EP 203004: Garage Pass


They. Can't ask for a better time to be any city then right now. In Kansas. City! Thank ask are done a great job with trying different things I feel like it'd be. Clinton, he's obviously got enough talent and the cars to do it. Caroline PRN's garage. You know that racing is not easy. But did you know car shopping is easy? Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley. Blue Book. Price adviser so you can be confident. Depresses fair confident like when you make a pass on that semi truck going slow in the fast lane. Car shopping. Easier than racing and eighteen wheeler auto trader finally it's easy by downloading the free PR IN MOBILE APP. You can listen to all of our live race broadcast anywhere. You'll also have easy access to all of our award. Winning studio shows available now in the apple. APP store and on Google play next up for the NASCAR Cup. Series is another trip to Kansas speedway last October on the one point, five mile, track Denny Hamlin cruise to an easy victory, leading one hundred, fifty, three of the two hundred seventy seven laps I did not go into that race. Think that we were going to dominate, and we got to the front, and we flat dominated something about that setup. Setup that made me drop a track well now, having race on a Thursday night is a bit of an odd duck, but ricky stenhouse junior says it's just part of how NASCAR has successfully adapted to the covid nineteen crisis. Yeah, think NASCAR has done a great job with trying different things practice showing up and racing as long as the fans keep tuning in. Obviously they can't show up like we would want him to like. Keep Tuning knows what it'll hold for our schedules. In years to come finishing one two with tyler rettig. Austin Dillon guaranteed his playoff position with a win at Texas and believes his are CR teammate can also make the season ending championship chase. How advair throughout these long races, but I feel like if you take steroids equipment and he's obviously got enough talent and the cars to do it. RETTIG is currently eighteenth in the driver standings only fourteen below the cutoff line to make the playoff on points, former NASCAR CEO Brian, France made a surprise appearance on Sirius XM NASCAR radio Wednesday making his first public comments since he was. was ousted from his position, following a DWI arrests in August, two, thousand eighteen. He said he thought his uncle Jim France had done really well leading NASCAR and he had no interest to return in any official capacity and Jimmy Johnson has rescheduled is indycar test session with chip Ganassi racing? It'll take place to day on the Indie road. Course progressive presents the sounds of the old. The year is twenty. Nineteen and someone is waiting for a table at a restaurant. Thomson Party of four. Thomson Party of four. Thomson there you are. This has been the sound of the old world. Brought to you by progressive, we're drivers can still switch and save like it's twenty nineteen. Co Today at Progressive Dot. Com Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. No doubt about it. Clint Boyer is a big Fan of where NASCAR is racing this week, Kansas. City kicks. It just does anybody in a garage area goes to Kansas, city and every single one. Blown up your phone. I man. Where's the hot spot? Where's where's barbecue joints and go and it's like dude all of them. All of them are not gonna the park in. You can't ask for a better time to be any city than right now in Kansas City. Garage Pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with progressive, save over seven hundred fifty dollars on average.

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