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If you thought you saw the last of the double cheeseburger pizza from papa. John's think again because it's back again and now they're viewing. The sequel has a papa dea but quarter pound feet says burger sauce and pickles. Crispy inquest again. One more time to get a large double cheeseburger pizza for just twelve bucks or a new double cheeseburger. Papa diop for six better ingredients pizza papa. John's again not valid with discounts bees in texas. Extra prices may vary every day. Second by second minute by minute. Hour by hour time goes by taking this farther and farther away from those memories of the past. Do you remember remember that time. Remember when now you don't have to remember because we do. This is the tj totally call. Podcast a lot of people. The christmas gift is not that important. It's the idea of just being thought of and receiving a gift from someone but for others of us in the act. Day radio family. Getting a christmas gift is extremely important. And that's why today we present to you at tj classic piece of radio bid edge. I better get blank for christmas. And they meet are meant. At least that's happening today. As we step into the time machine for total recall god that and a great addition of anti-crime a special christmas edition of anti-crime. Another ace and tj radio bage plastic and christmas gifts from us. But we start with a fun tale. Tj burned his mouth or total recall. Tj's total recall. Podcast come usually pretty good with pain but my lip is still in a lot of pain right now from burning it on a hot tea a few minutes ago. It wasn't yeah it wasn't just the burn the roof of my mouth burma mouth and it went on the outside of my mouth and i have a yeti cup i mean i don't mean to brag i know there aren't many of them out there But i want a sip on it during the whole show that i want to go back and forth get an coffee refills and so i may have may have made a mistake. You know hindsight because there's a spit on the coffee pot that we have that just puts out hot water. Well i'm a two cups of tea and it two cups fills up this one. Big yeti not to brag that i have and so i i took one of them from the spirit thing and made it and imported in thing and then the next one i took from the speaker thing which was hot and then i put it in the microwave for thirty seconds. Because you just to make sure it was because this thing doesn't get really hot even steam comes up off of. I don't know what i was thinking you and so i'm not. I don't usually drink in out of travel coffee mugs that have lids on them because of the reason. I can't feel it coming into my mouth and it burns me. Well you gotta have lead on this yeti not to brag but if you don't defeats the purpose it doesn't hold the heat in there. So when i turned that i sip it spilled out into the the lid part all over the outside of the top of my of my top lip in the pain is one thing but cosmetically what is it gonna turn into. I mean i can't be having movie. We're going to be a guest on another radio show today. I can't be walking in here. With with blister mouth cosmetically it turns into its lawsuit yet. What i what i'm hearing. What about in the first aid kit there is a little burn salve birnbaum in there and maybe kind of help you tone it in the pain. I put some Carmax no it's it's my My lip balm of the week. Because you know have changed amount of time. This is the Vassil lean lip. Therapy creme brulee flavor. So i put that all vassil. Lean creme very late Looks tiny tiny uh-huh just enough to very little. I had my head in my computer. But i heard something slam on the other side of the room. What was that was that you slamming the and spit it out in the floor. It was back. We're spilling t here. Tj spilling hot tea all over the place call. Windy do spill t- This is so hot. But what i'm saying is i may not be able to to make it through the rest of the show. It's going to be touching for a while. And if i start to blister up then matt my it I don't know where that isis being in there in the refrigerator. Not really sure where. The water radio's asian negative. Come from adrain somewhere some. I could've sabotaged it. You know you never know around here. Radio people who trash could be covered with frozen urine or something. You never know what's wrong. This is the ace and tj total. Recall podcast if we could give you one day christmas on this show. What would it be. I love this response. When i want for christmas from the ace and tj show. Bradley says it's very simple. Paper hat paper had of come on those. Are the special paper hats that we have and we only given away on special occasions. And that's not the type of. I mean that's something of monetary value as a gift with meaning things like if we do something that gets on your nerves. It would be a christmas gift for you if we stopped it. Now i know i would never fall into that category so i should say if ace riggins win or take d. Robbed is something that gets on your nerves. You would ask them to stop that that kind of thing Here's what the paper you're not gonna get one had easily on me. I feel for you but to valuable what i want for. Christmas says brandon for tj to bring back his sound machine where he interrupts people when they're talking with you have one love that in a while. maybe robin. Tj can have a christmas sing off. that's what he likes christmas. Rally the last one. I want to learn something manly like how to operate a chainsaw. So we know riggins can do mainly things like he can fix stuff and work on things and all that Ready just has to do it wearing bubble. Wrap sitting right there. What do you want for christmas from the show. Jamie says can. Ace be the weird oncle playing air drums in the band. Nothing aces weird but we all have one of those weird answer uncle. I think that's exactly what you're saying. Lessen the blow by making him feel more normal about his weirdness but he sits alone in a room and eardrums. Rockin it rockin addresses mind is easy. I just wanna riggins hilarious impression of his brother. Matt pretty please angry map one more time do. Here's the thing. I'm better than you physically spiritually emotionally and financially. Step up your game day. Honestly another version. Another a christmas gift here. Somebody wants to hear a christmas. Sing off between tj. Take me rob two totally different people who are totally into that. What do you want for christmas from the show cam says i want an ace and tj radio t shirt if possible. Oh m. those. But i mean again. That's that's going against the rules of this game. Yeah i guess. I'm going to have to bring back the the boob job. Je have one bill o'reilly yelling thing because our firm mallory listens to his own bob ninety three ask for and so. She's nice to have to do it now. Not because of them that brandon guy or now gets what she wants. She's yes she's very sweet and she has. She has a very dreamy husband and pretty baby yet. Sickening sickening siham. you'd like. Oh that's the way it is Perfect perfect what. Do you want for christmas from the asian tj show christie says. I want ace to have his girlfriend on the show so we can hear just how young she really is. It's kinda very remember that google baby we had earlier. Yeah do i want. Tj and regan's an entire episode of the show as tj wife. Love their impressions of her. I just love hearing her talk. It just the sound of her accent and the way she speaks is so entertaining and engaging just so loveable to listen to and then when they do. I didn't more teasing leads. Michael lovable nagging. Total recall cast classics. Come next and i cried. The christmas edition and i better get blank for christmas. Yep both next on total rico. Tj's total recall podcast. This is the total recall. Podcast podcast subscribe nowadays. Tj dot com the tj app or through iheartradio. More of the total recall. Podcast after this all as and tj show graphics and web designer done by alpha lab designs looking for spectacular email design at a stage dot com web design menus marketing materials brochures flyers social media ads and more design at tj dot com. This is the act j. Total recall podcast. Christmas addition of anti-crime. Just some the back onto stupid and silly but we can't help the fact that it made you cry. There's a great related aim page. One of our teenagers asked if she could borrow my favorite christmas sweater for her choir performance. I was so excited. I told her yes. Then when i got to the performance later that night i found out it was an ugly christmas sweater. Contests and Well did she win. Yeah but to find out. Your favorite. Christmas sweaters considered ugly by everybody else. Everybody unless she wouldn semi asking if they can feature you on their website jacked up. Grills dot com. I love your smile. Can i put this on a site. The vanak cried. Vanessa says i pulled out my pre lit christmas tree this year and the lights were so i pulled out my extra lights. Put them on the tree. Exactly how i wanted plug them in. Those didn't work so been a brand new box. put them on. They didn't work. Sure why i never plugged them in first to make sure they worked. You wonder was the aglet connected to a light switch. And maybe they all. Maybe this outlet was off yes. Something's got to be offered three different strands to not were. And why would you not wait. Plug these in first before we take these off dion ahead to do the extra lights on a tree to make it where it's really bright dude. Were instead of running the lights just around the ends of the branches. You run the like down at the base of the branch by the by the trunk rapid around down there and then pull it to the end and wrap it around there and then just we've him that way on each beach limb. I can't believe i said branch. Rural southerners say limbs branches. Give me a limb man lights tucked in there. I wanna see the string all the time. Yeah that's what i'm saying. And it lights up the inside part of the tree as well as the s He'd let you like to stay little dakota cape girardeau. Welcome to the and tj show. And i cried what happened okay. It was my first christmas with my stepdad side of the family. And they kind of come from money so they're fancier and i collect have like really amazing food so we get there and there's zero traditional christmas food. It's like finger foods and like this weird shrimp soup and like nothing. That i expected so i cried what you're hungry and not what you want just disappointed. I love shrimps thanks. I hit her newborn. And i cried the christmas edition. What made you cry. I was searching for a peek. At you it is the to it except one that holding eight kooky balls. I had been out with my three boys. We were searching for their youngest sister for about five hours for this thing. It was my daughter's number one gift. I was completely exhausted. And i went into target after searching all over the store i started to cry as thirteen. Meet toy aisle and i'm standing there just falling in front of the employee employees and he is like i will search. Let me go searching the back. I will search all over for you. And i'm like please do and my boys are looking at me going okay. We are not saying here. We're going to go look at the video game and thanks a lot and i don't remember this lady Be anywhere near. She must've heard the commotion. She told me he comes running over going. Oh how's one for you. Just have it at the same time. The employee comes running back. I found one four people coming at me and at that moment. I just had a complete meltdown. I like all out like bali owning this. Like all your hard work had paid on new. How many people d- amd me saying that. They cried when they heard that i had gotten a case of those fingerling things and know what they were and threw them away. Don't have little kids know about that. Thank you companies. Send us things sometimes to you know to promote or to see if we would like to advertise for things like that and so i got this whole big thing of finger puppet deal things and who would ever want that. That is the roadway. There's related facebook page. It says the christmas edition of anti cried when she was about twelve. Grandmother gave her a purse for christmas and told her because she was about to become a woman and needed to have something to carry her feminine products and daddy. Cracks is the ac dj total recall. Podcast lady says. I better get a new engagement ring for christmas when my fiance proposed this past summer before i open the box he says i know. You don't like gold but and this is what i got that. She sent a picture of the ring on her hand. And it's gold with a diamond on. He knows i hate. Gold never owned a single gold item and the ring. He gets his gold. If he didn't say. I know you don't go. But when he proposed it would have been different. But it's like he intentionally got something he knew. I wouldn't like but after six years of being together. I've been hitting around lot. That i would like to get married someday. So she has an engagement ring. That is gold dipped or but it raises his glass. If he even knows she doesn't like gold called his. Why did he but but if he knows she doesn't like gold why did he buy her gold. Maybe that was the opportunity he had to get a good deal on a ring. Was that particular one. What does it matter if it's one. He knows she's not going to like and now he has to buy another one but she wanted ultimately to get engaged. So he's like well or engaged. You would rather have no ring. Because this is the ring i could afford. This was the one that was available to me at the price. I could pay but now he you wanted was to be engaged so i love you. But now he's going to buy me to rings no she could dip it or she could just come over to the gold side. It's so pretty he likes. All that glitters ain't go. That's true did she say what the date is of their wedding because they get engaged over the summer. that's true. They should be well on their way right yet. Will i'm just saying that if If this this upsetting that you can't even you're not even on the same wavelength enough to be able to to get the engagement ring issue to where it's not an argument in demand for something else then. Are you getting married for the right reasons. I mean just because you've been together six years in the hinting around about. It seems like that. That's kind of a side note thing that you'd be so upset about her that he would not get you what you wanted. And then you'd have to go back and forth. She just message. Tj said no date yet So yeah fix years that she said that she. They've been together six years and she's been hinting around so much about wanting to get married so he just ran and got a ring What we deemed years ago is being. Shut up ring. That's what it does it sound. It may not be to me that it sounds like that's Textbook shut up because he even knows something she won't really like. Yeah you wanna get. You wanna get engaged here. Put this on. No you don't like that it'll show people that were engaged and then you'll be fine. That's what you want done could be a me. I'm just throwing that out as a possibility I'm sure she's not like me very much. Here's lady said. I'm not going to say i better get because i'm a nice person but i really hope my husband spends about the same on me as i do him. I always been a lot more and get him much. Better gifts just wants a little equality and the gift giving but that's not really the point of giving a gift right to not to get something of equal or less of equal value in return. Yes it is is By the way. Tj she just edison message back about the ring and said yes tj. My thoughts exactly a shut up ring l. o. l. l. and obviously it didn't work. Merry christmas i hear the. I better get an ember coffee mug. It's an app controlled coffee cup. That will keep your coffee or whatever you're drinking at the temperature you want and she has let it be known like in other words. Hey everybody this is what. I want for christmas right here. Have that's cool so like if you're sick for several days at a time you just put it there and it'll keep whatever beverage that you're theraflu hot all all the time. Yeah that's a good one this guy if you sip very very slowly. Have you ever tasted their lou. I don't think he would want it. Barely sip it if you had to. It's not. It's not a good tasting beverage not delicious but it may get you back to work there. You go one hundred fifty dollars for a coffee mugs only aggressive but this is for the thermos but as controlled by an app. Yep that's pretty sweet in. Do you think that you better get some of those boxer briefs that you like christmas. That would be so nice. The tommy john. Did you put them on your list for your parents. No i didn't. I should've have you turned in your list. Reagan's reagan's family they all the each an official list. Then submit it to everyone else every year. That's right i did. I submitted my list. Is for a little red wagon. No i i asked for a collapsible wagon. Because i'm living uptown now. So it to get my groceries. Back home i'd ask for a wagon so the drag it down the sidewalk and look like fool dragging and dragging that wagon instead of having to open up team flights yet groceries walk to the store. Walk in your car. Exactly so the wagon makes sense. Just look like an idiot. What else is on my list. Hair gel dry shampoo or something for your hair. No nothing for my hair code for wolfenstein. Wolfenstein no steam. That's how i stay at the video. That yeah what else did. I put on their stupid steph. Oh replacement blades for my my shaver thing Stupid stuff do you make lists quinn or do you just can't say what do you want for christmas. And you tell him okay because you jodi give each other gifts to you or do do you have the gifts okay. We don't But she gets me. Gives me the same thing all year. Round which is hail tj total recall. Podcast is new at noon. every weekday. subscribe now tunes. Do you love sugar spice. And everything nice. Do you love pumpkin fragrances. 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