Panic or Patience


We begin on this Tuesday with our time line chiefs reporter, but I actually according to our Adam Schefter USC often support Nater clip ins berry is planning to interview today for the cardinals. They have a head coaching job available and at twelve forty nine eastern chiefs reporter Adams, high Scher says wide receiver Sammy Watkins and safety. Eric berry will return to practice today that could be a big root for Kansas City as they get set for the colts. We're glad to have you with us. Hello everybody on this Tuesday afternoon. I'm Wendy next field Yates, Tim halfback and coach John FOX. It does look like the Green Bay Packers of the first team to strike. They have landed. What appears to be their new head coach they're set to hire. Matt Lou Fluor as the new head man he spent the past season as Tennessee titans offered support Nater he previously worked under Sean McVeigh for the Los Angeles Rams and Kyle Shanahan with the Atlanta Falcons for more on this. We will say Hello. To our Packers reporter rob to Moscow. Who's in a balmy? Green Bay this afternoon about forty degrees, and rob leflore flew under the radar just a bit in the Packer searched for a new head coach. How did this get done? Well, Wendy, no coat needed for Matt leflore when he arrives in Green Bay later tonight and is introduced here at lab tomorrow. It's beautiful. This is what it's what it should be like right now for football, really Wendy here. Here's the thing. We started to hear last week Matla fours. Name mentioned, more and more. We knew that they wanted someone with a strong offense a background that led us to Josh mcdaniels who is a hot candidate. But as they talk to the floor, it became more clear that he was the better fit for Aaron Rodgers. And look the two hottest names in offense of coaching right now are Shanahan, and Sean McVay McVeigh and Matt leflore worked with both of them. How many guys around the league? Can you say tutored under both of those guys the Packer saw little bit of the floor. I had when they played the falcons in two thousand sixteen remember that was Matt Ryan's MVP year and that year in the NFC championship game. Matt Ryan rolled over the. Packers forty four to twenty one in the Georgia Dome on their way to the Super Bowl. Matt leflore has been on their radar ever since. And now Matt leflore will be the next guy patrolling the sidelines and working with Aaron Rodgers one source told me getting the coach and the quarterback on the same page was the number one priority here in Green Bay. I don't think there's any doubt about that. Thank you, rob. We will see you again tomorrow. Of course, when the floor is expected to be introduced at his most recent stops he served as the quarterbacks coach for the falcons while hell Shanahan was the OC Lanta reach stupor bowl. Matt Ryan was the MVP floor then took his talent to the west coast. He was the OC under Sean McVay. And in that time LA became the second team in NFL history to go from worse to first in scoring offense. Joining the sixty five forty Niners and then this year leflore joined first year head coach Mike Raval in Tennessee us the team's offense coordinator and play caller. The titans fell just short of a playoff berth for the second straight year losing a win. And your endgame to the colts in the season finale now during the floor step with the Rams, Sean McVeigh did the teams play calling in LA. It was one of the most productive office of units in the league. The titans had a lackluster offense this season. But keep in mind, Mike McCarthy was the OC steeper a forty Niners team that ranked thirtieth in scoring offense the year before he left for Green Bay and things turned out just fine. I don't think there's any coincidence that low-floor has worked and had success two quarterbacks by the name of Matt Ryan and Jared Goff and that the number one priority for this team coach was to find somebody to work with its quarterback Aaron Rodgers they'll list forgive it's about players plays. Everybody's a copycat in his Leo but copies plays. But it's those the players involved with and really when it gets down to it is the personality in hell, he portrayed himself in unity process. Forget about what agents are saying on the outside. All the insiders it really still going to be a one on one. Ship with who's going to be with that in that building everyday including that quarterback Aaron Rodgers we've seen a younger head coach with a quarter establish quarterback Jared Goff, not established but younger quarterback that work that didn't work as well. This could go either way, Tim. But clearly, they think this is somebody who can get on the same page with Aaron Rodgers listen getting on the same page and Rodgers shouldn't be difficult. I mean, the reality is that he's a really good player, and you know. Mettler floor is gonna come in and install an offense white. Honestly, that's tried and true offense coaches point about being a copycat league. Like people aren't he's not coming there in in running plays that people haven't seen before in the NFL. He's gonna come in and run plays that have existed in the NFL for a long time. And so if you look at kind of the tree from Mike Shanahan, Gary kubiak Ka-Shing hand, Sean McVeigh that style of offense. Okay. That is basically the origin of what will be the basis for what Matt leflore does on offense Aaron Rodgers can fit that. Well, just like you can fit a lot of systems. Well, I don't think the quarterback players really your issue in Green Bay. I think it's I think the issue is. Okay. You're this young offense of coach who's your defensive coordinator. I guess what part of the deal with Matt Nagy, you know, in Chicago or Sean McVay with the Rams is they have Wade Phillips Vic Fangio like I think that's probably as big of a deal. As who the offense of guy is well, I would agree with you that the play of the quarterback was the situation. But the personality I think did in factor into it. But but I agree. He's got to get some guys who know the other side of the football. And it seems like all indication retain much of his staff led by Mike that a nice job as defensive coordinator this season in terms of developing some of the players in the front seven and finding some reparations in the back in which really doomed them during the twenty seventeen season. I think part of the reason why this higher has been met with surprise is that it's the first vacancy filled, and it's by coach who really was only connected to the Green Bay Packer job that the floor was not the spicy name of this head coaching care. So right now, there were others like Matt either fluids of the colts cliff Kingsbury, you are scheduled to interview with multiple teams. And people sorta just assume those will be the first Domino's that fall. And instead it's the floor. And I think that what it sort of brings us back to what coach mentioned up the top in. That we can talk all about us in the media who we think the top candidates are who are the risers who are the fallers who has the most stock. But ultimately when you go out there, and you interview that can be four five six our process where you are selling your entire operation to the decision makers and in Green Bay that. Specifically is Mark Murphy the team president, and it sure feels like that connection was forged during that one interview. And here we our Matla leflore who's got a grand opportunity say what you will about how the Packers performing this season. If I had the opportunity to coach arguably, arguably the most talented quarterback to ever play the game. I like my odds of being successful ten times out of ten in one of the most four one of the story franchises in the league, one of the most iconic places in addition to that the years as an OC Tim, do we make too much of that the fact that there's only two here concern you at all. It depends on how what ends up happening is he going to call plays in Green Bay. I mean, you don't know if that's actually going to be the case. I you said it before I think part of what happens sometimes you looking like wait a second whose F coordinated with the titans their quarterback threw eleven touchdown pass issue. Like, how does this going to work out? It is about players and not just play. Yes. You do need to have a good sound scheme. But I think and you said this fair about other things you deal with as a head coach rather than being the scientists. That's designing plays in the truth of the matter is that's probably the bigger issue. I think you're doing with when you hire a younger coach you're hiring guy that you are hoping is going to relate better to your players. I think when you do that. And so, but in in in with that you also deal with a lot of problems players get into trouble players make mistake. There's other things that happen in how the coach is mature. Enough to handle those things the right way. And have the discussions that need to be had that what's the biggest challenge coach of becoming the CEO? If you will rather than just, you know, the mad scientist with the guy who's calling plays when you're in charge of the whole operation. What's the what's the steepest part of the learning? It is about people skills. New could be a dark room design game plans on offense defense special teams or in for the GM hiring GM's same thing here and there's studying evaluating players. Well, when you become a GM, and you become a head coach, you control the emotion and the attitudes and everything in that building the minute you walk in the door. Everybody's looking at you. And you're in charge of that. And that's good times in bedtime. And that's not an easy thing to do. It was far as the experience. I don't put a lot of stock Jack del Rio he was a linebacker coach. The ravens hired him is my defensive coordinator and Carolina first years head coach and the very first year, we took a defensive was thirty. I was thirty one teams and. Really went to second the league and one season in Jack hejab, Jacksonville where he had a pretty substantial long career in very very much success there. So the I don't think much about experiences a lot of qualified people. And I think the people skills managing the people is the biggest attribute for head coach. Let's talk about these qualified people because now they're seven right. We had eight now the floor expected to be introduced tomorrow, so seven jobs available who's out there. Yeah. Well, we certainly know that one of the two sides of sort of gaining a lot of tracks right now. Bruce Arians, the former Arizona Cardinals head coach who has retired the same way that kind of print Brett farve retirement. It's retirement till something better understood and acted strongly to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And obviously the match would be sensible. If you wanna find coach at his capable of resurrecting James Winston, and one of the more popular candidates who was nearly had go tacky was technically a head coach for a minute last year which McDaniel to the patriots who actually said earlier on today that he is going to stay in New England or twenty nineteen essentially withdrawing his name from any more interviews. The may have had. He was briefly connected. Not just bay. But also Cincinnati and the reality for Josh is probably this for as long as he remains the patriots offense coordinator, he would be linked to head coaching jobs every offseason until he takes another head coaching job. So it is one domino down with Green Bay. I didn't there's a sense around the league that we could have a couple more coming very soon. And then there's going to get into the wild card. They're going to be a few wildcards that may be, hey, our preference of candidates may not want our job most so different. We're. Going to have to go to contingency plans ABC, and sometimes, you know, happy accidents, those contingency plans workout pretty well. I think it'd be Annapolis. All right. Let's talk about the game. Because we got another big weekend of football, shall we look at the divisional weekend matchups in the NFC sixty eagles. Take on the saints in the big easy. The Cowboys had to Hollywood to face. The Rams the chargers out west again to face New England on Sunday. But the weekend it's off Saturday with the colts and the chiefs in that will also Mark the postseason debut for Patrick Mahomes. He played his way into the MVP conversation during the regular season. No question about that. But now the question becomes whether he can help his coach Andy Reid finally win his first championship and get that monkey off his back so to speak here is Patrick Mahomes on the road ahead. I mean, every playoff games being. I mean, we're excited. The colts not win for a long time to standing this. Yeah. Yeah. I mean for me is my first playoff game. I'm excited just to be here. And then at the same time get the opportunity to go out there and win win games. Like this. I mean when you grow up you wanna go and play games like this. When you when you get older, you want to be a professional athlete and you wanna win on the biggest stage. And so for me, it's about going out there. Like, I said be myself, Lena, my teammates and try to go out there and a big football game. If the Beguin that for sure while we can they're rough so far for guys making their first playoff starts. All three have lost Pat Mahomes. We'll try to buck that trend. No quarterback has won the Super Bowl in the same postseason where he made his first NFL start since Tom Brady in two thousand one coach dealt with young quarterbacks. You've dealt veteran quarterbacks. What's the challenge here of taking the homes from an absolutely excellent regular season quarterback into the postseason? You looked on the Doug ran through the guys loss this past weekend. So. Bedroom homes, and I've seen all season long is him being in pressure-packed situations on the rose last minute drives just the fact that this is his first complete years starter is even mind boggling is the MVP the national fully. So sure Andy Reid just telling them be the same guy the same guy who's been all season long. I don't think you'll have a problem with that. But it is a whole different atmosphere when you click into playoff mentality. Can't we can't have right home. Enough homes has been an absolute lay maker when outside of the pocket. It's fourteen touchdown passes in that situation. Six more than any other NFL player. He's got two hundred eight more passing yards than any other QB from outside the pocket. He finished two thousand eighteen with the second best VR in the NFL on such place. He is dynamic if there's no other word to describe Patrick homes. It is certainly that one. So all right, Indianapolis, Tim. You're the colts number one. Good luck. Number two. What do you do that? Listen, I think you have to try to trick them. You know what I mean? In terms of the you need a fool them, and you need to you know, you bring a pressure and he throws it into a trap or you need to do something like that to to kind of shake a little bit. I think that's one of the hopes that you can do if you look at the ravens last week. They brought a lot of pressure last week against Houston, Texas. I mean, I feel like I saw more corner pressures last week than than I'd seen maybe in a single game. And then I think the other aspect of it is got to do a good job devoting resources to stopping Travis Kelsey, and you can't give up huge play to tie Rikhye. And it's all sounds. It's easier to say actually do. But I think you need to need a double them at times. And so maybe sometimes you fool on who you're doubling because I don't think they are the same run game that they were when they had Kareem hunt, and that's significant for them. Believe well, again, coach and teeth will kick things off. That's our first game four thirty five on Saturday. The chiefs, of course, playing at Arrowhead. It was the dominant defense that set the tone for the Cowboys and that left deck Prescott and company to do just enough to edged the Seattle Seahawks. Dallas lives to play at other day. They now head west for a date with a loss Angeles Rams and for more on this. We will say Hello to our Cowboys reporter Todd Archer Todd doc in the Cowboys head into this matchup as an underdog. But tell us why this trip to the Colosseum isn't too big a moment for the Cowboys quarterback. Well, Wendy is first trip to the Coliseum a twenty sixteen preseason game. That was the first time we really got a read on what he could be. If you remember when training camp open. He was a number three quarterback Kellen. Moore was the backup broke his leg. The first week of training camp. As a veteran Romo wasn't going to play in that first preseason game. So the job felt to Prescott he goes out there ten of twelve passes through to touchdown two touchdowns in his work. And also on the Cowboys. Thank hey, maybe we got something here. Well couple of weeks later Romo breaks his back. He takes job fulltime. And we'd known what he's what he's been since that point. I spoke to Travis Frederick in the locker Monday about that game. And he said when Prescott came in the huddle remarkable poise composure in really had a felt like this was the moment. Okay. We're going to be fine. If we need this guy while he's been fine ever since. And now he's got the Cowboys in division around for the second time in three years, and he hopes his next trip to the Coliseum is good as his first trip. Understandably, so thank you so much the. Offensive explosion. We saw start the season worst show two thousand eighteen in fact last weekend, especially for the Cowboys. It was the defense that dominated Dak and company did just enough and that left the Cowboys edging out the Seahawks Dallas lives to play another day. Here's Jason Garrett on his running back. Very balanced team. They run the ball well girls outstanding back has everything you want running back. He's quick. He's fast explosive strong outstanding vision, it can be to a speeding and beach with power and be cutting back. It can beat you. When the hand him the ball. He can be to they throwing the ball. He's great run. After the catch plays the competitive spirit. He's just a fantastic player. Zeke Elliott as well. And some ways I probably did describes equally. Both big time players who can really do everything you want them to do on the field and and embrace carrying the burden for their team. Not wrong on either front. That's for sure. One led the league in touchdowns for the season. The other the rushing yards leader listen who's backfield? Do you trust the most here? Do we really have to choose one through four? Can we just do like three number ones? And then followed up with you have. I mean, I feel like I'm certainly being decisive here if I pick one and maybe this feels a little bit odd given how this season finish for Todd Gurley. But I'm still going with the Los Angeles Rams because they discovered something is J Anderson over the final two weeks when he came in. He ran incredibly hard for them. And I think if you look at the way that this offense of line blocked and one of the metrics the track here is yards before contact most I contact. It was just remarkable this year as ram off grams offense of line was a bunch of mountain movers. Now is difficult match up. And we don't know girlie is even going to be a hundred percent when this game rolls around on Saturday. But I still go back to the most prolific offense route the course of the entire season in the NFL. And that was the Los Angeles. Rams I'll take that back field. But there two other great choices early by the way expected to play. He's missed two weeks. Writing a sixteen seventeen or has not played since week fifteen with that nagging knee injury. But it appears like he's healthy. And for the most part ready to go coach, I'm going with Zeke, Elliot, and the reason that is a really liked their commitment to run since they've added Amari Cooper, they've taken some of those eight-man boxes off of them opened up their past game. And I just like how they stick to it. And really there's success and their turn around their season. And they're pushing this playoffs. So far has been the resurgence of him getting the ball over twenty times we've done that they've been Victoria. So the one I trust the most Zeke you'll Elliott better than one running back. Two running backs. Major states because of that, you know in in the difference. In terms of skill set the tween both back now both are actually more than adequate in the passing game. But when you look at what they do and how they use them all the chimera as a receiver and some of the stuff they can do with him as a route runner is incredible. Then he is a very good runner. Mark Ingram, very physical runner a good situational runner. I just think the fact that they have to guys that by the way, they can play at the same time. They do that sometimes. And then you also mix in a little bit of taste some hill with some zone, read stuff. I just think that backfield is brutal to try to defend every say all these guys will run run run run. And then we go in and, you know, twelve hundred combined passing yards or something like that something always happens, especially this time of the year. Let's which now to the AFC we're going to talk a little bit about quarterbacks. If you will what difference a year makes Andrew luck this time around I'm like last year when he was nursing. His shoulder three for two hundred twenty two yards and two touchdowns. The colts built a big first half lead and took care of the Texans. Really from start to finish MAC added. One hundred forty eight yards and a touchdown and the colts off to face the chiefs. They rebounded to make playoffs. I think this is really incredibly impressive because it could have gone a different direction. They start one in five becoming the sixteen and the Super Bowl era to make the playoffs after being at least four games under five hundred in the regular season each of the previous five lost in the divisional round. So now Indy has the chance to become the first to reach the conference title game. I asked you the question about running backs backfield to you trust at the most. I hate to even ask this one. But what quarterback you trust the most in the AFC to start again? Well, listen, I was gonna let you go. I thought you were gonna take Tom Brady is because Tom Brady. Yeah. And listen as much as it's kind of just tempting to talk about some of these other guys. And he's Tom Brady has got a tough match-up. Look, I'm taking Tom Brady. I mean, everybody's right. I mean, I think you have to sorry you've lived it firsthand coach the biggest biggest stage magical, but the reality is that even though these other fifty touchdown passes for Pat Mahomes, and, you know, Andrew luck's playing great and he's got a running game and Philip rivers having outstanding air, I'm Brady in the postseason has been really good and he's been beyond good when he's playing in Foxborough. So I it's hard to pick anybody when you're valuating quarterbacks. One of the traits that you focusing on his clutch production. It's how to quarterbacks play in two minute drills and uptempo and gotta have his in the postseason when the stakes are the highest. And that's Tom Brady has been at his best three hundred. Ninety six passing yards per game over his last five postseason games. If you think about the patriots in the postseason. They have been prolific offensively. I get it. It was a stuck in the mud year for Tom Brady and the patriots for lot of twenty eighteen but there is a benefit of the doubt. Because of the been there done that being said, very difficult not to pick Patrick Mahomes because it's been his year which went you might buy choices Brady. But okay, I haven't I was great. I mean, again, not about not no not think this. I think this. Figure out what the deal is still take you. You have better reason than anyone take. Official. I Wilson I add to watch first firsthand in Houston. Watch him take a two minute drill down to win. And put them in position to kick the winning field goal. So I actually had I could not even think of a better choice in my mind. He might be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Maybe degrees player to ever play the game for being serious. So I'll pick you out. I Steve Young all season right in tool proven. Otherwise. I think trust is the operative word there. He is a proven commodity to say, the least and until that changes. I know it wasn't the same year for the patriots. But not over yet. All right file under one end done after one record setting season as Ohio State starting quarterback Duane Haskins taking talents to the next level. He will declare for the NFL draft at thirty or soft. Moore who rewrote the school record books has been expected to enter the draft. And now will be projected force as a first round pick. No better person. To talk about all of this. Then our draft do through Mel kiper junior who joins us now now and male. You wrote an article on ESPN dot com about why Haskins could be the number one pick this year. What makes him deserve that so much about the Wayne Haskins, Wendy one thing key improvement from say Penn State on the road at Happy Valley when he was struggling a bit didn't recognize even face is pressure. They're still twenty six fourteen fourth quarter touchdown passes. Britain's back to win that game. Springboard Wendy to consistent improvement throughout the rest of the year to the point where he was planning the pocket he was willing to four fifth options. He was seeing the field. Very well. He's got the size is got armies mobile enough. He's got tremendous leadership. Great confidence football IQ, but it all came together as a season went along for kid who's going to end his career, which is fourteen starts. He could be very much in line. Wendy to be the number one pick overall. What's the New York giant? They could maybe trade up from six to one and get Wayne Haskins. Wow. All right. I'm happy to say we're gonna talk about last night's game. How about my Clemson Tigers to did not not bad? Fighting Irish might be vindicated a little bit Ross by twenty seven and they were nine to three going near the hat work got out of hand. But I know where you're gonna win Trevor Lawrence would I go he looks like Andrew lock, and we talked about interlock the young kid at Stanford. He's he's destined to be the number one pick in the draft. Lock it in you gonna lock Trevor Lawrence, and you can lock him in. If he was available. This year is the number one pick. He just last five games of the year eleven touchdowns. No picks mistake free for truth. Brackman then you go into the money game against Notre Dame and Alabama six downs. No pixies to sixty six percent of his passes. Calm cool. Collected comes out of high school the number one player plays like it. Tell you what you gotta wait a couple more years than I think college football fans, Wendy Clemson Tigers fans or static to have him back. But he's the be barring any type of injury. He's going to be the number one BIC when he's available to come out now. Thank you. And you're absolutely right. I'm happy. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. Well, we'll we'll take him for a few more years now. Thank you one. Here's the top of the draft order for twenty nineteen. The cardinals have the number one overall pick. That's a spot. They've never drafted from since the common draft era again in nineteen sixty seven. There were the Chicago cardinals. Crazy. They would have number one over on that was back way out fifties or something like that. You were. Yeah, we won't even talk about that. Listen, the giant says you heard Mel say they're at six there's some talk about the giants maybe moving up Haskins. But let's look at this who needs a quarterback, and what your early very early thoughts are. But it'll come before we know it. So I'm gonna piggyback on what Mel said with the New York Giants pick six you need to find a way to acquire quarterback one through the draft or free agency in some way, shape or form, but is not happening. Pick six Wendy sits over the past eighteen drafts. There have been seventeen instances in which a quarterback at least one of them has gone in the top three. The reality is if you're capable quarterback prospect, you're going to be taken by pick three if not sooner the only exception to those eighteen drastically year in which EJ manual was the sixteenth overall pick in the draft and really he was moved up because of supply and demand. The bills needed a quarterback? He had a great senior bowl buddy nix their Jim at the time made him the sort of the cherry on the top of the Sunday in terms of his tenure of drafting. For the bills but Haskins going early, and I think the giants have to make a move up to get him. But what's interesting when you look at these teams. I mean a lot especially if the raiders stick with their car. They'd have a quarterback. Here's what I would say. And I think most people believe that the raiders do have a quarterback with what's gone on with the raiders. I think there's probably enough doubt in people's mind. Whether it's real or not whether or not they believe that's the case would which would put them as a potential team that would be interesting to quarterback. So I think it goes back to fields point about if you wanna quarterback and you look at teams in the top ten the Broncos would be in the mix. The Jags are in the mix giants in the mix the buccaneers it sounds like they're not. But they easily could be the raiders could be. So that makes sense that having to get to at least three in order to jump these other teams because certainly the cardinals Niners jets are not drafting a quarterback fascinating to think about the raiders who have all this draft capital. They've got three first round picks in twenty nine hundred. Almost wonder if they wish they had made the market portrayed for twenty twenty. And the reason I mentioned that that quarterback would have three first round picks in twenty twenty and regardless of how they perform next season. They would have all this capital to potentially move up and select a player like to for example, or I don't think you want to wait until twenty twenty one. That'd be a lot of misery in successive years. But timing is often everything in life in the draft. I think twain Haskins gonna benefit from class that not a ton of star power. And he had a fine finds fifty touchdown fascist truly remarkable. Yeah. He was one and done. But he, but he certainly got it done while he was there to ask you about the bucks. Now, obviously new head coach coming in GM's been clear, you know, we can put that in quotes. If he will that Jameis Winston the guy does that change at all. And and how does that affect what can happen? Here figure will think it's kind of a prerequisite to get that job. And that's a hard one to turn back on once you get there. So I'm gonna say they stand Pat with James. The one I really find interesting number ten there the Broncos and they're talking about Mike bunch possibly even my coordinator Vic Fangio they got to get quarterback. Problem solved. Get that organization back to where they once were. Let's go back to Trevor Lawrence because I can't talk about him enough to wa- for all. It's going. Anyway. Offered a little bit. Anyway, Tim, what did you see from Trevor Lawrence agree with bell? And he's got he's got a couple more years. What to at least? She's talked to people who meet him in there like, whoa. Like, his high schooler. He goes shakes hands in his hands up around your elbow. And you're like, wait a second. This guy already looks like a pro to be true freshman and kind of have the season that he had kind of takes over the job. And then plays some of these moments, obviously against the team that's littered with froze prospects. Like, he did, you know Alabama last night being a true freshman, you'd think that he's got to stay in school two more years. You know, he looks apart physically ready seems like you know, he has the leadership aspects of it. You know, there are seniors on that Clemson team, you know, that were following him. You know that looked at him as a leader. So. You heard Mel say we're gonna talk about him, you know, like, Andrew luck. And remember when we were talking about Andrew luck people were saying, this is the best prospect on Elway's VIN. So. As we sit here right now. Look, I here's what I would say as a redshirt freshman, James Winston one national championship. And we were really impressed with him. And they were plenty of flaws big wind up for delivery had been in some trouble. He was the first overall pick. I think as we sit here today, you could probably predict predict him being the number one overall pick when he comes out already, which is obviously, you know, I mean being able to do that's pretty crazy so impressive for him. To is. This is first of all he looks six foot six all love it you now grow into that body, but makes him so difficult. It's ultimately sustained success in the NFL is being able to win from the pocket as a quarterback, but when you can design or you can have non designed plays that we saw from Patrick Mahomes. Scrambling eluding pressure winning on the run those stats. We showed you from Patrick homes outside of the pocket or Godley. Trevor Lawrence showed a lot of that last night. Whether it was elude. Pressure going backwards, going, horizontally, he's terrific athlete. Not just thrower. Well, he'll take the Andrew luck comparison take the Patrick Mahomes comparisons. And eventually they'll be Trevor Lawrence comparisons sin. Yeah. I think that's fair. Right. Panic patients, shall we? Do it. You can't now let's let's do it one week after he was introduced as Oakland Raiders general manager Mike may on plane the power dynamic between himself and raiders head coach Jon Gruden rats. She heard of him. It turns out he says in all honesty, John Scott, the final say if it ever come to that. And I've got zero problems with that. Now, he did elaborate may out get instead that he believed that the two would have considerable debate that they would come to consensus that he was comfortable with screaming and yelling, and whatever it took to get to agreement. But at the end of the day Jon Gruden makes the final decision coach panic or patients on the raiders front office situation patient think no bolt men. You know that three letter answer D U H is pretty much dove at Jon Gruden has. Yeah. I think Mike understands that. But I've been been in those rooms with that I'll say GM and head coach you are looking for consensus and more times than not on any decision. As does personnel. There's gonna be a consensus. They'll be debate. It'll be arguments. But you always feel better about the decision when everybody agrees. I I think there's something to be said for just putting it out there to everybody knows Jon Gruden final. Call you got to come in and be okay with that. So it's not that's off the table. You look, you know, the power the power structure is what it is. And I think quite honestly like when the coaches the guy that's got a game plan and put people out on the field. I think the coaches should be kind of have as much input an influence over that. I've seen many times guy. Get drafted not be very good. And he's forced onto the field. It happens sometimes places, and I think ultimately what happens is those guys all give five so your point. Yeah. You won't be on the same page, but. It's the right move this often rears itself most with things like quarterback valuation and first round picks when you get around to three you are very much reacting to how the rest of the board has gone. You don't have time to plan every scenario. This is the critical decisions. And if you're not unison think anyways, you're done when you look at around power structure. I mean, there's a big reason why these college coaches aren't leaving because it's more that way the college level they are the GM head coach let the debating again because they'll be plenty Oakland has enough draft picks to sink ship. All right charges improved eight and one away from home when they flew all the way across the country and handled the ravens over the weekend. So what does that win do it earns LA another trip east this time to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Foxborough and it's been a pretty lopsided head to head between Tom Brady and Philip rivers, including the playoffs Brady stamps, a perfect seven and Owen his career starting opposite of. Of rivers. It is Brady's best record against any opposing quarterback in his career tied for third. Best record Eddie starting quarterback in the Super Bowl era panic or patients field gates, Philip rivers facing the patriots grabbed this button just to pass it along Tim for the question because I'm gonna mating patient here with Philip rivers and in Los Angeles chargers you mentioned the eight one when not playing even better undefeated outside the state of California this where they have just been awesome. And it seems like there's a certain resilience to them that maybe it's the when we have less to lose or nothing to lose. We can play more relaxed comfortable in three and then just talked about players not plays earlier on in the show. In regard to the backers charges roster is moded key positions to phenomenal edge rushers. They've got a do it all safety. If got an offensive line. That's been better this year. Plenty of pass catchers. I am patient on the chargers, and I will just note the historical significance of this matchup. Nearly. Twelve years ago eleven years ago. Skews me Tom Brady, Philip rivers. Same two quarterbacks. Same two teams AFC championship game during the two thousand seven postseason remark. Mugo eleven years between spans of starts by the same quarterback. Same teams longest second longest gap in NFL history. According to alive sports, and you know, what? In fairness, Tom Brady's not playing Philip rivers. Playing defense and it'll give the company line. Yeah. Yeah. Wait, wait a joke. Got you. Surely through free play just one more game as a thirty something quarterback. He'll turn the big four zero on January fifteenth happy early birthday drew Brees the saints to give brief some time off in week seventeen. And that means he'll have fresh legs importantly fresh arm. When the eagles come calling. The thing is the eagles have that little thing called momentum. They've got Nick foles back. We've seen this movie before I'm not saying it ends the same Panicker patients. The rest of drew Brees or the momentum facing that momentum of Nick rules. And the eagles was nice. Gave me this. But like if I knew we had another one I would just throw it over the boundary. Worried about drew Brees or pantheon him. I am most certainly. Momentum and same. What I'm saying? Is that game in home at me at home where he has been honestly record-setting in their own building. And with the defense to support it that I think is really good and defense that is gonna have the benefit of playing with all of that crowd noise. I think that the Saint section match up well against the secondary the Philadelphia Eagles. I think drew Brees continues. Great season into the postseason is the only way you'd press that if I said like drew Brees won't play panicked on the saints impress it. Then no precedent Bridgewater guy. That's how it works at you know. I mean, I'm saying you're saying on this panic on the saints reasonably oh, yeah. Then I would just curious. It was the. Free agency this coming off season will be fun. How about lady on bell? He sat out two thousand eighteen but you'll have plenty of teams calling. He's averaged one hundred twenty nine scrimmage yards per game, the highest Mark and NFL history. Indaba consumer. Here we go again after signing a one year deal with the Rams last off season the five time Pro Bowl selection as made one hundred fifteen straight starts, the longest active streak among defensive tackles. Go Tate was traded to Philly from the lions on deadline day final year of his deal. He's produced the second most yards after catch in the weeks entering the NFL in two thousand ten and interesting name to watch Earl Thomas two thousand eighteen campaign was cut short due to broken leg. Twenty-eight picks since joining the league in two thousand ten the third most of the NFL behind Richard Sherman and Reggie Nelson. And after he was shipped from buffalo to Cleveland last year. Tyrod Taylor will be looking for a new home and potentially a place to start the. Second most rushing yards on scrambles since the start of two thousand fifteen and two other notable free agents after two thousand eighteen a lot of defensive guys including a trio of franchise tags from last off season, lamarcus Joyner and DeMarcus Lawrence quarterback, petty Bridgewater will be a free agent could be looked at by some teams who need it for back. And we know there are plenty who do and feel for some guys. We're playing this weekend. They'll have some interesting off seasons their last chance or could be anyway to showcase what they can do. Let's look at some of these guys where they may end up you just mentioned. So let's start first here within Dhamma consume a one year deal with the Los Angeles Rams ES made as much money as you could possibly make this position at this juncture of his career. So the question for sue is you go out there continue to find the place that gives you the best chance to win a Super Bowl. Which is why I think he might be one of the rare players whose comfortable going one year by one year packs. I wonder if chiefs you're going to have to spend aggressively during this win. Oh and Patrick Mahomes on rookie deal might make some sense lots reparation to that defense now than when you look at sue what's interesting thirty two years old. And and so players like that, you know, I don't know that you're you're talking about a year to year thing players like that. I think it's harder for them to get a bigger long-term deal. He has still been productive had four and a half sacks this year, obviously playing alongside Aaron Donald can help with that. And so that's the other thing with him. You mentioned he's made a lot of money. Also, he kind of talked a lot about wanting to be LA. You know, what his motivations are might be unique, you know, in terms of the league. And what most guys are looking for. If we were just had every player that scheduled to be a free agent. Not have the franchise tag of able the best player in the open market will be DeMarcus Lawrence the Dallas Cowboys. He's been absolute play record for them over the past two seasons. I'm going to franchise last year. It was proved again to us this year note, he's done twenty eighteen editor what he was in twenty seventeen. Twenty five sacks over the past. Two seasons force against the run. Twenty six years old one agency rolls around Lawrence conclusion. Here is inevitable is gonna be franchise tag again by the that's about twenty million dollars in the pocket of Lawrence. But he wants the big enchilada. He wants the Donald the Khalil Mack type deal one hundred million, plus which maybe year from now continues to dominate you will he'll be in line for that. Either way. He's gonna make a lot of money. They should because that's such an impact position one that really kinda gotten them to where they are now with that defense and their ability to run the ball. But you just look at kill MAC and the impact that guy can make to defense. That's what DeMarcus Lawrence can do as an impact player on defense. We already get to look ahead to that big clock. You know that big clock put up. Yeah. All right. So San just you wait as we mentioned before ramps. Running back Todd Gurley sidelined in week sixteen and seventeen that was due to a nagging knee injury. But he's expected back in time for the Rams on Saturday. Girly led the NFL with a league best Twenty-one touchdowns. And we'll go west now and say Hello to our Rams reporter Lindsey theory and Lindsey the Rams had the luxury of watching the wild card round at home. They had the by how did they make use of the week off? Hey, Wendy will was a much needed by the Rams held a couple of light practices religious kind of fresh up their legs get them back under them and continue that rehab for Todd Gurley. Now, he has been dealing as you said with inflammation and soreness in his left knee that kept him sidelined the final two weeks over the BI week girly continued to rehab that knee, and Sean McVeigh told me that he even participated in a light jog through on Sunday. So that would have been his first action in a couple of weeks. Now, they do expect the girly will play Saturday. But he told me that he definitely wants to get in a couple of practices. This week Justice. See how he's feeling before he has to play for the game. Now, even though girly is expected to the play. The Rams do have a reliable backup in veteran. CJ Anderson who they signed with just two weeks remaining in the regular season. No Anderson rush for well over one hundred yards against both the forty Niners in cardinals prove that he was also very reliable in pass. Protection? So of girly needs a little bit of a lighter load. They can rely on that veteran a backup. One more note going into Saturday's game against the Cowboys safety lamarcus Joyner who was out in week seventeen. Because of an ankle injury. Also is expected to go. So Wendy, the Rams are back healthy just in time for their divisional round game. Timing is everything. Lindsey. Thank you. And it certainly sounds like Todd Gurley will be good to go. The question though is about Jared Goff and down the stretch not quite the same as we saw earlier in the season. Does that concern you the way he played in the final few weeks of the regular season concerned about it? It kind of was somewhat alarming to see how we played in a couple of those games that being said, I think some of it had to do with grows banged up. I don't think the interior of that offense of line played great during that stretch. But he was able to kind of a thing. Whether we lost confidence or not, I don't know. But it was able to put together a good game week sixteen. And so because of that I think that he's going to be going into this playoffs with some confidence. And I think they'll have a good plan to get an easy completions. And get them going a little bit like on a little bit concerned getting C J Anderson than there. I think's really helped him in Denver. He's he's a good solid player. Obviously getting girly backs for the critical. I still have flashes of that Bayer's game concerns me especially with the opponent this week in the Dallas Cowboys, which I think they're fun seven is comparible chicken. Well, it comes right there. You gotta think that if you short easy completions to get this thing. Started would go a long way and settling him down and sort of getting him back in a rhythm. They don't do that run men. Ryan. We're back best friend. Tim bragging about his cat light grief, though. Oh, yeah. Lightning-fast is what? Yeah. No, okay. Who's I all of those stores? I'm all in on the Dallas Cowboys glimpses of the big three again. And that Dallas d is going to be tough as they had LA the new warling saints at home this passing offense, specifically, debris. How about this for a stat line at home this year? Twenty one touchdowns one interception. The eagles are riding high, and they are so resilient drew Brees at home, very difficult. Don't forget last game in his thirties. January fifteenth turned forty kit relate a seventy four years from now that will happen to you. Head coach of the upset special. I'm all in on another upset special. Indianapolis Colts going into head in getting it done if they're run game. We're gonna talk so much about the quarterbacks. Both of them are great. But I think it's about them being able to run the football Marlin MAC nearly one hundred fifty yards last week. Now, he just the face a defense. That's given up five yards per carry run of the defending the run. Here. I actually agree with you. Okay. I'm not I'm not saying chiefs this game. Here you go. What I'm saying is that I'm all in on Patrick Mahomes being big enough for the moment. I don't have any reputation at all that he will be rattled by this stage. What happens, I don't know? Because I think the colts match up pretty well against this chiefs team. But I don't think you'll see Patrick Mahomes. Not do what he's done all season. If it's enough. We'll find out, but he'll be just fine soon to be NFL MVP petro. To me and says hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes. All right. So we never get ahead of ourselves. It's really one of our streets. The jump is next. We'll see you tomorrow.

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