AP Laboratory - Previewing the Dolphins, Saints and Falcons (Ep. 161)


What's up everybody? Thanks for joining us today. This is the AP laboratory. It's a Wednesday edition which means we are doing season previews, and actually this is the last season preview. We will be doing for the year we are going to do the final three teams that we have not touched on. Just because of how the schedule works, there's a lot of repeats because they're in division, so we've got three teams that we're going to be looking at to close out this. Series. We've been doing on the show in here. They'll be do that. Are My dear pals I? Find Him on twitter at chief. In Carolina Matthew, Lane. How are we doing today? Doing. Just checked and I'm still young, still the youngest person, this professor, still feeling good, still vibrant. I am excited to get through all these previews for the season. Unfortunately, I'm a little terrified. What lies ahead I? Don't see a lot of stuff in the future I guess. We're just GONNA have to talk about the twenty one twenty twenty one draft starting next week right greg. Yes, that's exactly what we're going to talk about. I'm going to get into my deep deep deep sleepers at Linebacker, the most important position to have a deep sleep, and because that's you know basically, everybody's beauty f.a.s.t now. We're not doing that before we get started tonight. You guys. We found out today when we were recording this. We have rolled over one million podcast downloads four the year. We haven't finished June yet. Because, you guys, we love you so much. Thank you so much for contributing listening. You guys. Keep this ball rolling especially right now. We don't have a whole lot to talk about, so thank you. Please keep listening. We'll keep making them for you. The cloudless for you guys. has this eight wait wait breaking news? Has This happened before Craig at NBC? Sports affiliate, or is this? Is that the reason that we have cracked million downloads I? I did look into the analytics I did look at the analytics, and the splits between before Craig's was mentioned in football morning in America, and after is jarring Mattie. Nine hundred, Ninety nine thousand downloads since Craig was mentioned in football morning in America. I can only just be like the items downloads you make you start looking at all the other podcast apps and I feel like it's probably going to go through the roof because I mean like the NBC sports. Craig's doubt I made he's. He became an instant celebrity overnight. You guys, thank you so much great. It's never gonNA. Get old ever. I Love I love all of the listeners and I hate can't met. Hey, what if I listened? Figure that one out Craig. Let's talk about week fourteen. The Miami Dolphins. The chiefs traveled to Miami to take on. The Miami Dolphins. What do we think of the quality of the Roster Craig? I am not a big fan of the dolphins roster here. They've tried to kind of turn it around a little bit. They've invested really heavily. I like a lot of the additions that they've made this off season, but they're young, and they're going to really need to play above and beyond what they've got. They got a lot of players on this roster. Their castoffs from other teams that you are super casts off not just like Oh. It's free agent, contract and everything like that. There are guys on here that they traded for that. Just teams didn't want. Want we con-, Assad a little bit last year. When they traded away Minka Fitzpatrick there was rumors xavien Howard wasn't happy because of the quality of the team what they were getting out of it I. don't see a ton changing, and it's going to rely on the entirety of the draft. Make it flip around for me. This roster kind of weird I'd see where Craig's coming from. It's a very young roster and I think that there's plenty of holes that I can poke through on. But going through what this roster looked like just last year this time compared to now it's showing so much improvement like I can very easily pick out double digit like players, and even just out quite a few positions that out excited about if I were dolphins fan, the issue is it just has to come with development from a lot of young guys or new editions, but if you told me that this roster, just the players. Players Looking at coaching, staff or schedule, but this roster with five hundred or even a game or two above I, actually would not be surprised because I think they have a fair amount of quality role players now the star power a lot of positions, but a lot of quality players fill out the roster I think. If you put them all together with good coaching, you really could get about a five hundred team out of. This is like a guilty pleasure team for me with this roster like it's Kinda boring on guilty pleasure territories similar to like the cardinals or the bills in the past bills are just good now, but. I am very fascinated by this roster. And His coaching staff frankly. I Brian Floor is went out and did some surprising things with nothing. Last year we'll get to the coaches in the second, but is sneaky kind of Em- fascinated to watch this football team because I. The roster is interesting to me. I kind of ECHO. Mattie sentiments a lot. I think there are some interesting pieces I think. There's some quality players I think there's like I think there's quality players on this roster. Maybe not superstars, but I'm fascinated to see how this team works especially with to Tagaloa in the mix. What do you think about the staff? I'm just going to start your Brian for us. I think he's done a job I. think Brian Floor just in terms of making the team being the head coach, being the person that kind of organizes everything institutes, a new attitude everything going on around there I think he's done an excellent job I really like Brian Flores in what he's been able to pull off your. We talk about this roster went from nothing to now. You have young talent. Talent you have a defense full of players that fill multiple different positions or roles. These guys are gonNA move around the time. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to pinpoint for any player you know besides your outside corners are going to be a really like that. I think that fits his style so just from top to bottom when you think of a head coach Bill Belichick It's GonNa be the GM and head coach floors is an excellent job. I'd argue the be flow is done the best job of any of the guys that have come out from under bill. Check swing lately because of what they said there the the quality. This roster was awful last year, and he got quality of the roster to play for him like they were actually competitive and games last year because they wanted to play for him win. It appeared like they were trying kind of sell the farm a little bit so that they get to a tagline vote. Vote and be able to rebuild the team with some youth like they have here, but they were able to get results out of. That doesn't happen unless you have a strong Front Office and a strong coaching staff. They got Chan Gailey. They got Josh Boyer. We'll see how that really works out on the offensive defensive side, but I think that they're going to mirror. Be Flow, and it's going to be a competitive team because of that. The dolphins played themselves out of the number one pick. Because of Brian Flores flat out. They were taking. There's no way around it. They were taking. They traded all their players away for picks. And Brian Floor is. Got A lot out of that football team. It's that's partially why they're guilty. Pleasure because I mean this is a better than what what you went five games last year. They won five games last year with not nearly the level of talent. They have this year. And I'm not saying like the town through the roof, but I'm so fascinated and Brian Flores I just I. It's fun to watch. It's fun to kind of see a team. Do what they did last year. Notably. Beating the new, England patriots, and giving the Kansas City chiefs one of the buys. Butts let's talk about new editions. What do you think Craig Gimme a new edition? I'M GONNA go with the former chief from last year. Guy Has a wearing Emmanuel Agua. Listen. Emanuel Osborne had a career year last year. Despite getting hurt, he looked like a completely different player i. know you know the Typical Tarez Paler thing? The contract years undefeated. Emmanuel Ogbonna guests to go down there to Miami, I think we get to see him in a good rotation with a decent set of some defensive lineman here that he can rotate around with. Outside I think he's going to have another good year this year and I'm rooting for him. I've always been in a manual, but fan so good to see him kind of go into rotation where you can do some damage. I also was gonna go with manual Agua so I with Eric flowers x one of the worst busts at offensive tackle of all time to possibly redeemed often have garden Washington. last year has now signed. A big contract with the dolphins played left guard. I watched flowers later in the offseason from later. You're I actually think guard. He looked pretty good. A lot of his weaknesses he shows tackle can be hidden a little better guard, and he has really dominant reps. there was some lapses with move into a new position ages simply being eric. There's always gonNA be mental lapses, but he actually played pretty good overall, and I think he has a chance to. Excuse me solidified the interior of this offensive line and I think he's a guy that could really show a big for the dolphins if he can figure it all out for another year and keep showing progress. a lot went right for the Miami. Dolphins last year. Even though they lost eleven games, they tanked for to tag of allure. One with minimal talent, and still wound up getting to a tag of Loa, and that's my new addition because it's all about him, it really is that the the the dolphins took a swing on one of the best quarterback prospects in the last few years a very solid prospect when healthy. Who hurt us it and probably would have gone first or would have been I to go on second, but wound up going whatever he went. Did he go V? V. It was the fifth pick in the draft. to a if he reaches ceiling, he's a top ten quarterback. If he falls by the wayside due to injury. That's a shame, but I think there's a lot to like about him. Outstanding release he's lethal inside fifteen yards. enough move move ability escape ability that you know. He should be able to to get out of sticky situations. If basically, if they if they stick with him if they land on him, then they really just. They've really accelerated their rebuild. player to watch I. Get I get to to lead this one off. and. This is my chance to lament. The fact that this game is not being played in Kansas. City. Because if it was being played in Kansas City all of us. At Arrowhead that day. COULD DO JUSTICE TO RYAN FITZPATRICK And gave him a standing ovation perhaps. Where some aviators grow out our beards. Maybe you know maybe find an old jumpsuit, and where it to the stadium to to honor fits magic the greatest man in the world the Journeyman quarterback. I dumped on for the large majority of his career, called him terrible in who went on to go and do one of the greatest things that could ever happen to the chiefs when he upset the New England patriots. Ryan Fitzpatrick I. Don't know if you're going to be playing that game. I'm not sure if it will be ready by then, but let me just take this opportunity in in late June to say thank you. I have not forgotten about you I. Love You. I have donated to your charity out of appreciation for what you have done for the Kansas City chiefs and I hope that the chiefs bring you a ring. When they go to Miami to return to the scene of the world championship that. That was a different kind of rant. Swanson just waxing poetic about him. I have mixed it up every now. It's June. I'm ready. We're running out of I D. I was going to talk about my Guy Monterey hard, but they cut him in April. And now he plays for the giants so I'm GonNa go with Matt Brita I. There's not a whole lot of weapons on this dolphins. Their wide receivers are not great. Alan hearns Devante Parker and Albert Wilson like that's not really scaring. Anybody might get. Lucky has a chance to kind of produce the way that people said that he was going to do that, but in reality they're going to be. Kind of relying on to a creating. Jordan Howard and Matt Breda being able to carry the load at Breda. I, think has explosive play ability to go along with to a Tagaloa. I think we're going to see a good version of Matt Breda and if Chan Gailey can get the most out of here, he could be a real weapon in this offense doesn't have a whole lot of. For me at Shack Lawson we talked a little bit about Emmanuel Agua earlier shack. Lawson's going to be one of those guys in the rotation should clearly be ahead of Agua in the rotation to start I wanna see if he can stack up on a good year last year like we've talked about contract years undefeated shack loss and had his best season in its contract. Contract you're got paid well because of it, but it looked like things were starting to click form. I think this is a good defensive scheme for what he does. Well, summer's excited to see how Florez. The dolphins are able to use them, and if he can start to stack up on things, he was showing at the end of his career or individ- time of Buffalo. All Right? We're gonNA take a break. We'll be back to talk about the saints and the Falcons right after this. Continuing the last season preview episodes we have this year. We're doing three teams this week. We just got done doing the dolphins now. It's time to talk about the week fifteen matchup. At the New Orleans Saints. Craig Louis Think about the quality of this roster. This is like a polar opposite from the dolphins. There's not a ton of youth on this saints team, but there's a lot of names. There's a lot of good players on this the they might have one of the best offensive lines to protect drew brees Alva- cameras and outstanding running back. Thom catches a lot of slants, but they have Emmanuel Sanders now, so they've got a true deep threat. I think that they've got a decent to good defense to go along with a very good offense, and they're pretty deep. They've got some guys behind these guys that are slot in i. like some of their depth pieces a lot so I, really like this. New Orleans Saints, Roster yet and for me. I think the big thing that I saw going in here. Here and I was looking. This roster is the secondary looks really good. The Defensive Line linebackers everything was pretty good. Then you keep circling back around. Where's the weakness? It quarterback until you see you know you start looking through the you start looking to the death of in you realize that their backup and their third stringer probably should start, so that makes a roster. Look a lot better rid in all seriousness. I think everyone knows the Saints Really Rosser On a mini rant, Swanson hear. People say this is one of the best in the NFL. They say it's one of the Best I. Sit here and look at it. I, see to receivers worth mentioning. I see an aging tided. That's okay, Alvin Kamara is coming off as lois year. Chew Breeze can't throw the ball over eight yards. What about this offense in the offensive line? Great? But what about this offense makes it one of the best rosters in the NFL like you have a receiver that can only run slants Emmanuel Sanders is equality number two? WHO's the third receiver obey Mike and be scared of Trade Kwan Smith Am I. GonNa be Jordan Humphry. Absolutely not jared cook doesn't leave me. Shake in my boots like your most dynamic weapon. After you add Kamara Thomas, sanders is what taste some hill like that. Does nothing too scary? This roster is not as good as people talk it up to be. It's a lot of vets that are going for one last chance. These guys all on their last chance to wade and I think they put together a good roster I. Just don't get the best in the NFL. Talks to everybody has the saints I really don't Oh my goodness. The atom trautmann slander their Mattie MAIOCCO. Seen as testing. The receiver that only runs slants, so he runs Wow Thomas runs a lot of options out skies. Okay, they're not just slants option routes in there too, or they all the five yards. It's just really easy to pile on him because of his volume, guys. If I stop talking, it's because has come here. Punch me because he is very offended very easily it. Thank said about him. Oh he must be David, Damon or nets, cousin, okay I I don't even really WanNa give a take on the quality of the roster feels like we've already moved on. They've said all the good points. They have one of the best offensive line's football to protect all those quick game out routes. Or slants I, mean sorry. Quality of the staff. Maddie, do you have Sean? Payton, take your waiting to just I do a visceral him with you. I like to go first on the staff because I was talking about the head coach, which is perfect because I think Sean, Payton is one of the most underrated in probably the second best offensive mind through these past decade two decades of NFL football right now behind Andy Reid what he's done with different versions of quarterbacks night I mean like that includes drew brees. You've seen your breeze can throw downfield. You've seen aggressive drew. brees now have checked out. Out drew brees. The what Sean Payton has been able to do with that offense to give him easy open reads consistently to put together quality defensive players to go with a good offensive weapons office. He builds the team very well. He puts drew brees guys into such good positions that I think it inflates how good a lot of people think. Some of the players are for the saints that are GonNa play form that's Kudos Sean Payton for just being one of the better head coaches and I love that. He knows his cockiness is probably my favorite thing about Sean. I think that Dennis. Allen doesn't get enough respect like everybody thinks that you know they are all offense, and that the saints have zero defense in some years under Dennis Allen. That's definitely been the case. They've actually been a lot better the past couple of years. They've actually they've stopped the run. Really well, and they've gotten after the quarterback really well. They've been top five in both of those in. That's under Dennis Allen, so I think he's really done a good job of turning around a little bit of the narrative about this team about how you know, they're just all go and no defense coming from a chief fan now at Bedrick mahomes. It's nice to see you know when teams aren't just all offense like people think the chiefs are kind of make some strides and become a more complete team, and that's kind of why people think that they're a little more dangerous because they are a little bit more of a complete team. Yeah, they. They've really rounded out that that other side of the football really bailing out that drew brees guy I'm just kidding. Why are we like this? Why are we like this? Is it just because it's June I don't know? I think Dennis Allen's done a fantastic job I really do I think he's done a really nice job. Kind of you know. Everybody got some. This Dennis Allen Jokes off early in his career. You know when he was the young hotshot do Doogie Howser head coach that failed miserably, but I think he's actually had some solid stints as a defensive coordinator since all right. Let's talk about a new edition Craig Zach bond how he made it to. The third round is still beyond me I don't know if the NFL just decided that. They didn't know where they were going to play back on I would have been still incredibly happy taking him at thirty. Two like that's a player that I want on my roster. His versatility is flexibility. They have him listed as a weakside Linebacker, but I, I bet you. He's GonNa play. Some SAM is well. We're going to seize. Act Bond. Get to play this year, because frankly, this linebacker core is a little bit beat up and he has the flexibility to fill in more with multiple spots I'm very anxious to seize act bond step on the field and basically justify what we thought of him. Because frankly, he's a damn good player. Player Caesar always for me I. Don't think this is catch anybody surprise, one of my favorite prospects in the entire draft class last year he comes in they immediately ship off a very good offensive, guard and Larry Warford because they know Caesar Reasons GonNa take over part of their starting five I think he's excellent. He could not go to a better offensive line than what he's going. Going here with the saints I mean look at all these guys and how far they've come between from p Eric McCoy Chuck like guys have improved since they got the NFL with the saints, he's only going to get better. You just make a strike even stronger. It's a great pick for them. I just think he's going to be excellent. There and I just like watching plus. There really isn't a ton of new additions to pull from in these two guys just took the two best ones. There's another good wa safety. I had no I. Don't want your help Matt. Why would I want your Hell Tyson? I'm not doing tastes them. I'm going with tastes of two point Oh Tommy Stevens the seventh round. Pick for the New Orleans Saints. Tasted Hill has been put on a pedestal the last few years. Sean Payton things that he's somehow one of the thirty two best quarterbacks in football. And then he went and grabbed his future replacement Tommy, Stevens who might be the he legitimately, they basically are trying to duplicate what they what they have with tasting hill. They're trying to get the next taste and hill in the building and its Tommy Stevens, a good athlete and literally one of the worst quarterbacks. I graded this this this this off season. So maybe the can keep running those formations where they literally do not line anyone in the Backfield, and then one of tastes. Hiller drew brees finally motions backing under center, because that is probably my favorite play in football. Even though every time I see it. It doesn't do much of anything. It's still incredibly enjoyable. Players to watch. Let's go with Mike. Thomas, because there's a little bit too much hate in slander going on for Michael Thomas here just because. drew brees trusts in in any situation in you know any any level of coverage. We're going to slander this man's name. Iconic just WanNa maybe acknowledged that some of us on this podcast might have had him in the top twenty. In the draft when he was taken in the second round. I'm Mike Thomas Fan. Yes, he runs a lot of the same stuff. I'm not gonNA argue that, but he's really good at it and he's really productive. I'M GONNA. Go with the only right tackle that I think you could put on the same level as Mitchell Schwartz. Rhyme Ramczyk Ryan Ramczyk is an awesome tackle, and he just blows holes wide. Open for Alvin Kamara he protects drew brees ridiculously well on an elite offensive line. He is an amazing player that shines on it so I think that he's really fun to watch, and I think that you know cheese fans kind of appreciating the lack of love. The Mitchell Schwartz gives Ryan Ramczyk kind of has a similar lack love there on the right side, the Lane Johnson slander. So I'm GonNa go with James Winston because I really do think drew. BREES is nearing the end of his career like I am half joking with some of the debris slander on the other hand. I'm not because watch him. He got outplayed as a quarterback by TATUM. Hill in their playoff game, because he'd literally can't throw a football, more than eight yards drew, brees is on the cusp of a peyton manning breakdown in Sean Payton is. Is keeping them alive a little bit better naked do in Denver for Mayonnaise, but it's coming and I really don't believe that tastes hills the answer quarterback I. Don't think the saints do either James Winston is there as long as he can see now after lasix like he really could get shot, and if he gets the jump in there with this offense of wider roster, I'd like to see what he can do with some really coaching. Do you know what's going to happen. Matty drew brees and Tom Brady are both both gonna go full peyton manning breakdown. And then this that we're about to talk about. It's going to sneak in and win the division. How's that for a transition? The Atlanta Falcons come to Kansas. City, Week Sixteen Your NFC East or NFC South Champions for twenty twenty is really good at predicting it up. See teams guys long live the. I. Limb here to say that the new. Orleans saints are going to finish wear in the draft. Now I. I'm not doing it. I, just I thought it was a good transition. I thought I'd go with it and get a little joke in there. I've learned my lesson kind of. Let's talk about the Atlanta Falcons. They come to Kansas City Week Sixteen Craig. What do you think of the quality of the roster man? This roster old you guys. It really is like you start scanning through like wow, a lot of these guys have been in the League along time, and then the ones that haven't like Calvin Ridley and Hayden hers are old. They they they really have a very aged roster. AIDS heading. Aged roster I i. think that the Roster Still Pretty Decent Matt Ryan is a severely underrated quarterback. They still have Julio Jones Kevin. Ridley is a good player I think that they're going to be able to put together a pretty good offense with Todd Gurley even though he's probably on a breakdown halfway through the season, but I also think that the defense is a little bit lacking here and they do have Bob. Sutton stills a defensive state assistant so. That will take your. Take your shots now on all of that stuff. They do have some names on this, but they're kind of middling names here, so I'm a huge falcons fan as far as the quality of their ostrogoths. Called the Saints Roster the opposite of the dolphins, but I actually think this falcons roster is because it's very old in not a lot of exciting players on their like all of the people that are exciting. We've known. They've been exciting players for years. There's no up and coming citing flavors. That's all old guys like none of their young players. Strike me a super fun to watch. Guys on. The chiefs aren't point that I want to tune in to see. It's not a bad roster I. Just don't think they drafted. Drafted exceptionally well I think they've drafted a lot of quality players. Not a ton of high impact is in when you're kind of leaning on Matt Ryan Who Jones to carry your whole team. I think you need something a little bit more dynamic that Todd Gurley or Calvin Ridley behind them, and then just defensively. You haven't had a huge playmaker to pay Dion Jones in a while, and you go out and get Aj Terrell like I don't know if that's the Kinda guy that you're gonna put their with them. The roster overalls unexcited very bland. Yeah, I was GONNA call plant. Oh thanks just. Literally lasted page. They are that's your word. That's your word all the time. You use the word Beige all the time. yeah I. Mean I, I tend to agree I mean this. This is a very homegrown team largely. and. I mean they've brought in a few free agents, but it's nothing like. Ultra exciting. Dante Fowler Junior even like I consider him a splash signing I know that sounds weird, but like I think you just kind of like. He had relatively productive year, but I. Don't think he's particularly good and I think they definitely overpaid. So I mean I'm not a huge fan this roster. At all. Really, let's talk about the the quality of the staff. Matthew so the Falcons without and brought back Dirk Qatar last year, and he's there. He is now back there I don't think the offense looked particularly better last year with him back in the mix, but at the same time you start to see some of the concepts come back to life that he had used before with them when he adult earlier in his career, some of the stuff that made him a little appealing to get that. That head coaching gig in Tampa. I think there's some talent. There I think that he can rekindle some of that fire. He had with Matt Ryan Julio Jones Before I. Think you'll find a way to use. These guys are the best of their ability, just like you said similar to the roster. The coaching staff is also very bland to me as well. There's guys are good, but no one super exciting. They seem like they've had the same guy or recycled. The same is for about ten years now. Yeah, their defensive coordinator is Ricky Morris remorse has been kicking around the League for a long time now, but he hasn't had a ton of higher level jobs. He did coach the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers for about three years years at the end of the decade. But he's basically been bouncing around as a wide receivers slash descent defensive backs coach. It's kind of one of those situations where you see. Is that have a little bit of not nepotism, but a buddy situation like we've seen with Andy Reid the past where you end up keeping a guy in house and assigning him a position just because you'd like, have him on your staff. That's what it feels like. He's the coordinator here. They did get better towards the second half of the year as a defensive backs coach last year, but I have a lot of questions about Raheem. Moore's being the defensive coordinator with Falcons. It's always inspiring win. Year almost fired. Your entire staff almost fired. And then they get another year like that is always just really inspiring, a real vote of confidence and that's the case for Dan Queen. And Thomas Dmitrov were almost on. They're on the way out because they started abysmally. They picked it up in the second half of the year. We're GONNA find out pretty quick here, what was real and what was not with this roster, I! It could go either way. It looks like nine and seven to. Five and eleven I mean it could really go either way for me all right? Let's talk about a new edition, Craig. I'm going to go with the guy that maddie mentioned ha terrell the first round. Pick this year. It Israel's a guy that we liked. He was fine like we would have been excited to have him as chief. You know he's. He's a typical Clinton Corner. He does a little bit of everything well. He's not exceptional at anything, but he's going to be a guy that can slot in from day one. He's A. A smart player, he's got good enough. Ball skills to really kind of run any sort of scheme that they want him to, so. I think he's going to start. They don't really have a ton of guys in that secondary to really dethrone him. Maybe Kimball Sheffield Jordan, Miller. These guys aren't really inspiring names from last year. So I think Aj is going to get the first crack at. He's GonNa Start immediately. I think I found the perfect new initiatives to define everything about this team on Treadwell. I don't think could have play with any less. Any lower expectations, but also knowing that he probably does belong somewhere in the league much like the Falcons in Kent just said they could be anywhere from five win to like eight nine win team. It's not going to surprise anybody. That's kind of feel about the quantum treadwell. I think it's a good situation for him. He goes into a good wide receiver room. Maybe a little less attention, mean he did come from Minnesota, with good wide receivers, but just a change of scenery at quarterback, a little bit more willing to throw him contested balls and Matt Ryan. Maybe he can finally turned it around. Craig. Do you know who the first pick in the two thousand eighteen draft for the Baltimore Ravens was? Yes I do I believe it was a tight end before Lamar. Jackson named Hayden hearst. That also might be forty eight years old now. Yeah, you've just completely. Yeah, no, you got it exactly right? The Baltimore Ravens believed in hidden her more than they believed in Lamar Jackson. They passed on Lamar. Jackson wants to draft Hayden. Hearst who is already out of the building and is already going to be twenty seven years old next year when he plays in a game, the the the Ravens in all of their organizational wisdom that they have decided to take a guy that is all. It literally might be done after his rookie contract. There's going to be debates about whether or not he's going. Going to be done after his rookie contract, and they've already traded into the Atlanta Falcons now. The reports are that despite being thirty seven years old already, he's actually moving. Really well in that Ryan is a fan of his athleticism. We're going to find out if someone that age is able to run with any great level of consistency, Hayden. Hearst is my new edition and my player to watch is Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley. Later year two players that have approximately half a knee between them. Well, I think Hayden's got the half. I'm curious. I'm going to try to be serious. I was really to pivot from being a kind of a jerk to this, but. I'm fascinated to see if if. If if Todd Gurley is playing at this point I, think you know if he's running. This late in the year. That's a good sign for him. That's a good sign for the rest of his football career. Because the chiefs play him. They play him lately week sixteen if he's getting run. At this juncture that means he's held up. That means that the Ravens of or the CEA Ravens on the mind, the Falcons of trusted him that he's been able to continue to prove when he's healthy, he's one of the better running backs in football, and unfortunately there's been arthritis in his knee. Arthritis is no joke. Arthritis I know what it's like. It's a mess so I'm I'm hoping girlies playing in week sixteen, so we can see him and see you know, see version or close to the version of the guy that we were used to. I'm going to go with another new edition. Marlon Davidson. We didn't talk about him in the previous thing. I liked Marlon Davidson. We saw at senior bowl I thought he moved really well for defensive tackle. He was playing a little bit lighter they're. He showed up at the combine and wait a lot more. He's going to play defensive. Tackle for this team and I think that they need it. They have Grady Jarrett their grady. Jarrett is a heck of a player, but they don't have anybody kind of opposite him to kind of take. Take some of the pass rushing double teams away I think we're GONNA see Marlon, Davidson, get a lot of sub package work and I really like his first step. I liked the violence that he kind plays with his hands, so I, think he he could be a successful player because he's just not going to see a ton of double teams I think they're going to be a lot more one on one opportunities, and because he's a rookie. I think especially early on in the season. We might see him develop into a contributor immediately. I'm GonNa Talk About Youth in and guy. It's even younger than I. Am so I know he moves incredibly well very pliable. Very Quick Hayden. Hearst tied in just. The Baltimore Ravens. I really liked in hers coming out of South, Carolina. Actually I think kit makes one of his age lot, and he's definitely older prospect I. Don't remember liked him that much as a player I think he was okay with. Them, but I love. I like to loved Hayden hearses a play I think he can do a whole lot. You had to teach them how to block a little bit, and I think that was the issue that he ran into at the Ravens. Was it when they first got him? They tried to turn him into a traditional kind of widened in. It wasn't working out like wanted. He was banged up when Mark Andrews, Roldan. Who had this connection with Amar Jackson? He was just kind of cast out there. I think put him into. Into Austin Hooper mean like awesome. Hooper just got paid the highest money for a tight end. ARE WE GONNA? Pretend that awesome hooper significantly better than Hayvenhurst. Absolutely not yes hated her. She's going to have a good year for the Falcons. He is going to produce. He is GONNA come at. He's GonNa make plays underneath. After the catch event retarded cly, he made the a very very spry, twenty seven. He may be three to seven years younger than t may be fourteen to eighteen years younger than Craig style, but Still Ready to go, he is young. He is ready to make noise with Julio Jones Calvin Ridley, and yes, the taking all the attention away from him. This isn't the first time that the Falcons of acquired an aging tight end. True. Tony Gonzales was not. Pliable. The eight, not any team his required in aging end I feel like every team has probably done that at some point in time in their franchise's history, but nonetheless yeah, well well Tony. G said that the Falcons really made his career. Let's hope that's the case for and hearst. That's going to do it for this week's episode. Thank you guys so much for listening. We'll be back on Monday with the mailbag edition. WEASEL CATCHING

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