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morning it is time they get up let's go why can't the decision that will reshape pnb this season for certain is today the day we got loads standing by with the very latest meanwhile the sixers make a decision that seems like a no brainer but will win championship we've got differing opinions pants later in the program by will unveil my walk brennan being mvp next year you might call me idiots but i'm telling you i'm absolutely right anytime they get up on a one day and we delighted you're along for the ride from new york the first of two shows today as always delighted to have you here again we put together are panel bontemps is back richard jefferson is ready to go laura's here and we got we got a lot of barnum over here sippy see a little bit earlier that you're on immigration i've got no problem with alex morgan still celebrate and guess what you don't like it stopper be on who you're watching the soccer game watching us yesterday i've been to the soccer i watched that sadly so is channeling and we were i thought all right we've got huge news to get to this morning and obviously all of it centers around batman all lies remain on why leonard is the last major free agent domino the fall he's yet to make a decision as to which team he will sign with the best shape of the balance of power in nb eight as a result and so all of the questions all their eyes and all their insurance to adrian origin ascii were standing by with us live from bristol on co why watch good morning well what are we hearing as of now well there there was in order here of presentations over the last few days among the clippers the lakers and the raptors going last and quiet leonard's got a decision decision to make in the league is kind of at a standstill waiting for him to really decides the balance of power in in in toronto is going to get the goal last a in this process and obviously he's the most familiar with the messiah jerry in the end the group of teammates who just won a championship what is it any way of breathing any tea leaves in this understanding as i asked the question then he seems to be the most unreadable superstar in sports is there any indication occasion i guess first and foremost we know those presentations have already taken place a no i i listen i think that they're i think they're habit presentations that have taken place the raptors 'em a may still be up listen the teams teams have simply been told this if information on your presentation gets out you're really impairing you're chance to sign collide leonard and so 'em you you understand why teams are keeping this a so private and a his camp is not allowed that information and really get out but what we do know is those three teams are meeting a this week in a salsa not unexpected decision a until at least later today a possibly tomorrow on july fourth of july fourth as i recall is when kevin durant announced he was going to golden state if you years ago will stay with me here will come back to you in a minute let me take this to the table i i i will ask this question first it wasn't what we planned but but tim bontemps is one who covers the league what do you mean from the fact that they this secretive about it if if any word gets out about this we will have a shutdown you're opportunity here what what what should a person take from that if anything i would say permit this is quiet leonard going through the process the way you would expect right this is a guy who you know as we talked about before the show doesn't have a social media following he doesn't have any kind of public presents like he's a guy who makes decisions based on what he wants to do not what anybody else wants an in this situation is not gonna be you know we're not gonna have this leaked out about what once he wants to do enough to monster is gonna be i'm gonna make decision i wanna make and then i'll tell you i like about it is that it shows me that seems candy hey all these lease all this stuff that goes on if something's important enough they can keep everyone quiet and no one will say anything so i think you know to your point collide leonard says this is how it's gonna go no one's gonna say anything we're gonna meet and i'm gonna make my decision in every team has had no leaks no nothing we don't even know what the presentations really i don't magic johnson said something that's magic thing that you've got a video game tournament team but it's it's impressive to me that everyone is capped at so he's not a part of any team is a bit of a stretch it out and he will understand his art of a team pay for it which part exactly is not quite clear okay so then let's get to what we had plan here which is the question i think there's a real one if quite leonard chooses the clippers or the raptors then they nbn will for the first time in recent memory be without what i think we would define as a super team let me chooses the lakers obviously we have one so i through this question up yesterday we were using are after new special sixty two percent of the people who responded on my twitter page believe it would be bad for the league if he joins up with lebron today days in los angeles and that creates a super team farnum good or bad for me i have collide leonard signed with the lakers but i think it's bad and i think what we've seen is in particular viewership of them being the ratings of e n b m b a people tune into watch certain teams play but then there's other nights with a like a man it's really not gonna be that competitive and they don't have a star that's drawing me in if the league he has more spread out with the stars i think it's better overall rural subtly i think when you have a super team yes you have a super villain but there's been plenty of villains in his lawyers lebron james and eighty or together they're going to naturally be villain no i i i completely disagree i think it's great for him be aides have a super villain right in a team that everyone even when we're watching the finals this year it was all about kendall warriors still do it without k d oh my god claes out can step go and do it was fun to watch these guys literally ripped it out and tough it out so i think if the lakers ads why leonard and we haven't even talked about like i said yesterday kyle coups ma in some of these other additions i guess they could have a they have a real big issue on their team as being almost too strong i think the farthest point though the reason this this final felt so kind of like the penultimate moment was that it was gonna melt mark a sea change with this league right for the first time in a decade work and have the heat or the cast of the warriors will just like super team that everybody expected to be there right we expected quite a go somewhere else and have ten twelve teams with a chance to win if he goes to the lakers were gonna be right back in the same situation where were gonna spend all year waiting to see if the lakers lose i think it's important to point out that the lakers will still be good the lakers were still have lebron james anthony davis and whoever else they put around him it's not as though they won't be good and they just probably won't be such a prohibitive favorite that it'll feel like a waste the time where i wanna turn to you and your wheelhouse because you cover college football for his primarily and i feel like we're living right now in alabama clemson era where it feels like they meet every year candidly they do me every year in that a college football final four do you feel like that has been bigger picture good or bad for the sport i think it's been bad in in your poll yesterday about why specifically i voted bads was part of that sixty two percents of things and be bad for the league here's here's the thing about it and when there is a nation rank if there's appreciation of excellent certainly only and you wanna see these powerhouse teams but i think at the end of the day you wanna be able to have some sort of parody in roofer all these different they it could be so exciting for bnb eight a look around and say well we don't really know who's gonna win in the east or the west and my other thing about that the one thing i would say about the lakers is that yes they they will be hated and they've been a dynasty in the past they haven't been for a while so wouldn't be at least a little bit new from that standpoint but either way people aren't gonna like it i i think the parody aspect of it is i mean look i leave out in los what's the pac twelve wakes up every single college football two girls well so crazy gotta happen for us in turmoil yes you know in and i think when you look at the ratings giants had his nfl what drives z nfl in a lot of cases is the fact but there is this change every year yes you have the new england patriots which for the evil empire of it all but the parody amongst other teams who's who's winning the division also draw people into the shop and then you have the jets obviously in their dominance sound like a multiple year i'm not sure why on collateral damage and let me give you the last word on this richard if co why does to the lakers yeah and you put those three guys together with coups ma and whatever other pieces they wind up with around them and they're slowly but surely adding a little bit to the roster as well is it just over i mean if they were if they were went to the next three i dunno in what order if it's backed up back maybe they lose one win the next two they were what am i going winning it can't be completely noncompetitive competitive but what the warriors were the last couple of years was not fund a wall i think given the injury history in the age of lebron james i think they're going to be doing some mo load management so i don't think they're going to run through i think with those guys their goal is going to get to the postseason healthy if they're the second or third i think the rest of the the other teams were just dominate the warriors two years before these were eight and one in the finals that's not fun i don't know why anyone would want was not okay bye let's get to a team that has been that shapes now trying to become another title contender and that's the sixers and we talked about this yesterday with all his report that the ben simmons has been offered a five year one hundred and seventy million dollar extension by fairly the maximum he could receive and both sides are working through the details of extension which is not yet been signed simmons's put up numbers are i just want triple doubles over his first two seasons surpassed only by the great oscar robertson in history those twenty two are tied for the third most in the league over the last two years behind only russell westbrook and lebron james i wanna bring back into the conversation and here's cindy reported this news early yesterday afternoon what what what sort of reaction are you hearing around the league this i mean it's a it's a no brainer i mean you ben simmons is a player you're gonna offer a max deal to right when he's eligible for it a he and rich paul his agent will get this done here in the near future in south philadelphia will have its core a locked up joel embiid locked up long time offer long term and then obviously a al horford and tobias harris who just you know who are signing extensions of new deals with sam steering now you have four and then you know if you want a little pieces around a down the road if you don't like the makeup of you're team well you need have you're you're players under contract long term for them have value in moving but ben simmons and joel embiid those were the centerpieces of the six organization and then they put everybody else around them at this point well taken in wellmade which i appreciate it and again we will come back to you as this morning progressive certainly if there's any news why we will all we are all vigil vigilantly monitoring your twitter feed among other things back to you let me get back to the table here on this so i wanna make it clear what my position is on this because i talk a lot about this yesterday and i was i question ben simmons i understand it as he no brainer gave an extension attention i fully get that and i get that if in the future your plan is to make any kind of moves that involve him then you need to have him under contract that's not what i'm questioning what i'm saying is this if you watch the sixers last year in the playoffs and bontemps you cover them i i know they have a lot of really good players but late in games there were two guys he wanted taking shots were them and they're both gun as he wanted to make a shot for you are both gone jj redican jimmy butler where the two guys you want the ball in their hands in the fourth quarter so i get beat is incredibly talented and i get ben simmons does a lot things besides shoot the basketball but at the end of the day i'm just not convinced those two guys at the core of a champion will look at those were the two guys at brett brown ran all the place for late in games right it was running jj redick off of ten thousand flying around and making threes and stuff like that was what they did and to me this this is a big bet on ben simmons you know elton brand said during the year they were gonna give us mega contract and like i said they need him under contract no matter what they do but at the end of games jimmy butler was the guy with the ball in his hands he was the one who is making plays the final five minutes against ben simmons inhabit if you're gonna give him max contract and having beer point guards if you're in the playoffs he's gotta be the guy of all no no i and i agree i think ben simmons is is such a special player that there would have been any team that would have given him the mac it's more about now we need to see the evolution of you're game and i think at his age you understand that but that's why i'm not high on philly everyone's like they're so talented that al horford who's willing to make a shot don't tell me al horford can't hit a three or running off and they have no one on their team that has a legitimate threat from three and their two best guys that were shooting the ball and finishing games are no longer there here's what i want to share with everybody because the two of you foreign amend laura were having a very interesting conversation and are meeting this morning because you've covered ben simmons in college at l s u and they were pieces to this that i think lot of people including off did not know yeah so sean i mean as we kind of dive into this we would go and go to a shoot around ornella to practice a lot of times been simmons would not be there in johnny jones would run it he would sell it to go to run the practice the other part of the team and then been go and shoot on his own he would do and don't think any did a lot in the gym but to your point earlier in what i think we should share the people is that he wasn't austin with the team a lot of times they didn't translate to making shots and yet right i mean so you going to a gym in you could have a manager or and assisting going to be the practice facility while you're practicing with the rest of the team in and get up shots and there were times where i would go okay i show up and goes better her right no he's not her whereas he oh he's in the practice jim shooting okay so then i go over there and watch him and he's working on a shot he's working on the shot is working on a shot you're like okay cool he's working on shockley here's all this talk about the fact that he can't shoot but then it never translated over the court in so when i when i start to look at that and then i look at the lack of evolution is you're talking about richer as far is bringing that to the gym knowing that he is working on it that is that tells me it is they mental payroll is ation for him right now in the end what understand he had a full year of not playing basketball so you know whether it's broken foot i i believe that he could have come back and play but they want him to sit out the entire year so we sat out so he had months upon months upon months to go out there and just train just shoot just do not contacts up still no shot look i'm not a basketball player like everyone else i've walked into a gym in my life life and played basketball on the first thing you do is just start shooting i mean that's it's the first thing anyone does when they pick up a basketball how is it possible like any of lives this much of his life kind of played here however bizarre the circumstances were at a major ever seen it by the way ever been do apply that around in covering college basketball ideas in the last nine years never once who i walk into embody not practice with the one thing i mean what what does that say about him all the fear factor frail issue from the standpoint of did they didn't want him to get hurt because this it's a one and done guy and this was the more he did for that that that team in that university i also think he was self conscious to be shooting in front of people i which i think plays in all of this he want it to be in private working on that shot they knew they didn't look good and he was trying to fix it but i was gonna say they were too is that a he's always been the biggest strongest the fastest guy on the court right he's always been like the lebron james type guy going up so he didn't have the shoe because he could get to the rim he could pass you could do whatever you need to do and it didn't matter and i like look when we start comparing the other guys in his kind of age generation yada yada air bowling free throws right which is really honest did he drove the ball again you can't have that fear factor you're only the airball afraid you're gonna airball a three step created the greatest three point shooter of all time and he's had a game where he with over fourteen you can't let failure be what stops you from trying to sixty once again were on co why watch all morning long and be with the very latest with all being gay free agency but right now let's get up and go yeah free agent big man willie cauley stein will be signing with the warriors on his deal worth more than a league minimum ten golden state's civil law this is a much better player and i thought they'd get in the shower situation there enough of the dmz russell will sign a trade he's a big who could get to the republican ron pick and rolls with dangelo russell after do a lot more lakers adding veteran jaren generally on a one year worth two point six million ten is definitely in the right type adept things ferrelli we've talked a lot about debt the largest as richard jefferson time on coming back last night i saw yeah but no jerry bell is a really good shooter from the perimeter rican good team defender good veteran presence in the locker room is good no i think it's a great but he was the single anted reason why i decided to come out of retirement to void way more income attorney here in a bag work on it to be nfl cowboys running back ezekiel elliott met with roger goodell on tuesday in regards to win incident rene in las vegas to see their elliott posted this statements of twitter after his meeting with kim deli said i've worked hard to make better decisions deliver up to the high standards at are expected of me i feel do that here and i made a poor decision i apologize kyle johnson at the time and men said he goes on to say i need a work harder to insure i did not put myself in compromise situations in the future i'm dedicating myself to you all of the resources that the league has made available but indian is up to me and i end determined not to be in this position again women's world cup despite missing meghan pino with a hamstring issue he was women's national team advance the world cup final with a two one win over england it was fun to watch alex morgan fifteen foot in front with the header in the thirty first minutes while goalie a listen there came up huge where they critical save force train of filling the big shoes of hope solo on the penalty kick late there in the matchup is great here's morgan she celebrated her thirtieth birthday yesterday posted on twitter after the winds you said this team is special thanks to the be they love things were rocking a stadium and things are continuing to believe without an that's the t one time we will have julie foudy from france today forty four on the uss win as they prepare for sunday's world cup final meanwhile a very sad day across the sport in major league baseball particularly amongst the angels were a moment of silence was held before their game against the rangers in texas to wander tyler skaggs who died suddenly on monday at the age of twenty seven angels would win that game last night but all of their thoughts with their fallen teammate after it was played right now we're at an m honestly there's nobody there is nobody happier to win a ball game and then skaggs you know every time he came off the mound and he just got done pitch and he he stayed in the dugout and just pumped guys up he'd he'd go upstairs and you know waiting in the hallway win win win a ball game there were there were no more energy did he broke loose somebody like him stuff you know first at bat i get up there and all i do is think about you know his jersey with i'm in his walker and you know we want it to you know take him out there with this one more time you know he missed so much the all of us you know what he was definitely my best friend tyler skaggs friends friends around the sport paid tribute on tuesdays nationals pitcher patrick corbin wearing number forty five jersey in his honor drew forty five on the back of the mound indians pitcher trevor bauer had ts forty five written on the side of his cap and also drew skaggs number on the mound tyler skaggs ron at the age of twenty seven years of age and the reaction from around the sport of major league baseball and be on continues we'll take a short time out back in just a moment on get up get up is brought to you by dominos order online in tracks your order with like candy from andy summer league if you're missing basketball here's a little taste of it how about spurs rookie kelvin johnson film will be on abc or bang boom beat these third quarter buzzer he went scored twenty nine in this one last night and they were consequential and i don't have it in my notes who wound i got a huge half hour coming your way on get up in five minutes will the warriors miss the playoffs this year we've got one voice who says he has combing idiot but i couldn't tell you who the rookie of the year is gonna be in it's not anyone you're currently seeing on your screen and then we answer the question will not pay a week louis collide joins up with the superpowers in ally all that more you're watching got up this morning on tsp into if you don't know your 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seventeen strategies to grow your prophet net sweet dot com slash get up geico resents hikes another voicemail from your roommate chaperone me hey api first in the basement completely flooded anyway accomplished i'm gonna fix it but in the meantime i was thinking we could finally ad that indoor pool party we roll on it i got the chorus line friday things already and could you pick up some tips on your way home later the geico insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected like if your roommate isn't the brightest pool float in the flooded basement visit geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and so you wanna writers insurance back on get up and according to the caesar's the warriors odds of winning the championship currently fan at ten to one they just they are bobby marks isn't interested in adding on i'm anytime soon take a listen yesterday morning unless these type of players are gonna come here on a on a cheap deal certainly a player like maybe jamal crawford or jared dudley tyson chandler joachim noah this is gonna be you're rosters you're gonna be built that with five players on minimum contracts and greenie i'm i'm gonna be make a bold prediction here this group will not make the playoffs next year whoa bobby this dropped a bomb on the show yesterday morning we welcome him back and now we hope that you'll continue to make some waved her bobby but you definitely that one yesterday okay if the warriors aren't making the playoffs who do you have insurance you're team while these are the five right now and i think even with the lakers with five players under contract they are my number one seed denver the continuity factor twelve players under contract mateen those one game away from a western conference finals the jazz the big winners of the summer a boy on bogdonovich mike conley ed davis jeff green trail portland with you know damian lillard and cj mccollum back added assan whiteside a this past week houston status quo brings back that that starting five 'em and i think more here's what we were looking at right six seven and eight and i think for six for me it's oklahoma city with paul george and russell westbrook number seven i'm never going to bet against san antonio twenty two straight years making the playoffs in number eight the clippers west or without collide leonard returns basically the same group forty eight wins and i think when you look at what's left and were not even talking about new orleans here you could make a strong argument for sacramento certainly talked about golden state and also new orleans new orleans could also be potentially in play here too yeah i agree with you one new orleans it just every time i look at that and you just see the warriors kind of sitting up there not in that's it is sort of shocking a bobby real quick before we let you go have you gotten any backlash from that bomb you dropped yesterday i did and here's a funny story so i got email last night from my agent from may warrior fan who is willing to bet me a hundred thousand dollars that golden state would not would make the playoffs or not make the playoffs 'em i asked if we could do maybe you know ten to one here and maybe i get a million he gets a hundred thousand dollars i'm a little bit nervous 'cause my wife would not be happy because it's the college tuition for the kids so that email kind of wet and that that emails deleted that that midnight last night i jump in here about have you made screening and i i there's one team that you left out of this conversation entirely we were talking about it are meeting this morning you don't even have them is one of the options and a team that i think is ready to make a move in the western conference is dallas you do not have the mavericks even as part of this conversation i don't yeah i think they still have you know they still about twenty two million dollars in rome and we don't know certainly kristaps porzingis will be back healthy but yeah with porzingis and luca donncha 'em will see what else they added steph curry here a possibly danny green i think you might be seeing the dallas even today or maybe even tomorrow but yeah i mean we could talk about greenie this is a deep i mean phoenix minnesota teams like that 'em they all got better here there's not a team that's gotten worse in in really about golden state it's about it's really about the western conference end the klay thompson factor eyepopping so well done it will have you back on the program a little bit later you're gonna go through some of these other deals and a sort of rape them good money spent that money spent so we look forward to that the meantime let me take it here's the table you saw his list in order to take the warriors out of the playoffs you see who he's footing in are you buying or not i really liked the clippers i do i think they had a great year but part of the reason why it was so amazing is that it was just impressive the way they finish the season don't tell me that that team if healthy steph curry the two time mvp and and played great with kevin durant's out so he conceded he's still have that extra gear and then you add dangelo russell they have some solid piece is not great but don't tell me that those two guys are not better than what the clippers and roll out but i'm just saying you'll just alexander good young player that'd be a good young player i'm gonna be a good player for longtime nbs doll inari patrick beverley you're telling me those guys are better the dream on green steph curry dangelo russell kevon looney some there's no chance i'm sorry there's no chance the warriors we we are all jumping off the war bandwagon way to quit to look at an injury is always e x factor and everything and one of the conversations i've heard about these warriors is well one injury this guy one injury that got a lot of teams this could be put in that category barring a significant injury or we also under selling the steve kerr factor here steve kerr is at this point by recor and one of the greatest coaches and nbs history now he falls under the phil jackson category of people will say the situation with tailormade in handed to him he can't really prove something this year as he mix and match is new pieces and and obviously without some of the star power that he's had in the past what do you think of the steve kerr factor look steve is a great coach and i obviously i'm gonna respect the fact that he's still the coach these guys but i think bobby's point this is kind of a bet on the depth of the western conference right where there's probably those five teams or a cut above and then the worst probably at the top of that next group but it only takes a separate injured for them to drop out and there are six or seven teams he didn't have the pelicans it's up there i think you're gonna be way better with jj radic and derrick favors the mavericks pierpoint if they get danny green with steph curry with kristaps porzingis with luca donncha which they could be way better so you're talking about eleven twelve teams if they're all in the mix it doesn't take much the fallout were talking about that mix were talking about injuries okay well okay fine russell westbrook goes down with an injury at okay see what do they look like we saw what happened with the lakers what happened the lakers when i went down to like they're not my point i assume that everyone's going to be healthy assuming that everyone is healthy you have a two time mvp you have a twenty two year old all star and then eventually around the all star break for the last thirty games will tell me this if everyone's healthy and it comes down to the kings the clippers in a healthy warriors team and what they have in the final ten game you're gonna tell me that those teams are gonna play better than the name but you didn't even mentioned and all of that another guy who made himself he took himself from being a second round pick that is very questionable coming out of michigan state and i i didn't have a place in again be at all and turned himself into a superstar star who's gonna get some sort of a max contract in dream on green he without lands on the floor extend his contract year without kevin durant on the floor when he facilitate see often showed you again in the playoffs this year just how good he actually could no i i couldn't agree anymore and when you look at a guy that is all defensive player a defensive player of the year like they still have a good amount to at least make the postseason if they're healthy i i'm sorry i can't jump on that as the best argument against bobby is a dream on particular is gonna come out like a house on fire because he wants to get that supermax contract next summer the end get you know when defense where you're making all be eighteen qualify for that so making the playoffs is all well and good and obviously is we could see this coming year in the western conference it will feel like it wasn't accomplishment but the more important question is how many teams feel like they could win the western conference how deep does that go he had he had sort of a group of five and then everyone else sort of coming up from behind do you think all five of those teams have a legit chance to win the western conference that was the lakers it was the rockets it was in portland utah utah and then but i would say right now utah houston and if the lakers get why i would say those three teams and the lakers about why you do not believe have a chance i think they have a chance but i think they're obviously gonna be a cut above it that i i think there is i think denver's one of those teams utah's one of those things mainly because i think those teams can't just go full steam ahead if they wanna get best recor they wanna fight for that i think the lakers will be doing load management forever you body all season long i think there's for our drops houston off that list and he said i think the houston is a very combustible team right now and right now they're trying to figure out who they're gonna trade at all together keep the team together they can be really good good never broken up yet what the window and winning a championship has shut my friends i'm sorry you could see on the screen i will be back at four thirty eastern time this afternoon ninety s p n and then immediately following us it'll be time for sports center at sixty certainly kevin gandhi anelle dunkin with the latest on co why have you ever see light heavyweight champ john bones jones answering questions tons anna highlights of american cocoa golfer her second round match today at wimbledon sportscenter six eastern on sp and an e s p n app right after are set up special domino i will make my parents were they twenty twenty envy mvp you may call mean any at the end of the day i'm gonna be right next to be espy's auction is where you can bid on once in a lifetime experience is like a private mean would jaylo or dana white appear in existence sports in a commercial pitch mark cuban over lunch or joining me on the set of sports that should be like a million dollars to bend down at emails dot com slash gs bs best means auction is my favorite thing that we do every year and includes amazing experiences across sports and entertainment i have one you could bet on a golf experience you and me and a friend of yours in my pro in eighteen hole playing lesson at the club bay on golf club worldfamous right across from where we sit at the seaport every morning go to ebay dot com slash e s p n right now you could been through july tenth an all pro siege one hundred cents on the dollar benefit the v foundation for cancer research women's world cup see you as women's national team advance advance of the world cup final with a two one win over england goalie elyssa near was huge answered her critics with a watch save on a penalty kick late in the match and afterwards she got up with julie validated talking about the big moment of her life and that big safe everything kind of what blink actually a very eerie com kinda 'em in the stadium but 'em just with able to get a good jump on it good reid on it ends on what my way you're teammates i noticed came to right after that what did they say they are they're just they're just yelling unexcited 'em you know it's one of those aloft and get the celebrate goals being scored so it's kind of fun to be part of a celebration 'em but no it's i think that just says a lot about this team in we fight together other and we celebrate together 'em and it takes all twentythree bus took a great moment the female meghan rick pitino did not play in the win over england because of a hamstring issue the scene in the second half of the winning against france where pino totally five goals usa during the tournament they hope they get her back and julie foudy joining us now from france and give us the latest in what is the latest on the status of meghan were pino julie will make a repeat of set in the mix soon after the game she said a slight injury at hamstring of course as you said she said look i expect to be back on sunday the other one in this mix that we haven't talked about his roosevelt who i think alongside nager pino laura is one of the most creative players united states has on the field she has a chronic history of hamstring injuries she mouse they caught on the telecast yesterday when they pulled her off she said it's my hamstring she also said i'm good i'll be back on sunday i believe vegas back on sunday i'm less optimistic about rose but the united states definitely would love to see both players healthy on sunday yeah it'd be great to see both of them back out there nobody americans will play the winner julie of today's match between the netherlands in sweden which of those teams do you think the better matchup furby west i actually think the swedish team is the better matchup because of the history with sweden you may recall they knocked the united states out of the olympics in two thousand sixteen hope solo had the common common they were the cowards they played in the low bunker they got the better of the united states is the earliest united states have ever accident but i think the better game actually from eight spectators perspective would be the dutch so i'm actually hoping they get the dutch because they have an exciting team they have three great for world class players in the league martin's me dima invent ascendant very similar to the united states with three great ford's is well so i am personally hoping for a debt you es matchup actually i think better game i hear ya in either way i think it's great but i'm more interested in sweden just for the revenge factor julie thanks so much for joining us with all the latest brand of course board is it nice cushy anyone else that i want that assignment next year okay here's why simon right now with the game here we call call me an idiot but rj is here i'm gonna make a series of brilliant and insightful predictions and you will decide whether or not you think i'm idiot here's the first one call me an idiot but after all the consternation in all the criticism in much of it was a hundred percent deserved i believe in this coming basketball seizing the new york knicks are going to make the playoffs oh you're an idiot there's nothing there's nothing about this i love rj baird i think he is a piece and that's what the the knicks start start to and they need a start accumulating pizza but they are so far in the playoffs even in eastern congress i don't i i think there'll be back in tank mode by game to buy dangerous take one for the here's the thing no one follow the knicks last year because they gave no reason to follow the knicks were tainting to be ends degree which is just saying that they were just playing young players if any of the young players happened to be playing well in a given game they were taken out they will be trying to win games i believe it will be trying to win games starting this year they put together some pieces that are actually not that bad envy warren to themselves as bad as that recor was a year ago station conferences wasteland there were teams in the conference said flat out can't play at all i think the knicks are gonna make a surprising ron and they're gonna wind up sneaking in as an eight seed and it's not true just because you want it to be true game next i'm not even sure i want it to be true next call trinity at but despite all the hype and hoopla and i think he's gonna be a great player and i'm thrilled that he is in a league i do not believe that zion williamson is going to be the rookie of the year this coming year i i actually i'm not gonna call you're an idiot on this one because i think when we there's so much expectations on their team that he's going to their team's gonna have some success i think if you look at rj baird he might just play thirty eight minutes a night so his his numbers are gonna be elevated same with john moran i think these guys are just going to just play m clay and play quite if you're trying to win in new orleans there's gonna be some days if you're down by twenty he's not gonna play in the second half i think he's going to be the most popular vote i think he's going to be one of the leading vote getters me all star game so there's a chance he might make the all star game but not might might not be rookie of the year i agree you ever exactly pinpointed what i think is the situation here the last time they number one overall pick came into the league in a situation like this with tim duncan in nineteen ninety eight on a team that had other really good players the pelicans i'm not gonna use the word stacked because these guys are not superstars but they have a bunch of good players he will not be expected the carry the load the way a lot of other rookies are going to end let's say this with brandon ingram wet with lonzo ball there's a lot of guys out there that are looking to play they're not going to concede the ham and everything put a bunch of guys they're still trying to prove that they deserve a max contract next call me an idiot but after all that has happened andy extrordinary roller coaster ride did they've been on over the course of the last twelve months i believe the boston celtics this coming year are going to be much much better and part of the reason is because kyrie irving isn't there and i do not mean that solely to slander kyri here's a brilliant player i wish nothing but the best in brooklyn i think there is a chance that will go extraordinarily well but the mix there for whatever reason was a disaster they were infant infinitely better when he didn't play last year than they were when he did there are still a bunch of really good players who didn't forget out of play and they added kemba walker who i think is almost everything kyri does does it within the flow of everyone else's i think the celtics are gonna be really good this year i think they are gonna be really good and everyone talks about they don't have much in their front court but show me one team that has been dominated in the post season that a front court player has really and truly dominant i think that danny aines needs to get a little bit more credit he had an injured isaiah thomas gone you got kyrie irving didn't work out gone you just replace all in bay point guard would all be eight point guard with all nb point guard and bringing kimball walk in there that's not easy to do the fact that you were able to pull this off as impressive and i think their team is going to be so yeah i mean look they've been building for a long time with all of these assets and keep thinking what is it he's gonna cash in go all in and have a team that figures to win the championship a lot of us thought that maybe last year would be that here okay okay final one call munity there were a lot of stars around envy there were huge names changing places right now they have would you and everybody else frantically waiting but the twenty twenty most valuable player and they end bay is going to be nicola yokich of the denver nuggets this right here ladies and gentleman was probably the most impressive thing he's done with his basketball knowledge right i will say that i wasn't present minis that said that nice smile because of this one if the lakers are gonna have too many guys if collide go there let's assume that right so you had those three guys which will all be doing load management even if hawaii goes back to back out argos layer go this rondo he's gonna be under load management then you have to look at the westbrook then you have to look at yonathan look at james part i think that the that the denver nuggets will be going all in there they have all of their guys back his numbers are gonna be great and they have the possibility of having the number one seed if you're the number one seed and his numbers are what they are they have a chance to have him be the mvp nicole yokich is most under appreciated player in the entire envy and he was first team all and be that good hideous knows he's twenty three years old and that team's gonna win sixty plus games this year i'm looking at what he did and call me and idiot quite looking at farnum over there call guy but you're wrong yokich tell me why do we forget what steph curry was prior to kevin durant thirty points per game over six and a half assists per game over five rebounds per game shooting fifty percent from the field forty five percent from the three point line hitting four hundred ten to three corners latitude and let me tell you why she won't win mvp i think those numbers they're gonna be similar to let's say james harden at where you're numbers are great which you're gonna be floating around six seven array now you give me a kid with the numbers that he's going to put up at center and they're the water to see all of a sudden it's like yeah that's how we won the mvp p is because his team won sixty games they end up that's maybe that's how we got it okay but flash in how you play also sometimes come come into how people vote yokich that he's i i don't disagree but people people sometimes look at and go that's not the most a piece where you see the star flashing flare ups steph curry that's gonna create all the headlines were gonna talk about and show his highlights a heck of a lot more we will see but obviously i'm in control to some degree of who's highlights we show you're gonna see a nicole yokich coming up next season like well done boys let's run the basis now and let's start in baseball with brewers all starts the christian yelich launching his major league leading thirty first home run of the season yesterday in a loss to the reds now is the third most home runs the national player before they all star break in the last twenty years only barry bonds and louis gonzales ever hit more elsewhere the dodgers literally walked off against the diamond backs were down by ron two outs basis empty in the ninth the dodgers rallied by drawing five straits walks through bringing the tying and winning runs according to their live sports bureau the dodgers of the first team in the live ball era nineteen twenty two walks five consecutive times to end the game with no outs in the middle of the street elsewhere subway series the yankees power bat failed and make the trip back from london record's streak of thirty one straight games with a home run came to an end in a four two loss to the mets at citi field it was the first time since may twenty fifth yankees had failed a homer in a game game they had fifteen seven home runs during that streak and you will see the yankees thought about back as they take on the mets tonight you'll see it on his first pitch seven eastern and as always didn't catch all the action on the e s p n app meanwhile blue eyes candy for everybody here i must say strikeout from the game between the orioles in the raise you're gonna see orioles outfielder anthony santander he's gonna strike outs on appalled that wind up going through his legs all look at it that way i ain't right there i've seen this happen

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