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Merriam Webster's word of the day four July twelfth. Today's word is dearth spelled D. A. R. T. H.. Dearth is a noun that means scarcity that makes dear specifically feminine it can also mean more broadly an inadequate supply or lack. Here's the word used in a sentence from the Miami Herald by Elizabeth Co the dearth of taller trees agrees to filter sunlight has also accelerated the growth of low lying wax myrtles and Palmettos the facts about the history of the word dearth are quite simple it derives from the middle English form Dare D._A._R._T.. H. E. which has the same meaning as our modern term that middle English form is assumed to have developed from an old English form that was probably spelled D. I. E. R. T. H. and was related. Who Day Oray the old English form gave us the word Dear D. A. R. Deer also wants meant scarce but that sense of the word is now obsolete dearth in one form or another has been used to describe?

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