#NewBLUE and Winterfest Excitement


Good afternoon bluejays fan. Yes a rare rare Craig. I think this is the first time we have done a Saturday afternoon. Recording of the Jaybird washing podcast. How were you like Rico host? I'LL UNLOCK UP IN TORONTO. Apparently he's dark and dreary here in Rochester New York but we have plenty of look things to look forward to Brennan as we have a nice little dusting of wonderful bluejays things to talk about since our last show where we were more or less just going hurry up and bring us on Nolan Air. Nado right where we put together. A hypothetical trae packers. Hey Fun I'll give you credit for coming up with your host. That was one. That was a fun. One and how many people have ripped off that podcast writing articles in the last two weeks? I think the The inspiration for people reading stuff. Yeah and now and now. It's transferred into hurry up and let's check in on Franscisco door. It looks like so. Maybe it's just GONNA continue down that road but that's what I figured we're going to be as blue jays fans seeing for the rest of the off season. Is these weird trade ideas and I'm just hoping that really checking in on these like they say they are right now but they have a chance to build a really good team here with how many prospects we have Brennan so it's good stuff. Nick do they actually do you know what actually? Mr Segue there. You go actually thought this popped into my head before we get into the Recap of Winter fast which happened exactly what week ago today. Craig be The over under totals on Vegas got released for the Division and the Blue Jays had believe are sitting at seventy four and a half or seventy five On the over under for wins this season which is almost a ten win improvement On the twenty ninth season Craig. Were a betting man. Are you betting over on seventy five win there you can take the under the be a little bit conservative in case there's some injuries or maybe the jump from some of these prospects and the young stub heading into their second full year Just want to be on the safe side and go the under. What would you do be boat? Would you be doing if you're offering somebody betting recommendations a seventy five win total bluejays heading into twenty twenty? I'd be unfortunately Brennan as much as I don't want to admit it. There's too many things that have to go right for the Blue Jays to seventy five win team. I still think we're around five hundred at Bass but right now if everything breaks out perfectly right I honestly. There's no reason we're not in the conversation. I really think on paper right now. We might be a better team than the red sox. At least on par with the Tampa Bay rays. I wouldn't disagree with that. I wouldn't disagree with that especially when you throw in the fact that the red sox seem to be in this odd state of transitioning when they're trying to figure out what to do with Mickey Bats. They don't have Alex Cora's manager anymore. David price could be off the books. Craggy saw that That rumor that was going around that the emergency bets trade talks but RED SOX Are Willing to attach. David price on there to get rid of his salary. If you take on Mookie Betts. Is that a train would pull the trigger on if you were Roth back into martial PYRO. Knowing the fact that you're going to get David price for a few seasons out of that and I honestly think right now to get a player like Mukhi bats to come and play in trial. Long-term YOU'RE GONNA have to bring him in on a trade and be like dude. This is awesome. You gotta come here and check this out you know. I don't see the giant free agent mega free agent ever wanting to come to Toronto willingly. Unfortunately and I think that's what that's built up unfortunate history of Toronto. Blue Jays stuff is factoring into that decision for me but when you get somebody like engine. Ryo All of a sudden coming in and starting open that door. I think a little bit. But you're not gonNA. I still would be shocked if all of a sudden if mookie Betts was a free agent legitimately in the Blue Jays even through a ton of money at him. I don't think he's knocking on the door. Go on the L. Let's make this happen. I think you give them that season in. Toronto on this trade he might by the whole thing and he's GonNa love it. It'd be like wow. This is way better than I ever imagined. And then he would be willing to sign that contract extension. Maybe that's just me. Yeah no I disagree. I think getting superstar talent whether it is a Nolan Aeronautica like we chatted last week without imports. Their or adding a mookie. Betts gotta do that via trade. I think that's probably the direction that the front office will go. If team has ended around the trade deadline adding that impact player via trade still could happen this off season. You mentioned Kicking the tires Francisco door apparently but I think it makes a little bit more palatable that you would have David price for a guaranteed three seasons. Mookie BETTS is only one season keep in mind but still the fact that you can at least have David price for two seasons after could make that a little bit more palatable Craig. Let's Kinda kind of a little bit off of our agenda that we set up but you know what cousin phone and Duggan's Lynch put together. Yeah together a hypothetical trade package four David Price and Mookie Betts. Who would do offer in the farm system to get that deal done and maybe a piece or two major league roster that could entrust? Fox's red sox whose untouchable and who would you include on a trade according to what I've been reading? They're looking for prospects in that trade. And obviously that's the reason they're they're hoping somebody will eat David Price Contract. You get them to take the payment and they get the players that they want for. Mookie Betts and David Price Right so in the midst of that. I'm looking at our blue the Blue Jays prospects and I'm thinking it's going to start in store starting probably stop with Jordan Roshan's Simmons would richardson the Blue Jays in my opinion are never even talk about eight Pearson. They want him. They love him. He is the Roy. Halladay level ace in the making kind of the guy. I really do think. He's even better than Aaron Sanchez. Wasn't his debut there the first couple of years. These has got so much. He's just oozing with talent man. There'S NO WAY IN HELL. I'm trading nate Pearson joined Groshans and everybody though after that I was a great ball player. Don't get me wrong but I feel like there is so much middle infield depth that he can be lost in a trade yes. He's our high end Guy Right now. But we have the San Diego ASPINALL's company and everybody out Thriller Minor League System so Heathrow Jordan Groshans and and then throw in. Maybe one of our other top ten guys. I don't think it turns into Groshans and woods. Richardson by any means. But if you throw in somebody like you know Alexandro Kirk or any of the other big boppers that we have. I don't think you had to go down the list. As far as Griffin Conan to get the Red Sox really nibble on this but some of those guys are floating around AAA AA level. And I think you could get this done I do too and to recap for those who hadn't had the chance to listen to our hypothetical packages all around. I came in strong And saying you could offer anybody to the Colorado rockies knowing Aaron Auto Including Jordan groceries and I did say For mookie Betts alone. I don't think you couldn't inclu. I don't think you have to include your groceries to get the deal but if you add David cry and you get to high end talent like that. Then I think back on the table so I agree with you. I think Jordan Groshans obviously would be the red sox big ask outside. Napier and And then you can present them with a list of starting pitching prospects that they've accumulated whether it's a Malik. Granola would Richardson. And Adam cloth. And Steve Joey Murray whoever it is and be like yeah pick one of these guys Or pick to lower end guys. That aren't as high end as Richardson. And we can get a deal. Done is it will happen. I doubt it. It seems like the padres are getting ready to bend for Mookie Betts. That's the latest Rumor in the mookie Betts sweepstakes but You know what man it's fun to dream. I like putting together. These hypothetical TRAE PACKAGES BECAUSE FOR CHANCE CRAIG. It actually makes sense. Given the high end talent. These guys have now in the farm system. It's not like we're going saying yeah. A few years ago you'd be like yeah take Connor Green and a strong read Foley. Who the hell would want them now? So if extra yeah yes only foliages barely hanging onto starter's role in the minor leagues. I John Green. I think conor green got caught. You're right I don't even know where he is. I honestly I won't even to the cardinals any Margaret League. The last six off. He's in the royal from with the peanut acquired for Grischuk so that's how that's why they're prospects and that's why. I don't have the issue throwing prospects at Nolan Erin Auto Francisco. End or or mookie. Betts I will tell you right now if I had the opportunity to chuck money at prospect. Her prospects that of trade though Linda Nolan Aeronautical are probably my two. If I had to take the pick right now verse the mookie Betts Situation. But you do get that Cherry on the top David Price and now you get two waypoints. Mr Nichols Craig Gordon. Well because that actually leads quite nicely into one of the main storylines that came out from winter fast a week ago and that was in packing with Boba Obviously there's two angles so that we can go shutting the first one. I want to take on in terms of talking about Francisco door who plays bogus position? Is that the Blue Jays. Did come to build this off season when they were pursuing the likes of a Didi Gregorius or potentially offering up trade packages four door. Or somebody of that Ilk Bobryshev would be willing to play a different position to get that deal done. How much do you think People and fans of the Toronto can take away but this front office is legitimately serious about making twenty twenty s season that they could potentially contend now that they've added hundred review. They've reshape the rotation to be more stable with ten roark and Chase Anderson and the fact that they were in on Gregoria and offered him a contract knowing that Bobo shut with willing to be flexible with where he played could play into the fact. That fish still could be a move or two that are made before the season begins to make this team. Potential Wildcard Team Craig. So I'M GONNA put this in the summary running because I think this is where everything's going. Everybody has seen where this team has been developing right. Okay She Piran Atkins come in. Strip things down okay. We're GONNA try keeping the team competitive at the major league level. But they're clear focus was on just bolstering the minor league system right now. We're seeing the fruits and the Labor that they put in over the last few years. Vladi shows and everybody coming right now. They need their at that point. Where like hey man? We got this cooking. It's our last year or so to go really full on in on this whole thing. I'm not saying it's the clear out the minor league system at the time you know. Cut off the top of the Foam Lake. Fricken topless did back when to go for it. Because there's a nice sustained growth throughout the minor league system but they have a team that right now has very few flaws Brennan. If they have a chance to do that at any level they should be getting ready to strike on a trade. I trade bar and be able to bring these guys in the back that bogus answered that team that game or that question perfectly I will do. Whatever have to do to win is what I got out of. Vogue shot and one way or the other we know he's GonNa hit and I honestly do not see a place on a baseball diamond workshop. Can't play I agree. I agree and you know what I think. Part of the reason why they are looking at such bad moves and asking these guys how flexible they'll be just as he said they've developed. This core is pretty much on the offensive side of things with the additions to the rotation the rotation. Come together quite nicely. And we'll get into that later. I WANNA touch on Tanner roark specifically in a little bit. But now this front office is going to have to start playing into getting a contract extension. Because they're both very close to the end of their deals Marshall Pyro and rock and but it's time to start winning in twenty twenty could be one of those seasons. Where even if they don't make the playoffs if they're around five hundred that is good enough? Growth to justify contract extensions from Rogers to hand down to zero and hand down to Ross Atkins. It'd be like yeah. You guys have done a great job. He's done exactly what you said. You took it down to bare bones. He traded away all studs all the guys who everybody loved him. Twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. We built it back up. Twenty seventeen twenty eighteen twenty nineteen now. Twenty twenty and beyond. It's time to start winning and we're starting to see them. Being willing to pushing their chips spend their money as we saw with review and roark and adding Chase Anderson I think he summariser perfectly my man. It is time to start adding high end out to this roster and I think that there's also play into the fact that this front office knows they need contract extensions. They need to be around here to finish the job. Do you think that that's part of the reason why they are starting to probably a little bit more aggressively than in years past at how young talent? It's a good question but I think at this point they probably already justified it with the reassigning and all this other stuff that they've been doing over the last year and the fact that they have drafted all these guys outside Vladimir Guerrero Junior. This is a team built by Shapiro and Atkins as is on the T- on this is the first one really gonNA see all they're doing right and there is not anything on paper here. That is completely glaring disgusting flaw in his team other than you could make the argument for Centerfield but there is enough options there that you would think that one of them would catch fire and run with this team so if you have a chance to all of a sudden like I said throw prospects at an get a mookie. Betts a Nolan error. And I'll franscisco door. This is a game changing thing. This is exactly like what the Who Was it that signed it anyway? You sign a guy like this here odds all of a sudden completely change over your team. It's like the White Sox in Dallas Kaikal and everybody this week this year. Yeah it's all of a sudden the team that looks like it could compete as early as this year with all the young talent that they have. I can tell you right now. I still think right now looking at paper. The Blue Jays have a better team the Chicago White Sox. And they're going crazy on talent right now whether it's on the free agent market trades so you can go out and get one of those guys to complement being around Gorell Junior and everybody and it's going to be insane Brennan. This offense is going to be something special I think as it sets already and then you add something like that. Catalysts like the firemen the fire. And you know one of those guys who's GonNa be largely responsible to the Blue Jays success or failures in twenty twenty Bob shot and that's the second storyline that came out of talks with though beset and he has already said expectation for himself that he wants to be the American league. Mvp In two thousand twenty huge talk for a guy who's only been here for two months since he got called up at the very end of July Bobo. Shed is already setting the table and the tone and he said he wanted to be the American league. Mvp and that's the goal of his for twenty twenty and he also said it is nice to see the front office making additions to complement. What we all thought in the clubhouse could be a competitive team in twenty twenty Craig. Is this the start of Bobishenko becoming the face of this franchise because this guy has all the flair he has all the makings to be up potential superstar for this team? This team heading into twenty twenty right. Now I think its shuts swagger lead this team one way or the other Don't get me wrong. I think I really think that that. Bose mentality. Work Ethic is going to be the Josh Donaldson in this clogged clubhouse. What we've been missing the last few years. He's going to call out guys because he no he is going to be putting in one hundred and ten percent everyday but then you have the just the fallen prowess of somebody like Vladimir Guerrero Junior. That's going to be in the lineup all day and we already saw what he looked like. He's ready to go right now. That's shape of his life. Yeah Life candidate at the age of what twenty one. This isn't Pablo Sandoval at the age of thirty five. So but then you had like we have a three headed monster and those three guys. I just do not see a locker room ever having any problem when you have those three different types of leaders that are going to be in this locker room. It's the same as having Jose Bautista Russell Martin and Josh Donaldson that Locker Room. In two thousand fifteen it is it absolutely is and you know what you can add in a Russell. Martin comparison to Danny Johnson or reese McGuire And actually there's another storyline. That just kind of popped into my head is touch on this first before. Getting into Tanner roark as I crossed earlier. Recent Aguire Winner fast went on record and saying that after the Jay Sign Hundred Review. He reached out to Russell Martin. Because Russell Martin has experienced catching review. I mean man. Recent wire doing that work and putting in the effort to go out of his way and reach out to Ross and Russell Martin helping them out giving us some tips. How big is that going into? Twenty twenty but recent wires able to lean on a veteran like Russell. Martin already had experience catching hundred Rio. I think it said something that when you have those relationships with players that you have to lean on them regardless of where they end up we all know that you know reese. Mcguire might have been a little bit ahead of Jane Johnson at one point but they've leveled off obviously at this point and then there's different arguments on which I one would be starting over the other by the fact that he's dedicated his team or his craft turnaround reach out to a veteran like Russell. Martin that had been catching hinge in Rio over the last season. That's all bonuses all great things and that's what I think all these guys on this young team need to be doing. How can I get better? What are these little edges I can take and make this a twenty twenty to remember? It's GonNa be fascinating to see how all plays out the catcher businessman with plenty of episodes to cover that. So there is two two or three storylines that really came out of interviews. That when they're fast now this last one. I want to touch on before we get into the front of the New Jersey. The New Blue Hashtag that they were really pumping up the LACI WEEKS. Heading into winter fest now. I'll preface this by saying. I'm not sure if this was an interview at winter fast with Marshall Pyro or maybe right before it I was listening to at the letters with Ben. Nicholson Smith an artist welling and they were talking about the addition tanner roark and some of March apparels comments surrounding tanner. Roark was at the front office when deciding to offer him the deal and get them to. Toronto is the fact that they soften stuff in his arsenal. That they believe they can fix whether it's mechanically. Maybe just mixing up pitching a little bit. More throwing his deadly curveball. More than he did last few seasons with the nationals and the Cincinnati reds and the athletics That they think that tanner roark could be That stable guy that solid number two with those minor additions now what? Ben Nicholson Smith and Arden's welling said in relation to those comments. Is I believe it was swelling? Just has this feeling that. Tanner roark is going to be and follow in the exact same footsteps. This fan base as J MARCO. Estrada to moves at the time where people were like what the Hell? Why are you trading win to get Marco Estrada this home run prone guy? And what the hell are. We doing. Sound J. Hat to three year contract. We already know what happened. We had them here already. When the J. Signed Tanner Roark? Even we want our episode. I knew I was a little bit more critical of it than you were saying. Okay he's a guy who can be in their innings giving you about a forty. Ira but Craig would. It really surprised you with those fixes. That Mark Shapiro says they have identified roark a better picture than he was the last few seasons quit. He followed that Marco Estrada and J hop Trajectory with the fan base and really turn himself into a bit of a fan favourite. Yeah I think he could be the pack. There's just almost as to eerily similar right. You got somebody that's had some success and Marco. Strato had plenty of success before coming to Toronto walkie it was just a mixed rotation role and back and forth from the bullpen but he was very useful one way or the other all those times. Tanner roark is starting pitcher yes he pitched out of the bullpen a little bit last year but he is got the arsenal guy. That should be in this rotation especially as we're going to be bringing more and more youth in this rotation over the next few years great. If you have a few things he can fix. It's only going to help him. But he's there to be eating up innings getting most baseball out of them you can before the youngsters come up and I think is a great signing. They obviously went after him for a reason especially as aggressively as they went after him. So if they have those few little tweaks can make him a great starting pitcher again. This is a guy that was one eight and when he won. Eighteen Games and twenty sixteen with an athlete. So I think that's what it was so this is a guy who has not too far off and obviously some things happened in Maybe it's mechanical. Maybe it's lassie. Maybe it's age. Whatever it might be bought if they have identified some key things that could be the main things to come into spring training. It could be a whole different pitcher like Marcus. Margot Strato came in and let the world on fire and it just had that insane dip on his changeup after changes grip a little bit. That could be something as simple as that makes. Tanner roark a complete Stud. And maybe our second diamond in the Rough Matt. Shoemaker find you know I would love nothing. More than that. 'cause man matchy maker was unreal and his five starts to go. There was awesome before he unfortunately tore his ACL. I mean we both agreed that that would be the balloon that popped was match. Shoemakers injury to this team. And all the fun stuff that they've started to build up a maple. But you know that interview that is if into with Ben. Nicholson Smith and Arden's well really made me feel better about the additions of Tanner. Roark and Chase Anderson and their main point was everybody in major league. Baseball is always out to find veterans. Who can eat innings and give you quality innings? I mean man. A quality start by definition is six innings. Three earned runs and that equals four fifty. Era So if you are below four fifty Rafer your season technically you kind of are in that quality range and there is no reason to think that Chase Anderson and Tanta. Roller cannot be quality. Starters that are healthy. Go out there every turn to the rotation and eat innings for this team something that they just didn't have available to them last year. And Honestly Craig. I don't know about you but this rotation could be sneakily. Good when you look at you. Got The high end talent in you. And then you have roark. Anderson hopefully match shoemaker. And in fact you can push a Ryan rookie. Or a Trent Thornton who went out there and started playing on game through. Potentially out of the rotation entirely. This could be a sneaky. Good rotation heading into twenty twenty think. Worst case scenario has the depth that we desperately needed last year. Sure does the thing I I love that. It's yeah you got your Stud Right. But the fact that everybody else after him is they have their different strengths and everything but they're all about on the same level in my opinion even all the way down the Thornton you know that they are quality pitchers and like you said. If what's what's the worst case scenario they gave up three or four runs. And that's where your normal is every game. I think this offense that we are looking at here is like the offense we had in two thousand fifteen where we're going to be scorned. Four or five runs every game at balances out to a lot of wins Brennan. And that's all we're looking for here more wins than we've had the last few years and that's what. I think they did with bill rotation definitely definitely now Craig a little bit of fun stuff that came out Of Winter Fest was the new blue the new uniforms. What were your initial thoughts when you saw those revealed by the four models who told you something about the four guys that they chose to sit out there on stage was glad it was bowing cabin. And then Randall. Grischuk was the fourth model of the New Jersey's out there. What were your initial thoughts of the new blue The entire thing to uniform pants the Matt's blue helmets that they're going to be wearing the new hat. What do you think about those? My first question is why was Randall. Grischuk there I did. At first I could not even tell that they were actually blue with the way they had the lighting and everything on stage and everything Brennan. And I'm like Oh this is white jerseys with a blue tint or is it all the lights shining on them and they're blue lights. What so I was a little confused until I finally saw the later in the day. Some of the actual close ups of the jerseys and everything coming through and honestly. I Love Them. I A little mixed on the hat but the helmets look spectacular. I love the fact that they went to this. They didn't even change the blue. The blue from the early or late seventies and I just love the fact that they're not po- overs putting ups like a Real Baseball Jersey in my opinion should be so. I'm all in on it. I just don't know about the hat and apparently you're wearing it so I'm just going to have the band and get one of my own at some point but I was wondering why they didn't go more into the. They were already using the white panel hats last year. Why wouldn't they just keep continuing to do something like that or I just thought maybe not including the in using that secondary regular blue blue as the full hat again would have been more nice but maybe this is my opinion yours. Yeah it I love it at The the uniform slack I was worried that they were gonNA go a little bit too old school with the powder blues and bringing those back you know what it is a more modern look on the old classic which like They didn't really change anything all the same lettering. Wording the logo And everything so. I think they hit a home. Run with the the uniform in particular. That Matt Blue Batting helmet that they're gonNA be wearing is really cool and that was something that got a lot of positive reaction from the fans who were at fast and people who weren't like those of us who got to see the reactions on social media on twitter and facebook or wherever else. You saw those uniforms posted but I will defend that had plate. Nice I was little I was a little on defense when I saw the pictures and K and when I went and picked it up at the J. Stop on Thursday. I'm like damn this is Nice Hatton yes I am wearing it right now. I felt it was appropriate to where we were just wondering how much it looks like in the pictures I saw. It almost looks more like a little kids you know. And that's what I didn't understand but maybe in person it looks a lot better but I just thought it was almost too much of the new blue. If you brought it over onto that onto the hat. That's all I was thinking. I was worried at first. It was just going to be the entire new blue in this different shade of Blue Jays. Blue that they're initiating the darker blue coaches. I will say it is a nice change when they first changed the uniform. Back to or alter this new in twenty eleven They only had that one blew hatcher every Jersey degrade the white and blue. They would wear that one blue hat now. Fans have their choices from this new one. The blue one the old one and The white panel hat as you're referring to so we GONNA help merchandise. That was so I think they finally got one of my own. The white the new white pounds. I have a couple of old old ones man that are there. That don't fit me anymore but I have them. There is still man with the old logo baseball and everything and I just. There's something about that to me that. Just maybe it's just because that's my first world series ever being fully invested in one thousand nine hundred and that was a half they were wearing. Maybe that's what it is but I was also very shocked. Likes those batting helmets as much as I did brandon because I was always one of those ones I was looking at all the other teams in Major League. Baseball do it. And then the Yankees did it. And I'm like Oh God it's like it's nothing special. It looks like a looks like they didn't even care. I can't say and just make it this color. We'll everybody'll buy it right So but the fact that the Blue Jays. I've always thought that glossy look on the blue helmets. Made it pop you know. I never thought they would get that same mentality of that pop. That blew off helmet. That was like powder coated like this. So it's it's GonNa be a lot of fun seeing them. Try Out there in this New Jersey's Craig and I can't confirm for anybody listening. They have a Chicago bluejays store. They actually when I was in there by my hat on Thursday. They were getting a ton of all the New Jersey fully stocked with with Nike Jersey. So if you're a way to get your new Blue Jays jerseys they have a ton of review they have a ton of Ezio glad and both of the four guys who are probably going to be the four best players on this team having in twenty twenty So if you're listening and you're waiting to. Yeah what is? What is the Nike swoosh? Made him really expensive. Yes yes they are a little bit more pricey than the majestic wants all because of that stupid. He checkmark check L. Knowledge. I'm hearing. Yeah just wait. Until they're on sale or trying to find somebody with good discounts before you go out and buy them because there are a little bit more pricey justic but you gotta pay to look Good Creek. That's the thing when you live in a big city like Charlie. You've gotta pay the retro stuff. Every time I come up there ebay served me well reaction. That's for sure wherever somebody sees that the all the stuff from the early Delgado years where the The maple leaf was more prevalent in the logo behind the actual blue Jays logo. And I just something about that logo that carries home with me too so I was surprised that when I was wondering when the new blue stuff was coming on like okay. They're going to do the full power blue thing or are they gonna go semi retro old school with going all the way back and find somewhere in the middle there where they had some success as well but I either way. I'm just glad it's still not anything crazy. New and classic beautiful at the same time right. I agree I agree fully. So that's the fun of the uniform. They came out and that was a big talking point. We got some of the main storylines from media access interviews out of the way there was something are a few things. Actually that flew a little bit under the radar and it was the fact that on Sunday Jake had announced that they had signed five veterans to minor league deals with invites to spring training. Now as you and I both know and probably the majority of the people listening to our podcast no no minor league signing the bad one it's no risk signing somebody who could win a job that's being training. We days have had success with this in the past most recently with a tyler. Clifford Anna John Experts from the two thousand eighteen season. But Craig this team added to infielders. In Ruben Tahara the Old New York mets shortstop Joe Panic. Who actually I think is the most exciting out of the five guys. world series champion With the San Francisco Giants Gold Glove winner. Who has some very good seasons in the past Ryan dull the reliever who had a bit of a cup of coffee with this team in twenty nineteen and then to catchers and Caleb Joseph who most fans may remember was statements dust up with Marcus stroman behind Joseph when Joseph is a Baltimore. Oriole and Patrick Cantwell Probably who will be there as veteran catcher in Buffalo? Maybe Joseph as well Craig out of those five name. Who Do you think has the most upside? And who has the potential to come into spring training in walked away with a job honestly? I'm wondering if this minor league. Cy signing is gonNA fire onto the Joe Panic. This guy is fallen off a cliff. The last few years for the giants guy and I can't believe his career is over with at this point. He's was this guy that was just perennially annoying as her. All those years where the giants were in the You know in the playoffs is one of their best players in playoff baseball with the San Francisco giants during their main. Run there the fact that he just like. I said he fell off a cliff. I just don't believe it. This is a insanely good Bilo candidate. That clearly has a chip on his shoulder. Probably to want to get back into playing in the majors and in all reality. Brandon has a great glove if he can get back to hitting the ball as well as he was or even halfway there. This is an idea that might push cannon busy. Oh back to the outfield really. Give us a good solid one through nine and maybe even fix the quote unquote outfield issue. So yeah there's a so. There's some nice domino's that fall. If Joe Panic comes into Spring training hot and I even think to an extent Ruben. Too Hot but I think is if you're looking at the two of them on paper show. Panic is gear guy that clearly has a chance to run away with job. Spring been outed me screams guy. Who's probably GONNA START IN BUFFALO At shortstop there if that's all Play that second or third base or whatever but yeah You your exact same wavelength as me and a lot of people who when they saw the announcement of Joe Panic and certainly well. Maybe they're getting serious about making cab. Ezio outfielder and it wouldn't surprise me to see Kevin Bijou play a little bit of Bellefield meet Spring Training. Because Hey if sticking in a corner and then you put brick and center all-star in center then. I think you're actually looking at a pretty decent outfield Muzio Louis CORREAL GRISCHUK NPR. Maybe a Derek Fisher. Now that they have the twenty six man on the roster the other thing I think that this plays into question Crag is Brennan Jewelry. This got a light a fire under brain injury as well because jury has talent. We both know that we've seen it with the Arizona diamondbacks but in his year and a half with the Blue Jays. They him for J. Hat. Jury was injured when they acquired him in two thousand eighteen and then last year other than against the Oakland athletics jury was basically a non factor for the majority of the year. So could this start to spell the end of Brandon drewery as a Toronto Blue Jay because the logical roster move if panic outplacement would be to. Dfa brain injury or start in in the minors with his one option remaining and half panic. Take the majority of the reps as the backup infielder or placing second basic. Easy the outfield. What do you think I honestly was wondering how much that was even with? Sign route the hottest. Oh my God they're going to just completely push them out to pasture are least they're going to give him some steady competition comes spring and. I think that's what they should be doing with jury. He hasn't performed as well as they thought he would. And he was really a throw in on a trade that you know we kind of had to make so I guess it is what it is at this point. Bought the fact that you brought in those guys like panicking too hot to come around and really bolster that part. What'S THE WORST CASE SCENARIO? If Jerry does start out in Minor Leagues Japan. Gets hurt right off. The Bat and the season drew removes the Armenian up as you move back the second base and you bring up brandon jury. That's not bad situation for the Blue Jays. To begin. They got in and I think that's where the team this year is going to be so good because no matter how you really shuffle this there's a guy that's going to be able to come in at least as good as. Guy. He's replacing minus the bodies and whatnot. But you got a good average above average even possibly player to plug in that position and it it makes that much easier for the team to compete and Joe. Panic is a guy could get back to his forum. This guy's a two seventy career hitter. You know it's not Brandon Jewelry Ben. What thirty probably for his career running? Yeah something like that. Yeah. I think we're both in agreement I believe Joe. Panic could walk away with a job and could be quite solid for this team and if anything you know if panic does start out there And you got both short and you got some decent gloves over. Efforts based China shop looking at a decently decent defensive infield other than at their base which remains to be seen. What happens with live and defense there But I think joe panic could walk away with John and if he does. I think it could spell the end of Brandon jury and it could also legitimately be the start of accelerating cabinet. Ezio into the outfield could come in from time to time to time and place them so I can base so interesting. Minor League signings around worst case scenario if you got a former. Nfl Gold Glove talking with Boba shut and busy up the middle in spring training. Yeah he won the Gold Glove Award in two thousand sixteen for the National League. When he was with the giants. So that's pretty impressive. I don't care what anybody says. Win One of those things. Put that Rawlings hardware up on your man to let some. That doesn't go away magically. Yeah you still got the glove. There's no doubt about that of the back and come back to what had been in the top of the giants and I think we gave have made a very sneaky impactful under the radar move by signing Joe Panic column as if he became like Omar vizquel wants a few years ago What he did on my God. It'd be that's that that that right there. Brennan could be the catalyst that really ties all the other loose ends together and pushes this from being a super young team to that veteran being somebody that these kids can gather around and go with so very cool signing. I've always it is actually. I thought it was a slight genius because I didn't even think about putting Joe Panic in the blue jays uniform because of video and now that looking at it more and more is like Oh my God. This is the best idea ever. Yeah absolutely it is a very good piece of business. There's no doubt plus it doesn't help that He is probably the major leaguer with the closest last name tonight. And I've had a car help you. Why do I feel like you're going to get New Jersey with panic and then have a a a a pottery and that have the Iraq Iran extract and Hybrid Jay Z. Mixed to catch it takes speaking of On the radar moves The Brigades made another one today Before we get into the fun stuff of the promotional schedules that was released. The Blue Jays made a move to bolster the bullpen today This was rumored to be coming back right around when they were signing. Yamaguchi in hundred review from all the The diving into Japanese Asian media that Our friends like Jason Lee were doing and And others But Raphael Dell Lease Reliever. Who had a cup of Coffee The Big League level number of years ago went over to Japan and in Four Seasons in Japan. Raphael Dolan says the reliever pitched two hundred six innings. One hundred fifty eight hits allowed a nine point nine eight or nine a two point seven based on boss per nine to forty nine. Era In ninety six to add a little bit to pitch mix according to Scott Mitchell. A Ninety six to ninety five mile per hour fastball splitter. He doesn't allow home runs. Either Craig off six home run. I was huge. Six home runs allowed in two hundred six innings in Japan and at Scott. Mitchell wraps up his tweet and Little incident doughy says already in the eighth inning. Mix with a good spring. This could be really really interesting. Addition of Raphael the at least this bullpen. Who needs some velocity outside of Ken Giles? Yeah it's going to be a nice little pairing because we were wondering who is going to really step into that you know quote Unquote Eighth Inning Guy. Because Alfred's Peres gone. Who who else is you know? Van Around the last few years to be able to take that role in this run with it right. I was wondering how much it was going to be. One of these young stars that misses the rotation that was going to be that guy I rotate our bullpen. Now I'm a little bit more comfortable that we got a guy that can come out air out right in front of Kevin. Giles and from what I was reading elsewhere. That's SPLITTERS FREEDOM. Nasty and so it's a nice change of pace from ninety six ninety seven ninety eight mile. An hour fastball. To Watch that thing dive out of the zone and apparently it's in the high eighties for what I was reading. So it's a nasty pitch and God forbid he figures out one more. He's going to be something very very intriguing in the back of our bullpen for lion. You know it's a one year deal but this guy's trying to get into the majors day. Three two years old the guy that could become a blue jays guy and I just think it's hilarious that we have more apparently scouts in Japan than I ever imagined over the last few to find the lease and every obviously Yamaguchi signing was a little bit more obvious. He's one of the better pitchers over there. But this one is one completely caught me off guard as far as I. It's it's been slowly building for the last couple of weeks but I didn't think we were gonNA pull the trigger on it so very nice to see them adding to the bullpen. And not just going for full dumpster dive guy. This is a legitimate reliever for the major league level for the Blue Jays. I yes I completely agree and you know what I think. It makes symbolize their signify to fans of the days. Maybe that's it trigger additions in the Bullpen. Where you have had additions of. Aj Coal on a minor league deal. You have Anthony Bass And then you have guys who were there last year. Obviously Giles. But outside of hand yet wilmer font Shin Yamaguchi could be the longmen out of the bullpen San devillier still there. She being up when you add in there if AJ coal runs away the job He knows the bullpen could actually be quite decent and I think the one very underrated guy in the bullpen correct. We can just touch on a very briefly The one guy who could be an x factor making the bullpen. Really good as Wilmer Font. Who really seemed like he discovered something towards the end of last year and he was an opener if font and continue what he'd been doing at the end of twenty nineteen to bring it into twenty twenty. And you had to lease you have giles and you have bass and coal and whoever else round the bullpen. Actually starting to be a decent looking bullpen. Yeah it's looking that way and it's not even into the question of who'll hex actually left in the minor leagues or some other guys. That could be sneaking up into this. This possible bullpen role. And you have that guy like wilmer font that looks like he really did figure something out. I really don't know what the hell he did but I couldn't believe watching him earlier in the year and then watching him in a blue jays uniform all of a sudden like night and day. They figured out something. I hope that's kind of crap that they figured out for ten roark. Because how nice would that be right? But the fact that they had like the Tyson's and the Kirby needs and whatnot world also coming on. There's some good guys in his league system that it could be pushing those bullpen. Spas along with all those names. You just went brandon. We have all of a sudden a ton of depth. That looks like it's weird. I don't know what the thing that's all over the place they bad. They wish they were little bit more higher debt in the outfield which I guess they're still kind of is But at the same time this This fun office has built a very collection of starting pitching depth bullpen depth Imposition player depth as well. So there's no shortage of guys who can come up throughout the course of the twenty twenty season indie probably likely and unfortunately event that there is a major injury or to hopefully not knock on. Just did there you go So all all in all Craig I think this off season has been a good one. There was a lot of good things to come out of winter. Fast With some of the good media story lines that we covered The Minor League editions On early contracts In some of the other moves that this team has made Over the course of winter Let's put a start putting a bow on this episode In terms of covering a fun topic for people who have probably have the chance to dissect the Blue Jays promotional schedule for twenty twenty. Some pretty interesting stuff on there. One thing that caught my eye right away Craig. Is that unlike last year. Dollar hot dog night was only the first Tuesday of each month. It's every Tuesday. Home game dollar hotdogs so if you really want to save some money buy yourself a cheap ticket. Then you'll get four hotdogs for four bucks of this show that did that rather efficiently last year myself included so but yeah I honestly I can't believe how many Good Promotions are actually on the schedule. Brennan there's a bunch of bottle had nights Pena Power Beach Towel night. There's some good one one offs here that I was not expecting other than than the figure hopefully expand on the looney hotdog idea just for the fact that it's so simple and so stupid. You get people to the ballpark Ritchie night. You know it's what the hell. Why wouldn't you do that on a Tuesday night every week if you could just seem weird? But they're doing the normal like the country days school days and whatnot but honestly. I'm shocked that they're doing this one on the opening weekend the Vladimir Guerrero Junior home run counter bobblehead. Thing is so damn cool. But it's on a Saturday. I don't remember them. Having any bottle had days on weekend games for a really long time especially opening day weekend you know. That's I'm figuring they're going to be close to sell out with all the stuff anyway. So that's going to be a fricken elbow fast. If people pushing around trying to get those things. I think on that Saturday afternoon. Yeah yeah that's true there's Spur Saturday of the year. The Boston Red Sox people still excited about this. Keeping probably seeing one of the new editions out the mountain. Either railworker J. Anderson if that's how the rotation order Fo Out for the Toronto Blue Jays so a lot of good stuff on the Blue Jays. Promotional calendars or Vlad has a bobblehead Kevin Beasley out and Bobishenko bobbleheads. So all three of the core guys do There's a lot of other fun stuff country day as you mentioned all the same staples from last year but I think one they got a lot of people. Excited is star wars night when the Chicago cubs are in town on a Saturday in late August. And that should be a draw. That should be fun. Especially when it's like a messenger bag day or something like that as well. Yeah so one other promote that. I thought that I actually have a couple of other ones but They add the Vlad and dad dual bobble head giveaway day in July. That's right yet. They did that down in buff down at Dunedin a couple. I think it was last season at the beginning of the year. And that bottle had something cool with the two of them wearing blue jerseys and it was. It was an empty so I wonder if they're going to do something. Larry Lands Wearing the Expo Jersey. Or something like that on that bobbleheads. Obviously there's pictures of this out yet and then there's two hinge in Rio days that they're doing they're doing engine Blue Replica Jersey night. And then apparently they're having a hat that he designed giveaway day in August. That's cool that's cool and I think just those. Today's knowing the culture in Toronto that was going to be too big droff games I think just because lowest promos and I don't remember who they're playing on those weekends. What Friday night and Saturday with a free hat replica? Jersey night boom. I know one of them is angels which I find kind of interesting considering the angels where potentially one of his bigger suitors. Just a rubber replica. Jerseys thing right in their face right. It's like yeah exactly. We have them over here in the new blues so but there are some very cool stuff on your and I. It's going to be interesting to see the I. I'm looking forward to seeing what the bow flow bobblehead is going to look like. That's going to be some cool stuff. I think but I really think those are going to be days of frigging crazy lines at the Rogers Centre. Kinda like how when we were down in buffalo more segue points Louise standing in line for three hours. Vladi bobbleheads Yeah Hungover as hell. So now they're doing They're doing bowl right in buffalo. This season doing Yoga Shat bobblehead. I believe I fall. Yes they are doing a where was it was August or something like that. Boba shut bobblehead night and but typical minor league fashion. They got a few bobblehead nights. They have a replica. Jersey giveaways and then one of my favorite night's Brennan. I was going to store this one at you. And it's usually at the end of the season they have a mystery autograph all night. Shop the Ballpark Handy. A ball that was signed by Buffalo Bison over the recent years. There's a chance you could get up Ladimir Harare junior ball and there are above shot or you get an eight Pearson or something like that. That's a pretty cool idea. I thought but they do have the regular autograph day earlier that week on the sixteenth. But it's pretty. They have to either way and honestly last time they did that. I think there was a white ball thrown in there. Because he's a coach with them and some other things gathered up from Blue Jay events throughout the year. The relationship between the Blue Jays and the Buffalo Bisons has been growing. I honestly can't I love every minute of it being you know that is the center of my drive coming up to see you in Toronto. Yeah it's the exact halfway point to meet up and catch basins game which I think A Bison weekend just like we did last year should be in order again. I actually expect it to be in order. So we keep us in line Yeah no crazy. Shenanigans like last. That was not fun day morning but you know find weekend overall so definitely had to continue. We Buffalo Bisons Baseball to where they won the Saturday game right. They lost the Friday and we were yep so that was right when they were in the the playoff race there too so it was very interesting to see that the ballpark there in Buffalo. Which isn't very lovely ballpark. A little bit with throwback awesome time for any blue Jays fans It was good to see that ballpark filled up like it was so stop you. Do you know the cool thing I believe. I noticed what the Boba shop although they Saturday. So it's You throw in Abobo. Shut bobblehead. I believe through Saturday it is. It is a love batter day. There was going with that. Yes it is a Lebatard as well so you get the double whammy with good promotion if I'm not and she hopefully Nice bobblehead So there's a I think there's our weekend if it if it works out with schedules for for the annual trip where we meet up halfway and go Taylor easy and as Blue Jays Day on that twelfth very after Bob let Bill Bush at Bala Day. Even better even better so all right. The Siamese game on the size absolutely anybody's wanting to join us just like we put out last year I think we'll probably be punctured in in in stone So we got a good show. Jays fans last year that joined in our shenanigans. There's a good ten fifteen people that showed up in the great time with everybody and shout out to all our bluejays gang. That actually was there during that game. That hopefully you're still listening to our terrible shenanigans on his show all. I hope they are still listening again. I think they are owed a good final sign off on tonight's episode. But before we do that Craig with any other things that we didn't cover that you want to quickly bring up before we end with our traditional you know what apparently during an interview at Winter Fast Rowdy till ad says that is underdog feeling. He keeps getting only fueling his fire could read in love with it. Yeah I do too. It would be fantastic. It's ready to let him out and Haddish showing was good. The H right there with travis saw that can be a nice very powerful first-base last like we saw with Chris. Paul Abella when Justin Smoak just a few seasons ago that would definitely push the offense closer to that over on seventy five wins and closer to five hundred. Yeah and the fact that they're both left handed. I think that really pushes that lineup into a different place to which has been rather right handed heavy for you know basically this millennium. It'd be nice to get some more balance in there and having somebody like two legs run away with a spa or at least had him back and forth with Oscar or something like that in the spot would be really really nice to see so I hope all is true and all is well with routed to last because he's a fun guy to be talking to and I think he deserves a shot. Smoke isn't here. Let them run away with it if he can. I think Travis Shaw's is biggest hurdle and I don't think he's going anywhere but the fact that there is a spot with a giant hole in it right now. That's a win for rowdy till is if he can get it. No doubt anywhere easy. Got To report as well so at all because the rowdy till as hopefully run away with a job in spring training game on game on absolutely game on soap we. Do you know where to find another great episode of Jason Watching and with that follows. Interact with us. We'll get you on the show all that kind of fun stuff and Craig as you know how we sign off on things. Signed me out body. Give me a good one. Let's go let's go blue Jays. Let's go blue Jays Blue Jays fans if you have not heard Brennan Panic car? I Myself Craig Board Shenanigans on Jaybird watching and you WanNa start something on your own. You can join us right here on the anchor dot. Fm Family and jump right in with whatever podcasting pleasures you want with a wonderfully free platform and Brennan. Does it get any better than that? It doesn't get any better than that Craig. What's explain a little bit more? You have creation tools. Allow you to record and edit your pockets right from your phone or computer. That's pretty damn good isn't it? Yeah now the mentioned the fact that it just goes right out to the Internet to all the wonderful podcasting pleasure places as far as spotify apple itunes and all that kind of good stuff. Your one stop shopping. And then they're even helping us get wonderful. Podcasts sponsors Brandon how one-stop shopping right. It is and you know what you can money from your podcast to by being able to go through and there is no minimum listenership. All you have to do is sign up for us. You can make money. We've made money. Why don't you want to make money too? Yeah so as far as it goes. You're only call to action here folks if you want your own podcast makes you download the free anchor dot. Fm APP or go to Anchor Dot F. M. on your web browser and get started right today until then keep listening to Jaybird watching.

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