Interview with Shane Barker


This is the breakfast leadership podcast. Powdery burn outed you make the choice. Here's your host leverage Welcome back I've Got Shane Barn on Shane. How are you sir doing good? Michael how are you. It is a great day to be alive and I say that every day even even even in the frozen Tundra of Toronto Ontario. Sometimes when it's snowing it's like a great day although it's definitely not snowing today so about the mindset and you're doing good you're awesome so you are someone that's and the marketing space in influencer marketing for over two decades on this predates A lot of social media that we know and a lot are the strategies that we hear about all the time. So what are some of the things that you've seen over the last couple of decades that Seem to be lasting longer. And what's what's things that you don't think are going to be around for much longer. Because of the ever changing landscape we we find in this online space. Yeah I mean it is Kinda crazy I've been in the digital space for twenty twenty five years. Influence emerging has become really big for us just kind of found about seventy years ago But you know one of the things things that I think when you look at like. Ai Artificial intelligence and some other stuff like that people are always worried about what's going to be for digital marketing. How it's GonNa Change Things? I think one thing that hasn't changed whether you know what the psychology changes and things movement you know different things are happening. Is really that human to human contact. Right is interaction I think a lot of people with technology and softwares and platforms up. It's a way to be able to do you find information like big data and be able to sift through stuff and be able to find things. But nothing's GonNa take away that actual human contact that interaction that you're going to have with people so you know. Hey I will make it so that it will make things is little easier to be able to find those individuals have those types of conversations. But nothing's going to take place shaking hands and kissing babies right. I mean that's the idea of this. Is that that Is How you build the building of relationships with the online or offline I've seen through the digital space. I mean once before there was even when I was doing. Seo and it wasn't even called Seo so And I was doing a lot of influence marketing stuff in the step before it was even infants marketing. What I've seen is is that when you're working with influencers it's really relationships right? It comes down to relationships building with these influencers because there's potentially millions of influencers at Branston work with it really comes down to. How do I sift through those millions? And finally the individuals officials that are good for my brand but there are also going to treat their their them being an influence I can actual business and that really comes down to relationships and so we've built that with a a lot of influencers over the years because campaigns that we've done and we have influencers that we rely on very heavily for campaigns because they do a great job they'd produce great content. They understand you know how to loop the you know the briefs that we send over when they say they're going to get something done at a certain time they get done so I think really comes down to relationships no matter the technology no matter where things and move on it just comes down to that kind of jelly belly relationships in one of the things I love the fact that talk about their relationships and the one on one of the one of the things that I've noticed and especially with the I dunno share. You know there's a lot of people that have concerns about what that's going to look like but the one on one relationships nations ships when you have those conversations and anybody that's done any type of consulting work knows this that a client will bring you in for for something and when you get in there you will discover something else that they need addressed and the client may not know that and I don't think a is is necessarily going to be able to capture that either based on conversations an input. So it's it's one of those things where that that the know like and trust factor. I don't think is ever going to be able to kick that in. You Know I. It's just not gonNa work you know it's the human to human interaction that's GonNa make the difference in again. I will say yes based on these previous experiences. We recommend this but your face to face with somebody in your talking with them about something and and they're saying something but their body language is not saying the same thing and you're going K.. Sounds like you're saying this but you seem to be uncomfortable about it. What what is there and it just takes off from there and you can actually get them the actual solution or solutions? They need instead of what he I kicked out from an algorithm. Yeah I mean that's really what it is it comes down to the you know at the end of the day you put in the wrong data right you put in the wrong information Asian. You're not going to get the answer you're looking for so what I mean by. That is if a is picking up on something. Client thinks they need this thing. I've had plenty of clients. Most of my clients had come to me. I think they need one thing. And we title say listen. That's not really what you need. Because you're looking handy to do SEO with but we want it to be up when we went to be number one for the keyword in two weeks like okay. That's not realistic. Like that's not going to happen. What we need to do is in probably some PPC or we need to do? Maybe an influencer campaign to get something to drive traffic faster so so the thing is is once again if the client thinks that they know what they want an AI. Thinks you know you go and you put in some information to a and they okay. This is what you need. This is what they think. Thank you need based on what you said and maybe pass data. Maybe we're looking at the wrong stuff. You're not going to get what you're looking for so once again to your point you know the the idea of this is like you to be able to truly assess the situation and talk to a client and we'll be able to make some kind of accustomed evaluation of what they have going on. I think maybe I can work for Libertysafe. Fifty percent of these people assume that the information what they're looking up is really what they need greater than you can make that assessment but it is going to be very difficult to you know for that to take over over the place of of somebody being able to be able to being a consultant. There's probably not gonNA be any software. I think this point that can that can evaluate what I've learned the last twenty five years and be able to have the same assessment the exact same assessment that I have not say that I'm perfect by any means but I would like to think that I'm a little smarter than Ai. Hopefully maybe this sure I am. I don't know about next year but you know right because of that. I mean that's step because of what I personally you've done in my past and what I see and then making those assessments becomes a lot. More personal connecting is never going to replace that fingers crossed. Were both right on that. I know if not then. We're going to be obsolete in a year so that's super awesome too. I guess going on vacation. Yeah yeah that's good. I can create ways to compensate us for sitting on a beach somewhere drinking whatever they bring us and adult dope averages. Yes if you look mine up I would know that I like as if that's what it would probably be eligible there you go I'm in the Ip camp too so Sheringham scaring it's all good but my eyelids. When is there there you go? Yeah we'll just we'll just make sure that there's you know they figure continually deliver. I don't want it to be. Oh well we well. We killed that six. Pack now. What you know there you go? That's awesome so with the people that you're working with Water some common things. You see them do or think they need to do. is you gotTA looted. That's a little bit where they bring you down. They say we need to do this. What are some things that they bring you in for new realize? That's not actually yet. You actually need to do this because you're GonNa get better traction and the long haul. Yeah I mean it really comes down to what their goals are right and how quickly they need to achieve something so they say listen. We've got a great sales fund. We've got a great sales team. were producing a million dollars a month and you know things are good there. We just WANNA open up some new revenue streams we WANNA do better with Seo where we want to open up an influencer marketing side of things. That's a little bit of a longer play right now. We have some time. It's not a code red. You know I mean nobody likes to client that they come to you and say listen. I got two thousand awesome dollars after. This doesn't go right. I'm GonNa shut my business now like that's not a clip for either right. I mean because I don't want to take on that responsibility because there are no guarantees. Right up there guarantees then we would just go with one marketing company. And you'd be with them for forty five years and you retire together so you know everything we try. Obviously we've we've Mike Company. We've obviously tried a lot of different things as we know it works for most companies But you know it really comes down to like being able to assess that right of going in. We're clients go. Hey this is what I need. I need to drive more traffic ethic and I look at their website and say well you guys are driving one hundred thousand people. It's not that unique. Two hundred thousand people that see that you need to convert the traffic that you currently have or you need to get less strap. Strap you'd get the right type of traffic right so let's go ahead and ignore that hundred thousand mark really. What we need to do is really trimmed this down? Put the right content to pull in forty thousand and that forty forty thousand increase your conversion rate two percent four percent and Nash should be the perfect client for you so you know once again most clients. They own the reason why they're out reaching out to somebody's because they get what they get. They don't know what they don't they don't know right so it's like we go in and make that assessment that's like we don't have like my website. My company a thirty thirty five percent team. I don't have custom package. Issues may have got some packages. I don't have any like boilerplate packages. ABC because everybody's different things that my team is really good good at like content and that kind of stuff in producing and driving traffic but everyday the way that we put those packages together very very tailored to that business because let's get everybody's businesses a little different. Some are great social some have some good. Seo presents some greater writing content but don't have the distribution piece that there's just a lot of moving pieces to that we kind of look at the overall assessment and say okay. What's the low hanging fruit so we can see some great results for the light and the what's kind of the long term plan? What exactly we need to do to get and by doing that again? It helps them really narrow down their focus and one thing definitely the highlight is. It's easier to work with clients that realized they know what they don't know and they bring you guys in to say all right here. Help me OBI WAN you're my only hope kind of thing when it comes the marketing because again sometimes you just say okay well. Everybody has ads here or we gotta do this type of social media campaign and they just throw so a bunch of crap into all use twitter for example for a moment I described twitter like a river. Okay unless you're camped out on that thing twenty for seven you're not gonna see everything you're not gonNA see every post unless you're specifically following a particular person or or stalking them. Whatever you you WANNA call it Then then you're gonNA catch all of their their stuff but you're gonNA miss it and the same thing with you know adds depending on what time of day you're looking at something you may not see Our you're just not paying attention. You're not looking over to the. There's all kinds of different things so it's one of those things targeting based on what their product services and in getting in front of the the right audiences it makes such a big difference. The right audience is key. Do that you know whether it's PPC or even influencer blitzer marketing. There's always you know in the last few years has been like oh influenced marketing. Oh you'd doesn't work. This works great. The problem is is. You don't have have the right audience if you have. An influence has a huge following. But it's not your audience if you don't know who your audience is then you're doing a campaign with an influence or just because you did one campaign in pain one influence or doesn't work doesn't mean that influence a murkiness or right I mean if I go after. PPC and they go after a certain audience in they don't respond that doesn't mean PPC doesn't work at just means that that the campaign that doesn't work right so that's what I think. A lot of people get confused with influencer marketing. It's like there's not just one influencers that everybody's working with right and so that you're like I to try John and needed work. And now what are we going to do. Like he's the only influence are out there like that's not the deal there's look different platforms. There's different influencers. There's a lot of different ways to do this. It's a lot of AB testing where you want to put some money out there. And See who's moving the needle then once you find that working funnel no different than PPC no different than any sales funnel you build on your website. One set starts to go. And if you see a good conversion rate now you go find those youtube you know influencers that have this type of following or the Instagram person that has a following ship between sixteen and Twenty twenty four that are female like whatever that is but if to realize it takes a little time to find that and influence of marketing. Even though we've had some phenomenal results it's also the beginning. We had campaigns. It didn't do well at all right. That's all learning lessons but now because of the amount of campaigns that we've done you know I'm gonNA teach. Ucla to personal brandon had an influence. Or course I've been heavy in the industry trooper while we we've seen a lot of change in the industry. Ribs influence a marketing. But a lot of good stuff to like. You know how do you. It's a campaign strategy so it's not just a hey go fat hired influencing as a high followership you know. Send them free product for cinema five hundred dollars whatever that is and then just having conscious in pray that it goes well like it. Praying seen as a tactic is just not good for any business. If you have to pray after you campaign I it's probably not gonna go that well gay muscle just go into some random business you've never worked with or know anything about and say here's your here's a product that's going to save your organization. Millions you know. Pay Me and they're GONNA go. You don't even know the name company you just send. You gave us a basically a temple. You downloaded awful off the computer and here it. Is You know you haven't done anything so in the online space you know we hear a lot of thing about traffic and websites and things like that and funnels. You know. There's been a big push in recent eight years about having funnels which funnels aren't new. It's just the way the it's basically narrowing down any kind of lewd to a little while ago but you know finding those the ideal customers who ish radio client and and and funneling them in a way to get them to you. Buy Your product or service Chris or if you have multiple levels in funnel them into the right category you know some people go into a brick and mortar store That may sell a bunch of things and they merely go in there for one type of thing and they never shop the other departments but then there are some that go the full perimeter of the store and and you know we're able to buy all kinds into different products or services and it's like going into a physical Amazon for for people that are you know thinking along those lines so we what's your take on funnels and in why they work for some and why those that use them struggle with them. Yeah I mean funnel is you know. It's a it's a coined term that means obviously we see you're taking somebody into your website and you go through some kind of a sequence right on your websites we talk. That is a funnel. I mean there's a lot of different ways to people in I always recommend that. If you'RE GONNA pull people in your website of the problem it is one hundred people that come to your website. Usually Ninety eight percents leave right. So how do you get those people to either download any booker a white paper or get a free consultation or Adam to your newsletter like what you need to do a traffic driving. What are you doing to pull those individuals in and then once they download that yearbook or whatever that is then? What is your next steps in that process right? Is it or the person that does a thirty minute wants a demo. Like what is your processor like what we have to look through that whole journey of like what does email that they received how quickly the salesperson gets to him. How quickly do they put something on the calendar and at that point from that that Demo Day than what is the you know take Acre Nikoloz? It usually takes thirty days well and all this needs to be put into some kind of a crm so the idea of this is at your process will continue needs to be tweaked until you get it to a point where sure. It's a seamless process which is not impossible but it becomes very difficult to do right. I mean Emerson is great example. You touched on them is that Amazon has a one click purchase right right like that changed the game it. There's there's there's everything else every step that you have to take to go do or that. Your client is to do one more thing. You have a drop off every time so if you we have seven things that need to happen before close happens or ten or twenty or whatever that is every single one of those points is GonNa be you can have less people less retention of people or the potential the client so Amazon example. Click on it. It's a one time purchase. Sometimes it's too easy like I can confirm for my wife. It's way too easy like she. Just quick start button. It's like meeting like we. It's like Christmas at my house every day. Shut up to my wife. If she's listening to this I still love you But you know it really comes. It's it's like what. What is that noise in between that? You know when you're you're going through this funnel system and how your people in and once again what type of content you should have like funnels. Being there could be a different type of funnel for each piece of content. You create so if you have a blog and you have a podcast of all these different things like figure out. What kind of traffic is committed through there and what kind of content they like right in nets can be the AB testing or different things that you wanna put whether it be lead magnet or white paper or something like that and then flew in those people getting them on your newsletter and figuring out what you're going to do to convert those individuals whether it's a product or service and understanding that whole journey when what's going? What are all the different things that happened there and even the salesperson they jump on with them like what are the things that they go over? What what are the pain points like? How does that happen once? You have that in place which is not easy and I can talk about it you know. We have a half nearer podcast. I can tell you how to do within five minutes. But the actual put put that together and understand where people are exiting. Weather's issues where there's you know sales people that are calling right away whether it's you know whatever that is you have to look at all those things as as as an owner of once you get a good sales process or a funnel in place that it's beautiful right because now it's like you're printing money for every dollar I put in. I get two dollars out and I I know lungs we follow these processes and this is going to be tight that we're going to be able to bring in you know out of one hundred thousand people. Five percent of those people come in. We're able to close thirty of those people boone. Each one of those people were two thousand dollars so now I have a good system of like as long as I'm driving the right type of traffic that my sales team should convert at this level. Because I have John that that converts at three percent and Jennifer At five percent so the average is four out of that. They closed so many types of sales in the lifetime. Value that client is XYZ. So we we know kind of what that value is right so we have that full funnel and we have understanding of what that we bring those quaint in what they're going to be worth to us now if I described that because oftentimes most people they want us one funnel for all of those different flavors of things where you know a podcast a blog other things you do speaking engagements whatever are all different things my audience for my stuff. You know people that. Listen to my podcast. That have never looked took my website or go to my blog and I've got people that subscribed to my blog that have never heard me talk before and people at the C.. Me Speak it. Events send conferences. They know that they have it. But you know they're consuming me in different ways so I've got all of these different Inputs and for me. It'd be like okay. I'm just GONNA use the SWAN FUNNEL HE I get this free book you know and and it's one of those things where it's like you're spot on because it helps you understand who your audiences insist. And what are they looking for. Make that make that for them and make it easy for them like you said. I just got an email just a second ago that the other is a smiley face box at at my front door. So I'm I'm familiar with the Amazons as well. Yeah it's it's convenient. Let's say at this way and yes I do have toilet paper delivered to my home because why why why stand in line for like somebody can bring it to me now. Now they haven't figured out the the service of bringing to me when I realized I didn't load the roll up yet up there. There's mountains there yet but we'll eventually maybe that's the drums will take until drop. Don't worry about that all you get you press a little button. It'll be Amazon Amazon. Now it'll be Amazon like two minutes ago or something like that means. He did it yesterday your day or two minutes ago. And they'll probably have to open your window. The drone will drop the toilet paper through the window. And as long as you can grab it or maybe it'll even somebody that will capture it for you on that side of the robot or something head of actually put it on there or maybe wipe for you. It's too far. We don't need to talk about that today but I get to know it. Yeah it's it's it's it's technology and hopefully hopefully we'll have limits we we may want to toss a couple in their kids to fight till I die. That's got to be careful exactly. I just make sure which. which when you're buying because he got the wrong when you hear about it? Believe me you hear about party exactly so of all the clients you get to work with who we're the ones that are easier now obviously. Don't identify names but you know is their common theme of of the type of people. Your team loves working with Yeah. It's the ones that pay on time. Getting I'm actually not kidding. But no really comes down to for us is is really expectation and important to understand that ahead at a time. So I've learned over the twenty something years clients. Is that if you guys earn on the same page in regards to deliverables but what they're expecting the results to be that's where you're gonNa have Abbas huge disconnect and so In the beginning I would take on any client right because of that we can do this. We can do this. And we're all powerful and now we very specific by the clients that we work with because the expectations to be there. The budget has to be there and make sure that the good communication is there as well right so if the client that comes in and says hey just you know. We're going to hire. Are you guys. But you know they don't WanNa let over the they don't want to give you the rains right. They want to say I know everything. I've got everything I got it figured out. I'm just gotTa hire somebody. It's probably not going to be a good. Is it for us right now. Too Big Hold onto the reins but at the end of the day. It's like what you really want us to have the rain so that we can be held responsible for everything that we're doing you can. Obviously you'll approve everything but you know really your hiring us because you're looking for a consultant. You're looking for coach advocate or somebody to show you how to do the right way and so I think that's important. You know you can get early signs lanes like I send out qualifying questions to central clients. Because I want to. I'm asking about the budget. Ask what they've done in the past. What is work? What has worked in the past like and also with expectations? -tations are like what would be a home run for you and they say okay. I think you know if we if we spent ten thousand dollars and did a million dollars in sales and I'm like well of course I mean who wouldn't want that right but let's be realistic like there's probably no way. I mean if I could do that for my clients I mean. What would I charge you to do that? I'd probably charge a hundred thousand dollars to spend ten thousand to make a million or more right right so We've had good results. But you're not going to have that type of results and I think it's important for them to understand that and to make sure that everybody's on the same page with hey a big big Lynnwood to spend ten thousand dollars and make twenty thousand right. That would be a huge win right now. What we do is we would just go or the first ten thousand twenty thousand to thirty thousand is going to be just defined find networking funnel so you might not make any money right? This could be just something we're figuring out but by the end of that thirty thousand now we'll know for every dollar. You're going to make three dollars by doing this. We've eliminated. I needed these other nine or ten options. So that's where thing is really important. A lot of clients are looking for and it depends on the client. Hey I want to spend thirty thousand dollars and a half to making EAKIN arline that instantly and that's not always the situation with us the way we do things like well. Is it better to spend that money and just Kinda pray that goes well or is it. I really really tightening coming up to really figure out that perfect influence or that perfect. You know whatever it is. PPC The perfect audience for your for that for your customer and now you know whenever this happens you're going to produce was just type of money now. You have predictable revenue because you've you've really tried everything you've tested everything and I find it funny. Might the right word but I'll use it. I find it funny that a lot of people especially in the online space want that instant. Roi and I think of all of the EH businesses that have ever launched in in the history of humanity pretty much all of them lose their tail early off and and they don't you know we've all seen the image. I think Coca Cola sold ten bottles or whatever. It is their first year. Obviously I'm guessing. They lost some money on that deal. But now you know. Now you know multi-billion dollar entity with all kinds of different products and services and everything else and But they they figured it out and all other than that new COQ tobacco back in eighty five. But you know what's funny make things it really comes down to. You can't expect if you're going to work with a company in there like we can guarantee you that you're going to get more revenue in that. I seeing that can't happen but really there's a lot of things that that need to be tested and I think to be more transparent with the client and saying hey listen. There's a lot of stuff that we're GONNA a test right and so there's going to be some stuff that's going to go. Well we could. We could knock out of the park the first month because we found the right influence are on the right platform. It was only a second person that we went with. Or are we can be going after twenty influencers eighteenth influence or that seemed to move the needle and this is the type of influence this is the type of audience and this is the WanNa do that campaign on so I'm just realistic with clients if there if you guys need to show revenue in the first month after one month of working with us. It's not a good client for me because I don't think that expectation is realistic. If that happens I tell three months or six months and if it happened the first month that's a party bonus right. I'll take that all day but I don't want him to a client. Hey I can you know. There's a high likelihood that you're going to see Jaro I now. I know my thing is going to be longer play like. We're going to go through this thing and figure out. What is it working? And that's just by trial and error right. We have to go through it and say let's try these influencers on these I five platforms and this is what we think the audience the perfect audiences and it's going to be this influence right here if we done research and now we go after that influence and we put together together a great campaign and we see how well it goes so everything takes time. And that's the thing you have to remember. It's not a if you want good results. It's GONNA take time. It's just usually not something that's done overnight if it's done overnight then it's probably something fishy going on absolutely In any business that wants to be here for the long haul understands got to build a foundation and you got to figure out you know who your ideal clients or customers and I know you see this all the time. They don't have a clear definitive answer. And the only way they're gonNA find that out is you know get out there and see you know who's interested in the product or service they have because otherwise yes it may be the greatest product or service that's ever been invented but if you don't get it in front of the right people you won't you won't move any of those things off the shelf Alf. Yeah that's exactly what it comes down to knowing exactly who you think you're perfect Avatar is a perfect client. It's difficult to find out. It's not dispensing five emails Nelson Senior response. I mean it's you look at historically what your company has done in who you guys were sold to and then you kind of you kind of back. You knew backed out from there and say okay. It's usually men between eighteen and twenty four. You go find an influence through that you know if you're selling a Yoga Matha easy. Yoga instructor is a heavy male demographic and it's eighteen to twenty four. We have to assume that there's GONNA be some good results but it's probably not you know Joe the jet the jetsetter guy that all he cares about his. You know things out and playboy wear something and then you know it's like maybe that's not maybe is right guy free but maybe it's not right the idea that just because he has a high follower killed so you really have to. Brands really need to work on his. We have workshops that we do for brands like Amazon and some other big companies were minute. We'll teach them on how to find these right influencers right because that's so important that we have of course for influencers to show them how to be able to really make this a successful business when you're reaching out to brands and stuff like there's some the basic stuff that they don't have like a website and all this kind of stuff this extremely extremely important because the only thing with instagram and facebook. And they're always going to be changing their algorithms. There's always gonNA be issues and if that's your number one platform of where you're monetize is just instagram. You really have to have a website to be pulling them in there to have you know come build your email lists and that kind of stuff. It's just extremely important. It's crucial and facebook. All the time changes things I remember seeing businesses. Go out of business because they had all their eggs in that basket and facebook changed something. It's third platform. They can do whatever they want. And it impacted them so your advice of you get them from whatever medium. You connect to them with whether it's twitter instagram facebook. My space I say that tongue in cheek but but funnel them into you know your ecosystem them get through email and just start building that relationship with them. So if you know Zuckerberg one day says you know what I'm tired of looking at pictures and instagram's gone the Everyone's GonNa flip out and you're going to be going wait about you know my all my income generating capabilities have now left. Because I don't know how to contact any of these people people. The only guarantee is that they're going to change out or the minutes gonNA mess you up. I mean really because at the end of the day Example facebook is that they have to monetize is right Algorithm was opened up. You got twins of engagement. Everything's great and they closed that window. eight percent of the people are senior seven fifty. And then you're like well. How do I get this back? Well now you can boost a post for ten dollars or something right. So they're always looking wasted monotype instagram's not going to be any different. You'll start at if you were. That's all your eggs in basket. Your your algorithms. They'RE GONNA change. The Algorithm is going to go lower lower lower than behavior. You want that same type of result you've got before you're GONNA have to pay to play and that's just guarantee that's that's going to happen and so if you are just on instagram. If you just on snapchat adjusts on Youtube and you're just you're just a a sitting duck. You're waiting for them to those things. The idea of is we you talked about your money. Your website and all those social media channels should funnel that traffic into your websites. You can crash through emails and have them download stuff. The idea of it's a tool to bring into into your website. But if you're just there's GonNa be a day quote me if you're strictly on instagram. You're an influence on instagram. Things will start to change for you and it's not for the better. It's it's always going to be worse because things you're not you don't have your website. You're not monetize ing an instagram. Could take down your profile tomorrow for any reason for religious reasons for you know your political views used because you put a weird underwear like whatever it is who knows what it is but they can take you down. You don't own that profile you spent thousands of thousands of hours on it you. You don't own it the end of the day. It's up to Bergen if he decides to take it down for whatever reason then he'd house and you can be I mean I have I have influence your clients that literally lots of business overnight. It's nothing they can do. Unfortunate scary sure. Yeah nuts. That's key advice for sure. Is You get people into your own ecosystem ecosystem that you can control than that way platforms can come and go But you still have. You know you're an. I'll explain this to a younger people rolodex. Google you'll see what it means now But you'll have those contacts and you can interact with them in a more controlled Personal Way I mean. This is a big way thing to do with emails and everything else so Shane. Where can people find out more about you and your awesome company? Yeah so you can go to ashamed barker DOT COM and that's S. H. A. N. E. B. A. R. K. E. R. DOT COM of. If you WANNA contact me on social of you if you just twitter. It's just Shane Underscore Barker. Instagram is just Shane Barker And then Lincoln is gene markers well and actually give a personal email as well if you. I have any questions regardless of whether it's influenza mercury content marketing anything like that. You can reach out to me at. Shane S. H. A. N. E. AT SHANE BURKE DOT com. Oh awesome. I'll have all that information. The show notes Shane. Great talking with you today. Love the work you guys are doing. It's it's helping a lot of people all in it's Getting them to you know hit their dreams and desires a lot faster and more efficiently if instead of just fumbling around like too many of them do nine here. You go thank you so much you have me on the podcast but now appreciate it till next. It's Michael again. Thank you for listening to the PODCAST. I really appreciate it. Sure like like many people. You're dealing with some significant stress and possibly approaching burn out. I know how you feel in two thousand nine. My burn out led to a year of worst case scenarios. I do not want that to happen to you if you go to breakfast. LEADERSHIP DOT com. You can register for a free Webinar. Burn prevention as well as good as a free checklist to have if successful mornings start off each day the right way again. That's a breakfast leadership dot com also since you are a loyal podcast listener. I'm asking you to like rate and review my podcast on itunes. I look at all the reviews and appreciate your comments in it helps other potential listeners. Discover the content. I have on the show. I appreciate you and thanks again for listening.

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