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Dart Against Humanity Ep. 54: Music Supervision In Film x TV


This is dr adams episode fifty four dart against humanity. If you're a regular listener you know what i like to do is oftentimes. I just just ran into a phone. Sometimes i actually have some semblance of an idea of what i'm going to do. This week decided to do something different and actually fully research search plan out exactly what i'm doing. Today's episode is going to be about <hes> topic this near and dear to my heart music doc supervision in television and film as somebody who i've mentioned before grew up with the deep attachment to music and just wanting to know everything about it <hes> one of the early things i've always attached music too is images images being film or television as a kid grow of genetic. Sarah was born in nineteen seventy five. I watch t._v. and ed t._v. <hes> actually had really funky soundtracks a background music <hes> the films to the soundtracks tracks that were amazing so i always associated music with film and television for that very reason now. I don't remember what age i was when it hit me that there's actually somebody in charge of supervising advising or consulting on the music used in each film or television show. I didn't realized that was an actual job. I knew film soundtracks and there was a person to scientists soundtrack whether it be james brown's in charge of the soundtrack aw when he hunts did this soundtrack marvin gaye did this soundtrack <hes> there was a movie called together brothers back in the day where wisdom mister show your ride <hes> he actually <hes> dedessa soundtrack you know he had to loving limited band and i was just in all of that i was like yo. They actually gave somebody this job gnome saying to do do this fucking job of picking the music to make or score and then that's the other thing thing later on discovered about scores and i would go to the record store or and i would discover or any oh more coney. Did this score or on the pawnbroker was scored by quincy jones and that just intrigued freaked me all the first time i saw black orpheus or fail negro which i believe this is this is sixteen th year anniversary of it being at home <hes> the cannes film festival or <hes> just being released internationally. I i saw this film. Now i saw it before. They mentioned it on the cosby. Show of course it was forty five and he was talking about how we wanna. I wanna see black orpheus and he fell in love with more dawn or the lead actress in it and he always wanna go to real with my wife libby. Go well the reason why that to when people ask me like what the greatest film soundtrack fulltime always lead with that film soundtrack from me changed everything the idea of what it can do four film you cannot divorce black orpheus or fail negro from the music and the music and that film changed world music forever people got into that genre of music. We're introduced to that jon rahm music which led them to brazilian jazz and everything else because of the film those an language they didn't understand but music is a universal language so now that i've set the foundation and need to explain some things i've written about a music supervision for quite a while of talked about it. Openly in two thousand is a fourteen. I did a piece from medium which has been heavily slept on <hes>. I think it's because of the title title's too weird a win. Music elevates the modern modern summit cinematic experience and the sub an under it was eight recent examples of excellence in music and film and music. I just think the dow the people don't get it. I'm going to redo it for two thousand eighteen and updated so <hes> basically start with his time line from nineteen ninety nine until to the present day and i'll explain why it opens with wants m._t._v. began to focus more on original programming rather than music videos they progressively dismantled most most of them video shows and created alternate network to appeal to die hard music fans still clung to their original aim and mission statement in the summer of nineteen ninety-six m-2 ak- m._t._v. to music discovery began steady evolution to what has become today internet-based p._c._p. Sites bringing the music industry to its knees up nine hundred eighty eighty nine lead by napster kazaa touquet etc but we music fans still kept on television on mtv be t._m. Watch music <hes> in nineteen in two thousand three much music became 'em u._s._a. Than later fuse where we discovered new music that we'd either go out and buy order from columbia house b._m._g. Music as a club for pennies on the dollar by four hundred ninety nine m to become empty v. two and in hopes of compensating for the fact that it was almost impossible to see m._t._v. to at the time time viacom opted to airstream the network on the internet. This helps wish dynamic music discovery to a different screen but it would be years before the majority internet uses got assets just a cable modem or broadband broadband connections outside of the t. One lines they had in their offices a workplaces m._t._v.'s airing original programming had to serve as a delivery every system for new music instead of videos and shows replace snippets of parts of new songs and you see the song listed on the screen as as played or you had to wait beat then record the end credits on your v._c._r. Replayed them and then pause them to figure out what they were eventually became commonplace as this is how we compensate for not having m._t._v. keta music fans anymore in the early days transition another factor was indie films began to explode around the is the d._v._d. Circa nineteen ninety eight nine hundred ninety nine two thousand and most of these films they'd introduce you to new music on music you previously we never heard of before which would immediately search for download via napster lime wire khazal educa- this was this was the way things went for years to follow following only got deeper as more and more internet uses broadband internet access dsl cable modems and routers thus making it possible to be online twenty four seven with high speed access the span between two thousand two thousand four and then the final passage by two thousand four film was entrenched denali seamlessly integrating music and to it as a means of helping get the desired emotional investment from the viewer audience but also as a way to introduce people to music the filmmakers loved due to the the recent changes in how we were once exposed music there was a void in the film makers of this era capitalized on it by bridging the gap and bring the music people through the medium of film and then i explained it there eight films from the past decade that i feel really did this in a phenomenal way did hit me emotionally any myself and my brother were early adopters. The net flicks a around two thousand what happened was we went. Eissa work in video video sales manager of a video store and then i worked at a store called dome cd spins and what we specialized in was <hes> buying used a uh-huh d._v._d.'s and we end the owners actually head this technology where they can actually fix scratched aw or ulm damaged discs so they actually play again and it was quite a it was quite a good deal. People were bringing this crash cds. We would work them. We fixed them. Whatever fill the men and in the back of my god it's plays now <hes> as things turned digital that wasn't really viable so it was a waste and ultimately see spins died but for the time it was dope and then we started doing it with d._v._d.'s didn't work as well anyways the eight films that i wrote about at the time remember remember this is written in two thousand fourteen the films that my brother and i would just be all over it how they seamlessly blended and film with the music for me <hes> two thousand four garden state a broader passes about that another favourite of my brother and i <hes> wants which came out in two thousand and seven aboard a passage about that juno two thousand seven or the passage about that rachel getting married in two thousand eight. I absolutely love this film for so many reasons <hes> nick north infinite playlist list from two thousand and eight. This is another one on medicine for melancholy. One of the most slept on films. I love this film so much. I love how introduce music <hes> loved how cinematic it wasn't black and white <hes> everything about this. I'm took a saint a scott pilgrim vs the world two thousand ten anybody who knows anything about me well. I'll have to tell you this. I have been captivated by an intrigued intrigued by a canadian music going back to as far as i can remember largely because of canadian television i had asked to one of the first canadian show was introduced to young age was on the kids on degrassi street was us come on p._b._s. Back in the late seventy s which later became <hes> degrassi degrassi junior high than degrassi high and then you know digressing the next this generation and i mean you know degrassi you know lost fucking whatever but <hes> i was always always intrigued by a canadian television and the music they introduced because canada has his own bands and music and they had hip hop and they have their own hip hop stars and i was just everything about it was like i need to know everything so i'm well versed in canadian alm indie bands for some odd reason and canadian indie rock and we'll get back to this later begin if this canadian television canadian music and that means it has a whole bunch of people that are music supervisors in canada for shows at a shown in america will come back back to this so scott pilgrim vs the world set in toronto drive two thousand eleven obviously right so then i wrote the conclusion now. I did that and i always wanted to do. This is a series but talk about this regularly yes yes that's <hes> salaries behind me so i always wanted to do this regularly as a series and talk about you know all music and <hes> music supervision and film music discovery because nothing bothers me more than watching a film and they're being horrible music in it i think i talked talked about this and one of the earliest <hes> episodes but i absolutely hated the music supervision and most dance films take the lead. I think swiss beats did that. Hey did it that was horrible. I step up series. I absolutely hate the the majority of the music used in those. I talked about this one of my boys <hes> d._j. Lean rock did they use the wrong music to dance to <hes> one day. I would like to actually pick the music for people to dance to and we don't and it would make sense. That's another story neither here nor there and i absolutely absolutely and i couldn't even remember the name of the series when i i did this <hes> after step up. It was the <hes> holy shit. I don't remember it but anyway. It was the one where everybody sings barden bellas and shoot <hes>. I hated the song selections from that and it insensitive me so much because i'm so passionate about a music supervision so i would less like doc wonder. How can i get that kind of job and everybody. I knew who worked as a consultant on a t._v. Show or did music wrote music original music. I was intrigued you buy but then you think about it. There's like different levels to it right because the progression as i mentioned before there were m._t._v. shows. They played music during them made me go. Wow that's dope. They pick that music nick so we had m._t._v. shows the animated shows like daria and downtown whereas somebody picked that song this is the perfect song and it works and then you head later m._t._v. shows like undressed where they would play a song at the perfect time but you will look at the bottom of the screen and with the artist what the song was was and it was like for more songs like this you go to mtv dot com scroll at the bottom so if you're not looking at the bottom of the screen and you're just looking at the action happening coming up here but if you're somebody like me who's always about the music what's playing was happening. I was really attuned to that so always wonder what the song was what music that was <hes> and another thing is always talking about. <hes> being introduced new music a lot of that happened through a lot of indie films underground films art house films where they would sneak in all this great music well. They were doing it on h._b._o. And showtime series this individual series is between two thousand and two thousand three of but like there'll be shows like on the mind of married man where you would see like your supervisor supervisor got business. Music supervisor got busy here but later on people would focus more on shows like entourage where they would play like four or five songs during an episode and people like oh god play de song i played but it was weird because the culture it switched because i remember there was a time when you're playing on the radio when you lose your mind and you will go crazy but it was a new era. Where was the twitter era where everybody <hes> live tweeted something so if your song got played on a t._v. Show it was like the vet equivalent and yes they'll sirens and shit happening outside and doing this at two a._m. The first show i can remember birther. That really stood out to me that it was interesting. The music supervision was so on point when i didn't expect it okay so between two thousand and three and two thousand five. I'm working overnight at the c._v._s. A manager sure to c._v._s. It's the c._b._s. On charles street across the street from mass general hospital and the beacon hill neighborhood just so you know every july fourth is the one is packed because it's near the <hes> the waterfront i would have my niece and nephew because they would stay over this back when they were young and i would would always i would actually sleep so all would because this professional i would sleep before i did my shift and now a come home. The kids used to always watch this network. The n ores noggin it will go from noggin to the in and when i would wake up before i came to work a when i came home there would be on the show that used to come on the the network was canadian but it was supposed to be set new jersey but everybody was so canadian. The show was so canadian the the way they spoke the actors on it. Were canadian canadian so i never thought that they were in new jersey. I always thought they were in candidate was called dom radio free roscoe and basically basically all it did was introduced me to a new wave of underground and indie canadian <hes> music specifically like rock. I fell in love with the music that i heard from the show. I think the greatest thing that i heard from the show wisdom so i was always into like a so. I'll know fear familiar. If you're familiar with like on anthems four four sixteen year old girl you know like stuff like that but i was always into those kind of bands and there's a band called <hes> reverie sound revue who is an off shoot of that particular band on if you heard of feist of course you've heard of feist they're all all from the same band <hes> lisa lob singer so everybody's from the same band knows an offshoot of that band and they had an ep out at at the time which was impossible to find stateside but thanks to the internet you could find a floating around and i was introduced to that and several other bands and several other songs <hes> the radio free roscoe a shoal aimed at teenagers and kids and i'm like yo they he really they they they went nuts on the show right <hes> later on i feel like the greatest all time music supervision and and television. I just feel personally that <hes> the show the u._k. Show skins which aired between two thousand. The seventy two thousand thirteen on i believe was <hes> e four and u._k. <hes> the music supervisors were all alex hancock and kyle lind collin did another show called truckers which i've never seen before and i was hancock did not only did he do skins but he did a show a very popular acacia which followed kind of some of format <hes> call don misfits misfits was interesting because misfits didn't bleed over vert to the next episode was all standalone stuff and like they didn't really name the episodes always weird and younger youngest the show about like the the grime the grind world younger you have you have all older and younger like the kids so like the show youngsters the music that they selected for that that show was bananas and i was like yo whoever chose this music must have worked on something else that i'm familiar with yet. They worked on skins out hancock so to me that is the all time greatest music supervision radio free roscoe had on chris robinson and jono grant who did other canadian shows but nothing people would know now <hes> if we coming to the modern or an hour like recently <hes> we gotta look at broad city which has been around between two thousand fourteen and into two thousand nineteen <hes> the thing about broad city to me is that it would have songs that i didn't expect like it takes. It's a lot for me to be somebody to watch a show especially the music guy. I am the the maybe snob. Maybe nerd somebody who's just so into music that is hard to impress me on a t._v. Show so if i'm watching a show and it makes me me one a pullout sound hound or i hate sound like shit. Zam southbound <unk> works way better for me so to go sound how zam to the screen green then you digital job and the person who did the music supervision for on brought city is on met f._x. Feldman are dismayed ethics and he he also did music for detroiters. He worked on skins. He just specific episodes for skins. So it makes sense <hes> one time he let one of my boys a producer a boom baptist did a song produced a song for group called on keeper called happy to be said and this song was placed in the perfect place of an episode right at the beginning and there's this thing that happens on youtube where it creates a topic and it and it will automatically add a video for a a song to youtube because it got played on tv show and then people go on youtube and alike joe i was sent here by on broad city and i was just an all because that's happened time and time again so i'll say to a broad city is definitely a show that is impressed me with this music vision another show. I'll go with them master. None master estonians have been running since two thousand and fifteen. Everybody's waiting for the third season to come. I sorry i feel like he'll get to it when he gets to it. He has to be inspired. A lot of things have to happen before he really goes through with it because where it left off. I need a resolution. We need a resolution solution but he's going to get to it when he gets to. The music supervisors <hes> zach cowie and carry druten zach cowie worked on the film public enemies and he did another film that i love <hes> it's kind of a cult a cult one for me <hes> celeste and jesse forever <hes> carey drew. She's worked on brooklyn nine nine and music supervisors brooklyn nine nine does a fantastic job on that parks and rec to end on this show that i feel that when it gets cancelled if it hasn't already been canceled. I think it might have been. It's going to go into the colt folder for me a._p. Bio on i don't think too many people even watch it. It's up there for me and psych who i think a lot of people just love master when it comes back it comes back but i'm looking forward to it <hes> <hes> to obvious choices. These are just slam dunks. Nobody's gonna be impressed me pulling these out there obvious so we're looking at <hes> atlanta <hes> so the music supervisors on atlanta. I think everybody knows them because they've been nominated for a bunch of stuff people have written about them ad nauseam does jim malone and fam jury so fam- actually was the music supervisor for creed to a lotta people beloved music on cree too. I'm not a fan of white milk on. Mike will made it so i get why people loved. It wasn't big on it. Just like i loved loved. The score from black panther did not really enjoy the soundtrack all that much outside three songs. It's the same thing for me with creed to is like. I like the songs a homegirl saying i like this song here this song here this here but then when you get into like the shit delight mike maywood people care for i'm like i could've done without that now. That's obvious doesn't obvious went right. <hes> atlanta another obvious one right wait a second just say insecure done <hes> i think i fucked up insecure music supervisors damuda team is raphael sadique incur- lehman chilean worked on black lightning and and the night of and despite averse which a lot of people love to so a lot of people love the music and despite averse. I think it works for film not a huge fan of it. <hes> atlanta hannah some music supervisors of course jen malone and fam and fan work now cree to and jim malone worked on euphoria which i the music i love for euphoria aurea <hes> awkward another show mtv which i think a lot of people may not have seen slept on his dope the resident. I've watched a resident. I do not remember the music from the fucking resident at all and i believe she also did work on cree to make sense of her and family like a package of pakistan a package deal insecure as music supervisors are <hes> raphael sadique who does the music and also works as part of the music department but cure layman who who does black lightning in the night of into despite adverse so i jumped down to killing eve killing eve is another obvious choice <hes> if you don't watch killing eve then i feel sorrel deep in my heart for oh you i personally fell in love with it because of the way married the music with the actual action and the story line and the pacing and everything and just just the tone of it so when we look at killing eve the music supervisor is katharine greaves who also does does a show called riviera which i don't watch the thing that made me fall in love with the music and where they put it in different episodes. It's just that first season the first season i binged of. How did i get into the show. I'll tell you how there was a show orphan. Black back. I kinda stopped washington black that last season because it got weird <hes> i decided to my brother a recorded this of final recap of goodbye to orphan black and i watched it and for some odd reason his d._v._r. Kept recording according and as d._v._r. Recorded the first episode of killing eve so after i wash that i saw killing eve. I'm like okay yeah. You can't just leave me like this. You can't just hit me with some crack and then like leave saudi i need. I need to come back for that base so <hes> some of y'all get a reference from your won't if you don't don't fuck you know what i'm talking about anyways <hes> i don't do drugs. I don't even drink coffee anyway. This is my drug. I'm doing this the twin so i'm watching and i hear my first unloved song and then it hits me yo oh. They're hella unloved songs so i'm binging. I think i've binged the first six episodes back to back back back back back and i'm like yoga shows but nana's i'm on twitter like you're crazy fan and the music the music. How did i discover unloved. There's this is the other thing that i use because music nerd <hes>. There's a site called tune find tune. Find is the site i use when i watch t._v. Show and is a song playing and i don't necessarily wanna beat at dude pudding my phone up to the screen to sound hound or zammit and sometimes it just doesn't know what it is to find is sourced by people and oftentimes they know exactly what the song it is and that's how i discovered unloved through tune find then maybe read it and twitter. I think that's how everything works works with the world now so moving on <hes> another recent one for me is to recent very recent ones <music> on euphoria which is on h._b._o. Right now which is again the music supervisor is john malone malone. Who also i mentioned. Previously asli is the music supervisor on the coastal music supervisor on atlanta so make sense not surprise another. One is a netflix show digest watch not too long ago. It's called trinkets. <hes> the music nick the music department is keegan dewitt and <hes> the music supervisor is a dude named andrew brady. Andrew brady doesn't not not a surprise because andrew brady turns out that he's also music supervisor or the music <hes> department for the show's legion which i love the music for legion. I don't realize that i love the music legion because the show legion is so fucking confusing. I feel like i i did peyote before i watched it that i actually have to. Maybe watching episode soda gin to understand oh shit the music the music <hes> umbrella academy which i fully enjoyed on net net flicks and <hes> snowfall which music selection is dope on snowfall the hameed sale. I've never watched but he doesn't music for handmaid's tale. I just i can't do it. I grew up watching <hes> dystopia stuff in reading all that type of scifis scifis a kid. I don't know if i necessarily want to watch it in that regard or in that setting. I don't want to be that depressed because i'll are already down for that type shoot so i've never seen handmaid's tale is comes a holdover it. Why am i asking you can't answer <hes>. What else do i have left here man. I don't think i have anything left but i will talk about on another. Show which i feel <hes> has excellent music supervision which i did not mention yet. <hes> i gotta go with grown. Ish brownish is been airing on free form since two thousand eighteen another name the family channel <hes>. I really enjoyed the music from the show. Even though again is skews young and me about i'm forty three point eight about forty three point eight three three on the seventeenth and then pretty soon i will be forty four <hes> but the music supervision now it was done by somebody previously <hes>. I believe the person who did it before. His name was jason jason pain. Jason pain does a music for effort family. I don't remember the music for f- his family quite honestly. I just know that like it's this is crazy. Show but the music supervision i know for fact right now is being done by leah harrison and harrison also does the music supervision for god friend in me which is a show. I think a lot of people it's got re. It's been renewed so i mean i guess enough people like it but i really for some odd reason really enjoy got a friend in me <hes> she also did a music supervision for the show you on netflix which i really liked you. <hes> that was a lot of hot women <hes> auro i i can't music okay and <hes> the film love simon so coming of age show coming vases movies typically. You know you have to have somebody who has a good grasp of music and when to put in that song home to you know help the emotion <unk> makes the audience suspend belief better you know put everybody in there and it feels so that's a crucial aspect now <hes> throughout this discussion discussion about music supervision television and film it made me start thinking about other media or podcasts this made by people who kind of think the same way or or along the same lines and what i ended up doing was as you know last year. I was a guest on another podcast of the episode about a new addition. You know new additions neighborhood secret so lost notes so i started listening to a loss note and lost notes is doing these like introducing people to other podcast as a break from their podcast like we're waiting for iran new season so we're going to put show onto other podcasts. Did y'all might like since you're waiting for hours. I'm like what they do is they. You have an episode of a podcast is done by all of a wing. If you're on the wall of a wing is and really but but how can i won't judge you find out all of a wing a brilliant writer <hes> music music guy but he does a podcast with morgan roads morgan roads. He's done radio but she's also get this a music supervisor and she's done phenomenal job with a show that i think is way better on netflix and it wasn't a film. Even though i had high expectations for the film home it kind of fell short for me but i think the netflix show is the perfect medium for four it works way better there <hes> dear white people so <hes> he does a show with morgan roles call a heat rocks and they did a specific episode with cut chemist where they talked about <hes> some mondays debut album from nineteen seventy two and they're talking about how their songs from that album which they all love and morgan loves but she could could never find a way to put them into film because of witton work now on music music supervisors. You have the consultant and a lot of time you have. Somebody works with music clearance. Sometimes you have an idea for put a song in a film or something and it just won't work for whatever reason a one of my favorite stories or not favorite stories. I should say is win. They were making the film belly hype. Williams loves a song. I love tricky tricky and p._g._a. Harvey of song called broken homes gorgeous gorgeous song. Love love this song to death. He wanted to put it in belly. They couldn't clear it so he couldn't use it and that just blew my mind because i'm like i can't think of how many times i've watched the film or watch the watch the t._v. Show whether it be on net flicks <hes> aw showtime h._b._o. Stars you know f._x. <unk> anything and i'm like yo. There could have been other songs. You could've used other songs and maybe the reason that other song wasn't used because it was a suggestion and it couldn't be used for whatever reason but i've always been super interested in the field of of music supervision and i've always wanted to do it because a lot of times i'll listen to a song and instantly imagine agean where would fit in a film or tv show. That's why i've always been really like interested in the fueled sync licensing. I have a lot of friends who made songs and i'm like dude. I can hear this song on t._v. Series i can hear the song in a film. Sometimes i wanted to shoot a short film. Just what can use certain songs <hes> i have friends who had albums or whatever and they've had to launch them and they've been tasked with doing things like and i'm like what the libor doesn't have people do this and then i realized later later on in life as i groped very few people have ideas and very few few people who have ideas have actually have good ideas and have an idea on how to execute them but then there's always people who are like oh wow you're a wealth of knowledge and information in your authentic and you can actually do this and i wish i could so there's this weird thing where like you think that there are a lot of people that can do something and actually it's just a bunch of people that don't know what the fuck they're doing but they can act like it or fake it while they're actually people to know what they're doing so i'm i'm just hoping one day i can somehow break into that but the point i'm making is that they always test i with are creating playlists to slot their own music ends so they can pitch it to other people and then sell people on it and and i'm like they don't have people that work there that can do that too. Don't understand don't understand the music. Don't they work in the music department industry. Don't they get it and <music>. I'm told no they don't that's why we called you. That's why we're going to work on this together because we're tasked with this not only do we have to make the music but we have to help fucking fucking seldom music. What the fuck we signed to the label for anyways. I would work with them and i've done this on a few indication's. You know i'm not naming names. I worked on. I've done this on a few occasions where i've helped put together songs and the songs and songs with themes uh-huh and sonically works with their music to help package them to an audience. It's worked very well in every instance. No one knows that this is just one of the many things i've done under the table but i've always been intrigued by this this idea by this medium by just finding the music that works at a specific perfect time. I'm one of these people that <hes>. I have have to mention this before. I've never used shuffle before not on an ipod not on itunes never and i put all the music there myself. I know what i want to listen to. When i want to listen to it at a specific time i'm also one of those people that goes on youtube and looks up songs and i'll uh-huh pick the song then i'll pick neck song that i'll pick the next song do not pick the next song and if i have favorites on youtube and i do have favorites on youtube. I will skip through them to get to what i wanna hear. At that time i think the only time i let something play was was bhai mistake and what it was was on. I made a top one hundred most played on itunes list and i press play on it and i left the house and when i came back in it was still playing and i was like hey this is pretty he could and i kind of let it go for another hour. That's the only i'm such a control freak that i'm that's the only time i even let that happen. I trust d._j.'s but i trust certain d._j.'s. There are a lot of people in who i work with a music no more than me who put me on the stuff. I trust them with my musical life. That's not a lot of people it's a lot of people but it's not a lot of people you know. I don't do that with everybody. You gotta really know what you're doing. It's not about hey. I know your taste. It's about this listen isn't because you often don't know what you like until you hear it. <hes> ida conversation on this is going to be less than i say outta conversation conversation on twitter <hes> not too long ago and it was talking about nauseous <hes> as it was written and the conversation was was about was gnaws leaning commercially with this album not purposely and i said yes. <hes> forte said that he didn't feel that i said the message was commercial was a commercial mean he says i don't think that message was a commercial lean and i and i responded with i it was because the song it sampled by sting an interpolated by sting shaping my heart <hes> fan. There's only two ways you were introduced to. The song was a perfect way to end won. The nineteen ninety-three film three of hearts a believable credits. Please don't go ahead away was in the promo trailer her check it out. I haven't seen this forever. I just remember that shit because i remember everything and the other way people saw it on hurt. It was in the film. Tom was called in america. The professional later is leon professional when he did to cut. It had to cut out. Thank god but i actually have international version and the professional shape of my heart was in the film along with introduced a lot of people to the bjork because venus's a boy with what's and this film to a lot of people hadn't who hadn't heard bjork didn't watch mtv didn't get an army of me become such whether the all that shit they introduced the bjork because who who the fuck is singing that song that song from the professional and i said that when they made that they purposely new i'm going to use the song from to professional because professional was a hood classic a hood staple. Everybody rented debt from the video store. Everybody washed it to death and when it came on cable it got even even bigger so by the time july nineteen ninety-six rolls around and prints. I mean not print and nas puts out this. Oh oh here's another part and the if if i ruled the world video the very first thing you hear is fake the no love you it. Don't you hear the message before you even hear f five ruled the world so we already knew that was going to be a single so anybody who remembers hearing shape your heart from the professional as oestling gaza oh shit he flipped. He flipped that song sting song so yes that is purposely a commercial lean. That's all i'm going to say. I'm going to end this episode here next week. Who knows do one. The forecast you just heard was made using anchor ever thought about making your own podcast anchor makes it really easy for anyone to get started. It's a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing gas best of all. It's one hundred percent free sign up now at anchor dot f._m. Slash new. That's anchor dot f._m. Slash new to get started.

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