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Hey. Guys Justin Sylvester from news here looking for a new way to stream will meet peacock the free streaming service from NBC universal with tons of movies and shows plus a daily dose of news sports and pop culture. There's something for everybody and best of all, you can watch for free or upgrade for more who doesn't like that. So go to Picot TV DOT COM and start streaming now. Personally, I, can't wait to get into that law and order Svu vote you know I'm Athene for. Welcome to nightly POB Morgan and are both op tonight. But VIVICA A Fox's back and roxy the host of cannonball on USA is joining us as well. Hello, ladies. Leading tonight. So, honored to be surrounded by such glorious women we have. To replace Morgan, Anina is not easy in an episode, but I feel like we got pretty damn close with the greatness of Youtube. So I'm looking forward to it me too darn. Let's get into it. We've got to start with our favorite subjects on nightly pop the Bachelorette and that is. A Lot. Clearer actually met somebody in the off season and is being replaced. She is passing the torch to twenty nine year old tastes Adams from Colton season. The question is, are we buying this story or did Bachelorette do this somehow to just get those viewers because people were not so sure about clear What do you guys think I definitely think that that's a ratings grab. To be very honest with you. But it's good to see that this year they're going to have. Some chocolate in the mix you know the bachelor. Is Brother and it looks like the grocery she got so much going on to yes it's. It's a good change I. Think for the entire network I think everybody's about that Roxy. First and foremost finding. Love good for her. You know Kudos to you being able to a month. But come on C. bringing a lot of flavor. Okay. Younger. Not that that really needs anything because I know that they were saying something about like, Oh, the older crew isn't going to be as exciting as a young one I have the network. No. If you come to one of my backyard parties listen COUPLA flowing. You're going to see some excitement there. Okay. But I think that she's going to bring a lot of flavor an emit. Yeah. That's the thing with guys. It doesn't matter what age guy is. He's GonNa look like an idiot on TV trying to find love. So I think. It'll be good. No matter what. But I think we're all excited about patient. So we're a lot of the bachelor stars the previous ones. So this is this is fine moving on Tom Cruise this top yet another list in Hollywood according to a new study Tom has made seven thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one dollars per spoken word and films over the course of his career and Jaylo is on the bottom of that list twenty person list by the way earning a measly eleven hundred, ninety, two dollars for a spoken word that sounds like a crazy difference but that is still so much money per word. Are you shocked by this or did you expect it? I'm? That first of all. Yeah. Yeah that. would be at the bottom of the list. There was also some interesting people on that list. Sigourney weaver is on that list like eighteen or nineteen, and then Kurt Russell is number two earning five, thousand, six, hundred, eighty, two dollars per word. So I don't know what this list translates to except for maybe Tom Cruise just in a movie with a lot of explosions not saying a lot which I think is how he got so high on the list. Hunter to be honest with you because you know also on this list, we saw that Cameron Diaz who hasn't made films in a while that she's on the list as well to she's earned four, thousand, six, hundred, thirty, seven dollars per word and we answer the item really remember last film that I've seen her lately. So this list is really surprising. All right. Well, latest good news looks like Rob Kardashian is back on the dating scene time to pull his clerk. He's now being linked to surround model I lean Giselle. She posted a video of Robert Dinner and she even including the hard filter. It's really later. She posted herself rocking his Arthur George socks lawyers dating and instagram model the best trajectory for rob. What do we think I don't care who it is what it is. Let Robbie Happy 'cause Rob deserves all the happiness in the world. He's got his. Body revenge body back right now for everybody looks good. She's a beautiful girl who when I saw this last night on my instagram freeze hours like yes rob. Yes. Fall in love right away. No Rob have fun right now. Best Buy. Yes I completely disagree. Really She looks hosted the addicts in life. You know we all have to learn to stop dating bodyguards and the same person over and over again. So I disagree I would've loved to see me. With someone who's not doing the instagram model thing you know it's time for him to go on. A different day in my opinion I just don't want to see rob repeating the same matter and getting the same results. He deserves better he's looking good. He looks like he's ready to try a new chapter. Don't go back to the same jake in a different body. I'm wearing until until he finds himself. Chemistry. Major. Getting. I think it's good that he's getting back to the dating pool whatever he can do right now dating advice is just you know. SOCK game she seems to like it. So it's all got. Send you some new candidates row K. we'll have some new candidates Latin. Well, speaking of Relationships Danika Patrick is focusing on herself after a breakup with Aaron Rodgers. She posted about a new workout she's been doing. Called the class and she says, it's like emotional therapy for her during the workouts can help with the heart and mind clearing release that builds a strong resilient body Roxie. What's your go to therapy when you go through a break-up? Our data alcohol what else do they? See. Let's. I'm all give them out hall get some of my best friends I'm GonNa do it for the Graham on. And I'm going to making you gonNA. Miss me a lot and then I might so. Homeboy try to get with me during the whole guy epoxy that sounds horrible to have to see on instagram. Years is also years is also a little alcohol therapy. I, like that my goodness absolutely a nice glass of Vino or ramps bottle totally works for me. You know and then I'm really good at at making sure that I do the whole block being. Like okay. I don't WanNa. Be tempted to one type drought that whole bottle of wine to then start drunk texting you in my. House. So I make sure the lifelock. And then I get around all of my girlfriends and we go spend some money and have fun, and then make sure you put a big. An owed by it so that even if you go and say like you have had some drinks and you go to text the there to remind you to don't do it don't. Know the that's Akilah in the bypasses that no, and I just go on and tell you about Ohio plant. Really Great. Sweet Texas is more. It's it's. Worse. Well we know we know how you guys would end a relationship, but let's talk about a previous relationship for one of YOU VIVICA I hate to call you out. But some people saw some some stuff online and you might have some jealousy issues. Why don't you explain to us what's going on in this? White. This floor with Hugh. Tonight hanging all over daddy likes some cheat. Slut Story Jackson, you always will be. God's. Don't be messing with men I'm Alexa know that now see that's a different thing about breaking up and then somebody stepping on your territory. You know then I have to holiday girl but I will let you guys know that. We that. That fight scene in like one big take it was choreographed so wonderfully. Jon Allen who did that seeing what? It's literally become a classic. For it because let me tell you want the if I know something about my girls ever and I want her to have my back. It comes time to take your off with a model because. We'll scratch. So I feel like I was art imitating life and a little bit of a sense. Okay, my favorite part was seeing vivica mouth all the words because she still knew them. So you guys watched that clip it assigned Polish those resumes. We're finding out with VIVICA and roxy look for an assistant plus which one of US would look more seductive slow dancing with a Clydesdale giddy up. We'll be right back. All right. Welcome back if you're hoping to see a big movie in theaters this summer well I really bad news for you. Know about the spend Kerala. But whatever anyway, we're going to look back at some of the most famous blockbusters and ask ourselves and each of these scenes what would nightly pop do? So let's start with screen which is back in the News Courtney Cox and David Arquette have signed up for part five but this iconic scene has us asking if a creepy person calls you out of nowhere at what point do you hang up? Hello. Yes. This. Trying to reach. This what number you trying to reach I don't know I think you have the wrong number. It happens hello. Sorry I I dialed the wrong number. So why did you dial with again to apologize? You're forgiven by now. Don't hang up. Talk to you for a second why don't you WanNa talk to me. Who is this? Tell you. I don't think. So look I, gotTa. Thought we were going to go out. I. Think so This is creepy as hell, Vivica Woah. To you. A. The reason why they don't be CANTU black people in the movies, right can scare. Will be going. You know what I'm saying and then that. Skill it real real like come on. And this move we go into a whole different I'm just say. Fine who doesn't have caller ID and who doesn't have block so Pretend. To do that nowadays, it's not that the aggravating faith time. After different sides. A bridesmaids taught important life lessons like do not go get food poisoning before try on a wedding dress one most painful scenes in the world to watch. But we want to know if you spent the night with someone and they did this, how would you react? He slept on. It. Against that. I'm kidding Oh. This is so awkward. I really want you to leave I. Don't know how to say something. Vivica we have to ask what would pop duo do. Best. would be really. Especially because he gave her a kiss in. Canada Betcha, it was like all of these mixed signals happening. So that would probably be the last time that he got some. Eddie Murphy one where I did one of these out of the. The Hook, the classics sneak away. We're GONNA have to bat and post that. Yeah Roxy. What about you? Very quick to be like I got a morning meeting. Early you know hair makeup is come into the robot five in the morning so you don't want them to see you. Even get a chance offense is happening because I always blame on work always. And last, we have the Julia Roberts fan favorite runaway bride, and the clip and title speaks for itself. Would you forgive someone if they did this? We are gathered here today. Please no cameras now could we hold off photos until the end of the ceremony thank you. We are gathered here. Where she going, Dalton? Hi did not see this movie. So I have no idea what's going on but. If they do at the altar absolutely not do you know how much planning that money goes into for a wedding dress the hair makeup The food organizing the seat, new Margaritas running out on me. Are you kidding me you? Forgiven for that. Roxy. I forgiven Lenny Kravitz for leaving me on hold many many years and if he were to leave alker. Forget might actually be Julia Roberts. If she did that I'd be like one or two more chances Julia and they can't. Fanatic Washington movie. How do you watch that movie hunter? That is classic movie You Watch Runaway Bride. got. Roxy not don't roll your eyes, 'cause. All right. It's time to take a quick break. We'll be right back. Welcome back now, if you love dancing with the stars, how about dancing with horses deadline reports that a British company shot a pilot dancing with the stars but your partner is a horse. Roxy is this the worst reality show ever or the absolute? Best We are running out of content and I didn't think that was something we were. All what if the horse steps on you know what if the Lord Stumbles? It gets you have you are horse try to do salsa I don't think so about what about a horse even trying to work like? It's not going to happen. That's the it's not. Work. Really car. What do you think? I don't get. It even you know got a pitch meeting to be honest with you. This is to me. We can cell that is dancing with women that look like down from the back and you know have a so like that. Already in a world. That's already a thing. That's David Time. All right. I will go ahead and invest in that show. Getting Brazzi. Systems on a Saturday you do somebody George. Nelson I can't talk but I could scan there you know. Speaking of reality shows the lost resort is only two episodes and viewers already hooked. Basically it's a moon retreat to fix up relationships but Christine and her mom robin have some serious issues that I don't even know if this resort could fix and this Clegg's mony definitely isn't helping. Someone wants attention. Mom Is this real are you actually having this moment? Or are you trying to have a moment because I had a moment earlier? I I'm speechless which is rare. Yeah. I don't know if I'd ever opened up like that. Even I was on a show meant for that. But do you think you could like let's say you were on a show like this. Do you think you'd be the person WHO's crying? Do you think the person doing the interviews being like what? The. What the? Having this temper tantrum crying on the floor and we We will be like look here chipper can't Tammy if you don't get. And learn to communicate with somebody better. I'll. I mean, how do they recover after that? Do you have that family member? Can you think of the person that might go on this trip with you and be that woman? Can you think of WHO that is? them say no names and get in trouble but. Yeah I've got a friend that would give you all those theatrics and I would be like the other girl like you're trying to win an Oscar. What are we doing my house holiday? In throwing at that. So have you lost that moved around. By The the conversation is over in Bob and we squad beat. Never heard of that verb before. Could. What did you grow up? Blue. Shoe would come flat screen. Yeah. See. If your mom had one of these you want. I'm just saying. Are Moving on to our favorite moment of the night. Absolute fool to quit what they're doing. It's time for nightly stop this. Thanks to twitter. We know she's a very demanding well-known celebrity influence who's looking for personal assistant, and in the now deleted job at which went viral, she has a long list of ridiculous requirements which include cooking cleaning waking the client each morning remaining quiet at all times all personal day-to-day tasks being on call twenty, four seven, and they also need to have the ability to compartmentalize emotion. Is this unreasonable Roxie, are you looking for similar assistance? What's going on? Pay Nobody. Anything that I know how to Paul Merson formal. Notes that that's just crazy and as it sounds like she wants somebody that doesn't everyone about and be her. So make sure that you have your priorities and check about me and only me and death me and met, Magnum. Understood. Easy, and then it got really specific to me seem like she was looking for like three different jobs looking for robot somebody who didn't have any motion and made to clean up. And then what's the pay scale because that's about to three different jobs and what was she Bain Oh base twenty, five, thirty dollars an hour girl not and it's also twenty four seven on call. So let's just say that thirty dollars one hundred hours a week that's going to be three thousand dollars a week times fifty. About one hundred, thousand dollars a year and he's going GonNa do it And be like, yes. Yes. Now for some of it, but I think that bad money but. I haven't assisted and. One be on call twenty, four, seven to me just seems like an unreasonable demand in my opinion that's also an influence or so it's not going to be a fun job. Anyway, we are out of time but remainder you guys can sat into bed with us, Mondays through Thursdays at eleven thirty PM and don't forget to set your dvr. So you can wake up with us as well. News one of Rock's toothbrushes, Vivica tomorrow Roxy Fans we can see you on cannonball, right. Right he episodes everything. You say that word. Thank you, guys.

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