Doug Christie, Enes Kanter, and Metta World Peace


And in what up it's the full forty eight powered back senior n._b._a. Writer for bleacher report and yes folks. I'm still winding down vacation. Hopefully you've been enjoying join the the final days of summer yourself but we got this great best of episode put together by our super producer stacy sarah pulling excerpts from it three of my favorite conversations conversations from this past season. We've got doug christie. The former king's gore and now kings broadcaster talking about his battles with the lakers dynasty with shack kobe. We got into talking about political activism and turkey effects on his career and we got metta world peace the former runner test talking about the malice at the palace mental health and the n._b._a. And of course talking about the documentary produced by my buddies bleacher report quiet storm the run our test story story which if you haven't seen it folks do yourself a favor go find that the documentary was fantastic and these three conversations were a lot of fun but i've got new guess it coming soon new episodes coming soon promise just getting underway here in september training camps or just a couple of weeks away. Maybe three or four weeks away and a lot talk about as we start ramping up some guests and new episodes coming soon i promise but first this final episode starting with doug doug christie now joined live from an undisclosed location in midtown manhattan by doug christie. Thank you for joining me doug or thank you for allowing me to join you in your. Let's just say modestly sized hotel room here in midtown manhattan with a makeshift studio here here but it's convict it works. I mean you know it's different when you're the guy when you're a player you don't you don't get the biggest room. You're gonna say motel. Just not the biggest rooms yeah you got you got. You got the sweets when you're although that's even there's a pecking order. They're like when back in the day. I'm sure see web probably have different different size room then. Maybe you're pasia. Yeah you know in a lot of times it just depends on the player because if you do want a sweet they will get you sweet sweet but you have to pay the extra for the suite so they pay your regular room rate initiative you wanna sweet you can bump up to a sweet if that's what you so choose but if but if you're the star of the team just kind of takes care of that yeah you know what that's a good question. I think they charge you but you never know in. There's always a pecking order and everything. I don't know how that functions or how that plays into the salary cap either right like how many how many suites can you bump the star up before it becomes a cap. Is there an exception. They're sweet exception no so let's talk about <hes> back in the day a little bit before before i let you go you were acquired by the kings in two thousand writing the lakers have just come off their first championship with shaq and kobe and i remember there was a period of time when the lakers had shack were initially all the western conference rivals were loading up on bigs because they needed extra fouls or just guys who could just deal with him ethically right right and then there was a wave of teams teams grabbing. What was we didn't call it. There was no such thing as three and d back then like that wasn't a term but that's kind of what it was so the spurs get go out and get bowen and i think it's the blazers got ruben patterson and kings get you do did you was that the understanding when you got there. They're like we need somebody who can who can deal with kobe brian not stop. There's only kobe stopper was ruben patterson and patterson but that was you had some battles and that was that was kind of your your job for for a lot of obviously. It's not the whole season but yeah. Did you think that that was a big part of of your acquisition. You know no to be honest with you. Oddly enough i kind of in this was the this is that goes back to the thing that we're talking about about about the vibe and understanding i could score the basketball but as i as i sat back and i looked at our team. I said that's not really what we need and we'll need it on nights. Exactly so you know some nights i get thirty so nice. I'd get twenty most nights at get about sixteen points but where i would use most is i would say okay. I'm gonna lockup my guy. Whatever it's going to be the two or three on on defensive in in in a lot of times once we got mike. I'm also run offense so on offense sometimes arrest that was that was you know i'd take the bring. The ball down go to something passed the ball. You know a hand dribble handoff and so it wasn't understood understood in that way but it was understood for me because all i wanna do is win. So once i saw the formula for us to win. I was all in and i said okay this. This makes total sense to me. You know i'm gonna guard the best point guard or i'm <unk> guard. The best two or three doesn't matter whoever it is. That's going to be my guy. You guys were younger. Listeners here if you have if you don't if you didn't see the kings of that era and you don't know about them like go find it on youtube do you guys were the most enjoyable team of that era. I felt like i got covered shaq and colby for seven years and obviously i watched a lot of really great basketball right but you guys at that time were what we think of the warriors to an extent now the phoenix suns of the mid two thousand. You guys were all about pace. You're about the ball moving. You talked about about you know being in high post moving the ball and that was beautiful offense. That was fun and you. You guys are the lakers down at team with air. You guys were the most enjoyable team of the era did you did you feel that. Did you know it like this was like that. You guys were it's funny because they look back. Your pace was definitely as high as i remember it relatives of the rest of the league. I think you guys led the league in pace but i thought i remember gives me more of a three point shooting team and you guys is extra turns out. We're kind of middle of the pack yeah but you know you guys would launch the pull up three which back then was still kind of a shunned shot and that happened that i think probably more often with you. You guys in seem as much fun as it was from the outside. Did you guys really did you have how different than the rest of the league a yeah actually actually we were because when you travel with vlada divas peyser story arc of its in hito turkogle every city that you go in as like a rock band coming because they had a contingent of turkish fans of serbian fans when we come to new york the upper bowl will be full by i mean just like wow you know we pull out or pull in and they are lying on each side so from that standpoint when you hit the floor it was it was an interesting mix. All of a sudden the ball was star hopping around and it was start moving in to kind of bring it to today as well as when i talked to people people about the kings pace i say there are many ways to play with pace. One is to do it the way the kings are doing. That is just a forced down because you haven't lamborghini andy aaron fox but you can also play with pace by the ball moving around meaning that wasn't the fastest. I run in chris wasn't a fast guy run but we played with pace because it's kind kinda like soccer like you make you make pass but then there's a quick second pass and then the third passes the guy that was on the other side of the court but he's moving already so there's a flow flow in a vibe to it but when we got out there on the floor it was just it was it was special. It was something we would say is the king show is coming imminent town and when it came to town a lot of people were excited to see an excited to watch. We don't get as much credit because we didn't win a championship. That's why i say you know at spurs with beautiful basketball and i'm thinking oh come on really you know i mean add some great players but our style of basketball was the forefather of a lot of what we see did look at you mentioned this the sons of the you know they were the get it up and down shoot the three ball and a lot of things but they never got past us and when you when you talk about golden state steve kerr said as much to me but they implemented lamented in my opinion three ball in a way different fashion than we ever did but if you watch them they're always trying to get layups. That was something similar that we did. Especially really we played the mavericks in the playoffs we'd go in their practice facility and they had banners on the wall that said how many layups that we got because it made them that mad because coach correal who is the the great coach from from princeton in one of our assistant coaches would always say watch the guy in front of you. He'll tell you what to do and if he tells you go go back door. Go back door son and that's how you get a lot of layups when you got passing big guys meaning that every single person on our team could pass dribble shooting pivot everyone now some in certain areas to a different extent no one shot the ball like pasia <hes> the post game and the pivot game of lottie and the chris was different than some of our guard but everybody could do everything which changed the whole complexion of the game. He didn't see a lot of big guys. Grab the rebound and take two or three read dribbles a start to break. It was always you grabbed. A ball to guard comes back. He gets the basketball less slows us now will if chris grabbed a basketball and takes two dribbles rebels needs saying don't wait doug run by the time he hits me. I am on top of the other guy and now that leads to a trill jump shot for chris or vlada or whatever whatever so it was we we i think we had a understanding a sports illustrated cover probably help that and help people understand the greatest show on court but but it was mighty mighty about a fun yeah no and it was a blast to watch <hes> as well and yes the sports illustrated cover people. Go back and read that one too because i i remember that that was <hes> that that they captured you guys yes. They did random thought. I i didn't get going through notes reminiscing wallace putting notes together about your air and everything else do we think they might be the last spill time smoker to have played in the n._b._a. That's a good question right. Last time. I came across a player who actually like most likely yeah i would say that's a i mean. Culture stink tion <hes> culture different era a lot of different. Yeah you could be right yeah most definitely yeah. He's not still quick by i. I don't know that's a good question. I don't hang out with him. What i see i never did even even when we played. I just remember because me and blah. They've been together since a he was in the lakers when i was rookies right. Yes i've known yeah we we go back a long time. You're disavow those kings teams to dredge up you know bad memories but i mean that we think of the lakers being the dominant team of the air because they won three in a row so there are dynasty. They won three in a row. That's legit. That's that's just how these things go but but i always bring up to people how close it was to being one instead of three because in year one of their therefore limping ship yeah they're down fifteen points in and fourth quarter of game seven in the western conference finals to portland amazing comeback absolutely of course earned it they win that one day role year to and then your or year western conference finals obviously there's the much disputed discussed debated controversial game six with officiating issues and it goes to game seven and you guys guys have a chance in overtime of game goes to overtime at arco arena so two things about that one was about had the thin line between dynasty and just title or maybe two instead of three <hes> because they could have easily lost that one you guys could easily be the one in the finals beaten up on the nets but to it's how we perceive receive both the portland team and your team because that was stacked team was stacked. You and you're right when you said a few minutes ago that you guys don't really get the credit in retrospect yeah. You probably deserve <hes> because you didn't have tattled behind it but you guys went like i jotted down last night. I mean it went forty. Four wins in a first round loss to fifty five wins the next year and then swept by the lakers in the second round sixty one and sixty one min one two when you lose in the conference finals to them and you guys were freaking good. You know it's so that the second year when we we were swept by them. Which is your first year in in an we when we go sixty one so you in competition. It's it's weird. <hes> whether you win or lose sometimes doesn't mean what would it mean to means. That's the finality that's what the fancy but when you competing you know you know when you look across you know and then i think they knew we were better team. We didn't beat them but in my opinion we were better team and i. I think if they were honest with themselves they would. They would say as much much because if you look at the this samaki walker game. I think that was game. Three is at the half court he <hes> have cor didn't account and that was the derogatory shot at the end of the game. We think we're twenty in the first quarter. I mean just sheer domination. Just i mean there's not it's old school basketball compared to this new school basketball but we weren't able to to close the door. There's a lot of different reasons in ways that i sit around and still to this day because i studied basketball so i try to figure out different things but that's the one thing that that i always that always say to myself as the you know because in different situations i knew like men at team is really good. They're they're coming but i always thought our team. That particular team was better than them. We just didn't win on paper doug. I've said this before too and i've written this. You used to do those old in the newspapers. You would always have playoff matchups. You'd go yup. Senator senator you check the box. The advantage would do position by position and the new coach you do bench handrails check by shack yeah check by kobe check by phil jackson. He's fill every other check would go to you guys and in portland series. Every check went to portland. That wasn't shocked. Kobe phil yeah the lakers. That's supporting cast was phenomenal in the way they fit around. Those guys rick fox robert ory derek fisher brian shaw those guys but talent wise what you guys had him in a again portland had reported that are to this depth an advantage. Is that so many other positions. You're right like i if somebody said. The kings were the better team though they lost. I wouldn't argue it like it's a legit debate you guys. Were that good all right so tell me if i'm if i'm wrong to have this this particular interpretation of things like obviously covering the lakers back then i'm covering more of their side of it it doesn't it's not a bias but it is when you're immersed in it writes a little you see see more of the team that you're you're near every day right near the team so i think my views could be colored by that again by i don't care what the lakers won or lost if they lost get to go home earlier and take my vacation in fact you're one of that run i missed one of my closest friends weddings because they went to the finals and i was counting on them losing as they were down fifteen in game seven avenue and as i explained to have the conversation with rick fox at one of those years right so this is nothing personal man when you are done. I'm done i don't. I don't need to cover the finals. That's fine so it's not that but here's what i've always said about two thousand to whatever people say about the efficient in game six going back and watched but you had a game seven at home the uh and it went over time the i think patient chris might have both been a little bit banged up and so there was there was something to that too in terms of just like your offense offense. Wasn't there but you guys you had the chance of so my feeling is always this whatever happening game six whatever people want to say about game six and no i'm not even going to the place of conspiracies and all that stuff but if you think it was there was something wrong fine. There was a chance game seven at home is it. Is it fair for me to say hey listen whatever you think king still had their chance and they blew it. Absolutely we missed free throws if that game if you ever go back and look at the free thousand once we miss fourteen fourteen double overtime overtime or whatever i mean we we had multiple opportunities. I think page had shot in the corner as well <hes> i i had a even a heave at the buzzer. Listen that's it. That's why they're the champions. They figured out a way to make it happen n._s. What you have to do this if you go back and look at all championship teams. There's a moment where things could go the other way down fifteen to portland at home fourth quarter. It happens overtime sacramento. Chris banged up pasia myself doesn't matter you're on the court. That's what champions do they figure out a way to make it happen. <hes> we're a better team. Yeah i always say that and that's the one thing about competition when you're honest with yourself and you look across from you and before that we were not they beat us beat a soundly and we kept tweaking and making things and all of a sudden we started to gain confidence in different things and oddly enough when you win a championship and i did not but i watched how many teams do it like a golden state even the lakers once they win one. They usually really win couple because the confidence goes to another level and all of a sudden all those steph was taken now. They're starting to go in kobe's next level shacks just dominant and one goes to three and going stay goes from one to four and in five years or whatever you you know in. That's an it's not just the competence of the star. It's also the confidence of all the people that are around them that they've been in the moment women in the moment in and i think even for us as a team it went from <hes> you know winning in the first round too beating utah in them coming into into our building in winning the first game us looking at each other and going. You know we're really good. Let's go in and beating them consistently beating dallas and those that gives you confidence but to take that next step that it's a hard one to take you guys still talk about it. I mean you've got a lot of you. Mentioned earlier bobby jackson's around rounded front office and see webs doing tnc and so guys are running. This is still a thing. Is it not really no not not too much. You know when we're a lot of fans will say something so we'll talk about you know the like for for you. I don't go back and watch it. You know on top of the fact. It's hard for me to watch myself and now as i've trained and i've looked at basketball differently. There's so many different things things that. I think that i would have done different that i find that difficult to watch too. I i can imagine i mean i do it in my own career. You know like i think about that era. That didn't properly appreciate what i was covering as i was interesting. I totally get you and yeah you know. It's it's a natural thing and i'm working on some other stuff on the side to where i'm reflecting back on that era and basketball and yeah i mean it's the same that guy i cringe at old stories. I've written so right. I know i can only imagine if you're watching replays on youtube that are there see. What are you doing yeah all right before. I let you go. Actually i bring up the the one cringe worthy moment that i meant to ask you about <hes>. You've versus rick fox in a preseason game season so again folks. It's it's on youtube. Sube actually comes up. I if you do doug christie rick fox fight a preseason game they brawled in a preseason game at staples center because that's what rivalries were actually back or like back glorify violence saying i don't want to be well as guys says it was better back in the day when everybody could beat up on each other but it did speak to the intensity city of how much those teams hated each other and it also spoke to this which was that they off the court you and rick fox both like two of the best guys anybody could meet all right and the average fan walked up to you but on the court for different rick particular rick at a bit of an edge there so the fight happens you guys started court and then you run to the back hallway and it continues in the back hallways of staples and your wife jackie gets into it with her parse yeah yeah yeah remember that you know oddly enough. I like center in new york. This is where i learned that toughness of the n._b._a. Because i was with pat riley with the knicks and back remember you'd get fined. If you pick the team made up of our opponent up off the floor like you knock them down downs go would this us versus you and that is a little bit lost and in today's game there needs to be a little bit of disdain for one another to take in my opinion in in crush the opponent that is a must so when you say preseason game people go pre we season preseason that was that was the year after the overtime loss and there were a lot of things said and different stuff and as as you mentioned a really nice guy but chippy on court i'm the i'm the same way once i step inside those lines the competition's going to go to the next level and i feel that that that's the way that it should be afterwards. We can be friends if you want to. That's fine most times probably not but the point is it's there we can go out and have a glass of wine and and what e- but once that went to that level. I was getting ready to go. You know the fans are booing. They're going crazy and i'm getting ready to run off the court in bobby jackson who sierra now. He says doug watch out you know he he took off running so to me you know now coming from the inner city you. You're like okay. If he's running you start multiplying. He's probably running around so i go from running to stop and walk doc so by the time you know now. We're the reason that they put those covers over the tunnels because people were throwing stuff at us so you know i it went to the back back in all of a sudden. I never saw my wife. I'd saw that on the the ball postgame brutally but <hes> you know once that happened. It got so aggressive in there. She was sitting so close that i looked at her and i said you know come to back because i'm thinking i'm done. You know. We're going to be getting ready to go here. Yeah so that that's kinda how that happened. Shack around around you push and you know it was it was intense but but i mean for something as epic as people saw the previous year's game seven you know sacramento versus l._a. Big city small city team versus superstars all those different things. I think it all spilled to that moment which was unfortunate because you don't the you know. It doesn't necessarily need to get to that point but the point is it meant so much it was so much that you're willing to go that far and and no violence kids but that's <hes> that's that's it's all it's all part of the game in <hes> i've talked talk to rick on a radio interview a sense and it was it was all all good yeah you rick. You're you're cool with. It and i've never i've never a senior we were i did a i did an interview for the n._b._a. Hat not last year year before all star break. They called me and we're like we'd love to interview. You and i was like oh. Yes sure it is at one caveat. You know ric boxes guys interviewing you okay. I said yeah okay if he's okay so we got on and we laughed and talked talked. Whatever it's you know it's part of the lower in all the different things that come along with great rivalries in in battles yeah no doubt it was it was fun back then there was there was a little chippy at times interesting controversial hard feelings but but but never ncaa it was yeah it was it was a lot of fun. Love say love covering those series the lakers against your team's loved watching your teams it was it was a blast doug christie. Thank you so much for taking the time. It's been great any time. Thank you sir the cases. We gotta find who wrote this. No we do that. We find the killer. The science defined out police used luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama but we're was the rifle and which man was telling the truth forensic files the legendary true crime. 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You've been able to take advantage of that obviously to defect. When did i start for you in your own mind like this was a this is something i need to do. I need to use this platform to to raise awareness about what's going on in turkey. Well all really started in two thousand sixteen july fifteen with the there was a coup attempt in turkey. Yes so am i remember. I was with <hes> missing missiles that night and i was. I remember as i remember it was a friday night and and <hes> i was with him. Were in the same room. Chatting and miscellaneous assistant came with the news and say there's a quote happening in turkey and we were all said because there were around two hundred and fifty people there was that day and everybody was really sad and then later on after the courts and the president on came out and said the moment i was like okay i was with mr that night and all i know all he did was sedona chair and pray for his country night and then he was blaming mr and his movement our say okay. You know what i have to take. This and i have to do something about this because if you look at it after the courts the the riot there's around eighty thousand people under jail right now. Seventeen seventeen thousand of them are women and there's a i think it was around over a seven hundred babies. I'm jay to their mother so i was like this is not right because i was with that group luke that night and then after that all the schools are shut down dormitories shut down. All the news were shut down. You know people got a fire fire. My dad was at genetic professor and he got fired and people were getting kidnapped. Getting torture tortures in ajay older pours in that. I was like i played an m._b._a. And i have a strong was because i played an m._b._a. So that's why i was like i need to use this platform to talk about these issues and charlie. We do also faultless eldest innocent people who don't have because they're so people know my story because i've played an m._b._a. So there are thousands and thousands stories out there waiting to be heard yeah so thus while i was like i need to talk about this issues but there have been consequences. Among which is that your your father is facing trial soon and you haven't had been able to have any contact as i understand it with your parents. For how long now loss i lost. All my senior was two thousand fifteen so lots of thought. I can't remember the last time i talk them and and they came out and denounced you i assume out of that was coerced be or or either because they needed to create some distance to protect themselves selves right so so after it was after the quantum that they put a statement out there and say we are disown ennis and it's very sad because of the dakota mapping the police came to my house in turkey and raided my house and they took traffic away the phones away laptops away computers away they wanted to see if i am still in contact with my family or not and if they will see any text message to mom i how you guys doing then they will be all in in jail and then they came to my house. They took my dad away for seven days and then <hes> we put so much pressure from america with and with all the news all the news outlet all the channels all the you know the interviews we did. We put so much pressure on turkey so they had to let him go so that's why it was a very tough moment. Yeah how've you brothers dealt with this. How have they. I assume they can still have contact with him right or can yes consultores do they have they been able to give you a sense of how he's holding up under all of this and then howard how are your brothers holding up because obviously there's a distance there too and i'm sure even for them and by just by there's probably a guilt by association where they probably can't go back either right well. I mean my little brother. Chen is too young as seventeen doesn't really understand what's is going on but my other brother is not going to actually <hes> this <hes> this year san with the french team and he talked to the french said if you you guys going to turkey. Don't bring me which you guys because you never know what what would happen but yes they can talk to my parents at this that the positive side but for me. It's been very tough. The time story that just just ran that under one more than sixty thousand people have been jailed by the turkish government journalists academics political opponents those who express an opposing viewpoint or affiliated with ghulam movement which coach you are affiliated with and there was a referendum. I think it was two years ago now where john basically one total control of this is an authoritarian regime. I'd be remiss if i didn't know that our current president has called oregon a friend and congratulated him on that referendum which i find more than a little disturbing so you're here in the u._s. Where you have noted uses where you feel safest at the same time. I imagine it must make you feel even more nervous than i am. The head of our government has embraced erta one and praised him for all of this. It's yes but i mean again. If you first of all are the only anti american leader who keeps american hustle american people hostage like pessimism bronson and he was in jail for things like whatever months it's and trump had to call them then he let him go but <hes> it's very sad because when adwan came to america <hes> there was a there was a big fight in washington and he let he made a comment essay. He made his security guards. Go beat up some civilians in trillions in washington so i'm trying to tell people look what he did for people's eyes in washington think about what he's doing behind encroaches ingest all people yeah yes reading from another story here. This was part of the story that the athletic ran fifteen turkish security personnel were charged charged with assault in two thousand seventeen beating protesters in d._c. Charges have since been dropped against eleven of them which is outrageous that has to make you uncomfortable comfortable very uncomfortable especially in america that he can just come walk and just gopi up some innocent civilians just remember it was it was made me really sad sad because in the end the president on represents turkey so i don't want people to know in turkey's backcountry so people wanna talk about this is issues. People think i have a problem with my country. It's wrong. I love my country. I love my flag. I love my people. I have problem with the regime in turkey right now. <hes> <hes> speaking of and this was a strange thing. I did not see this coming. The other day where hito turkoglu fu saba covering this league along time laker baker beat writer back during those lakers king's battles right yeah. I watched a lot of heat. Turkoglu knows a huge turkey lou fan just as a as a someone who covers the n._b._a. Is a fan of the the game hito was fun. Those teams great of course and i imagine he was probably someone you came up as a basketball player in turkey. Someone who i'm not gonna i i was looking up to them to it because his way all of them and when i was in maybe high school he was in m._b._a. And he was remembered as i remember like with the kings things i remember with orlando lakers the finals it was it was definitely my idol and so now he comes out the other day and on behalf of the government which but she is. I guess some sort of advisory role to he's slamming you. I mean that must have must have felt like a betrayal replayed same same team in two thousand eleven in turkish national team and then after that we played against each other two thousand twelve thirteen forty and then he retired when he retired even back to turkey and when he went back to turkey he became a the chief advisor of the president and then now he works for the government and and <hes> i know he he's very nice guy very good player but i have so much respect for him but i know he did not want to do that. I know the turkish cover made him do it because i saw his tweets and it was turkish english and german. He doesn't know german so i know they made them do it but in that in that conversation that he said oh n._s. is trying just trying to get attention. He cannot go to the navy because he's a he has veasley shoes well. I mean i had to do it but the next day i put a tweet out there and showing that i have travel documents so it is not every so yes i can go to london so he's not a recession so and then i would just it just made me very sad that he is such a thing like that. Yeah that's tough. I it's <hes> like say kind of caught me off guard. I wondered i i wasn't sure what to think of of turkey with the basketball player. When i start seeing turku the government spokesman for rothbury -tarian regimes are hard to reconcile these things right now. <hes> i know it is for you. I'm not sure how to ask us exactly but you. You've been very outspoken. I know you're gonna continue to be outspoken to the point where sometimes like some folks have written about it this week where it seemed like you were almost exhausted by how much you've channeled into into this. What do you hope is is the end results of all this. Not just your outspokenness of course but just the movement at large against oregon is is does this all end finally when he's just somehow out of office where however by whatever means that that that happens it's obviously not it could happen by election since those seem to be rigged. I guess what point kanter going to feel comfortable to be able to just be in his canter basketball player again n. as opposed to dissident essentially one all this stuff and i don't know when is it going to end. Maybe it's going to take my whole basketball career and i know it does yes it does affect my basketball career because when you talk about this issues people clock show lot and you're not going to get contracts. I remember my agency while was talking to nike shoe deal and the nike said oh yes we want we'll be watching and we love and as you want to give them contract but just because of all these things are happening. We cannot contract and it's tough because i just don't know how long it's going to take but <hes> well i know in the end is for good cows. I'm doing this for innocent people. It might take one month might take ten years no but when all that stuff ends when people understand who was right what's wrong and what people understand who's guilty who's not guilty. Then now i will be just focused on basketball you bowl if i have if i don't retire and you've you've set a couple of times this week. I think you know no regrets which must be. I imagine that must be a tough thing thing to a tough feeling though at the same time though because there are consequences which you and your family are feeling on a number of different levels i know that the causes and the principles symbols behind what you're doing are bigger than that so to have no regrets. I understand as abroad thing but at the same time i mean i as i got to think that that's it is tough knowing that you cannot take this stance and be strong in your voice with this without knowing that there are consequences. There's an effect here. Yes there are well. I mean the probably the biggest one with my family because i mean i try to bring him here but they didn't really let them come here because they took their passports away so they cannot travel outside of turkey and <hes> of course. I mean if i look what i what i did. There is notable grits. I'll always tell myself. I wish i could have more you know because i understand my mom my dad order but there are thousands innocent people on jail get in torture and i'm not just saying that all the reports are saying that people are beginning. Kidnap people are getting chilled and so i have to do with this for all those innocent people yeah. You're becoming a u._s. Citizen in two thousand twenty one but i cannot wait man. That's the one thing that i'm i cannot wait. What is that moment going to be like for. You probably going to celebrate a very big because after i got my green card you have to wait five years so when kim back from romania romania when i came back i told one of the news outlet that i wanna become american citizen but it's gonna take five life years so after i said that i was getting so much made proposals on social media all goes well like hey america erica so if you get married it's only three years but i'm like but i waited. You know i have to around. Two years left two thousand twenty one. I think it was june. Mm-hmm iran mid june become an american citizen. I'm even thinking about adding an american name yes yes. I have nothing about it yet yet. Changing or adding adding adding okay i'm not gonna. I don't want to change it. I was thinking about changing my last name because just because oh my last name is cancer my family's last name so cancer and they're they're giving them very hard time. It's like they cannot really go outside and walk off. My dad goes to market arca. They spit on his face or my sister really can go to school because her last name is cancer and then they know she's my sister and she they giving giving her a very hard time and you get a lot of threats. I was thinking about changing my last name by just because of that process that become an american citizen that it's very talk to change it but once you do that if you change your name maybe that eases a little bit of pressure on my family as well. Can you clarify real quick so you you you posted your travel documents on social media and you held them up i think on c._n._n. Too is that an american american passport. Passport is a travel document just be omitted but issued by the us yes so the turkish people turkish government kasimov passport so i don't know i have no past but i have to travel document have my green card art so i can go to <hes> british embassy and charlemagne. Get an isa so that travel document allow me to travel anywhere in the world and so i'm trying to tell people. It's not every i've been told the knicks is not a visa because thursday tires visa issue and then i n even even told the the president and i sit down and talk to them as okay look. This is my travel documents. You can go anywhere anywhere in the world with that travel documents or they said okay yeah. We got it yeah. No that created a lot of confusion last several days. You're going to be a free agent this summer. Whether you are still in new york or sacramento sacrimento somewhere are you concerned is mark birtles teens. Your agent correct is mark concerned are. Are you concerned that all all of this that we have been discussing may scare off some teams when you hit the market the summer i think so i think i think you will but like i said said. If you're talking about somebody issues not everybody's going to like you and i it will definitely like i said before it will definitely affect my career and it will definitely affect the money i will get. I guess because you talk about these issues. You're not gonna get huge endorsements. You're not gonna get big contracts but what i'm doing anybody. I sit down again and think what i'm doing is is way more important than basketball n._b._a. n._b._a. Contracts he knows so that's why i and i know it will carry some things but i mean i i believe in god. Nothing helped me yeah. There's i mean look as you both know. There are certain teams in the n._b._a. Who they're just afraid of controversy rate of anything like this and they will steer away from you but there are others that are embracing of that and might even be happy to bring you in as someone that they know is a conscientious conscientious thoughtful person in addition to being pretty decent basketball player. Are you afraid that your defense might scare away. Yes yes mighty yes but i mean i've definitely working on trust me this stuff that there are two things that i get could decide like crazy turkish urkish stuff and i've been working very hard or a trusted you're not you're not the one thing you can't change for the time being the turkish criticism the government <hes> criticism but the the defense you can change the can always you can always walk on it. You have a fairly good sense of humor about that seems yeah. Actually you know because i i i remember i whatever year i was getting very sad because as a rookie sophomore third fourth year as soon as the game game over the first thing you do is you get on twitter so look people said was like man. That's your first mistake. Yes and i look yeah. They were just suck on my energy. Just like bring me down. I'm like man. What am i going to do and then after that you learn you know just like you. You know all the people that are just people live just sit on their mother's house and on the computer just writing comments but i mean of course you had you had you have to work on it but i'm the cannot let all these outside always affect your game or effects you. Do you think your defense has been a physical issue is more of a scheming issue where you're supposed to be in learning and defenses like guys were considered quote unquote bad at defense. Some guys can't move right. Somebody's and guys it's just more of the scheme and the thought process behind it knowing where you know what they're supposed to do in a win. What's the what do you think has been the challenge. I think i learned utah was terrible because i couldn't. I couldn't really get at the play high school or college ross fers whatever years of course it's not an excuse but and then when it gets okay see i was like okay defense festival about trust and communication. I was just getting better and feel more comfortable now. With nick's you know we are dead process that you know just get better get him better learning some try and everything to how can we get better defensively and offensively but it just it just oppose the effort now just because i know if i put the effort in my offense if i put the effort have africa put on defense. I'll be defined by the way you're a fantastic at the offensive integrate offensive rebound and there've been plenty of guys in this league who have thrived at one end and then a little at at the hour so you get the right guys around you. You know be just fine <hes> before i let you go we did. We popped into say hello to the game zones guys craig natoma alamogordo beforehand. I know you said <hes> big fan. You've been in a couple of episodes. Have you felt about being a game. Zones character was actually super so i watched every episode. If if i'm if i'm in it or not even if i'm not in our watch it because it's just i remember one time i was in with stephen adams and then the second one was crying because i was living o'casey. It's just so so so much fun. I know not just me. Every player cannot wait to be out there so they can watch. It and i just cool them mesa. This is a so much fun for every player yeah no. It's a lot of fun if they done and i asked you this before. They did a pretty good job as terms of like. Did you look like you know what they do an amazing job. They didn't mustache mustache. My mustache good my face. My body you amazing. I can't remember. Did you have speaking lines. How was your voice. I was is crying. You know words. I see a couple of words but i was crying because i was leaving stephen adams. Okay see that's tough. It is stephen adams still all the touch or yeah we we still tax tax me the other day because all the stuff going on about the london and everything. He said he always checks if i'm good on that he's he's. He's a very good friend. Yeah good dude good dude n._s. This has been fantastic. I'm so happy you were able to make it over a no you must be. Did you just fatigued of talking about all these issues by now because you've been you've been making the rounds. I appreciate you making some time for us as well best of luck with with all of the basketball and and the political fronts thank you i appreciate them. I think you allow me to talk. Absolutely joined live the in studio by a former defensive player of the year four time member of the team all-star twenty ten n._b._a. Champion the pride of queens bridge metta world peace. How are you sir. Thanks for the introduction. Thanks for having me. <hes> you know bleacher report howard beck i've been i've been keeping up with for a long time. He'd be interviews together. Cross pass a little bit and anytime you hear hey howard beck wanna. Do any of you just don't be a nice one. <hes> <hes> <hes> great to see you again. It's been awhile. I think probably since your brief turn with the knicks a few years back when yeah definitely feel brought you in so i've got to watch the documentary yesterday the quiet storm the runner tests story <hes> by my colleagues here a bleacher report going to be on on showtime actually got to clarify this real quick quick because of course the film's name and film was fantastic films name has got the run artist story. You are now metta world peace. I have heard somebody told me there are rules rules to who can call you ron still and and who has to call you meta. What's the rule. There's no real rules. It's just that if i'm from you're from new york. You're gonna call me ron a lot the people in new york they won't call me because they know me a saint john's queens queens bridge lasalle academy and all the parts that i played in new york city and l._a. Is a little bit different. If you don't know me as early pacer or bull you know what i mean has ron's and you know a year later changed my name or maybe even two years later so a lot of the kids in the west coast. They called me meadow. Some some people even called me where he's in indiana. They don't call me ron. You definitely not because it's what they're used to yeah yeah but you know you have a a rule about sewing meets you for the first time meta data or do they have to like if they qualify as new york and they call you ronald p some people asking hey. What do you want to be call by the way what do you wanna be call by the way and i'm like medicine all right. We'll go with metaphor the purposes of this <hes> feel like though i wasn't in new york when you were yeah coming up here so i don't qualify on that on the other hand. I've been covering this league since you were drafted as yeah so i don't know i i know some people. Just call me ron and it's fine. I a lot of people call me. Some people. Call me ron ron which is like my nickname you know so he just never know you. You know what you're going to get. Donnie walsh still calls you ronnie. I'm donny might call me met. Ashley nineties like a very respect respect actor respectable and respectful person now. Let's say anyone else's not but dan he's more. He's gonna do what he thinks is right all the time i think he might i had to call me meadow on time but most likely probably call me ronnie yeah. He's the best absolutely one of the best general managers you you don't ever touch the league in sports. He just never had a chance to get over the hump but he'll so consistent no all those pacer teams. He did a great job here in new orcs tail yeah with new york team yeah. He's an amazing front office guy so let's talk about that that span of time four zero five in there because because <hes> months months and months before the bro the reason you guys are such tension with detroit. You guys were like a serious pitched battle for the conference title that previous spring you guys lost that series in six there and there's there's a lot that goes behind that but you guys like that at team everybody knew at the time you jermaine o'neal al harrington reggie miller john bender jackson came li ye ah yes even getting a little bit later but you guys had a real shot and that's the part. I think that's often forgotten. How good was that two thousand fourteen. That's in the conference finals the pistons because has the pistons win the championship that year against stay go back the next year post brawl they go back and then that's when they lose to the spurs but your team the previous spring and had you stayed together and you guys were you were right on the cusp. Who knows what could have been with that team. I mean we agree. I thought we weren't one of the best teams indiana i was on my way to being you know top three four five plays at a plane indiana and and it was it was it was something where it was meant to be. You know it was meant to be. I was not meant to win a title in indiana. Although if i stay knows i snapped my finger and i would love to take you back in time and and do it over definitely kenneally. Sometimes you say i don't regret anything. Why wouldn't do anything differently. I think i would do something differently but that team was gray three. I had a real i had. I didn't know i was that good now. I'll watch some tape because it's really hard for me to find my hideyuki. Stephen carter highlights dunking. You'll see kobe highlights. You know donkey known shooting but they never really show highlights on on. I was shutting these shutting latter hall of fame as down. I'm definitely i can say to myself all of famer but it's hard to prove that we're my stats career but you know just back in those days. I mean we we we we were so good and it's really is something that you can <hes> always <hes> reminisce about those again as i say i i saw those teams i i knew how good you guys were and yeah. There's a lot of what if like they own their what's over the course of n._b._a. History but your team for that era was definitely one of those hit. This thing stays together. If things don't go obviously go off the rails in detroit that night there we definitely got ya. I'm not gonna beat the trail who knows but we definitely was on our way away. I was so that that pacers group and some of them are interviewed in the film in germane germanium particular he'd certainly and i don't know how the wrexham field but he certainly felt that there was a lot of bad feelings that went forward for for years after that having not talk to you alone the way not just what happened. I think just the lack of contact and everything have you re made reconnected. Ah had those bridges reenacted germain some of those guys from back then whether the pro- the problem with like the problem with me was everytime jemaine reach out out to me and say hey ron. We're getting some lunch. Let's go hey ron. We're going now. Let's go you will see our hands and go at him. Jamaal tinsley sometimes anthony johnson anson even sometimes reggie miller. Go get lunch but i was always nah. I'm just gonna stay in my room. I was always thinking about like the next practice and i'm always thinking about like the next game and i never took the time out. You know to really build that relationship. Jemaine always reached out even when i had some of the most difficult times before the brawl jemaine was see he would be like a round. You're right you wanna talk and i will always magnum mckay. I've only been to jonathan vendor house. Johnson was in the music. Also i never been <music> out when no one so when abroad happen we're on the same team guys five mu not only did. I lose a lot of money. They lost money too and then the next year as i request the tree you know on a team where we're trying to everybody is. They're trying to do positive things in their life and me. I kinda took all that energy away. It wasn't fun. Being one of the best team recall al when he says this guy that's the guy jemaine had his plays and i hadn't a ton set plays to me probably secondhand janine on that team thing and i really feel bad about that whole situation 'cause if i was acting out and i don't accept that type of behavior for my players this things that i put a lot of people through at that point in time. You know i can see why you know. Japan was upset set and i i don. I was really happy to have lunch for the first time in fourteen years. We had lunch and oakland last year. I've never had lunch with jimmy and it was just the type of person that was. I don't know if there's a bad person. I don't know what that person was but i just wasn't i wasn't i didn't allow myself to get along. You know what people bull had that go with jimmy i mean it felt really good to have lunch with jemaine. I was talking to jemaine briefly about company that i had but <hes> we also was talking about the brawl. We're doing abroad documentary jemaine actually producing the documentary on the ball so he's talking a little bit about that <hes> and we talked a little bit about like he told he told me he appreciate a few things and and he talked about he he was also upset about a few things. That was our only lunch. We did have some phone conversations but jemaine is just out. Jamais reminds me a lebron james. You know a few people jemaine lebron everybody have the pros and cons but when you talk about a good teammate jemaine bra fisher the guys that bring people together and performing on a koi those guys they stand out yeah no doubt i'm not talking about mental health for a minute here because does your way ahead of your time in two thousand ten on the day on the championship speaking openly about this and people at the time i think were really taken aback on an number of levels but mostly in a very positive way and that you know when i was googling and doing youtube results in prepping for the podcast like that comes up very quickly. Oh you know your your post game that night. It has been over the last couple of years become much more <hes> you know. I don't wanna say frequent frequent but it's accepted now. Guys are coming out. Kevin love demar derozan guys writing in the player's tribune adam silver talking openly about mental health in a way that i don't think people leading this league had in the past. Adam silver said a couple months ago. We're living in a time of anxiety. I think it's a direct result of social media. A lot of players are unhappy. While does that strike a chord with you. Does that sound like what you experience not just yourself but what you might have seen among teammates back when you were playing as well well. This is a new era when we didn't come up social media era but that statement is pretty impressive to. I've never heard a statement from front commissioner but i think you know in two thousand and ten when i was just i just had and she's a psychologist by the way i excuse me but i said psychiatrists okay okay. I didn't know that i didn't know the difference at that time. I was seeing a therapist when i was on t._v. After the championship i wasn't even thinking and you know the difference between the psychologists allergists and the psychiatrist is one m._d. Provide medicine the other is more emotional and it can provide therapy and counseling you know and i just thought it was necessary serie because all the therapy i had my ears. I was painting. I was paying for it out of out of pocket parents in counseling marriage counseling anger management multiple what times and i wasn't thinking about the bill is just like another bill came in his pay for bill but you can't pay for those sessions. You know what are you going to do. Who are you gonna talk to to try to do something. I tried to make a bigger platform where they make it easier kind of entry to therapy and less expensive mrs. I was trying to work on that two thousand six. I couldn't quite get to it because you know when you're doing something like that. Although as a business and if you don't have the right team hard to execute the vision so that platform i have is a perfect opportunity you know to to let people know it's okay to be vulnerable and it's okay to seek see cow and that that message i felt like really resonated at the time. I still feel like like there's less stigma now today than it was. Maybe nine years ago definitely really are you. Are you encouraged to see that when you see kevin love or demar or other guys talking openly about this because they're looking at you know you guys are in a pressure cooker. There's a a huge spotlight plus. There's all this you know macho b._s. Wrapped up in it so actually supposed to allow any any vulnerability publicly. It just feels like it's very difficult for <hes> for that to be broached it. Has i mean depending on who you are dependent on. What is your like the process or a vision on how you should be a pro and depending on what you're seeing. You might try to be like that. You might try to be something you're not and in my experience has been when you get out of character. That's when you become more stress when you try to. Maybe you're an athlete supposed to be baked supposed to be macho. Whatever the case may be you become more stress. You're not yourself and it's good to see people like to do the rose in and love just talk about that freely. Give other the people hope but i also got to give credit to dennis rodman when he was on oprah. You know how he was open about. His frustration has life. I finished parents and different things like that. He was crying on television. You know he went on. He was in new york guy marriage himself. He's he's clearly gone through a lot. He was one of my favorite players is all that stuff that he did. It gave me the strength to just be open and not be afraid of who i was and sometimes it was dark places. I was who i was was opposite. Person when i was shining in the most publicly on television and everybody got a chance to see every part of the peace round test so i was prepping for the podcast and i was i was googling your name and and as i was googling metta world peace reset one point and then i thought well no some of the stuff may be won't come up and need to google results are a little bit different so i thought it was interesting. I put a couple of days so if you google run our test you get things things like elbows james harden champion three pointer game seven so some some good stuff there too nice bounce but then you keep going down at says pulls down. I'm paul pierce. Remember that yeah i was. I think that was a playoff game. In romania regular season game and paul was on fire and at that time you know twenty three twenty four i was still in a good place on the basketball side still in the dark place sometimes emotionally that game was having defining allergists being ronald test referees that you know there wasn't watching i pull down has he had about thirty at that point and he comes off. The screen hits the three with his shorts down and keeps playing as paul. You like the mix it up a lot. There was a lot of a lot of fun battles between between you guys. The world peace side of it still has the james harden come up game seven still comes up and then down a little ways as a meta world peace rap metta world peace coldest balls. I don't even know what that was a reference to and i didn't look y'all yeah well yeah. I said kevin hart show. Kevin kevin hart has is this new network called l._l. Okay and he has tons of shows and colder balls is one of the shows i guess he came up with and you get into this is tub tub and you start to just talk podcast but it's an ice hub as if he was in a practice or a game and then you go into is after the game i mean it's it's pretty funny. It's always great to do things kevin hart. Yeah i did two pieces. You know what kevin hart before it was cool. It was fun. I don't think i'd last i five minutes doing an interview in a cold. I know i know coats that extend my career long time. I'm sure meta world peace. Thank you so much for coming back. Thanks for having me and i wanna tell you about. He's the highlight me visit. The pandu sprint. Dot com is my e commerce site. It's a symbol bluffs strength and vulnerability at the same time. Thank you have to report. How is really good to be tricked in your thank you <music>.

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