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[069] The Buccaneers are moving on and its glorious


Every year in the NFL it's a new team. As far as goals. Go. We have one. Putting a fucker ran on a finger. Up into the observer podcasts Billips. Molly bay today is may twenty Firth two thousand nineteen one hundred six days to kick off day, one of a new era. Definitely definitely, the knives are out fans are fighting it's terrible bloodbath on Twitter to of gun. There's two camps the right Cape in the raw camps. The right camp though. It's the right camp in the idiots. Yes. Tell we, that's what it's come across as Email very divisive on Twitter. A lot of people I understand our emotional, but they're kind of lashing out at the other side is true, there's a lot of comments about. There's a lot of idiots on Twitter today, or I'm just over these dumb comments or not a whole lot of engagement or discussion. Just a lot of name calling Beck's steps thrown around back and forth between both parties. And of course, you can make stat say whatever you want. Yeah, I saw some last week or earlier in the week, maybe comparing McCoy and sue, and you actually pulled similar stats couple podcast ago. Or did you just text them to me? I can't remember you talked about him in the podcast. Yeah. In the stamps later. So then. They cherry picked all the ones that made the coil good left out the ones that made him. Look, not so good compared to sue. That's what everybody's doing. I think it's one of those things where we're just going to have to wait and find out, you know, if you haven't heard McCoy has been cut by the buccaneers and the rumors which aren't really rumors. I mean, we got top NFL guys, Adam Schefter, and all those saying that the buccaneers are signing the dominant sue and fell tweeted a picture of him in about the Air's uniform cartoon with the number ninety three now that was crazy. I was like, whoa. Oh, you wore that number. It's not like they're just know this lab jerem coined the vase. Maybe they are. But he's always order, ninety three right McCoy both have ninety three throughout their whole career net McCoy are seal were ninety somewhere because ninety three is taken, I can't remember where it was because he ninety three at the Rams ninety three Troy which. Heme which is a big smack in the face. And it's a huge statement if they do get sue. I mean, they just released McCoy today at four pm was the official actually release. Yes. And by what five o'clock they had already said there were signing sue, yes, so the details haven't been released. I'm not sure that it's completely Inc debt back through, but it's a one year deal and Greg, almonds reporting that he heard, it's ten million dollars house before I think McCoy was even released which is exactly what was about ten million dollars. So we're only saving three million adult take, apparently, it was not the money that was the issue. I think it's the culture change and swapping out McCoy for sue is definitely a culture change in. It's going to be telling it's going to it's going to say a whole lot about both players and I guarantee you wherever McCoy goes, he's going to bust his butt to prove his critic draw and I guarantee you. Zoe. So. If Suu comes to the buccaneers, he's going to bust his butt to prove that he's better than McCoy, we'd situation, but just about everybody if you ask me, but I think it would be very interesting, if McCoy went to New Orleans, or somebody NFC south we had to play him twice a year. But yeah, it's too huge statement by the buccaneers areas. I would assume don't know how. Now. Yes, it might be one of those things that goes pretty far up now I don't know if McCoy pissed off Glazer's or what happened there because he was there darling for a really long time. I think they put a lot of eggs in his basket. He just didn't pull through and they were like fine. Let's get rid of him in areas was the to do it. I mean hearings made no bones about the fact that he's just not high on McCoy from day one. He talked of every player on the roster just about. Typically, then do a couple of barbs Adam along the way, I haven't theory, I just came up with this news. It is a conspiracy there. What if German Koi is the source of a lot of leaks to the media. We now he's like, BFF's extravagant and Tom enter the guys at the Tampa Bay times. And maybe that's why the glazers are pissed off. 'cause you know, he's given the media information that maybe the glazers don't want out there or that may be benefit McCoy, but not the team. Interesting take, and with areas his motto is trough loyalty respect, you can't trust him if he's doing that. I don't know the. You couldn't trust him. He's clearly not loyal, and he doesn't respect organization when these to get on that find out, it is interesting to me how just about one hundred percent of the media. The local media is advocating for McCoy still. Yeah. Well, there's some of the ones that are making comments about there's a lot of idiots on Twitter. Rick Stroud to the one who broke that MacAulay was being cut. Rick Strahl also the one that said McCoy was going to be here in two thousand nineteen and he was also the one that asked Bruce Arians, y Bruce toll McCoy, not to show up to voluntary minicamp was, like that's wrong, where you got that room. Yeah. Conspiracy theory, so on Joe bucks fan. What are the Twitter comments said that the media has Gasol it us into thinking that Jeremy coy was a good player? I mean, we're constantly getting shoved down our throats that he is a six time. Pro bowler. All pro people, a have Sachs, they've done that pretty much since he's been here, but it really ramped up in two thousand twelve after we basically clean house with Ray Morris and his whole crew. And she came in and then they just immediately put McCoy front and center in the media, took it and ran with it watching Buchan ears game without them talking about McCoy, at least six times. Yeah. The announcers do every time yes. Even got name recognition, even if he's sitting on the sideline could be McCoy McCoy McCoy in the local media. They get all kinds of access with him. And the most of them have stayed quite a few times McCoy never met a microphone, you didn't light, so they all have access to. And it's we've talked about that on the podcast access media is kind of dangerous, when it becomes to getting the turn because they don't want to lose their access. So they're going to say things to make their access people happy and it's convenient if you don't have to work too hard for story. Someone's just gonna tell you the story. Well, it's gonna be interesting. We're gonna find that a lot of stuff about your McCoy and pretty sure now that he's gone. Some players will probably start opening their mouths. A lot of players were upset from the buccaneers, like lavar, David Donovan Smith tweeted sums in Judah, John, do we have him? For a long time ago. He was tweeden about McCoy n- to lamantia gave it wasn't. I don't remember I mentioned ex- player who was. I think they're still the league tweeted till Avantis David said I feel real bad for the von Tae right now. It was like why wouldn't you feel bad for McLean? Very, very odd crickets, cut people feel bad for the day. I don't know. We'll find out it's going to be interesting. But then, again, we ever find out two thousand eleven season. What happened there? Don't know enough will ever found out somebody fills in gives some dirt. Okay. Now that we're done with them. Koi, can we get it all shaken out anymore? Just little bit more. I've got we talked about it. We really blasted McCloy last podcast and talked about how we think it's a good thing for the team to move on from him. And I had said that I had hundreds of video clips of him, getting pushed out of the way. I don't have hundreds. That was an over exaggeration. Which I do that a lot over exaggerate quite a bit when talk about things, but I do have quite a few and challenged on Twitter to post them. So they're going to become an out tomorr-. I'm gonna have if all of them. Exhausted. At one minute to minute mash up. Tickets could be more than that. But it'll be quite a bit enough to where you can go because most pains, don't see that they see the highlight of players rarely see the low lights. So I'm just gonna show in these are not because I'm specifically honing in on just McCoy getting pushed out of the way. That's does have plenty of other things I could point out about McCoy like how he always not always see that's over exaggerating. How he gets in the way of the defensive end quite a bit. It's one of the reasons why I think that we have not had a defensive end been dominant because Tim McCoy will loop around a lot Thome like stunning but he's not stunning. But who get pushed into the defensive end by the right guard left guard. Whatever a lot of times knocks couple of players have been hurt by gerbil. Koi getting knocked into who was the ninety five number ninety five George Johnson. I'm pretty sure it was number ninety five hour Jones, actually got hurt cut it off feel at the game. Because typically got knocked into him confess on top of him was like, so, you know, there's all kinds of things that I could point out about McCoy lowlights. You know, the guy wasn't double-teamed all the time. He wasn't constantly disrupt in thing. I mean he did. I'm not saying he's a bad player say Nieves overrated. You know, listen to last podcast, you hear all the stuff we say I mean, he had plenty of downsides and I think that getting rid of him is going to help the team out. So when you look at it look tomorrow on the Twitter account for deer McCoy, getting pushed out of the way because that's one of the things he just was not strong just did not have the strength. That's what su- has over top of the Koi. Mccoy's great on his feet very fast very light on his feet. But he was not strong dominant sue, and strong. You know he anchors the center, more of a natural defensive tackle keeps the quarterback from being able to step up in the pocket stops the gaps from the runs. You always felt a German. It was more of a almost a defensive end in his you know, he was really about getting to the quarterback. And he would go all over the place to do it. And, you know, flailing arms and all kinds of stuff. But he did not anchor his gaps like you would normally expect defensive tackle the do, I think suit will be much better at that will between sue Bo Allen and Vida, my boy. I think we are going to be stopping everything the middle, it's going to be insane. Yeah. I mean that's basically it'll be those gods. Jobs is just plug up the middle. Oh my gosh. Going against the division. We talked about this right after the draft or free agency, maybe about how the whole division is sure enough their offense of line and predicted, maybe it was Vida, pretty sure it's because of gotten down conceal. Don't have yet, it's not official. We're NFL tweeted the newest member of the buccaneers defense down consume till the buccaneers an ounce. It, we can't say it's done it. Here's another thing. That's interesting. And you brought this up Molly that German cobras released they afford clock. Haven't heard a word about him being going anywhere. I think extreme said that the team was allowing him to find trade partners. They were allowing his agent to talk to other teams and see if they can find a trade partner that would be verbal. And yes, so he was released four hasn't been picked up. Maybe there's a bidding war going on there. Entertaining. The several different offers. We'd be hearing about that. I mean if we've heard already that's worse outing. Sue Adam Schefter tweeted that, like an hour after McCoy was cut you would think if there was anything about the coin being looked at or tined out Schefter would be saying that to you just. You just pointed that out. And I was like, oh, and think about that. So it's gonna be really interesting. I'm really excited about it. I'm excited about this year in general. But this is just added a whole new layer. It hasn't been a really good offseason member off season like this. Now I pretty excited when we got into events wasn't. Here's the thing about Durell Rivas. I didn't I thought he was overrating, and when he played with us he was he was over it. He didn't need that really. This like his retirement. Now what do they call it sabbatical basically? A year in between high school graduation and college. I can't remember what the call anyway. Yes, semi retired. And hopefully sue do that. But I don't think he will because he's got something to prove chip on his shoulder. He's always shoulder, but anyhow back del Rivas. I thought he was over rated I talked about was the best quarterback bub-bubba came here and I was like, I just don't see it. And then he went to the New England Patriots. And I saw him make some plays and do some things that were just amazing. I'd never seen a cornerback do before. And I was like why couldn't he have done that here? If your players like that we've had a lot of players players like to don't even go to the list, every time we go. Depressed? I was excited about the Vincent Jackson signing. Well visit Jackson he came in. He played hard. He was I like that. He's immersed himself in the community and he's still there. And he's very active golden restaurant. We gotta go to restaurant next. But yeah, but what they didn't like about Vincent Jackson and it wasn't him. It was the fans when he basically retired not a peep, nobody said a thing, but we had Mike Evans at the time. So everybody was just kind of like didn't really even. But Vince Jackson really helped the buccaneers a lot. He was a very he was up to that point. I think our best free agent signing. I mean you could say Keyshawn Johnson, but we all know how that turned out. I mean helped us when Super Bowl but we all know that was the defense. And if anybody tries to tell you, John, that want us. That want us to Super Bowl single to me, and I'll. Booking your helmet. That was our defense thing. It that's enough der McCoy probably not. We know of it'll never be enough. He has given us some good material over the past nine years. I wonder if there's a Petit if people are sick of hearing about, it's only been a day, though. It's kinda fresh. I know a lot of people are grieving. A lot of fans that are really upset. And I understand that too, because I've had players like that, where I'm upset. Go both. I was like, man seriously. Gary was probably the hardest for me. Well, besides judge Edward Edwards towards that left. Owns I felt that way. When Greg Xiang was fired. Yeah. Yeah. I think so too. I've always wanted to see him do something else that we can point. And guess? Stake when he was when he signed with the New England Patriots this year and he was going to be their defensive coordinator. I thought this is it. Medication? I don't know will ever go back to the NFL that Wilson. Yeah. I don't know the fan base hate him. But most of most of the hated him because of the media, the media could not stand great. She honor. Any is NATO that really I now let's followed. In fact, check all those he'll podcast ago we didn't do the less last pot. Check check glass podcast. It's funny because I'm sitting here looking at the game of thrones picture, picking Padraig from gave thrones mean you said FEC checks on just do it all together. And I sent a pod check, as a cool story around. Tell him again. Okay. So the last podcast we did distract terrible going in the podcast before that read a little bit in the instant ninety months. Yes. And I don't think we cover the following fact checks from the week before because I was sick Friday. We do the podcast. So this is following fact checks. Oh, if you of, but actually, I think these are just friendly Monday podcast. Anyhow, we talked about carbon tally being the book and break some news doing not as now get stuff, and we were like, who is Harvard. Hell we had never heard of before since two thousand eighteen and we'd asked could she had said this the training camp? They look much more excited energized and everybody flying around and all that we were like, what did she have to compare to their last training camp? Right. So any I looked it up, couldn't find anything from power tally on the books before last year? I did find her on the book and your staff media guide for two thousand seventeen but she was listed as the marketing communications coordinator. Okay, says she just changed Johnson twenty eight teen at town flank. Yes. And it's very strange because there are. There is no more marketing communications coordinator, listed as the book in the book, and Megan's staff anymore in two thousand eighteen she's listed, as a staff writer slash senior digital content producer at is more terp position. Yes, it seems like they do that with the buccaneers a lot. I don't know what's going on with their front office. But there's over two hundred people that were booking your front office. Now, I know there in council, I was like, man. This is a lot of people. You know, when I got from that is that yet a lot of time on your hands. Send counter into the names will agree with pictures. So I just was five across. That's not including the coaches or players anything to front office staff. I know one buccaneers places not that big. We're put all those people. Very good question. I don't now everybody saying, Glades spend money or not paying attention, because two hundred people in, you know, they make chump change. And then you got Bruce Arians, whole staff, which is basically to coaching staffs. And whenever they've done to the stadium nice stadium. Yeah, it is. It is still got that nineties feel to it. But since upgraded the screens, it looks a lot better, the only thing I think they could do better is don't get me wrong. I love the stadium the stadium and leave the parking lots now the grass the grass. Yeah. It's too hot water evaporates immediately. It's all right. Fact check. Here's what was Molly was horribly wrong about the game of thrones prediction. She gave us the thing. I regret is that I have this on recording. I wish that's how it did. And if you didn't listen, I send that in areas was gonna turn on winter fell and kill all the starts with dragon. It was a anti climatic agree with you, underwhelming news. But it wasn't horrible. It wasn't as bad as the last episode lost. It was as bad as last sopranos. Yeah. So they it was okay. I heard today that George are Martin is doing this book, which will end like where the series ended, and then he's got another one coming after that. Okay. Don't turn into a game throws podcast, what we just wanted to point out that Molly was wrong. We wanted to. I lost their Ralph did make a prediction because he said, I had no I do couldn't predict it. I wouldn't predict the dasher happy. In didn't expect to see a happy any game. My issue with that, unless you were fainted areas not too much of which happy ending for her. I'll tell you people complained about I don't want to go into my name throws, but people complain about the keep going on. Call myself. That was before the season. Finale was fantastic. I thought it totally blew me away. A lot of people are upset about it. But I think they were more upset about the fact that the nary us turn into the bad person. I thought it was great. It's takefuji. Literally, it was beautiful exit. Sodium, moving on next check Ralph. It said McCloy was off the field in the Seattle game two thousand thirteen in overtime mcquaid hot count. So yes, this is last podcasts. Ralph was wrong. Look, I'm doing the whole. He was not carted off the field, but he did get basically carried off the field between traders and he never returned in the game. Now I brought this up as a put of contention with me in McCoy. It was kind of when I started looking at McCoy, is this something wrong here with what I'm hearing from the media in what I'm seeing on Phil McCoy, we played as we said, in the last podcast, we were playing the NFC west at the time when they were the powerhouse to Beijing, and we went into Seattle and Seattle with their twelve man, good stuff and we played them hard and we played them into overtime the first play in overtime that McCoy was on the field he left and then Seattle ended up driving down the field and won the game. And I was just shocked. I was like how can somebody leave the game and then he didn't end? I thought what he's going to be out. At least a game he was. And it just really made me think. Mccoy's was he's just not that, that leader. Shift. You don't want that to be what the team follows. Yeah. What kind of leaner does that? Yes. I did not like that. But yeah. He the first defensive play the overtime he got hurt. And you couldn't really see it on film. It looked like he got road. And, you know, he grabbed his ankle, and he laid their the trainers came out, and it took forever. And then they finally took him off the field, but he did not come back during that game. He played the next game. And there wasn't much mentioned about it in the meteor anything about what was wrong with his ankle or nothing. And we ended up losing that game after fighting them hardboiled a good game when Thursday night football Monday. Maybe a don't think so. He might have been late Sunday afternoon. I don't think the prime time game I think it might have been gaining the week though. Don't remember that was a good game. I remember that. Yeah. So they bring car now for Coileman ended up talking about Jeremy Ralph together. See hell who go that talk about McCoy or game of thrones news? The box have signed Tom more as an off. Offensive consultant old tomore. Do you know him? He's like a three thousand years old. Eighty works old. Because he played. He was coaching coach receivers for the Steelers in nineteen seventy seven. Yeah. You started coaching before you were learn. Yes. College yet nine hundred sixty one I believe recognize his name. Okay. Who okay? He started coaching receivers at the Steelers. Nineteen seventy seven he was the offense of coordinator for the colts. When areas was the quarterback coach with Peyton Manning first year. Miserably. Yeah. And then areas brought him in as an assistant head coach and consultant when he was head coach of Zona, and now he's what the buccaneers. But it's not a full-time thing he's only here during training camp. Remember when she added that he wasn't I can't remember he brought him in as a consultant heading all season little, but this is it's not going to be this away. Not going to be here for the full season. Must have time coming in just for a very specific purpose drinking, buddy. Towns, a little fast. He might keel over any. We hit OTA's today. This is the second week, though taes are going on today. We're going onto more Thursday. The media's only land to be there. Today is correct. I think I didn't see last week this McCoy store. Look broke McCoy again, this McCoy story seems to have overshadowed all of it. I didn't see much from the media pocket about the OT as I saw things because the tally did her wrap-up OTA's today. Oh, and buccaneers dot com. She said this, and I'm going to verify this, what she says here, quote. She says every practice includes a field goal period where both car Saito's and Matt Gade kick from various distances. The rumors are true when gay kicks there is a very distinct. Boom and today was kicking toward the uprights closest to the actual building. I'm not sure the team will make that mistake again as gay lost ball on the roof because he kicked it so hard into quote, yes, I watched a video of him kicking, you can definitely tell. It sounds like he's hit with a baseball bat. The power big guy, and he doesn't have a full. He doesn't get like a running start like you see most back in the days, the kickers used to do, like a three step thing straight on it. He's kind of like dead. He doesn't do the whole twisting, and soccer background. Yes, maybe it has to do with that big guy. He's like Sebastian Jan account sqi would he hit? I was watching it headed on. And I was doing something else that I heard it the hope what was that the looked over and a dream? And sure enough, it was kicking him football kicker Cairo's gonna lose his job. Yeah. Yeah. Do poor Kyra. I did like him. He's billing horse jockey. He's really tiny most kickers are remember the gramatica brothers are gramatica little petite. Nude whatever fun to watch. Because every time they kick the ball, they do their their soccer celebration. Joep down everything and ended up hurting themselves. I think it was Kimber yet celebration after hurt their Saint down there. Buddy, guy's me books cleaned. Former jets tidied, Jordan leg off of waivers. Now this guy played with bowls at the jets he was drafted in two thousand seventeen by the jets were bowls is there but ended up getting hurt and training camp. And got put on I r didn't play all two seven two thousand seventeen he played in two thousand eighteen limited. Ilise started four games. I think he he played in fifteen but he was started four you had fourteen catches for hundred fourteen yards and a touchdown. And this guy we've got what six tight ends now. Roaster. And we've got Jay kmered -brate Claire, or clear, all clear, but behind -brate, they're all expandable. This guy might make the team. I think they're all fighting for that number three spot. But break and OJ have injury problems, so they might consider Brabham. Maybe that's true. Hopefully they will get in sync like a bunch of women on their menstrual cycle together, they'll have their injuries staggered. The. He's pretty pretty big tied into so he'll fit right in with her dog is yeah. He'll probably make the team though because just this connection with bowls. Maybe we'll see that we picked him up off waivers. Yeah. Now, I wonder if the waiver thing works the way offseason the way it does in the regular season. Like if we were top of the waiver list now, we're down at the bottom because we got this guy. Interesting to find out the only thing I know about Weaver's fantasy football kinda works saying. This life. Ashley presented a forty thousand dollar check for Texas aid to establish to need based scholarships for students students that come from his hometown. Dallas, Texas are eligible now this is a coding to Texas AM foundation and a picture of hill in Ashley, a couple of people holding up a big old corboy check, you know. And I think this is probably the money he raised from his charity event, there the other day, so that's kind of forty thousand dollar tax write off, j either way felt like forty four thousand dollars ailments, like twenty dollars to us. Right. I was trying to figure out the taxes like income taxes, people pay players would pay a photo. They don't pay a whole lot now. But you still pay federal income tax. Yeah, they're probably right around eighteen percent or so. They make twenty million mass thirty six thousand I can't ask today. All right. Let's keep it moving through her and sixty thousand. Yeah. He won't even miss that, whatever they pay their agents usually get quite a bit. Yeah. They're not like real estate agents, only get like five percent. Right. Like we talked about. Say bam McCoy one hundred million how much that went to agent quarter probably I think I had said that his his age. It was Tom Cadran, but it was big to thank anyhow, but one of the ones that worked at CA a neighbor big expensive agents. I mean I know he was getting over thirty percent and MacOS probably have to pay for the marketing to. Yeah. Of course, given up half his paycheck to his brand. Don't have still he's still walked away with fifty million dollars about now. Bad news. Bad news. Cowan Winslow junior used to be tied into the buccaneers left to mind loan with the Seattle. With the Seattle Seattle did that video in the locker room mocking Buchan ears, but mocking Cina he is on trial for three rapes. Well, yes, the guy is really, really in a bad way. He's going to see inside a prison for a long time. Now this has been going on for a while. Cut an hal's and they were called the police on him because he was like going around the house and looking in windows, and the call the police on him. And he got arrested. I think for breaking and entering or Sunday. And he made it he said, you know, they were profiling me. He was he was just looking at the house because he sailed from the owner, which the neighbor knew that wasn't true. Well turns out he was case of the joint. Yes to apparently rape, somebody he'd be charged with raping a fifty fifty four year old hitchhiker a fifty nine year old homeless woman as well as a seventeen year old girl when they were in college. Seventeen year old girl is now older, but he hasn't mid to having sex with these women, but as saying that it was consensual, but he also I mean there's so much with him that's going on. I keep tracking but he also bail for this. He ended up going to a gym twice and masturbate in front of us. Any one year old woman this woman say twice, and he got caught masturbating a car in a Wendy's parking lot. Yeah. That was a while bad. When he was still the lead. Yeah. Yeah. He's got so many problems. And here's the thing. His dad was a great receiver and had a great career. His dad was in the courtroom watching this, and they said he was just he was crying and miserable, could you imagine seeing your son just just ruined? His life lake to write seems to be quite a bit of evidence against him, the including blood stain underwear DNA has test. Which that's probably why he saying it was consensual because there's that kind of evidence. And he's married with kids. Right. So, you know, the law his lawyers are saying, yes, he cheated on his wife, but don't hold that against him. It's immoral. But it's not illegal. Okay. Just it's one of those things where it's there's, I'm normally, not a fan of if they're smoke. There's fire. But in this case, there's a sound much. It, you know, are so that sad news story here that good news though. Tampa, according to Gregg Allman is going to unveil downtown statue for Buchan ears, greatly ROY Selmon. He's a franchise first draft pick and hall of Famer. He also served as athletic director for US F. He died in two thousand eleven at age fifty six but gonna put up a statue commemorating, LeRoy Selmon. That's great news. Wonderful news, what he diner. That's really young. There were died of a massive stroke. He was young fifty six. Is that right? Yeah. That's really sad said, the but at least getting the statue I said that was gonna be good news. They make Ted the needed depressing yourself that it might be don't bulleting I dunno. They're Roble Twitter said that the NFL is starting to have a mental health clinician that has to attend the players eight to twelve hours a week for each NFL team, nothing. No. Okay. Well, that's good for the middle health clinicians. Eight twelve hours a week so that they just have to be at facility, I guess, and available in case people wanna talk. I don't know just says that they have to attend to players eight to twelve hours a week. I guess I said counseling sessions, but what nobody wants to do. I mean do date of kind of sit there and sit there for twelve hours a week, mostly. I wonder if they're doing that because of the implications of. C. T E. Yeah. I'm sure that's what it is a PR saying plus. They care about the players. I think they're just the way things are hitting pretty soon every company organization's going to have to see we already have human resources. We have diversity trainers diversity counselors, we're gonna have mental health counselors at every job of his job had a staff like high interest. But that's what this is. I don't know. But like with a pharmacy. Everybody. I know it'd be dragging my bosses. Prozac zanex their coffee. Out of cups of coffee on. Go. See miss Judy on the second floor stressed out. Yeah. And if they like sound CBD Gumy's and become make you relax. I don't know what about this. Other guy works next door than deals now. He sells kind of CD products to why are you friends them? I'm for twisting until I relaxed. At OTA's today, Vernon Hargreaves was available. He was practicing and monroy and his mind is right? And we got a little bit of clarification about what went on last week. Apparently, we all blew it out of proportion, Vernon wasn't quite right. It was an injury related issue, not that he wasn't ready to practice. He just wasn't quite recovered from a lingering issue that he's had not his shoulder and wasn't practicing. Hit even his it was his choice not to practice. And he said that the a had talked to him a few times before then he said it didn't turn him off to be said. I'm a, a coach's kid. That's what he called himself a coach's kin. And it was just a little bit of tough love being coming out in making those comments about him, but they had talked beforehand, so all is well with Vernon Hargreaves with on that. Feel do something tired of him being injured all the time. And when he is on the field, not really doing much come over and three show up, buddy. You got this. I think he feels a lot in the pressure. And I. He's like a veteran on the team. I get the sense that he wants to live up to expectations. Good. Sal. I'm excited to see what he can do or it's one last thing about jerem coy the book. Well, we're going to have rapid when I wanted to say this, there is a lot of contention between the fan base she'd, like everybody's divided between pro McCoy anti McCoy. I'm gonna guess there are quite a few people in the middle her like, well, I like to call, but I think it was the right thing to do any there. Well, I liked McCoy but on the bucks fan. So if that's what they think we need to do to win then. So be it, which is what I'd like to see everybody do. But my whole thing is dull, then great people that feel different than you. We all have our different opinions. It's good to talk about him. I like say people throw out stance, and there was the one at all comes down to. We're all bucking your fans. We all support the team. I mean sport each other. We want the team to win. I my discussion I like discussion. I love that confrontation. He's arguments debates. Don't get an confrontation with Ralph has he's absolutely brutal. I kill and that real quick, he'll toilet the for a while. I remember Ralph was in fantasy Lee. League with his high school. And there was one guy that was a Steelers fan all worked for the guy that was. Wanna listen to drown arm house. Right. So anyway, Ralph was talking shit to the one guy. He was a Steelers fan and Ralph is talking about how bad the Steelers we're gonna be that year. And it was the year. They went to the Super Bowl. So the next draft, the guy is in the chat to talk and smack, you said my Steelers, we're going to go anywhere, and we got a Super Bowl and all this, and Ralph absolutely embarrassed guy in the trash talk is fine. But Ralph quashed it real quick, like the Hoeger quiet. I think you ended it with something like I'm gonna put a Ray Lewis is boot up your house. That was. And no one else talk show the rest of the season. And they didn't ask Ralph to play again not remember that at all. You had somebody over. Probably if you're on the receiving end but you had something from every team in that division. Like a Ray Lewis is boot up your ass something to do with the Bengals something to do with the Browns. It was good poetry, almost interesting store. This at all. I remember being part of the league pretend they were all remember lice stop plame. No. Just. Oh, that's funny. I just remember there were a lot of them worked FBI. The main girl who I was friends with in high school. She works FBI, so's book, FBI, co-workers, hers, and stuff. So that's really that was a long time. How do you remember stuff like that? I remember everything like a steel champ. So we're discussion. He start calling idiots. And I'm sick and Ralph on you. Bring up some Ray Lewis and boots. I'm sensitive. So don't be mean to me. Just kidding like people at its two or this, wrapping up for us tonight. One of the podcast out, it'll be out Friday morning, usually we try to get them out about one o'clock Friday morning. So you can enjoy your drive to work or whatever, but we don't have advertise on this show or anything. So no matter what you do in stop right now, share. After listening in shared to whatever social media platform Facebook, Twitter and. Wherever you reside. Share-out stop all this stuff to yourself. If you wanna get in touch with me, you can reach me at Molly Bay Buccaneers observer dot com. If you'd like to set Ralph, your favorite Gerald McCoy staffs. He could be reached at Ralph at buccaneers observer dot com. We've got a Twitter account bucks underscore observer and a website ears of their dot com. Bookie stuff. I think he did. We have some deadbug, he stuff on our Twitter. But he's already does for us next time.

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