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The MMA Reporters: Episode 17


One. Area. Who wanna it's Wednesday may two thousand and nineteen brand new episode of the may reporters greet meet here with you on a beautiful day in New York City, and as always a lot going on the world of mixed. Martial arts kidding ready for you to thirty seven rose Eunice against just drudge rose, traveling to enemy territory hostile environment to defend her title against just ventral. Also, the turn of Anderson Silva guard Kenan year, Alex can off Stephen shows. The there's also a great bell or card as well. They're going head to head once again, which personally I hate, but it's hard. Just you pit bull against Michael Chandler MVP against Douglas Lima. The return of Jack swagger PF Bill making its debut on ESPN on Thursday so much going on in the world of other may later in the program. We're going to be joined by the news member of the team Mark for Monday talk about PF L talk about bell tour whilst be joined by red Okamoto of ESPN as well. Talk about. Talk about news and notes going on in the world of Emma may. But this is exciting my friends because when I first met New York, Rick I was the world traveler, I was the guy going on planes and trains almost every week. But now, it feels like the roles have reversed. Because now he's the world traveler last week. He was in Kansas City this week. He's in Rio they actually let them go to Brazil. I can't believe this. So joining us for the first time from digital Brazil is our own your creek. This is very exciting your Rick. How're you? I'm doing. Well. How are you? I'm in are beautiful hotel on the beach while in rea-, this isn't when did you go to Rio when did you leave? I let Tuesday mornings arrive under. No since issues the afternoon arrive, very early one. And this is the first time in Brazil first time in South America. Actually, I'm I'm excited. South american. Rick any tips what what are you offering me? Well, get to the tips in a second. But actually, I just wanna know like what are your early impressions? It's it's midday there now. So I'm sure you haven't done a whole lot. But first impressions, what do you think? Yeah. Just getting ready to go over to open workouts, beautiful hot, and humid or my three so far. That's your take this far beautiful hot and humid. That's it. Like, nothing you. Missile in Florida plane came to the hotel, and that's all I'm seen so far. So give me some time. Let's check back in later in the week question is have you had the Esa have not what I'm very excited about it due to how much big up that. Look, I got to the hotel at five AM. They're not exactly serving the us idea. They are there's little places across the street. If you are on the beach is he's little huts. I wouldn't recommend going alone at that hour. But if you got someone to go with the assay at that hour may be even better than it is midday. You gotta go place called BBC coast. You gotta get say goodbye Nola mixed with the banana, don't get crazy. I have never I have never tried a food that tastes so different in one part of the world as opposed to how it tastes here in America is a drastically different food tastes nothing. Like the stuff that you get here. So you must try and I guarantee that once you try, and I would suggest trying it sooner than later. So you can have it as much as possible you will try at least three more at least three to four more times throughout the trip. I've got to talk to them about getting your sponsorship because you have nice this to me for years. And now it's finally time to culminate in me IMI have experience. So later in the equal have a we'll have a review, please, film it and and posted on social media. All right. Thank you. Now. As far as the event is concerned, you have a sense for what kind of buzz there is for this the excitement the interest level. Or is it a little too soon? Yeah. I mean, I think it's a little early. I think today's over work out. We'll kind of be the first time where we're gonna see the fans really interaction interacting with the mean co main event and featured event fighters and seeing seeing them in real life. You know, anticipation of the of the fright on Saturday. But in the hotel, you know, there's tons of fighters walking around the Asli in Brazil. There's a lot of fighters outside of the fighters who are on the card who who are needed to to this country. So there's a lot of energy in the hotel of the three fights three main fights that I mentioned that top rose versus on drudge and emphasis Kenan near enough skeeve versus although which one intrigues you most. It's gotta be the main event because I think this is gonna be a real test for rose NAMA Unisys is going to be okay. You you got past you on twice. Clearly, you have her number clearly the better fighter there. But now there's a lot of other tests on the horizon straw, wait one of them being just Android, and then another being you on the sore is in the future. So I think this is gonna say a lot about rose unison, and whether her title rain, it's here or whether it goes onto very long. So I think that the most intriguing there follow it for me by although in offs because obviously spoken out sqi two number one contender afraid if he if he can get past Josie. Although there's no doubt in my mind that he's in a in a fight with max Holloway after that. And then followed by interest in canon here. Okay. Let's stick with numb Eunice against drugs here for a second. I feel like not enough is being made of the fact that she is going to Brazil to defend her title against Brazilian. This reminds me, of course of Ronda Rousey when she did it. One ninety against pitcher has somewhat reminiscent of Matt Sarah. When he went to Montreal UFC eighty three to fight George saint-pierre. But the difference between those two and this in my opinion is well Sarah beat GOP after winning a reality show. So I don't think he had much of a say, and plus the sport wasn't legal in his home state of New York. And then the Ronda Rousey, one beco- wasn't a real threat. There weren't a lot of options at one thirty five isn't as tough as just judges for for rose to go to Brazil after thirteen month layoff after everything she dealt with mentally off, the you know, the the bus incident neck injury having to rehab that. And then to fight on drudge whose look really good a win fifteen inner home country, this is absurd stuff. And I feel like we're we're not celebrating enough. Am I crazy here? Yeah. I think says a lot about Rosa's talking about rose medal. I think she's definitely earned the moniker thought rose like this is a folk move right here into enemy territory say I'm throwing the gauntlet. Down but belt stays here. And you know, for my money, she's facing the best straight opponents. You can face. I mean, it's a toss up maybe with androgen and stars. But I think androgen the best of the best. And so, yeah, it's a fuck move. I think it should be celebrated. And I think atmosphere is going to be insane. You know, this might be the type of thing that that Roe needs. This might be the type of things or making performance. You know, maybe she's made this calculation or head is that I could fight or somewhere else. But if I fighter here and beater here, I become you know, a superstar, and I think that's in the making purse if she can get this done. So as you just mentioned rose is to know against you wanna you wanna win over just gun. Drudge drudge has won three in a row, and she looked really good in her last fight as well. But you know roses also won three in a row, and she has those two Winston, but also gets Michelle Waterson. Who's looked great as of late all that said Rosa's the underdog the betting underdog as of right? This moment going into this fighter. You surprise. By this. I'm not surprised, you know, she's going to wait for where she's going to throw shots. He's gonna get you in the Clinton to lift you up gonna slam down. She's her aggression brutality is hard to deny. And I think the betting public often favors style versus somebody who's a little more calculated a little more measured in a little more technical. But make no mistake about it rose on the unis is a finisher. There's there's no, you know, there's no point fighting in rose nominee NS if she sees opening she's gonna look to finish and she has throughout her career. So I I like this one I'm not surprised by by the betting odds, just because the style of Android, and if you know because the line I think it's right about here. So I'm not surprised, but I do understand why the other thing that I think needs to be mentioned is that rose didn't cause a stink when they offered this. She didn't laugh in their face shouldn't hold them up for more money. I mean, she took it. I can't think of you go down the line of champions right now. I can't think of many champions. Many non Brazilian champions. Who would agree to this? Right. I mean, like who would do this who would go to Brazil? If you're an American champion North American champion. And even if you're a European champion and say, yes, sure, I'll go fight a Brazilian and Brazilian for those that might not understand why we're making such a big deal out of this. I mean, there's tons of stories about how the foreigners don't do Brasil how it's hard to to cut weight. You know, the it's just a different culture, the the language barrier things of that nature, and it's very hostile. They, you know, the the whole like you're going to die chant that they used to do a lot in the early days. I mean that may be has leveled off a little bit. But this is very unique stuff, especially get someone who's as tough as as as Jessica. And so that's why feel like this to be celebrated more because it's super unique. Like, if someone came to say, Daniel cormier, Robert Whitaker, or I don't know max, I know did it, but he went to fight, you know, Aldo and fought him, you know, after he felt like you had to give out of the respect that these this one feels a little different to me. I feel like morning. To be made of this. And I don't even know how that's possible. I just wanna I feel the need to say it because I feel the need that I feel the need to tell people that this is something that's happening in it's super unique. Yeah, I can get absolute unique. But I think the the award and benefit of as I said earlier is going to be on the back end. I don't necessarily think this is something in the lead up that everybody's gonna keeping their eye on. But once that moment happens where she walks out, and she suppose start getting those you're gonna die chance. And then she has a star making performance if she has a star making performance, not disrespect just Android if she has a star making performance, then I think the magnitude and the gravity of the dishes will will be clear, and it this will be looked at very fondly in hindsight. Do you get the impression because I do that you have seen needs Rosa Munis to win the US's in this new era with his PIN they need stars. They need draws and rose. I think has the potential to be a very big star. She's becoming. One. I remember when we were in Atlanta last month for the press conference. She got huge pop when she came out. And unfortunately drudge doesn't speak English. Not very well known here in America, an on drudge win over numb, I think would be a blow to the promotion, you agree. Yeah. I mean, I think it's North American fans go, certainly, and, you know, this this new relationship with ESPN that you have see has certainly be strengthened by arose win. Like, you think, you know, obviously, just the drugs has our own story. I think is an interesting one to be able to tell. But certainly, I think you know, if we're talking about the primary fan base North Africa looking for somebody that they can relate to I think rose UNICEF is percent think she can be that star. She the little bit kind of reserved. She's a little bit outside the spotlight. She's she's kinda throwback to fischel martial arts as opposed to Connor McGregor method, but many people have these days. So I do think rose Eunice Lynnwood would strengthen that that fan base and in North America and get somebody to kind of back. So if you know, you're looking at the landscape would say this is important for for North America. Yeah. Sometime. Before title fight. I have a gut feeling I don't I don't openly make predictions, but I have a feeling like, yeah. I'd be surprised if this happens leaning towards this happening cetera this one I really don't know what to expect like I have no gut feeling whatsoever. Do you? No, I really don't because the styles are so drastically different. And also, I think that either one can kind of impose their will at different times. So what I think is we're gonna be in for a longer fight. I think this one has fight of the night potential in in a big way where don't think one in glitzy other quickly expect them to be respectful of each other's game. And I'm thinking that this one's gonna be at for for lack of a better word ethic. I'm really excited about it. Well, I haven't heard you it. Is it? It's the main event it's in Brazil roses coming to enemy territory. Just again draws said her style bruising one she's looking to to get in there and hurt people. So I think that this has the drama is there, I think has high potential or for a huge amount. Yeah. And and I hope if rose wins fight, I hope that all the talk of her being mentally weak unstable goes away because for her to pull this off. I mean, how could you call her mentally weak the that narrative needs to disappear Sunday morning, if he pulls this off in my opinion. Yeah. I mean, I think that narratives already nonsense, but this would solidify that for sure, okay? So let me ask you also about the Alexandria can off ski shows Aldo fake because you said that that was the second most interesting fighting in your opinion, it feels like this is a title eliminator for one guy if feels like its title lemonade for Alexander Volkov ski for those that don't know nineteen and one overall has one six. Let's the six own the of see he's coming off an impressive win over Chad Mendez, which may or may not have retired had Mendez. That's the talk. I've reached out the Chad Mendez since that fight back into Semper, and he has to confirm it, and it doesn't really wanna talk about his future at the moment. But he beat him. Rather convincingly. Also had a win an impressive win over Darren Elkins. And again, he's undefeated so nineteen one going into Rio's well to fight the king of Rio the consensus, you know, greatest featherweight champion of all time. I know he lost to McGregor and thirteen seconds. But Connor never defended the title. And so I think everyone thinks that although is the grace of all time, and although has turned back the clock in his last couple fights look great with with, you know, stoppages against the likes of Jeremy Stevenson, not to Moineau. So it's very important fight. But although is oh in two against the champion. The current champion max hallway if we'll ski wins against the feels like he's a, you know a. Afresh contender guy who certainly deserving seven would be twenty one you agree with those states. Like, I'm not really sure what is at stake follow here. Other than just keep winning hope that Holloway stumbles, and then you can slide back in there. But for Volkan off ski it's pretty clear cut you win. You should be next for the title. Yeah. I mean, I think you could make a compelling case book enough already next title. He's able to get past Josie. All there's there's nothing that title shot. I think it was more interesting. Is that Joe Valdo Scott? I believe one more fight on his contract after this. So maybe it's not you know, Macau away that he has his eye on. Anyway, you know, he's he's mentioned before wanting to himself on could you know, the win. Maybe he's not looking at you know, the title after that it was looking to up one more than the go on boxing. It's interesting steaks. And I haven't really unpopular his fear where I would be okay with running back album versus Holloway of the okay with running back. He previously. I would've been okay with running back, then Evita's and Dmitri. It's johnson. My take is the best fighter in that division is the one that you fight for the title. I stand by that no matter how many times they've lost. I'd watch it again. And again, and again, so to me Josie Alto wins. I would not have a problem with being probably and they all do number three. But I don't know if the rest of the public is on my side with that one nor am I sure that does the future is with the title of all your takes. All your question takes this is really one of the the weirdo ones, in my opinion. Because especially okay. So especially in this, particular instance, the benefit is one was different because there was really nothing else going on at one twenty five. But in this case, that's when I would lean towards Frankie. Edgar like if Aldo wins this fight Edgar based on his legacy based on everything Frankie Edgar agai that. Although absolute dismantle, yeah. Yeah. It's a weird thing. But but I don't know he was supposed to fight for the belt million times. He took that fight against Brian. Okay. So you doing well, you don't even think Eggers in this conversation right now because I said that and then I was getting all kinds of heat nonsense. But like come on the guy has a wanna fight hasn't fought a fight since April since April, and I love Frankie Edgar make no mistake about it. Frankie Edgar if you. Tell me right now, the Frankie Edgar is going to get a title shot next based off of his legacy and what he's done for the sport. And how he's always gamer and takes a fight anytime anywhere against anyone. That's fine. But full can skis next fight needs to be for the belt needs to be for the belt. If he wins his fight. But you're telling me crazy from wrong. You're telling me is not even in this equation. He's fight someone else before being considered a contender. I mean, I think is just on the basis that I think I'm in the minority. I don't think that Josie Aldo versus MAC Halloween or something that's bankable. I don't think that that's you know, what what the UC is bringing to the table to sell. I think you could you could sell a fractured fresh matchup with Edgar and Holloway, much more. So than you could sell afresh matchup with Aldo and away. But I don't I don't love the options. I don't love to options outside of Okinawa ski. And if it's if I you know, if I've got the book as they say, I say the best the best featherweight gets the title shot. And so if it is woken up ski, and that's a no brainer. And if it is Aldo, look, I mean, you know, what I would do. But again, like I believe he only has one more fight left on on-track there. So I don't know if they're throwing the title fight without him resigning. So sure he's he's in a difficult spot from a promotional perspective. But potentially a good spot for for his own personal reasons if you look elsewhere. Yeah, that's one hundred percent. It's a great point. If you know if he really wants to fight of the contracts, they're not going to give him a terrified Marlon rice had one fight left on his deal and part of getting this title fight against Henry Suharto next month, you know, meant that he had to sign a new deal. So yeah, that's the big x factor here. So that's interesting. You actually take. Edgar. Yeah. You've got to be sitting back in and rooting for an elder win puts you in the driver's seat in my mind, you know, that's that's how you sneak into that into the conversation. And, you know, don't get me wrong. Frankie hardback shot and timing is a huge part of that. I wouldn't upset with a Frankie Edgar MAC Halloway fight. Let me not mischaracterize what I'm saying. But do you think him having that loss of Josie? Although is a difficult thing to for past when you're trying to book this. What about this base of legacy and him taking that fight on short notice against her tak-? Didn't it goes way? Like, we'll anyone thing. The thing that is tough for for right now is that there's no momentum. You know what? I mean. Like like, I think that that that win over Swanson wasn't very memorable. So I don't know if anyone is really like banging that drum right now. No and. Legacy and resume. Yeah. Frontier. Girl is one of the most underrated and underappreciated fighters of all time. And if he's gonna get paid back on the back end, I don't have much of a problem with it. How do you feel about BJ Penn Klay Guido? Now, we talked to like ten minutes after it was announced remember back in I don't know January February. But now that it's happening as a right? This moment of something crazy happens. How do you feel about it? Yeah. It's a little weirder. Because I believe I said, I wasn't gonna watch background. And now, I'm here at over the fight four different. I'm gonna different scenario. I was previously. It's tough, man. But I do think look I mean of all the things that you that you could say I don't think that this is a match up where he's gonna get absolutely dominated. Now. You look at the Ryan whole matchup and think okay? This is where it'd be kind of. But certainly Ryan hall has one specialty in Michigan and executed that and he was BJ to to tap. I thought he looked for that unlike his previous Feis now might be selling myself Bill of goods here and trying to convince myself that it'd be a competitive match up. I don't know Klay greeted necessarily the guy was gonna ski Moby Japan. No, certainly, I think the light the likely outcome is dominated from belt bell. But I don't think weed is the type of opponent who's just going to go in there at starch him or. Owing submit a very quickly like a Ryan hall. So I think look the US's trying to get back on track. But I don't I don't know if it's gonna happen again here in Rio, you feel like they're trying because because I don't know. I mean, if you're trying than there are worse fighters that you can give Japan. No. I mean like like you can't give BJ Penn. Some guy, you know, who has zero game value was you know, John to the promotion doing. Well, what's the point of that? What's the point of this fight? Like, it's not like click rita's going on a title run anytime soon. But his name still his name. So mean, something he's at least familiar face Wicca -pedia page for one if you, you know, you be panic guy with no Kapiti of hinge doesn't really do much. All it does is prolong, you know, the suffering here. So look if if you can be Klay, greed and know what that means. I don't know what the next step in here. Because you know, the next up is like a Ryan hall fight. Right. No. I don't know what you where you go from here. But I certainly don't think they've been unkind. You know who had been matching them awkward? So I don't know. I don't think he's gonna get it done here. I just can't I the fighter you have seen lately. I don't I don't foresee anything changing. But I do think it's a possibility. I don't I don't think he's counted out in the site, and for those that think we may be a little harsh here. BJ Penn is winless in his last seven. He's lost six in a row. His last win was November doesn't ten. Yeah. More. Interesting than the number of fights losses. How long have been cynthia's wanna fight right. Remember two thousand ten that is a significant amount of time to have not, you know, had your hand reasons inside the cage. So it's it's it's a difficult thing for you know, for fans of of Japan in for fans about era. I think more than anything along the other fighters or on your way, just other retirement of GSP have retired even before that BJ Penn is still taking and I and I think there's something to be respected. I guess there's something admirable about, you know, never giving up that fight and kind of you know, having that enemy. It is his his greatest gift and his greatest curse is that. He has been married to the fight game for as long as you read known him, and as long as you get around, and he always had the will to to fight. But at a certain point, you know, is that enough like do we have to see victory inside the cage. And and I think the answer's yes. One thing that I'll never understand is why the you have seen in particular, Dan away. In the past has been so adamant about certain people retiring legends of the sport. Right. Like big nog and and chocolate Dell to name a few. But would be JJ. They're just letting this happen. You know, I feel strongly about the, you know, the the the whole narrative that the media is telling people to I don't like that. It's weird because they're grown men and women they should be able to do whatever they want. But at this point, I don't like win or lose on Saturday. How'd you justify another flight after this especially with the loss with a win? Okay. It's perfect. The win. I think there's one clear distinction that's important in you know, conversation that guys Chuck with L were continually going out on their field. Right. Like truck with no just continue to get knocked out to the point where it's very very uncomfortable for you know, for all his his. In recent years dependent not been dot guy. You know, y'all your Rigas absolutely bliss them. And you know, he's a young strike start coming up. But but most of the other fights, you know, in in this run have not been fights where BJ just absolutely obliterated. And neither were the fights early in his career. He's never been a guy who was in wars. You know, you've been relatively tench free. He's he's kept himself in in decent shape. As far as damage though. So I think you know, there's less than a version to him fight as there would be some of the other people, you know, who we saw and had to call it quits. I think kind of similar to like a Tutu Ortiz. You know, does not a guy who took a ton of damages certainly there's an accumulation. But he's never been continually knocked out like Chuck rebel had been. So yeah, I mean, I don't know where to go from here is the more interesting question because what does the win over quite? I mean at this point. Yeah, you could go to ways you could say like, oh, you know, if he wins. It's the perfect time to retire. But then I feel like in the mind of BJ Penn in the mind of most fighters a win would probably signal. Oh, that means I have like three more fights. Now. You know what? I mean. Like if you win and then go into three fight losing streak or four like, okay. I just bought myself at least three more fights. And that's the scary part in all this again. I on other important thing. I think he's not the type of fighter you want to go to another organization. Right. If you're the UC, you spent so much time building his name, and he spent so much time building your brand, he's not the type of guy you just want to walk over to a rise in to Bella tour where somebody else because I still think he's bankable in that regard, even though he's losing, you know, people still care and talk about him at tune. So I don't think he's got you want to just walk to someone else. I disagree with that. I mean, they've let Cheo walk. They let Machida walk recently and others as well. I I don't know if they're all that concerned. About Egypt pins drawing power at this point fair enough fair enough, you know, I mean, like Leo Leo was coming off a win a very impressive win. And they just let them walk away. Vitor belfort. It said never read. Never read with fans in the way. That Jay did. You know, these great fighter. I just don't never ever resonated in the way that Japan has. He's got a what's sixteen thirteen sixteen fourteen record and people still care. So there's there's something there's something magnetic about BJ Penn right now, all that magnetism is drawn towards this losing streak unfortunate. Okay. So I'm giving you twenty four hours before you try us a for the first time. I hope it happens. They don't be less. It'll happen today. Like by the time, you go to bed tonight. You must have had it at least once and I wanna full report that the guarantee. All right. Great stuff. My man. Thanks for doing this. Good luck. Stay out there. Obrigado? Oh, look at this guy. Boom jia. Nobody got the of ends that's near Rick reporting live from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, a phrase that I never thought I would ever say bizarre. All right. Let's move along and say Hello to our next guest colleague over at ESPN not reporting live from Rio de Janeiro. It is bred Okamoto. Who's joining us right now. Brett, how are you? I'm good area a little under the weather. So I think it's good that I I I missed Reno because if you're gonna be sick, you'd rather be sick at your own house, hotel room, Brazil, probably right, but other than that I to go. What are we what are we battling with right now? I'm not sure little respiratory thing that I was maybe just our gi's. But now, it's we're kind of creeping into some other sips where I feel like I'm sick. I'm not just allergic to the pollen that's outside. So we'll get through it though. Okay. It's gonna it's getting a little worse before it gets better. But I think we're we're we'll come out. Well. Well, you know, they say it's always the darkest before the dawn. So hopefully, you are dealing with that right now, I appreciate you doing this regardless of how you are feeling. I wanna I wanna continue our discussion about UFC two thirty seven. I purposely did not ask near about Anderson Silva because you have just written a piece for ESPN dot com that urge people to read after they listen to us talk about it about Anderson Sylvan about this fight and about the state of his career and the direction of his career for those that may have missed it just before I ask you about it what what's the feces there? What were you trying to convey to the audience? You know, I was I was talking to you about you know, what are we gonna write about Anderson? So there how are we gonna cover up? Are. You know, do you wanna interview or actually how should we oppose this fight? And Jimmy this is like sort of the first fight that it just doesn't really feel right to me. I mean, we all know that Anderson Silva has been, you know, not really the Anderson Silva that we used to remember. But that's that's to be expected. You know, he lost his title that he had serious leg injury. And then he had you know, the failed drug tests you had to sit out for a while. Like don't want it expecting that. Or said do exactly the set of of old, you know, but, but I feel like a lot of these fights that he's had, you know, whether it was coveted fighting Daniel Corby short notice, I mean that was what a story that was you know, and and this being London. I mean, all these fights have really made sense even all the way up to the last one with the ETA Sonya because as I wrote my call like that would make sense, you know, that was almost like old Anderson versus new. Hurson, you know, this kid who kind of fights like him at grew up idolizing, this that was like the perfect passing of the torch bogut, and at anybody who watched that felt really good about it. You know, and it was it was beautiful to watch and it made sense. And now it's like okay now, he's fine. Jerry Kennedy here in Brazil, and I'm not even necessarily criticizing see for putting this fight together. I want to raise the point of like, hey, in in some ways Anderson's career is over you know, it's it's it's kinda done now. And now the only question left to answer exactly what the end is gonna look like. And I look at Anderson Silva differently than than just about anybody who has his competed in a sport. Even even in the recent years where his legacy has sort of changed. I still look at Anderson Silva as he needs something that that no one else has sport means, and I don't wanna see this guy is take random fights and end up on your other card for the next three years that would really kind of break, my heart watching that unfold. It kind of feels like this is maybe the first step towards that direction. So I just wanted to pointed out that, hey, we'd have a conversation about Anderson Silva because the time to have is is right now. Yeah, I'm still confused by this fight by this decision by this booking. I obviously get why Jared cannon years taking it. This is a gift from God this guy who's fighting David branch on short notice in his middleweight debut. Not that long ago. Nice fighting, you know, one of the greatest fighters of all time. Do you feel? We were just talking about BJ Penn you feel like he is he's not getting knocked out. He's not getting embarrassed. Like BJ Penn has been in some of his previous fights. But you feel like he's going down that path because BJ Penn of old like the BJ Penn from two thousand eight two thousand nine when he was considered one of the pound for pound best in the world feels like an eternity ago. Anderson isn't as far removed, but it does feel like with every fight. We're getting further and further away from that legacy. You feel like he is dangerously close to getting on that train that BJ's on. And there's no turning back. Well, I mean kind of like I mean, I still look at DJ. You can remember the good times. I mean, I don't think that, you know, even with what's going on and beaches career doesn't like ruined what he did. Or it doesn't take away from what he did. But it's just like no one wants to see this, man. Like who wants to see this, really? I mean, there's there's still some really truly hard core. I guess BJ Penn fans out there who want to see him fight. But actually, even like if you're a really strong fan of the guy. You don't wanna see him fight? You know, it's just who who's being entertained by this. I guess, you know, and we could sit around and have this really long debate about discussion over when athletes should retire. You know, it is there. But it's like the whole end of exposure artist career is messy, you know, that I know that that's just the way it works. So I don't get back to your question. I don't think it's necessarily like interested in jeopardy starting to like, you know, ruined his legacy or make people think that he wasn't as good as it used it as it was or. Like, maybe we we built him up into something that he wasn't. So I mean, that's not what we're talking about. But what I what I'm kinda describing is like, okay. If the guy is going to fight, however, many more times than can we at least make the like matter. I mean, if he goes out of loses to cannon here. Like what what did we get from that? Like, what does anybody really getting from that? You know, Anderson included, hopefully, I'm not ranting here because it's complicated. Subject of of how these guys go out. But you know, it's interesting silver went out and lost Israel Tucson. At least. You could you could write it there. You could you could feel good about it. You knew that something. There was like there was something to talk about afterwards. If he goes out put himself in harm's way for fight against Jerry cannon near. What is the point? You know that that's kind of what I'm asking is. What is the point of this? If you're gonna put yourself at hardly anybody. There really aren't though say fights mixed martial arts as dangerous sport. If you're gonna climb in the ring compete against somebody should be a point to and it's starting to feel like this. We could be entering a place. Anderson's career where these fights. Are. We don't know what the point is like BJ. Yeah. It feels like the only point at this point is money. And there's there's tree fights left on his deal, including this one. And I've been told that he plans on funding them out. He doesn't want to retire. This isn't going to be his last fight unless something horrific happens. It's not going to be his last fight. And it does feel like a lose lose situation for him. Because you know, if you beat him the layman thinks, of course, you should be jarred. Kenya? If you lose it's like, oh my gosh. You to guy named Jared Kenan near that. You know, no one no one's ever heard of. And so remember after he and the thing the difference between DJ and him at this point is he isn't getting embarrassed. He isn't he isn't getting knocked out. He isn't looking very old looking very slow. Sure. He's older show. Sure. He's a little slower. But I didn't think that he was embarrassed against drought assigning. I thought he had his moments in in fact, I remember saying afterwards I like his stock went up a little bit in that fight. And he was talking about Nick D as in all kinds of big things. And it felt like maybe the Nikki as is in the GOP's of the World War. Develop. But if he could have, you know, worked his way towards some kind of fun, you know, marquee fight. And then this one came out of nowhere like what what happened to all that talk of, you know, marquee fights and things of that nature. So it really it really confuses me and the only motivation at this point that I could think of is he was out for a couple years suspension of more, and he just wants to he just wants to get paid. He wants relatively easy fights at this juncture, and he just wants to collect money, which is not a bad thing. I'm not I'm not begrudging him of that. That is essentially the whole point of this. It is to collect as much money as possible, you are price-fighters. But that's really all that there is to gain from this fight in my opinion. I agree with you, which by the way, fighting for money is I ever say that that is a poor reason to do it. Let me like you said, that's kind of is the reason to do it in a lot of a lot of cases. But to have to have a legend like Anderson, you gotta find a way to make it both, you know, and I will fully admit that. I'm not sitting here take tell you three fights Everson Silva, do that would that would suffice that, but I don't think had an ear is one of them, you know, at a day that even comes to buy by then I noticed that after I put out after I put out the the columnists people responded this as well as the name Robbie Lawler crosses by by some people might say like if you're worried about Anderson civil why would you wanna put him against Robbie Lawler every Lawler hits hard you talked about. It's like that's kind of. Let's say though, is it like he could get knocked out against get your kid in here. You could get knocked out against anybody. I mean, let's not kid ourselves and say that this is a safe sport at all. So like if he's going to take on that risk at least have it be a fight that makes makes some kind of sets if he was fighting Robbie Lawler. I would be much more. Gordon? I would say this is a fight that kind of mean something it's it's a it's a treat for the long-term term of this sport. Like, that's a fight that I could I could understand, you know, this. This was does stand. This one's like well, okay. At a loss to the next guy out. It's guy Johnson air, you know, moved from division. He's trying to make his way up the ladder. I just I don't wanna see that. I don't want to that to be the plan for Anderson Silva's finale, let me ask you about a guy who beat Anderson Silvana, very short notice that you see two hundred current UFC heavyweight champion Daniel cornea. He is if I coming up on August seventeenth against him. But he told me on Monday that yeah, I I really do want that John Jones fight. And if I do take that fight I wanted to a five are you surprised by a the fact that he's finally admitting that he does won that fight when when you know for the last year or so he is said that he's moving on from it. But maybe more importantly that. He would take it at two five when he has to you know, or huge preferred to five or maybe. I should say only wanted to five because his reasoning was he beat me twice. Then I have to beat him at two. I don't care if I'm better at heavyweight if it's healthy from heavyweight I have to do at a two five. Are you surprised by any of this? Surprised by any other, you know, had conversations with people around DC for the last year says that that that was always the case that he was always still accessible John that he's been obsessed John show from basically the beginning, you know, that's what made their rivalry. So good was that DC like any? He kinda put that on a cell. He put that pressure on himself that he said I have to beat this guy. That legacy is tied. John jones. You know, no one else. I mean sure a lot of us would have put that on himself. But he welcomed it. I mean, he acknowledged he said, yeah, I gotta beat this guy. My career covers to be this guy. That's why you saw so much motion outta that you see to fourteen when he lost a John Joseph a second time. And he's like, well, I guess there's no rivalry. 'cause I was too. I mean, he has in a roundabout way sort of made his career about John Jones and even like over the last year when he when he basically separated that and that's one of the reasons why. So that the Cormie was a fighter of the year two thousand eighteen because he took that errative of like always always attached Jonjo, you always attached John Jones, but separated itself from it going up the heavyweight and doing. Jones ever did. And you know, winning three fights last year, it'd be a dual champion I mean he'd he'd finally separated itself John Jones. But when I talked to people around him, they still told me that he was obsessed with Jones that he he continues to be obsessed with them. So it doesn't surprise me at all that that that do coming back around on this idea of fighting John Jones, it does the prize me that he wants to a five why just makes absolutely no sense to me. I mean, it's it's better for him to be heavyweight not only just just like not even from the standpoint of. Oh, I think that he has a better chance of beating John heavyweight which granted you probably does. But why is this ever going to cut it to five? Like why like that's a bigger thing to me. I don't care if his John Jones or anybody else at two five like I just don't need to see him under go that cut at age forty. So that part of it surprises me disagree with it. And quite frankly for being honest. I was if I was close to DC if I was buddy his I'd be telling him dude, you don't need to fight John Jones again bad. Like why why why bring it all the way back to? John Jones, and like your good your legacy is solid. You finally carved out a legacy. This completely independent of John. Joe why put yourself through that again? And and if we're being quite honest. I mean, he's forty what is John thirty like I'm not saying that that it's not like a fair fight at that point. But you know, I mean, why you you just don't need it. You don't need a third fight with John Jones like fights Depaix that potentially retire. You know, I mean, that's why I was so on Ford the idea of fighting Brock Leser, even though it goes against sort of the peers view of it. And I didn't think Brooklyn deserve the title shot. It was like that would have been a perfect way for DC to go out. You know, fighting John I guess it could be a perfect way for him to go out. But if I was close to I would tell him you don't need to do it. Yeah. I don't disagree. I mean, I guess in a nutshell. This is what makes him so special. He is such competitor. That he really just wants to beat them at the way class that that he lost him twice. But I do agree. It feels like we are further away from those two losses than ever. And it doesn't. Feel like that's a cloud hanging over him anymore. Doesn't feel like he gets made fun of for being a paper champion like he is arguably, you know, one of the greatest fighters of all time undefeated as heavyweight knocked out the winning heavy which have I mean like he's done a lot. And so it feels like it's just a personal thing at this point. But I would hate for him to fight him again at two five in his retirement fight and to end on a loss on a heartbreaking less. He doesn't deserve that. He shouldn't put himself through that. But I guess that's what I respect about him. The fact that he wanted I would say I understand why he wants the to fight and all that stuff. I would then say I'm John Jones and his team. What do you think of this scenario? I say, yeah. Thanks. Thanks for giving me this fight right now. There aren't a ton of big money fights for John Jones Taegu Santos is in a big money fight. Maybe fluke rock, hold winds, July. That's an intriguing fight. But it's nothing like Jones for DC Brock is out there right now. So there's not a lot going on as far as big money fights for him. What if you say, all right? I'll fight you in DC. But guess what? I don't wanna. Bite you in the way class at beat. You twice. I wanna go up to heavyweight because I want to erase everything that you've done. I want your legacy. I want the one thing that you say is independent of me. I wanna take that away from you. And I want to be a dual champion, and I'm gonna do what you couldn't do in. That's be a dual champion defending titles at the same time, blah, blah, blah because DC wasn't given that opportunity. What do you think of that? If John comes back with that does that make you little more intrigued buydell. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah. And to just just for thirty sake. I mean, I've intrigued by it for sure I mean, if if these to fight, regardless of weight class, of course, retreat before at and it's it's going to be one of the biggest fights of the year. I would just saying if I put myself in the shoes as someone who was very close at Daniel advising, you don't eat it. Go ahead walk away from it. But as a journalist as a fan of someone of this sport, right? Of course, I wanna see those to those to fight again. And I completely agree with you. And I was shocked quite frankly that the John had said that already. In fact, I've asked him about it. I did right out of it. But I said why don't you do that? I mean like if you such rivals hated rivals which have been for years. Why wouldn't you wanna go up to heavyweight and say your paper Champa to a five, and I just prove your paper champion heavyweight it just take everything from him. And John's response was well, I don't wanna do that. I don't want. I don't want. That's not my goal is to take everything that DC has. I like I've kind of something that he's kinda come around in DC, and he's not trying to wrote his life. It's actually like the point that he was making. I was like it's very nice of you to say, John, but it kind of goes against character. I mean, I don't truly believe you what you're saying right now, I think that I think John is a wear that hint fighting DC heavyweight is worth a lot of money. You know? And I think that he he would expect to be paid for it. That's kind of how I I entered his comments, and it is interesting that the both of our talking about this fight happening to five, but I believe that it did like if I guess right now. What wait this fight would take place that I tend to think it would take place heavyweights? Yeah. I think that's what the you have see once. And I think that there are a little bit befuddled by this request from Daniel Cormie. And of course, he has to get by St. meals at I if he doesn't it's essentially a moot point. I can't see them, you know, putting this fight together. And I hope I I I want to know how like motivation has never been a big issue with Daniel. But when you have the Brock thing dangled in front of you, and then you have to move along. To see van you've already conquered amounted? I wanna know how he's feeling late July August if he's motivated, and if he's not looking past EBay and at that eventually trilogy fight against Jon Jones. So that remains to be seen. I wanna ask you about one of the things. Speaking of the light heavyweight division you reported yesterday on rumble Johnson's latest run-in with the law. Can you update us on what happened in where things currently stand? Well, I mean, what happened is, you know, all you have to do all you have to go by right now is the police report. And you know, in any of these cases, it's always there's there's two sides teach store to to every story. And you know, I mean, obviously the thing that sticks out for rumble. However, is that he's been through this before, you know, and it goes all the way back to two thousand nine when you know in California accused him of breaking down her door, forcing his way into her whole. And I remember being out there in Florida like years later talking to epide- about this. And you know, he was like why we we were just really young. She was young. I was young like I. We were just like like all the drama all the time. And then like like when I got arrested by lawyer was telling me like you just plead contents. You get you like this could be over. You'll have to like the the punishments won't be that bad could be done with it. And so I did it if I could go back in time, I would plead no contest to it. I mean, there's just like when you get those types of stories. I mean, that's that's kind of like. You know, it's not uncommon. I don't think there's just like the story. Just kind of like it's never lines up with with exactly you know, what sending a police report or whatever there's different versions of it. Right. So I mean, that's essentially what's happening years Johnson is saying that that he picked the girl up and was not hurting her. But that she was you know, evinced of very heated argument and carried her another room, you know, and then you see domestic battery charge. And you think that that that that Chartres states kind of heavy if rumble is describing this correctly. But that's I mean, that's what happens in these cases, man. It's just like what what's what stands out from rebel though, is that he's been through this multiple times. Right. And so that is an ongoing story. Right. It isn't it isn't a completed story. There's still more to come right? Yeah. He's gotten to rain hearing. Early next month early June. Okay. Wow. All right. So that is rumble Johnson story, and we will continue to monitor that, by the way, one last quick thing before I let you go before I say, I said that was one last quick thing. But I lied just want show right now as we currently stand we are a little bit removed, and I don't focusing a lot on this weekend because there's so much going on. And I'm gonna talk to Mark here in a minute about the Bill tour event as well. But if you had the pen Donald thrown after that win dad Sironi three now since becoming a dad that great win over ally. Quinta who you booking begins. You know, the answer to that. We talked about January Conor McGregor. That's that is the fight. And I think it's the fight because cowboy has the near history has stock has gone up tremendously. Just over the past five months. I think he deserves it. You know, I think that there's heat there. I mean, I'm sure you remember the press conference where cowboy who sit behind but Connor was that front of him? And they there was a little bit of exchange. You can do a lot with that exchange. Video editing. You can build that up. You can hype that fight you can sell it. I think for Connor. It's a great fight for him to come back to. I don't see any downside at all in this fight at. I think it plays into what's going on the division cubby by Dustin. I think I would love to see Tony Ferguson fight Justin gateway I would like to see ADS fight Anthony Pettus get hit back into the conversation that we could have an incredible second half twenty nineteen lightweight division. If if c- could figure out a way to to just talk these guys into. To get these fights. It's amazing. All of a sudden becomes a dad was Terminator out there. Talking about the belt. I I like the fact that he's finally talking about the Bill because I thought it was a weird thing that he never wanted to talk about the built or never cared about the belt and just wanted to collect checks. I think at the end of the day, Donald Tony is who Donald thrown. He is in the sense that like if they offered him a fight next month. He would just take it because that's just the kind of guy that he is. But I think it's refreshing that he's actually caring about his legacy now and realizes that he's the winningest fighter new see history. And it's the one thing that he's never done win a major title. So I think it's cool that he's seeing the light as he is doing well and not when it's too late when he's on a losing streak in. It's like damn I really wish I was a little more strategic with my career. So I give them a lot of credit for that. Absolutely mad. I mean, just that storyline alone. Was was the reason why I wanted to go to Albuquerque at the beginning of this year to see him and. You know? I mean, I asked him point blank. Have you done yourself at the service in your career by just taking the next fight taking the next fight admitted. Like, yeah. Yeah. I have the team around told me I was doing it. And they begged me not to take certain fights. But I told them I was I was hard headed. And I was like this is what we do, man. This is the career we signed up for we take those fights you've ever say to fight. And he's like man I now now I got like potentially say to fight. But I agree with you. We'll see if he's actually able to do like push comes to shove, the situation comes up, and they're like, hey, you know, you gotta take this fight against the guy who's who's wearing a lot lower. And it doesn't really play titled pitcher. But you know, what do you think Cowboys probably taking that fight? But I I I kinda hope he does it. And I agree with you that it's been as written really refreshing fun to see care about a title eight this year. Thanks for doing this, my man, and I hope you feel better. Hopefully that didn't make things worse for you. So take it easy. Get will soon. We'll talk soon. Appreciate a man we'll see soon. All right. There is. Spread Okamoto little bit under the weather. But you couldn't tell listening to him. So hopefully that didn't make things worse. Hopefully, he gets well soon. Let's keep the train moving along here and say Hello to the newest member of the squad. Mark monday. Joining us now from beautiful West Hollywood. So we've gone from Rio to Vegas to West Hollywood, California. Mark, how're you? Barrel. I heard that you're playing hard to get from kyri our producer this week. Is that accurate already? You're here for one week and your big timing us. Well, you know, I've been ten days now. So I feel like I can I can make some of those power moves fair enough. We were just talking to Brett about Donald thrown in Albuquerque. And that's a nice transition into a story that you reported yesterday Aaron PICO super prospect Aaron PICO now training with Jackson, wink, why? Yeah. I that's that's a very very fascinating story. Because like you said one of the best prospects may history has had a little bit of an uneven start with Bill Tories foreign to he was finished those fights coming up at knockout loss to Henry Corrales back in January in LA. And it's it seems like a change of a change of pace of changes scenery might be good for him. I I know that he was down and help occurred last week had a chance to train with Greg Jackson with Mike winkle, John with branding Gibson. And sources tell me that that he loved it. You really really really enjoyed his down there working with those guys, and it is no secret Ariel. Sharon, p goes hero one of one of his idols in may is sort of Saint Pierre. And that is of course, the place that George saint-pierre called home for a decent portion of career with with Greg Jackson's down there. Albuquerque. Okay. So this is happening next. But he doesn't have his next fight yet. But you reported yesterday they're hoping that he'll return June fourteenth. That's correct. He he's expected to be Albuquerque pretty soon in in advance of that of that next flight was supposed to be at mass as where Gardner, New York. No opponent has been named just yet. But that is the plan for him to be on that message where garden card. Okay. So I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with him. I mean, that's a long time. He's been there for a little bit relic. He did some trial runs who's working with Brandon Gibson. I saw so maybe like a month and a half two months of them, not an incredibly longtime to really shape him into the fighter that they want him to be. But you know, everyone knows Jackson wink, Albuquerque that is the mecca top three top four best teams for many years the best team in mixed martial arts fluctuates, but that is a very interesting development for Aaron PICO. Now. Let's stay with belt or here for a second. Because I think look you'll see two thirty seven to pay. Bucar the pay per view cards are always going to get the majority of the attention from the media from the fans, it's return of rose Anderson Silva, there's the ski fight, but I think this belt or card this weekend is being criminally under under reported under looked and overlooked is it under looked overlooked underserved. I don't know what it is. It's both no one's talking about it. And it's a really good card. I really liked this card a lot. An and I have to say, I don't think bell tower is doing a very good job of letting us know about this card. I don't think that they've put anything out there. That's like super compelling far as content is concerned about this card. And so let me just quickly run it down for you here. What really intrigues me about it? It's Michael Chandler against petitio pit bull. And I'm gonna ask you about that fight in particular in just a second. That's for the lightweight title. Douglas Lima gets MVP the other semi final of the Belcher welterweight grand prix. Of course last week. We talked about ROY McDonald Neiman Gracie. That's the other half. Pat current against AJ. Mckee is a fascinating fight because of who AJ Mckee is thirteen and no going up against veteran. Former champion at one forty five Jake Hager, aka Jack swagger, making his return one and own his career Taiwan clocks. I mean, there's a lot to like their degree with me that no one's talking about this. And that's kinda shame. Oh, absolutely. I could not agree more, man. I I am surprised at this by card is not getting the kind of buzz that it really should be. And I don't know whose whose fault that is it is going up against a UFC pay per view, as we know. But this is not they're not going up against the Bieber McGregor. They're going up against the, you know, an average, you know, size pay per view. And and I think this is one of the better cars of the year that that those working together. I I mean, I haven't seen. I haven't seen like word one. And maybe I'm just not looking hard. But it should be right out in front of me to be. I mean what a fight that that. That's that's an enormous. That's a grand prix tournament mash semi final. You know, one of the best fighters on the planet outside the MVP. A, you know, a fascinating, I I don't know. I don't know if you wanna call prospects, though. But certainly guy that we haven't seen the best out of it. We don't really know a hundred percent. Well, you know, what he is? But we'll find out on Saturday. There are a lot of questions that can be possibly answered on this car in Chicago area. Yeah. So this is the I think the biggest test of heavy piece career we've been wanting to fight someone like Douglas Lima for a long time to Sima former champion. So this is perfect great comb event. But let's talk about the main event here because it's Michael Chandler against petitio pit bull. That is the younger. Brother of tricky pit bull who Chandler has two wins against and is a great back story here. And I understand you're working on a feature on this particular flight for ESPN dot com. That's coming out in the next couple of days wise, it so special wisest fight. So unique I think it'd be being presented right now as this feud, and there's bad blood and and. But she show pit bull is accusing Michael Chandler at PD us, and Michael Chandler is is going back at Pitt bull. But to me Ariel the the fight and the story is so much more than that that's kind of like the surface level. But the death of this of this rivalry, and this and this story goes back to twenty ten I mean nine years ago, both of them started in Bella tore. They are they have been the cornerstones the building blocks of that promotion, and it is amazing that in twenty nine teen they are both sales where champions they're both at the top of their games. And now they're finally meeting. We're talking about two faces of the company for the last almost decade. They both have the most they're tied of the most wins. I mean, how crazy they're tired of the most wins going into a superpipe between them they both have the same out of knockouts in the UFC embellish where I mean, it is it is a story that that that tr-? Transcends, just that bad blood that you know, that trash talk that that we always see is so much deeper than that this. This is a battle for the franchise of that that company ability, and it is a legit belt or super fight. Because it is Patricia pit bull. Who's the one forty five pound champion moving up to one fifty five. Those a great scene when Chandler knocked out people's brother pa- tricky three years ago in Missouri and knocked him out with one of the cleanest punches that I've ever seen a beautiful knockout. And then jumped on the cage and was pointing at Patricia pit bull. And there were going back and forth in dates back to then and like you say that the back nine years it kinda reminds us of the early days of bell tour. Couldn't agree more. They are the faces of the company they have been the faces of the company for quite some time. Big step up for petitio in in terms of like a high profile fight. He hasn't had a lot of those at one forty five. And so I love this. And I sort of feel disappointed. I feel like they haven't done a good enough job. I don't know what it is. They've had a lot of events recently. This is another one of those epidemics in our sport. Where there's just. Too much going on and things fall through the cracks. But this is one card. They gotta put all your chips into like, I there's more buzz, and maybe it's because of the whole ROY McDonald situation. I've there's way more bus for the June fourteenth card than this one. And this card is just as good as that one. Could not agree more and the title fight the main event to me is one of the very best. I mean, you could make the argument. That's the biggest fight of bills were history. If you consider all those years, I mean, and the building up of this story, you know, there's there's a family. You know, the family aspect Chandler has beaten tricky pit bull twice. You know? I feel like I feel like they would have done that that was twenty sixteen when Chandler knocked out the Triki that was three years ago. And I feel like that point they that by might have had more momentum that the channel the Chandler pit bull. Fight would have had more months, then because it was it was freshman our minds that rivalry. And it didn't happen for whatever reason now three years later. So maybe there isn't as much, but I still think that again, it is that that whole story just transcend, it's really one of the best things one of the rare moment, and I may where you have rivals, you know, of longtime grace in the organization both in their prime facing each other tile versus title. I mean. Super fight. It's it's it's crazy. It's not getting more attention. Are you one of those people that likes? It went were in UFC are on at the same time, especially like to big cards like this. I hate it. Are there are there people who like it? I know there was like some fans who maybe maybe it's just a media thing. Because I remember when I was like a kid, and I watch pro wrestling in nitro was on at the same time as raw that was kinda cool. But I hate this. I hate having to choose, and I know in this day and age like you can watch things on different platforms and television, computer, phone, computer, whatever the case may be, but I just don't like it like I want like just a couple of weeks ago it happened. But these are two bigger cards. I wanna give my tension to whatever like one fight at a time one card at a time. I don't like when they go head to head. I really don't like it yet me kill Bill toward a run on Friday. Yeah. I I don't like it at all. I think. Yeah. You DVR one of them and watch the same. You know, you wanna watch live live sports. It's different if different animal no-one, DVR sports. How can you do your sports in this day and age? Yes. No. You're not you shouldn't you shouldn't. But but I mean, that's where that that are being put it you bring up a great point because we could have had you have see Saturday Bill tour Friday PF L Thursday. Yeah. What a great three day stretch that would have been a little bit. Oh, yes. Little bit of that. For everyone. You go elephant one as well. If you're truly a hardcore fan, but that would have been a nice back back toback thing. Now, he's got PF L Thursday and then the two events Saturday going head to head. So now, let me ask you about PF L they are making their debut on ESPN this Thursday, Long Island. So that is very exciting. It's the return of Kayla. Harrison, speaking of faces of promotion, she is fighting now in their main event against Louis check. Oh, she is not only the face. But she's really why they're doing. Their first female tournament hundred fifty five pounds still shocked that they were able to find other one fifty five is out there. Of course, the other most notable one is Sarah Kaufman. Who's a former one thirty five pound champion in Invicta and strikeforce in. I think everyone wants to see them in the finale, but it starts prelims on ESPN. Plus at six PM eastern move these PIN to linear TV as they say in the business for the main card at night. This is a big deal for PF L. And so let me ask you what is your level of intrigue for PF L second season. Very interested very interested, especially in in Kayla Harrison, and I feel I feel like you know, that the the PF L season is is built in part around her because she is she's a true store. I think that he is obviously someone who comes from who has that pedigree and judo two time Olympic champion. She got she got charisma really checks all the boxes when it comes to building stars. And it'll be really interesting to see how she does in the season format, and and most of the women on that on that roster at one hundred five pounds, are unknown. But I could I could I mean, I care Harrison versus our Kaufman will be one of the bigger fights. If it does happen. If it plays out that way, it'll be one of the big the bigger fights in history. The biggest in my NPFL history. They won't have one season. Or are you cleaning World Series of fighting? It's still it's still history. Yeah. I guess. But I mean, you could include World Series of fighting. They are essentially the same promotion. I mean some. I mean, if you them as different entities. Well, I mean because of the different it's a different structure. It's hard to it's like comparing apples and oranges. It's a whole. It's a whole different animal in my opinion. Okay. Fair enough. Ray Cooper was a breakout star for them snow in the main event. But I'm happy to hear that his fight against the Kamata. Is is staying on Zane mistake carbon. Yeah. Well, not legit cousin. But well, you know, they call. Yeah. No. But this is I suggest going on Brian Butler. The the enemy manager sucker punch entertainment going on his Instagram. And he wrote this long post about the backstory going into his fight. And why it is such a big deal in Hawaii white is quote unquote cousin versus cousin, but it's essentially for Hawaiian bragging rights two guys fighting in the same way class to Hawaiians going toe to toe. So I'm looking forward to that. Like like, I said Sarah Kaufman. I'm also intrigued by Jordan Johnson who was undefeated in the UFC. Who's still undefeated and left the USC out his contract and left to go sign with PF L, which is somewhat unheard of especially for like a young heavyweight. So I'm intrigued by him. There's there's there's names there to get intrigued by and I'm and I mentioned a few. There's there's others, of course, as well. I just hope that they don't just rely on the tournament and the million dollars as the selling point because if you are truly trying to cater to the casual sports fan, which they are because they keep saying like this is unlike other promotions where meritocracy are you know, is being ignored. And here it's all about tournament and all about winning. It's about how you saw the fight. If that's really the case. Well, winning a million dollars is pocket change in other sports. Like that isn't a big that's not going to tell a casual in our sport. It's big deal MMA fans. No big deal. But that's not telling the casual fan that it's a big deal because the casual fan thinks that everyone makes a million dollars if not way more. So I hope that they don't just rely. Lie on the tournament and the million dollars to sell these cards to sell the promotion because they have something going for them. They are different than you have see is right. It is important to differentiate yourself. They have some names. I just want them to start doing more to sell these fighters in these fights as opposed to just the tournament. You get what I'm saying? I mean, it's it's always about it's always gonna be about the names and the stars. And there's there's no way around that. It's it's a star driven sport. And and PF L does have some names they can push stars beginning beginning Kayla hours, and that is why people tune in. I mean, I also Mitsui that is what is going to sell the product the fighters in the cage, not the format. Format is nice and the format can can help build those stars. But but ultimately the fans are going to start going to tune in to see Kayla. Harrison are Kaufman and Ray Cooper, and then and so on and so forth. If you had to pick one fight that you're most looking forward to this weekend. Regardless of promotion, pick one. Putting on the spot. That's a really hard question. Because there are a number of good fights on that Bill or card that that I'm interested in. I you know, what I picked what everyone who. I mean. Probably those Aldo versus vendor Volkan. Wow. Why are you going? I would say because although was on is on this great late career streak and his his time is limited in the sport. And look I wouldn't Joe the outdoor fights. You wanna be in front of the television. You want? Do you wanna be seeing him? And and it seems like those instances or are going to be gone soon. So I I wanna see drove out those much as possible. Win or lose. I, you know, I wanna see him in the cage fighting, and then walking off sqi is this is this a huge moment for him. This is this is a big deal. If he's able to beat out though, he is very likely to be next in line for the other way title. So it's it's a huge. It's a huge important fight for both of them. And it just it intrigued me on a grade level because you know, it's it's a it's a legend of the sport going up against an up and coming guy, and those are always fascinating stories because you kind of see where both of them are at at this juncture. But I mean, look there's there's a lot of good fights Sandler pit bulls is so good. It was harping dot one. And we haven't seen Rosen. I'm unison forever. I'm looking forward to greatly or fight against just Gandara. And not to me tossup. I have no idea who wins it. I like the fact that you can pick a main event or even combing event so respect I mean, come on. You can't you can't just pick a or a Coleman. You have to have to look outside the box a little bit. I'm picking Antonio Jose. No gara- ver- NetCom on because of your great feature on Ryan spawn, ESPN dot com. Check it out. Don't don't patronize me. Come on come on little dog legend tried to fend ended up on that is it is agreed story. Right. Ryan span and little dog. And that's another one of those maybe not as I level, but it's not one of those legend against up and coming fighter type of contests. And I and I love all right. All right, Mark. Thanks for doing this. We'll talk to you soon. Get back to work. Thanks now. All right. There is Mark Monday. I was about to say of MMA fighting old habits die hard. But so great to have on the team. I feel like we're really building something special here at ESPN. It's a new era. Great squad today. Joined by three members of the Team, New York. Rick bread Okamoto Mark Monday. And I feel we can talk another hour all the things going on in the sport. But for now, we shall say goodbye. Thanks to everyone who has been listening to the program. Just finished taping Ariel the bad guys. So that will be out later on this evening on ESPN, plus chilling. I talking about some of these topics but others as well. So do check that out back Monday. For the regular show talk about what should be and what I feel like we'll be a very interesting weekend in the world of MA rose, dumb Eunice traveling to Brazil to defend her title against Jessica drudge, holy smokes, massive amount of respect for rose just for doing this. And if she pulls it off while she needs to be in that conversation starting Sunday as far as the best star way champions of all time. There's only been two up until this point Karla sparce j check and it's not a deep rich history. But while what if beat that would be an interesting Silva returning against jarred near like, I said can off ski Aldo so much their belt or PF L lock going on so chew on all of that. Back next week to talk about at all. Thank you very much for listening for kyri in Bristol for Mark for Brett for New York, Rick. I'm Ariel again. Thank you for listening. Thank you for downloading. Thank you for having rating reviewing commenting, all those things and more. Enjoy the fights. We'll talk to you next week.

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