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CRUSADE Channel Newscast January 16th, 2020, Thursday


Crusade Channel News News you can trust because the truth can be trusted from Crusade Channel News Desk Stacey Cohan Good Morning Crusaders. Welcome to Thursday January sixteenth twenty twenty. I'm Stacey AC Cohen reporting from the crews say Channel News desk at the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by our friends at bulldog Kia for the best deal in the USA on a new or used Kia shop. Mike Church shops for Allah's cars at bulldog Kia Dr von over to bulldog Kia dot com or call them eight five five bulldog. We'll see a bulldog Kia and tell them the crusade channel Saint You. Here's what to listen for this hour. It's officially on the process of sending. The articles of impeachment finally finally got walked over to the Senate trump signed a trade deal with China and Virginia passed legislation for equal rights for Women House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi locie Wednesday formerly set in motion the process of sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate triggering a historic trial set to begin on Thursday at an engrossment signing ceremony for the House resolution naming the seven impeachment managers the lawmakers who will present the house case as prosecutors at the trial Pelosi said the house was doing its constitutional duty after signing the resolution. She handed out the pens that she used to the managers then marking gene the sombre nature of the occasion. The manager silently walked the articles in two blue folders across the capital from the House to the Senate where the house clerk announce what's their arrival. The Senate will formally accept them on Thursday Adam. Schiff one of the selected manager said that documents will be just as important as any witnesses assist citing a letter. Giuliani sent Ukrainian President Vladimir Alinsky. And what it said about having trump's blessing if the Senate wants to see the evidence they should a demand to see the documents he said. Some good things did happen. Today was president trump. Signed a partial trade deal with China it was joined by China's Vice Premier Premier Luhia so called phase one agreement representing a significant step towards de-escalation in the nearly two year long trade battle the to sign the the deal against a backdrop of us. Chinese flags with the President Trumpeting as a momentous step towards a more fair trading future between the world's two largest economies army's quoted the date. Our body has this defect that the more provided Karen comforts the more needs and desires at fines. Saint Therese of Avila coming up are saying of the day. He undertook the reorganization of the Church. And was most merciful to those who repented after having denied their faith. You're listening to Crusade Channel Channel News. 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Marcellus he was elected pope in three. Oh seven the last year of the persecution of the church by Diocletian then he undertook the reorganization of the Church and was most merciful to those who repented after having denied their faith when certain people known as the laps he refused to due penance for the apostasy and thus were not pardoned by Saint Marcellus the tyrant emperor maximum Tia sent Saint Marcellus into exile. Where where he died in three? Oh nine as a result of privations. His relics are under the altar of San Marcello. Al Corso in Rome. His third class feast days is kept on January sixteenth indicted Rudy Giuliani. Associate Love Parnasse. He's a central figure in the White House's alleged Ukraine pressure campaign Payne said President trump knew exactly what was going on despite his repeated denials of wrongdoing. He was aware of all my movements. I wouldn't do anything without the consent scent of Rudy Giuliani or the President Parnasse told. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night. I have no intent. I have no reason to speak to any any of these officials parnis asserted. He was the one on the ground. Doing trump and Giuliani's work and said that's the secret that they're trying to keep. Why would presidents alinsky inner circle or Minister Avakov or all of these people were president? Poor Shaneco meet with me. Who Am I? They were told to meet with me he said Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband rejected a legitimate approach to help one of their daughters get into USC choosing instead to use their wealth to allegedly additionally pursue an illegal path that got them indicted in the massive Operation Varsity Blues Scandal this according to prosecutors some new court documents in the case. That's that's rock the college world and left the Hollywood couple. Fighting Federal Charges Show that Laughlin husband allegedly joked with his wife about rebuffing. USC official who agreed review the college entrance application of one of their daughters. The nicest I've been about blowing off somebody. The fifty six year old fashion designer allegedly wrote in in an email to his wife. According to the documents prosecutors filed in Boston Federal Court both Laughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty and they have vowed to fight right these charges if convicted. They could each face a prison sentence of up to twenty years according to prosecutors legislators in Virginia Wednesday back the long long jesting amendment to the US Constitution that would guarantee equal rights for women setting up a fight over whether the deadline to finalize it has passed backers say the vote by the Democratic controlled state Senate and House of Delegates Makes Virginia the thirty eight state to ratify the equal rights amendment which under the Constitution is the required a number of states required to ratify an amendment but opponents including president trump's administration say. The deadline has long passed for this proposal. which the US Congress Congress kick-started in one thousand nine hundred seventy? Two conservative activists are opposed to it in part because they fear it could be used to bolster abortion rights. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned to the crusade channel would live breaking news updates all day and the best live talk radio anywhere up next the Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channel seeking news and finding truth.

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