LADS#124 - Ramsey Gets Paid, City Destroys Chelsea, and Fan Questions


Hey, guys, happy Wednesday. We got a fun full pack show for you today. We will be talking about our in Ramsey being the highest paid British player of all time. We'll be talking about Dorfman blowing a three nil lead. With fifteen minutes left in the match will be also talking about Real Madrid smacking up let it go Madrid and all the drama that happened in that match. And then obviously, we're gonna be talking about cities destruction obliteration of Chelsea and also throw on a bunch of other Premier League highlights. But before we into that was wanna give another shutout to our new over team media team, and we're going to start off with a little ad. So we'll start the show right after this guys. You know, this nothing goes better with the big game than a great beer. That is why excited tell you about two four two four is a great an easy way for you to find craft beer nine your area and have delivered right to you. This isn't one of those clubs where you get random. 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You are to get the beer you always wanted to try. This is the overtime podcast network. No, no. No, no. Thing. Hey, I'm competit- and I'm Martin Frazier. And we are loud Americans discussing soccer better known as lads. Today is February thirteenth twenty nineteen from south Philadelphia. And oh my God. Martin. I just I just bought the worst beer ever. Holy shit and Charlotte, North Carolina. I am drinking hemp tales malt, liquor beverage. Oh why? I don't. It's eight percent how alcohol made with real hemp seeds. I I I I don't know why I got this. It just tastes like, really bad. We'd Kevin what the fuck is wrong with you. Why would you ever think that would be a good bearded drink the Gami, man? Have a cool can says citrus gold, and you know, the goal. I get sit. It's like, you know, you see that gold premium in you're like man, I must be good. Honestly, the worst thing I've ever drank on lads Tallboy in his eight percent. I just fucked up in the worst kind of way you're going to be sick drunk. Oh god. This is this is horrible. If I'd give this a ranking. I may just give it a three. And the reason I'm giving it that high is because of the alcohol content like at least I'll get fucked up from it chooses rice at sure that's already stick with something safe during an year, try to fantastic. Oh, it's like I'm about to sip, something good. And then it just like we'd like I'm about to taste like something that should be like citrusy like AOL or something. And then it's just like I'm tasting. I just chewed. We'd from like a blunt. This is absolutely disgusting. I guess newbie Scooby snacks all in my mouth. Okay. Quizzed shutout high press podcast. I'm sure I gotta ask them about this at the this. A beer of choice. All right, guys. Welcome in. We have a lot to talk about today. We have breezy Dortmund blowing three nil lead in fifteen minutes, which I didn't think was possible. But you know, it's beautiful game. Anything's possible. We have Real Madrid. Smacking their brothers and half Athletico Madrid Murata still sucks. We are also to all our city fans and to our Chelsea fans, mostly are Chelsea fans. We wanna let you know that we will be covering the obliteration of your club, the complete destruction of your club by Manchester City, bore going to be really delicate. We're we're going to open up with it when we get to the Premier League part. But let you know if we're going to be as polite as possible because I know the wounds, you're still you're still healing. So we're gonna do our best to tiptoe around that and not like just poor salt in your wound. So I just wanna let you guys know that. We will be that'll be the main talking point of the podcast. What's silver? I think Martin said before we start it. We're gonna rip that band aid off, right, bud. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. Guys. I was actually with Chelsea fan this entire weekend. So I had some firsthand knowledge about how you guys are taking it. I know it's not well, we'll be gentle probably not it's going to be late in the podcast. So we'll be kind of drunk by then and hopefully you are to ease that pain because that was doozy. But Cav you wanna jump right into the headlines with Aaron Ramsey being the all-time most paid British player in the world ever what the fuck? Yeah. This one really took me by surprise in. The reason took me by surprise wasn't the event assigning we've known that for a while. It just hasn't been like official official. You know, it's not Instagram official. You know, like your seven new Facebook official Instagram official. Yes, it wasn't. It wasn't Instagram official yet that he has signed for you Ventas. But the deal had been announced by BBC reporter. I forget who was I posted it on Facebook is name like. Credible source that are in Ramsey is going to be paid four hundred plus k a week. What and become the all time paid British player in just history. And when I saw that you Ventas was getting Orrin Ramsey on a free transfer. I was like, wow, look event is doing it again, just stealing debt buyer. Munich are brilliant at this just getting free transfers and getting players at very cheap rates like Biron getting a HAMAs Rodriguez or. Douglas, Kosta Goni Ventas all these players, you know, on like who are like world class on amazing deals in Ramsey. I wouldn't put him in like world class. But I think mean mar- you me, and you would agree. He's pretty good. He's like he's above average and went on his best day. He can be pretty spectacular. But four hundred thousand a week that is Alexi Sanchez that is Mets Ozil money and I've had ton of my arsenal. Friends, DM me and talk to me, and they're all saying the same thing. Like like we like Ramsey, but he we don't like them that much like Jesus Christ. Yeah. I mean, if he I believe if my math, and this website is correct. He is now these sixth most paid player on the planet Cristiano Renaldo. Secondly, oh messy is ranked first name. Moore's third bail was fourth pug is fifth making twenty five million. I'm sorry. Twenty nine point five million. And when this is all said and done Ramsey is gonna. Twenty six point eight million dollars from event is and I mean, look, I'm not gonna to Pogue horn. But I'm pretty sure Papa is a better player than Ramsey. And I think Ramsey's an excellent fucking player. I I'm kind of on the fence if easy Ventas quality still on the fence in that. I don't think that he really I don't wanna say the word deserves. But I don't think he is the type of player or the certain actual individual you think of when you think about the old lady, and you think about Venice. So the transferred sofas surprising, but these wages they're paying him. Just fucking blows my mind he is the sixth most paid player on this planet. He is the highest played British player in the world in history right now. And I don't think anybody last year would have or could have ever predicted Aaron Ramsey breaking these records. I do not understand you've entities mentality. Here usually they're incredibly fucking spark with their transfers, especially their free transfers. But this does not make sense to me. I do not think is skills. You know, relate to his wages that he'll be paid by Ventas. So this does not seem like a good bit of been business from Venice side, it just looks like another fucking Alexi Sanchez transferred. But for your vintage this time. Yeah. I mean, maybe Ventas was do they were due to have a bad transfer. And I think this might be it. I think event is was due to really mess up in the transfer market. And could Arn Ramsey be it they he'd be my first pick. So it just it's just so mind boggling like this. I like I said earlier like when they said they were getting Ramsey on a free transfer was like there, they go doing business again this my blow back in their face like really hard, and I'm already like just based off those wages and thinking of the great British players that have passed through the years, and the thing that he is now the all time paid, but also could be the market as well, obviously, the market has just exploded. And it might just be what the value is of getting players near that caliber. It's kind of like how Matt Stafford Jimmy Garoppolo NFL quarterbacks who are like above average are getting paid like the max, you know? So it could be one of those situations. But I think this is really. Bad business by Ventas? But only time will tell an arm Ramseys. Also going to be playing with a lot better players at you Ventas like I'm not trying to get shot at my team. So I think his level play will increase. I mean, that's just normal. When you playing around better players they should amplify your own play. So we I mean at face value. This looks bad. But I mean, the only times gonna tell. Yeah, I gotta agree with you to your point. When you said he's going to be playing with better players. I obviously kinda have to agree with that. Because that's just the logical fucking agreement. But on top of that he's also going to be playing that position that he wants his entire time under under vendor. He did not play the position that he really wanted. He was other out on the wing where he was stuck in the fucking midfield. Or he was sent to the other wing. And you've into says has even claimed that he never fucking was allowed to play in the position where he was the most dangerous. He's never played in that midfield. Three. So I think event is trying to unlock a different type of Ramsey than we have seen in the English Premier League. I think that I mean, this is the best culture for Ramsey to progress like this. So this might be fucking huge risk for you Ventas. This might be. I don't think it's a huge monetary loss for them. But it's a huge story right now. But hell it might fucking pay off. And we might eat all of our words where when Ramsey becomes just crucial to the squad. He's a super fucking creative player. He's he has vision as long as the day is long. He can pass he can shoot he can play with both feet. And when he's surrounded by quality, like semi Qadeer Emory ton- who have both gone to you Ventas and their skills and their level of play skyrocketed. So Ramsey is hoping to do the same thing play around Deborrah, new face Emory. Con Douglas cost over Nado fuck in panic. His. To be in the company of some fucking greats who are going to make sure that he lives up to his potential. So this this could work out fantastically for both Ramsey annual Ventas or could be a disaster for you vent as an Ramsey. But at this point only time will tell all I gotta say Kev arsenal nieces stopped sending their stars. I swear to God. It's like every year. You guys sell a a huge. It's just a really pain me to see Ramsey and Chesney win titles and trophies with event as knowing that are in their prime. All right. Let's move on to some boondocks league. Yes. Boomed is legal listeners. This one's for you guys. Because this has to be addressed breezy Dorman was playing Hoffman Hoffa Gnheim. See, I'm I'm brushing up on my Martin and Dorfman was up three nil goes by Sancho. I believe in Gertz. Up till the seventy fifth minute. And they blew in fifty minutes. A three nil victory, which in soccer is almost literally impossible. But in hockey is considered the worst lead you can have. So anyway, yeah, yeah. Yeah. We're early in hockey will do you? Remember in fi fo Kev, none none of us. Neither of us wanted to lead into one going into halftime because whoever was Lee to always they didn't always to get that three can't handle superstitious. German leaders would have had another would have been another three points ahead of Biron Biron after blowing this and only getting up point out of this Biron only sits five points behind the German giants are only five points behind doorman. So Dortmund, what are you doing? How do you blow? A three nil lead. And like I kept telling myself we've had critics myth. We've had other guests on here. Telling me this Dortmund's year, they're not going to blow it and with so many matches left to play Byron they're doing well. And the like they are literally like getting good at the right time. So I'm starting the lean. I know doorman is five points ahead. But Biron is looking awfully dangerous and are just like literally just tip toeing back to the top. Yeah. We had a question question last week that asked do think Byron is going to catch up Dortmund and win the bonus Liga, and I think both Kevin. I we're just like oh my God. It could very well happen Byron as a fucking powerhouse. And I think this just goes to show. The level that Byron can reach. They had a complete shit start to the season at at one point. They were what like twelve points behind Dortmund. And and now they are on that fucking high rise. They are getting better and better. And it's time for Dortmund to fuck in batter the hatches and make sure you get every single fucking last point. And this Dorman team has been fucking amazing this year. So this reminds me of a little bit of fucking nervousness getting into dorms head looking over their shoulder seeing that fucking giant Byron sitting in the backseat just waiting for them to slip up again because Byron is accustomed to this. They're they want to win their fifth fucking Boone's league title in road. They want that W. And I think I think if Byron did not have shit start to the season, they would be seven to ten points ahead of Dortmund right now because you look down the rest of the boons Lita doorman right now, it's fifty points Biron. Has forty five version Malkin gawk has forty two rebel Leipzig has thirty eight you take Byron out of the quesion imagine them in I and it's second-placed Dortmund with fifty mucking Lobbach with forty two rebel Leipzig with thirty eight. And if you look at those points, that's basically how second through fourth finishes every single year in the boonies Lita. So I think people might have been overreacted overreacting when they were looking at Dortmund and saying this Dortmund's year, this this can this is our destiny we are going to get back to that promised land. But then yet you take away Byron. And you look at the fucking standings. And it's the same standings the same difference in points as it usually is so Biron is just making up for lost, Tom. I wholeheartedly believe at this point Sarge all the doorman fans that barn is going to catch y'all and end up winning the league once again. Yeah. At least the Buddha's league is fun this year. That's my way. At least it's going to be relatively close and come on, man. Just get get Chris get Christian at a trophy. That's all I want. I want I want Christian to come to the Premier League with a boondoggle title. That'd be really cool. All right moving on to Lolita. Look Marin, we are being so good on this show. We are covering not only boondocks league we're moving onto LA Lita, cultural maybe Colt, dude so Real Madrid traveled to Madrid. And just spanked him three one cream Benza is having a resurgence and reminding everyone why he is one of the best number nine in the world. Even though we tend to make fun of them. He is still very very good and Real Madrid seem to be catching fire again at the right time. They do this every year Martin that we keep saying, we're doing this all. Earlier in the year where like Israel Madrid good. In earlier in the year that gave us reason to think that they are struggling things are not clicking. They are clicking now 'specially. Now, it's the last sixteen of the Champions League, which is their competition. I don't wanna hear Barcelona fans it is their competition. Real Madrid are on the right path. And they now only sit believe also like five points behind Barcelona something like that. It's remarkable that they've caught on when they were like six points my policies. I fact checked remedied are only six points behind Barscelona. So that's like anything can happen. So at least the league's seem to be getting closer and closer. Yeah. I don't know what it is with twenty eight hundred twenty nineteen seasons with teams actually fucking remaining within pretty close intervals end. We're in February and we have a title race in Germany England and Spain that is up in the air. I can't remember the last time. One of those leagues has been up in the air by February let alone all three. So that's fucking fantastic. But rail just like you said definitely sparked that fire at the exact right time. And I I believe it's the one of the reasons this fire has been sparked onto their ass is young Vinicius junior that kid's a fucking wonder kid that kid was talking peace amazing amazing in the fucking Darby. And the kid is I I'm calling him a kid because he's a mother fucking kitties like seventeen eighteen years old. They paid a stupid amount of money to buy him when he was sixteen from some Brazilian team. I think it was Flamengo. But Real Madrid sparking at the right time and under the leadership of Sergio Ramos who has just become the face of that club. I think for us become I think he's yeah. I was about to I was about to say like even though Rinaldo was the face of Real Madrid Sergio ram O's, very pretty face Sergio Ramos, and we've made this comparison before is that Draymond green. He is that fucking glue that holds that team together that fucking leader behind the scenes that guy who's gonna hold you to par and we saw once again in the Madrid Darby the dude fucking scores and probably in my opinion, did the most disrespectful fucking celebration. I've seen in a long time. He did a mockup of the Antoine grease Mun dance. And I'm yeah, I'm sorry. But if you fucking do that in the face of your biggest fucking rival after scoring as a defender. You just have the cojones as the size of a horse horse. It's it's like fucking power to Sergio Ramos. I think that man is a huge reason why ram Madrid as a whole has turned this season around the only fucking thing that I think Real Madrid is really stupid for doing. And we talked about this earlier. But I do not think that they should have brought Kotwal in. I do not think Courtois should start for Real Madrid. I think keilor novice is a better keeper in the law Lita in the Champions League for Real Madrid. Courtois is a phenomenal world-class keeper when he was at Chelsea I thought it was a better keeper than Navas but novice should be row. Madrid's number one. I think he's proven a lot more than Kotwal has but other than that Madrid. Looks fucking fantastic. Rip roaring and ready to go at the exact right time. Just in time for the round. Ecksteen in the Champions League. And that final push to the end of season. Yeah. Also, just want to state that Miranda Murata is a cancer and that he is ruining Athletico Madrid horrible signing and also would like to state that Courtois got rats thrown at him. And if some of you don't know THEO boat Courtois came from Madrid. So the kind Spaniards through tons of I believe to be fake rats. I would hope they did not bring in real rats because we would have another plague at the will they're not the counter on anymore. They have a new stadium, which I don't know the name of. But anyway, silly Spanish fans throwing rats Courtois. It just kind of warms my heart that there's still some level of pettiness in terms of betrayal to even though that was like years ago, they are still holding on that like, you know, I guess he came and was like through Athletico, I guess so but like he was at Chelsea for quite a law. Long stint. Well, yeah. But I mean that shit's the exact same thing happened with Ceska an arsenal Barcelona, and Chelsea I mean, I fucking love that aspect about soccer how how fucking close fans hold betrayals to their hearts like you could leave for six years come back and play for a indirect rival on. You're just like, oh, you Faulk bitch, you betrayed everything that I know in love, I hate you. And I mean it happens with Rehim sterling when he goes back to Anfield it happened with a Cessna the gas when he returned to them read stadium. Real madrid? I don't think really cells in a players to Barscelona nor Athletico, but Athletico is a development powerhouse to heya came from there court ball came from there in a number of fantastic players around the world have has have come from the development of athletic Madrid. So I mean fans crazy fans hate when people leave and this just shows that Courtois is not welcome back head up. Let it go. And for good reason has old black is better. Well, obviously. But before we move on. I do want to mention that. I learned a new word today. Martin. And that that word is cock Wamba l-. Definition. I did get a definition earlier from the I think they're called the split, scarves, podcasts or two something. Like that. Is it an actual word? Well, let me tell you where I learned it former Scottish international and former Chelsea player in now ESPN FC pundit Craig Burley tweeted that as someone today, and I've never laughed so hard he said because the the fan of ESPN FC ESPN released their picks for the last sixteen Champions League. And the guy said because apparently all their picks were EPL teams. And the guy was like look at ESPN FC's bias towards EPL teams, picking all them. This is horrible and tagged Craig Burley in it. And Craig Burley was like, hey, I didn't make these picks. You cock wobble. And I went to what. So I'm not exactly sure hold on the definition of cock Wamba. Oil from the half-and-half scars podcasts is something. This is great. This is really good. Why did Twitter change Twitter has changed or format where it becomes a list now? And I hate it. When you go to like your tweets in replies. So once I find this guys it's going to be so good. Just wait. Oh, I got this dictionary. So this is what the half and have scarves podcast has defined as a cock Wambo. They said a cock Wambo is a close relative of the popular shit puffins and fuck nugget. So that there you go you have it. That's what a cock mumbo is. I think that fucking words to be used a lot more often in our day to day life. I'm going to start trying to fuck in us that everything just flows off the tongue. Cock wobble and friendship you pronounce coke wom- lay. Urban dictionary says it's completely useless person. That sprouts constant bullshit. So Craig used it in fucking perfect faction. Wow. We give Craig everyone tweeted Craig Burley and tell them tell him that like congratulated on using the correct use of cock mumble while we both phase it into our vernacular. So expect Kakumba in of the new lad shows, but guys before move into premier merely talk. We're going to be right back right after this break. This is the overtime podcast network. All right. We're back. So guys. This is the moment. All you Premier League fans have been waiting for. We're going to talk about it. Manchester City at the at the had versus Chelsea six nil. And all I have in my notes for this is just well. So a little context, I went to tear nog Irish pub in center city, Philadelphia this weekend and gave away about thirty odd. Chelsea or thirty odd lad shirt. So I give a bunch of a bunch of our merchandise for free try, and do some promotion met a lot of awesome people middle a lot of awesome Chelsea fans. Tiernan dog is a Chelsea slash Manchester City pub, which you don't really see that often where to top six clubs are sharing the same bar. So, and I know I was telling all the guys when we were there like I'm sorry. We're going to have to talk about it. I got a lot of good input from them. But marin. They were down four nil by the twenty fifth minute. And when they went down to nil Martin all I kept saying like they need to wake the fuck up. What are they doing? I mean, they had there's a couple times where kept us should have done better the defenses flat. But Jorgihno is a wet sandwich. He is absolutely worthless. And he's I think sorry is what he's trying to do is is use him in that Nicola Conte role, and you know, who be great at Nagoya Cantero Martin fucking negoti Kante. He already has a player there. I am so sorry for Chelsea fans. Watching this wet sandwich of a player Jorgihno do these five passes. That's all I've seen them do Martin. I've only seen him do back and forth. Five passes this four three three bullshit that sorry is doing is unacceptable, and he was supposed to bring this flashy best attacking football to this club. And. And he has underperformed, and I'm gonna let you go because we're talking about the goals and stuff, but that is my first gut reaction rant about this. He is running around not knowing what to do getting no service. It has art is pretty much giving his highlight reel to go to Real Madrid. This club is in serious trouble right now. And the thing about sorry was he did not make any changes after halftime. None like he thought. Everything was just fine. The house was on fire. But he's just that that dog Meam does like, it's fine. It's totally fine. Yeah. I mean, first and foremost Virginia is a poor man's in goal. Kante? I find it absolutely ludicrous that the man who best plays the position they're in the Premier League in goal. Oh, Kante is forced to change his tactics. Rather than Georgina being forced to change his tactics to suit the Premier League. So I think that was a very early onset mistake by sorry. And his inability to fucking either as sept- that his system needs to be tweaked or that Jorgihno is not fucking suitable in that position really speaks to his stubbornness. And if you remember back to twenty fifteen twenty sixteen pet was similarly stubborn in his first year and teams were able to recap on on city from time to time. So I think we can see some parallels here. But I think the most important this is my gut reaction to the game after seeing Chelsea in twenty eighteen twenty nineteen season the Chelsea board and the Chelsea fans have to make a decision right here right now, whether they trust sorry to turn this ship around whether they think that sorry ball Cam work in the English Premier League. Whether that they believe that he should be given a second chance, whether they believe in his tactics itself, this decision should in my mind be made right here right now. Because if if they give a no confidence vote for sorry. Get him out right now bringing a -nother manager and get him up to speed while this fucking campaign. Runs down do not wait three four six seven months like Manchester. United did in firing Jose Marino. You're just gonna adds more talk city to that fucking already shit situation. So Chelsea I think is a team. That has replaced Manchester United in the whole toxic locker room talk. I think this is a very discouraged embarrassed and angry team right now. I believe that I've seen a couple of reports saying that sorry is beginning to lose the dressing room. And and that would not surprise me. I think of Ingo Conti was a angrier meaner person. He would've fucking bitch slap sorry and been like bitch. I am the best fucking player in this defensive mid position. You bring this sweaty Italian piece of shit, Meatball Georgina Howell, and you think he can play like me on the no no fucking playing. Golick Conde, where he's supposed to be played because you're defense, isn't that fucking superb? You don't need a half wit Jorgihno fucking patrolling that fucking defense hoping them out you need a strong fucking defensive midfielder who's gonna work like a dog until that job is done and that's goal. Kante saris inability or fucking. On just just refusal to realize that and realize that his tactics are not working in the English Premier League as they are now will ultimately be his end chose downfall. So my mind Chelsea needs to get. A decision out there. Do we keen do we trust or fucking fuck? It get them out. You are Chelsea don't forget, you are chose a you can sack manager one of the fuck you one and Roman Abramovich will hire the mob to find you knew one and the special one is out there, can you imagine Marino returning to Chelsea. I I'm not Marino's biggest fan I supported him. When I was at when he was at United fell out of like with him very quickly. But I could not imagine a better storyline than Marino returning to Chelsea for the team time, especially if he wins the Premier League next year like holy fuck. Yeah. In the thing is Nicole Kante is now a part of winning two Premier League titles with two different teams and they World Cup. And let's think about this. What was the focal point of those teams with him him sitting in front? Of the front of the back four controlling that midfield in the Lester title win that Chelsea title went under Kante and the World Cup. We just watch us summer. Nagoya Kante was the focal point of the controlling them midfield so players like Pogue. Moras? And then you had eaten has are. These talented Ford players not worrying about getting back and him just controlling that midfield and man city just took complete advantage of Regino because the guy can't defend the guy can't really like what is what this guy fucking worthless. He is honestly worthless. In the beginning season. We saw some flashes of sorry ball doing. Well. Right. We're all like kind of getting hypnotized, and I want to go back to your point about pep pep was very similar in his first season was going to live and die by his pep tactics pep tactics his ticky tacky now pep has changed dramatically and each his tactics. Like every game if feels like we're he'll it'll be sometime similar, but some games. I'm like, oh, he's just completely just gone. Haywire. You know, and he does that. And he went that's why he's so good because. N he's a proven winner. Sorry is not a proven winner. He has a one anything. So I don't understand where all this hype was coming from. So Chelsea I don't mean the get you guys upset I don't mean to lament on this. I'm ranting. We're both ranting for you right now. So before we get back on Chelsea and what they should do. I do want to highlight man city. It would be unfair to the Manchester City listeners if we didn't highly how absolutely dominating and fantastic and beautiful. You guys were against Chelsea for him. Sterling was phenomenal. I knew the match ball went to a guero who now tied Alan Shearer for most hat tricks in the Premier League, which is absolutely phenomenal. He now has I think like forty plus goals against the top six, which is like ridiculous Sergio guero Marin. I know you're not going to agree with this. But I mean, he has to be getting closer to that top five all time strikers and the Premier League right like easily Slyke lie. Making a name for himself. I have I told you I think it was last week or the week before I have grow my top five. He has to be at least inching closer, right? Inching closer. But the legacy of those that are in the top five, I do not think Aguayo can never reach those heights. Come on Terry on rea. No. I don't think he could reach Terry on res heights, Wayne Rooney. I don't think so, but that and I said this last week, and I'll say this again that does not take anything away from guero girl, in my opinion is a top ten striker in English Premier League history. Manchester City does team that Manchester City has had over the past two years as a phenomenal team, and they seem to. Keep improving on their very little faults. And there are very few perfect games. But this might have seemed like one from Manchester City point of view, I think they were absolutely dominant absolutely confident from the fucking first time that whistle blew and they dominated the game. They were just able to exploited choices defence the midfield of Kevin LeBron's and Gunderson is just a sight to behold, especially when you have Bernardo Silva, sterling guero in front of them who are all just incredibly fucking creative and visionary players and those visionary players just destroyed that back long that was only protected by Georgina and for good measure if we want to run through the goals row quick where him sterling opened it up in the fourth minute from a just gorgeous fucking pass, and then Aguayo tacked on another in the thirteenth goon again had a. Fucking worldly strike in the twenty fifth and then Aguayo got another goal in the fucking fifty six. Sorry. Another one in the nineteen and fifty six where he topped it off at eighty and the thing that fucking impresses me. Most most with city and consistently impresses me with city. We've talked about this before and it's as much of a strength as a weakness they do not rely on a singular player guero. If Aguayo is out they can still get that job done. If Katy b is out they can still get that job done. If Rehim is out they can still get that job too. Because the fucking tactics take presence over the skill level of those players. So I think that what I'm trying to say is I think pep. Heart. Hold on. Let me just try not to choke. Why say this? I think pet has masterminded the English Premier League better than any other managers since or Alex's tenure. I think poster Alex pep has been the smartest and best manager in the Premier League so far. No, I definitely have to agree with that statement. I think he's gone and just taking it just by storm. And it's shown I mean, he made Chelsea look like they were Huddersfield which again, I don't want to shit on Chelsea. I'm just trying to say like, this is absolutely absurd. Six goals and its top six side. Oh and to throw it out there. This is the worst defeat that chose. He has ever suffered in the Premier League era. So since nineteen Ninety-two Chozas never been beaten this bed. So that just adds a whole nother fucking layer of embarrassment for sorry for the Chelsea fans and Chelsea play. There's so this was an ask weapon like I've never seen before. Yeah. I mean, there's some goals. I don't think Kappa coulda done much about me, especially that. Unreal. Wearable outside the eighteen. Which was usually just not right? I mean and kept it even got a hand on it. And just there's nothing he could do he seemed very exposed in this game. The back four. I mean, we've talked about dabid Louise looking exposed for years. Now, I don't know how in Tonio Kante made him look great. But you know, all credit to city. Chelsea Abramovich is weird though. He's kind of taking a step back in his finger is usually on the trigger when it comes the managers so fair. It's only like it's it's February into his first fucking season as a manager. So of Abramovich pulled the trigger right now and fired. Just like straight up fired. Sorry, I would know instantaneously that he has killed people before because that's just cold blooded. Yeah. Maybe give them more time. They haven't given him enough money fucking Ross Barkley sucks. He's he's dealing with Ross Barkley who was absolutely unplayable leg. Jorgihno just another wet sandwich on the field. So I don't know. I don't wanna talk about this anymore. Congrats the city. They're now tied on points. Again, top the league again Liverpool with a game in hand. But they are right now as we're saying this top of the league, and they just put ship humping on Chelsea. So Marin, let's move on to another Manchester side, Manchester United beating Fulham three nil at Craven Cottage turning Fulham into cottage cheese. Pau GPA unbelievable in this match. Just now I think he's sitting at eleven goals in Premier League thirteen goals in all competitions pug, though was absolutely phenomenal. He has been revitalized by soak shar that is undeniable they are calling this the soak shar miracle which again like, please, we're not making a big deal out of it. But some people are calling that because Josie Marino had a comment back in December saying you would take a miracle for Man United to make it into the four. So shore has done that Manchester. United are now sitting at fourth place with fifty one points. So Marin run me through this game. What were your favorite parts of this? Great away win by Manchester. United. I think it was just another confidence builder. I think it was close to way old school mentioned knighted performance as if there ever was one. I mean, I think the Anthony marshy I'll go which is what I wanna talk about first and foremost was absolutely fucking almost picture perfect. These same as Rinaldo goal against Fulham back in two thousand seven the way he can control that bowl. So fucking veasley at speed and pick out the perfect shot. I mean, it just makes you fall in love with that French kid. So I think as a whole was another fantastic game for Manchester United. They they dominated they whether that early storm by meet your vision Fulham for the first ten minutes, and then just after that played their game played that attacking style of of football. At this point. I think paw-paw bug can be considered one of the best midfielders in the Prum. I think that under all the under Deschamps under a leg ry. He. He has been unplayable. So to speak the only coach the only time that he was not considered one of the best players in the league was when he was playing at Marino or playing with Marino. So I think that's a testament to all he has done to this Manchester United squad. He's revitalized it. That's the perfect word to fucking call it. He's introduced that old school style of thinking along with Mike felon Carrick, and I can't remember for the life of me. The last assistant coaches name. It will come to me as sleep for whatever reason. I remember for hours from now. But once again, classic Manchester United win good fucking performance, a head of the Champions League clash on Tuesday with PS g Popa Anthony Marshall fucking fantastic. The only thing I do not like about this team about this squad is playing Rahm Lou. Luke hawks up front and having Alexi Sanchez to bring on at halftime or. In replace of Jesse Lynn guard or marshy? Our rash furred. I think that the top three should be locked in game in game out fucking develop that chemistry. That's what ceramics used to do with TEZ Rinaldo in running. They always play together. I think that's what all it should do with rashy, lingered and Marcio. I think that's the perfect three. I don't think that any fucking transfers need to be brought into Manchester United's attack, the focus should be on the defense. That's a. Yeah. I think big takeaways from this as well. If you're a full fan or following Fulham. I think Claudia Rene is definitely on the hot seat. There was boos after he took off Andre Shirley in the fifty third minute rainier who, you know, dilly, ding, Dong, ding. We love the guy and we were so excited when he came back into the league, but he is struggling with this Fulham side right now, and you know, mentor, she he just picked a just ran into a train really with manteaux she United. So it's very unfortunate for him. It is. And I mean to be fair to Claudio he kind of inherited a dumpster fire. And it does look like the dumpster fire is worsening. So I think that we called it a couple of weeks back that we think Fulham is going to be relegated. If results like this continue to pile up from an area. It's all but guaranteed at this point. I I think this was a pretty easy victory for United looking forward to next week when United faces Liverpool and that's going to be huge game. Not only for Manchester, not advanced, but Manchester City fans, huge Tato implications. But Kev, that's about all I have to talk about United. You wanna move onto the current title challengers and in second place Liverpool three born with zero. Yeah. Great match. Great atmosphere at Anfield. They got very cocky at the end when they are up three no against bore myth singing will never walk alone. With like, two minutes left. Huge cocky move by Liverpool. I love it goes by Mani when autumn and mohamed-salah who has shaved his beard, which is weird. I don't I don't think I like it, please. Please. Someone get him some hair growing facial shit as fast as possible because I don't like it. I don't like it. I think his magic is in the beard. I've only seen him really with a beard. So this could be bad for Liverpool. But dominating game. You know, Liverpool was going through a bad. Not even a bad spell, even lose anyone. They were just getting dropping points through draws really. But this is just a reaffirm that Liverpool were like, hey for still really good our front three is so fucking awesome. But then, of course, city had to go when double against Chelsea the next day. But you know, whatever again great win for Liverpool. Great atmosphere. Anfield wanna emphasize us Liverpool fans are not losing their doesn't seem to be doubt looming over that much. Even though the pressure seems to be all in Liverpool not city, so but great to see Salah. Law on the scoresheet great to see Mani wonderful goals in without OMB. Who's been you know, very key figure in that midfield while they're still trying to figure out Kiet and moving things around with their rotation. And getting in these bench players and stuff like that. So wonderful wonderful match. For a liberal perspective. This was about a perfect match after the mini slump that they have experienced over the past two matches dominating performance against a kinky tricky side that is the cherries and such dominating performance that bodes Ryan Frazier, and Steve cook said that they were blown away by the Liverpool fans and and Liverpool performance in the post Madge interview. So I mean when you have your opponent, complimenting you like that, you know, you did something right lever pulled does. Not stumble. This week bounces right back into top spot. And they had it for about, you know, twelve hours before Manchester City laid that drubbing on Chelsea. So I think both United and Liverpool looking forward to this Sunday matchup with a great expectation and anticipation because from Liverpool perspective, I think they feel confident I think they are. Our first or second on any given week the best team in the Premier League, not not based on standings. But in terms of their style of play. And I think that city best this week. And I think that between Klopp and pep and Liverpool and city and the players and the fans there's an immense competition to one up each other. So as United fan, I'm kinda scared. I'm not a don't want them to one up each other. I do not want Liverpool to come in trying to fucking destroy a seven zero. But this is this was a fantastic recovery. Game quote unquote for Liverpool and I've seen mad fucking things. Online on Instagram on ESPN on the Twitter with Liverpool fan saying, oh, you thought we had a slump we drew two games. And I like I got a mid like fuck me. That's that's a great slump to have. If you have to have a slump drawn two games. Okay. I'm okay with that. So even though it was a slump. They fuck. Fucking God out of there and got back to their winning ways. Yeah. Let's move on to arsenal. Jeez. We don't have to spend long on this game. This the first time are so's one away. And I'll quite a while. And all I gotta say about this game is Huddersfield dominate possession. I thought that arsenal was finally going to get a clean sheet. And we give an own-goal and like the ninety minute arsenal. One to one. This wasn't a spectacular game. I'm not going to chalk it up as anything. I'm just gonna take the three points. And just be glad that we didn't. Fuck this one up. So that's a good fucking outlook. I mean, I think. I think y'all very fucking deservedly got the victory deserve victory. The goal is like stereotypical arsenal. Like that last fucking second. Like who? Oh, let's shooter. So from the just just remind me that I'm an arsenal fan, right? Right. We've got a fucking make one mistake per game. And Klasnic made his mistake in the ninety third minute. Yeah. I honestly. This team is still a lot of work in the fact that we struggled against Huddersfield who's the bottom of the fucking table. It's you know. All right move onto next week. All right. Let's move on to another north London team Tottenham Hotspur versus LeicesteR three one victory for LeicesteR in the thing. I want to bring up about Spurs, and the reason I put them last is because ton them are doing this thing again where they are low key just winning a ton Martin. And no one is talking about them. But the are sitting in third place right behind Liverpool and city kind of in the hunt. I know we've already said they're not gonna win the Premier League. But they are nine points ahead of you guys. United and ten points above Chelsea and arsenal. Like four and away above the fourth fifth and six and they're almost solidifying their Champions League spot for next year. So. Another takeaways Ericsson has been absolutely phenomenal without cane or anything like that his goal in this game. Just like playing perfectly one to passing just laying off just a beauty a world e I I was a ton of fan. I would love this. But I also be very worried of teams such as the Barcelona's Real Madrid's eyeing him up and trying to snag in the summer because he has been in phenomenal form. And I know he's every summer. He's always a top. Talent that is always being looked at from afar from these clubs. So I I'm happy for Tottenham. I'm just worried because you know, we say this every year. Like when is this one is the gang going to be breaking up? When are they going to go their separate ways? So I don't know. Do you have any takeaways from his game? Yeah. First and foremost, I think if Jamie Vardi was more clinical they could have given Tottenham a real fucking fight in this game Jimmy Vardi missed a penalty immediately. After being subbed on he missed a close shot. He then got his goal. And then he missed another shot after he after he scored. So I mean, if he scored one or two of those that would have changed the entire outlook of this fucking game. But as the game falcons fans as the result fucking stands Tottenham, comfortable victory Erickson, I think is that main man without alley or Cain in the mix. I think that with Eric's alone alone in that fucking Tottenham team so to speak. He is truly showing his fucking skill in that midfield and the goal that he had that quick fucking shot. He has always been brilliant at shooting the ball in the opposite corner that the goalie things it's going to. He's always been bro. In that split second sending the goalie the wrong way. And I think I think that he deserves to have some suitors some huge suitors come after his signature this summer. I mean Barcelona row Madrid are just two that are interested. I if I was event is I'll prefer to have Ericsson them Ramsey can just say that like if I'm event is my eyes when at the EPA, oh, I would want Erikson not Ramsey. No, I think that's totally fair. I think Ericsson is a bit more creative and more clinical. I don't know just from maybe I'm biased because an arsenal fan. I just get jaded my players. I'm not looking at you know, I'm not stats guy right now. But if I were do the, you know the face test or the, you know, the eye test. I mean, I would probably pick Ericsson right now over on Ramsey. Yeah. I mean, I don't know if it's my lack of or snow love or if it's something else. But I think that Ramsey has has not been a as good of a creator and a consistent crater as Ericsson has been his entire time at Tottenham. I think Ericsson Katie or or the best. Ericsson k to be Paul bar the best midfielders in the in the Premier League this this season. So far at this point in time. And I think that Ericsson definitely deserves to be in talked in the same conversation that Katy b n Papa and taught midfielders or I think that he is absolutely under looked. I think that's just you know, part of that taught them Kerr's Tom's kind of a bottling club. You don't really hear about alley? You don't really hear about lorries when you're talking about Premier League day in day out who's the best in their position. But they have some serious fucking strengths on that team and Eric's. I think definitely deserves to be taught three midfielders in in his position. No, I definitely agree. But all right, guys. We're gonna move on to fan questions, but went to a quick break. We'll be right back with questions. This is the overtime podcast network. All right. Well, we're back. Okay. So first question comes from our Facebook from Kyle Wilkins, he asked alright crazy idea with how bad Huck con Chawl HANA glue. Oh god. I totally ruined that it's the guy the player at east as long. Yeah. Chilanga? Thank you. Yep. Oh, look, we're talking Siri Syria guys blow so with how much AC Milan want to get back to the champions leagues and their connections to Timothy ways. Father would if Tim way signed for AC maligns AC Milan after his time at Celtic. Ooh. I would absolutely lose my ever loving ship. Also shot out we haven't even brought up Timothy way. Really? But he is killing it as Celtic already. I think he already has like two goals in two games or I have I don't know what he didn't star game. I know he's like two in his first two games, so already chalk it up as the US men's national team golden decade coming soon. I think that'd be awesome. I would love to see him in a top five league, especially for a historic club. It's a Simone. I think it'd be absolutely fantastic. Can I be an asshole real quick like to share my you? You you be an asshole. Yeah. I know shocking. Shock know gone. All right. All right. Look, I I love the US men's national team. I'm all about Christian pulisic all about our golden generation, but Timothy wake can't even make it in a league with farmers. He couldn't break into the PS g team. He couldn't even break into a consistent substitute in a league where they regularly and January genuinely play farmer town teams. So they sent him to farmer fucking Ville Scotland. And he's crushing it up there. No, fucking doubt. In my mind. I'm not gonna fucking disregard that fact at all, but do not get hype about this young Tim way when he scoring against the farmers of farmers and does he deserve to go to ace Milan. In any sense at this point in his career, in my opinion. Absolutely fucking not. What has he done other than have six months of fame? He hasn't even started for PS g once like started consistently once. This guy is a kid is playing in the Scottish Premier League. He's not going to as Milan, he's not even going back to league earn. He has to get better. Fuckin-? Encourage them to get better before you imagine him reuniting with his father's dream. Fuck reality sets in and it's a miserable fucking reality. But I live in it. You're just a hater, man. It's just it's it's I mean, it must be nice being a hater. I I wouldn't know. But all right moving on to our Twitter. Half in half scarves podcast, which by the way. Great name. I hate having have scarves, and I hate full kit wanker, but if you add podcast end of that. I love it. So they're question is should Chelsea sack. Sorry, now bearing in mind they've got menu and FA Cup man city in the League Cup in Spurs at home in the Premier League necks. Ooh. Yikes. Yikes. We kind of talked about this. I don't think they can now, but they should make a decision to other sac him or not, you know, if that makes sense at all. Yeah. I don't know Abramovich might be taken. I'm all about giving people more time to figure it out and give them the players that they want. So I think saris gotta learn how to adapt like pep. Did. I think sorry Abramovich has fired managers for less. So maybe see how he does during the spell, but it's also not fair to him, really. During the spell these going up against three top teams who are both. You know, flying high right now are all flying high. I think sorry as much as I ranted earlier abou- and gave him so much grief. I still think he needs time. I think he needs to adapt. An ISA changes tactics. Do something he definitely just needs to like not stick with this four three three. He needs to move into goalie contact back plane where he's supposed to be playing. But that's all I I think we're moving agreement that don't sacrament now. But if this process. And he keeps getting blown out. I mean got blown up born myth now blown out by in by fucking city. That's ten goals right there in the three matches where you didn't score anything away. So all right moving on arsenal. F c discussions follow them at discussions arsenal. F c or something. All right. They say is Emery doing the right thing by replacing Arsene Wenger's British core. Yes. I actually brought that up to one of my friends earlier that arsenal used to be the future of British football. And now, they're all gone chambers. Ox Jack Wilshire Aren Ramsey. I mean, if he needs to do it do it if he's gonna make his team better than yet. And I think this squad. He's developing right now and Rainsy didn't really work into his future than. Yeah. I think it's totally fine. I mean, we're not really seeing that many British T top sixteens for being honest. So I think it's totally fine. I mean, I just kind of the one I'm really upset about is probably ox laid also the walkout there. But fuck the oh, but like Oxley Chamberlain. I was pretty bummed about. Yeah. I mean, I don't really hate it at all. I think Arsene Wenger's one of the most. Critical things not critical. But the one of the things that he got critique the most foreign the early stages of his career was bringing in a lot of foreigners and displacing that mostly British corps. And it seems like twenty years down the line. United is doing the same thing. I don't think chambers. Theo or Wilshire, we're good enough for arsenal. Or at least what our snow wants to be at. So I do not disagree with getting rid of any of those players, regardless of whether they were British Foreign or whatever alien. I think United is is just trying to shape the squad in his vision. And he's cutting loose weight. I think the only true true. And I say this as respectfully as I can I think the only true true loss that our snow is a team suffered in terms of British players leaving is ARIN Ramsey. I don't think ox laid could've done much better at ours. No ads just an opinion. I think he did pretty good for Liverpool. But I don't think arsenals tactics are ever going to MIR Liverpool's so ox would never be able to play to the potential that he has at arsenal. So I don't think that these are any losses or anything to be sad about from arsenal f c arsenal fan perspective with exception of Ramsey. Yeah. I think it's just it was just time. All right next. Question comes from Corey Andres follow him at under twenty seven on Twitter. He says what's more messed up? The fact that arsenal pay three hundred fifty K week to not even be included in the squad for most of our games. Ouch. Or that? We lost Ramsey on a free signing. Ooh. Wow. Just just you know, trying to find a needle in needle stack. Fuck me. I would probably say. But now that Ramsey's getting paid four hundred K a week. I'm not that upset so a probably say a more upset about ozo- because he was pretty much the hope the beginning cog for like the arsenal that was going to hopefully, get a Premier League title when he first came over. And it just seems like that's definitely not going to happen now. So I think I'm more disheartened. I'm sad and about owed so not even making the starting eleven in playing being paid that wage. So this is gonna follow up to that question. Because this is your team. Would you rather Oto be paid lessons be with that team? Or would you rather him start consistently? So I guess what I'm asking is. Would do you want to on that team? Do you want him to play each week, regardless of how much is being paid or do just are you just done with the Oto experiment? No, I think people get too focused on the wages. Sometimes even though we just went and ranted about Ramsey being paid a ridiculous amount. But the thing is Ramsey is going to be paid a ridiculous mount in probably play a lot. That's what I would think. But I don't know. I would rather, you know. That's tough. I think Odsal starting would be fantastic being that he does have so much talent. But I think he doesn't work in United's system. So yeah, I'd probably rather him just be gone from the club in general like I don't want like, oh, we could cut his wages. But like if he's still not gonna work in the system. I rather him just be gone and go flourish hopefully somewhere else in which the best for him. I wonder where he would go. I mean, how old is. So now is he twenty nine twenty eight. Yeah. He has to be almost thirty now. Yeah. He is thirty I do kinda wonder about the future of of where he would go. What what league he would go to what team in that league? Because I the only real options I see my head for Oso is either return to Spain go to Madrid or return to Germany go back to Byron. I really don't at least in my dumb fucking idiot mind. I don't see him anywhere else in the world. Yeah. I really don't see him. That's a tough one. I haven't even thought about the departure. And what teams would want him just because I don't think arsenal has really done him any favors. So. When Phil Jones has more system, you it's kind of sad. All right moving on to next question at simplified size, Simon Parke. He says Marino Conti and sorry did well at Chelsea before getting criticized and leaving slash fired. But win will people are blaming the players for their lack of results. No, we brought that up. We've brought about how Chelsea players they think they're going to win the play phenomenally. But if they don't they'll just be kind of days ical, and it has come out. I mean now it's three managers now where there has been issues in the dressing room. Where players are not putting out there. You know, are not playing to their full extent Marcus Alonzo getting chewed out by sorry this week at practice pretty much telling him your fucking shit a soccer. I mean, we see that some player these go out there, and they just go out and get their paycheck and leave. I mean, that's the you know, sad part about this game. You know, some players go out and just play for a paycheck others play for titles. And then Chelsea's case they will do it when they think they're definitely gonna win. And if they know they're not gonna win they just kind of like switch off. So I definitely think there is something there. It's not all on. Sorry. I do think the players do deserve some if not a lot of the blame. But also saw is not setting them up for success like Nagoya Kante playing in the fucking like right wing. That's bizarre to me. Yeah. I think at least for this Chelsea example, it's a little bit of this little bit of that. I'm if you remember back to November. There were plenty people questioning mansions nodded work ethic. The players work ethic, not not hosing Marino's, but I can vividly remember Graham soon as having a rock hard. Erection talking about how he did not think pulp hog was putting in any effort. I. And remember law a lot of pundits in common. You know, commentators questioning individuals specific players on a lot of teams you go to arsenal. And there's always going to be someone questioning Osos work ethic rather than the teams work ethic. So I think there there's plenty of focus on the player's performance as well as the manager's performance. But when you have just been beaten six zero and the tactics have not been changed since day one, and you are playing players out of position, and you are yelling at players and you as the coach personally, blaming the players impress conferences. Yeah. The focus is going to be on sorry and not the players. So I think this is dammit, I keep fucking going back to this. I think this is Marino ask man. I think sorry 'em rainy just making everything worse and worse and worse just because their refusal to change and the focus should be on the players and the coaches, but because of the coach's actions both Marino. Sorry. A lot of the focus is on the coach itself. Yeah. I think sorry definitely has a lot of blame. But I do think players should definitely not get by Scott free. All right moving onto our Instagram questions. Please follow us at lads podcasts. Mark dot Morgan zero says can we not talk about that Chelsea defeat? Well. Nope. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. S A R I, buddy. Sorry next question comes from sue Sweeney underscore hut. Underscore junior Champions League finalists predictions, by the way. Thanks for the shirt just received it. Yeah. He won't our Twitter giveaway where I give away. I sent him a free Lancer. So glad Tagab it got it. I think it's real names, rob Sweeney. I won't tell anyone what Israel dresses. So rob got you. Don't worry that's between me, and you also do other stuff, wink, wink, all right? Martin Champions League finals predictions. I'm going to do gun to my head eventers Barcelona right now. Shit which would be amazing run out over semester. That's why I want the big fucking theater Beck. Cicle one. The gophers of the goat. That's what I want. I say. I say Byron Munich. Buyer Munich Venice, oh, you're such a Barscelona messy hater got damn. It's a it's a great voice Lona excelled in the Champions League in the past when they wanted a when they won the treble past passed a when the when they came pass against three years when they came back again semi-final down in the semi-finals. When was the last time they went to a funnel four years buyer Munich was that successful they blew it against Real Madrid. Come mine years, speak because. Yeah. Isn't that? Right. Wasn't that the narrative after Madrid? I guess we need VR Martin. Okay. Next question cups from Lithonia show who went more trophies next year, ornery Z or Christian pulisic Rams intas is guaranteed. That's such bullshit. Fuck. Fuck you Anthony, you know, it's Ramsey because this is guaranteed wind at least probably two trophies in Italy, either the COPA Italian a- and the Syria to be very time is coming up to win another a league title with a new coach. It's about that three year Mark where they hire new coach he wins in the first year. And then everything goes to shit doesn't appear like it's gonna be sorry. But it's coming close. Yeah. It's every other year, we know that. All right next question comes from Brock Biard sexy Kay. He says if the top six were beers. What would they be? Oh, ooh. Ooh. I don't get enough shit. Wow. That's going to be can we think on that? Can we get back to you on Thursday and thinking this Brock? Ten had to God hand Buddha. We will come back on Thursday Friday morning. We will have our top six Premier League teams with a beer assigned to them. We got some him. God, we got some fucking homework and Brock. You can remind me on Instagram because my man, I talked like fucking every week about cars dude knows his shit out to Brock's. Bjork ex CK. Yeah. So Brock just Lino. We're not gonna forget about you. We're we're coming back. We're going to be back. All right next. Question comes from our discord channel, which is our chat room where people can talk beer talk show to each other, talk football and get to know each other who are all fans of lattes. First question comes from Garfield. He says with things at Chelsea looking like a dumpster fire will sorry be back next season. All right. This is another sorry question. But he does add rumors say the Frankel for Lampert is the front runner, which I did see reports of this. And he's already saying, Nope. I'm staying with derby Darby, and I have no intentions of leaving going to Chelsea. But I mean, if he gets presented offer to Chelsea and play for his club where he became a legend at I think, he will take it. I mean, come on. But. Right now, we're still saying sorry will keep it. We'll see if he can get close at a top four. I don't know if Abramovich how bad he wants to be in the Champions League next year if he wants to be in the Champions League next year. I don't think sorry will get Chelsea in that top four spot. Yeah. I think. I think that sorry needs to pick his focus to end out this year. Whether it's on the league or Europa league. I believe that if he continues this run of form throughout the rest of the season. Then he should absolutely be dropped in the summer. I know Chelsea are ruthless and cold hard leg that. So that's a pretty big possibility. So it's about all I got on that one. All right last question comes from Brian Inge Elino be Angelino. He says how much longer can men you continue. This run of form is Oleg gunner of fluke or does he actually know what he is doing? Should he be offered the manager spot permanently? He okay. No. So obviously, go ahead. Obviously, we're recording this at eight thirty at night. So obviously mentions not did lose to PS g today two zero. But I think all they should be given the permanent position for many, many, many reasons, but I just want to start off by saying PS G versus manches knotted should not determine whether he gets the job or not. It's it's the change in club that drastic change in in the atmosphere and the in the look on the players faces the look on the fan's faces for FOX sake. This is the first time that in the past four years that I have been actually excited and hopeful for a Champions League game and this week and I am excited for matchup with Liverpool. Olgun soldier is the only manager in the past four years that has been able to deliver that excitement of fans and players. He has. Also gone on a eleven game undefeated streak until today this defeat needs to be taken as a lesson. It not as a fucking end. All get the fuck outta my club. Holly gonna Salk char- you didn't win the rest of the games imaginable. I think soc should be given the position solely based on. What he has brought back to the club. It feels like twenty eleven at feels like twenty eight two thousand eight not twenty eight. She's cry some dumb, but he has brought back an intangible to the club that is more important than a lot of people standing on the outside looking in understand. It's it's so much more than the tactics. He's brought to the club. It's about the feeling manches. Not it is supposed to be run taught and coached a certain type of way. And that is what he's brought back and for that reason loan along with the results that he is achieved in such short amount of time coming over from God damned. Norway. Fuck. Yeah. My dude is ready for the full-time gig give it to him. And if they if managerial board at Manchester United do not give it to him Zidane or Pacino Brian on my join you and become a Newcastle fan because I will have zero faith. All right. How long does that take like three men? Okay. Yeah. Day has done a phenomenal job. I think he should keep the job, especially absolutely. If he's road this ship into the fourth spot and got him into Champions League. I think that is a no brainer. And yeah, I mean, let him have transfer window. Let him bring in the players. He'd wanna bring in and make this club, even better. So I definitely think he is very much deserving of the spa, especially all the hard work, and how happy the players look, and how Well Paul Paula has been this focal point of this club. All right, guys. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. And we will be back with you Friday to do over all the Champions League matches including the Manchester United for PSU game that Martin had briefly alluded to but shoutout to overtime media for taking us on and being awesome to us shut out to Justice. In an everyone overtime media for giving us a chance we love that. And we will see you on Friday with all the champions action. We love you.

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