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Watchmen S1E8 recap and listener theories!


Watt Blimey blowing me. It was the penultimate episode. Just forty eight hours ago or so. It's time to crack on. We get on with it. Previously Watchmen Association with sky. Taking me. Hello and welcome to the panel to episode of previously on watchmen. I am Jamie's association with Sky Atlantic. There's there's lots to talk about. Interestingly this is one of two episodes you're GonNa get this week okay. I'll tell you more about that towards the end of the podcasting a very special special surprise for you previously a little reward for you for sticking with me throughout this series but before we get into kind of picking it apart and getting your listener theories resolve and some great responses from you guys actually and some rather stupid ones too but before we do all that. It's probably worth just recapping right. Okay take it away may watchmen season one episode eight. God walks into a bar. We begin as a suited doctor Manhattan walks among the discarded remnants of a two thousand nine. VN Day celebration in downtown Sai Gon BBN. Days Fictional celebration of America's victory in the Vietnam War stoops to pick up a mask bearing his own face from the floor. POPs it on and Stroz into a nearby ball inside. He grabs to as from the bar and approaches a seated waited and cop uniform Manjula. She's less than impressed by his arrival. Dr Manhattan asks if he can guess why she's drinking alone will allow them to join her. He correctly stated she's commemorating rating the anniversary of the parents. Death and she reluctantly allows him a seat. She questions who told to talk about a parents and he coolly replies that she did or at least she will in about twenty minutes. It's when she asks how we already know about a folks. He answers that he is Dr Manhattan an announcement this met with amusement and suspicion by Angela. He tells her he's wearing. The mass to avoid being recognized entered a competitive Zeus. The Greek God who knit down from Olympus to get laid but wore disguised blend in and he dr am obviously over. Burma's not Olympus. He tells her is not him on Mars. But a recording of him that runs in predetermined patent and make people believe is still on the Red Planet understandably. Angela's is curious as to whether this supposedly doctor Manhattan is really being then for the past twenty years. He tells her he's been on Europa one of the moons of Jupiter then informs slot in matter of fact way that he has simultaneously in the bar putting few moves on Angela and on Europa creating life. I've rallied to hobby naturally curious. Angela asks how he creates life to witchdoctor Manhattan replies he simply waves his hand cut to the waving handed out to Manhattan on Europa literally creating lush green forests and bubbling oceans nations from nothing but dirt Andrew Asks if he created Adam and Eve too but the doctor has no he did it for real. We see two newborn babies rise from the ocean and and quickly reach adulthood there much. Dr Manhattan makes a sprawling Manor House pop into existence from nothing he tells Angela teleport the House to Europa and that the building is a special place from his childhood and then casually Latino he's also a child right now living in the English countryside as well as being in the bar in Saigon and as well as creating life on Europa Apo- and. I'm sure that many years this was the point. My brain slowly cuts the English countryside. Days gone by. We see a group of Jewish refugees arriving arriving having fled the war including Doctor Manhattan and his dad. The duck walks holes in the rooms of the house and then climbs into closet to avoid detection as to adults Burston and begin to get you know. This is the first time Dr M has ever seen love Edina doctor Manhattan who I must point out. Looks like a normal kid at this point rather than the blue skin kids sitting down to eat. which would just be a bit? Weird and watchmen has enough of that already. Anyway Dr Manhattan is pulled. Aside by the two ammer saddle spotted earlier and given an explanation of what was going on. Alden how the pay was simply trying to make life having lost a child. They present him with the Bible is a gift and discuss how God created everything offering the book and return him creating creating something beautiful when he grows up. If I knew they knew they look very familiar. Returned to Europa. Seventy years of past doctor Manhattan stands before the Manor House House. We see that his version of Adam and Eve have been made in the image of the couple gave in the Bible and the House is the one that they lived in. Angela remains understandably Julius. She admits though he does have a wonderful imagination. The DOT reports that in six months time a friend is declaring into have a lack of imagination tells Angela He created the garden so he could meet her and and that he loves her she brushes it off question how he could love it before. They've even met. Dr M simply informs A. He has no concept of before she asked was there. A moment he realized I was in love it removes the mass to reveal himself Angeles suggests he might be quite good looking if he dropped. The blue. Makeup is makeup he tells. Angela says she thought the real document hand. Dan Glowed but he tells her he would rather she remained unsure about him before agreeing to dinner. The following night smooth Angela. However lets him know? He's made a huge era in his approach. She hates Dr Manhattan when asked why and recalls the moment the hundred foot doctor Manhattan laid waste of Viet Cong burning them to the ground with lasers from his hands and how one one young boy witness the carnage grew up to be a puppeteer and made the bomb that killed her parents to Manhattan reveals. He regrets what happened and asks evangelists ever regretted in action. She talk you then suggests perhaps he could teleport to anywhere. She likes for their date. And your minds in that if she steps out with him looking like he does they'll stick out a little bit. The DOT cryptically says that she ashley comes up with a small town David covering his appearance and that she's trying to explain it to him right now. Well right now for him to time for Angela accepts. They don't get any easier by the way. Cut To engineer. And a more with Doctor Manhattan. She pulls bodies out of the freezer reels of details of the deceased to do to be cremated. Dr Graham says he can look like whoever she wants but Angela reminds in these people have the sort of ID needs to exist undetected and Lapuzza final body. It's cow he dropped dead from a suspected heart attack. And there's no next of kin. Doctor Manhattan instantly transforms into Kelvin. The Pesher attended moment back to the ball angeles. I still insists. She's not going to be joining with him. She asks how long they'll be together as he knows everything. Talk to 'em tells a ten years but that it ends tragically. It doesn't however given an extra detail but states that our favorite song is about to plan the jukebox. Assam kicks in Andhra. Says she's never heard it before. But the DOC says is now her favourite thoughts Manhattan reveals. They're making love six months down the line Angela's asking him where he is. They argue he reminds retold or on the night they met about this argument. He says his ability to tell the future she used to reassure a following our up bringing in the orphanage and then get madden yet. They do fight she questions. When the last time was he was scared he says it was nineteen nineteen fifty nine in New Mexico? He became locked in a field chamber is about to have the skin scorch from his body. Endless says he's not the one taking risk because he knows everything but the she takes all the risks and tell them to leave and teleport away. Obviously Dr Manhattan in Cal- fomenters and building on some distant wasteland inside his Adrian vite watching a bank give screen showing various disasters unfolding on earth for straight at humanities. Continue designed to build bombs. The pet discussed the fabrication of alien activity as Adrian in. Pull squid over the planet using a high tech machine. Adrian tells him a lot has changed revealing in the process how he knows doctrine was on Europa saying little elephant told owed him but that he doesn't want to Manhattan. He's masquerading as a humid Adrian and has its guests asking what the name them the talk. Replies Angela Adrian then offers another guess that he wears the face because she doesn't know who he is. He's wrong this time no agent but he pushes. The the dog doesn't want to look mortal. He wants to be mortal talk to Manhattan Asks For his help but Adrian suggest doctors and at the imagination for it. Quick cut to Angela telling him as a great imagination six months earlier nice work it should be a script writer. He says they could theoretically short circuit his memory with an implanted device. So he wouldn't know that he was Dr Manhattan. Doctor asked how long it would take to make such a device which Adrian smiles and tells him he made it thirty years ago. Adrian reveals trump in the dock in the failed chamber was actually his plan to destroy him. He shows Dr Emma small disc and describes it as plan a a forum. Nesia dot Manhattan takes the disc with instructions to get Angela to place it in his forehead for instant loss of all memory before he leaves Informs Adrian Angela's Classic Grenfell that she doesn't know about and told to discuss it right away while he still knows who he is and return. Address for favor is upset at the lack of acknowledgment of he's rolling saving the world from Nuclear Holocaust and asks if he'll live to see the utopia he craves doctor. Manhattan says he will not here. On Earth he reveals he's created Utopia appealed ready for Adrian on the surface of Europa that the clones created had just waiting for someone to worship Adrian. Agrees would like to go there and is teleported in a blink. Thank from the room document. HADDEN's in with Angela in the M Nesia disc will though harboring concerns. Andrew suggests that they leave Vietnam for Tulsa top to Manhattan says says they should come up with a story that he was in. An accident caused the memory loss. Not First Meeting Lippo. Endless saying noted inner she asks him for more proof of his doctor. Manhattan Manhattan identity telling him to create life before very always. It produces an egg from a closed fist. She's not entirely impressed. And Asks for more Info on the ten years together she finds out they have three kids and also learns he can transfer his powers to others. She lets him know. She doesn't want kids now or anytime in the future he lets. Her and the children are adopted. From Tulsa the mention of Tulsa throws Angela and. She's never mentioned to hometown to him. Dr M says she will when he gives you the engagement ring in six months time she laughs an issue precious for extra nuggets in five Doctor Manhattan reveals as a period of time. You can't see but only knows is that she's there when the dawn is begins and she's there when it ends back to project memory loss and we see Dr Emma's calendar up to one knee that declare their love for one another and she plays the disc to his head cut to the present. And we're back to the end corrodes seven with Angela Disk and a hand having removed from Dr Cal Slash Manhattan Noggin. We see the Castano. Blue Light is cal or doctor Manhattan. Jenny Levy tights from the floor. Angela tells midst two thousand and nineteen there in Tulsa and he's endanger a some bad people know who is we see Dr Manhattan still has cows face albeit now distinctive shade of blue. She asked if he knows who he is with the kids upstairs and list says he should change back but the dot says no he needs to move forward. You take surroundings noticing damage clock. It happened the no Angela was shot. She says one of the intruders was about to kill her. But he's at the guy way cut to a vision of Adrian retailing that without a win visibilities doctorine wouldn't be able to use them. He thinks Adrian causing Angela to question. Who Adrian is Dr Manhattan informs every suffering a little confusion and isn't exactly show when he is then teleport's away? The kids shout from upstairs as Angela racist to them. She's told them bloom and on the swimming. Poll outside shoring. Dr M.'s. Casualty during the old guy. Walking on water on gone. Isis is the man looks like cal forcing Angela to admit that is him. It looks up to the waters in the window. Waves a hand. The kids vanish furious. Angela confronts him. He says the kids are safe. Then critic adds that she needs. It's to see him on the pool as it's important for later. Andras told the kids with their grandfather at a theater in Tulsa and that it was expecting them dot then record ten years Israeli and the chat about loose ends with Adrian prior to implanting Amnesia disc. Still with may we see Dr Manhattan. visit will read a decade earlier. Informs him his looking to form. I'm an alliance with him and tells him. The old man has a granddaughter named Angela. And that they're in love wills told. Angela needs help and that always granddaughter wants his family. He knows because because he's talking to a right now cut to the policy and his engine Doctor Manhattan Talk in the Present Day. The poll Andrew wants to know if the DOT can ask will a question the agrees she then asks how we knew. Joan Crawford was part of cyclops in Klan robe hung in his closet cuts ten years earlier. and Dr Manhattan relays. The question will replies the House. Joe Crawford at the poll Doctor Manhattan informs. Angela will has no knowledge of Joe Crawford but he does now mind blown Andrew struggles wondering if she actually caused all of this. The murder of cruel footer grandfathered involvement doctrine declared that he's hungry and vanishes typical back in the house. He's making waffles was using his powers. Looked on hands at a wit's end Angela. Rojas into now because the cavalry is coming for him. Don't term says they're already here in a truck across the street with a device device. That will teleport him away before they destroy. Andrew says they have to stop them but Dr Manhattan informs that I can't answer is determined. She pulled guns in a bid to save even as she prepares. He tells a this is the moment when they met in the bar. She asked him when he fell in love with her. And this is the moment he says Angela heads out and began shooting at the cavalry. She kills a few but is heavily outgunned finding a way into a truck. She puts a foot to the metal in tears towards them as bullets. Pepper dear. The truck stopped a grapple rips. The door from its side and a gunman lois decides on Angela at that moment. DOCTORINE Hatton strikes. The gunman's head is first ago. I that majestically POPs. The heads of various cavalry bodies hold bullets in mid air and saves the life of his love and smiles and says he was wrong. They've won but doug term apologizes as behind him. The device on the truck fires Doctor Manhattan screamed czyz pulled upon by the machine and he's gone back in the ball and end Lokonga. Anything more from Dr. I'm on the tragic event that supposed to happen. After their ten years together she makes to leave but he suggests that by definition all relationships end. I didn't tragedy and we'll share with them. Why not says Angelo listening to previously on wash man in association with Scotland they can watch watchman exclusively on sky every single day knowing? PM missed it. Because he goes straight on demand sue. Sleep is going to even begin with that so finally finally if it felt like we got a lot of answers in that we learned that yes Dr Manhattan did create the world where Adrian Vite has been stranded for the past. I kind of eight episodes. The first Philips and cruikshanks Were originally meant to be Dr Manhattan's version of Adam. I'm an eve. But apparently he found their love. Unsatisfying hadn't returning to earth and wanting Angela so he left left created Europa created. His own world created his own kind of versions of humans for them to create a better version of the earth that he left but the one thing that was missing missing was love. I WANNA bring up another of Lindell of shows This point because it's important if you've watched lost to remember the constant one of the great episode television ever made if you haven't watched lost well first of all the funky go back and watch lost a there's a there's an episode it called the constant which has a lot of similarities with this clearly Damon Lindelof involved deeply in both of them. There's a character called Desmond Pu walls not having superpowers daughter Manhattan. The various reasons ends up being multiple places leases at the same time the K.. And that kind of messes his head up and he realizes that needs what's known as a constant so you remember a Leonardo DiCaprio in our buddy phil inception the spinning top his kind of grounding where he used that little spinning top defined if he was in a dream or not or desmond had a constant the Jews kept him sane ready and his constant was a woman called Penny. And it's really interesting. That lindelof is chosen that motive of love of being the glue that holds everything together but also so potentially the thing. That's going to tell the whole thing apart because for me. The one of the most incredible pieces of this nasty something. That's cop for a bit of criticism is the fact that Dr Manhattan entered into the relationship with Angela. Knowing that it was going to have a tragic end but doing it anyway and for me Aluf that bear I found doctrine Hatton saving Angela towards the end yet still. Well we don't know if he's died or not. The trailer suggest suggest otherwise and for the trailer for episode nine suggests otherwise. But we don't know what's happened to him but he says that that was it and he went in knowing that it was going to die. People are kind of complaining about that but the quotes that he used in order to get Angela to have dinner with him is it surely by default all relationships and in tragedy. And that's kind of sad but it's true isn't it everything ultimately is going to end in the tragedy that is well the separation or death that for me was a running running theme through this and then once you accept that inevitability then all you've got to do all that's left is to love so anyway I'm waffling a little. It'll be learned that the country state was the same country state. That young doc stayed in the Nausea Mandy. Adrian requested that he gets sent there so he's not been kept prisoner well. He has to some extent but initially he went there because he felt underappreciated. He had saved humanity. Humanity saved billions of lives with his with the with the big squid. the ended the ended all all the wars and all that kind of stuff he saved billions means of lives yet. No one knew he was a secret hero. He was an unsung hero. And Yeah he's so vain he needs the adoration. He couldn't cope with that. He craved it. So Dr Manhattan offered him an entire planet of his own full of slaves slash clones slash Philipson cruikshanks who who would adore him and it was Nice theory. Invite actually being part of the plot for all these episodes. He's always had these kind of vignettes separately to everything else. That's been going on so to see that he had created the device that was implanted into cows had to make dot com. Forget that that was his plan. Abram Nesia I really enjoyed Loyd and I I I I quite liked the relationship between men and Adrian. One thing. I didn't know all I'm not sure that I was aware of. Is that the gamekeeper's the the original Phillips though that maybe I'm just being stupid I was quite interested in that I tend to be flying in the face of a lot of the people of slightly criticized this this episode a bit but I really really enjoyed Angela realizing that it was her that is potentially caused jude. Crawford's death and kind of kick started the whole thing by mentioning Doctor Manhattan to relate will ten years previous that was a clan. Alpha in Crawford's wardrobe. I really enjoyed that bear. I am a sucker for a bit of a time. Travel Paradox. Something else that somebody. Except that the fact that John Slash Doctor Manhattan knows everything supposed to play out for instance when he tells Angela the their relationship is going to in tragedy. People have been saying that that rubs the entire episode of an emotional payoff him at St. No I fundamentally disagree with that because that's the whole message. Is that even. Even though we know love is GonNa wind we do anyway because it feels so damn good. I kind of really enjoyed that. And it showed that you know John Ostermann Slash Doc Manhattan slash cal despite all his superhero and superhuman strength and abilities and kind of the old saying I and you know humans earliest just atoms and stuff like that he remains or at least part of it remains fundamentally human. It took Adrian Vite to stop him being being fallible because of that because you desperately wanting to fall in love with Angela but knew we couldn't because he was docs Manhattan anyway. I'm waffling one thing. That did set this episode apart from all of the others was that the had post credit scenes. I we stick around for that if you didn't your best hop back and watch them Pronto It showed Adrian Vines shelter. Monday is getting extremely greenlee. Board is bounded imprisoned. These having tomatoes kind of squashed into his face by his varian creations are the creations. I guess they are by his creations as as his punishment for wanting to leave. Wow a year long trial gets tomato. Squashing your face. He's clearly tied in wants to get back to worth says he's needed and that bitcoin interesting and it ends with him having a cake delivered to him in his cell L. which she kind of fines horseshoe in the middle of He laughs because it's clearly the whole shoe from the game wardens horse and begins to dig himself out of prison with a whole show. I don't know what the Metaphor I'm not intelligent enough to know what that metaphor is but I'm sure some of you will know if you do let me know tweet me at Jim East. But we leave Adrian vite digging his way out of prison with what looks to be a quantum blunt horseshoe but enough episode eight. Let's look forward. Would is the finale with an worn. Our left of watchmen season one. which is Exciting soup setting up really enjoyed it. Let's listen to the trailer okay. It was a predictably a brief an enigmatic we Z.. Lady true I think the whole is building towards the turning on of the Millennium Clock. Isn't it or. That's what the whole thing has got to build towards. And if you remember back won'- Previous episode episode seven. We were told that the money employs four hours From being turned on so of his everything that happened in episode eight or what did happen in the Predator kind of slightly confused about the timing of it all. I'm guessing that we left. That was it. We left Angela. Leaving lady true she ran home. Woke John on up those old of faith with the swimming post which I think is going to be integral. We'll talk about that in the second. And then the seventh cavalry arrived. And did they killed out Manhattan or just been teleported. Somewhere else whatever's happened. That's the bit that actually happened in the regular timeline of this episode. So for we know there's probably about maybe two hours left before. The Millennium Clock is being turned on. We see lots of that. We see flashes of Senator Kaine is Senator Kaine about to become the Seventh Cavalry version of Doctor Manhattan. So here's my big theory. Here's my theory is what I think is going to happen. I think senator came will be turned into some kind of Blue Lou doctor Manhattan figure and I think they're going to try and pass him off as the document ham. I think that's what's going to happen. That is why. Oh I think cal was so insistent that Angela saw him walk on water. Because maybe that's just something that that is only a need John Kaldor Manang can. Do you know in kind of like films where people see Mirror images of each other. They have to trim workout. Which one is the real one is going to be the deciding factor here where Angela sees accountable and more calm water knows? That's the real affair at an something like that. That's going to be integral warriors. Could that mean that walking more than a loved it as far as Adrian via goes. There's a lot of theories going around that That he's not in this time. I have to say I kind of feel that as well through. Actually I was talking with a very silly one from a young man who pita. Here's what Peter had to say. Hello my prediction for the final scene. Because the flip side of season as that he will see Jeremy Irons. Throwing a pig at Robert Redford. Thank you Peter David. Rutherford has been in touch. Thank you very much. David saying. The cavalry used Lady True Slash Dr Manhattan's cloning technology. To unleash an army of actual rural shacks in brackets of have no idea why they would do that. or how work delightfully horrible. Image or less fanciful note. I can see nitel making appearance thoughts. David thank you very much much. Gavin colonel has been in touch. Thank you Gavin. He says Dr Houghton will be placed into the body of the elephant to create Khow L.. The SUPERMAC Hey get cal. Al Superman's name Kalan Elephant. Mom could that maybe know who knows. Darryl is Archer said that the season's as a self contained story as it needs more of this. What do you mean Danny might not be? We don't know yet Shaimaa mclernon thank you very much shame. Shame says that's no statute volume India's lady truth God and you're invited dead its entire. Storyline has been told in flashback. The object that crashed on the clogs farm was him escaping. Europa we did. I did see that didn't we. We did see that. I think that's a pretty good show. Tim Coleman Centene a voice message to me as well as sent it to hello previously but career K.. His Tim he's been so unpredictable so far which has been glorious. Anything goes for the finale so my predictions they could all be rights. I do doubt it but we go the millennium clock. Control timeline clean when asked why does lay choose. It tells time I think by that. She means it tells time what time it should be what year it should be a maybe species looking twenty something. That's happened in the past. I think Angela or one of the children's GonNa gain talked Manhattan's powers should only realize it when she looks down and sees a self walking on water or she's he's on the kids walking on water hence while Dr. I'm told her when he was on the swimming pool. And at the end when he's all concluded the cameras zoom out from Tulsa out past the Earth Service System Pasta galaxy out past the edges of the universe and the whole thing an imagined in the mind of duck. Unlikely I know but but we're gonNA make something up a little bit different than those of mine. Please let them stick the landing because if it does this is going to be the perfect TV show and if not this has been a wonderful ride thanks to that term may also said loving the podcast Levin show. Thank you very much. But he can't believe it's going to be over next week. It's been so good. I'm not even sure Orad like another season. Maybe just leave this as a perfect piece of work like the original graphic novel as an interesting concept in the interests of actually actual employment and work though carry carry on Damon sees but listen as I mentioned at the beginning of the episode. Surprise for you. There's going to be two episodes this week of previous watchmen. We've had spit into because because off shed you link I am D flippin lighted wanted to say that either as we are now. This is being recorded Wednesday. Let's get let's say Friday morning you wake up to an interview with y'all Abdul Dole Mateen second nineties one of the best names. I've ever read out in my life. You will know that man. Let's count as cow Manhattan as Callahan. UNIKA another guy. He's got so much around for picador siegried for so so long Kennel white to speak to him going questions. tweet me at Jamie's to be listening to. This is now between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon. tweet me Jamie's just me a question. I'll pass on the message to count you. Get Double bubble from me this week. So I've I've seen a female. I will speak to you Friday morning so excited. Thanks for listening Thanks very very much for listening. Hope it's been helpful. Don't forget watchmen is available exclusively on sky. alantic each Monday at nine pm. If you've missed any of the episode right so far do not panic. Don't panic. They've got it covered. Each episode of watchmen goes straight of on demand as soon as it finishes airing on Monday nights at all. They're already for you to get stuck into the more information about watch men or indeed any via the awesome show Scotland to give going on Roy Sky DOT com. If you've enjoyed previously is Leon does a favor gives a cheek firestone review. Tell your friends particularly. If there's someone maybe in your household that needs to get up to speed watchmen so that you can enjoy together. Maybe this podcast would be useful. If you're new previously army might want to go back and check out some of our previous episodes We've covered recaps of a hell of a lot series already. been embracing goosing labs at a game with friends. We've done peaky blinders. Stranger things big little lies and there's loads more than to come. If you got any suggestions just get in touch on twitter. At what's previous podcast. We will see next time until then. You've been listening to previous associations that Skyla.

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