she's an artist. Yeah Yeah it is hard. And then she made that ice cream cone. Meet if I could get it to her. Yeah and it worked out that Reggie was doing. Show that right city. Yeah that might have been the first. I met him. Yes because I watched it. And you're like how do you do nice to meet you ask you nice cream cone? Yeah yes and that's on the movie your in flight of the conchords at the time so SONA as a big family. Yeah no it was all just to smuggle this living artists artists Van. You said that you said I'm not a fan of yours but I was asked to give it's true it remains I do have a corn in Shirt is the is the late night was the show that he got booted off of ninety show. Tonight show t-shirt merch share. But I gotta get that like the one ears want one. I should look on Ebay. Come on by. I've got I have one year for Christmas. We got well one year. The only one the that winter that Christmas we got tonight show luggage. It was a luggage with night. Show with Conan O'Brien. Wow collectors just use it traveling with just to remind young? That's probably worth something. The way that when they make like a super bowl t shirt for both teams get might win right. Yeah moving out here after like four that. That's why he moved out here right. Do you guys like it out here. Do you Miss New York. I like it out here. When did you move out here? Twenty twelve okay. And why were you just getting a lot of work out here or what made you move in l? Shine well I I wanted to be out here working a sort of sitting in New York waiting for them to offer a job as you really gotta be an La to do that and my husband was working on the daily show and it was one of those things are. I had to wait until he was ready to move on from the daily show. That's incredible job. Yeah pull out of that. And then one day he's related to was done so and Oh and also help is our landlords. Those like I'm raising your thirteen percent and we're like okay. There's two things. Yeah let's go do told the landlord way really need to get out of here not gonNA be. There's no other comedy here like I did. Thirty rock like we've got a call law and orders. They laugh and especially as it's GonNa do. I did the daily show me. Yeah me like what's left. Wait I interrupted. What would you say you did? Did you actually do long? Yeah yeah intent and as wow I on attorney no out of sp you. I was Cream crematorium worker and then typecast. Yeah I have this bit this bit again where we start the sketch by saying that we're like the Olsen twins and we had a showbiz career where wouldn't WANNA get tired? The other one was stupid. Show my bed on. Svu Chris Maloney's like it's a Frat a Frat party that went too far and he's going through a box of the deceased items and he pulls out a Frat paddle and I'm just sort of I give them a box and I'm just like gang and then it cuts to curb branagh or being like a paddle like anyways and then on criminal intent. I played a girlfriend of Russian terrorists. Might and I have never seen it there was. I wish I don't even know who it was. It was just doing the interviews with the with the lady. Cops were you rush to or no is. There's just stupid yeah they don't replay that one you don't get a copy of of it because they make so many they don't give the actors series don't every female. Levy though we'll dig it. Oh Yeah I'm sure somewhere. Someone will probably reach us. All I remember about it is I was doing. The scene with the woman has red hair short red hair. I don't know any the main criminal intent women or you only males females. But anyways she I was just telling her my sob story and she was looking at me like oh no no and I had this. What would I do this theater? I was like Aw? That's your job days like lookie get looking at people with that. Yeah know tell you. They're said stories and I felt sorry for her washing rakes. Did it. We really enjoy that job. Yeah Yeah so weird. It's like being a therapist. Yeah yeah disarray. Before we go Christian one more question for you which is if you were to give one piece of advice to a person at listening who might WanNa do what you do. What would it be a piece of advice I would say is I feel in this business? There's like a lot of times where you feel like you should be doing it. And there's equally a lot of times where you feel like you're not good enough to be doing it and I think that that is so key to how both those feelings and to not think that one of them the one that you're not supposed to be doing it as better just to be kind to yourself during those moments as all. Yeah well I think that's good advice. Yeah because it's it's so easy to start beating yourself up mentally. Yeah and then you beat yourself up about beating yourself up. You're always down on myself and I'm mad at myself for that to just beyond the there's a point when I didn't want do stand up and twenty which is scary because that's that was the time to do it and I remember someone's like Steve Martin do on do comedy for a while until like want to. Those little coats can like four or five years. Yeah Yeah Okay. It's Okay Jon. Hamm was thirty nine. He became a star. You know and I know is she. Scott didn't start thirty and he won. Oscars I would say those Owen. Also people are always like. How did you get into voiceovers? That's the mission and get the most and I always tell them. It took fifteen years because it wasn't about my voice or my talent. It was mostly about the people that I came up with from the beginning Eugene Merman was friends with learn Shard from Boston and he was playing around with You know a little pilot For Fox and that was Bob's Burgers so that was very lucky thing but also those are the people that you're with right now that are employed and doing stand up with you at night and scrounging and those are the people that are going to be getting their chances to have their own shows leader so just really support your peers. Because you're all in it together but you're all gonna rise up together in fifteen to twenty years takeover. Yes yes. That's great advice. Kristen Schaal thank you break. Okay to this podcast. Kristen Schall. She's great. Yeah she's hilarious. Fun to talk to she and colonel still doing their weekly show the hot tub show. Yeah but it's Virchow. Yes the hot tub home edition. It live streams Mondays at eight PM on twitch Pacific's it's a great show. I seen it several times always really fun. Yeah they always get great comics and a lot of people have been watching so nothing can kill comedy. What else can't be killed answering fan questions. Yeah that's right it's Har- from Finland do you to still remember your first sketches. That went on the air. And what were they? You know I was thinking about this. I technically the first sketch that aired was a remote that I worked on Piece Peace Dove Right in. Well I mean I think I was thrown in. Well it was. It was a fun when it was. I worked with Jose Arroyo on the writer a remote Where CONAN delivers flowers for Valentine's Day? Oh I remember that one yeah. He went to flower shop and Valley. Yeah I was taking in real orders and then going off and delivering them and for some reason we ended up getting an order for mark. Mcgrath the of Sugar Ray. That just worked out that way are yeah okay. What was that like for you? Were you nervous or like do pitch ideas while we're shooting. Yes that was the hard part was. I didn't really know what the rhythm was supposed to be. And so there was. I remember. There was one point where there was a slight lull in the conversation. I leaned in right next to the camera to pitch joke to Conan It wasn't the right time. Let's say withering look I cut. Oh just to look. That's that's good. Yeah maybe he said something like that was worth it but I did learn from Jose that he will often bring a note pad and then he he'll write things out us the no pass that up for Conan which is smart because something you think of in the moment. Go Out your head for all time. 'cause just moving on to all these new moments so that is a tough judgment call. Yeah because if he's on a roll and he doesn't WanNa be stopped than yes. Ruined all the momentum. Although we've talked about this before in many ways that might be his favorite thing of all to Lord that over Uh of course he calls him scooby. Snacks SWEENEY. Do you remember your first catch. I do the first. It was like a desk piece that the first one that like I pitched and then kind of produced and wrote the whole thing why wow is during the OJ simpson trial so it was in February of nineteen ninety five all anyone was watching on TV. And Yeah I just had ideal how are other cable networks covering the trial because everyone was trying to jump on the OJ bandwagon. So I just showed like the weather channel covering it and public television had Bob. Ross the painter and he was the jury was anonymous so it was him trying to paint the jury in imagine. Just give them different faces and it's your jury every with them. Great someone suggested Robert Smuggle to play Bob Ross. And he was he was great. I love that. Yeah so that was fun and it's less than I did on the show. That's why I remember it so clearly. All right well. That was fun please questions. Yeah we love your questions and you can email us at inside. Conan POD AT G MAIL DOT COM. Or You could call and leave us a message like those to at three one. Oh no three. Two three two zero nine five. Three zero. Three operators are standing by. They might be sitting next week. We like you inside Konin important. Hollywood podcast is hosted by Mike. Sweeney and me. Jesse GASKELL JEN samples engineered and mixed by will becton supervising producers. Kevin bartelt and Aaron Blair executive produced by Adam. Saks and jeffress. Team Coco and Colin Anderson. And Chris. Bannon at your Wolf. Thanks to Jimmy V. 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