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Hey, guys, it's Kelly here to tell you that we have a brand new podcast called Halloween, unmasked premiering, Monday, October first, here's a sneak peek. There's trouble. A teenage girl named Laurie strode crosses a quiet street toward an ordinary house to find her friends, but Lori doesn't know that her friends are dead, and she doesn't know that she's walking right toward the mass killer. Michael, Myers. The movie is Halloween and Halloween just was like it was a breath of fresh putrid air. He's a pure unknowable evil. I'm critic Amy, Nicholson and this is Halloween. Unmasked a podcast series from the ringer, celebrating remarkable and terrifying rise of America's most revolutionary horror film subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast to Halloween unmasked and watch your back. I think the scariest part was that he doesn't die at the end. So near ten, it's like that guy still out there. Get him. Welcome a jam session. I'm Juliet, Littman. I'm Amanda bobbins. Hi, Amanda. Shuhei your back. We we have to do an unscheduled thing for. Okay. Okay. Because we've got a whole slate of things. We're going to deal with Bradley Cooper, we're going to try to do with Bradley Cooper. We're going to talk about Lindsay Lohan briefly, and we will do Justin Bieber in Hailey Baldwin update, but first Juliet. Yes. While you were gone, I let the people know that you had a very important citing. It was really good. Could you please tell us every single thing that happened? I went to London, yes, for fun. Yes. But the primary impetus behind the trip was I really wanted to see Hamilton just felt that I, it just felt like somebody I had to do. Right. I love musical theater, never seen a show in the West End. It just felt like the right time. And so my friend Kate Lynch to kaitlin fine. She works for baseline theatrical, the management company that manages Hamilton great work. Them and all of their various productions Caitlyn helped me acquire tickets to halston, hopefully having her in trouble. I saying this, whatever I paid for them and what I got them. I, I like Google the seat where they were like, oh, cool. These are really good seats in the I get into the theater which is beautiful recently restored Victoria palace theatre and the Westminster part of London as like, wow, these are great seats must be close to a magnet. Harry sat and I was like really fired up like this is great looking around so happy to be on vacations. Happy to be in London, fucking love Hamilton. And then I'm sitting at my really good seat thinking very pleased with myself. And then I looked to my right in this woman and her husband walk in very inconspicuously, and I turned my friend, Katherine who I'm with and I'm like, I think we're sitting next to a Royal in Sheely looked over me and she was like, yes, we are. That's Princess. And I was like, oh my God. We've been in London for under twelve hours. We have a ROY. Citing. I can confirm that was Princess Anne because Juliet as true friends took a stealthy snapshot of Francis n which she then texted to me was definitely her. Yes, it was sitting next to her husband. She was on the aisle. So you also on the isle? Really. Excellent. Yeah, it was to be on an aisle. It was amazing. It was like there's a just a front section, like the kind of typical orchestra orchestra, sex intersection with no is and then we were in the first row where there is an aisle. It's like right in the middle of the bottom level and the house just a great view. So if you I haven't, I haven't encountered before. So also like really added to my enjoyment. Okay. I looked over to see her reaction after every single song. Yes. She didn't react very much because she's, you know, inner sixties been with her whole life, and she's also the most stoic that generation. Yes, but she seemed like she enjoyed it. Her husband like laughed King. George goes over great with the British. Absolutely love it. Immigrants we get the job done, huge applause. I couldn't see how she felt about that one. I think he did a ginger clap and it was just phenomenal. Can I ask them folk? Yes, please do. Did anyone show her show them to their seats? The s someone did, and they also came with two security guards who were sitting right behind the. Okay. So when you so this was like a four person event. Sure. And I was just like lucky for the security guards. They go to. They were not really noticed very much came in like seconds before the show started as a people don't have time to gawk at intermission. They just like laugh. I don't know where they went and they came back. They were very low key. A couple of people notice and you could see people in front of us trying to do sell fees that would catch printer, Shannon? Yes. Many them were not successful, but I think it was a pretty low key like people didn't seem to notice. And then I did a double confirm what was her because I went on like the Royal is ram accounts, and I saw her wearing the same dress like a charity event earlier in the day. She does. She does also recycle clothing? Yes. Do so no one approached her no-one approached her and I think they would have been stopped. Someone came in late and her row and had to climb overheard yet to see. And I just felt for that woman, she probably was mortified when she realized that she had just climbed over a Royal and she has late to how do I also think from the San probably was not nice about it. So final question you did not. Did you see anyone bow or curtsy or any point that's kinda? I would really like to see that in the wild, a couple of people like freaked out, like right after she walked out left right away. They didn't stay for the whole Ray flaws at the end. We don't. They don't. They do the national anthem now do that now to do that. Okay. But they don't do that now. Unfortunately, I wish they had been a real distance with Hamilton. True. Would have been funny. Yeah, it would have been great by the way how it aligned in his excellent. Yes, I believe it or not. You've told me that a couple of times Hamilton, so hot. Oh, my God was best man. He's just hot Hamilton. It's amazing. Okay. But I really wanna keep talking about for a second. Right. Okay. So people noticed after she left. Yes. In this one guy was like right in front of everybody behind me. Excuse me, and he likes, he realized it was her, and he was so fired up about the show. He loved it so much. And then he was told that Princess ams right there and he was like, what? And he was going crazy. He was really excited, mostly British crowd almost entirely. Yeah, really like a stylish hip after work on a Tuesday audience. I was like really into it. I was like, wow, they're kinda. The British are cool and hip. Those who were coming to see Hamilton tonight. Right? A very, very casual. Like in New York, you still get out of town or dress up to go to a musical like you can tell who who's from New York and who is visiting addressed. Everyone's really casual. I guess everyone does in London. You don't dress up for the for the theater. What was Princess Azan wearing. She was wearing like a floral dress, like moral? Yes. It was a white with like blue and green flowers and sweater or blazer type of thing over it. Okay. It was like pretty like pedestrian, wasn't that dope? Okay. Yeah. I mean, I don't really think she's like the stylish one. No. And then husband was wearing gray, slacks, blue blazer. I believe no tie in a shirt, and he looked very dapper. He looks like a rich British guy. Yeah, he looks good. He is okay. He seemed to be love life. I think being married to a Royal who is not in line for the crown, particularly as a man is great. I think being the husband of a Royal is great. Yeah, you still have to go to like a lot of weird events. Yeah, charity stuff. Yeah. Your your schedule, especially around the holidays vacations. They're not yours. Totally. Well, we're on the topic of England. Yes. Let's just briefly detour into how Princess Eugenie and Joe and Jack Brooks Bank can't get anyone to broadcast. So her father Prince, Andrew, the former husband of the duchess of York Fergie. He, he's the Duke of York. He tried to broker a deal at the BBC as the Daily Mail wrote the Bieb together to cover to broadcast their wedding, which is also ruins or castle where Harry and Meghan just got married and they declined because they didn't. Their ratings would be good enough. So now he's trying to get TV to broadcast it. If he was a savvy Royal, he would just go straight to Facebook, like, dude, let's just put it live on your platform. That's true. He is not a savvy Royal. His name is I believe it's Andy air miles for all of the travel that he has racked up amazing under his airline of choices on the British taxpayer's dime. Horrible. Yeah, he is not the savviest wine. What would you think he's the most hated Royal? I think so. Just because of he hasn't done anything for the people. Right. And pr-. Pretty much just shows up and it's like, why aren't you broadcasting my wedding or doing all this stuff? And where do people stand on Sarah duchess of York right now? I like her well, we all do because we're Americans right think that she is a little Jew. Remember this engagement was announced, and then Fergie was basically posting. British Fergie was basically posting a unicorn me John Instagram being like, I can't wait for him to be a member of the family. Unicor means sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. There is definitely like it was like the inspirational greeting cards with a unicorn on it, and like love is real. And then wait for him to be part of the family and the British the real family didn't respond very well to that obviously. So she wasn't allowed to do some interview on good morning UK or whatever because that was to embarrass. But I think so. That's mean, but at the same time, I can understand British people being like, what. What are these Unicor memes, really, I, you know, the Weight Watchers, spokesperson. I don't totally know that they or wise. Yeah, they just rebranded. Yeah. WW. Yes. Oh, that's right. Yeah, I think that she is amusing to the British people, but yeah. Okay. I would like to see this wedding, so I could do the highlight reel like a well produced two hours. One hour would be too short. I'd like to this is the perfect social media leading. I don't. I don't know why they didn't think of this sooner. Well, I don't have a Facebook account anymore, so I don't wanna watch it on Facebook, Instagram, you'd watch it on Instagram. Owned by Facebook, please don't Abby. I understand. I guess I would watch. I don't know. Then I gotta be holding it on my phone on the phone to my face like so for two hour. Yeah, I would just want to dip in and out and then be happy that it's all available online after two to like cut up and whatnot to watch clips. Yeah, we have such a nice time with the first Royal wedding, though. What I wanna do like a two hour special, just not going to get the same treatment and he doesn't have to be live. That's true. Did you watch the documentary at the Queen that was on HBO? Not yet. I have seen all of the clips though because they've been on the Daily Mail, nonstop. So seen Meghan talking about her veil and how she wore blue to her first date. And then a part of that dress was her something blue. Right anyway, that's great. I literally also, I wondered, did she think to wear something blue in case that or was that just a coincidence? That's a good question. I wish we could ask Megan follow up. Yeah, I saw Harry jokin with some people. I'm gonna. I'm gonna look forward to watching. I pissed it's not it's supposed to rain today in LA and not, and it just be perfect rainy day viewing. Well, maybe at some point it'll rain, maybe doubt. Is that enough for, you know, give me the rain. Okay. Let's move on to more topical topics. Starting with Mr. Bradley Cooper who has been on a world publicity tour all leading up to the release of a star is born this week. Oh, brother. So much bo- talks. That's true Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga together. We're on the Graham Norton show last week. Yeah, and it was just a stunning amount of frozen upper cheeks from both of them, not just Bradley from lady Gaga Steph as well. That's true. His face was frozen both physically and emotionally. I would say I have never seen someone look more uncomfortable on the Graham Norton show which keep in keeping with our UK theme. It's pretty great pre great. Talk shows the best chat show out there completely agree, and he's disarms people in the convert charming way. And it seems like everyone, especially the UK people seem to know that you got to up your game, but sue this lineup was Bradley Cooper lady Gaga Ryan Gosling. Yes. And Jodie Whittaker who's the first female doctor who and Gosling was incredibly charming as he always is. Yeah, he's very good on the show. And then they cut to lady Gaga telling some stories and she. Lady Gaga so like it, it works kind of. But Bradley Cooper is just sitting there. He does not say anything yet. Nothing. He laughs kind of three to five seconds after everyone else. It was really, really confusing even for a person who is deeply uncomfortable in the spotlight. How would you describe his overall stars? Born press vibe. Well, gosh, I would say it's cranky, which I think is weird when you're going for a Oscar in like everyone is praising you. Yes, I think that's true. Definitely resentful of what, yeah, I agree with you, but it's like Bradley Cooper, what's so bad about your life? Here's what I can't figure out because my least favorite celebrity thing is the celebrity who's just like, I, I don't have time for this. How dare you ask me questions. I just want the arch speak for itself. I'm just a, I'm an artist. I I don't. Oh, you anything, which you know. Okay, fine. That's great. But then don't do an interview. Don't ask for my timer attention. That's just not how it works, how it works. Right. And there's part of being a performer is also knowing how to perform in that moment. And if you can't figure it out, then don't ask for my time is kind of where I am. So I am really put off by all of this and I, but I can't tell whether that's just me like, I think most people are not as annoyed by that, right? I'm just confused about why the press tour has become about like the undiscovered. On credited genius have Bradley Cooper. I mean, maybe haven't seen the movie and I'll feel differently. I'll be blown away by directing choices. But this is like not an original idea. This is remake, and while you know, I love praising Steven Soderbergh for ocean's eleven. I don't think you always have to be like reinventing the wheel. It just seems like such an oversize emphasis like are listened to lady Gaga Zane Lowe last week, which was personal highlight because I love a and low. And like most of her talking points were about like realizing Bradley Cooper can sing and what it was like when they I sat down at the piano. One thing that's been really striking is that the talking points will not be deviated from like how many times have we heard the story about when they met in her Malibu house instead of the piano together in played the Creedence Clearwater revival song, right? And it's bit leftover spaghetti and meatballs, and it's really the only story you're completely right. You have pointed out to me that lady Gaga seems really invested in promoting super, which is fascinating both because that doesn't seem like lady Gaga. But also just it. It is the same three really same story over and over and over again. And it's it's pretty masterful because if I were Lynn Hershberg in like my, she wrote the w profile Bradley Cooper in that's like one of the more recent ones it's kind of coming at the tail end of this press tour. I'd be so pissed like I, you probably think you're getting some credit exclusive when he talked Bradley Cooper back in August. Yeah, and then you realize he's told the same story to everyone. Well, here's one thing I would say and I, I don't think anyone thought that they were getting a great exclusive with Bradley Cooper in August because he has been historically very bad and uncomfortable in the spotlight and bad press and recalcitrant and rob. Her villa wrote a great piece for the ringer. About Bradley Cooper, both is acting career in kind of than the strange sideline of his personal life that goes with it, and he's always been like this. So I think if you are. A person who's assigning a piece on Bradley Cooper, you have to just, you know, he's not going to cooperate. You know, he's going to write a kind of boring interview who doesn't give anything away. You know, he's probably going to be reluctant or even cranky, and I think the same stories are a little bit because they're sticking though, talking points and also because he's like not giving anything else? Yeah, everything about his Hello persona. Basically since he's as outrigger has felt so managed. So staged, like when the first photos of heaven Irena shake came out, it felt like they went to a jetty on the Mediterranean to have themselves photographed basically. Yes. And. There have been some. I think candidates have him recently because he's been at York, which a slightly harder to control when the pop Razi's can catch you. But like there was some extra time yesterday, like walking on the street has daughter, but like everything about what we know about his various relationships with like how he lived at home with his mom and was friendship. Jennifer Lawrence is like, and how he like insists, I'm not speaking about his relationships, but like dates other like very conspicuous humans like, yeah, women out in the world just feels so overly managed that I don't really know who the true Bradley Cooper is. I think the most true of ever seen him was when he Howard Stern interviewed him. Have you ever watched that? No, it's a good watch. It's definitely different than the other interviews he does, but even then like he sticks the talking points like it's a lot about Libya home with his mom and like loving the eagles and loving Philadelphia and like Howard Stern inappropriate questions about Jennifer. Lawrence Howard Stern does, and it's just like, fascinating. He's we've been through so much with him like from Jack and Bobby to yes to the hang. Over to David Russell era too now, but none of it's actually him. I thought that you were going to bring up. Do you remember? I think it was around a hangover to there was a clip of Bradley Cooper doing an interview in France, and he hit apparently spent like a year abroad in France is on the his French is pretty good. He's got the accent. He's got the asides. He's he's beyond conversational. I mean, I, you know, I am not a fluent French speaker, so I'm not handing out qualifications, but sure he's better than I am and people kind of went Gaga over it. Sorry, done not intended just because never it's pretty impressive. But it was also like, oh my God, like Bradley Cooper actually has a personality here is the fact that we know about him. He was him animating. There's life behind the is for a second. It was really fascinating, and that person basically has not showed up since then. Yeah, and I do think he's probably a really fun. Hang and like, unless you actually do. Yeah, I do based on his Howard Stern appearance. Okay. I think he's fun. I think he just has so much like disdain for the complex that has made him famous and I don't know. Yeah, I think that that's a real turn off for me. I've already said that. Yeah, but, but I also think that would make him not fun because if he if you're the type of person that's just going to sit in a room and be addict to everyone or doesn't even know the Graham Norton thing is fascinating because he actually doesn't know basic social cues, right? It's like a, it's honestly like they made a Bradley Cooper robot and. Writing wrong. So it's lagging five seconds behind. There's one point when Ryan Gosling is telling us or maybe no, it's dirty Whitaker. Who's telling a story about how her husband's from Tucson, like three seconds go by. And then Bradley Cooper says Tucson. Shefrin Tucson, Arizona. He, I. And that's it. That's his contribution to the conversation. And everyone else looks so uncomfortable that she kind of like, oh, yeah, yeah, Tucson. They make some sort of connection and it's not there. I don't understand. I find it baffling. I also find it pretty baffling. You know, it's definitely a theme of his acting performances. Yeah. And I think there are directors who found ways to use that an interesting way. Yeah. I mean, Todd Phillips has done, did him a huge service? Yes, with the hangover movies, right asshole serving asshole. And I liked Todd Phillips law. I mean, his movies are very problematic now, but I do like Todd Phillips and like respect him a lot. I think as we know, I love a jerk dot as much. Oh, I love a jerk. I this kind. I do like I, I like it. I like I like a dick. You know, I like addict to, you got to back it up and there's no, they're, they're, it's like. I don't really understand what's happening. Besides, you know, he likes to say the world word film lodge. Also. What does he show for himself? I mean, I haven't. I haven't seen the movie yet, and everyone says it's great. So maybe this is finally his moment up until now. He's been a fucking actor in the hangover. Movies. I'm supposed to be impressed by. I find the thing. I like the least about him is his reverence for Clint Eastwood anyone who's just like I died on the vine for Clint Eastwood. Well, that that's a question of taste that I need to dig into a little bit more. Yeah, we'll see everyone loves it. Yeah, I'm excited, really, I Don. I are going to see it on Thursday night. Kelly here also sitting on the, I'll like Princess Anne. Did you notice that I got the, I'll take it. So I hope. That's okay. You check before. Now. I prefer to sit on an, I'll. Great. I'm very excited. We'll see. I recommend the rob harvey'll appease, very smart. You know, there's an essential mystery at the center of this, and I don't know that a star is born will answer it, but I'm excited. I'm excited about a new phase at Bradley Cooper, let's keep them come in so weird. Good character. Weird. Yeah, it's something to talk about. We're going to move on and talk about Lindsay will hand and Justin Bieber, but I, I've a recommendation for you. If you're listening to this podcast, I think you'd probably like Bill Simmons conversation with Matt Damon. On the Bill Simmons podcast built talk to him on the occasion of the rounders twentieth anniversary and they just talked a lot about his early career being famous in the nineties, breaking into the business and all that it's Matt Damon who says, no, I love Matt, Damon, and he's check it out. Bill Simmons podcasts. You've probably heard of it after all. It's it's pretty good. Okay. More celebrity news. Let's talk about the vaccine problem that is Lindsay Lohan and we should note. It's October the third and it's a Wednesday, though. Neither rest are wearing pink. So until, oh, had resurfaced this week. She was first Paris fashion week with her brother. And then she was in Moscow where she basically got into a fight with a random family. It's very loaded to discuss. Lindsey Lowe hand has repeatedly over the last few years waded into geopolitics and a very inappropriate, not constructive and bazaar way in that continued when she saw a family that she claimed was Syrian refugee family, no evidence that it was on the street, and she tried to like help them in whatever Lindsey Lowe Hanway is, and they obviously were offended. But while livestream you on Instagram, that's important and they obviously were offended and it resulted in her being punched in the face? Yes, not before they tried to, you know, get away from her understandably. They were walking away and then she yelled, you're ruining Arab culture by doing this, which not good. Now we don't actually have a lot to add here except to say this is reprehensible even if Lindsay Lohan is struggling, which seems pretty clear. Like even when we talked about the beach club experience this summer, it was like, this seems great for now, but also are we sure that everything is okay here and it seemed answer is no, and that is absolutely no excuse for this. I feel like that to borrow a phrase from the podcast, the press box also on channel thirty three, the overworked, Twitter, it's not really a joke observation here was that this is a pretty tidy summary of American interventionism. Oh abroad. And that seems right, and it's horrifying. And this is this is a no. I wanna have fun with Lindsay Lohan hand because she's such an absurdist character. But she just repeatedly does such ridiculous and actually consequential things that are offensive if it really. Hard. I was looking forward to the MTV show about her rage club, but like I, there's no way of that's not a hot mess. I, I don't know how you do something a little land without it being like where she's actually involved. Right? I mean, she was posting on Instagram about that show in a way that's she was upset with MTV which seems to indicate it may not happen. I mean, it's a sad situation for her, but also this is not okay. Yeah, I don't really know what to say about her. The other thing that was weird that she was seeing with her brother at fashion week which she has not. She's not been like in the kind of like high fashion world in quite some time. I'm not sure she was really ever completely in it, but she certainly used to invites. It was just sort of like a weird return to a big celebrity stage for her choosing to be embarrassed then she's obviously on well, yeah, I don't know. She's a tough one. It's tough, it's this is wish you character, but really bad situation moving right along TMZ confirmed yesterday. Yeah, Justin Bieber Haley. Baldwin actually married? Yes. They had a court wedding in New York when they go. Their marriage license, no pre-nup and they apparently to EMC followed up today saying that though there legally married, they don't consider themselves officially married because they haven't cemented their vows of the man upstairs. Yes. So they don't consider it real until they have a church wedding, which it's not clear when that will be happening subsites early next year according to TMZ, either upstate New York or on -tario Canada. Also a lot of just like Bieber out out in the world busking at Buckingham. Palace to go, yes, this happened. I was in London. I didn't see gusts Princess and then the fact that you were there, it was a Royal the Democrats while you were gone. We talked about this a bit with Katie Weaver while you were gone. And she said she wouldn't believe in it until TMZ reported it, which I felt good about because you would have said the same thing. Totally. Yeah, eighty. And then here we are. So they're definitely married after a few months, but apparently they're waiting to Mary in front of God in Ontario or upstate New York. Can I just say, don't they need to knock? It varied in upstate New York that's played out. And I say that as someone who got married in upstate your car and weddings are over, I mean, they were over before I did it, but and we had a nice time, but come on them? No. Why do they have any connection to upstate New York does Haley. Baldwin? No. Hep. Okay. That's great. Definitely not. They probably met one person who who is like recommended a wedding venue and were they were like, yeah, cool. I mean, they both seem extremely impressionable, so it's true. I mean, that's how they're like how they got legally married fashion week in New York. I feel like with Bieber, he's lost the battle for on -tario like that's just Drake territory and constantly looking for new land to conquer as his own. He isn't wanted in Beverly Hills. I don't think he's wanted in probably New Jersey where he has a home or any or or upstate New York. So they've gone to Europe. They're still in layer like, yes, they're back in New York. Now they were. London for a while? Yeah, I don't really know what their proper places, but I kind of feel like they that Bieber should is buying island in the Caribbean, and they should live there. They would get pretty bored though. I don't know, would they? I mean, I, I don't feel I wish them well, maybe they like each other. I, I don't really think that they are at a point where they can sustain this being on an island alone together. Yeah, I don't really think any twenty. Something that's had bieber's experience could handle that with or without his wife. But I, I don't know. That seems like I mean, maybe if you're looking to just get all the messing us out of the way and then they can decide what to do. That's a good socialist fierement. I hope he films it would be what never say, never to. That'd be fantastic. Connick document of our time Julieta and I are willing to produce that if anyone's looking for those services, it didn't take off this year and I wanted it to was the follow up to on the one that chance the rapper Jay college be. We're Sean, no brainer. Yeah, I think it's a very good song. It just didn't really take off in the same way. Yeah, that's not what the into. Yeah, Don. I gotta pop music is snack will anymore. It's too bad. That means they'll have a renaissance which is nice for us. But yeah, you know what I thought you were going to say. I thought that you were going to cite some sort of music documentary that didn't take off. Yeah, I know that was like a perfect opportunity for you. You take it. I'm off my game today. I'm wondering it will be the next Bieber. Like who will be the next superstar that we watch for ten years. I don't know. Like like him. I mean, I guess like Arianna grind. It is our integrated kind of that. It's hard to it's hard to imagine any kind of wreckage with her in the same way. Well, I mean, she's been through a lot already been through and you know she NPDOR still seemed to be together. Yes, that also, you know, I've, I also wish them well, I do. I mean, I, I really, really, really feel for her. She's headed extremely difficult. Michel couple of years. I listened to the entire sweetener album this morning before I am okay in my in my department because I was getting ready for work live, Dr. just like natural light. So I don't turn the lights on, really. I mean, I do that too, but what type are you listening to sweetener? I think I started around like six, forty five. That is really, really early meeting her. Sweetener. One of my friends texted me say she was just like really enjoying and I was like, yeah, put it on, and I just started listening to the whole album. It's good. It is good. I don't know if it's a six, forty, five in the morning. Good. I just love pop music. You know, that's speaks to me maybe the last paragraph of this TMZ report on Justin Bieber and hill. Certainly my, whether you believe j. b. and HP don't consider themselves husband and wife. It seems he's warming up to the idea. He reportedly referred to Haley as his wife during a museum trip in his hometown in case, you're wondering why they hit up a museum. It has a Bieber exhibit. Oh, wow. Yeah. Oh, wow. So what they say is that if you're warming up to the idea of having a wife after legally made someone your wife just, you know, let's let's think about those timelines. Anyone else who is considering making someone there, husband or wife in the near future, make sure you get your timing, right. That's tough. It is tough. Make good decisions people. I mean, I agree. This is this breaks all of your code every single one of that. Yeah. Thanks so much for listening. We'll be back in two weeks and don't forget to check out the Halloween unmask podcast and Matt, Damon, Bill Simmons podcast. I'm Juliet, Littman. I'm Amanda Dobbins sucked you soon.

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