How to Repair Your Skin Barrier With Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas


The phone rang. Podcast is a deer media production. Welcome to breaking beauty. The podcast all about the breakthrough people products and moments and beauty. We're your hosts. Jill done and carleen hagans local. Let everyone welcome back to breaking biddy. Podcast. i'm jill done i'm here. With my co host carleen higgins. Hey carleen alot. So it's january and collectively. Cy pretty much no matter where you're tuning in from right now. You're probably contending with some type of skin barrier blah's okay. Maybe not our friends in and we have listeners everywhere but most people well lucky them but Definitely i am feeling like extra parched right now. I feel like it's probably being. They never leave my house. But i think our listeners are going to love today's episode because we have a very special glow down shot featuring one of our most requested topics. And it's all about how to repair your skin barrier. Today's guest is aestheticians to the stars. Joanna vargas joanna accounts famous faces like julianne moore carly kloss and rachel brosnahan among her elite clientele. How much. We love mrs maisel. By the way she also has branded spas both midtown manhattan and the sunset tower hotel in l. a. plus. She has her own upon his skin caroline. She's she's like a list s attention all the way totally and literally. When i was staring at her on the screen in like i thought she had a zoom glow filter on her. Something like hers. Scanned was like a literally beaming up through my zoom camera. Like she obviously knows what she's talking about. I'm easing and last year. Joanna became an author. Her first book glow from within is an expert. Skincare guide and of course she spill secrets about best tips and product recommendations. And all that stuff but she goes beyond that she talks about self care routines that we often don't connect your skin. Nutrition sleep and stress management. And how those impact appearance and resiliency as well Fun fact. She's so beloved by her a-list clientele that she had a ton of celebrities. Contribute blurbs to the book you know. Those one liners that are on the back and so there's one from mindy failing that says joanna vargas has completely changed my skin. So that's like. That's quite the endorsement love to see it so in today's episode. We're gonna learn the one about skin barrier health with takeaway tips that you can use like cleansing. Do's and don'ts the best ingredients to look for on a label for your serum or moisturizer the holy grail products that she personally recommends to her clients for skin barrier repair and we also ask her all about the trend. That's all over instagram and read. It is skincare slugging. Like what is it and do you need to do it. Plus we go deep on exfoliating toners like are they actually villainous as they're made out to be and for myself personally. I'm always someone who's kind of going back and forth between like expropriating toners and then barrier repair. And it's like. I can't seem to level out so i ask her all about that and i think this is really great timing because not only is that the data of winter but this is like a huge trend. If you will that. We're seeing in the industry talking about skin barrier health. And so before we get into our chat with joanna i do wanna kick it off with a surprise. It's a mini damn goods review in partnership with one of today's show partners. Strive acton that's right we're talking about the brand new strive becton rental recode moisture rich barrier cream. It's hundred nineteen. Us dollars one twenty nine in canada and you can find it on the straight victim website as well as retailers like and shopper struck mary and of course it like most of you will probably know strive act in. I remember it exploded onto the scene back in my early beauty editor days and they came out with that acton. Sd which was a stretch mark cream but women all around the world were putting it on their faces because they realized that it helped with wrinkles. That's right like became the best selling wrinkle cream even in france where there were like really well known at the time they would not do that. Mongia so i know they're not cream is supposedly a hot seller as well and their whole thing is they have this proprietary science. It's called nine one one four so you often see that on the label you probably within like what is that. So you guys have heard of niacin. They use this optimized form of niacin aka vitamin b. Three in every single one of their products. And they do that because they say it's backed by over thirty years of research. Thirty independent clinical studies and non global patents and why because they say it's clinically proven to strengthen and thick in that skin barrier. So it's like filling in all those cracks. If you will improving the performance of all the ingredients that you might be using to like reduce wrinkles or whatever it is that you're targeting so that's in like all their products across the board amazing so tell us about the wrinkled recode rich cream carleen. Because i know you've been using it since before the holidays. So what's what's it all about. And what have you been noticing okay. So it's a rich cream. it comes in a small tub with one of those little scoops. It's like a pretty pale pink color when you open it. I'm slightly scented and it almost looks like a beautiful like frosting that. You're gonna put on a cupcake total and so when you apply it it. It starts out almost like a light butter. So i kind of would use the scoop. Put a little bit on my hand and what. I found surprising though when it actually put it on is that it almost felt like a little bit cooling which i wasn't expecting and i think the biggest thing that a lot of people are going to like about it is that it was not greasy at all. So i think that's the challenge with some of those skin barrier creams out. There is that you know when you want something. that's actually going to be almost like a physical barrier. If you're out skiing like running in the winter it can be kind of greasy right. It's just like so thick and this is not occlusive at all. So what over time like. What have you noticed about your skin. Yes oh this. Formula has been designed to address key signs of a compromise skin barrier. So we're gonna go deep on that in today's episode but we're talking about like fine lines wrinkles like redness dullness. And i will say that. I suspect and again. I don't have like a scientific. You know monitor at home. But i do detect that my skin is becoming less red and just generally upset looking and that's really important to me these days. That's like my biggest. That's what i'm looking for is just like comfort. Oh totally end the before. And after that they had were pretty crazy. Like i noticed that they had result from women who even with like the marionette lines around your mouth that they were totally minimized reduced. So that's pretty convincing to want to get us a try right and i know that we asked the brand abo- how it really works on like a biology level and they said the secret is all about this one to one to one biometric lipid ratio. They call it. And that's a fancy scientific term. That basically means they have a very specific ratio of ceremonies. Love those fatty acids and cholesterol in the formula. Those are all essential lipids helped to strengthen the skin's barrier and that they can actually absorb because they mimic the molecular weight in skin so that's probably accounts for that like fast. Absorption that you were talking about And also have to give a shout out to one of my favorite ingredients. You guys have heard me talk about this before on the show. It's columbia and that's in the formula. While an i personally have noticed. This is a common thread and a lot of the products that i've used in the past in the winter that tend to have like a soothing effect calming that redness. They tend to always have colangelo in it. So i love that as well. Okay good tip. And i think we're gonna see a lot more products like this that say skin barrier right on the label and twenty twenty one. 'cause like i said even though this condition isn't new so many more people are aware now but they're still kind of confused they're like dr dry skin dr damaged you know skin barrier and that's also of course why we have joanna with us today so let's get into our chat and a friendly reminder that the product. We talked about plus any products. That joanna i personally mentions. That are her faves. They're going to be listed over on our blog. So we've listed them offer you there at breaking video. Podcast dot com so without further ado. Welcome joanna let's start with the basics what exactly is your skin's moisture barrier and why is it there. What is the do well. I mean i think you know we talk so much into butte and industry about like wrinkles and bo talks and things like that we forget the skin actually has a function and its function is to be a barrier between us and the environment so the skin's moisture barrier is the outermost layer of your skin. It helps protect the body It helps retain water and moisture It defends against like bacteria in the environment environmental stressors and you know prevents things from penetrating into the skin so that we don't have a reaction so it has like a a very important function for us. It's the fundamental of what the skin does and we talk about it at the least i feel It is the most important part about our skin because it makes us look plump in juicy and healthy and soft when it's healthy and so yeah it's something that's very important. No matter what kind of skin type you have no matter your age okay. Yeah that was gonna be my next question. Like other certain types skin types or skin eight inches that are more prone to having damaged skin barrier. Mostly i'm talking about like the skin on your face. Well i mean. I think for example like winter is a time of year where i think a lot of people experience to some degree Some irritation due to the loss of moisture in the environment. And therefore your skin gets a bit patchy may be if you are out during the day for a long period of time you'll have like readiness on your face but typically you know there's obviously people that have just in their dna some skin sensitivity. You know some psoriasis eczema. That's that has a genetic component you know and then there like the people who have poor digestion they might have some patchiness in readiness and some irritation. But it doesn't it can happen even if you have oily skin. It really depends on what you're using on your your skin. What your habits are in terms of your skin. Those really affected a great deal. And so how do you tell the difference between an impaired skin barrier versus you know wind. Burn or zima or psoriasis. How do you know if your skin barriers been disrupted. Well you know this skin house tendency to to show sensitivity patches. So i i'm sure everybody can remember a time when they've had like a dry patch on their face and may the rest of the skin feels okay or maybe you have my son. Has that right now. So i'm listening with the keenest ear. How old is your son. He's he's six and he's got a patch right beside his cheek that he's had for about six weeks and it just so drier and rudder. Yeah continue my boy who is now fifteen Have that as a younger person also happens easier because they play out. Fight a lot and that really dries you out. You know rose atia redness itchiness itchy skin and share a lot of people have itchy scalp during the winter all of back stock visible. Sign that your your skin. Barrier is malfunctioning so to speak and it needs some soothing and comfort and some rehydration ximines. Psoriasis are more extreme versions of it. which also occur in patches on the skin But there are a lot of you know that you would have to consult a doctor to really determine if it was something that was in your genetic makeup or if it was something caused by something topical or something in your diet like an allergy of some kind right right. Because i feel like that's with With eczema almost like immunity related. Or it's like almost like an immune response rather than it can be absolutely and it can also just mean that you're something that you can't digest properly and so your your bodies having a little bit of trouble. There are a lot of different causes for it. Which is why you know. You can also have a yeast overgrowth in your gut. But that would be things that if i suspected that if you came meant for facial and it looked like that to me i would just send you to a doctor. Not a doctor. So i don't right. I try to stay in the lame a fair and respect that and so how does the skin barrier become damaged or compromised. What are some of the main you know factors you know. A a very common factor would be over exfoliating. I remember when i first became an esa titian in the late nineties. It was like a fashion to have cholic acid in every single. Step of your routine. In how like in the beauty industry like ingredients. Become like the thing. And you wanna put it on in every step like i had clients that were using a glycol at wash ugly colic toner a glide colleague serum and moisturizer and everybody's skin was like flaky and read and sensitize. It was very hard to give atias to those people but also sun damage can cause it. You know Prescription acne medications and prescription retinol formulas can cause it. I've seen people use essential oils essential oils on their face and they get Compromised if you if you wash your face in the shower shower water is way too hot for your face back could cause it Chemical peels flying too much back in in the before time when we used to travel places on even air conditioning in caused so mike mobs of different causes But usually i would say the number one offender is over exfoliating or over. You know acclaimed being over eager in the chemical kill type department. That sort of stuff now. I i have a follow up question if you don't mind about is the prescription retinol because you know my skin does get extremely dry when i use it and And it starts to become red. And i feel like that's expected you kind of expect this dryness. So what is the difference between dryness and compromise skin barrier. Is there one. Well sure i mean dryness is the beginning of it right you don't you don't want your skin to be overly dry because that that is compromising gonna lead to you know craziness which will lead kind of like the the compromising actors like your. Your skin won't be able to take as much stress from the environment as the result of that overly dry situation. You're creating. I don't have a lot of clients anymore that use prescription retinal because there are so many great over the counter formulas. That don't do that. So i i feel like that you know. I've been in sedition for over twenty years. That's changed a great deal at least in new york. But i think you know the difference between having you know when you like right now. I'm extremely dry. And my skin feels a little bit tight but it's not read in. It's not flakier itchy when it starts to become itchy in certain spots. That's when you know you've crossed over into a compromised moisture barrier and that and you know you really should wait until that point to start treating it if this dried tight feeling. I'm going to have to handle that today. So it doesn't continue to get worse. Can i just say can't see you. You do not look dry at all. No like the dewey s. Yeah he's going us know what's on your face maybe a little later. We'll save that. The thanks guys. I i do have another follow up. 'cause this is where we're getting very nerdy now but this is what we do know. Lay it on me. I'm like a huge nerd. So you did mention about you. Know big no-no washing your face in the shower. I think there's people listening right now. Go pardon me. Like what did i hear that the good nugget is so. Let's talk a little bit about that. Maybe what you would recommend in in instead of that. So i'll preface might my remarks by saying that as an institution i think one of the things that makes me really successful as i try not make skin-care complicated people so like if you were my client and i'm gonna i'm gonna analyze your life so to speak and will decide how many steps you're willing to do within that like i'm not like okay in order to have amazing skin twenty steps and here's what we're going to do because i don't think people do it right but there are certain things that i think are are sort of a non-negotiable Wearing sunscreen is mine and now your face emiss- our another one. You wash your yourself in the shower. You're using way too hot water It feels so good on the body and it relaxes your muscles but it it dries out the skin horribly. You know what i mean like. I don't know if you have noticed for winter. Getting out of the shower once you dropped travel dry your skin. You just feel so dry in. Its because you just dehydrated your skin in the shower so to wash your face. Water life that you're just asking for further dehydration and everything that we do in skin-care is trying to get moisture back in tears skin and to keep your face balance so it's really important not to do any facial steps in the shower and to you know once you get out of the shower or for you get in the shower. Wash your face with tepid water okay. That's a great tip and so what would happen to your skin's moisture barrier if you you know if you just didn't try to fix it can lead to any other skin challenges. Well i think you know what people don't realize is one step barrier is compromised. You become highly sensitized so your skin suddenly becomes reactive to all sorts of things in the environment or strasse or you have a glass of wine gots a stressor you have wine and cheese and bread. Those are stressors in your digestive system which will reflect in your skin. You're going to be broken out more. You're gonna wake up puffier you're going to have you know fine lines all over your face and thank you age Suddenly those kinds of things only get worse. It doesn't go away if you ignore it once you're you're moisture layer is kind of compromise. You kind of have to treat it or it's going to keep ongoing you're gonna get it year and driver and patchy after you know. Obviously the extremes are like excema type patches on the phase or more extreme psoriasis Type looking patches on the face that you can't cover with make up for anything and just like accelerated aging. It's all fixable. It's not that you can create wrinkles if you you remain in that state over time. Yeah you're gonna get more wrinkles than you would if you were nice and juicy and my. Let's pause for a moment to hear some skincare news from our show partner kula so today's episode is all about barrier protection and kula just launched a whole new organic skincare collection that supports your skin's natural barrier. Of course we know how important sunscreen is for barrier health and cooler really is a pioneer in this category. My faith is the award-winning full spectrum. Sun silk drops organic face sunscreen. Spf thirty these are fan. Favourite you their sheer drops that provide lightweight broad spectrum. Spf thirty protection. And as the name suggests. And i can attest you they are secure. It feels like you're wearing nothing so if you've never seen it before he comes in a pink glass bottle and it has a dropper and you simply dispense a few drops in the palm of your hand and then massage it onto your face and neck and personally i think my favorite part about these drops is that they really encourage you to wear. Spf year round. Because they're so easy to incorporate in your routine you can wear them by themselves or you can add a couple of drops blended into your favourite moisturizer foundation. Just makes it super super easy so if you wanna give your scam what it's really craving. Kula has a special offer just for breaking beauty listeners. Check their new kula organic. Skincare on kula dot com. And they'll even give you ten percent off your first order with our code beauty. that's c o l a dot com and get ten percent off your first order with our code. Beauty will link to that offer on our blog and in our show notes. Now back to today's chat. And so you talk about chemical exfoliating. So in that regard we're talking about like you know exploiting toners as some hamsters exfoliating cleansers or you know macbook deals. Yeah else all appeals. All those things so in your professional opinion we'd be curious to know if chemicals felicien will cause his barrier to become wijkman used long-term. Is that true or wire. Why not chemical expoliation. Just as like a thing won't necessarily do anything harmful. I mean there's a lot of chemical exposure liens that i really love but i think the the key thing here is i someone to know their skin and to not overdo it. You know in winter. You're only supposed to fully eight once a week. That's pretty much all anybody's skin can take so if you're using a with a chemical exfoliating it every day that's going to be challenging for your skin to keep up with you. Know good skin is about balance. You know it's maintaining balance and your skin likes to live in a happy medium so if you're exfoliating every day during winter you're going to create a compromised condition with your skin so it's not so much like oh i hate chemical exposure 'lions it's i hate it when people overuse things because they think they're going to get more of something out of it you know. I'm a huge fan of Retinol but some people need to dial it back like every other night or maybe twice a week or something of that nature. I use my retinal every night. But i'm fifty. Perhaps someone younger would do better if they did it. You know every other or once a week or something like that. Is there a particular acid. That's more drying or disruptive than another or there some that you prefer well for example. Pha it's gaining some popularity most recently because it's less penetrating and other chemical exfoliating nhs And therefore it's less irritating to the skin so it's great for somebody with a compromise skin barrier or just simply sensitive skin mandelik. Acid is another one next great for sensitive skin. it's an alpha hydroxy Derived from almonds but it promotes collagen production. So it's a bit in the anti-ageing brown and moisturizing the so those two are more appropriate. If you have super sensitive skin certainly i would stay away if you feel like your skin's becoming sensitized. I would stay away from physical exploitation just because it might be too much for the skin to take. Yep there's still people out there using the saint. I've scrub guys. Yikes the yikes from me dog. I know that you mentioned exploiting once a week is probably sufficient for most people. Is that the balance to strike. As as you're sort of talking about balancing our skin wanting to be imbalanced like how do you keep the all important balance between exploration keeping that barrier aside from just the once a week or any other tips or tricks you might have sure. I mean cutting back on expoliation to once a week and winters orton knowing that the environment and the moisture content in the environment affects your skin. Good and bad using tepid water when you crunchy skin making sure that your cleansing morning and night is really important. Putting good fats into your diet like in wintertime. Eat a lot of avocado. A lot of olive. Oil flaxseed those kinds of things go into the shake. That i have every day because that's hydrating your skin from the inside. You know that we get our lives giving nutrients from food and you know focusing on those kinds of things in. The diet are really important. And then like topical to kind of keep in rotation in winter or when you anytime you think that your skin is compromised shea. Butter jojoba oil scaling. I'm really into scaling as an ingredient. That's an ingredient derived from olives. That's great for everybody. And it's super hydrating and those things hold moisture in the skin ceremony maids. Of course those kinds of things. okay. I need to talk to you about this trend of skin. Care slugging joanna so have you heard of it. Tell us what it is and do you think it's doer a don't to fix the skin's barrier well i have heard of it. It's kind of everywhere on instagram. right so basically what we're talking about is ceiling. The skin with a product prevent water loss and to help repair the skin's barrier so the two main products that people recommend for slugging would be vassil. Lean an aquaphor. Dermatologists recommend it. So you know. I mean gosh. Even in high school bassolino was one of my beauty. Secrets not gonna live. I used to. I went to college in chicago. I had vassilevna. Might face in lips everyday. That thing with bassolino is that it doesn't put moisture back into your skin. It just seals the skin off so that in opposition to aquaphor opera for contains humectants like glycerine so it does put moisture into the skin while creating a barrier see don't lose moisture as an esa titian. I typically don't recommend those products to clients. I do have a skincare line. That was started by a friend of mine. It's called c. Skin labs and it was a product line designed for patients with compromised immune systems Compromised skin barriers health issues. That would you know create skin to be out of balance and she has a skin bomb that adds moisture and holds moisture in that it's called the cb's skin bomb and it's a very good product. So that's as an esa titian. That's more my go-to and we sell of it. My salon You can get it from like amazon and all all the things but I don't have necessarily a problem with aquaphor if you feel like you need it. It's accessible so why not. why not use it. I think what's more important is to repair your skin. You know so. I'm always going to be on the side of light. Just go for it. I'm not a snob about product at all. Yeah i think there are so many women frankly who have sworn by lean like all their known as totally absolutely i mean i'm you know a whole big section of my book is about home remedies. You know like do it yourself masks and stuff and that's you know to me. It's a part of my culture growing up. My grandma was really into all of that stuff. So like i'm not to me. It's very traditional to use things like bassolino in certain remedies for the skin. Even my husband's mother even uses vicks vapor. Rub as a thing for her feet. Because it again it's it seals the skin and prevents get her getting dry skin and winter and she just loves it so all of bats me as sort of like culturally part of the way people grew up and you know they just happened to work yeah and is there any concern though for some people like clogging pores when you're trying to create that kind of seal and maybe as there's something you'd recommend instead that won't clog the pores but we'll still kind of i feel like you hear barrier cream and i never know if it's like is that does that mean it's creating a barrier on your face. Lets blocking out like wind in aggressors or does it just mean it helps your skin barrier. I mean i guess it could be both. I've always thought of barrier cream as between you and the environment now that's typically what a quote unquote day cream. That's the primary function of the old school concept of a day cream is to create a barrier between you and the outside world but typically you know it really like i would say go for a ceremony cream if you're worried about clogging pores but just be mindful of what's in that formula around it because you can like if you break out on. You could easily find a ceremony cream. That has retinol in that. You know you get two for one you'd get like that moisture protection and Hydration and soothing effect from the serra made and then like you know the anti breaking out repairing nature of the retinal. They you know you you you just have to be mindful of what what else is in the formula to see if it works for you yet because i you know someone like me. I have oily skin. And i am like i'm like okay. I'm going to be a good girl. And i'm just gonna repair my barrier and then like all use these creams and then my skin is. It'll inevitably break out and then you're in this vicious cycle 'cause it's like yodel you're like oh my god will the only thing that works are these exp- leading things but i know that ultimately i should just use like and call it a day you know. But it's how you do get trapped in this like leading thing any evil like you know dermot logic barrier repair to use that. But like it's just straight silicone out of the like the five ingredients are silicone and so it's like for me. I just see that. And i want to run away. I feel like it is a really tricky thing if you have breakout prone skin it's like you just in your mind. You know you're supposed to do it. But it's hard to put it into action to get past that hump of like breaking out totally. But i think like for you for example just in what. You're telling me that. I would recommend like why not use a squealing serum for daytime and then at night use a retinol so the retinol will control the breaking out but during the day. When you're i mean like. I guess i don't know what it's like for you guys but like i'm going to work every day so during the day when i'm kind of in and out of the elements you want something on your face. That's like holding hydration in your skin and really and really protecting the skin. So so the squealing us. Vitamin c perhaps would be good free for daytime and the retinal at night. Just to sum up. What we've talked about as we're getting to wrapping it up just to highlight those ingredients key ingredients that people out there wanna look for on the label for skin barrier health I would look for scaling That's one of my favorites. It's derived from olives. Great for all skin types all skin tones. It's very hydrating without it. Feeling like super greasy on the surface of the skin and that would be a key ingredient. I would look for niacin a my which is by the m- be is awesome. Sarah my dad's ceremonies have been around in skin-care forever and feel really good on the skin. I would say if you're going to go with something. Sarah my based make sure that it's Because it's it's affected by the aaron by light. You wanna make sure that it's Package properly in sort of an airless container. That's also you know tinted shea. Butter is a great simple ingredients to look for and then jojoba oil works for everybody. Jojoba oil is most similar to Our own sieben. Zoe use it on the skin and again this works even if you have acne. If you put jojoba oil on the skin it will help soothe inflammation and hold moisture in the skin without clogging your pores and using jojoba oil. We'll even signal the skin to stop producing so much oil. Okay that's a really good tip. I'm in what about just facial oils in general. Do you think that those are are those acting like vaseline or those acting to hold everything in or rather than actually moisturizing. The skin is that how they function. It depends on the way over absolutely help hold moisture in the skin on hundred percent you know some of them penetrate and and do both help hold moisture and also give moisture and i absolutely have all of my clients on facing in winter. Because it's so dry here now. This is going to be the favourite part of the show for so many of our listeners. I know let's talk about specific product recommendations based on all of these key ingredients that you love to use for skin barrier health Can you tell us about some of your holy grail favorites that you recommend to your clients or use yourself at night. I always use a retinal my rent. Knowledge wase is my own supernova serum but favorite retinol is like in the universe. I like jordan samuels. Skin makes a great retinol serum rene rouleau makes a great retinal and plus. I love those two humans. Lots of onus rounds. Let's see face oils. I really love yoon from peach in the makes a really great face oil. I absolutely adore. And if if i had to be on a deserted island with one product it would be a face oil and like hers would make a cut absolutely face oils. I have a squealing oil. The ordinary has one. That i really like you know. Squalene is a really nice ingredient for me because it works for everybody and i kind of i kind of liked to live in the. What's universal. what are the basics and skin care. What a what nutrition does the skin need in order to function properly Rescues jerem has scaling and vitamin c. Which i think is a universal. I have a hobo oil in my line rejuvenating serum but i haven't i have been known to recommend to clients to buy organic hobo oil from amazon and put that on their body because it works so well it's so hydrating it penetrates. It doesn't make a mess of your clothing. It's just awesome. That's kind of like a bit old school. But i feel like it is coming back. You know like it's it's been around totally totally. Yeah i mean. I'm just like i've been a super product. Janke pretty much since birth. So i've kind of use everything at least for a little bit like even like elizabeth arden is super old school. They have amazing ceremony box college. Yeah they're like the oggi's and i was gonna ask you what your for ceremony product would be. Yeah elizabeth arden. They have an amazing ceremony like kind of oil. That's in little ambulance little. Yeah those little odds. Paul my god so good you just feel like a skin goddess when you use them by the way. Everybody just googled. What joanna liked from peach lily. And it's the pure beam lock soil. Yes yes okay. So i didn't wanna leave. Everybody hanging joanna adding to cart right now. So you guys that one is so good it dame okay meaning big trend that i have personally noticed on instagram in the last six months. Because everybody's staying indoors. A lot more is people are buying these humidifiers or these. Like skin like mini skin kind of humidifiers at their like putting beside their bed at night. Do you think that actually helps with skin barrier repair like just adding moisture to the air absolutely recommend humidifiers to every single one of my clients. Who who's having trouble even for like at the beginning of iron of you. I i mentioned even for like an itchy scalp. It goes such a long way. I mean people you feel dry because you you feel a drop in moisture in the environment you know and then like i don't know what it's like for you guys. But in new york. They have the heat pumping so houghton. And it's just like you know. It's so drying for the skin. So if you put a humidifier by your bed and sleep with it. It's going to go such a long way. You know nighttime is your body's time to repair itself. So if you have a humidifier during your repair cycle you're gonna wake up like not puffy. You're not gonna have breakouts. You're gonna feel like good and juicy and it'll be great and you have a fancy one or is yours like a hardware store special. Or do you go designer. Humidifier i i do not have a designer humidifier i have no like i have like one from when my daughter was baby. She's oh interesting. I thought you were going to go. Dyson thought you were going to go dyson on me. Okay no dude. I you know you know you gotta pick your battles what you're going to have designer designer but that's just me i don't know there's there's one on amazon that i know a lot of people like love and they buy a lot so i'll i'll try to link to that in our on our blog where we're going to link to everything that we talked about today And so finally before we let you go. I know everybody's a little bit impatient when it comes to like seeing results so if you are taking these steps and trying to repair your skin's barrier like how long would you expect that to take till you're thinking that your skin's a little bit like more in balance you know if you're using the right thing i always tell clients that i feel like your skin is gonna just you're gonna feel your skin go A second reported on it will feel better instantly because when your skin is compromised and you put the wrong thing on. It's gonna burn or it's not going to feel right. You're gonna wanna wash your face. But but i would say like in order to like really repair or see that repair visibly probably about a week or two. If you're doing the right stuff but you will feel an instant relief of like. Oh gosh it starting to heal. I feel that. And if you don't feel that perhaps you're not using the right thing for your skin. Thanks for listening. 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