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I was on holidays loss. And we're walking along the beach and I stood to La are going to go to the toilet and she said we are in the middle of nowhere only speech and I said he had gone the toilet did going to be a mess and fortunately that was a toilet. uh-huh arena to that toilet and my whole insides just almost exploded in the toilet hall the low fellow risk-takers and welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win an investing. You must take risk but the wind big. You've got to reduce it. Today's episode is sponsored by the Valuation Master Class Online. The complete. improven step-by-step online course to guide you from novice evaluation expert. podcast listeners can claim your amazing thirty five percent discount by going to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals. My name is Andrew Stotz from a starts investment research. And I'm here in twenty twenty with featured guest Justin. Tam Said Justin. Are you ready to rock rock and roll. Oh yeah the. Let me tell the audience about you. Justin has been awarded is Australia's most Australia's most host awarded. Fitness business. Speaker is recognized internationally as a thought leader who delivers an unique style with quality content. He will have you challenge how you do things. And as he believes we should hashtag think and do different to grow the fitness industry. After thirty years in the amazing fitness industry he shares practical ideas from inside and outside the industry with a focus on ideas ideas that can be implemented immediately. He is training over four hundred fitness facility since two thousand fifteen. Hey My goodness most of us haven't even train four hundred times since two thousand fifteen and he's done it as a casual visitor to get the true consumer experience. Justin has delivered over three hundred fifty three presentations since nineteen ninety. Nine and again most of us have not even delivered three hundred fifty three presentations. and He's done it across twenty one countries trees and to over two hundred and ten thousand and three hundred fitness business managers owners managers team members and entrepreneurs. He is the only the Speaker to speak twenty consecutive years at Fi- lex in Australia and for fifteen consecutive years. At how do I say that one again earth saw Got I H R s in the US of a people who attend his sessions help him achieve his Y. In Ladies and gentlemen this is important. What is your why? Now I'm GonNa tell you just why and that is to have more people move and move more often to reduce use the healthcare costs across the globe and mom that goes to YouTube. We all gotta be moving. Our Justin take. Hey come in villainy further tidbits about your life well engine. That's in China GonNa take you on the radio with me will head off to a couple more countries a loved it. I'll look at top speed. Beats I think would be at wall. I am a business coach. And I'm using those in Buda Komo's because who Nizwa that definition these these days business guy cheese on so a coach a sporting coach and will ten years. I coached rugby teams Coaching rugby teams. My coach said a fairly high level here in Sydney in Stride I then took on coaching my daughter's nicotine so I've coached the league. kroft Unda I`TS UNDERLINES ON DETAINS NBC The under eleven's Laban's nipple tape. So I am all ova nipple which is of course a women's sport piloting of countries around the world and I can honestly say. I Never Thought I would be coaching eleven year. Old Girls how to find it will. I'm sure that gives you some interesting lessons in your life. Look at settling does the teaches me patients. But you know it's it's a great experience and I think when you're a coach your coach and you would know that it doesn't matter what you coaching business. Oh You coaching kids or your coaching sporting teams. A coach is a coach in the premise premises old. Coaching is exactly the sign. It's interesting I'd like to dig a little bit deeper into that before we get into the question. Then I'm just kinda curious in a bigger picture perspective in the world look at six. I have two questions for you. Why do athletes almost all have coaches and from a big picture sure perspective? What does it coach bring ultimately? Besides you know these drills and this and that and whatever from a big picture perspective Y.. Do Most Athletes have him in. What do coaches bring to these athletes? So the armored suggests the number one reason whether it's an athlete or even a business person has coach approach is it. That coach sees what's happening from a different perspective. We become blind in my own journey Ernie and when someone joins a journey with fresh on is he changes the hall viewpoint. All that journey and I can add to what we're doing and the reason why I think coaching his side critical again in sports or in business is that the coach's job it's really simple. It's to make sure that the ball goes in the net all the bull guys into the Blazers old whatever the in goal is. You'll you run the furnace down down the automated track now. The coach's job is to watch every step along the way and they go to identify with repeats that we can improve while at the same time. High fiving estimate to make sure that they feel really positive about themselves and what we see in athletic and sport that we don't seem business is inspired in athletics. The goalposts sick sick like Donald moves whereas in business. What we see is those goal? Pulitzer often lead whether they're siles tug at all whether whether it's a marketing budget China and so as a coach that becomes really bad if you sing these changes because your your job. is the bully going in the nit is to price the person and support limited. She later because they're gonNA be eating that win tons get tough they missing. The goal is quite simply. He's to analyze every movement to make sure that we got raw sighted. They are not missing the GAULS as I move forward and that raises a couple of different questions. The first thing you mentioned was confidence confidence. And it's a little bit strange thing to think of for the average Joe or the average Andrew out there who have always. He's admired athletes as top of the game. How could it athlete? Have Lacking of confidence the best athletes in the world the athletes at a humble and hungry Roger Federer Rafa Nadal Classic examples of hungry angry athletes and yet still humble even if he had a condo look at tiger woods in his life Spain where he lost that hunger. Knee lost that humbleness nobleness to whip. Perhaps now he's got it back some of the. US basketball is the sign. I think from a strategic perspective ash body women's number number one as waste by. She's incredibly Humble Leslie but hungry for success and we can learn from them because we need that in businesses. Who says well my last question on this topic because I find it fascinating and I love to talk more about it? The other question is okay. Yeah I get what you're saying the value of a different perspective. Somebody look at it from a bigger picture. Somebody to look at all the connecting parts and say. Here's the weak link. We need to work on but that is one part of it that is. Let's say a part of awareness but awareness in our life as we all know doesn't always get us to the result. It's step one. How analysis a coach go from awareness to the Gore getting it in the in the hooper in the net or whatever so they bring a couple of things one is I bring take next but it's also one of the things that do really well? He's the guy back to the by seeks one of the greatest. NFL coaches been somebody and every he went back to coach football team. He started a racing rule season the same way and he picked up the pigskin the football and he said to please players. This is a football and yeah nice sheet because this is a football and we are going to be the best team in the lead at the fundamentals and said that's what coach does coach draws. It's the accountability around the fundamentals. And I didn't care whether it's again. Business will rising family when you get the fundamentals. Ron You win more games than you lose. antacid okay that's An Extra Bonus Ladies and Gentlemen About Coaching in fact you may think this. Jt guys pretty interesting. I may need to contact him. Check the show notes folks all right now. It's time into share your worst investment ever and since no one goes into their worst investment thinking it will be held a bit about the circumstances leading up to it and then tell list your story. Well I guess my worst about Investment Andrew might be a little bit unique but it's probably something something that the majority of your listeners. Right now I'm not going to expect. I'm sure listened to your. You've had guests mentioned things alike. I invested was these marketing thing that I did. I was expecting to get by sales leads and I didn't get any all worst. I investment ever was building a widget for a market and the marketing name. The widget all misread trends will employ the wrong people. I'm not gonNA be totally flippant about it because of my dyes might my many flipping. I Made Your Skin Med- look I'll give you why. I established in my business two years ago. An online member sheet G Minors in Germany is around the world. We supplied racehorses to help run businesses on might in a process point that I thought was just perfect was on my the concept was that just wouldn't even think about I would just join with probably invested around fifty thousand dollars three years and just did not get an IRA walnut because mice the resources we giving them are in the Pikal that could find somewhere online for Yes always heading down the road of frustration disappointment disappointment in bankruptcy. And I think that was a really interesting stike tonight because I'm always incredibly passionate about these products and I didn't want to admit Feidja. Hi Ya and it was finally but that was not my worst investment teaser. That's the Taser. My worst I investment cost me ten years of my life okay. So you're in prison clothes clogs I A- and most importantly that my worst investment he's GonNa cost you strident tax pie which which I mean totally grateful for two hundred eighty thousand Australian dollars if I leave to eighty years of age look pretty healthy to me. Justin interestingly enough and many of your many of your guests many of your listeners might guide through entrepreneur always wanted to own land business. All ICE. You know I was. I used to a newspaper these type of Ron. I used to like a pamphlet or a fly dropped from my mom. I'm a fourth generation entrepreneur and I always wanted to online jeep because I was a teacher. Personal trainer wanted to be. I'm Jim and I wanted before was twenty five and we opened the gym. I think I was twenty seven five months or something so I just Kinda miss out on that that goal very goal oriented individual and I loved what I did I just loved working Jim Lob owning a GM it was amazing and people would site. You know what I do. I think I should look for another job and I'm like yeah look for a job because I love what I do and I never can cheat a going to work work at all. You know anyone like that so few but I'd say I feel the exact same way and because I just loved what I did I would get there at the crack adorn and our lead after the sun had gone down some is is always the first person in the gym and some days. I was the last one out. lethally loved what I did and never conceded that work. Didn't I think always stressed at all. And in fact I love so much when I did. Andrew jeep which is just crazy. That was not why worst investment. But what happened was I guess. Running a business and not taking time out for myself was becoming a challenge daughter Dido still productive and had fresh. ID's but AKANDA KHLOE under GM. I didn't really WANNA work out him. I G because I'd find all the things that were wrong or watching staff or all the men busied WanNa talk to me so I wasn't really looking after myself at all the irony. Isn't it Ironic Roenick that Owner Jim but I don't work out and yeah it was. It was a really tough tough time by just to keep the business going but familiar. I just was tough because I thought something missing but I didn't know what it was and and I gotta would meet again these smart my resonate someplace releasing the my ego and my ego was. I didn't want to start looking at because I had to start from scratch because I lost all my fitness and certified is going to be in mind team you with a lawn members looking at me. I don't WanNa be the black just lifting the by. I don't WanNa be the guy that's walking on the treadmill because he can't run anymore anymore and so I had these these downward spiral I guess exercise just like the majority of people out there. Anyway I am reading on trying to build the tension trying to build. Some ice allies came to an end in one about clubs and we decided to sell that club. And when we just as we were getting to the flannel two or three months of selling that club. Astonishing we get some really bad abdominal pine and I didn't really worry about it. Didn't think it was anything serious. I just didn't worry. Abandoned it over and coming that abdominal pine was all seissan fairly unpleasant toilet any kid I know now what was wrong with me and being a mile off. Didn't didn't admit always thinking of a secret. All I was just thinking Mrs just. This is a summary Passing Shouli Dr. Justine has made his assessment. Didn't they really nice. Is I just say. Obviously just Austin and suddenly K.. was passing run but about two months after we sold the club I was on hold on is being awash and we're walking along the beach and I just did to la go to the toilet and she. We are in the middle of nowhere on the speech and said he find Von Toilet. There's GonNa be a mess. And fortunately there was a toilet and Iran up to that toilet and my insolence just almost exploded in the toilet bowl and Milwaukee to me. That is not normal. You need to get yourself. Checked out came back. Home from Olin is went to the doctors and always diagnosed with a chronic illness code also colitis and what alternate colitis ease is also is like you would get any mouth or abrasions that see on Neukolln said basically the and this is fairly grossly nine for people he but it's important I hear he's at every time you go to the toilet touch a liar off your colon and so you pass blonde and the goal of the Colwyn. physiologically is too tight the fluid out and so that allows us to do a solid who are not only was I bleeding when food but it was completely fluent and every time guy. It's just it's a rendering. I found out later that I actually believe in the Nineteen Forties and fifties enough strenuous alternative. This is one of the biggest killers of Australians because they would basically bleed to death. That were too embarrassed to talk about the missile on seeing a doctor about it and I know when so I was at the height of Mike Illness I was lying on a couch. Always drinking red powerade. That's food are Trombley. The Lost King fifteen kilos and always in a really bad wide a really bad way for ran about seven or eight months. I was pretty pretty seek. Some worst. Investment was not investing in my own body known investing in my own health and putting what entrepreneurial spirit and what it wanted to achieve in a lot in business. I hid all my own health and I was looking in the health industry. It's ironic ironic. But it's a fact and I'm on medication for the rest of my life to enable these disease not to continue doing what I do and that that is my worst investment while well. Let's try to summarize what lessons you learned from. I'm not really and the first lesson is that I got put into hospital at one stage specialists said to me this is a last aust- dietsch effort to get you fixed. He said he doesn't work then. I'm going to have to pull your call now and you'll have a colostomy bag the rest of your life. And he went through what that would actually mean and always like thirty two years old three years old at the time and and I was like that so I mean hospital and I'm having what by Colin online infusion so literally ease Rusty Orange gunk defeating straight into your body to build the on. Because you've lost Street of blading. Let me tell you. It's beautiful natural high. He's he's a mighty as it system and I was in the hospital for seven days. Had these triple me twenty. Four hours a day would come in and she'd bring white computering history so I could catch up with any miles while I was sitting in the hospital and do stuff and Di di three a nurse timing and she he said what are you doing and I said all I am business just catching up on more work and take the computer away. No my mouth to get sent when she hyman. She said he not not know what caused Aussie Columbus unless it not knowing she has stress and she said if you you don't stop doing what you doing you are not going to get better and I'll wait Wa brought. I'm getting better. Shot the computer. Didn't I've been in a game for the next explored is allowing Zine hospital gave up alcohol and thought Ron I'm getting better and the first thing that a length from that experiences what my doctor said to me. And he said he said for most people and he says kind of a little bit out there or not but for most people when I tell them the worst case scenarios the power era positive thinking actually gets better and he said the fact that you started to think you were getting. Your better has meant that you getting better and we need to take you call him out of y.`all thank God for that. That was really the first thing the second thing that I knew but I didn't practice was just how important what we have. And that's our health and I think too many times we take that for granted we take walking all can get the straight for granted we take the fact that we can get out we can ride a bike or we could not run a black but the reality is when we don't move move and we don't move often. It has an impact on our body and I guess one of the interesting things is. I'm a bomb again. Exercise and for me nothing takes priority over my my exercise and exercise for me could be walking the dog it could be running around the Nipple Court with my daughter or it could be gym lifting whites and this important thing that I learned is that it's known about the intensity of how hard you exercise heats about. Moving your body. Because that's what I wasn't doing And I got sick because of it so move it or lose it. The end result for me. Andrew was advice typically step down a law for nearly ten years. You know I had to put a manager in the gym because couldn't work. I couldn't say clients. I had zero La Vida. That's what we I only have one child because we could conceive. While I was on the drugs he had Maija impact on my life and yet I I want people to learn from the said that they don't have to go through. That signed thing that you can still be entrepreneurs you can still be successful sissel but that success will be a whole lot more enjoyable when you're law and when you healthy all right right on. Well let me summarize what I take away from this story and the first one is especially for all the men out there when you get pain go check it out at the doctor. It's just yeah I know no. It's hard you busy. Don't like to go the can be times that it's embarrassing to go. Just go because that makes makes me think of what my mom said. You always heard when I was young kid. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure lovely. Try to get out there and I in my case I tried to get regular blood tests and checkups which I do which gives me a baseline so I understand my health situation in Thailand. We have a place called vitalize. At bumming Ron one of the hospitals. Here and they have a great program. I highly recommend it for any listeners. That are either living in Thailand Thailand or visiting in fact I just went out to dinner with a friend of mine that flew in from Vietnam to do his checkup. It's reasonably priced and it goes through everything it allows us to understand if we've got some infection or any other thing going on. So an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of sure the other thing that you you remind me is that health first health. I WANNA make money business. We're going to be successful. We want to have all lease different things but ultimately if you don't have your health you're not going to be able to keep any of those things and of course you're not gonna be able to keep any of those things anyway but that's another under subject. The point is is that and I know when I was younger. I didn't exercise that much but I had a few good habits that I had from from a young age number one. I never drank. I stopped drinking alcohol at a very young age so basically since the age of eighteen I've never had a hangover. And that's the second thing. Is that twenty eight years ago. I replaced all sugary drinks. We water so I only drink water at meals. The third thing is that I try not to eat much sugar you. I do have some ice cream every now and then but I tried to keep my sugar down as low as possible and then the other thing is I try to go to bed early. I'm I'm an early bird in the evening and also in the morning and that makes me also realized that sleep is so critical in fact sleep is really the only main gene mechanism that our body has to recuperate and fight against infection and all them and so I basically don't use an alarm clock and I let myself I wake up when I wake up now. It happens to be that that's very early and I just my style but a lot of people come to me and say they wanna be more productive and they noticed that I get up very early in so they want to set their alarm clock and get up very early on the one hand. Yup getting up early can add a lot of value. You're but don't try to gain productivity from sleep. You could gain it from family time you could gain it from other time but do not try again it from sleep and those are some of the things that you know you remind me and I think the last thing is the idea of an attitude of gratitude and when things get tough when things are hard when things aren't working we have to say I'm grateful. I have a left arm. I'm grateful I have five fingers. Ungrateful Have Close Friends and family and let's just spend time adding up those things that we should be grateful for and then try to keep ourselves healthy so I kind of went off the track all the things that matter to me. But that's part of what you brought out in your story. Anything you'd add a loved mums gloss. That is pure gold. I love it I really do. And I think the only thing I would add ease triton. I heard which is quite simply he find time to exercise. Then you will have to find time to seek but I also want people to understand that it's not a bad exercising just about moving into okay a Chi to park your car at the other end of the top Hawk and walk to the shops. That's okay it's about moving in and the boy you've moved the more confidence you get. Didn't he can move to exercise. But I just don't want anyone else to have to go through the learning experience the worst team vestment that I went through because it is absolutely controllable. Here's some the investments. You've had gifts on with that. It's not necessarily controllable. This one is absolutely no one else other than yourself can control your own health all right so based on what you learned from this story and what you continue to learn. What one action would you recommend our listeners? Take to avoid suffering suffering the same fate and to a real general view. Loophole move often a real Bisi. He's put in your diary three an appointment once a week or twice a week or three times a week or Iffy game four or five times a week which is way you're gonNa work out where so you can exercise and it could be Sunday afternoon going to the park with Ekeid's but it's putting it in your diary that ease you'll Tolan. That is your tone Tolan and similar to you. Andrew on net like I used to the I thirty in the morning. 'cause I got a bit me not I'd still get the Dallas. I gotTa Bid Now snowline ten o'clock to be able to get up at five because I have to exercise in the morning. Thank full my dice stocks because if I don Oh hell could break loose about unstop Some sort of movement but all hell breaks loose joined the Diana. I don't get to do that. I'm not a very nervous person. Just is my wife and putting Dari Yup. I like that and for me basically. I'm not a person that necessarily ever really liked exercise. But I knew I needed to do it so for the things that I don't like or find tedious. I try to do them first thing in the morning and that's the reason why when I get up and also remember you know for everybody out. There is lots of great research that's been done on building habits. Atomic Habits is a great book also. The power of habit is another great boop Alaba Tariff Habit. That's an awesome book amazing and what I learned from these. These two books is that you can also stack have it so every single morning I get up and I turn on my coffee machine I make an espresso and I wanted to make sure sure that I'm saying like a gratitude saying each morning that I've written out and I I would say that every morning with my espresso so by combining an activity with a habit that's already existing the habit is already been created. And then you know I tried to say okay I go exercise before Seven or I go excise right after my coffee so try to sneak your habits into a sneak. The new activities attached I am to existing habits. So okay last question. What's your number one goal for the next twelve months? And we'll tape around the world slowed Lee more often bingo. BINGO fantastic well listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep you winning inning to find more stories like this previous episodes in resources to help you reduce your risk visit my worst investment ever dot com as we end Justin. I want to thank you again for coming on on the show. I know it's painful talking about are losers but our listeners are learning to win as a result. And I want to congratulate you for taking your worst. I investment ever in turning it into your best coaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the audience nicer. This has been in an absolute pleasure. And I think you're doing a great service for everybody so that we can learn from each other. Amen thank you very much. And that's a wrap on another great episode to help us create grow and most importantly protect our wealth and health salaries tigers. I'll see you on the upside.

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