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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein with more than five hundred thirty. Two Thousand Corona Virus Infections in the US the trump administration is floating the possibility that some parts of the country will be able to return to normal beginning may first but NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce reports. The administration is also trying to temper expectations. The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Steven Hahn spoke on this week from ABC News. He said the model show were close to the peak. And that may I is one possible target date but we've got to get the data as they come in. We have to look at what we know about this illness. What's happened in other countries and put them into the situation to the plan? Moving forward he says testing shows there are hotspots with lots of people infected but some places have fewer cases surgeon. General drome Adams however said on Fox News that most of the country won't be able to reopen by may first. He said it will happen. Bit By bit place by place. Based on the data Nell Greenfieldboyce. Npr News Spain is beginning to rollback virus. Measures as the rate of new cases declines their Lucia Ben Evita's reports non essential businesses will return to normal activity. Tomorrow as the number of new cases declines. Spain's interior minister said the will hand out ten million facemasks to public transit users on Monday as thousands of people had to work again. Central Government also asked companies to provide protective gear and ensure workers maintain a distance of six feet but some health experts say the move comes too early and advice that these rollback measures should be accompanied by mass testing and the of a program that would isolate new corona virus carriers. The general locked down is in place until April twenty-sixth but will likely be extended for NPR. News I'm Lucy this in more Ya Spain. The Pope Francis celebrated Easter mass today. Inside a vast empty Saint Peter's Basilica NPR Sylvia Poggioli reports. He called for Global Solidarity. As the world tackles the pandemic Pope Francis said. The pandemic is testing our whole human family. This is not a time for indifference. Self-centeredness Division and forgetfulness. He praised doctors. Nurses policemen and others on the front line of the virus emergency. He called on politicians to provide resources for everyone in need for international sanctions to be lifted and for debt relief for poor nations. He called for an end to conflicts in all the hot spots of the world most forcefully he expressed concern for the future of Europe which he said is presently facing an epochal challenge on which will depend not only its future but that of the whole world Sylvia Poggioli. Npr News Rome this is NPR churches in. Kansas are having to abide by governor. Laura Kelly's order to limit gatherings to ten people this Easter Sunday a Republican Legislative Committee voted to revoke the order but the Kansas Supreme Court has voted to uphold it. Liquor stores in South Africa are being looted more and more after the government announced. Its planning to ban alcohol sales during a three week. Lockdown Ish Muffin. Equa- reports representatives of liquor sellers are appealing to the government to allow some stores to stay open organizations such as the Association of South Africa. Say they support the government's measures to curb the spread of the virus but the sales Bam has resulted in. Many people are losing their jobs. They are also raising concerns about the looting of leaker stores and a spike in production of home brewed. Leaker however tough talking police minister. Becky Taylor says the ban will stay. Failure points out that during the ban crime has fallen. The general lockdown which was supposed to end on the sixteenth has now been extended to April thirtieth for NPR news. I'm each month. Ndukwe INARI the partner of wikileaks founder. Julian assange says he fathered her two children while he was in refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London assange is now in a London prison awaiting an extradition hearing to the US next month. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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