Comic Not Court Jester


The Hawk will. Be You. What? y'All imprint. Hey guys welcome to rant and rave in with Germany and friends, not wasting time. This gentleman has been on numerous times the PODCAST, but he's been away for quite a bit of time magazines off soaring into stardom in in all facets, comedy and journalism. Lee Welcome the incomparable, also slade. Although. You it I've been on the podcast alone time because I'm one of the few people that challenge you where you be talking that cast. You have. People come on, challenge me you busy. Don't act like you ain't. Lying around and and catch us up with what's been going on with you because I know you went and vice news have been making a lot of games and tracks with all the protests in social justice happening in the world. As. Kobe hit then A. War Hit. Family I think we I think we have the precipice of game ready. Get them hands thrown. All these caring. You know I'm falling these pages. Karen Gone Wild. Kevin Gone Wild Karen's going while Kevin knowing what like it's. I don't think he's going to be a race word. I don't think he's going to be black versus white. you know. I was I was I. Was There Minneapolis? When it was hot, and then I was in Tulsa when it was hot man, a lot of white folks out there willing to throw hands kinfolk too good I mean I think with the the problem is is that in the interim of trying to affect change or what people are always feel that it's? Dangerous to put our freedom, and what we want and me hands in hopes of other people because you get it with conditions. That though I don't think that I think you know. I mean if. If, it is amount you know I. Say Race War Ingest obviously, but if it if it does come to some semblance of that, I don't think it's black. Folks put in their fate in the hands of. Of White people that fight for them. I think it's black folk. GO FIGHT! As they said it regardless of. You know. IRREGARDLESS wasn't aware. I know right. We said we'd companies yet. I. It regardless to the we was. But. Let's say if become to some semblance of that. And in cats have to have to you know. Get Violent Kinfolk. The black votes go go do it regardless, and the white people join. They're going to be joining because they believe in in what people are fighting for. What. Can you talk to us about like how this got started? Did you anticipate that you will be one of the voices that will be contributing to this time? this. Give us a little background on that I. Mean when I when I I've been with vice for a little over a year and a half now and. When I was familiar with Vice. I watched it. You know buys news on HBO and they have that Channel Vice Land. At the time and you know as. You know we we. We go on our this. Yeah, and you know. We're GONNA week. We do our best when we're in the room and once we leave the room. Is Done wipe ourselves of it and because you know to to hang onto the aspiration of getting, it is just you know as loss. Call Right, and so I did a screen test. Walked away and. Got A call back to to sit with EP of vice news tonight on HBO and had a conversation with them for about an hour. We talked about all manner of things. Philosophy history politics, intellectual curiosity, all of that and And I ended up doing a trial with them. We dated for a few months like me. I liked them and not. A relationship off on relationship, and so but to answer your question directly I didn't. Like I've Seen Bai's and I see how they go to conflict zones war zones in. Like I'm not that correspondent I'm not. I'm not the do. That's going to be in the trenches you know. Would a helmet and bullets passing by face and. So. While, because you you, you trenches does what I'm saying like, but when I said that you know I'm thinking the Middle East, you know. Right right right I didn't. It didn't even comprehend, I didn't even consider that it would be in my own country. Yeah, that I would be you know in that in that sort of of of conflict zone, but. I'm I'm grateful for the opportunity to. Be In a position to cover that you know as a not just as a journalist, but as a black journalist, but even as a black male journalist because The When you're out there on the streets, it's you have a perspective that I covered with. Than, what someone else would to say that? It's any better or worse is just GonNa be different and I think having those diverse perspectives in journalism is important in powerful because you know when we were seeing Minneapolis on the mainstream news sites. It's you know the looting destruction of property. You know In there is that that's part of the protest movement, but that's not entire picture or scope of the protest, and to be in a space advice where they allow me and my producers to find the stories beneath the stories in the stores adjacent to the other stories that people are seeing is is power. When we. Think about like? Journalists and then when we think about comedians therein two different spaces right, there's a sort of integrity that you get as journalists and is sort of a spaces, a comedian, whereas just light Levy. You don't take it too seriously. How are you able to incorporate them? Or. Do you think you've been able to incorporate the? Too? Because you know? We all understand that like comics. There is a lot of insight there and with journalism there there is a level of. Humor that you must possess so that you don't die inside of all of the content that you over women content they have to. ABSORB HOW'RE YOU marrying? The two or you still trying to marry the two? Well I think on a fundamental level all that different as comics. You observe behavior. As journalists, there's a intellectual curiosity about the world that you possess and I think those those no circles they they become concentric in more ways than people think right net. Of course as if they're doing a story. About man's hair weaves right. I love. As. So many of my guy friends. They was like. I was like sign that Yo. I hours there watching them do it. But boy is nice like real. You would not oh Lizzie in the bedroom and you know. You gotta get the pulling. You live can. You. A. Story like that. You, know intrinsically that story is funny just by hearing it. Men's hair, we. Me So then I don't have I don't have to do anything to make that funny right. People is is inherently funny, but then. If, it's inherently funny. The not get a chance to challenge myself to grounded in some sort of seriousness right, so we laugh and we joked like the men's hair. We's brothers. You know you go into swimming pool in and you. You know he's going to be on one side of the pool on the other night, but then. The seriousness of it is that people from. You know there are people who suffer from cancer. Right, so we giggle, Giggle Giggle, but then we grounded in some seriousness. Then we giggle Giggle You know what I'm saying. But Dan inversely. You got the serious stories right? And is okay to at a bit eleven to the to the serious story. Right I, I'm you know I'm in Tulsa Oklahoma. And I'm at the site where. Trump has had his rally net protested descended upon the street. They're interacting with with The trump supporters and we pulled a trump supporter inside and I'm like what's happening Let's let's let's chat you know. Tell me tell me what you think. What do you think about these people industry protested. Em's yet he he asking. Me What has? I support I support these guys. You know I love you guys. What has trump ever done to black people? That's racist like he asked me that and I just sat there and I said. On. Time. You know what I'm saying like. You use. I didn't say in antagonizing way. Right is just like. We sitting there. You Know Tatenda, isn't we? You know having a drink at the bar like man. We ain't got that much. Donald targeted like for real. Like. Are you serious rhino you? Think. He believed that. You think that's just part of the trope that they are on autopilot to say. I think there's some people who are on autopilot. I think There's some people who really do believe it and I think there are some people who are just. They I mean you. They live in a silo. You know they they There's cognitive dissonance. You know what I'm saying like I. Don't it's some people willfully want to ignore it right? And you gotTA UNDERSTAND I. The space that we live in most of the people that we surround ourselves with. They agree with US right. You know what I'm saying like one thing one thing I like about this job. I seek out smart people that disagree with me. You know what I'm saying, so you the Grand Gardner Ku Klux Klan. On their food food nonsense. Like kill all the black babies, and if you ain't on that nonsense, and you really believe in what you believe, and you genuine in it, I and you smart. Let's sit down and have a conversation about where we disagree because. I WANT WANNA. Learn you know what I'm saying, so if you if you a farmer. In the Mid West in all you listen to is conservative. Radio Conservative News Right. You don't know black people right? You don't. You may not have a desire to know any black people, but that's neither here nor there but in your existence. All, what you see on TV of other people is all that you know. And the TV that you watching is telling you that these other people. Really what they say they are. They just clamoring yet. You know you know talking bullshit and so if you grew up in that. How how do you expect one to engage in some sort of internal analysis that can combat the way they were brought up to believe what they believe and senators right. You know what I'm saying, but there's some people out there that. Truly believed that trump. has done nothing racist against black people or minorities. Well, it's you know a lot of them in in my opinion and the type that I grew up with. It's hard to debate them. Because or have a conversation because we were talking about fundamentals of racism, they are talking arguing against who you are as a person. You're ready to colleagues. I can't aim that. The my ideas about the philosophies that you hold on his coming from, but. It's not equal the way we. Right, we'll have one another. That's one issue right like that. What about the internal issues that we have like? While you were in Tulsa and you were seeing the things that were happening and people kind of coming together. Are there. Any elements because I often think that part of our biggest problem is that internally. We have so many. Situations that are divisive. Did you see any. Any of our people, not really for the cause, not really supporting. Our mission or sort of feeling like we need to be quiet. We need to just be happy with what. You've been given in this country. And that's why which is more like southern and. You know not as cosmopolitan in advance. You know not to say that I think people are dumb I just they may have a different way of life than New York. You know we're always reading on the coast. The coast everybody's reading. Everybody's in light. I don't believe that you know what I mean. In terms of our our circle, we know a lot of people I know more people on the coast. Yeah, you know we go into this event. We want to hear this speaker versus when you go like when I go visit family in the south when I go to the south. Nobody's trying to hear a lot of that political shit. Ain't nobody China here. Yeah. That's disagreeable. Enlighten me because I think I think in New York and on the coast there's a false sense of intellectual and moral superiority, not just by liberal white folks, but by light black folks to you know you go to the dinner party in you know you. You read up erected new. Yorker you know for for the first three or four pages, and you think you expert on all things political and social. You know and. And just because you go to an event, the hearing speaker just because you have access to cultural and political. Information doesn't mean that you are culturally and politically informed. Just, because you go to, these things don't mean that that's that that that you understand the way things operate and you know I'm we from the South? You know by I go. I go down to the CRIB. Texas Florida? Not Pilot is on it. You know partners on my fam is on at night may come through a different Lens. may come through a super duper liberal lands, and may come through a lens of Christianity you know may come through a few different lenses, but for the most part. I think. People underestimate. The Kin folks down down South and assume that the folks on the on the coast 'cause you gotTa. You gotTA understand. The. Is Easy to kind of take. What we have for granted here in New York because this state is a blue state. Now just imagine what you gotTa know to be able to combat. Fight in a majority red state, so if you have you if you intellectually advanced and you live in Alabama Mississippi Oklahoma right so I'm down in Tulsa. Bear Smart Kin folks out there that are. Down for about from the hood. To the to the to the upper middle class to upper class, you know I spoke with I. Spoke with Dr Tiffany Crutcher who is the twin sister of of a terrence crutcher who got shot by police officer in two thousand sixteen. She adopted. But she in the hood, the hood recognize her. You know and they. They appreciate stuff that she doing like is is a relationship prosperity right now like you know and I think I. Think George Floyd. was was a moment in history. Where folks just like you know, it's not enough is enough write in in is not not ignoring all of the brothers and sisters that came before him. This was just the one that was just like it took no. Well, I do I agree with your. Assessment. The way you scratch your IRA by me like. My grandfather got bits. Of Legal Scranton. Also. I do agree with that. I think the point that I was making is like like when I travel and I'm outside of. La New, York which obviously also have their problems, not that we don't have racial injustice and we don't have shit down for like Rodney King you know to Sean Bell is not that we don't have like that, but when I go and I travel and I have a sort of. A air right of some of a black person that comes from blue environments and. Having a regard for myself and our attitude like. There's no kowtowing in US right. A grocery store, and there's some white woman behind the counter ringing me up and she's a you know a hillbilly. That wants to be racist I'm above her like she. She's insignificant to me. Winning me up and I think a lot of times I'll look around when I'm in southern areas and I'm like I. See a lot of. Chief that we are exuding as people of color so that we don't sort of Chit over the area. Because you know the way I think an Blad. You said what you said because it is true when I don't off like I'm saying that because I am. I don't know what people are saying now with the south, but whatever they saw I am from has summers in the South African understand south, and I know that there is honor integrity there, but the I think there's also more ignorant ass. hillbillies in the south did in a different way. You have to navigate when you're dealing with uneducated white people bursts the the way we have to navigate when we deal with educated white people who is also a trick bag because they come in distance, but but s molest burlesque. Let's make this clear though that. The the the level of racism is the same between the two of them. So it is different, and so it does warrant a different kind of navigation for sure, but it ain't like one is less than the wall, no for sure. Thousand percent. I, am we? We had an opportunity you and I, and some other comedians to sort of break bread in elaborate. It was virtual, but you know spiritual. Your Yeah Yeah. And I was. So like? Just wanting to hear more and more and more, you know of the stories that you were telling the things that you were giving an again. Apologize here I'd already offered. Police played fortnight with Asha saw. I had to leave. And I was already late with our it. I said I don't WanNa. Do that you. On us but. What are the stories and feel free to share, not share because I know. We went a very safe space so I'm not trying to take anything uncomfortable or Anything that you didn't WANNA share in a more public setting, but there was a conversation that you had with one of the mothers and I won't say who, in case you don't WanNa share, but you had a conversation with one of the mothers in your experience with one of the mothers of the victims of police brutality, and it was the way you illuminated her, and you know we got to see who she was and I was like damn I'd. I'd love to meet this woman. I'd love to get along yellow along. Yeah, Now I! Don't mind. I mean if you, if you Google my name in and you to this story going come up. You're going to see interview. it was MIS- MIS- Valerie Casio. Mother of Landau Casteel, who was shot also in twenty sixty. in his car with his girlfriend in daughter in so. This was the first. of this kind of interview that I you know it's this is. These times are you know? Are Very. Sensitive you know, and and this woman is having to relive this all over again. Because see also lived in the Minneapolis area and that's where her. Son was killed by police officers and So. In. As a correspondent who Once the person you're interviewing to be as comfortable as possible. Especially especially in situations like this You're very careful. You WanNa be sensitive as possible And so an end. This is the time of global pandemic. Right Man I don I prefer not to meet. People were wearing a mask. Already creates a barrier between you and the person that you're speaking to and so. we went up there. I had my mask of rang the doorbell and step back about ten feet right. And in of course, we've already arranged a time that we're supposed to be there, so she knows he's expecting us. She opened the door. See Look frustrated and I'm thinking. I'm not trying to start off like this. You know and I'm like we're not late. I'm trying to figure out that we did come to find out right before we arrive. There was some guests that that that come to visit her, but they were uninvited and you know how. Like you gotta call, you gotTa take. You got the email send a pidgin. You got somebody you know as me. Let me know you coming through and. Sewing up. As she as she lived. In the suburbs right so they like seeing the city. Where are I'm just in the area route? You had to go to and even in route. You had time to let her know that it was coming. She was none too pleased. With the Campo showing up unannounced, and so she came out and she was like man you. A little, bit! Was We'd already introduce ourselves. Dot Cousin, a little bit three minutes in and I don't think she would mind me. Saying this telling their story and I said this casteel is everything okay, she like. ME. The voters show up in my house. I got stuff to do I got to take care of this custom little bit, and she said to the bedroom. Sorry, I'm sorry. You know. I mean I can. I can't cut right acid by. You could. You could say what you wanted to say. Really. Really! As a yes, man, a well a well, I always keep it one hundred and keep a real in my interviews, but these other networks to come here and I keep it real him the real and then I watch my interview on TV and they got me letting lack of punk ass bitch. She said she said so. You telling me I can say what to say? I can be me. I said that's what. I'M NOT GONNA. Tell you anybody else. Okay don't make me look. have any like little bits. That's all I add and. What was at that moment? She became my Auntie. Like my aunt Peggy just same personality is different phase, right? and. And what was interesting is? On the surface, some people would would. Perceive the way that she presented ourselves in that way as crass right, you know. But what if you watch the interview right I watched it man, listen like the. See. I love interviewing and talking to people like that, not just on camera, but just in general in life you engage people that that exists in a balanced way. You know what I'm saying like. They not just not just the the the the Super Duper, organic whole foods. You know what I'm saying, but they also a seatown also down either. I, don't you? You could go in the store. Get you some organic Kale and some fruit loops. Yes. Miss Castio would like. Like powerful, you know intelligent in just just. It was it was a it was a privilege to be to be in her presence in the have that conversation with her one of the things I thought. With the with the interview when I watched it was it was it was the first time I was like? Wow I really pay attention to her. You I'm say and not that I, I was deliberately not, but I think sometimes that the narrative and the things that we're try with once we get other people involved. That's why I'm so. I hate with other people. Get involved in telling our truth because they wanna tell it the way that they want, and they WANNA this passion in there's Aggression inside of us. That's necessary and sometimes when by the time they get finished processing it. All of the heart of it's gone. It's like. This thing that happened to Orlando. Jones and his character being and sold on. The City of God's in. My somebody sent me clips of that and I was like wow, this character is speaking so much lack troops and black. Power and non victimhood in an to fight, and don't turn the other cheek, and so they start to stifle things like that with us, and I felt in that interview I was like why she really. She really Land the real deal. Yeah, and to your point to your point I think there's different ways to approach in the to me the best way to approach. A situation like that interview light. That story like that is to. You're providing a platform for them. Why when you're, you're not, you're not using. Some people will use them for their platform as opposed to giving that person a platform I, people people have told me like. That was a that was an amazing interview and I tell them right off like I I'm grateful. Thank you for the compliment, but I didn't do much. I just I just asked a couple questions and I, and I sat back, and I was a very attentive listener because I was very much interested in what she had to say. I mean I would say this, though I think you did do a lot and I think the thing that you did is why the reason not everybody can be comic. Not Everybody can be a journalist. Not Everybody can be the person that is there to. Give in brings forth life and things because some people have it inside them right so she's got to be comfortable you have to. Just trust you. She has Robert Right, right. All the she doesn't seem. I take a woman that connects. With nonsense you know. I really I hats off to you because I mean I watched that so many of the first time I watched it I. was like Oh? My God Am I. Crying said you know, and I couldn't understand because I wasn't A. I'M GONNA. PUT THE LINCOLN I want everybody to watch the video. The interview. It wasn't something that was to promote you to cry. Like sometimes you know it's the things where they show you all this and here, the new violins and Slowed hander in it was that was like. Listening. Trying to figure out like why I'm not like tears are just coming down. My Eyes adding naturally. It was so incredible it really was. What do you think now? What does now hold for you because? You're so great at doing this. Are you going to like, does it? Comedy is going to you know I was thinking about like with the pandemic and things I had a special. That was already. You know. I was supposed to be taping and. That to the wayside, obviously mostly because most of the network. But you know it's like I. I was like well. Part of it is like. Why am I doing? Album is because I have that material and I really wanted to get out, but I'm like. I have no interest in any of that material. That was there because this is. A different yeah, I mean. My mom material was will bother with my life. Anyway. Everything was about my life, and what I'm dealing with my perspective, but now because I'm like that as a comic. My life is seeing the heavy lind's of being. You know an adult like we're. Adults is our time. We supposed to get that. We worked really hard for to get you so that we can enjoy being adults in this time, and now it's about to be fraught with. You know sickness pandemics than racial inequality and injustice in. It's like said I don't want my I. Don't like I'm in my forties on nonsense. You know all want to have a bad time. We think we ain't going backwards. You're not going to be twenty two years. Two years we'll be fifty something I. Don't have time to waste this time so I got. How I only way I know how to move. This time is to talk about it and put it in my comedy in the leave. Some type of stamps that meet me at a stop provoking that allows us to have some freedom, and so all of its changing would what's going on I? Know You I know you like well. I got to do something right 'cause you gotta speak speaking as a journalist, but you also a comedian. What's what's the comedy doing with? What's happening with that? Yeah, I mean it even before code with hit and the five four significant beginning in in five racial equality happen It was tough for me to get do stays time anyway, because travel a lot with vice, and you know how to comedy world worked. You will ask for your veils a month in advance. And you know when Minneapolis hit. I was on the plane the next day. Right you know, and so you don't WanNa. Be that comic that. That That just cancelled all the time so before. Like before pandemic. It was. You know Booker's hit me up and say. Would you have to be in town today? And, if I'm in town and I go hit the state so I don't. I don't intend to abandon the state especially now because. I've traveled and I've seen like you know been arrested twice. I've been the Berlin. You know there's stories. They're they're you? The more you see, the more you grow The more you want to share that experience with the world you know, and so I, you know. I got I. Definitely got enough material still writing, you know. Who knows when we'll be able to get back on stage in in what is people getting state now? I'm like, not it. Say Mike I. Don't. Be Mouth on the my in. Walk stayed with acting the LYSOL spray off, You're. Going to be bringing their own mighty. In, cases like sticks to the Pool Hall. Go ahead own personalized Mike already. See your. Data would look Yom thing on and. Right now. Arou-. But like I you know none light. Stayed in. You know in that in In that arrest you get, and I think was happening in the world. Once once people start having feel comfortable, being in shows like that full go on it. They need to hear from US right. Now a lot of pain. and. There's not an outlet. Turn that pain into something else you. Can Go to church. You can go to comedy Clo- now. You you so again or you got a fellowship outside and ain't nobody trying to the break dance to Jesus all up and down in the. Break this season in the hot. Sun. Suited No. You know that only sweat off because. I think with us being not being outside, and I think nature and the elements has almost autocorrect yourself to a certain extent. We had a storm yesterday. It was the most beautiful storm, and I've never seen it. Is like double, rainbow, D-. I was like. Why is it so like? It was a country storm countries storms with. Heavy rain. And Rainbow come up. Got They got, they got That's what I really think. I really think that the the animals not this real. May into go by you know. They got all kinds of squirrels wildlife in central park right now. You like. He's in folks now. Who adopted dogs. That ain't never thought about having a dog 'cause. People can't be with themselves young. Let's say cat cat. You know Pat Brown. Pants like I've been trying to get to get a cat at the back of about Obama, get a Cam. Get A cab and get academy candidate cat as she. This is the third time she told me she said. I need a companion. I need to get a cat and I said petless. Go get you get not if you tell me what. Wall Street. Does he get one? He's we're I. Think she's waiting until we. We can really get back out into, so she can go see. Ratto humane society. Needs to be adopted over there, and they need to be adopted by a crazy people like me. I mean we're. Going to go back ain't got no money. act. That was tracy. I know. Peg I've. Got No money. All the time I'd be like packing, you will give me a as they give me a fish box fish. Heavy? Air. But, before we. Step because I have a two or three things that really two things. Ain't got nowhere to go. To sort of wrap up like all the stuff with vice new things that you've been joining and and and will call sign that like. When we talk about defunding the police when all how they have. Immunity end all taxpayers are the ones that really pay these lawsuits to the families you know. Civil civil courts and things like that. What do you think with? The work that you've been doing the things that you've seen. What do you think really is the the solution? Is it the funding? What do you think will help? Our, thinking a think what gets? lost. In many times in many stories like this, is you see the headline you know defunding police and people just assume that all of the money is going to be taken from the Police Department and by snap finger police just disappear in is going run rapid, and even the people who are advocates for abolishing the police entirely recognize that it's not just never finger, and they disappear right most of these folks. That I moderated a conversation between A person who is wants to reform the police, a person who wants to completely abolish. And by the end of the conversation, we recognize that the two of them really wanted the same thing. Except for the person that wants to abolish religion, is it that the efforts of the reformer is is what's should happened leading up to abolish me. So you. Being out in the field. I've spoken to people who are in the streets targeted about reforming defunding in abolishing and. What you don't necessarily hear or see definitely in the headlines, is the solution right so chancellor lease abolish the police defunding police. And you see the headline, people react to that and you know not not not many folks I'm not gonNA. Make General statement like that, but some people don't go. You know extra step actually reading a figure it out, and so there's. A efforts to do community control policing right so the community is in charge of who gets hired who gets fired. WHO's the police chief? Rosa responsibilities in conjunction with like mental health professionals because you know. I've been stopped by the police. Because my my tail, my the light on my license plate is out right in. It wasn't, but they wouldn't even let me go around and then see. They just told me. That, it was out. And they approached the car with a gun. You know what I'm saying and I'm like. Brad. This isn't like this this. This is the sitting people talking about. Right, here in a to a mother things but. If. If you can't, if you perceive everything to be a threat, you get a call to a house and you know the person is mentally challenged. And you come out drawn your guns and there's no one there trained. To handle the situation or to speak to someone with that condition in in U. S. six months six months academy. This person is in the projects in the hood and you grew up in Long Island. New, York, so not only. Is there a disconnect between the two cultures? You young only been out. You know only been trained for six months, and this person has a serious mental condition that you are not equipped to deal with. Right and so when it comes to community control policing, these are some of the things that the community wants. Address. And so I think. The way that the police system exists now. People are like not. We can have that normal in these to be something else now. The degree to was that something else is is where the contention comes in. You know yeah I mean I'm I'm every day. I'm taking my steps to be a little more considerate to the fact that. They will have to be some sort of coming together. Because all I, don't you know? This whole idea of threatens excuses so much things that they just say just because they wanna say them, and and the fact that there's no humanity whenever a person of color encounters a police officer, which should not be the case. You should be able to ask questions. Ask why you're being detained. You should be able to the things that they. It is things that they are supposed to do, and they just don't do so when. I am A. I'm one of those people that is closer to abolish the police. Even though I know, we need some level of protection. I know that what we have right now is not working for us. I. Will say you know I'm watching. They're saying that you know gun. Violence has gone up over twenty percents and the last month or two and they have. The police commissioner. Who is like you can just look at that man. You can just look at him until he is a stone cold bona fide racist. A racist. You can see it in the skin. You got little every time I see white men with that sorta like read sorta like Baker Santan! And and you know, and it's a shame because we don't we we often times. Everybody gets pushed into white or black, and then we could get. There was a time in this country when a person with the last name Oj was also considered to be a minority in disenfranchised and a person. WHO's last name? Was You know? Jonah or some shit like. everybody's white. So as going up twenty percent or Twenty seven extra cases or something like that. And he's like. Yeah, well, you know we we need help. And this is what he has a smirk on his face. Because it's happening at a time where we are saying, we don't need police as sometimes they're. Trickery is to allow things like this to happen or promote that things like this are happening that are running rampant crime is going up all these other things, and it's because you guys have stopped us from being. We are when essence we have it, you know. Would essence the defunding police from what I know it to be is the demilitarisation of the police riots with all this excess of guns they haven't. Equipment that they should only need in a war. At when you're going to you, know Miss Barbara's house because you know junior acting up again. You know it's like. Yeah. Because even I agree because even. When I was down Minneapolis covering the protests. I was I was just I. Just kind of sat back. I wasn't a journalist wasn't a protester out I just was watching. Step outside myself when I watch. And I'm thinking. Okay. Many of these these riot police, they they. They say that they're there to keep the peace. But there are two parties here. There law enforcement in there. The protesters and only one of the parties is arm. You know what I'm saying. You numb. You come wearing a gun, not just not just your standard issue, you law, you come with semi automatic rifle, you come. Bulletproof vests Yukon seal. You come baton. You come helmet, right? and. People on the other side. They got a state. Posible right right. We, didn't. Molotov cocktails being thrown at the police? And so for for you to say. It was a trip because you saying you there to keep the peace, but you bring in all the weapons of violence. Yeah. And their counterparts Hoople, those white people that believed there was a guy. That had RPG I hadn't seen RPG I was looking for one and grand theft auto the other day. I couldn't find what price because this guy had it. There's no reason for billion to have RPG's Y Y. What is what if you don't? That's much force. Demolish a bill to tear down a building if you had an RPG begun like that the the way that they are able to weaponize not even just as the police, but as white people in general. I watched a video last night and it brought me to tears because we're subject to any time. That's what has to change. Is that anytime? White person decides that they don't like what black person is doing. They can call the cops, yeah. Something wrong in that. And instead of trying to determine what's happening by asking both parties. What me get your statement? Let you get your statement. From the White Party and then whatever the White Party has said that the Black Party has done. The Black Party is automatically arrested putting the cuffs or told me get that on the grass. It's like. A complete beliefs and whatever the white person is saying. And those things when I watched this young black father yesterday in his car, and he's going out of like a Walmart you know sometimes. There's lights before you get into. and. There's some pool while you're building. Woman comes up her bonus cycle and says that he stole her car. And he does his car, but she just comes up and says reckless now his car, the he's in with his two children, young children, being surrounded by other white men who have come up now and kicking in the car and nobody's doing any investigation. Nobody's asking for the cops to come to mediate none of this normally. Yeah, I mean Brianna Taylor is a prime example of. At, what point do we go? Look like. An? People. George Floyd. We got inciting we. We also were all sitting at home. During a pandemic, we are in the second stage of opening up New York. City I have hardly anything about protests anymore. I have hardly seen anything about people. It is so easy for everyone else to forget that we are struggling when they go back to business as usual. And I wanted to make sure we don't go back to business as usual salk if they go back to business as usual. And we are not aggressive enough. I'm. Being. The you suggest that everyday people being St Martin. I'm not with the marching shit I'm sorry I, you know. When you say when you say, we need to maintain a certain level of aggression to to keep attention on on the inequality. What does that aggression look? Well! Let's put it like this right like these lobbies like the Italians able to move right. They were able to get political power things like that, and they were able to three h things mobs, and that whatever for whatever reason those mobs above the law, they part of also organized crime is also. In intertwined with police in the latch is a certain regard that we have for Italian. You don't walk with them, 'cause. If you fuck with them, they will hurt. Well regard for us like that because you can watch man put his knee on a man's neck for eight minutes and forty success and the most. Do like you, said show up with cardboard states I. Don't disagree. Tell me I, disagree. I think I think showing up in the streets with sticks poster board. That's just one branch. Of the protest, the other branch I mean you got. You got like I think I. Think you know you may disagree but I think. local politics also no I agree with that. No, what I'm saying and if and if police. Are GonNA exist. Before they get funded or before they get a exist. Then Kim folks need to be police? But Kin folks while you know skill, right? AM! Begging, yes! Come on stay with me. A word. Get a call me I know you did I do to pitch? So an it like a prime example, not the not to be tudent stories have done but You Ain't gotta hold nothing back. It was two three whatever you gotta say. Said Keith Keith. Lamar Scott nother brother Charlotte North Carolina now shot and killed by police in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Folks took to the street. In Charlotte and they they didn't go to the hood, they took it uptown. Took, they took the protests uptown to where the money is. And they ended answers from from the police g from the city council. Come outside and talk of. They weren't to beat nobody up. They were just like you. Tell me, why would a man get shot in the parking? Lot of an apartment complex right and he is done nothing. How how? How has this come to beat? Like just just come out here and off. The US and nobody talked to them. Nobody came out and talked to. They took to the streets. In, Charlotte up and one of the main leaders of the protest. Ended up running for city council at large in one. and. Charlotte, as city voted out the old white guard in voted in a mostly young Brown and black city. Council mayors black. The city council is majority, Brown and Black Young. The sheriff's black. The the police chief black. The city planner is black so when it comes to resumning and all that city planner on. China China against. Destroy the remnants of the legacy that was built on segregation. The city that was like Charlotte was literally built on segregation. They designed it to where the rich Lil one place or live in another place why? and. A lot of people don't know. Charlotte is second largest city in the United States. They got a lot of money bank of America, Wells Fargo. They're all of that, so they have the money. And they have the leadership. Now with those two components do they have the will and the power to fix the inequities of the past and so essentially, Charlotte is a real time real life example of what happens when protesters take their passing from the streets to the ballot box. Is happening in real time before. So. I cannot say anything negative about that. But I say that I. Still You know you will pick the some goes. I don't want us to pick up guns. That's that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is the fact that we don't is why we are I'm not promoting violence, but I'm just being I'm just telling you what it is if we have seen. When? The the massacre in Tulsa was white people, picking up guns and destroying and tearing up in an harming. They are very aggressive when they approach us, they don't approach us with the United speak to you for a second about my humanity. They kill us and we don't kill them back. So that's only common sense I. Don't have to be a promoter of anything because I think what happens is a lot of times when we say that when we remind people that that's happening, they go your. Oh you're killing none. No, it's as many white men had died at the hands of black police officers that black people die at the hands of white police officers I. Aaron t these same guys would have. They would go to the House of whoever it was, and they would kill them. Yeah, yeah, and as I mean it's it's. It's been that way for a long time and in in black folks. We have to be the ones that are. For lack of a better term passive in the reaction to the violence perpetrated against us because. Did he know what I'm saying? Not, but you understand the context in which I'm saying like in in those circumstances is like. If you. If you if you return that violence is not seeing. Is Not seen as you defending yourself. But why do we care? That's why I. Don't truly cares because the people that would see you, not not yourself. Also the enemy and the enemy is never going to see you the way you need right, but then, but then that goes back to your earlier question that you asked me. How, how? Internally within the full. How are we handling this situation? 'cause if you try. If you try to get, get off, can focus on board for revolution like that and good luck. Possible. because. You know. Honestly, I have to. I'm I'm asking you right now. I needed to come on month. Abdul a whole part, too, because I wanted to bring in. I think you are somebody that I trust and have the conversation about black women and black men when it comes to ladder. We need I wanted to. States we need to have. Right now at all. And then even in even we could get into this whenever I. Come back on, but Like. Black Trans Right. Black Gray and being and this is something that that I'm negotiating myself. As we speak right because I don't. I have the I. Have An immense amount of respect for the Trans Community Gay community, but I don't I and I'll be the first one to say I don't I don't I? Don't understand, trans. You know what I'm saying. That doesn't. That lack of understanding it doesn't make me afraid. You know what I'm saying that lack of understanding makes me want to to know more to understood to to get to know N. providing a space where like the me, extending them respect. That's hands down. I ain't got to understand for all its it and the thing about it is i. think is a place of like being right where people think they have. Human being a human being there doesn't need. Yeah? Notice another human being that. You're encountering right and. An and that and that in itself warrants respect, right and equal treatment. Just all top you in human being now. Now in order for me to attempt to empathize with with. Your struggles and all of that like I just. Let's chat about. Let's talk about it. You know. Let's talk a with. I'm talking about within the within the black community Yom's. No. Intersectional things that need to be even it has to be talked about from lack of women to lack trans women as well because station. There's also a disconnect. That is happening there. You know you know I'm going to have s Madison. I think in about two weeks, and and the things that she talked about and the things. He is eliminated for me when it comes to black. Female Trans has like. I'm like. Oh, I need to be speaking those sisters, too, because you're. We start, people start to bog down well. That's not natural. That's not my choice and they just trying to do this and they're trying to do that. I think there's a lot of things that have been set up against the the black community, but an end, and maybe the the the demasked relation of black men is is a thing that's happening, but I'm not GonNa sit there and throw that on a person that has has a feeling and understanding that there. They were not born in the body that they were supposed to be born in and that want to identify who they want identified. It is not our place to be judge. And I think that the things I've seen with just women, black women were trans and murder rates in suspected. Nobody's talking about it. And he murdered left and right and up and down, and this and that and I think we. Can you know I think some people like well? We don't WanNa talk about that. Now it's like no, we can talk about how black people to be disproportionately murdered by the police, and also how there's a person out here of people out here, murdering and making black, female trans feel unwelcome or unsafe. Yeah, I don't think. I don't think we don't have the luxury to do at the time now everything has to be. You're not gonNA add no other. No other other shit on like some people WANNA POW other outside community like we didn't where everything black right now, because black was being killed now. If you want to talk about this shit, you're shit. Will be stopped by killing you right? Everybody who not being killed. All you see is black people standing up? So I'm sorry, I had I had a moment where I became. A. Second, I jumped out. Come on. It's tough because you know the thing that. I've been getting a lot of responsible I'm glad you're here. I've been getting a lot of pushback. Just from black male friends of mine. Who are like you come on with all this black men. And? I have deliberately not mission black men to an extent other than to the extent that they are affecting us right or black women's esteem or regard and I'm trying to. I'm trying to get black women to understand that we we have to stop asking people or quieting. That will not be loved and asking people to love us because there's a business. That we put on ourselves when we he asking. Because when you ask you, ask somebody, don't get fucked or doesn't necessarily care. Your response is GonNa be sought as such right is gonNA be. Will you ain't fuck you and? So that's a longer compensation I'm so proud of everything that you've done even though you think you coming on your checking me. Which Shit? Really shared such a such. Great information I know everybody would be so proud of the things that you shared in the things that you said. I am. I hope that. We are able to. Get, that sort of community that the like would they were able to Charlotte is we can do that because I think there's a lack of understanding even on my end and I think I. Know a lot. I can't even fathom like how to get people organized for us to make changes changes like that. I don't I, don't I? Think? Part of the problem, is we we look at. We look at the mountain, and we look at that wall made out of Senator Cinderblocks Briggs, you know. All sorts of you know. Draw. Whatever's made out of and just you look at it. You stand back and you look at how massive it is. And in that moment, you discouraged right and. I think the. Discouraging to because if you if you listen to Richard Pryor back in the day. If you, if you you know you, look at the reason why folks is marching in the sixties, you listen to these speeches and you like. Like. Only thing that's changed in the fashion and the hairstyle. Earn a said, and so you look back at that, and then you have your moment and you rightfully justifiable you go to your emotional chamber, but then in a certain point you get tired of feeling like that, too like you know the. Hammer I'm tired of being sick and tired and so. The the what's the alternative? To do nothing. Because that's you know what's GonNa Happen if you do nothing, but we ain't for show. What's going to happen if we do something? And so I think both. Was You know the nonprofit organization in Oh that that'd be scraping. They low change in the SOFA the allied. They've been chipping away at the wall. You know they've been chipping away and then something like you know. The the the protest movement that was that was sparked by the police killing George Floyd. that. That was a sledge sledgehammer. Took a big chunk out. And now at some folks. That have seen the big chunk, and they were standing back and they was like old nine. Oh Shit. I ain't even really know right the wall down like that riot. To See people they. And they look big accident, but now now I can see it you know did. Jesse Jackson, say if you. If you can see, you can see it if you believe that you can achieve assumption. Rats that live round when it's. Yes some Ri- would achieve. In believe, but you can't. You can't imagine something less. You seen the yourself or Self, and so now people are recognizing will shit I I really I ain't never really been one protests, but. I'm going to get out there now and somebody. Somebody was thinking I always thought about. The police should have been de-fund a long time ago, but I ain't really had the courage to say it because people were shocked me out of the room and think I was crazy. People have taken one step forward. You know what I'm saying and so whether you was in the back now you close used in the front. Now. You now you. You got the you got Mercedes' up in that you know what I'm saying. Yes, I'm I'm encouraged. I still I still get pissed. I. Still Get frustrated, I? Don't think I fully processed. We know what happened to me in Minneapolis and toes, but That's a whole `nother show, but I I I I was in the street and I saw young people. I'm talking about those the academe. Some of them in the same body. You know young brother. May Why y'all essay. The destruction of the property is seems like it's antithetical to the spirit of what is protests to be man as you look at me. He said man if we were now his step in, they wouldn't do not. The only reason, the only reason they listening to us because we are here stepping. Moody told Me Yeah. You know, and so you got the folks out. Town thank you. Thank you to him for checking your ass. You try to check me. Stabbing lay. Seven yeah, and so you got. And then you gotTA. Folks didn't suit entire. Assuming tied. An event by by Bob so. Like. I'm in I'm in. I'm encouraged but I agree with you like we got. We got to keep the fire burning. You know and and. In Was Industry But like you against those a long way to get back to where you saying like. You you a comment, but you more than common. But that's your. That's your. That's your foundation from which you exists professionally right, but. We get on here and we're talking about some real shit yeah. We're GONNA. We're GonNa Cadillac Jack, you. Know what I'm saying a little bit like. We always go all joking there, right? We like. Joking there before got to understand that. Just because we comics don't mean the court jester rag none I'm saying. Don't don't don't don't come this way talking about. Shut up and just tell jokes now that. I got ear wasn't jokes in animal was in real estate in it. And the journalist Anna comment I'm GONNA provide a platform for other people to tell their story like miscast deal. You know her her stars and let the and let the do the trump supporter him. Tell his equally the same because I. WanNa hear what everybody got sick. Yeah, you know those those two young sisters. Do you you share their story to and what they have been doing in the cleanup's and all of that? Is just. I mean I couldn't have asked for a better conversation I definitely want to have you back next month. I'm going to organize that because I've been seeing that. In the end route. We were in rules I've I've I want to have a conversation with black men? humbly as I can still have to represent. Stand up for my sister's in and what we're going through, but I think a conversation definitely needs to be had and we need to listen, so I'm I'm open to? Listening and see how I can. It's a bringing us. You know, bring us together. Yeah, and The. I'm working on a story about A. Mental health too. That's that's. That's an important aspect that intersects with. The relationship between men, black men, black women trends. You know all of that. While I'm down. I'm down. All right I'll have you. Move. A. Principal I eighty camera and nobody seeing the. You know and everybody listening to watch. This is Angie Tube because we all stuck inside Hashtag alone together Matang is. has asked that you ain't been washing them enough. What can they anticipate I know not really out back yet, but what can. Where can they find you? Where can they anticipate anything else from you? All of this stuff that all the stories that I do Opposed on on on my instagram page either like a teaser. Or if it's you know depending on how long it is actually posted on ide-. TV. As a story But. On Youtube or you just Google also sleigh vice youtube, just google slave is Eugenie. A playlist of all the stuff that I've done comes up. Including that documentary is actually a a forty five minute dot. The one about Charlotte called You can go to youtube wash that for the freaky right now. They give us three stepdaughters pandemic. It. You can't go pick up some free knowledge. You all have sailed. And then the so for after this pandemic. Why I listen I gotta go. Take me a zoom where I'll play right now there's. Rather do. Is Three. No it's. Not Breach my training. She may have reduced the prices, but she didn't eliminate the. defunding of, balance. I, love you so much, brother. What went on here and I know they're going to they just to eat. This episode of you gave us so many gyms and I can't wait to have you back on A. Serious conversation down so I write by. PRESENTED ANYTIME This has been retin Raven with Yama Meka.

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