What does Dest situation say about USMNT? Plus, Bobby's XI vs. El Tri?


You're listening to extra time driven by continental t._i. Goodness is like you have some more darby's absolutely ridiculous. I like like i love everybody. Every single day goes into the average story. Try to some great snuffing guys <hes> from new york aw new york you are listening to extra-time driven by continental from the a._t. And t. studios in midtown manhattan. I am andrew abby with my partners in soccer. David goss bobby warshaw. You are inspiring me bobby. I felt like i went through months weeks. Maybe more accurately of just not having it off. The intro didn't have my odd and new york new york and now with you. Semi mocking me and or if i start paying attention to you oh we're just looking at l. a._f._c. Auden lineups sir my bed. You weren't a good flow was so great about that. I just i was just worried. You were going to try and set it up for react. You and you're going to get a whole lot of nothing and then bobby is gonna say nonsense percents. I figured i nipped that right in the bud big show for you. You've ruined my momentum off the top but we have a we have a great lineup here. John john arnold is gonna be by to talk mexico. Are we talking mexico well because the u._s. are playing him again after that gold cup final that we lost but the team is a little bit the more complete there are some young faces there gino desk one of them paxton comical another miles robinson of course we talk to gregg berhalter on this podcast last week. Go back and listen to that if you haven't already we'll take you all the way through that game. We're gonna talk nations league which the two of us are really excited about that. Let's go bobby is exciting. Can you guys tell me the rules excited but we're going to figure that out for him and bobby doesn't dive into that because we're going to read something. We're gonna get a lot. I know we will we will but canada. They have to know the rules because they have to win. Basically everything in order to get to the heck's which if your candidate you feel is unfair and if you're dave you might feel is stop. It's improper yeah. Okay we'll get to that and of course a truncated week. Twenty-seven coming up just five games in major league soccer we will talk about the big topics max morales about the sign a contract extension extension. He is massively massively underrated. We will rewind to the unions big win against the atlanta and kind of put that in context and maybe also put l. A._f._c.'s loss to minnesota united in context and then of course we will hit your mail. Let's see what's the best thing in the mail bag no the reason we've been looking on this stuff up if someone was asking best expansion travel and i'm less history and i was looking up ones that came to my mind which bobby was confused wide look those see blunt because bobby has less of breath of m._l._s. knowledge than me therefore they're saying let's have bobby doesn't like what other people touch him but now bobby is what was that like a purple purple attempt to going through this incredible guys adidas office worker mattie where this and was like. I think i could pull that off. What's up eric. He didn't respond to me me. So then i had to go figure out how to find it found it and then i bought it and if you're watching on youtube you can tell this is actually my profile put onto an adidas jersey. Maybe not the same bushy eyebrows browse but i applaud you dave. I really do applaud you because if we get it right in there a- because i bought i bought a shirt that mark anthony k war and i have yet that to actually put that shirt on because i'm too terrified of the roasting that i will get from both all of you in the comments section so if you're watching it on youtube. You've got that <hes> imagery right there. Let's just talk virginia desks to start this game u._s. Mexico friday eight thirty p._m. Eastern on f s one they're playing at metlife in the whoa hold meadowlands area and as the metal swamps of new jersey basically all the cat tails east rutherford new jersey new york city but you are not in new york city so he's got a situation going here because he's a dual national and you know how soccer twitter freaks out about those and unless read it and everybody else else so junior desk confirmed in camp to branch sharada and other reporters that were there. The dutch have called him up to the u twenty three team. He is eligible for the netherlands through his mother for the us us through his father. He said he appreciates the u._s. Opportunity but he is keeping his options open q. like the tier five panic meter yeah for everybody out there who monitors these things. I like that that's good yeah <hes>. I'm happy for this opportunity. I'm happy i'm here right now but i don't know for the future yet said desk. You guys will see what happens. When the time comes. He doesn't know if you would play next month in nations league which would be a cap tying game if he does wanna play for the dutch. He would have to file that one time switch because he has played for u._s. Uteem's in official competitions of course we saw him at the twenty world cup he did say gregg berhalter alter reached out before this camp two weeks before and he told him i wanna have you for the september camp and i would like for you to be on this team. Death says he was a little bit surprised but he felt valued. You'd i like to play for the u._s. And i like the opportunity so before we get to this game. We wanna see collectively. What players have something to prove whether it's sergeant or jesse up top. How should sir gino desk be used. Berhalter had a lot of really it was noteworthy his praise. I would say in the interview that he had with us. He's been watching. He respects the level. Obviously what was done in preseason into the early parts with i actually by the way where a semi-finalist in the uefa champions league has really caught his eye will the basic question is you're asking andrew. Should he start what you're asking. I am asking so the the reasons he should start. I'll go with two do one is that he's been playing for axe right. When you play for i- axes already play champions the games he's played games in the dutch league and he's look good number two. Is you want them to feel valued and we're going to get into the conversation on the idea of recruiting and getting players to play for your country when they have other choices but those are the two main reasons that he's planning a high level. He looks good and you. You want to make him feel. There's also a third reason which is you don't have a starter. It's not like you're right backer leftback either one. That's fair. I mean you can't say to me that reggie canada's the lockdown start at right now for sure so that's the other one is like it's not like you're saying hey josie. Take a seat or steve to run the low. Take a c. for this kid. It's he's basically as legitimate at that position right now as anyone else's for the that's very i would say if i was starting a team tomorrow. In a big game i would start reggie cannon over him but not by far accounted. There's counters to that one is that he's new to the system. In gregg berhalter said we value continuity and we'll get we'll have that conversation because you have to have around the national team in but craig world tour once guys who understand how to play with the other ten on the field but to is if you watch his games both in the champions and their league games they have all the ball he is a. It's a attacking defending drill right. It's really hard to measure how good he is overall as a player how we're his game is at and if you did watch them in the u. Twenty s he struggled defensively. This will be a game where the u._s. primarily defense for large chunks and while he is very he's a very good player with tremendous skill set going forward. They're still a big question and if you watch his games regularly for i xe how well he can so would you go to him and say listen. I think you fifty uruguay game better. I want to give a little bit more time in the count. I'll start you then now. I would play against mexico for sure you're saying the they'll have more against uruguay than mexico for me. The made kim feel valued part. Make him feel like he's a starter going into those games when you can cap tie him an in october make him feel like the best player on the team and that the country's hopes rely on him that feels a tad premature to me. I was just gonna say that off the top but i'm gonna ask askew right back or left back since you said you would start him so genius says that he is equally comfortable at both which i don't know for sure. I've only seen them play right back with. I accident. I believe only right back for the twenties twenties and so i don't know but if he says i'm willing to believe that he knows his game much better than i will in. Both those businesses that you said are wide open yeah. If he's on the left maybe he gets a combined with christian pulisic which i had my fan service eleven that i put my calm here and that's like drool worthy for supporters out there who are looking at these young players and saying oh my god. How would they fit together. Like pulisic can best in possession in the attacking phase is incredible but then on the right side he could be. I would say that tyler adams type that we're talking about. Maybe not defensively but like midfield fullback hybrid heels feels perfect for that role. I agree with that but he can also be that on both sides. There's no reason that has to come from the right side. The idea was tyler adams. I was more comfortable on that. Side test isn't so i agree with you. I wanna see if that's something gregg. Berhalter believes in which is for some reason at the international game. It's hard for teams was to prepare for it or he believes that it opens up the game in some way to bring that fullback in and use them as a central midfielder. I think desk on the ball ability because of probably the system. He came through and his skill set. He's probably high up in the pool. All positions not just fullbacks ability on the ball ability to pass ability to take it under pressure amd brake lines. I would like to see him play as that way but i'd like to see it from the left side because if he's saying he's comfortable on both sides we haven't had a left back in the united states for fifty years. Why would you not at least try him out there because you're saying here's a pool of six or seven guys at right back that i might be okay with that. Reggie cannon de'andre yet lynn nick lima kerala who nick lima one of those guys is going to be an international level starter over the next ten years and if look but if it's right back and if the tyler adams experiment is still in gregg berhalter. There's miami still saying hey when tyler is okay when doctors find when he's back planned for leipzig he would go to rightback for us with dust is good enough and he shows it against a mexico order odaguard and you end up blocked down in nations league then maybe you're imagining a future in which he's the right back and adams gets to move back in the middle and all of a sudden now. It's an adams at that defensive midfield spot if that is where greg sees him. I mean that feels natural to me again. I'm not gregg berhalter interject though because what you're talking about the famous inverted rightback system they're not gonna a using mexican sure sure i didn't use there are two very distinct styles of gregg. Berhalter needs to work on with the ball against the majority of comcast teams than those other. Whatever it is thirty percent of games against mexico against germany against uruguay when they played against chile well work why because uruguay is going to be chilly. They're going to sit behind the ball. No chilly dominated that i sixty minutes until ecuador ecuador right okay that's fair but this is going to be a two banks of four the four to two to his greg calls it with the two center inter midfielder's a two wingers a little bit higher in the two strikers pretty much the same way the first sixty minutes against mexico wasn't a gold cup final so this is not the outside back tucking and maybe it happens twice a game but you should not pick your outside backs with that mind. I was imagining a bigger future where that could maybe work but it's a good point from you. Let's go to the sort of hand-wringing side of this because has how he plays what he does. That's we're halters purview. He will make that decision and i'm sure that sergio desk has been communicated to. I don't think he comes in his camp and sits down yeah. I don't know if i'm going to play. I don't know where i might play. I don't know what my role in this team will be like. Berhalter's job got a binder. His job is to communicate ah based on our interview and what we know about greg. I think he's done that now. The bigger question is maybe should sergio desk decision which he has to make at some point not right now now well not necessarily made by next month unless you never gets all right sorry week up our nation nation start nation league nations league concacaf nations nations league bobby just trying to help you out here just trying to get you on board the you know it's it's not getting any of the roller coaster no starts this week the first game mm-hmm well explaining a bit. Here's the question should desk decision. Be a huge deal to u._s. Supporters to the american soccer program. How should we put this in context. What if sergio desk decides actually. I'm going to go with the duchy twenty. Three's actually i'm going to decide that that the country in which i grew up the country in which i play my club soccer the country that is ultimately half of my identity or perhaps even more because he's lived there. We don't know that sergio desk territory. He can decide that is actually what i want to do and i am so appreciative the u._s. the opportunities i was giving it the twenties the opportunities i'm getting in this window the praise from gregg berhalter but ultimately it's it's better for me to do that. How should we put this decision in context. Would it be a calamity. Would it be a catastrophe. Would this guy be falling as i imagine the internet would put it if he decided the u._s. Was not his future. How do you think about this. You go first david. My my short answer would be no. It should not be falling. It should not change people's perception. The long answer would be well. You'd start with what are the reasons it's and if the reasons are while i never was communicated with. I never felt that. I was part of the camp. People specifically pushed me like if there are negative reasons then and there's something something structurally wrong with u._s. Soccer that is something to react. I would say in general yes. He's played for expert few weeks but we can name the list of u._s. Less players that have played for top ex club when they first broke through for x. weeks and then ended up playing in the championship for the rest of their career or in major league soccer or not even playing playing soccer right so i wouldn't personally go with sergio dessus the future the u._s. national team and if he's not a part of the team we have no future but if he is we're going to win the world cup. I don't put him on that level and i don't know that many young players are on that level so i wouldn't react that way and on the side of their ability to recruit him or get him to join. I mean it's going to be tough with everyone. I think it's individual with everyone but one of the hangwringing things is people. Don't feel like latin ex. Players are included -cluded in the u._s. Pool properly. They don't feel like they are treated in the way that makes them want to be a part of the program so genial desk deciding to play for the us national team or not isn't a part of that conversation so i think there are multiple tool national conversations happening at the same time and you probably are going to end up in a situation from where they all get poured on this one scenario and i don't know that that's correct. I don't think it's fair either. I don't think it would be a disaster. I think it would be hugely disappointing because because dust has been in the usher in a world cup that you twenty road cup has performed well despite some of the defensive issues that he might have had their bobby because he has what appears the be the beginnings of a really potentially incredible career despite the fact that we know that odds aren't always with young players like things happen. Injuries form coaching changes a big signing into. I x whatever it might be things happen. Things can change really quickly but i think that the kid has to be given the space to make the decision like whatever he identifies with is what he should go with. Whatever he thinks has the best opportunity for his future. We've heard a lotta kids recently. Say this outright instead of going with the whole cliche like i feel more american erkin right feel more dutch like we know that that is outdated. That is ultimately unfair like he. He grew up split between two cultures. He grew up outside the u._s. Like let let him be who he is and if he has better opportunities with netherlands than let him take that because let's be honest historically the 'nother ones are better national team program than are the u._s. and he's an i._r._a. Every single day he's with a bunch of dutch youth internationals those are his boys can able international those are his guys and if they're putting on eh full court press and saying hey sergio. We think you're really good to let come next thing him too. Young stinks down. Come on come play with us man complete with us. We think you can impact this team if their coaches are are putting on that full court press with them then maybe he makes that choice and we shouldn't take that as oh my god. We screwed this up. We should take that as sergio desk how to make a personal decision that was extremely the difficult for him and in this case we were on the wrong end of it but it does go back to what you said. Which is people want to know that we are doing everything as a program to make that happen in birther. I said not my job to contact fifteen year. Olds and i agree with gregg berhalter in that sense it is i think gregg berhalter starters communicate with potential players lawyers in your first team pool that could impact your team that is the job of whether it's berhalter or assistance or a staff member or whoever or ernie stewart who should to have a really good opportunity to make this recruitment pitch given his background so look whatever he does. I'm not gonna i'm not gonna fault the kid it's context maybe we can look at the program and say there's an issue here. I still think that having a quote unquote recruiting coordinator alma college basketball college football is not a bad idea you pay somebody seventy five grand to comment on instagram stories nice so like text the kid that you had a good game to everyone. Can email want that jazz who run the flag up the pole to gregg berhalter or ernie stewart. If you feel like there's a little bit of push importer. You feel like a kid isn't <hes> feeling like he's valued or is families not or you just need to reach out and say hey we're watching you okay great against grown again this weekend or whatever it is but like we put so much on individual players and i understand why we do it but i just think give the kids from space and i think the odds are he is going to choose the u._s. and i don't those are the odd yes. He said he got the opportunity to view teams. He does have to make a huge life. Changing changing decision by filing that one time switch is to do it. Yeah i don't know i don't know if that's true. I would just say the three of us are diehard u._s._a. Fans the only country drew we gave us could play for and if the dutch asked us we try and figure it out if we could play for them like there's nothing wrong losing a player to the dutch national team right there one of the okay great programs in well. It'd be the same as spain or germany or italy or france asked and you're like oh man. We lost stool national bobby. You disagree i. There's no i feel yes i disagree but i don't know how to articulate it doesn't you guys are under value in the power of recruiting and making somebody feel valued. I just said that. I think we should have recruiting coordinators. I literally think that we should have like the college basketball assistant coach who's just like the cool guy who everybody likes who communicates well who gets along with families who can be be the conduit who just says like. I don't know if we have budget soccer bill. Hey we're doing this and if if they are and they aren't they sure they are fair and based on what we know. It's a lot of what thomas ended. Thomas aren't gonna was going out and finding anyone anywhere that had a passport connecting with them when they were younger before they broke through to be like hey. We've been around but bobby once again. I'm the university of nevada. I'm recruiting top quarterback. I have done everything right in alabama comes in and says come join our program. It doesn't matter the u._s. Stands where it stands and there's nothing wrong with that. We're not giuseppi. Rosie is is this gets an offer to play freely. He's gonna play italy italy but we see university nevada's both best. I'm over this conversation. Everyone else in american soccer is having this. They like have pick of ads that break into the top ten all all the time. I just don't have the energy to make that argument right now because everyone else says and i'm just not energized by this conversation and sergio dust is in camp right now. He has an opportunity to bond with young guys in a similar position dishes. He is on the brink of champions league. Playing champions like weston mckennie as their christian pulisic is there there are guys that he can identify with heat according to paxton comical that u twenty team was super tight. They were boys. He can look around and say you know what this is my team. This is where i feel comfortable and i hope he does but i just i get a little bit nervous service when we start putting so much a nineteen year old kid shoulders who ought to do whatever them whatever it is. That's best for them and their families they should do. I just want to say that we've been makes that comment twelve minutes after we did the segment talking about whether how much that the your reaction right now is valid. I think that the conversation has moved away from what you're saying. I don't think people are hand wringing about what sergio desks will do. I think what has changed changed. The hand wringing now is how is u._s. Soccer handling these situations. I might be wrong and it might just be our conversation from where we were at twelve twelve years ago talking about jewel mexican internationals dual whatever's where you're like. I hope they play for the u._s. And they don't and then people get upset about it. I think the conversation has shifted left now. The issue is to bobby's point. What is the what is u._s. Soccer doing because it feels like they're losing more than they're winning. But who have we lost. I guess that's my question. Who have we obviously that was big. That's a big clearw- <hes> yeah and i think that's a big one. There's others epi rossi nevin super-rich which and it's back in it. Yes yeah okay haven't thirty years old. He's still super sobe starting for the national league injuries. Maybe maybe that's a big. It's a fair point and i think both of those got dissected and got broken down and i also want to make one correction. I think it's probably not greg job. It's probably ernie's job yeah. He's creating the structure and and then within that is the first is within all this with all those jobs so that's the structure. It's his job yeah <hes> player for chievo squad car as well. I was the one i was gonna bring up which is like it. It was a player that would he would be better for the u._s. Than he was for mexico because it was something we needed more and it was co. It sometimes feels like oh sepe rosie's good. Everyone wants him. We want on him to and why are we not three years ahead of that which is hey. We appreciate connect with players before they break through so that they feel like you actually care and it's not just like now. You're good now we want. I very much want to move on from this conversation. We want original point about the individuals like if this national team program in the u._s. Had you sepe rossy at stryker. You're a star in a champions league final at centerback. This is an entirely different programs so the idea that although i would have played twelve games based on his injuries but yes right well. That's another okay injuries and all that but the just the quality of player then the u._s. National team is an entirely different tiers so every single player especially with with desk potential matters a ton. We also left out one name which is politic holistic had an option and he's playing for the u._s. and he's just got sold to chelsea front amount of money that croatia would put him in their team so we encourage her by the way was in a roka final not so tim tim way i think could play for france in liberia so i mean it's you know bill bill culture building environment the players wanna be and i think that that's happening right now. I can't off the top of my head like. I said come with some huge list. I losses for the u._s. But i understand why people really care about this topic. It's just like it feels a lot to me like recruiting in college sports where you have like the message boards that are just everything is so important and that four star linebacker from louisiana. We'd better get him where everything's going. Downhill well abby has entered men's heloc crooning boy now. I'm just curious so moving forward. I will transition the show right now andrew. How do we think the u._s. Should play against mexico. I don't know 'cause i wrote that one for you so i'm gonna flip it right back around and ask you that. It'd be that easy to transition. I knew i would have done that way more than just get your hooks in it and that's is it. How should the united states play ooh so. There seemed to be if they wanna win right. The best. Chance of winning is going with the the united states is done for twenty years right four four to two strikers <hes> try and catch mexican the break mexico the ball but they're gonna make their mistakes the u._s. as prolific and guys who can really get on the break and be dangerous a i. I've been saying this for years at some point. You need to make yourself a passing culture right at some on point. You need to let guys fail. Pass out of the back and i hate the idea that we continue to say. It's a process that u._s. Loses so many people say all. It's getting closer. We deal with koch champions league. We do it with u._s._a. Mexico games and like how many times can we say that amyloid teams in the u._s. are getting closer and they still lose and we say okay may. We're not getting closer but i do think there's parts of it that the ways that i'm less than u._s. Teams have gotten closer aren't actually in the ways that make you closer right. Soccer is a game of of passing and just general control on the ball and the united states has not really tried to do that even you even though you're clinton said he was going to try he didn't and i don't blame bob bradley for not u._s. Soccer is in a totally totally different place so if i'm gregg berhalter i say we are going to pass out of the back. No matter what we are going to dictate this game there is no plan of going in dan and the four four two two banks of four block of ten for restricting space. We're gonna go in. We're going to be the aggressor. Be damned mellon to say go ahead. Be damned if we lose right but we're going to take a definitive set forward so i actually liked them because why come in and say you're gonna play different. We asked him why is now the time. Why hasn't that time to be brave and he said i think we have to take that step. You're gonna do it. You just gotta do it so i like that and if you're going to do it you better do it against teams that have to do it against it's like okay do it against guatemala cool. We knew you could do it or at least that's been done before do it against mexico. What's the best team to do it. The best players lawyers we have what's the best team took a crack guessing greg's lineup and i'll be happy if i get five out of eleven right. I put mine out there what i wanted to see. I put a fan service eleven having but i don't really know what the best group to do. That is bobby so i wonder if mold that over if you've thought okay if we are going to play this way if we're gonna be brave in this manner and we're gonna do it against mexico and we may pay for it. We may not maybe this is the tower. We don't start with a team brooks and long. It's iraq even though both prefer to play leading the two best passers of this group. Are you disagree. I would still probably play long at left back on the right 'cause i don't rate cannon highly as other people and just acknowledge that oh you got long at fullback yes i. I really don't hate that. I feel like we've now that i look at my lineup. The has tim there because i wanted somebody who was a little bit more behind pulisic and we know that the u._s. is going to be a pressure times. Who's a little bit more able to defend defend twenty four seven when it comes to it now i wanna put long at left back but then who do you partner with brooks because brooks back in our play room. Even those left overs zimmerman and robinson i would you if you wanna pass man like listen i. I like walkers as a player a lot. I like miles robinson's a player lot. Tim ream is better at facing pressure and breaking lines. It's that simple. He was the best when he was in new york red bulls. He was the best if not any nationality at least the best domestic centreback passing centre-back. The league has seen gene and whatever over ten years ago or ten years ago. Oh seven oh eight own. I mean playing for fulham in the championship makes it hard to continue to to maintain your pool changed a walker. You know the thing. I like about zimmerman. Though is he can step into midfield with the ball his foot if teams don't pressure high and they play off which is one of the things i thought he did well in the january camp which was when the game shifted to the right and lima pushed in he would continue to take that ball pass the midfield line into the other team to make victim react and allow so so. Let's imagine back. I think we all agree is stephan in net universal agreement there. Let's imagine one that is in bobby's mind that has long brooks ream team slash walker zimmerman and then right back. Who are you going with. Who would you guys do desks. Desks desks is the is the best ball and again. Recruit recruit recruit recruit man. I appreciate what you're saying and i wouldn't be whatever the kid wants he can do but i still believe you put on the full court press you make him feel like he is undoubted starter and the future of the of the the nation's team going forward going into the into the meaningful guards i respect to any respect i respect that i would say walker zimmerman at that position next to oran long because the defensive issues right and if it's him and rim right there and mexico muck i know where i'm going yeah which they may already be thinking central about this d mid alfredo morales alice who hasn't been in the team since two thousand sixteen but is a bundesliga starter to boot hearing about not or we'll trump but this example is the if your team is going to patrick correct so i don't know necessarily it has to be one of those two bobby. Who would you put at defensive midfield or your three centerman. Let's call it. This is the hardest one yeah what berhalter's gonna do it. Defensive mid is undoubtedly the hardest question. Does he go back to world trap like hasn't haven't we seen what's there before. I wouldn't be shocked but if you don't go well trap. You really have to change what you're doing. You have to go away from the single pivot the two eight and tens and yes as we talked about in the extra time interview last week. They've already changed the rotations a little bit but even still you'd really have to redefine that role west. Mckinney is the name that people point to when i watch him walk. I don't see the trade defensive midfielder right. He's not comfortable three hundred sixty degrees as as a single pivot as a single as that player their most recent game. They did a weird system where the other defensive midfielder is rotating out and it was just him like we got to see what it would look like with lesson mckennie as a as a single pivot. He isn't comfortable receiving the ball three hundred and sixty degrees. He likes to drive forward. He doesn't wanna sit wasn't should probably be somewhere in the teams and we will say should in dallas be using the team. I wouldn't do it defense midfield so at that point. It's will trap jackson. You're afraid of morales and who's going to be this this. Is your go fort lineup right now. I know it's hard. I mean what's your three amendment field but also bobby if this is what you're doing. Why is it a single pivot and that's my point it wouldn't be i would play you'll and pommel next each other our play role don and you'll next each other and you could play mckinney higher but my point is if this is what you're saying which is let's control possession then you want to players in that area that are going to be higher retention ball players as well as guys. We're going to connect short passes and and helped move the game around so you don't need to have a single pivot there. A guy like wolf trap who could hit hit the big switch and then have two guys in front of them that are going to be more aggressive because you're not pressing. That's interesting. We're stocked. I know who a producer unders mares in. Hey guys <hes> we're gonna talk about. Can i throw one thing out there. Which is i would love to see sergeant agent start and i think it's fine if it's not at centre forward because i thought he played comfortably there for wolfsburg this weekend on the left bremen sorry yeah vertebra and <hes> those green aims insurance so i think that i think he should be based on the group they have. I think he should be a starter. Whether it's out wide or at centre forward i would say that i think special jet should be in this team if we're going back to sort of the single pivot what we've seen before because i think he's one of the few players that is truly comfortable in that three sixty like you were saying bobby and if it's mckinney and it's trap you need that guy in there i think with his ability to receive the ball tied areas and get the ball somehow wide. That's where the chance creation asian comes from. If it's not the big switch what are we it's gonna be trapped guys. What do we tie. That's what i put my call talk mccollum how 'bout up on the left. We think he's going to do that. Put him on the wing saying your name yes yes. I think he's going to go up top and i hope he starts sergeant against uruguay in saint louis. I that's a good one. I'm carr's starts both games quite honestly i mean i kind of do too but i think that probably having the baseline of jesse's artists who i know. Get out your pitchforks. Light your torches for me right now. The rest of the team knows him well and against mexico. I don't think we'll have much of the ball may be good to be racks. Which is why. I think jordan morris will be on the right. I agree with that. Hey two little things. I'd like to see just a really refined. Details is one building out of the back. You have to feel k. Drive in the ball sixty yards into your striker that is perfectly fine to be a possession team that doesn't mind breaking lines in the air and getting the ball into your striker bypassing the other teams press neither winning the second ball or playing off the striker. It's perfectly fine to do that. The second thing is when when the u._s. presses their strikers me to block the lanes into whether it's alvarez or dosantos guate- whoever's plants intimate from mexico that is what hurt the u._s. Mexico last time politic and josie josie did not block those passing lanes so that the sentiment filters could get the ball to easily. We talked to burrow berhalter out the man man press. They're doing the first thing you do new pressure. The ball strikers block the easy passing lane into the defensive midfielders teams so keep an eye on those two things you brought mexico and some names there of course came friday eight thirty p._m. Eastern on f s one to give us the tree perspective. We've got john arnold on the line. He's akaka calf correspondent at goal dot com one of our favorite people in the world and a noted tire aficionado. John welcomed extratime glad to be here guests. We're glad to have this number. One tire based podcast that you do <hes> talking tires is my higher rated show but this is the one. I enjoy more gotcha gotcha. We appreciate the compliment sodas continental. Let's get right to it. We're talking mexico when i want to know how tom martino now is gonna approach this game on friday in the swamps in new jersey yeah that's interesting because my suspicion and this is just a suspicion for now <hes> will making an effort to see if we can turn that into a reported story but the suspicion is that martino might <hes> put more of his focus on the second game of this this <hes> this friendly only window and take the argentina game a little more seriously you know he made waves a couple of weeks ago when he was doing the press for that game in san antonio when you said that mexico for him is still sort of a second entire national scene in the first year he put argentina now. It's been a long time since argentina's one and major championship copa america in the early nineties but <hes> i martinez just by virtue of being argentine the relationships that he has there the fact that he managed that seeming got so close to winning multiple enormous major tournament titles still has argentina's sort of a team that sticks out to them even without messi even during a friendly window so i wouldn't be surprised if we see a mexico team. That's a little <hes>. It's not as best team. I think he might be saving the virgin. I could be wrong but you have to remember that even if he does put out a lesser team. You know a team that maybe isn't his best eleven. You're still probably seeing names like <hes> world. Cup veterans mexico's all time leading score g. e. miguel i think is part of that unit indigo raiders who just returned to this <hes> from europe. I think he's part of that unit. Midfield is absolutely stacked. John dos santos who maybe the best player in that gold cup the final score the winning goal. I think he's part of that unit so you look at this depth that mexico has and it's difficult to see them sort of having a you really noticeable drop in quality between i guess if you wanna call eighteen and the b. team so i think no matter what team march you know puts out there on friday. It's going to be a pretty strong one and a pretty difficult. I play him a better team than we on the gold cup final i think with those names included that's for sure but it kind of gets me wondering here as you say the todd argentina and says that's the priority u._s. National team fans have gotta have that little pit in their stomach and say hold on hold on. I thought it was uh in mexico. I thought this was the epic robbery. What is the perspective right now alfred tree on u._s. Mexico is it gone down a notch. I think it probably has just because in the game that have mattered you know that friendly last the line as <hes> mianzi friendly the the one zero that was in nashville that the u._s. one but you know that was a post world cup finley. The games that have mattered has been taken by mexico geico in recent history. Mexico fans have always had <hes> sometimes fairly sometimes not sort of superiority complex over comcast rivals specifically the united states and so far in the martino era and in the one cow so sore air they were able to back it up with victories in world cup qualifiers with the fact that they qualify for the world cup and then i'd say it it didn't and then once again sort of reinforcing that belief i think in the gold cup final with <hes> you know what we know that the u._s. wasn't necessarily at full strength either a mexico team that was missing in so many important players irving lasagna injuries some of the guys we talked about earlier because of personal absences or just not wanting to be called out as part of the team the whole carlos though a situation which you covered covered a lot on your program before by winning that game with a understrength roster i think mexico fans and maybe even some of the officials players people we're actually in the national team set up kind of said well listen. Maybe this isn't our most important game but i think it's gonna come back right u._s. Mexico's never gonna go away. This is the seventieth meeting between these two teams as we see more meaningful games teams two teams whether it's nations league whether it's qualification turning whether it's in the gold cup once again i think that sort of fire that passion will be back. It's just right now where we find ourselves head of this game. I definitely think there's a little bit of <hes> <hes> an apathy. Let's see from the mexico side towards his rival. You mentioned data martinez comments about argentina. There aren't a lot of mexico national team managers that could probably get away with saying that <hes> i think about the animosity at times between the media and sometimes the general public and the mexican national team manager over the last twenty thirty years. It seems very stressful but it doesn't seem like martinez experienced that what's what's it been like his relationship with the press. No it's interesting he he gets away with that what kind of comment and he also gets away with the fact that as far as media availability who's been absolutely nothing. I think the u._s. has made several players available to chat with the press. So people can write articles articles. Do television hits just do the job of the media after every single training since they arrives mexico had almost full team starting monday the first time that the media will hear from anyone involved also camp aside from a simple so low at the hotel or in the bus on the way from the bus to the training field is is thursday the day before the game when top martino gives his press conference so i don't think many managers could get away with that if they hadn't had the results that market oh has yet to lose a single game with mexico. The only game didn't win in <hes> <hes> win outright or yes. He was what every game however you want to count the costa rica quarter-final that went to extra time and then penalties they they came out had enough of that one as well so the the results have been what martino has been able to kind of rely on and i think he also has the reputation you know winning. The last couple of atlanta helps but just coach pardon argentina having post-barcelona. The success academy thought why i think he arrives is a much more sort of <hes> freedom much more leeway than one carlos oriented. Did it was assorted. I national team job. Martino more conventional managers know soria within the i was so <hes> the honeymoon period were definitely still in it at some point. It will come to an end but i think he's kind of <hes> buying himself. A lot of i don't know about time because i think you know if he's going to get fired is going to get fired but he's definitely kind of banking up goodwill right now with all these results. We'll see how long it lasts we will and if the u._s. win. It might be over that honeymoon for tom. Martino comcast correspondent a goal dot com. One of our favorites retired john arnold you can follow him on twitter arnold comma right that c._e._o. M._m._a. john j. o. n. John thanks man appreciate you. My pleasure guys always fun all right. Thanks john for sharing his insight with us. All him on twitter is coverage. A goal dot com covers the guy mckee's he covers l. tree covers evers on any number of things kaka calf extremely well and we love him suck nations league and you are as your voice of the nation's league certain voices the open cup nationally here. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. I love it and we're going to explain it to bobby. It is also going to help determine twenty twenty one gold cup up team so there are three pots here which nations have qualified for league. We'd be and league see in league. You have the obvious mexico u._s. Country honduras whereas panama canada and then it's like haiti martinique cuba curacao in bermuda. Jamaica got left back and be because in qualification. They didn't get the job done. El salvador is also there which is important for canada's perspective the way this works is that there are groups within each and you play home and away and then to determine in the nation's league champion the top teams in group a are gonna move on into a fourteen semi-final to final run. They'll play that the winner of that obviously it's all sorts of plots and you can applaud also the top teams in group a automatically qualify for the two thousand twenty one gold cup as do the second place teams the third place teams. He's a three team. Groups are going to have to wait and they may qualify a different route so to get to the gold cup. If you're in group b and i gotta figure this out here winners of each four groups and league be will go directly to twenty twenty one and then the second place finishers in the first place finishers down and see are gonna play home and away next march whoever wins that will go onto a home and away with the third place finishers and league a and the winner that will go to the gold cup and that's how you get to the twenty twenty one gold cup <hes> yeah that's the long the short of it bobby but the real sell here is that there are meaningful games that matter that are competitive that are not friendlies against teams that are pretty evenly matched is that is that right. I'm just going to say this. I have no idea what you just said. I know just go read it. The qualifying part makes confusing but the second part we said is the entire point which is for a lot of these teams not only do they not get to play a ton of meaningful games because they're out of world cup qualifying three and a half years before the world cup starts. They get two games for qualifying. That's it they also play the same teams over and over again because they don't have enough money to go travel for friendly and so you just see the same caribbean teams play each other the same <unk> caf teams play each other over and over again and then canada goes and plays like morocco in spain in front of no one and that's kind of up in cutter saudi arabia arabia now now. You've got a situation where bermuda's getting it to sell out their stadium to host panama in a meaningful game in twenty nineteen when that that would be part of anything the qualifying for the last gold cup which is what qualified people for a as well as double qualifying for this. We're also big crowds outs big environments meaningful games for national team programs to be able to like start to a stone and say hey. We're going bring a young group here and this is what we're building for guyana for for instance look at bermuda bermuda for the first time. We'll get curse sow. We'll get some of these countries that got momentum. They got opportunities that just never would have even been on the radar and you have to two things you have one for a program like bermuda to say okay like this is a path forward how we're going to get better and t- my curious how to say hey for people who don't live here or people who play overseas or who have never played for us. Here's a meaningful game worth coming back for him. Being a part of our program which keeps people connected more than the guadalupe loop had it like ten years back where they got everyone to come for one gold cup. They played wellman. Everyone retired or went away stephanopoulos baby get that kaka calf trivia going love of a love across canada though has a big task in front of them. They're in a group with the u._s. In cuba basically all the top teams in group. They're not playing in this. <hes> in this sorry i'm thrown off because bobby's over here just off all my god. I don't get any of the top teams in group. They're not playing in this international break so you're talking talking about the u._s. Mexico costa rica and one hundred still wait for october november with the other windows are to play their games but canada has backed back against cuba and canada senator according to john herdman head coach basically has to be perfect in order to get into the heck's because again of the heck's. You have to be top six in the fee for rankings. That's on yellow. It's math it's hard. I'm not gonna go into that but they gotta win like maybe even win the whole thing like pass the u._s. Finish atop the group get to the semis and win the final. He says otherwise nothing thing is guaranteed to do what they gotta. Beat quote teams that we have and beat in a long time and canada. They're not so happy about this thing. I don't understand it seems because they feel like it's maybe a little unfair because right now they're eighth and panama el salvador in front of them and we'll just go to a world cup. That's that's fair. Doesn't ah you could argue about el salvador and then you get down to are the rankings the best way to do this but the reality of it is candidate hasn't been to a world cup since nineteen eighty six. I believe the way the last structure was set up was really hard for candidate. Get in and canada has not beaten those teams as john hardman said so if you go back to the old structure they would have had to be dominika. Kim believes to get into the group to play mexico and honduras and el salvador so now. You've got to be cuban the u._s. Otherwise you have to be honduras and mexico the same aim quality of teams. You have to win those games to get to the next level and then you still have to qualify for the world cup so i understand a little bit saying well. I wish yes we could have known a little earlier that part. I get but the quality of team you have to beat the amount of times. You have to beat them. In meaningful games remains the same. I would rather take the s._a._t. Quiz on how this stuff works for <hes> stanford. You wonder if that is it yeah no tests. No homework come to stanford final games four canada or october fifteenth in toronto against the u._s. and november fifteenth in the u._s. They have to against cuba who they beat seven zero and the gold cup and of course they lost a haiti three two two so by the way again. If you wanna be one of those teams that feels like you desert-like hey you wanna be better in the rankings. Got go to the gold cup final win the games before before that because these are all based on previous results and beat haiti when you're up to say this. I'm doing one of the candidates game so if you're in the u._s. and watch that game. I think you'll hear my voice but i'm not sure you have to be excited. If you're canada just like even just delving back into it because i was in the summer the we talked about a little with the desk stuff like the culture around the national team ball blah david davies and laron and asari. They seem so excited to be a part of this group especially when you hear what jonathan david has this assay and then i would kill to have mark anthony k in the u._s. National team pool right now like i wish that conversation about ball retention and who you had was with with mark anthony cain and so there are question marks along the back line but there's a lot of young players that if one or two hit your good and then they've called in if you like adam straight great back in of like veteran guys who are sort of dual internationals haven't really been around where it's like. Just don't be a traffic cone and it's already an improvement over what gaudino gaudino it did in gold cup and there's a at least a pathway forward for the national tours canada. I get that there may be a little consternation with this work talk. We love you. We're not saying we don't want to be in the hacks. Just win these games. I don't know the problem is except the ones against the u._s. And it's <hes> it's hard anyway. Nations like starts and you know we'll figure it out bobby. We'll help you. We'll get the whiteboard go in and we'll map this whole thing at its soccer dot com and caucus website as well twenty-seven however will also be happening in the midst of all this. There are five games. There are a lot of international absences. I was reading something earlier this week about back. In the days of like oh you know handful of players are gone for international breaks and now it's like half the league and that's a good thing by the way though i do agree that there needs to be some sort of middle ground some better solution found for observing these because because i think it would make the quality of the competition better as well as on the international front but that's a whole conversation for a different day the schedule makers have a hard job seattle in particular are gutted tin ten players for international duty gonzala pineda's and assistant coach and he's gone for international duty with the u._s. You twenty three's which is super cool by the way so so that is what it is big points on the line. I think portland sporting kansas city that's a huge game seattle on the road in colorado big points their orlando just trying to stay alive with l. A._f._c. seeing town cincinnati just trying to ruin trying to see season and then new england n._y._c. a._f._c. in the east and i wanna talk n._y._c. a._f._c. Because max morales is reportedly up for a contract extension they are chatting about. It and i just don't think we give. I don't think we give them enough credit. I think he's one of the best teams in the league is certainly one one of the best chance creators in the league by op the numbers. If you go look last year he was number one in chances created from open play. He's right there this year. He leads an assist his season so far this year seven goals eighteen assists which leads major league soccer that would be an m._v._p. Season ten years ago that would like he's not even even close to being done. He could finish conceivably with ten and twenty five this guy's legit. Let's do the ranking. Let's rank the top tens in major league soccer okay. While do you think about that. I just want to throw out there while you were just talking. Bobby washout googled a warshaw article nice typed into google war shah and something else. I don't remember much of what i ready. I do a top five list before and after every year. I really just got so nice to see maximum did not make it at the start of the year coming into the season. He's in the top five number ten on my list nicola darrow p. d. martinez luca darwin kandara lucho costa diego giga larry maximum number six darwin you really you would have andrew weedy morality a he's more of a second forward and administrative chance you would have had darling container on that list. Don't want it. I wanted to dispute that but i don't know that i can't one that would be questionable as lucho cost but you would have had lucia <hes> no you're right about <hes> pity martinez. I would have hoped that i would pump the brakes on i would not have and i feel i feel who's at least in the conversation and now right lose out. Which was our went darwin's out. He's out. He's out. Valeri is up there. You could probably with the valeri sebastian blanco combination but but i would probably put maxi above ladera litters different right. He has more more burn to carry with seattle. He is that entire team is the engine maxi is one or two. This year does l. a. l. a._f._c. No no no no. You're not counting vela in that so he's out you don't count me curly's hill heels in the top five but he's not as good as maxi willow had a five game stretch but not anymore. The other half of this conversation is you're pushing him higher up the rankings because the position is less useful. It's a little bit now. You're going deep and i liked him. He's he's kind of a second forward at times to. He's not always traditional sort of like the sit and i'm like yeah. I'm just saying that's like saying well. This guy's a top five center an n._b._a. Why is he not notice and it's because no one uses centers anymore. That's all i'm saying sorry sorry. Can i love that the super top five chance creating dominantly midfielder so you're taking them out of that central role in adding in what come on you can't understand that you're always thinking abstract base earning at zellerbach yeah even the wingers yeah ooh. I think he's yanni can kill list. He hasn't played alessandrini elise. Were in the five wingers the start ear. I think he's boy so if you look at his actual production if you perform at n._y._c. a._f._c. the reliance on him to make everybody around him. Better which absolutely has has a bear gets talked about custody. Yang gets talked about ten or home just signed a contract extension. We've talked about their kind of wing-play whereas to jury shruti but like he's the basis this is this what assigning he was because he's not at like schwyz tiger or lampert or pyramidal money like he was basically unknown to major league soccer fans coming from mex- and he's been the foundation of their team yeah so one of the things in terms of aggregating talked about more is mac morales has played in off the charts amount of minutes this year so he is the baseline for and when you talk about it in my c._f._c. you say well what can make them better and it's whether or not which is not his fault but on the flip side of that i would say the amount of manatees play. He will be thirty three before they kick off next season. How many years of a contract do you want a guy like that at that position physicality cursory statue stature for him like how much is he going to say and put up a statue i can't even how much is he going to bang around in. M._l._s. midfield at thirty four thirty five years being said the same thing about ozzy alonzo last year guys thirty three is not the same thing anymore yeah but also ozzy plays a different role. I think maximizes a great job avoiding contact aw that's my point but he's not a dp. You're not giving him a dp. Yeah you gotta give maxi one anyway. We love maxima morales congratulations to him. I hope he gets his money one more thing from this this weekend and i wanna talk l. a._f._c. because we didn't get to it because of labor day and we didn't worse and that's a harm off again. Go for much it better that was like a whale sound that was awful that was horrid and our ceylan the orcas. Can i ask l. A._f._c. are vulnerable at all post minnesota united loss. I had a bunch of c._f._c. in atlanta. Fans sending me the numbers from like the last fifteen games or thirteen games or whatever cherry picked a number of games that came up with where our records are basically identical and they're saying yeah well. A._f._c. was dominant and best ever first half of the year but they're basically even with us the rest of the time and all that matters this is the end of the year so is there any sense of vulnerability bobby l. a._f._c. After that game no carlos vela. That's a huge caveat. The asterix has to be like seventy two point font anything to that for sure. There's vulnerability breaking down ten players behind the ball in in their own half is really hard and soccer too simple as that especially when a team is as committed as minnesota worse so yeah whenever you put ten players behind while andrew you and i could go get ten players right now. Put him on the top of the eighteen and hold l. a._f._c. Off the board for some amount of time right you see training people don't really in training teams often do ten v five and the ten struggle struggle to score on five. It's hard to breakdown players at the top of their own box so there's definitely a concern especially in a single elimination game. It's going to be hard for you to break down on these teams that they who also lost to chicago to the same or they drug in chicago orlando home portland at home when the sounders were down a man. They still didn't score right when teams vancouver uncover when teams are at in their own half with numbers. It's hard to breakdown even l. a._f._c. Who are still maintain is the best team in league history struggles with it's a fact of soccer manchester city barcelona the best teams of our memory all struggle with her to them. They're they're better at the l. a._f._c. Right but it's not a new thing for a team to be bad at that so carlos vela in that training room and get that hamstring good to go for the rest of the season and make sure he's good in the playoffs if he's there all of a sudden. It's really hard to breakdown timberline. The ball goes to it's kinda hard or it's like medium hard or not that hard at all anymore and all of a sudden. You've got goals and you got win l. A._f._c. is still the best team in m._l._s. In my opinion opinion is time for the mailbag though four zero one zero six zero s extra time in soccer dot com we would love your thoughts on morro minolta's in the houston dynamo. They did not sell him. Despite the in fact there were rumors for about eight point five million from portugal inform. It just did not materialize. They didn't play against sporting kansas city. Morrow said i saw myself over there already. I saw myself in europe. That's what he told. Hey zeus oscillator junior to some really great work covering the club for the baiju citizens. <hes> by you sittin didn't say i whenever i read i didn't i can't pronounce. It didn't help you. Thank you appreciate that. Let me drown angry this this. This frustrated man. I wanted to get done too but it sounds like it wasn't on purpose sounds. They tried to do it. They held him out against sporting kansas city and they just for whatever reason we don't know didn't materialize the details whether it be with the player whether it be at the club a can't fault them for trying. I would have hoped that they would have sold they didn't we'll see what happens fax machine excuse me and they or that's my old school fax machine noise which i think was better than your alarm. Give me some mail. Give me some mail while i'm ago here since we talked about it off. The top mike from south carolina thinking of how successful tyler miller is has it makes me wonder who are the most successful expansion draft picks in league history. I'd love to get your thoughts. Thanks obviously a big one. I think jack jews berry is is one that we should talk about that. One way back to the timbers captain jack he was a captain started out helped establish cold culture. He now works for the club in an executive role. That was a pretty darn success so on the same vein of that one the guy i looked up who i think was a better player on the field is sebastian legit. Sorry especially talking about yeah. I think he's the only player in the ring of honor for philly. He was there multiple times. Obviously was their star attacking player on the field for a number of years as well as being there bobby. Who did you want to throw in there. Brad evans oh bread. Ovens is a really good one. Yeah that is who were atlanta's. That's a great one. That's a great one. <hes> markers one train that wasn't it was like mikey ambra <music> was was one of the yeah they flip a couple i think i don't think i've got a flip shawn johnson. That was a different one. They answer rated for sean john then. They flipped him to n._y._c. f._c. Consent continues at the same trajectory victory the answer. We'll be latif blessing if you've got a better example which you might. We're just trying to do this off. The top of our heads hit us up. What about the disappointment question. I liked that one. Okay us into darkness s._c. Fan basically emailed us long email and he's basically said who's been the most frustrating team over the last ten ten years chicago. Orlando vancouver or columbus orlando took them right off because they won championships in u._s._o. And had a great launch and yeah it's been frustrating them alas but it can't be he then they just don't have the longevity of columbus because they went m._l._s. cup in two thousand fifteen and they had great the over. They've been in the playoffs. They'd yeah they had good years. They had they've helped blood. The future national team coach can't be them's and our between vancouver and chicago unless someone would like to throw another team in their off the top of my head i can't i don't convenient because i'm thinking just i'm obsessing over the fire being that team right now because they've spent money and they haven't done anything they had so much success previous so if you look at their like year over year there's just a lot of deion cues from them since basically since two thousand nine when they were the conference finals and that was there. They were four out of five years in the conference finals they have. Let's see here six seven about to be eight. It'll be eight eight out of ten years d and q for the playoffs for a team in chicago for a team that has bashing swinestein's spit on him in that way for a team that went out and spent on the likes of <music> of ferrari smoking cigarettes lamborghini mary castio they spent money. Just that's what i'm saying. They had a history of success in. They were just sean maloney. I think they were the only team that traded for dp for while they did it with lunberg and fernandez multiple times. They're like we'll take the retread. Oh and i i think joe berto digital better in vancouver vancouver. Fans are sitting there. Slack jawed be an come on. It has got to be us as ingrained vancouver either. They had some fun when they mildly okay years but they may offset. Dave never won anything. Chicago has yeah yeah. They had the history you guys. I think i get the nation's league thing now now. You're lying you lying. If you get it hit a bobby at be worship is that right yeah twitter fourteen gene forgot. He had the number on the end of it. Some of us have played professional soccer bobby all right right here big thanks to john arnold. We will be back on monday breakdown u._s. Mexico and talk u._s. Utagawa join join us then as well as a result from canada that we hope is a win because we want to see you in the heck's. If canada get six points and you carry the two and then you take the the inverted nature of that square root where it then they make the heck that's yellow for you. Yes exactly all right ready every have a great weekend <music>.

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